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Connection To My Ex-boyfriend


One night about a year ago, I was rocking my son to sleep. He was unusually reluctant to fall asleep. Once he'd fallen asleep, I crawled into bed. When my head hit the pillow I felt a rush of panic. My heart started to race and I was short of breath. I had a sense of dread.

My mind was racing trying to think what could be causing this. I made a call to my mother who was getting off work. I told her I had a bad feeling and she said she'd call me as soon as she got home to let me know she was alright.

As soon as I hung up the phone I knew the feeling wasn't for her. The lump was still I'm my stomach. I went to the bathroom to be alone as everyone else was sleeping. I closed my eyes and the face of my ex-boyfriend, Michael, came to my mind. I knew he was the source of my anxiety. Immediately I went to my knees and started praying for Michael's protection. This continued for about 10 to 15 minutes, then as suddenly as the feeling came it was gone.

The next day I was anxious to see if Michael was okay. When I called him he answered so casually I felt silly for worrying so much. Finally I asked him "were you doing anything dangerous last night?" he casually replied "Yeah why?". I was shocked.

Later he told me he had been "partying". That he was using drugs, had overdosed, and had been at death's door. He even had to receive CPR. He said his heart had stopped!

How could it be that after 5 years apart, I was still this connected to him. Did I really feel his feeling? Or was I given a vision so I could help save his life?

Before this happened I had some minor connections with him such as dreaming about him the night before he called my sister. Knowing he was at a place once I got there without seeing him. He is the only person I have had this strong of a reaction to. I don't even know what to call it. Empathy? Vision?

I am just looking for someone to tell me I am not crazy:). Someone to say they have had the same thing happen? I am curious to know why people think its only like this with him. Thanks for reading!

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gothicredhead1986 (1 posts)
3 weeks ago (2018-02-07)
Hi there I can say you're not crazy cuz my ex had been in my dreams even seeing him like he's an astral projection of himself saying hey Ash cuz my name's Ashley it's a pet name he calls me so yea it's freaking me out I'm afraid to tell anyone else cuz I'm afraid they'll tell me I'm crazy and need my head checked
jaej268 (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2011-06-30)
Drew, What an intense experience. Reminds me so much of my own. I am so sorry for your loss. Luckily Michael is in rehab now. I try to send possitive thoughts his way. I want him to stay safe. As you know that horrible feeling isn't one you want again. Just remember he wanted you happy! Thats why he said go for it about your cat. So live a happy life. Thanks for your encouragement!
jaej268 (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2011-06-30)
Erica, When you said "Once you start recognizing it and open to it, you will notice your sensitivity increasing." That really rang true to me. My ex has been in rehab for about a year now and that experience has been on my mind most of that time. I have noticed so many more signs since then. Also on father's day I was headed to church, because my aunt was visiting from out of town and wanted to go. On the way there Michael (myex) kept coming to my mind. I kept trying to sweep him out. As I was finally turning into the parking lot I asked myself "Why are you thinking of him, there is noway he'll be here? He is in rehab!". Just as I sat down. My mother leans over and says "Michaels is here"! Turns out it was his first day pass! I think he is a strong transmitter! He is a very emotional person and is totally out of touch with almost all of them. The hard part of all this is try not to entertain my feelings for him. Thanks so much for your input!
jaej268 (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2011-06-30)
Erin, I am so sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing your story with me. You are right to say that people want me to stay away. Even when I try to, something always brings us back together. For instance his family moved in next door to a house I lived in long before I knew him. My step -father and he were jail at the same time in the same place etc... I truely believe that our destiny was to be married, however I refused to put up with the drugs and everything. I know in my heart that if those factors werent in the way we would be together still. I will try to open myself up to a new possibility for our connection. Thanks for the advice. I really felt what you had to say.:)
drewboi (5 posts)
7 years ago (2011-06-30)
my ex and I were together for 3 years, september of last year I was talking to him about getting this cat I wanted and he said to go for it. Half way there I got a horrible feeling in my stomach and pulled over, when I looked in the rearview mirror I saw him and he was blue. I called him and he didn't answer. I texted my friend who lived below his apartment and he said he had just left and he was fine. So I continued to get my kitten and the whole time I felt depressed and a sense of dread. I tried to call again and he didn't answer so I drove to his apartment which took two hours. I found him dead on the floor, he had already gone through rigamortis so cpr would have been pointless but I did it anyway until the ambulance got there, they pronounced him dead. My "friend" had lied to me and was never there. He died from some virus that shut his organs down, and they said he would have only felt stomach pains.
Im glad that your ex was saved. A lot of people have similar experiences, and hopefully he doesn't do anymore stupid things. Connections are strong so your not crazy.
ericagp (1 posts)
7 years ago (2011-06-29)
Absolutely not.

Just as the other poster said, you formed a connection with this person. I also believe some people are stronger "transmitters" than others, such as what your ex just might be. Also strong emotions can cause some to transmit stronger than normal. Embrace that you are that sensitive. Once you start recognizing it and open to it, you will notice your sensitivity increasing.

I am fairly new to what you are going through myself. I find it interesting, mind blowing, and scary all at the same time.:)

I had a similar experience. I pick up on my ex as well and it is random. I do not wish or pine for him and we are very much over and I had moved on so I know it isn't wishful thinking on my part. I pick up on his feelings toward me or related to me. I know it isn't my imagination because I feel the energy externally, not coming from within. For me it feels as a wave when I first pick up on it and then I feel the energy within my chest area. Kind of like a heaviness would be the closest way to describe it but not quite. I remember one night, right around 7pm when I was driving to dinner to meet up with my current beau. I suddenly had a heavy sense of sadness, regret and dispair directed toward me and immediately I felt my ex. No reason to have even thought of him since I was extremely excited about this date. My ex had no idea about this guy or the date since he lives 7 hours away from me and we hadn't spoken in months.:)
Erin1011 (7 posts)
7 years ago (2011-06-28)
I'll be the first to say "You are not crazy"

You and your ex boyfriend have a connection. That has already been proven to you, but don't go rushing back to him. He is not your only connection. People are in our lives for a reason. It could be a reason for him, or it could be a reason for yourself. The "reason" may not have taken place yet. Even though you are seperated and it's been 5 years, you both could still be serving a very important purpose in each other's lives.
Kind of reminds me of my situtaion. Only mine didn't end so well. Same difference. Me and an ex boyfriend had some kind of connection. I knew he was in my life for a reason. I recently started talking to him again after his 5 year sentence just as friends (mainly to check up on him) and I just knew the worste was coming. He passed away of an over dose a month ago.
So I know other people might tell you to keep the "loser" out of your life, but maybe you should imbrace this connection. It could be a valuble lesson for either one of you:)
I have yet to find the reason exactly for why Josh was in my life, but a numerology compatibilty report simply stated that we were 100% compatible, but for only a short time to branch from one another.

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