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My Experiences On The Uss Lexington And At My Home


When I was 14 my A.F.J.R.O.T.C (air force junior reserve officer training core) flight and I went on a trip to the USS Lexington where we would be spending the night. I had little knowledge on the ship beforehand and only knew it was a WWII era ship at the time. I was walked around by myself for around an hour and a half due to getting separated from my group of three. Being interested in the ship and not knowing the history behind it I spent said hour and a half walking around the ship exploring and trying to find out more about the ships history.

I had seen a guy in the Machine Shop with dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes that seemed to glow, and a grey sort of jump suit on that seemed WWII era near a vice turn and look at me (you can't get inside that area without keys and there was one other person nearby whom I asked if he had seen him in there and they said they had seen no one). I was at one point also walking down the steep steps to the Engine room (directly behind that are stairs to a level they've flooded so that the ship stays put) and I looked to my side while passing it and saw a shadow figure peeking at me from the stairs. During the night both my phone and MP3 player (which were both completely full on battery and hold charge for 4 days) had been entirely drained of power and one of the guys in my flight had been woken up to a disembodied scream in his ear.

I would like to state that I didn't feel scared or threatened at all when on the ship and in fact actually felt very at home, almost like I was being led around the ship. The best way I could describe it was like I was being greeted and led around a childhood home by a friend I hadn't seen in a while but I was very close to.

I have also seen and experienced things at my house. Three different shadow figures, one wearing a pin striped suit with a fedora, one I can only describe as a giant angry man in a trench coat (so tall he had hunched over,) and an odd crawling one that seems almost childlike (I try to avoid contact with all of these due to an uneasiness I get from them.) I've also seen a woman in a white dress (I couldn't see her from mid-chest up) in my backyard four times in about ten minutes who was getting closer to me and I felt panicked. Another day I was home alone showering and multiple times heard a female voice call my name and the sound of the bathroom door opening. I would check the house each time it happened and nobody would be home, I eventually just ignored it then something grabbed my ankle. I jumped obviously frightened and pulled away the shower curtain hearing the bathroom door open once again. The door was standing wide open and I was still home alone.

This next experience I don't know whether it is classified as sleep paralysis or an attack considering the circumstances. I had been in my room about to lay down for a nap. My mom and I shared the room at the time and she was already asleep on the king size bed with a foot of space between us. I was feeling odd but brushed it off as just being tired and laid down on my stomach. I laid there for a few minutes and put my face in my pillow to quite audibly sigh because I didn't feel like I could fall asleep and suddenly felt a pressure on the back of my head and back pinning me down and pushing my head into the pillow like I was being smothered. I couldn't make a noise, couldn't move, and I felt genuinely terrified. My mother hadn't moved the entire time so she wasn't responsible and all other people whom lived with us at the time were out of the house. I am not a religious person but I started to say the guardian angels prayer that my grandmother had taught me and the weight lifted off me and I was able to move again.

I also experienced overwhelming fear and felt the need to run when being taken near a quarry I pass on my way to work one day. Doing research into the land around the quarry I found out that during the time Texas was being settled two people had been scalped a quarter of a mile from the quarry.

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Boson (172 posts)
2 years ago (2016-04-11)
Hi KatRose,

I personally have never used Sage so I don't know how effective it is and if it works for every type of dark entity. I prefer cleansing mentally. Then I can actually "see" when the entity vanishes.


PS. I can always help.
KatRose (1 stories) (4 posts)
2 years ago (2016-04-11)
I burnt some sage in my house about a week ago when nobody was home and it seemed to stir everything up. I had a nightmare the night of, I don't even remember it at this point I just remember it was enough to wake me in a cold sweat crying, my candles and incense will put itself out within minutes of me lighting it, and now all the dogs begin to bark at around 3 in the morning instead of just mine. I was also woken up today by a loud bang on the wall near my head.
KatRose (1 stories) (4 posts)
2 years ago (2016-03-29)
The thing I saw didn't float but the only thing I can describe it as is a black blob. It almost seemed to slide across the ground, like an ice cube sliding on tile and it moved at a slow 'walking' pace. I think that my dog was growling at it. He always wakes up around that time and begins to growl unless I have a light in my room on at that time in which case it's uneventful that night. When the light is off he wakes up at that time without fail and at the very least begins to growl if not bark. If I don't look in the direction he is I often will see something move in my peripheral vision. I've had many bad experiences with being in the dark so I tend to keep a small amount of ambient light in my room at night so I can tell where everything is and see around me but not bright enough to disturb me if I want to sleep.

That being said, when I say not having a light on I mean a brighter light than my small ambient light. When just the ambient light is on and my dog starts to bark or growl I typically see things pass back and forth between the area of my bedroom door and closet, sometimes multiple times within a couple minutes like it wants me to look over but I never do out of a nagging fear that I might get attacked by whatever it is if I do. It doesn't exactly have a shape to it from what I can tell and was about 5 foot 7 inches or so in height, it had enough mass to block out my lizard and fish tank from sight when passing them.

I'm scared of confrontation with normal people and so confrontation with a spirit or negative entity especially scares me so I try not to interact with anything I see or feel.

I believe the negative entity that is here may effect my family's behavior as they will often times get very aggressive to the point of physically starting a fight. It seems to especially effect my sister, grandmother, and cousin. Their ages being 22, 64, and 8 respectively. But I fear if I call it out on such actions it will target me more than it possibly already does. Especially considering I'm not a religious person.
Boson (172 posts)
2 years ago (2016-03-27)
Hi KatRose,

It's really nice when the spirit of a pet comes to visit. Almost exactly like your story, when my dog died he came in spirit a few days later by my bed. It was just a one time visit and then he was vanished and moved on into the spiritual realm.

About the black blob moving around in your room. I have to say that I have never ever experienced anything spiritual of the color back to be benevolent. And when I saw it and challenged it in the name of Christ. It instantly whooshed away through the wall and I never saw it again. It has only happened a few times in my life to be visited by a black levitating "blob" like that. I am not talking about the shadowy entities which are different, and I have only seen those moving close the floor and not floating in mid air.

KatRose (1 stories) (4 posts)
2 years ago (2016-03-26)
I do occasionally, not visually so often anymore as audibly and physically often hearing my name called by a female voice that sounds familiar but I can't place where, feeling something brush the back of my neck or arm or feeling like someone is directly behind me even though nobody is there.

The most recent thing that has happened was seeing a small black thing the size of my dog move across the floor, my room had minimal lighting at the time so I had thought it was my dog heading to his dog bed laying at the foot of my bed until I sat up and saw his blond fur over by my door where he was growling a couple of seconds before. This happening just moments before I decided to check here.

Shortly there after one of our old dogs Mia got hit by a car and we buried her in our backyard after attempting to stop bleeding while transporting her to the vets (I'm going to school to be a veterinarian so I did what little I could at the time to try and help her hold on.) I never got to see her after she was brought back so I didn't get to effectively say goodbye. We put a small angel statue over her grave and it had gotten knocked over, so I went to set it up where it wouldn't fall. I then saw what looked like Mia behind me like she normally sat when she wanted you to give her attention, not being too long after her death (a day or two after) it still hadn't sunk in yet that she wasn't there and I turned around to pet and verbally greeted her and she ran behind me to my left and disappeared.

A few hours after writing on here about my experiences originally I had gotten what I think could have been an extreme case of food poisoning as well but I'm not sure if there is a correlation between that and my writing here.

My grandmother has had this house blessed before, when I was around 3 or 4, and she doesn't believe I'm seeing anything due to the fact that she had it blessed previously. But I think an uncle of mine who lived in the house from the time I was six up until now with us possibly brought something in the house. He was an avid drug user and did a lot of odd things including at one point drawing a cross on the wall above his bed, which after he moved became mine and my mothers room when I had the sleep paralysis/attack with my side of the bed being the one under the drawn cross.
Boson (172 posts)
2 years ago (2016-03-23)
Hello KatRose,

You did the right thing to say the prayer when you felt overwhelmed by the power of the dark entity. Are you still experiencing the spirits in your house? At anytime you feel such presence you can always banish the spirit as you did. It doesn't really matter how you do it as long as it's some form of divine invocation. You may also want to properly have you house cleansed so you never have to worry about it again. I have had own fair share of spirits of different kinds and I have learned from direct experience that what I just told works. Just let me know if you have any questions.

KatRose (1 stories) (4 posts)
2 years ago (2016-03-19)
I would also like to add that my dog, whom is two years old, will wake up from a dead sleep quite often between one and three AM and start growling. He will also look at certain corners in the house and start barking.

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