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This has being going on for a very long time in my life. All the time I get these weird feelings. Every time I see something, I keep thinking I've seen it somewhere before... All the time I get these feelings. Where ever I am. I don't know whether it's just deja vu or whether I'm psychic. I don't know how it works. I'll just be standing there and I'll see something and think "I can't believe it. I've already seen that somewhere. But I don't know where..." And that's the thing that confuses me so much.

Where have I seen it before? It gets me so frustrated! I told my mum but she said it was just deja vu. I didn't carry the situation any further. But it keeps happening and I don't know what to do. I'm telling myself that I am not psychic because I don't know when I see things. But I am telling myself that I am because it happens around twice a day. I'm 11 so I have no idea what is going on. It's getting kind of spooky now because every time I think about it, something happens that I have seen before.

I'm hoping someone out there on this web site has had an experience like this. Can you give me any information? Any advice? Please help me because I am really desperate. Give me some links to stories like mine so I can see what others have to go through.

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caseyhue (1 posts)
2 months ago (2017-11-10)
I've been experiencing Deja Vu my whole life off an on. Since 9/12/17 it's been non stop. It's getting to freaky an eerie lately and it's already 11/10/17. When will this stop! I ask myself. Also I dream a lot of future events pertaining to me. I've seen potential future. Trust me your no alone...
Seerguy13 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2014-04-15)
Hi I'm 13 and I've had the same experience for as long as I can remember. But I have other stuff happening as well, when I hugged my great grandmother I saw how she was going to die and it happened that night. And now since I was six years old I have been having dreams and deja vu everyday. And my dreams always come true. So I don't know if I'm psychic as well.
SpookedOutEmz (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2013-04-17)
Hi psychicgirl! I am experiencing very much the same thing as you! I'm 14 and for a while
(quite a few months), I have been noticing a lot of 'coincidences'. For example, I went to a friend's and watched Nanny McPhee (the first one) and there was a character called Adelaide. The next day, I saw a street sign that said 'Adelaide St'. Which really spooked me! Then the same day, I went home and I heard 'Adelaide' mentioned on the radio. This wouldn't be too strange, except that I hadn't known that name even existed until that day at my friend's.
This kind of thing happens ALL the time. Nearly every day. And it's driving me insane.
Another example is that I was discussing Henry the eighth and the feud between the Protestant Church and the Catholic Church.
A seemingly random topic, right?
Well the same day (it was today), I had an R.E. Lesson and we had a class talk about that exact subject.
I think I may have mild psychic abilities but I want to be certain so I came to this site.
If I do, I want to harness them but it's only a small thing compared to some people's stories on here!
I'm not even sure if it's an ability!
But I'd like to know.
So you're not alone. I'm with you on this:S

Sorry this is so long. ~Emz
Tsukiyomi (2 posts)
5 years ago (2013-03-10)

I have something simmular, when I was 14 I was attack by a grizzly bear that thought it was funny to escape it's cage in the zoo in Amesfoort, Netherland, I was lucky enough to survive the attack, the doctors told me that I was really lucky and that the bloodloss could've been fatal. The grizz had scratched me over my stomach and back before he went for the fatal blow in my neck. Thanks to the wound he made by biting my sight was reduced to nearly 40% of what it used to be. When I came to in the hospital I noticed that my bod wasn't in so much pain, I could walk normally and use my right arm without pain. When I went for a walk a nurse came up to me asking if anything was wrong, well I answered no and was escorted back to my room. I ate something got a checkup for my body and eyes and was told my eyes could be fixed with surgery with 20% failing chance and 80% success. After that I went to sleep. When I woke up the same thing happened again the only difference was that I was in incredible pain, I couldn't move because of it. The day was almost simular only the walking part was different.

This has been going on for quite some time now, I don't know how to handle this I was fourteen back then and now I'm 20, it seems like I'm Living in two different reality's Someone please help with with advice ><
libran_alfresco (1 posts)
5 years ago (2013-01-11)
Well I'm a 30 year old man from India (got married early at the age of 22, good looking and have 2 kids, elder daughter, 7 years old & a 8 month old son). For the past 2-3 weeks I've been seeing time repeat itself in quick succession (never ever in my 30 years of existence did I experience something like this before). If I see myself crossing a redlight (cross roads), the very next instant, I'm crossing that redlight again (with the same set of people standing at the crossroads waiting for a bus to come). I'm listening to a song on the radio and hear the same part of it (which is just for a fraction of a second, if not 1 second) again. This usually happens when I'm driving my car. This has never happened to me in the past and really don't know what to make of it. I did not know whom to talk to hence I'm posting my experience here, has anyone else faced a similar situation and does anyone know what does it mean and why is it happening to me?
Psychicgirl18 (3 stories) (69 posts)
5 years ago (2012-08-24)
Hello, I have to tell you that I know what your feeling, I've recently ben going threw something similar more and more. Everything I wake up with a new memmory of a past life, and I see people that have past, and can feel others emotions.

If you like we can email and sicuss this at length, my email is on my profile. 😐
torchwing777 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2012-08-24)
I am 17 and live in Fullerton, California. I have had many strange experiances but all seeming to relate in a way. I don't believe in time anymore because it doesn't exist for me any more. Life just keeps repeating and it always happens no matter how I die. I have memories and intense "Deja vu" frequently and I have tried combating them but in the end they started to go away then come back just enough to let me know that they really aren't going away at all. Now I hope for them to happen even more yet I don't know why. I want to find something out but I'm not sure what is I really want to find out. I also remember the alternate choices I made in my pre existant/co existant realities. I suppose that they really aren't the past or future rather than an alternate now that I experiance seperatly with memory of said experiances.
precious5031 (2 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2012-06-18)
I have dreams that come true. 99% of these dreams are bad, or give me a bad feeling, But lately I am dreaming with my eyes wide open, I have had 4 situations back to back where I already know the information someone is about to tell me, Who is telling me the information? Is it a guide of some sort? How can I reach this guide when I want to? I also feel what people are thinking, I think with practice I could hear there thoughts, don't know where to start...don't want to lose my mind trying... Was seeing spots of color floating in my house... And I felt like a crazy person telling anyone
eman8033 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2012-01-26)
Hey I live in mexico lived in the usa all my life until about a year ago and I have always has cases of dejavu more oftern then most others and as of about a year or two ago I started getting them constantly I have no idea why used to be just little thing but about two years ago or so they were more clear like actualy people I have never met before and place I have never been and things of that sort then one day bam! In my face there were tho people and places I could make them all out in a day dream or something like that or just a regular dream or I'm not even sure when I had the initial thought but I had it clear as day faces down to specific detail and place and position and id try to keep it on my mind but I couldn't and I id forget then all of a sudden on day there it is those people and those places how in the world the I vision them if I had never been or met these people or places and it seems even more often now days its starting to scare me to be honest I'm 22 years old gona turn 23 this october and I can't remeber past me being 13 for some reason I can come up with a single image just know that that's about the time I started getting deja vu and then it just got more oftern around when I was 19 - 20 and now its like its climaxing liek I said its actualy kind of scary to me. I live most my life in south ga. In the country sides of pearson and willacoochy how now that I'm in mexico city and places in veracruz and hidalgo am I getting deja vu if I have never been here in my life let alone when I have deja vu of people here I mean I might have seen an imaga on the net or soemthing sure I could go with that maybe but people? Out in little towns and stuff like that its crazy I just had one earlier this after noon its bout 10 pm her ein pachuca hidalgo and around 6 pm I had a deja vu of a lady that lives around the corner of the street how is that? This is too crazy for me need some advise or some help.

Lightfeather10 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2011-11-02)
Hello all. I also seem to get this constant deja vu. It's kind of odd when it happens to me. Because it started happening 2 years (to the date!) after my grandma died. I'm 14 btw. Its very un usuall because about once a month I will go through dreams like ammo in a machine gun. 2 3 or even 4 a night. Then the next day (s) I will see things I've already seen. This has been happening for 4 years now, and it's been getting stronger each year. So ya. That's what's been happening to me.
Buttahflyy130 (1 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2011-10-24)
For about 9 years now, I have experienced something very similar... I get a feeling of extreme deja-vu that makes my heart beat fast, I get very hot, and I get an incredible urge to vomit... I never know when it's going to happen, but when it does, it lasts for 3-4 days... At first I had no idea where this irksome problem came from... As I got older it became stronger and I realized that it is somehow connected to my dreams... Sometimes when I'm sleeping/dreaming, the same terrifying feeling and urge to vomit, wake me out of my sleep... At that point, I always dread the next day or so, because I know it's going to happen over and over again at random times throughout my day (s)... I never remember the dreams. Never know when it's going to happen... I will be going through my day and out of nowhere it will happen... I could be working, at home watching tv, or just having a conversation, and the horrifying feeling comes over me... (I actually just had an episode while reading this, and have been having them all day) It's a feeling of deja-vu multiplied 100 times... Sometimes it's so strong that I actually do vomit... It's almost as if I dream whole days before they happen, although I never actually remember dreaming it... Over the last few years it has escalated to the point that the "stupid deja-vu" experiences leave my nerves completely shot... Throughout the few days or so that it occurs (over and over through sleep and waking hours) I am completely on edge and carry around an unexplainable feeling of fear... My son/boyfriend coming into my bedroom unexpectedly will cause me to jump out of my skin... I find myself afraid to take a shower with the door closed, afraid to be in a room with my back to the door, and even afraid to fall asleep... I never know why I'm so jumpy, Except that I know it's directly related to the "deja-vu" feelings... I find myself begging for relief from whatever the hell it is, and praying it will end soon... I try to explain it to my family/friends but I know that no one who doesn't experience it could ever understand... I don't know if it's a gift that I don't know how to interpret/use... Or a curse... I usually refer to it as the latter, due to how bad it makes me feel... It leaves me scared, frustrated, and depressed... I really wish I could figure it out and find a way to end it... As crazy as it sounds, it's almost like an outer body experience when it happens and it makes me feel like my mind is on a different plane than normal people... Anyone who has similar experiences or any idea what this could be, PLEASE help me... I'm so confused and stressed behind this matter...: (
GenesisX (4 posts)
7 years ago (2011-02-18)
I have deja vu too, it happens occasionally, and when something occurs, I feel as if I dreamed it. It's like I'm frozen and tense for a minute remembering what's happening.
davd1428579 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2011-01-03)
hi I am 22 years old I have had Deja vu sence I can remeber but more so I have a bit longer of a memory than I beleave I should. I can remeber back wheni was one year old no joke. The Deja vu can get frustrating some times I feel the need to change somthing and I try to but I just seems to keep happening. Probly the freakest thing for me is a memory of mine somting I have had all my life never told anyone tell I was 13 the person I told was my dad let me tell you the memory. "i can remeber being in a truck going down a road I had a feeling of somthing wrong with the door next to me I was in the passanger seat then I see in third person veiw the truck going around a corner as I fall out of the truck hiting a post and someone I feel is close to me falls on me I can feel the feeling of drownding in my own blood very painful" that is my memory it comes up all the time but what is intresting about this memory the most is when I told my dad about it. He said that was how my uncle died and was concered about how I knew my family didn't want me to know how he died for the vilant death he had so they never said anything to me about it but the story goes he was kicked out of his house he got a ride with a friend he was drunk his trucks door had to be closed with a C clamp his girl friend was in the middle when they went around a corner the door opened he fell out hit a pole his girlfriend fell on top of him and his lungs filled up with blood and was the cause of death. The part that is shocking even more is he died befor I was born so I shouldt have a memory of ityet I do I can remeber it as it was yesterday I can even remeber the taste of the blood. When I have the Deja vu happen I can now tell people what happens next about 2 3 minutes at most befor it happens I have been able to do that for about 3 years now but befor that I only seen it after it happened it was after I relized I can't change it and understood that there is no reasen to try and stop it I mean I figure what I see going to happen is already done already going to hppen and there is nothing going to stop it so why should I think I can do somthing about it anyway the best edvice I can give is let it happen see where it goes its there in you for a reasen that's for you to figure out when that time comes it took me waveing the white flag to it for me to understand it hope that helps you guys and gods bless
Dimples21 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2010-08-06)
Growing up I had Deja Vu every once and awhile, I never thought much of it because I was told it happens to everyone.
I am 17 now and for the past few weeks I have been having constant Deja Vu... Every few minutes. When it hits me I am having Deja Vu, the moment keeps going on and I have no control over it until it stops... When it's happening I just tell myself "It's all in my head, I am really not having Deja Vu," yet I know I am. I have tried talking to my mom about it but she doesn't give much support... She never takes me seriously. I just want it to stop because I don't understand it and I am now having anxiety attacks and massive Migraines. Also I feel an evil creepy feeling when it takes place... I am now becoming more and more afraid to be alone. I grew up with a strong Christian religion, I believe in God and I soon hope to understand it. Maybe psychics do exist... But how do you truly know... How do you know what to believe in when all these events are occurring in which you have no control over? I am the girl who holds her head up high when she walks in the room, always smiling and making others smile... Yet now that I am going through this my smile has became fake... So I am hoping there is someone out there who I can talk to. Someone to give me answers so I can ease this stress. If you can help me an any way please let me know. ❤
Polavola (1 posts)
8 years ago (2010-07-07)
Although I am only 13 years old, this has been happening to me for a pretty long time...Lately, IN my Deja Vu I'll be thinking oh my god Deja Vu when it really isn't my mind in the current mind. It's kind of confusing though. Because IN my Deja Vu I'll be thinking Deja Vu and in that mind (in the Deja Vu mind) I'll be thinking Deja Vu. So it feels like I have like 4 minds saying that at the same time. I told one of my friends about this recently, and he said that it was a type of 'vision'. But all I did was laugh and rush to a different topic, because I was scared that he was right.

Also, I'm kind of scared that I was born a bit psychic, because my auntie on my dad's side is psychic. While they were talking one time I over-heard my auntie say that I have a bit of psychic on the inside of me...

Sometimes I think I do though. Because me and my mom were watching TV one time and I'm like is this the episode where this guy dies? But she said no, that it was a new episode premiering. So we checked and she was rigght. But I was so sure I've seen it before. Because I knew where it was, how it happened, who killed them... I even remember the whole scene...

I'm scared that I am. If somebody could give me an answer, or even a guess, that would be great!
allwecandoistry (1 posts)
8 years ago (2010-04-21)
hi guys, I really could you use your help. Ever since I can remember I've always had deja vu. Usually it is just small things, like talking to my friends. But when I do it get (at least once a day) my eyes glaze over and I'm like I'm in my own little world. I can't hear anyone trying to talk to me or see anyone, I just see what's happening before me but which I already saw... Another question. Recently I was driving with my dad and he stopped on the breaks, but my deja vu was he didn't stop fast enough and we crashed, rolled over, and my father passed away as I struggled to get out of the car. But this didn't actually happen. My deja vu was wrong for once... But in the moment when I had deja vu, I screamed and my heart was beating extremely fast... What exactly does this mean? If anyone can help that'd be great. Thanks.
shaaman (1 posts)
8 years ago (2010-03-31)
Constant Deja-Vu is a beautiful gift if you can appreciate what it is. Quantam physics is trying to explain this right now. Watch 'What the Bleep do we know?' especially the extended version. They are finding out that people usually react before the actual event, precognition at a base level. For example if you were shown a picture of something controversial, your body reacts well before the picture was even shown. This means there is virtually 2 reality's that we are living (if not millions). The real time reality which happens before we know it, and then our brain-reality which takes a while to be processed. This means when you are constantly viewing that state, you are connecting directly to this world as your true self, not through your eyes of perception.

As for the "feeling of death" you are refering too, let me tell you about my experience about it. I had that same feeling when I was extremely depressed in high school, it felt horrible at the time and ill never forget it. I then had some beatiful experiences after highschool and came to some amazing life realizations and had the exact same feeling! I then realized that when I was depressed it wasn't the feeling of death I was feeling, it was the feeling of life! When my brain was depressed and stopped working, I became more like an animal in a way. Animals don't have ego, and can completely enjoy life without the distraction of the constant human questioning that we put ourselves through.

Never think of that as a burden, it is a true gift if you can look at it the right way
Chchchewy (1 posts)
8 years ago (2010-03-09)
Sorry if this is a tad long, I find that while people may be looking for fellowship, they're also looking for information; details in another's experience. Anything that might shine light on theirs.

I'm a 26 year old male, who has also experienced constant deja vu. I can remember having little microsecond experiences when I was in preschool and kindergarten, and I've been intrigued by them for almost just as long. Every time I had an experience I tried to focus on them, focus on what was going on around me, what was so familiar. I'd ask my parents about it and they'd tell me what everyone else has generally been told, "Oh, that's just deja vu. It's nothing. Don't worry about it." And eventually I would forget about it, because the experiences were too few and far between to stay focused on for too long, especially for a young child. Plus, the internetz wasn't as widely around until I was ten, and even then it wasn't as nearly as useful a resource as it is now.

I could eventually get the deja vu to linger for a second or two longer, up to even a half a minute long at rare times, but that's all. Until I was about 18 or 19, then they suddenly became very frequent and started to last for minutes, and then hours, and even days, also even in my dreams. I was scared, scared I'd become crazy, scared my brain blew a circuit, but even more scared that if I followed what these experiences were telling me, that I was reliving my life, and not just once, but innumerable times.

Besides having become stronger and over-whelming, and sending me into terrible anxiety, the Deja vu had also become layered. It was no longer just a familiar feeling of having experienced a moment before, but also having experienced a moment over and over and over again. That each time was the same yet I had changed a little, or the moment's changes were so minor that if I hadn't experienced it in layers I would never have been able to spot the subtle differences. I was having Deja vu of having Deja vu of having Deja vu of having Deja vu.

Eventually I let go and tried to just maintain my calm, tried to become just an observer as much as I could. By letting go of trying to remain in control, I gained control and actually learned how to turn it off. I can even turn it on sometimes if I focus hard enough.

I've had a few "psychic" experiences, too, but I don't really consider myself a psychic in the least. I've had dreams that have come true, one took a decade or so, and while the actual experience was happening I did notice that it felt much the same as Deja vu only a hundredfold. I've had numerous "almost" out-of-body experiences, very few of them had I intended to have. I've yet to have been able to control the rush of sheer terror that over takes me when I feel the pull. I have had also numerous almost lucid dreams, waking up right as I realize it's a dream, except once. I had a lucid dream and managed not to alarm myself at the moment of awakening. It is a rather enlivening experiences, I must say. And a few other experiences that I cannot identify, which only makes it harder to describe.

I can agree to a point with Empyrean and J. I, too, once thought I was dead reliving everything over and over, but how can you be dead if you're still alive? You can't, which means you've never died. At least, not permanently. Death is a poor choice of wording, and a slight depression-inducer of a term. As for the multi-dimensional part, quite possible. How does a tool-using sentient life-form evolve any further? Once all survival problems are solved and taken care of, what's left? Where to now? It could easily be rationalized that evolution would now become a more conscious effort, and if all physical requirements are satisfied and met, it would seem that the evolution would have to be a conscious evolution of the consciousness. But don't forget, a health dose of skepticism never hurt anyone. Healthy dose, not over-kill. As Albert Einstein said, "The important thing is not to stop questioning."

Best advice I can think of for anyone is face your fear. If that doesn't help, try to remember fear is an instinctual reaction to the unknown. It comes from millions of millennia of just trying to avoid the next thing that's going to try to kill you. You may have to make a conscious effort to fight off the "flight or fight" response. You can't flee an internal experience.

And also, as an internal experience, you're going to be hard-pressed to hold it as proof to anyone but yourself. I'm not saying don't share it, just don't expect others to be as convinced. Science has already declared Deja vu a synaptic misfiring. Sadly, science is as the church once was and will proclaim things without proof, toss "theory" to the beginning or the end of it, and it's taken as enough. Yet just cause they've made up their minds and closed it off to new ideas, doesn't mean we have to. Who knows may it is a synaptic misfiring, but one that isn't mislabeling short-term memories as long-term but letting people come close to seeing a glimpse of future possibilities. We just don't know right now, yet.

Best of luck to all of you in whatever your endeavor.
xzero121 (guest)
8 years ago (2010-02-20)
i have the same feeling, it isn't constant, I think its called deja vux, but it is so annoying and strange. I wish I knew something about it.
shelbygirl14 (3 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2009-12-22)
heya. I'm psychic and I am starting a site for teens and was wondering if you would like to join. Its free and its a brand new site so it doesn't have a lot of memebers. Hope you will join.
Echo (9 posts)
8 years ago (2009-12-22)
I've 14 years old and I've been having deja vu increasingly as well. At first, a year or two ago, it would happen occasionally, and not any sort a deep feeling, just a 'hasn't something like this happened before?' kind of thing. It suddenly increased a while ago then slipped back, and now I'm having deja vu all the time again, and it's not just a small feeling but very strong, as if I actually have not just a sense of 'this happened before' but of 'this happened before sometime in the past!' I mean, like I can actually feel that some relative sort of time has passed since I might have seen/experienced/whatever the event that gives me deja vu, and it can be anything as vague as a phrase or as specific as, say, my best friend saying something specific in the living room of my house. It can be that specified.

I can't offer any help to you other than just accepting it... My rather scientific mother and step-father has offered an explanation concerning the different parts of memory working at different speeds and whatnot, and while that seemed plausible to me a while ago, now the feelings seem too deep for that, so I'm apt to believe it really is something psychic. So I can't offer anything to help, but I can say I understand completely.
radiwalker (1 posts)
8 years ago (2009-10-27)
Hi I am 15 and for about an year now I'm having the same experience with constant deja vus. Whenever I tell someone about he he/she thinks I'm joking or that I'm being paranoid. During the night I often wake up with a stiff calf. The deja vu is most often a picture, video, movie something with images in it not words or experiences. I haven't had the feeling of seeing something new in so long that I've forgotten what it's like. I will try what j says (the person who posted above me) hope it works:)
lidiored (2 posts)
9 years ago (2009-02-08)
I think j is right, consciousness is a very complicated. Science has not fully explained what it is. It is a higher level brain function, that is not fully understood or explored. One day we may know much more about the other 90 percent of our brain power... However if you have problems with anxiety or sleeping due to this or just your mind period, try taking synthetic melanonin, sold over the counter, you may experience some wierd dreams but it helps keep the deja vu in check during the waking hours.
davie (1 posts)
9 years ago (2008-10-25)
I am 13 and have had these experiences ever since I watched Groundhog Day! I have panic attacks during the night when I look at my alarm clock thinking 'last time I woke up wasn't it 3:45am?' though I don't have as much deja vu during the day though.
I haven't cured my Deja Vu yet and my mum doesn't think much of it either so she's no help. Whenever I have an experience of Deja Vu I try to calm myself down by not looking for what's the same, but what's different in the environment.
You just need to reassure yourself that God loves you, you cannot repeat a certain instance of time and that you are not alone!
mareea (guest)
9 years ago (2008-09-11)
I'm 23 and I've been having constant deja vu (all day, all the time) for over a year now, and I TOTALLY agree with empyran's explanation of our experience. However, something I find terrifying about this experience is the overwhelming feeling of death...I've read your comments and it sounds like some of you have frustration, anxiety, fear, but do any of you identify or associate those feelings or premonitions with death like I do sometimes?
superripper (1 posts)
9 years ago (2008-09-06)
Most of the time, especially when I'm watching a movie or television show, I know that I've seen it before. Even stranger, I can usually recall what is about to happen and these are all new releases. I have even had experiences where I can recall the entire film, scene by scene. Even weirder, the harder I try to recall the upcoming events, suddenly, it all changes. The only way I can describe what occurs is, somehow, I have seemed to forced reality to take a detour and fork into a new path. It's like I wasn't meant to remember these things. It is all very very strange. I pretty sure I've lost my mind, so I must be crazy...Right? Or has all of this happened before and will continue to happen again and again, with a few variations here and there?
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
10 years ago (2008-07-02)
i totally understand you! It is so frustrating, when I want to tell my friends about a party or anything new, I have to like, tripple check that its really happening and that it isn't just one of the de ja vuhs I've been having more than usual lately. It makes me kind of angry.
empyrean (1 posts)
10 years ago (2008-07-02)
its because we are already dead... We have lived and will live again eternal... The same way the same thoughts the same actions the same people the same place the same things... We do not die as we are alive within the whole of creation we are part of it all and can not die or go anywhere else apart from where we came to where we go. We are the lucky eternals that know what is going on, a brotherhood of intelligence and power for we now decide where and what we want to see and do forever. Its our choice its our eternity... Choose well and keep your thinking together and stay connected to the higher power the whole the god and it will protect you and give you everything you wish for... Be careful and stay connected and not to yourself but to the power that is the universal source... Happy lives and happy thinking... We do it all again... Glad to have met you all again... I have been like this for 20 years... Constant deja vu and I never had the internet or people that can understand... If new to this thinking see german philosopher F.Nietzsche
clw1090 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2008-06-27)
I'm 17 and over the last few years I have found myself reliving events, sort of. It's mainly a few seconds at a time. I sort of dismissed it as a problem with my hippocampus or something, but after reading this website it seems to be something else. I find myself exactly recognizing certain things in my life. I think I've dreamt about these few instances in my life. It flares up and then goes away. Today I find myself in my academic advisor's office looking at a book she had on her desk. The book's cover was extremely familiar, kind of gave me the creeps - usually it doesn't. After reading a synopsis of the book I found that the book covered something I was theorizing, effectively the author confirmed my suspicions. So yeah... I'm not sure quite what to believe.
lidiored (2 posts)
10 years ago (2008-06-17)
This happens to me all the time, and has been occuring since I can remeber but has gotten worse as I have aged, I am now 25 and it is usually set off audibly by a sentence not just one word, I begin to have tunnel vision and space seems to compact like a scene out of a movie where a charcter relizes something, I immediately have a wave of anxiety, and imediately recall a dream, or a negative feeling like a premonition of bad things to come and it used to come true but now I think positive thoughts or the opposite of what I see and it works, it puts me back in control, it feels like my life has been planned out and I am simply hitting check points, I want to say I have seen these moments but its more like just a feeling like a promonition it is also coupled with striking memories of a landscape or insignificant places I have seen through out my life but the same locations keep occuring and always complement the deja vu, even know writting this I am experincing deja vu, I have now started to do the opposite of what or try to look or do something I know I would never normally look at to make it stop, it scares me severly hightens my anxiety, however I have learend to control it but it does seem to be getting worse, however I used to have very depresive days and the positive thoughts help with that but do increse the episodes of deja vu, if that's what you want call it, it more like a moment of cognative recognition. Anyone else like this?

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