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Roughly a year ago I was working closely with a friend whom I've had feelings for, for awhile. After that period of work I was offered a position in Asia. I took the position and was gone for six months.

When I returned in February, I began to feel some pressure and tingling at the center of my third eye chakra. At this time I began to return to my former jobs; working with students with special needs and directing plays. At this time my friend acquired a boyfriend. Additionally the sensations I felt in my third eye chakra manifested empathic abilities.

All of these abillities where located within my third eye. I found these abillities helpful when working with my students, actor or the general populas. However, I also realized I had a whole seperate set of sensations when it came to my friend, I could distinctlly tell when he was thinking about me or when he was thinking about contacting me and another when he did intitate any kind of contact I could even tell when he was intimate with his boyfriend (really didn't want to though). Even after we gave eachother some space the sensations continued.

At the beginning of the summer my friend broke up with his boyfriend and the empathy began to back off, to a point the sensations where not as strong as they had previously been. Recently, My as of a week ago my friend and his partner restarted their relationship and all of the sensations and empathy flooded back to me.

I am looking for insight as to what is happening to me and why it is happening.

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Sayra_kheng (1 stories) (3 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-09-15)
Hi... I am an Empath and have other abilities too..., as per your article you feel the sensation on your third chakra... It is advised to mediate daily and make it your routine it will help you, you don't need to worry about these abilities becz it seems like you have some empathetic abilities too... Go ahead with meditation and empathetic prayers, eat food good for your third chakra, keep it clean, it will help. Stay happy. 😊

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