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Red Eye Man In Lucid Dreams


Over the years many unexplained things have occoured that have left me confused and in search of answers. I don't even know where to begin to give you an insight into everything that I have seen/heard/ felt/predicted/dreamt I'll probably need multiple posts however if you could give me an insight into what is happening with this specific dream I'd greatly appreciate it.

Firstly many of my experiences come through my dreams the most recent dream, or should I say a person in my dream that leaves me confused is this man with red eyes who constantly plagues my dreams.

Often it's during some form of lucid dream where I'm fighting for my life covered in blood and in so much emotional and physical pain. The man will just appear smirking or other times he will just stare and watch me which is particularly unnerving. It feels like he controls the dream can make everything that is happening freeze, disappear, change etc...

Once I thought I was kissing my partner then when I looked up my partners eyes turned red and the face changed into the mans as he laughed.

I remember the first dream I had of this man it felt more like an astral dream as for me they are when everything looks the same but there is a grey-greenish tinge to things and I feel more light. I was standing in my kitchen in the dark and there was a loud ringing then an intense pain started in the middle of my forehead, all of a sudden there was a loud ring like a bell which forced me to close my eyes and grab my head.

I just had a sense that something terrible was in front of me which was willing me to open my eyes but I knew that deep down for some reason I shouldn't so I kept them close. The bell sounded three times and after the third all the pain and ringing stopped and I felt the terrifying feeling leave my body. However when I opened my eyes there was this man with red eyes laying on my couch so causually. I remember I didn't feel scared but more anxious.

I first asked who he was but I can't remember the answer. I then asked what did he want from me and he said to be his friend, I said if he wanted to be my friend why would he scare me which he then smirked and said it was in his nature. I then asked why me which he returned saying I'm the only one who can enter his dreams to which I woke up with my forehead burning.

I often think maybe I've conjured this character to in my mind but every time this man comes into my dreams something just feels off and I can't explain it.

I'm not a very religious person and follow no real beliefs but reading through other people's posts has made me wonder could this be a demon toying with me?

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