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Kayla bear,
Your boyfriend is right. I've had similar experiences before. When I was around 13 to 14 I started having visions of my future life and future kids, particularly one, also a girl. Her features are more like her father's side, with red brown hair and blue eyes and the same sort of face shape. Growing up I have felt really close to her and I mentioned her to a few boyfriends that I've had in the past. Each one believed me when I told them she would be my future daughter, but it wasn't until I was got engaged to my husband I am married to now that actually had an experience alone when she came to him. I had told him about her and I left to go back home and he told me he felt her presence really strong once and to the point where tears came to his eyes and he knew she would be his one day. I've known her name since I had that first vision of her. Actually my parents had a similar experience. Before my brother and I were born both of my parents had a vision of us and were told they needed to get married in order for us to come to the world. We were important spirits with an important purpose here. I've also known other family members or friends who have had visions of future children. Evangeline will be my daughter one day, I call her "Evie" for short. I believe she is one of my guardian angels until I bring her into the world. You are not alone. ❀ 😊
Hey AnneV, it's been a while. I've never really liked paranormal investigation teams like this though, most feel like hoaxes. To be fair I've had plenty of times of having spirits just around me and in my room, so seeing a "team" like that go to different places when they could easily just find spirits all over the place just normally feel sketchy. Just my thoughts anyways. In no way am I saying ghosts and spirits don't exist, and I've had my own feelings from spirits and such, I just don't like investigation teams like that.
~ Lyro
First it's been a common saying that the eyes are the doorways to the souls. I've always loved looking into peoples eyes, and they fascinate me. With myself looking into my own eyes I see something specific as well, so I think this is true. It may not be looking into our souls exactly, but I feel like our eyes reflect our soul or how we see ourselves. I think my eyes changed when I got re-awakened into things, so that change in my eyes was a change in my being. You mentioned your cat, animals have always been seen to know when spirits are around, and you can see them react to different energies. A small story; once I was in a state where I was very upset and this caused me to release negative energy. My big dogs outside when I went to take the trash out to the road, they were running away from me barking at me like they had seen a ghost, barking and almost scared. These are dogs that I've grown up with since they were a little pup. So they can for sure tell of changes in energies and spirits. With that negative energy you can also summon bad things to you as well so you must be careful. As far as Guardians, it depends on what exactly you're referring to. There are Angels, which can be seen as guardian angels. There are Guardians, which are different and aren't meant to really protect individual people. There's also Spirit guides which can be seen as guardian spirits that are meant to watch over and advise you. And then there are spirits that come around. Spirits can be drawn to psychics and such due to the energy that you will naturally release around you. Think of it like radiating power from your body. There can be bad spirits and good, but typically if you have good spirits around you, they will use that spare energy and protect you at the same time. I had this happen to me and they liked to hang out as orbs on my curtains. That may be what you feel around your mirror. I have been warned in the past not to stare too long in the black parts of my eyes or else I would in a way lose myself in them, but I haven't really had anything come of that. I'm afraid I don't really know anything about tribal markings or anything though I did in the past have my own spirit orb that I deemed my guardian angel. I didn't know about it at the time, but after waking up to everything I went back and looked at old photos that had me in them and started seeing spirits in them. Even when I was very little I had a spirit that was seen in the photos, just one. So I think that was my Guardian protecting and watching over me, even before I knew anything about any of this.
Hope at least some of that helped a bit, and if you want to talk more, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, I don't come on here very often, just to see what I see and get curious about:)
~ Lyro
First I would slow down. It's not that difficult for someone to tell when someone is pregnant and what they will be born as. It happens quite a lot. As far as what you would be named and such, that can be basically a thought planted into your mother by hearing about it. Don't try and make everything into something different or you'll end up burning yourself out. Now, with that being said, that doesn't mean you're not special or anything. So far you haven't really said much that people can take from it. Try to calm yourself a bit, you seemed a bit frantic. Often times people will show signs when they are younger, then stop showing them until later on when they re-awaken. Without knowing your age, I can't really tell much based on that, but I also know that some people don't fit the norm and develop later, like myself. I re-awakened later than normal, and when I did it was like a beacon going off. Lets start with why you feel you don't fit in around other people. What kind of feelings are you having that makes you think you should be somewhere else or doing something different? I wouldn't mind talking about everything with you if you'd like, I can't promise to answer all your questions, but I'd listen and help with what I could:)
~ Lyro
I swear this is what I felt since the time I know myself, I don't know if I am watching too many movies or reading too many books but I just can't feel like concentrating on "real life", I don't want to study nor have a mundane life like getting a job, getting married, having children etc... I've always been so mature and got bullied many times for that & I feel like I've never been a child, it's like I am in young a body but I am actually old like I lived hundred years ago before now, suddenly woken up on another life and what I was doing before is left incomplete. I want to go out and explore but I hate humans, especially the ones where I live in, I just don't want to communicate with them. I feel like everyone judges me before even knowing me and I swear it's not because of puberty and has nothing to do with being a teenager, it's not simple like that, I just don't belong among them. I always had the feeling that I was like the main girl in a story who knows nothing about her past and what's going to happen in the future yet and someday something or someone is going to come up and tell me what I really am... I've never liked anyone and always been socially awkward, not being petty but I always felt like I was too deep and intelligent for them... I love animals, all of them, even more than humans and if I were to save one of them I would choose animals over them, I always liked wild animals more, like wolves, tigers, snakes etc... My name is Diana and I did a little bit of research over my name; "Diana means divine, she is the goddess of the moon, wild animals and hunting. She swore never to marry and she is the twin sister of Apollo." my name literally describes me and I don't know how the hell my mom decided to name me like that, who knows maybe she hid something about herself. I don't care about humankind and I want them to go extinct, I hate them for many reasons, of course, I have people I love, actually, only two people. I was raised by my grandpa and grandma, I literally know nothing about my mom, she is very sick and has psychological problems and in a hospital right now, but I am not really sure about that since I didn't communicate with her over the years. My dad is just like weird and twisted but at least never been a psycho to do horrible things to me. His past is annoying to listen to, his past actions his behaviour... But at least he is more old and mature now but still not good enough. We live separately cuz he basically has no life. No job, no home, he lives with my kinda-step-mom and the situation is weird but I don't care cuz I hate him, never let him know tho, only because this would hurt my grandparents, cuz no matter what they love their son, which is a little dumb in my own opinion. Little story short I never had a real family bond with my mother nor my dad. I've always been so angry and fierce but I think it's just the genetics because my grandpa has macho character & my dad & aunt. But he loves me endlessly and I think he is the only one who will love me forever, I don't believe in love but I still expect it to happen, weird situation. And I don't think I can be an angel-like thing because I did a lot of evil things and I like doing them, but I am not also truly evil & but I think that's normal because if we were truly good, we would be angels, if we were truly evil we would be demons so being half good/evil that makes us a "human", I don't have a religion and I don't think I need it. I question everything and when I research/do/say/ over something, something related to it shows up later that day, always, like reading a quote related to that thing in a book. I experience deja vu very often, I've also experienced some things with shadow people and I feel like someone is watching me all the time, I feel like they're my guardian angel but there is also an evil entity as well, watching me. I don't know what is going on, maybe I am going crazy because of loneliness but that's the way I chose, I just can't befriend anyone cuz my standards are too high, doesn't have to do anything with beauty or financial status though, only spiritual stuff, I need a bond to communicate with them and they're just so shallow & I am deep about almost every case.

So, I am waiting for someone or something to find me and tell me what the hell is going on with me, I keep reading tarots and see it coming but nothing happened yet. It's good to see people who're experiencing the same things with me.

Excuse my English if I did any mistakes, I am Ukrainian.
yes to Universeteaching. I know she is by a forrest. Or river in that town where the man resides. The last person who gave her a ride. He is 24 she was 15. The smoked a joint. He drove her around. He last person to see alive. I know he is guilty. He is 24.
carriwill in A Soldiers Tale
Your mother came to Joe in his dreams. She was reassuring him. That shows how our souls are connected as a family.
Okay... First... If there is one thing I believe, it is that there is no one truth. So I'm trying to control my rage at the person who ignored the rules and is trying to push his religion on others. Breath.

Moving on.

When I was young I woke up and walked over to the window. Outside was golden sparks/orbs everywhere in a yellow gold mist. They weren't moving, just soaking up the sun.

I thought I should tell my mom but for some reason I turned around, got back to bed, and fell asleep.

As for the auras... During my mental breakdown I could feel auroas around people. I walked into a restaurant and as I was in the doorway the man behind me's aura (which I had felt and was afraid to approach but forced myself to move) touched me... I turned and looked at him and he smiled at me, and inside I was doing everything I could not to scream and run.

Do I see these things now? No.

Do I feel them?

I can't answer that. I'm trying so hard to hold onto this reality. You need to fit in a little, right?

I have no answers.
I don't really know how to explain this feeling. It's very complicated. Its like every other soul is made up of different types of energy, some are rare but but not alone. My soul, it feels, unique, alone,different, old, since the beginning of creation. I don't believe myself to be superior to anybody, just different.
IM NOT ALONE! I see so many of these and had no idea what they were I would wake up in the morning go out and see how many I had around me I get hundreds of the little white specs and then I see clear shaped sperms or atoms as well as some times very dim blackish orbs and clear white trimmed orbs I am so thankful I am not crazy or alone!
The pain part doesn't sound good but being in a very old pub and participating in an event like that does. You're lucky to live in an area of so much history. I love old buildings and enjoyed seeing England a few years back (was awestruck by Stonehenge and thought the Lake District was gorgeous). That's great you are open to these things and volunteered.
Another tips:

- Each morning after you wake up, after doing the morning prayers, visualise a protective field around you and your family members with protective properties; e.g. Not allowing any negative energy getting inside, repel negative energy, letting light in and positive energies in, etc. Visualise light emitted from yourself, and ask for (holy) light from the Heavens to protect you and your family.

-NEVER sleep with your back side up.

-Pray or chant protective prayers or spells of your liking every night before you sleep and advise your family members to do the same, because we're most vulnerable when we sleep.

-Pray for protection before doing anything, in daily activities, not just before sleep.

-Burn incense daily. I advise you to get good quality incense from an Indian, chinese, buddhist or arab store that sells perfumes and incenses. Choose the fragrance that you 'feel' the best. To 'feel' is what most important for dealing with these kinds of things.

I advise you to seek help from a psychic or a medium at your area who's practicing house cleansing, coz it won't hurt to seek help from a pro... But check them first before you choose, feel their energy, since you are able to sense these things from people. (There will always be one or more lightworkers in each area.)

Your family is lucky to have you as (a future) one, but I think you will need a help from someone from your area for the mean time... I'm from another country so I am sorry that I cannot help you personally. I hope my suggestions will be able to help you. I am sending you a lot of light.
Oh, burning aromatherapy incense can also helps. Some evil spirits don't like fragrances, and most of good guardian spirits love fragrances. So fragrances and incenses are a huge help, not just to strengthen our mental abilities, but also to strengthen our guardian spirits. Angels love them too! It's a common spiritual and religion practice at around the world to purify a room or place (even ourselves) by burning fragrant incenses/herbs. You can chant your water and salt while you are burning an incense to make it more powerful.
Listen to this 3-6 times a day, visualise what you want (the dark entity is gone, etc.):

Our mind is a very powerful tool. Combine this with prayers. You can use prayers accordingly with your own belief system/religion. (in my religion, this is an example: and Of course you can use the Bible's verses or any other chants/prayers that suit you.

In my own experience, I use verses from my religious book and practising fasting, aside from listening NLP or subliminal messages and frequencies. I also use water as a medium, by giving it huge energy and prayers (blessings); I chanted my prayers into it and visualising healing energy and the intention to send bad spirits away into it, and then mix the water into my house's water reservoir so it would be mixed, and then we can use it as drinking and bathing water. We also use it to mop the whole house or spritzing it throughout the house. Mop 7 days in a row, minimum. It is best to mop/spritzing the house with the water for at least 41 consecutive days.

If your house doesn't have an autonomous water reservoir, you can put it to a bottle/container and mix it with any other water container that your family use, everytime you want to use it to bathe or drink. If you want to mop the house, just put the water a bit into the water bucket. You can always add the water later. You can also use salt, put the salt to your food and cooking.

My family often experiencing psychic attacks for many years, and it's very often that the attacks are done by using black magic and sending evil/dark entities to us. So your experience is similar to mine.

If you need further help or have questions, feel free to contact me. I will try my best to help you.

I pray that everything will get better for you and your family. ❀
I've had a similar experience. As a divorced mature male living in Wales UK I often attend antique and craft fairs for the interest and company.
On one occasion many years ago I was walking slowly browsing in a fair when I saw this woman walking towards me. I can still tell you exactly what she was wearing and everything about her appearance. When our eyes met we were both transfixed in a stare that went into my soul, I felt naked to it's depth. We continued to walk slowly past each other keeping our stare.
As she passed I had this overwhelming desire to ask her to marry me, I felt I knew her from just those few seconds.
I have never seen her since but will never forget her.
Thank you Anne. Trying to keep the original story short there is more to it.
From the local church to the nearby river is a tunnel that monks used to flee when their lives were threatened. This tunnel runs under the lane where I saw this spirit. I'm convinced it's his territory but don't understand why there were no feet.
I often feel the same way, but not so much like I don't belong in this planet, but more like I am too familiar with it but in another plane of existence type of way, if that makes any sence lol, I feel as if everything I come to learn and aknowledge is intellectual, my way of thinking is a lot different than many people especially the ones I know, and yet to me its logic... And I do feel like I am more than just human, Human is just the armor, what we all are inside in a non religious way mind you, we are all gods, what makes us tick is that energy we manifest from the earth itself, now some are in tone with what surrounds us, and those some are the ones on here posting real life shiat like this!...
Thank you everyone for your advise I really needed this and I hope to be able Better my communication without causing myself trouble.
Hey Angel, your profile says you're a teen author so here is a message from one teen to another! I understand what you mean about not feeling like you can relate to everyone else, I feel the same but it isn't a feeling of superiority or anything- it just feels like I don't have a grasp on what I'm here for and why I'm the way I am. What is it about you that makes you not feel human? We're all put into human bodies so there must be some way we are, but are you saying your soul is from another body or physical form? If so could you perhaps elaborate on what you think it might be?
I feel the same way I've always felt different. Maybe your here for a reason...
caseyhue in Constant Deja Vu
I've been experiencing Deja Vu my whole life off an on. Since 9/12/17 it's been non stop. It's getting to freaky an eerie lately and it's already 11/10/17. When will this stop! I ask myself. Also I dream a lot of future events pertaining to me. I've seen potential future. Trust me your no alone...
If you flirted over the course of two years and didn't take it to the next level, then I don't think this is a true soul mate connection. You can't keep soul mates apart. We can fantasize about the one that got away but you made your choices at the time. More than likely what you're doing now is creating karma that will have to be worked out in another life. And if he does end up being your soul mate then this was intended as a lesson to you to be true to yourself and your mate of choice. You weren't doing you or your boyfriend at the time any service by putting so much energy into another person, for two years no less. As you found out, there are consequences to even small behaviors. The good news is that we learn from this and if you're meant to be together, it will happen, albeit maybe in another life after you two have evolved to a point where there are no more games.
Thanks for sharing,
What an experience! I wonder if this apparition is linked directly to the property. I think it a good thing that you let him know that no ill will was intended. I wouldn't be surprised if you had another visit.
Thanks for sharing,
Hey Bulma09,
I would just be careful, these voices could be coming from anyone even from beings that don't necessarily wish us well. There is so much stuff out there and if you are not careful you can end up in a lot of trouble. If you would like to develop your abilities further then I would start off with meditation and practicing energy work, for protection you can create energy shields, use your energy to clear your body of anything that may be affecting you and create energy orbs. I actually used to have similar experiences to yours, I would wake in the middle of the night to see different beings staring into my eyes and sometimes I would feel like my body was numb and unable to move, prayer helps to.
It looks to me like it could be a shadow being, or even something demonic you mentioned that your boyfriend's family messed with things which they shouldn't have, what would those be? How long ago did these experiences start to happen? There is a few things that you can do to protect yourself from this being when you are awake, but as you are asleep things play out a little different as we are usually not aware and cannot control things as we do when we are awake.

I know it may be hard, but fear will give it an invitation to walk all over you as it pleases. I would just say a prayer before going to sleep and specify what you actually need, during the day you could practice creating a protective shield around your whole body, you can also give it a purpose such as command it to protect you from stuff that tries to connect. If you have more questions feel free to get in touch, my email is in my profile:)
Hi [at] mona57,

Did you got any answer to your visions?

I am expΓ©riencing the same thing than you did.

Thanks for your answer if there is any chance you get this message:)
This is almost exactly like me. I just don't remember exactly how old I was when I started "knowing" my inner voice sounds like my conscience only I usually hear one sort of information on the left and more deep or timely things I hear from the right. I also had an experience similar but not quite as disturbing now as an adult. I kept hearing the word "her" and the words "its her" I didn't understand these words in the middle of the night as I lay in my bed... Then all the sudden my mom starts yelling at my dad "who is she? Tell me! Who is she LEE!?!. I don't know when it stopped occurring but I think it was when I became fearful after dreaming about a mass murder that did happen the morning I was dreaming about it. The theme of the dream was different, but the overall situation, even location and death toll was precise. Then over the last 10 years things would come to me very sporadically. Until February this came back and it was like shutting all the premonitions out for so long built them up. I couldn't even walk down a street without being "prompted" to address complete strangers and ask them certain things... This is how I confirm a read coming on. But my empathic nature was also set free with a type of vengeance. It was so bad that for 2 years I stayed alone in bed... I was EXHAUSTED BY OTHERS. Come to learn that I was feeling everything they felt... Even strangers I passed. I had to build a "veil" some call it. Its not possible to handle all that information... Not mentally. If you don't learn to "filter"
You are not alone. I have always felt like I don't belong in this world and I could never quite put my finger on why I feel that way.

I have come to realize that people with psychic abilities scare most other people. We can't tell others everything we experience or they find us crazy and creepy. This in my case includes my own family.

We understand a lot more than an average person. Our viewpoints are different. We feel more. It is hard to truly connect with others with that being the case.

People are also intimidated by us for a variety of reasons. Because we can sense things and judge things for what they truly are even if someone wants to wear a mask and hide intentions. They don't like any threat to their made up reality and that is what we pose.

I found that being alone makes me happiest. Which is sad since I long to be truly connected to others. I just don't really connect. Help who you can with your skills and avoid negative people.
Funny thing about dreams. Didn't know until recently that my dreams were prophetic, (not all but almost most) just that they are in symbolism... But with my Clair sense, I can automatically almost always read them as soon as I wake. I can also read and interpret others' and with this part of me I have helped people understand things about themselves or others that lie in their subconscious and bring it forward...
First off, thanks for all the quick responses, I really appreciate It!

Now the white being was just a silhouette, but it was as bright as it could be. Beautiful actually.

I was just told the other day that there seems to be something I need to find out, no detail or explanation but I needed to look. Maybe this place I got to is where I need to be looking like you said.

I would absolutly love guidance on all of this, I'm totally lost. But I have always felt a strong connection. So your help would be absolutly amazing! Thank you so much!

Also, I do feel like that knight tarot card does have some significance in this.
ArcanumInvestigator in Freaky Coincidences?
You are very "in tune" indeed. I'd say these coincidences are a calling to control your psychic abilities. Explore Empathic more Clairsentient. These can be polished and refined. Intuition is a good thing. Premonitions & Precog sounds like you are already a natural.

Meditation and maybe online quizzes or tests to help iPhone has some apps.
ArcanumInvestigator in Dreams In Meditation?
You and me both, still figuring out my guides & meditation. I know my grandma is one maybe a friend.
Had a dream after my grandma died we stood outside the gates of heaven; she hugged me and told me everything will be ok or alright.
Stay with it, seems you're on the right path. You made a good connection, ask questions and listen to your intuition.

Also look into the Knight Tarot Card.
Winter_Solace in Dreams In Meditation?
You couldn't see any facial/body details on this being? Or was it just completely a white silhouette? That name seems to hold some importance to it. I suggest you try and connect more with this being.

Guides are important. SOme are even actually a part of your soul and your conscience, and you're meant to bond with them. For example, like a Light Side of you, or light/Heavenly version of you in other words. They are there to improve you in all aspects. They're key to your development. Then there are guardian angels. They protect you from evil spirits and can also guide you. Of course, I should note that those aren't part of your soul. There's a whole world (s) out there and within to explore and learn about. Many types of beings that exist in these worlds. These may not just be visions, but you could also be connecting to a place that holds answers for you. If you can learn to control yourself during this state of mind, there is a lot you can accomplish. To your heart's content... Or should I say to your soul's content. What about your actual dreams? What are they like?

How would you feel if you were given guidance on all this? When I accepted guidance years ago, it really helped. Because before then, I was new to all this like you are now. And I was extremely lost. I did research day and night, literally, trying to find answers that rang true with my soul. Articles, books, experiences of other people. I did what I could but nothing seemed to really work for me. Something was hugely missing from the equation of new age spirituality and generic stuff you can read online, that I looked into so much, but I couldn't figure out what. It just wasn't enough. My mentor who guided me gave me a much better understanding by explaining the dynamics and the in-betweens of everything I had looked into before. Made a lot more sense, as I actually had a core belief in the center of it all, which all rotated around it like a solar system and positioned everything perfectly.

Now, I'm on here for that same reason: to help others develop a better understanding of such matters. If you would like, I can give you some tips as well. Just shoot me an email. I'd be happy to share some understanding:)
ArcanumInvestigator in Demonic Dream
How is your & your boyfriends stress level? Might be stress or something finding it's way to try and separate you two. Mostly take a solid loving stand next time and any occurrence happens you feel something present. Your dreams will tell you more. In real life and dreams you can ward it off. It's not welcomed and be banished.
Strengthen yours & each other's faith & love.
I don't know how best to advise you on this, but you could ask Archangel Michael to protect you. Also try carrying obsidian with you and cleansing it regularly, it is meant to be a protection crysral x
Her name is betty, Evelyn came to mi d when the white being appeared. Thinking maybe this was one of my spirit guides giving me her name? I've never met a spirit guide or had any spiritual expieriences like this before. I have always believed though. I have always had your typical feeling when spirit may be around and what not but never any visual or anything like what happened. I actually just started meditating and cleaning my aura. So this is all new to me. My cousin is thinking it may be the beginning of my awakening? She speaks with her spirit guides all the time and seems to think my true purpose is beginning to come through. I'm lost on all of this.
Thank you so much, I was honestly going to start therapy because everyone thought I was insane, hopefully if I do as you said I can strengthen my abilities and communicate. I really needed this.
Winter_Solace in Dreams In Meditation?
I have had "dreams" while meditating. I refer to them more as visions. Interesting experience you had. Must have been so nice to have spent time with your grandmother. You may be able to call on her during these times you go into this state of mind and gain more insight from her. Is Evelyn her name? Or were you referring to the white being? How often do you see this white being, btw?
You are not alone. I've struggled the same, I have to Un-suppress my dreams now to work through them and understand. Something that helped me was ask what your purpose is before sleep and focus. Then forget about it, it'll come then may take some time. Look up being an Empath and Precognition. The night terrors will pass. Meditation I use a simple iPhone app or clearing your head good music.

Insomnia is a hard one to carry, I fully feel the pain in that.

Strengthen your intuition, ask the voices what they want but understand you can push away anything bad. Yes you are awake.

As for communication, look at the words you use and the context some people might not understand you have to translate for them in a way they would understand or relate. Yes even looking at a dictionary.
I forgot to mention she saw a "witch" in her closet that told her to be queit and come with her. She saw a nother spirt at a relatives house
I'm so sorry your daughter is experiencing this. I understand your concerns because my daughter has being seeing spirits too. I would've love for us to keep in contact to support each other. My email Nikki39101 [at] Heres my story. My daughter is 9 and last year she kept telling me she saw a man in her doorway with black and white strips on. Initally I just thought it was her imagination. But then she started seeing a boy name Ralph, she told me Ralph died in a car accident. A lady started coming along with Ralph. The Lady's name is Fantasia, who husband used to beet her. Fantasia tells Ralph to leave my daughter alone She then saw a man, who she claimed looked like Abe Lincoln. My daughter told me a young boy used to be in her head. The young boy used to be in anothers child head, but left due to the child not following the voices commands. The voice the came into my daughters head. The voice left my daughterrs head, then Kayla came into my daughters head. My daughter told me Kayla is from Crispedo? Island (She pronounces things wrong all the time). She hears my grandmother and stepdads voices when she is in school and that the people in the sky told her she would die at age 21
Winter_Solace: thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. To discuss this matter in more detail, I'll respond to your e-mail.

Kind regards
[at] LadyBelle

You know what's strange...? I'm going to be honest, your energy feels rather familiar to me. I feel like I know you somehow. It is as though your username and everything you have said resonates with me. Does the name "Evan" sound familiar in any way to you?

You speak in this post as though you yourself are not human. Yet you have a deep compassion for humans/people of this world. I think I know what you are. I'd rather not get too much into the details in public... To be honest, I don't think your soul is fully human.

I do know a way to help this world globally. It is what I am training for right now. I met my teacher on this same site years ago. Ever since then, so much has happened. A lot has been learned. It has been such a blessing to be a part of something bigger, to work towards the bigger picture of everything. To bring true happiness, healing to a dying world steeped in darkness. The people of this world are suffering. And I want to help end that suffering once and for all. To give hope where hope has long died out. It breaks my heart what has been happening here on Earth. I am sure most if not everyone here feels the same way to some degree. Oddly, I can sense your feelings on this, even now.

I don't get on here much like I used to. And I don't think it's a coincidence that you're posting on this site during these times. I would really like to know how I know you, because the feeling I'm getting is quite certain. There's a lot I want to ask you. Please, send me an email: jacksonk3llyrocker [at]

Ttys and God bless
ArcanumInvestigator in A Soldiers Tale
You are not alone. I'm the first male in my family and most females have had service experience. I thank you for others filled the boots when I couldn't, life had a different warrior path for me.
My grandmother told me when my buddy Travis died (he served in Iraq survived 3 IEDs only to come years later to have a fluke heart attack.) my grandmother who was dead in a dream told me. I have something to tell you but I don't know how to tell you. Days later my mom called, I have something to tell you but I don't known how to tell you. I said just say it. Travis died.

I also say my grandma in a dream outside the gates of heaven. Unfortunately my father died in may and haven't had much contact from him. Maybe cause I'm scared or it's not time. But I've heard from him in other lil ways.

Your grandma knew she was going and sent the message. I say 5 ft away when my grandma died. Wiping the drool from her mouth as her head turned and she left. From 9am-6pm.

When Travis was deployed he sent some gear back from AIT I wore his desert boots for about 2 years then I needed bigger boots.
God bless hang in there.
Tatteredsoul 1: what comes to my mind is you are seeing yourself in different parallel realities.
Jubeele: thank you. I'm glad I could share this with you and everyone here. It meant a lot to me and it maybe helps others in any way possible.
kimbodanno: Even though you know happiness comes from within, you still can't help it feeling lonely sometimes, yes. It helps having someone to share your thoughts and experiences with, connecting with people. So, I'm glad you left your comment and to getting to know you:-) Since I know exactly how you feel I'll just tell you this: be proud of yourself (no matter hard times), you are here to do good!
JadeIvory33137811 in An Unwanted Seal And Spirit
I too share these same issues that I am currently am dealing with I posted my current situation in my about me section at the very bottom of the page, if anyone can help me with this most dire situation I would greatly appreciate it.
Angel, I feel the exact same emotions/ feelings that you do, a lot of times I can just feel it around me in the atmosphere, that I don't belong here on earth but on a different planet, but also that I was sent here for very specific reasons, I also feel that as though I am an outcast because no one else can relate to me except for my husband, it's ironic because one day recently we were driving around and we were having a conversation about the universe and how there are multiple universes and how I felt like I wasn't from earth, how it in the most extreme ways feels like I don't belong here, we said the exact sentence at the same time without even looking at each other! Which majority of the time isn't a coincidence, because I finish most of his thoughts spoken and unspoken. So I can definitely relate to how you feel. As "AutismRobotrix" stated, saying that we are aliens in a sense of speaking I really believe that to be true.
ArcanumInvestigator in Creatine Enhancing Psychic Stamina
Very interesting & I use cannabis. Learning to micro dose, I've found that it helps the pressure build up & headaches. And some stamina. I do get carried away cause of other altered states I try to induce I'm meditating now in little ways. I'm trying to balance PK & ESP. But a few times a week is possibly. Try the Am I Psychic app iTunes. Many new apps. Also timer function 1 minute 3 minute.
Breaks are necessary but also I've found it takes a few rounds to get the juices going. Also relaxing is the best for results I know harder said than done but it'll become a natural. πŸ™ keep up the good work.
ArcanumInvestigator in 13 Year Old Child Medium
I have been thinking more about your situation and the boy. There is a remote chance that the boy is a projection from someone living. Maybe you or your daughter simply to relate to her level. Or a biproduct.
[at] jasmine_glaze

This does sound very convincing, since I'm not doing very well lately it's easier for, presumably evil spirits, to attack me. Also, ever since I've met a guy I fell in love with I've been told by the Angels that I'm now on the right path and my hard work has pulled me closer towards them. They communicate using synchronized numbers (mostly on a digital clock). Recently I've been working on staying positive and achieving my goals. Thank you for your answer!
Thetruthisoutthere in Can A Negative Energy Follow You?
Return the rocks and get some Palo Santo Wood to burn. You can get Palo Santo in spray form too.
What makes you think there's more than one universe?

I, too, feel the same way. I believe we all have gifts that can help humanity out. And not just humanity, but all creations. There are a lot of humans who are not listening to Our Creator. We can lead them to Him and true happiness using our powers. Of course we are human too, but your souls may not be fully human originally. If you can realize this, then you should be able to feel the evil spiritual forces at work with their plans to enslave us even more. I believe the time is coming fast that we all must come together under God to put a stop to their plans. Not all of us are fully human, spiritually. We should embrace what we originally were.

There is a lot I know and am willing to share, depending. If you feel the calling of your soul to find more answers, send me and email: jacksonk3llyrocker [at] gmail. Com
Angelus, you say "I like the humans" Remember this... You both are spirtual beings with an human body. All living things on this planet are spiritual beings. Some have more "abilities" and access to information from the place we come from. This is something that everyone can learn to tap into if they truly believe and open up for it. Do not look down on anyone, do not think you are brighter than anyone, we are all here to learn and grow, in our own way.
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Jubeele in Faces And Lions
Your experience may be a message to your inner self that you are on the path to self-awareness. The lioness speaks to me of the power of maternal love and protection. It is a strong animal totem. I found this link with some interesting insights on the lioness symbolism:
Partridge Island was once a quarantine station and many people tragically perished during the cholera outbreak in the 1800s. It is possible that a negative entity or energy may have latched onto you and followed you home. Some cultures believe that washing your feet with running water after visiting such places is one way to wipe your trail.

You can burn sandalwood incense after burning sage to strengthen the effect. If the negativity has built up over the past few years, you may wish to repeat this as often as you feel the need and then taper off when you feel the air has lightened. Also, if it isn't practical or possible for you to return the rocks, it might be advisable to cleanse them too. You can run them through the smoke when you're burning the cleansing sage or other incense. Or hold them under running water or soak in salt water. These are but a few options. It works best if you accompany them with resolve and with prayer. Pray for all negative energies to dissolve and be replaced with peace, joy, love and positive energies from above. Remember, there is power in belief.

Do any of your friends from that day suffer any ill effects? If so, they might also benefit from a cleansing ritual too.

I hope this helps. Take care and be at peace.
Something may have followed you but it also might be the thoughts you're pushing into your subconscious, which keeps the idea that the island has dark energy consistent in your mind. My advice would be to try and ignore it completely, all the history it has and remember that day as a fun day with friends. Perhaps it may help you to forget any evil vibe you feel.
You need to return what you took from the island. It was not yours. There wasn't any negative energy on the island so obviously you have made someone angry
Martin in Faces And Lions
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Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Wow, I never heard of your abilities before. Very interesting!

If you feel uncomfortable of using your abilities at your friends requests, then tell your friend how you truly feel and tell your friend that you're not ready yet... It's best to be truthful about something than to hurt yourself holding it back.

I understand that your friend feels eager to learn more about themselves but they should understand your feelings about it as well.

I hope I helped.
Sorry to hear about the negative experience after you were trying to gain a positive one...

To answer your question, yes. Unfortunately, bad energies, spirits etc can follow you and it can have disrupt your life.

And unfortunately...I'm not very experienced on how to get rid of bad energies.
Hello Angel,

As psychicgirl said, there are many people who feel the same way you do. I have even felt the same way you have for a long time. I never felt like I belonged, even growing older, I grew more apart from humans. But I was able to find myself eventually.

There is a website I go to, it's where other people who feel like you talk about their experiences. It may help you if you decide to join-


I hope this helps...
Hello, I know exactly what you are experiencing because I experience it regularly. I have several abilities this one being one of them. From what you are describing it sounds like you have claircognizant which means clear knowing. If you wish to discuss this further feel free to contact me its on my profile.
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Hi Angel,
I have a simliar story to your own and I know what your feeling. Have you ever looked into the idea that you may be a starseed? If you have heard of us. Just know that you are not alone and more people like us are here than you think. Hope this helps.
ArcanumInvestigator in The Terrible Past
It seems that granting your friend the request might put you both to healing & rest. Also if there are any doubts she could have another verify your input. Understandable nobody wants to feel pain or anyone else but it might be there to help her grow and change her future outcome.
Again you are free not to do it. But which carries a better weight and outcome? Let her know you care either way.

I'm constantly bombarded with a truth I don't want to hear everyday, but as much is it upsets me I'm using it as fuel to not let it beat me and overcome.
I like the humans, I find a lot of them fascinating in a manner of speaking. Sure, there are some that are not very bright and see everything in black and white (by that I mean they're too simple-minded) but what fascinates me is that they are able to learn from mistakes, depending on if they want to or not. Personally I feel like protecting all life including humans. I am not capable of hate because let's face it, it leads nowhere. Creation is my home, my neighborhood, I just want to get to know the neighbors and explore the rest of my home, if you know what I mean. I hope this answers your question.
Angel, I think that you are like me. I have the same problem. Between the two of us, I think that we are aliens. But that is not a bad thing, necessarily... My questions for you are: Do you like the humans? Do you feel like you have to protect them? Or do you hate them and want to go "home"?
ArcanumInvestigator in 13 Year Old Child Medium
Hello, terribly sorry and I feel for you and your daughter. It seems she must learn from other mediums in the field. Chip Coffey is one in particular that works with young mediums. Alison Duboisis another. Unfortunately it's something the family will have to earn to live with. She can ask or tell the spirits for some time or space boundaries. This boy though is a concern. I'm not sure if he is a spirit guide or something negative. Amy Allan is another good medium on this level. Keep your love and faith strong.
She should not be so hard on herself, these are very difficult things to deal with. God bless
AutismRobotrix in I Belong To The Night
Jasmine 94, I also think perhaps this blonde girl was your daughter and that was another life. She was probably desperate to save you. Or maybe vice versa: You're the blonde girl who was desperate to save someone. And as for the armored dude, maybe that was her or your husband. Would you like me to explain reincarnation?
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
My question is what triggered the intense energy field. Did an event happen physical or spiritual that caused it to become intense. Or have you had it from birth and only in the past years the energy increased to the point others are saying your energy bugging them, and bringing it to your attention.

My aura energy had it challenges. Mine has a mind of its own to an extent, and can rapidly change vibration based on several variables. Combination of self awareness, meditation, and modifying my aura as needed through what others sense, I manage. I learn to manage my emotion, but from your description I am guessing you have to learn to tune down your energy. Or at least make your energy bearable to others.

I don't mind sharing my experience or offering suggestions. Your not only one who has issues with their energy, and how others feel about your energy.

Hope to hear a reply.
This sounds like astral travelling. You guys have a strong spiritual/psychic connection, a very strong bond. Also, a psychic cord attachment could be there. You need time to process everything. You obviously are still deeply in love.
Hi I'm new to sharing but all the above happens to me and I don't know if this is normal but I can influence the weather πŸ˜•
I too have very similar experiences as all of you. Oh recent told my spouse because I feel like I need somone to get it that it's real and actually a thing that happends. Anyways so we went on vacation to lake Tahoe and I had never been in my life nor seen photos of this place. Second day we were there we walk into this store. I put my hand out and stopped my wife at the door and was like... I had a dream about this place. So I told her go to the back of the store turn left look down and see if you see a glass case and told her what would be in it... Sure enough it was like I had said and finally she believed me... Point to me telling this is I just wish I knew more about it or what it is or why it happened anyone had information please comment back anything you found out.
Hi Muaaz, I can say that I do see energy sphere's as well as orbs, energy is around me all the time, I cannot even begin to tell you how much,
I cannot roll up energy as you can but were not all gifted in the same ways, I find that so fascinating.
I too have emotions in things I touch. I sometimes like to do this and other times I no well enough to say away from it because I don't want to have the feeling of the story or pain behind it.
Always keep it to the good side as I'm sure you will. As I know if you stay to the good than the good will always be there to help you (in the spiritual realm) You sound like a really good person. I too am a old sole, and is a great feeling. I have had many people just look into my eyes and tell me this.

Deja Vu's, Well... I don't think that there is anyone who hasn't had one, but I cannot tell you that for sure. I used to have them more often when I was younger but not so much anymore. My theory on that is, they are different dimensions and time lines, and when something get's changed in one of the dimensions it causes ripples in time and it is something you just did in your other dimension. You crossed your own path, kind of like walking past yourself. This is just my opinion, I don't think anyone really knows for sure. Good Luck, don't be afraid of your gifts.
LadyBelle, You left my mouth hanging wide open. Lol Everything you had to say sounded like it came right out of my own mouth. You are in every-way identical to me, this is exactly how I am always feeling. I am always trying to help people, I cry on TV commercials if there about people helping people (because it makes me happy) or sad ones when animals are hurt... Which is the absolute worst thing ever. I play it in my head over and over wondering how anyone could be so cruel to any animal. I make myself sick thinking of the animals that are trapped in the wildfires. I have 5 dogs I love on everyday, there my best friends. I to am an Empath. An as Anne V. Said an Empath is very lonely. I wish for this world to be a better place everyday. Someday maybe.
ArcanumInvestigator in Body Pain
Also your dreams will tell you what is going on. If possible remember them and work through them.
ArcanumInvestigator in Body Pain
Sounds like your grandmother is watching over you and helping you. She may be protecting you and giving you the tools to help you. Meditate and polish your intuition. See a dr. If anything also ask for healing it sounds like that may be something, maybe reincarnation?
Mos def clear the energies with Sage.

I'm experiencing similar things.
Thank you AnneV, Xarath, DawnT, jasmine_glaze and psychickarma for your comments 😊

This is what I can add to our experience:

1. The figure was purple but like glittering/ sparkly... It emitted this sparkly light.

2. I totally believe my wife saw it too, she is very honest.

3. Many people has experienced a strange things here. They heard steps, doors closed by itself example (not me or my wife)

4. When my wife is away for the night I have to sleep with light on because I feel that someone is watching me... It's a little scary feeling.

5. Our cat sometimes stares at the end of the dark hallway like there is something but when I put the lights on there is nothing.

We felt that this house is a safe place to live and nothing bad has never happened this time what we have lived here.
Should we call my wifes brothers name and encourage him to go to the light? (or is that Hollywood).
I wonder is the spirit strong enough to paralyse a human cause I felt that way when I was watching it?
barkingmad in Hearing Thoughts
I hear thoughts too. It needs to be significant though. Awkward moment when I happens.
Jubeele in My Savior
Hi kimbodanno, thank you for sharing your photos of the orbs. They're fascinating. That is the largest orb I've ever seen. There certainly is a lot of activity around your place.

I think that all the negative energy around you at the time attracted that black entity to your house. I wonder if your ex also had any unwanted visitors at his place. He seems to be the most likely source for the negativity in the first place.

Thank God for your resident house spirits that you were protected. I believe that some of us are blessed with guardian angels or spirit helpers who provide assistance in times of need. I'll be interested in hearing more about the spirit of that old man and his little dog, should you wish to share it sometime. It's good that they are taking care of you.
LadyBelle, what a beautiful experience. You've been so blessed. It is so good you're received such an affirmation that you're on the right path.

Ok I am going to jump in hear quick and give my 2 cents worth. I want to clear something up about Demons and other malevolent entities. There are no good Demons. There are good Angels and bad Demons and no mix between. The only so called good Demon is one that is trying to deceive you. They will even try to pretend to be a helpful spirit or resemble an Angel. They only do this to gain your trust. I have dealt with many in the past. Do not trust them. Luckily I have the ability to see right through their deception or disguise.

Now as for the 9 foot tall trench coat shadow person. I have dealt with him before and he or it does exist. He is a coward in my book. He likes to pick on little children and adolescents. He loves to instill fear and attack people in their dreams. He will show himself in our realm at night to people and sometimes act very helpful. Do not be fooled and do not believe anything he tells you. He will also try to get you to contact him through a Ouija board. Don't do it.

Cleanse your home and especially your room. Take control of your space and work on protecting yourself. Use meditation to help quiet your spirit and improve balance.

Another thing, this tall entity can and will come in different forms and is in control of a few minions or helpers that will come in the form of spirit guides. Don't let them deceive you either. Ask them questions constantly to double check their answers. Ask them about Jesus and see if they get agitated or aggressive. Even in your dreams if possible. Don't worry you can't hurt their feelings. πŸ˜‰
Just thought I would offer up a little info.
Jubeele in Body Pain
If you're experiencing body pain, you may wish to begin by getting a checkup from your doctor. This is just in case there may be a physical condition weakening your natural defenses. Afterwards, you may wish to seek out a religious priest or wiseman or natural healer, and speak to them for more advice.

Having dreams where you can't move may be a form of sleep paralysis. When I was going though a difficult relationship, all the negative energy at home affected me and I was getting waking dreams where someone/something was pressing down on my chest. I freed myself from the unhappy situation, saw a doctor and took up meditation/yoga and I've not had an episode for years. You can get help for this ailment.

I've never really tried crystals but there's plenty of information online to find out more about them. You may also benefit from some kind of cleansing/shielding at home to protect your home environment. There are many methods - choose one that suits you. One way is burning sage, followed by sandalwood incense; yang must be balanced by the yin element to keep the energies in harmony.

Is your grandmother or another relative still around to ask for information on your family history? My paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and myself all saw spirits or have experienced strange phenomena at some point in time. If you have inherited powers and abilities from your grandmother, you must not fear or give in to fear. You may feel uncertain because it is still new and unknown. But it doesn't have to be "bad". What matters is what you choose to do with it. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Baby steps first!
I have been trying to connect with the spirit world and I only sense a strong energy around me. I don't have a feeling of bad or fear. It's just a content feeling.

The only thing I invisioned lately is a blue eye with a yellow ring.

And the last time I meditated I felt like I was spinning inside and I got nervous and woke out of it. But not like a nervous scared more like naughtious if that makes any sense at all.

And one morning I woke up with the feeling of warm hug around my upper body but my feet were cold. I woke up with a this is a good day feeling. The blanket I had was wrapped around my body from my neck covering all down to my toes. It was a okay day, it was frustrating at first working on the house and the pets in the way but it was just a normal feeling after. Nothing to be sad about or extra happy over. No good or bad news of lately around me.

I haven't met a doppleganger. And maybe so your right because "I or she" had two tattoo sleeves and I have no tattoos on my arms or desire to do so because of the job field I am in. Referring to my last vision. The other two visions were identical to me.

But this event in the last vision I/she was at seemed to be for a new interest I have been taken a interest in lately that I'm working on. So who knows if it is of the future. Either way I am going to persue my new hobby whether it is a success or not. It's my creative scapegoat.

I only was able to astral project once but I was alone running the roof tops and skies. Or maybe it was just a really cool dream. Or maybe I was just unaware to enter the realms and stayed below. I guess if I have that experience again I'll figure it out.
ArcanumInvestigator in December 10th, 2015
Sounds like a premonition. All are welcomed, I'm sure you said goodbye.
ArcanumInvestigator in Visions Of Myself While Awake
You're having Out Of Body Experiences of sorts. Like* (Bi Location) Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming; also if the events come true you see its precognition. You're doing goodπŸ‘πŸ’―
First, I want to apologize for not responding all these months. I thought I had my email notifications turned ON if anyone commented on my post! So thank you for responding.

My synchronocities didn't start this year but in 2014 when I started seeing angel numbers (1:11, 2:22 etc). Front and center was the date of Aug 22. I started seeing it everywhere as Aug 22 or 8:22. I was doing research of a historic home that belonged to a late prominent writer's family. I discovered that on Aug 22 his cousin "Abel" died in the 1800s. Not a month later I also discovered it was the date that a fallen British king died (same name). This is the kicker-- I started to have dreams of an actor who was born on Aug 22 with the same name as the other two "Abels". I have no idea why. This year I've been having very strong dreams about this actor. That we were in past life together. Then just dreams of us talking about work & home. I've never met him in person. Three "Abels" that either died or were on Aug 22 but different years. Soooo...I'm still trying to figure out what the heck is happening! Any idea?! Thank you
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Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Martin in My Savior
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