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I Think There Is Energy In My Hands


I'm 13 years old and throughout my life my hands would heat up and I wouldn't know why and I wouldn't think anything of it. But like a year ago I told my mom about it and she said maybe you can feel energy in them so I looked online and found out that there are many people like me. Like out of nowhere my hands would heat up I told my best friend about it and whenever they would heat up I would touch her and she'd be like your hands are so hot. I still haven't tried to heal with my hands yet and they haven't heated up in a few weeks. I want to learn how to control it and use it I heard that if you meditate it will help control heating it up. I think after this I'm going to try meditation. I haven't thought about this in a while it's hard focus when meditating for me because I have 4 siblings who are extremely annoying. And I can't do it in my room because I share a room. I don't know if my hands are absorbing energy or if it's someth else. I haven't figured it out, I also read about people using this energy for fighting which I would definitely want to know more about because that would be fun to figure out if that works for me. I know this sounds crazy but sometimes I think I see auras, once I was in the mirror and started concentrating on myself and saw a green light shining around me. I don't usually see auras but when I do I always look up things about auras. Once I was looking at my lamp (it was off) and I saw an orange light thing shining in front of it I don't know what that was but maybe it was a ghost because I do hear voices in my house (no I'm not crazy 😂😂😂). If you have any advice for me I would appreciate it if you tell me thank you.

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