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A Poltergeist Or Relative?


The first psychic experiences I encountered were as a late teenager. I was 19 and my grandmother was living her final rest. I wasn't as close to her as I would have liked. She lived four hours away, however, when she came to my aunt's house to stay, our family would go over every day. She was dying of cancer. She died while I was asleep. The next night while attempting to sleep I heard breathing in my room. I continued to here breathing for the next couple of nights. I didn't think much of the phenomenon.

Four years later I was 22 and my other grandmother became sick. I saw her every week when she transferred from an over fifty-five apartment building to a nursing type residence. She jerked her body, showing no sign of aging to her spirit when we visited. She was in and out of critical care for around a year, as I recall. One night she went into critical care for several days. This was around the same time I started to meditate and do yoga seriously. I found meditation strange as one of my first visions was of a black stage coach being powered by several black horses. I looked outside the carriage and saw very old people. The vision stayed in my memory for several weeks.

I heard nothing of my grandmother's physical progress or decline during the week she was in critical care. I decided to visit my aunt and became tired around twelve at night. I was lying in the bed my other grandmother had died in four years past, but for some reason could not fall asleep. Then, at 3 a.m., I heard deep breathing in a corner of the room. My body went from feeling permanent to an altered state of flowing energies. My concentration shifted from my body to my other senses. As the breathing increased, I saw in my mind's eye a jet black lady, face and dress saturated with darkness sitting in a rocking chair. I saw the carriage and black horses. I then felt like I was leaving my body and I saw a tunnel of what appeared to be eyes looking inward, to the center of the tunnel.

After around 20 minutes, the breathing and visions halted. I felt as though one of my family roots had left. Upon awaking, I phoned my mother and asked if grandma had died last night. She had died at approximately 3:20 a.m. The same time I experienced the shift in consciousness and senses.

We all went to her funeral. In the funeral home's basement was many books. I picked out a book entitled something like, "Historic Funeral Carriages". Inside the book I found that my vision a week prior to her death of a carriage was a funeral style buggy, horse driven.

Ever since my second grandmother died, I have been able to hear the breathing whenever I relax and listen. At night, when trying to sleep, it can become obnoxious and sometimes when it is loud and heavy frightening but that has only happened twice. I have asked the breathing to leave and go to the light, sometimes it listens. I asked it if it was from the light but gathered no response.

One day I asked the presence to come closer so I could feel its energy. The presence made the floor creak as it walked next to me. The breathing was in my ear when I felt very cold and every hair on my body stood straight. I then felt the strangest feeling I have ever felt. A shock that felt like someone had shot me with a gun; a bullet filled with foreign energy encompassed and flooded my body. I felt every chakra and my whole body enter a different state. It truly scared me so I asked it to leave and I leapt out of my chair to eat something. Looking back it seemed like something, someone had entered my body.

I have been trying to increase my psychic abilities by meditating, yoga, reading books and trying to include it in my everyday experiences of new people and new places. However, the more experiences I have the more questions I have. I want to understand the breathing that I hear and hope it is not a poltergeist. What do you think this may be? Could it be related to my grandmothers that have passed, or are my psychic skills more clairaudient in nature?

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Charlotte (5 posts)
9 years ago (2009-03-05)
I hear breathing over my head for 4 years now. Also at certain time when every thing is quiet I have the feeling the whole room is full of insects. But I came to the conclusion that it does sound more like energie. Always things are happening when I am on the computer. Like a few days ago I did scan 2 different keys in to the computer and when I was going to print them out, there were to different keys together as one and very old fashion keys. I wonder if it has any meaning. It is a mystery and I always ask that thing from where it came and if it was from the light. Sometime I get some answers but I do study it all this years and I am not further to know what it is. I do not tell anyone, as you never know how they would react... I have had so many things happen to me and I always say, here is my friend again... As long as every thing is in the friendly way and does not want to posses you than I take it with humor... I always hope that I will find out one day what it is...
Edmund (578 posts)
9 years ago (2008-12-05)
adforester... Well if we use the classic definition its not a poltergeist... Its not knocking on the walls or causing water spots to appear or small fires to break out. If its dark and it dosen't feel right to you its probably a ghost... One who has had an association with evil and is still under the influence of the same... The only way its related to your Grandmothers passing is to use the opportunity of her passing to try to see if it could fool you into communicating with it thinking that it is Grandma. A lot of times the first indication of a ghost or a haunting is with noise and sound... You may be clairaudient but more often than not hauntings start with noise then the manifestations. If you are or have psychic abilities yoga and meditation help to increase these abilities as you are already finding out!
speak_true (3 posts)
9 years ago (2008-12-04)
I've had a similar experience where I could see out of the corner of my eye and sense someone with me while awake. Of course I would turn and not see the image. But I could feel it all around me. A psychic confirmed the entity for me, without me telling him and so my fear vanished.

I can't hear or see these things but I can feel and know them. I've asked several times for the being to show themselves and that I'm not afraid, but no luck so far.

If I could suggest this; try to get a sense of the energy and if you sense that it is your relative (s) then work with that, go with your first impressions and try to get more. It is a beautiful gift that you have and I hope that it works for you.
Furallicah (29 posts)
9 years ago (2008-12-03)
In reality Poltergeists are created by us. From our psychic energy under stressed conditions. But weather or not there "bad" or "good" is depening on the stress your feeling weather its a good stress issue or a negitive stress issue. Yes I have heard about a relation between night terrors and poltergeists but I haven't made a connection to them that I have seen. I have a poltergeist in my own house but he is quite friendly until I'm stresses about something negitive then he becomes hostile. Even though he was fromed when I wasn't stressed about anything bad he feeds from my own emotions not in a way that hurts me but you understand. I wouldn't worry to much about it until things started moving around and it just becomes hostile all the time.
Hope this helps in anyway. 😊
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
9 years ago (2008-12-03)
Hi Ad,
It would seem that your own answers are deciphering your own questions... If when you came back from the cemetery the "breathings" had multiplied, then the conclusion can only be that you had picked up other spirits whilst there. It must be very frustrating that none of them have done anything other than breath at you, draw them/ it in during your next meditation and ask it for a voice, if there is still only breathing, try again next time.
Kiy is right, poltergeists are energies which cause disruption and chaos, so relax on that factor, try and work on bringing a voice out from the breath.
Good luck, I would be interested to hear how this progresses!
Lin x ❤
adforester (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2008-12-02)
Hi Kiy,
I didn't really know that about polterguist. I've heard of night terrors but am almost certain this is not the case. Nearly every time I meditate I here the breathing, even when I'm not half asleep. But I suppose that is the question, when are you half=asleep/lucid dreaming? I've had many lucid dreaming experiances and enjoy them. The breathing only really happens when I am still, not asleep and mostly when it is dark out, it is so faint during the day I almost cannot here it.
I'm wondering if anyone else has heard breathing and what they think it is?
Is this a psychic awareness? I tend to think so as many times the breathing patterns and volume change, maybe due to multiple people? After visiting a cemetary in my neighborhood I heard 4 distinct entities breathing, if that helps.
Kiyuuketsuki (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2008-12-02)
As I know it, Poltergeists are meant to be mischeivous creatures. They often play tricks around the house, like misplacing stuff, or turning on musicboxes in the middle of the night. I doubt that what you are experiencing is a poltergeist.

Outside of the psychic world, if this is happening to you at night, some people experience "night terrors". Night terrors occur in a sate of half-sleep and half-awareness, where something may in fact seem real, but is only a very vivid dream.

My sister had these at a very young age, and still does.

Interesting thing; she claims to hear breathing sometimes as well, but moreso when she was young.

I hope this helps somewhat.

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