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Voices, Visions And Uninvited Guests


My story starts when I was about 21. I'm 29 now and all my life I have seemed to attract energy to myself as well as being able to feel people's emotions and predict when things will happen. I was with my my boyfriend at that time we had just gotten news from a friend that he had rented an apartment and needed help with the rent. As well as the renovations of the apartment. We decided as our first step as a couple we would move in and help him with Renovations and keeping up with the rent as well as work around the place. We soon realized what a big project this house is going to be. This house was down in Gonic New Hampshire next to a mill. It was apparently an old boarding house as well as a family home. There have been many people in and out of that house in the past many stories were in those walls. I didn't know any of this upon setting foot in that house. After just moments of being inside the door I started to feel all these feelings that I couldn't explain. And over the next 9 months of us living there, there were a lot of things that I couldn't explain experiences that were Beyond my Realm of comprehension. The house was apparently abandoned and taken over by the realtor. He allowed us to stay there and turn of us renovating and paying half of the rent. We ended up having to gut the house to remodel. During the clean out we noticed a lot of things about the house that just weren't right. There were times where I could touch things in that house and have flashbacks of being someone else looking through their eyes at a situation that laid in front of me but it wasn't my situation. There was a lot of things in that house that I feel like I witnessed. At the same time I knew that these things we're just a replay of what had already happened. I would get flashbacks from the early 1800s all the way up to the Past owners of the home. It's almost like there was so much energy in that area not even just in that house but in the area that I couldn't get a moment of peace. I would wake up hearing voices people trying to contact me. I remember waking up out of a sound sleep to someone screaming my name. But I was the only one home. There was just a horrible feeling and eventually that feeling drove a wedge between all three of us that lived in that home not long after that my boyfriend and I broke up it's almost like the tension that my experience caused was just too much. It felt like being crushed. Like I said before I have always felt things. I have always been able to feel when something was going to happen. I have predicted illness. I have also predicted car accidents and birth. But of course I keep all of these things hidden because a lot of people don't understand. I try to mask myself and my abilities because sometimes they do scare me and without knowing what I'm doing I'm afraid to explore them. Over the years I've become very good at suppressing and blocking my abilities. I don't want to do that anymore they are starting to become stronger then I can handle. I just need some help on controlling my abilities and turning them on and shutting them off. I barely sleep I barely have a life outside of my own head. How do I control this?

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