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Trouble With The Family?


For the past 7 years, a weird and miserable thing is happening and I am not sure if this is me freaking out about it or it really has a connection with reality. First of all, I didn't write about this before because I thought I was going insane. And, then when I thought of it as a "chain" it did make some sense so here I am.

I'm talking about "deaths". Since, the last seven years a lot of relatives of mine, even three family members of mine, have died. And, when I say "a lot" then, I mean I don't even have the count of it. The first death was of my aunt's father like seven years ago and I didn't really think of it anything. It was because he was ill. I get it. People die because of sickness. We moved on. Then, in the similar year a lot of relatives died. Like, the people in the neighborhood and the ones you have family friends and acquaintances. I still didn't relate it with anything.

Two years after it and my paternal grandmother dies. She was well. Suddenly got ill and died. I still didn't associate it with anything. Then, in the following years the same case happened. A lot of people whom we know and are our relatives, we lost them. That's when I started thinking something is up.

Again, two years from it and my maternal grandfather dies. I lost it. It's been more than three years and I miss him like crazy. Every single day. It's hard to move on but, I still carry on. The same thing of people dying follows again. Me and my mother become skeptic. But, I drop it because I don't want to believe it.

And, now in February I lost my Aunt. She wasn't even of the age. She suffered a lot. I lived in denial and I still think I am in denial. And, again we hear of someone we know or have family terms with dying every other month or week. It's so strange and miserable at the same time. I still don't think it's related to anything supernatural but, I have my doubts after losing a lot of people. I'm skeptic about it. I hope you don't take me as an imbecile or the person who needs help because I'm sure I'm far from it.

Well, I hope I get a response and I would really appreciate your help.


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