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Black Figure In My Dream Attacks Me


I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years.

My Boyfriend's family has a history of contacting the spirts and done things that shouldn't be done. I have never experienced anything until about a year ago

I have dreams of a black figure attacking me and almost trying to get inside me, I do sleep walk and when I wake up it feels like a dream but when I go to the room where it happened it looks the exact same as it did in my dream, so it feels like I a dream but also feels like it really happened.

I have had an incident where I was sitting in a bath and as I looked into a mirror I saw the black image come over me and try attack me.

I have seen this black figure when I sleep over by my boyfriends house it stands at the foot of the bed and I get scared when I try wake up my boyfriend he doesn't move.

This black image is massive in size and it looks the exact same in all my dreams, it just looks like a shape and it is always over me and following me, I dream I'm in bed and it comes over me and tries to get inside me and when I mention Christ it gets angry and tries to attack me more and get inside me more. When I have those dreams the figure scares me and I'm to scared to open my eyes when I wake. It feels like it watches me when I sleep.

I don't have the dreams a lot only when I visit my boyfriend and when I'm at home, sometimes I can go a month and nothing happens, other months I can have it more then twice and in my dream I am always just a lone almost like there is no one else in the room. Do you have any idea what it is or why it's happening out of no where?

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Daydreamer_nightseeker (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 days ago (2017-11-17)
Hi Shitzu123

My boyfriends Family did things like contact spirits and do board games ect. They seem to be able to see people that are not there and also experience things and able to feel bad vibes.

My experiences started happening about 1.5 years ago, I can't see who the person or thing is and it scares me, my family is a very religious family, I pray every night and have for since I was a little a girl, I don't know if it is something that has attached itself to me. I have also seen it when I have been awake in my boyfriends room, I woke up and saw a hand go over me then over my boyfriend and down the side of the bed, I have also seen it standing in the room.
shitzu123 (17 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-11-10)
It looks to me like it could be a shadow being, or even something demonic you mentioned that your boyfriend's family messed with things which they shouldn't have, what would those be? How long ago did these experiences start to happen? There is a few things that you can do to protect yourself from this being when you are awake, but as you are asleep things play out a little different as we are usually not aware and cannot control things as we do when we are awake.

I know it may be hard, but fear will give it an invitation to walk all over you as it pleases. I would just say a prayer before going to sleep and specify what you actually need, during the day you could practice creating a protective shield around your whole body, you can also give it a purpose such as command it to protect you from stuff that tries to connect. If you have more questions feel free to get in touch, my email is in my profile:)

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