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Dreaming With Different Memories


My whole life I have dreamed every night as being a new person, I feel like I am them, I always have been them and nothing is abnormal. But the weird part is I have all of there memories of there whole life in my head and none of my own memories. I am not watching from the perspective of the person I am the person and I am making decision but in there body with all of there memories as mine like a soul transplant or something. Its very rare I have a dream in my own body. In the morning when I wake up I can think back to my memories as them and remember things I never dreamed about. If I dreamed as them doing anything I can think back to there childhood and there life. One example is last night, I was a man who had a 12 year old sister. All that happened in the dream was I was going schools looking for her, I was telling the principal different names to check for in the school from memory as them. When I woke up I was telling someone bout my dream and I was telling them me and my sister where framed for a crime and we had been on the run, and we had gotten split up for a long time. The person asked me if I dreamed being framed and all that and I said. No I just remember it from memories in the dream, they told me they have never had a dream with someone else's full life of memories I have asked a lot of people and they all say that's really weird and I haven't seen anyone ask this question on the internet. I don't think this is past lives because I have had thousands of dreams in the same time period. I know this has happened all my life because I am very religious and my mom would tell me, "Whenever your scared in a dream call out to god" I wound always tell her, you don't understand I don't know who god is in my dreams. I didn't know how to say to her that I'm someone else, I was just able to talk at the time.



I wrote this article to put on yahoo answers lol, I'm posting it here and as of lately I have been seeing flashes of a picture along with a feeling while I'm awake. One that really impacted me is, laying in a bed in the id say 1600's I felt a feeling of love I had never felt before. It impacted me so much that I started to cry because I could feel how much they loved each other and I had never felt that before. I felt it from both of them like I was both of them.

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (210 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-26)
I'm not really religious believe in more of past lives Buddahist.
Boson (172 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-26)
Hello Enzo,

I think it's a mix of 2 phenomena: you have past life experiences in your dreams, plus you have the ability to tap into the memory imprints of other souls' past and present lives. A reading should be able to determine better what the cause is.

biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-23)
To be honest I do not read many teenagers articles on here

But yours caught my attension as it didn't say anything about having some super power many would love to fantisize having (that Dose not mean I don't believe they can't be real, I have an open mind but most so young still trying to understand themselves can be very influential) but your story said you have memories that are others and not your own while dreaming

It fascinated me as I to have had dreams where I have memories that are not mine in waking and my real life memories are all gone until I wake up... It's really the oldest feeling

I don't have these dreams often but when I do the memories feel as strong and vibes as my own

Some of these dreams I go to sleep and wake up in my real life then when I go to sleep in real life I wake up back up into I guise you could day this alternate reality and I continue as if that were my life and as if my soul is living many lives on many dimensions each feeling so real... Then I wake up back here

Though I have also had dreams where I feel my spirit has entered another persons body and their not aware I'm there I'm not sure how I got in there but I pretty much just sit back in those dreams avd wait to wake up or wait until I'm out of their body, not sure how I got in not sure how I get out I just seem to be there and then I think I simply get detracted by somthing and that's usually how I get out

I don't think I'm much help as to be giving any advice but I do hope it helps you not feel so weird knowing your not the only one who dreams in such ways 😊

And I have a question for pennies4U. I am curious what is this rides other humans you speak of... I have not heard of this I would be interested in knowing more thank you 😊

And enzo good luck on your journey sweetie may you find all the answer your looking for and have fun doing so... Life is to short to not have fun learning about ourselves ❤
Pennies4U (46 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-23)
I personally have not heard of individuals who ride another living human being. It is seeding and experiencing what they live.

I done this and have spoken to a professional Psychic in Us who also also rides other Human souls.

This is a real phenomenon that we can do.

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