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Dreams Or Obe?


I have on multiple occasions experienced dreams in which I am someone else. In these dream experiences, I am a person who is in real need of help out of a situation. These situations are things like being held captive by someone who is a killer. I can see as they see but I still have my own thoughts and know that I am not actually that person but instead seeing through that person's eyes and knowing their thoughts at the same time. I'm not sure if that makes sense.

These frightening scenarios don't scare me but instead I feel as though I take over their thought process and get them away from their captors if I can.

My most recent dream was where I was seeing through the eyes of a young college girl. She had been hanging out with a guy friend at her dorm room who was a little quirky but seemed harmless to her (so I gathered from her thoughts). Well he strangled her to death and had carried her body off to a semi remote area where he left her slumped over on a hillside. I realized that I was seeing through not her live body but through her spirit in a past tense and she wanted her body found and for someone to know who killed her.

I never get names or locations or ever find out if it's something that has happened. I have been told by multiple psychics that I do leave my body at night. I have been told that I am an empath and I have had visits from people I know in my dreams that have passed. I have also had visions while awake of what I believe were past lives because that's was what I was asking to see.

Am I nuts? Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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ebay82 (1 stories) (3 posts)
2 months ago (2017-03-02)
Thank you all for the advice. It has been very helpful. I was just telling my mother about these dreams. I know she has had quite a few visitations in her sleep from family that has passed. I don't think it has been like mine but I can see where I get it from.
My conversation even reminded me of another "dream" I had where a woman came to me and said specifically, that she was going to take Frankie...? I didn't know what that meant, who she was or even who Frankie was?
So I called my mom and told her about it and how odd it was because I didn't know who Frankie was! Well my mom shared with me that my aunt's dog Frankie had just passed a few days prior...
gthlvrmx (44 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-20)
Hi ebay82,

It kind of sounds like ghosts are visiting you in your sleep and sharing with you how they died or parts of their lives that they are repeating over and over again in their bubble that they are trapped in that keeps them from crossing over.

Or you could be picking up with any of the clair gifts psychic information at night about events that happen in the area.

What could also be happeAning are some sort of "telelpathic memory dreams". I have had those before where I would connect with someones mind while asleep, somehow find a memory and it plays in my dreams as a drean except I am in their body as them as if I were there in the past. (Sorry for the confusion.) When I wake up and tell the person abouy the dream, they tell me that stuff I dreamed of was true.

Some people have psychic dreams where they dream parts of peoples lives. Sometimes its to help those people, or to help yourself.
1020coco (14 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-19)
Hi, from the sound of it they are most definitely OBE's. That is very good that you are not scared. I do think your guides help with that because this is quite a lot to take in. Anyway, here's a couple of things that you may choose to keep in mind. Before you go to sleep ask your guide (however you want to call this energy, God/Love/Spirit, etc.) for assistance so you can get specific information such as names, address, any important details. This step is important and it seems common sense, but I can't stress enough that if you want to get specific information then you specifically have to ask for it.

Don't worry that you don't have time with your studies to spend on learning about this gift. Realize that major insights happen in very short time frames. You can take 5 minutes to check in with Spirit and that's okay. Just make it a practice as often as you can. Like when you first wake up, go to bed, or have a few minutes before going somewhere.
Boson (171 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-17)
Hey ebay82,

You already got a good answer from KikiGirl. I just wanted to comment on your subject "Dreams Or OBE?". I honestly don't think you have had an OBE. If you did, you would immediately have known because it's such a profound experience and you would have no doubts if that were the case. I have had OBE in dreams, meditation, and also in fully awakened state. So what I say this from my own experience.

ebay82 (1 stories) (3 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-15)
Thanks KiKiGirl!
It's difficult talking to other people who don't understand the nature of the information I get and how different it feels than just a normal dream. I have not had these my entire life that I am aware of.
Just the last 3-4 years after a kind of "soul searching". I can only describe it as a major need or ache in my heart to know why I'm here on this planet. A need to know why I'm SO sensitive to everything and everyone around me. I have been trying to learn to "listen" to my guides and any other messages/ information I receive. It's been difficult because I am in school for my bachelor's degree right now and I have not been dedicating time to learning more about myself and my ability to receive.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
2 months ago (2017-02-15)
ebay82! You are definitely NOT nuts! A crazy person never ever asks themself/ves, "am I nuts?" They just go on... Being nuts. So, I was so intrigued and fascinated when I read your story! Usually, I have some good advice to share with the Author through personal experience or studies, but, in your case, unfortunately I am not experienced. There are many people who work with the police on these types of issues. In fact, some people on this site were discussing it just a short while ago -
*Do police believe in psychics?
*Will they listen to a psychic?
*Would they actually enlist or ask for the help from a psychic?
*Fraudsters versus real people who do police work with psychics.
*Endangering cases through using psychics?
*Can you just go to the police with information you have?

So, there are definitely people who work with the police on cases much like your experiences. People do not actually "get" a location, but, use what they see in order to determine a location ie. Was it a farmhouse? What did the person look like? What was he/she wearing? Did you see a sign? What does the place look like? Are there any symbols, billboards or slogans that you can see? What type of car did you see? What colour was the car? Did the location have a smell? Did you hear animals? Did you see any other object/s et cetera?

I just thought you should be told that you are not nuts and that there are people who work with mediums on cases and even, cold cases.

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