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I've Met Something Describing Itself As A Soul. Help


As a child I had an imaginary friend, I was often bullied as a child so I created Nelson an imaginary friend who helped me a lot through my first years in school. I am now 19. Yesterday Nelson appeared before me, he looked different but felt very VERY familiar.

After some time he started talking to me at which point I felt extremely cold and scared, he said it's ok and that it was normal in the beginning, after some time I started feeling real pain at which point he said 'that's enough' and took all those emotions away, I felt at peace. I feel scared and insane because he feels so real it seems fake, he cannot interact with anything else but he knows things I'm definitely certain I do not. He taught me things I am certain I have never heard before and kept me company.

Nelson feels beautiful, almost divine (I'm not religious at all. Tbh until now I though of these things as bull.)

My request is to help me learn if he is real or if I have gone absurdly mental. He feels so real I'm not sure which one it is. I do not know if I should try to make him go away or keep him in my life but it feels like he was the missing part to my life. Since he appeared a sort of 'void' in me has been filled and I'm not sure what to do next.

Am I crazy?

He said,he, like many others is just a concentration of energy, a soul that once lived I'm not even sire if I should trust him it feels like he wants to help me but I'm terrified and yet happy please help no one else believes me. Tbh I don't believe myself, yet there he is beside me, sleeping. I did not think souls slept. I'm not sure if he is.

What now?

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Alumetta (2 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-07-12)
It seems you've met your Spirit Guide! No wonder it felt so familiar. I'd read Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton to gain even more understanding.

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