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Spirits That I Have Contacted Clam I'm A Medium?


My name's Wren and I joined this website because I recently received some confusing information from multiple spirits who all claimed I was a medium or had something to do with that field.

This was the first time I have ever even touched a Ouija board because I was so terrified of all the movies and videos of people playing and it going horribly wrong. My friends had played before so I felt more comfortable and it was a good and educational experience. However, out of the 3 spirits we contacted that night, 2 of them told us (the first one didn't tell us anything in this subject, nor did we ask) that I was very important to them even using the term medium to express their answer.

I frantically searched up everything on this and actually got an answer from your sight. Someone before me had this experience and someone said that it was probably not true. So I didn't think much of it until we played more. This time, it got very strange. If the spirit told us where they were, it was always beside me, 9/10 times they would only answer to me and one of the younger spirits asked me to leave the room because they couldn't contact me because I was quote on quote "clouded". What did they mean by that? I don't understand really I'm very new to all of this and I really need some answers. It's entirely possible that I'm just crazy or the spirits are playing tricks on me. I just want to know. Help!

Ps. We had 3 spirits warn us about something behind me and begging us to close the board. We listened to them and it almost felt like a ton had been lifted off our chest when we did. What could they be referring to? Is it powerful? Is it dangerous?

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