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This is the first time I have ever spoken to anyone other than my children of this, my kids laugh and say I'm weird haha, but as this has happened for years and the experience is not always the same, I thought I'd ask others on here what you think?

I feel a little stupid as there are so many different things that happen to me or that I have experienced, don't get me wrong, they don't happen all the time just sometimes, I can put the news on and something is announced that has new to the news but I feel it's old news, like I already knew about it ages ago, which confuses me, eh, how did I know that?

Then there is the time I was out at a bonfire night and I was queuing to get a hot drink when I froze to the spot, unable to speak or move, a really weird feeling, when all I can describe is the feeling of something being pulled through my body from my feet to my head, like a bottle being corked. I had not been drinking alcohol, however I don't know why but the first thing I asked was what time is it? My husband asked if I was ok, as I had the look of shock on my face, to which I replied, we have to go, my grandmother has died? After trying to convince him I wasn't mad and what I was feeling was real he agreed to drive me home.

When we got home, I rang the hospital, and they confirmed that my nan had died at that precise moment I had experienced that strange feeling and at the exact time too. I have never experienced anything like it since. However over the years I have experienced aura's, not on people. Strange mists in my house etc Weird eh! Can anyone explain any of this to me please. Thank you.

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