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I'm Miles and I have finally come to a place in my personal and spiritual growth to be more confident with you today. My story in all of its attachments may seem far-fetched. My mind and body show the wear and tear. So I don't feel the need to prove myself any longer. Not in the age of the Aquarius. What I am going to do is help if possible because I would want the same from you.

I have grown up all over the west coast. Traveling a lot through my youngest and early years as an infant. I always had memories of past lives and could pick up on subtle differences in myself then my brother and sisters. My very first memory was my second birthday. That was in 92'. My Aunt was in attendance. Just like she had been for my birth. That she felt coming. In my family there's a hidden line. That only comes around in a generation. It strictly consists woman (from Aunt to Niece). I am the first of my in the order to be a Male. I'm gay though I've always known. To my Aunt I was known as child of joy. I was able learn what many of my abilities were at a young age due to her help and support. I would go visit her any chance I could as boy, teen, and adult. For however long I felt was and knew was necessary. Sadly she was taken before her time on Valentine's day of 2015. I had that feeling in my stomach again that made it clear. I needed to visit. I was there two weeks prior maybe a little less then 14 days. The entire time I was there we talked more than ever before despite the circumstances. She told me that I'm not just the first male. I am also the first to go deeper into the subjects we talk about here in this forum. My life has been a living nightmare due to abuse sexual, physical, and verbally. I could keep going. The entire time light was there. My abilities/sensitivity made deadly situations turn into something I can only describe. I would asses the situation always hypervigilant not a detail unnoticed. Later in life when I was 22 I came to find I had previously existing conditions. My doctor was an empath so we hit it off. I was very cryptic and guarded even while comfortable. I was always called crazy so my barriers and walls were high. He was very patient and let me come to him on my own terms. After finding out my full analysis from his point of view. I had realized that I had already known all of these things to be true. Just not the jargon. We worked together until about 2017. I told him of my abilities eight months before he lost his practice. The response I was dreading was for not. I actually was received with full understanding and he said that "sensitivity" is nothing to be ashamed of. Vulnerability is something we most have courage to pursue. I feel so much that I can get lost in translation. I am here to discover and develop a relationship with my family and or community. I can't do this alone. The winding road is far to long. I also have a very urgent matter at hand the next in the order is here now. My nephew he's got the vibration I've been trying to avoid. After feeling it fully and completely. He is my heart he has my eyes my abilities and more. For my influence and guidance through this journey which belongs to us both. I need more information about what we are from people like us within reason. Our family has been documenting or keeping a record since 1722. In many forms. If anyone has an interest in my life and the experiences I have shared please contact me. I will be sharing more in hopes that I'll reach someone who feels lost like I have. To let them know this too, shall pass. The other hope is that someone with wisdom and experience first hand will help to guide me out of the dark loop I've been working on. Thank you so much for your forum and all its contents and all the membership. I was pulled here so here I am. Thanks again
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Heartbroken And No One To Share This With on 2018-02-11

I have only just started to share my experiences with others and with good reason. What I do on a daily basis for my community is difficult enough. Adding these other senses can make it absolutely unbearable. I work with addicts and alcoholics. I know it's my calling so I cope. Until four days ago. ...

The Aware Child on 2018-02-08

In the early 90's my mother and father were clearly toxic for one another. Having said that, my part in their lives as there son was now more then just that. I became the first response to side with the one at risk of death. They would fight to the point of pure rage. Not caring about the consequenc...

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One mind reader,

Hello for starters. I am Miles. I know for sure you're psychic. My aunt and I could have while conversations at family functions. Due to our family tie. Along side our blood being of one. Long story... I feel like there's more to what you're asking for? Not just confirmation for one thing? Do you know or have you researched anything on the matters of being an empath? Usually that's where this originates from. Did for me and other circumstances. Email me if you'd like to share experiences

Iloveyouberniethebear [at]
Hello I'm Miles,
This is one of the main reasons I wanted to expose myself. Only to this forum that is. What you described is just like sleep paralysis. This is true. The one thing that got my heart racing was the ringing and the flashing. There is also the fact you were block from all your abilities and woke at a specific time.

May I ask to email you privately please?
This I would much appreciate and be so thankful for. I'm from California by the way. I know what fear that caused you. I myself have suffered something horrific and of the same nature.

Iloveyouberniethebear [at]

I have this exact same ability. However, I have some subtle differences in how I interpret the melodic sounds. Most songs or instruments cast off vibrations. Sound waves if you will. Like a guitar that's just had the G chord plucked. Using that as my example, the guitar that is. I can actually feel it eminate from where ever it is and feel it hit my whole body. Like echo location. Once in my ear it causes a reaction like honey pouring down ever so slowly throughout my entire body.

When I realized this was not typical I hid that for dear life.

What I didn't do was hold myself back from pursuing being a musician. I'm a singer. I play the guitar. I also wanted to be well rounded and decided why not a different frequency all together and picked up the clarinet. I went to West Coast regionals for my soloing and won as a Messo soprano. Guys usually can't sing like that especially in Italian.

Dance also became a calling due to this gift that has saved my life. This by far is one of my gifts I'm most thankful to have. Music loves me like no one else ever has.

Down side, some minor keys frighten me. In fact, they hurt my ears and make me severely paranoid. So look out for what you're exposing yourself to. It may just be noise in stead of harmony.

Contact me any time
I'm Miles,
Iloveyouberniethebear [at]

There's some cool things you can do with this gift and I would love to share my first hand experiences with you. It's life changing
Date: 2018-02-08
Thank you,
Your sympathy and level of understanding of the bizarre situation we share has eased my anxiety. I do know some actual proven rites and or crystals that we both can use to trap the things we should not name. If you're interested I can tell you what their names are and how to do it. Some of the crystals actually applify or help us use our abilities to their full poteintial. Using meditation and grounding ourselves. I had become commplacent in my delimma. Then the wheels started to turn again. So I began to read my books from my Aunt. She was not like us, but knowledgable due to her unique attributes.

Now that I have rambled. I'll just say one final thing. I'm here for you and you can take the wheel once more. 😊 😉
Date: 2018-02-08
I really appreciate your willingness to share a topic that is so scary. I say this because I am currently at a stand still. No that's not good enough imagery. I'm lost. I too, gifted with your same abilities. They're part of my lineage. One difference is I'm the first male since 1722. In my case being the first in our bloodline. I was given something unique. The medium aspect. My aunt would try to help any way she could. This was beyond her scope as well as mine. I was born in 1990 in 95' I saw my first daemon in a dream. I would share, but cannot. It likes attention. As a result of that encounter I began sleep walking. I came to consciousness outside sitting where the sinisterly cunning linguist left my vessel. In my dogs giant tin water barrel. The sun was just illuminating as the sun was peaking over the over the horizon. I think anyone that age would run to their mother and father immediately. I walked calmly to the shower and bathed and that was the beginning of my full awareness of myself and others.

To sum up the past twenty three years. (In May on the forth)
Currently, I am working on getting one of the oldest and most importantly dangerous daemons to heed my warning. By means of a friend of mine. I have been isolated for a couple days. I have barriers in my room luckily I remember things really well and have these beautiful colorful spiritually awoken people in my life. They taught me specifically how to safeguard myself while alone and conscious. However, I feel and I get lonely. I want my light back. I have no idea how I got to this forum, but I saw your story and had to share my hope, strength, some of the experience.
These things don't have souls our light is like a trophy. I try to speak very discreetly on matters of this kind. The more you talk about it the worse it gets. The more you avoid/pretend it thrives and feeds off your resent and neglecting your truth. I wish I had more to say on the matter. I hope that helped and you're not alone
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