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Medium, Empath, Clairsentient, What Best Fits Me?


So I will start with the fact I have been able to see spirits, ghosts, shadow people as well as sense their presence since I can remember. I have had many encounters and continue to have them. I can also sense who people are, like in their soul, what kind of person they are.

Now that being said the older I get it seems I see things more often and I am a little more keen to it. Like it will hang around longer for me to actually see who or what is standing there. The most recent being my father. Now my father passed last year and our relationship was very bad. I saw him a few times and that's it. But lately a lot of strange things have been happening. The home I live in has had a couple people pass away in it as well as the old owner was very connected to this home and my family before she passed. Well I can and have seen all 3 of them very often. I have also had the pentagram that I used to wear end up in my pants pocket and also in my wallet and its been sitting in my drawer for months.

Also when I walk the property I see shadows follow me. Sometimes even during the day. No its not my shadow. If this was a one time thing then I would not be too worried about it or questioning it. But literally since I was a child and I can remember I have seen these things. I have lived coast to coast and seen different things cost to cost. They are rarely ever the same unless I am in the same place or building.

Now the older I get the more often I see these things and the stronger the feelings are. Like if I walk into a building that has something bad in it I feel physically ill.

Anyways I have been trying to figure out the name for what I am so I can learn to work with what I see and embrace it. I guess mainly I am seeking some advice and guidance from someone that has a little more experience in this area. Hoping someone can point me in the proper direction.

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lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (52 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-09-09)
Hi! From your story, it feels you are an empath. Clairsentients and Empaths are almost same except Empaths are feelers who have very less control on their clairsentience. Whereas clairsentience is a channel via which we feel things. We all are mediumistic I believe. It is one or the other channels via which spirit might communicate with us. Like seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling etc. There are many groups on Facebook where you can safely practice your gifts. Like one is Pamela Aaralyn - Spiritual Alchemist. In her group we all talk about all such things and practice on each other. ❤

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