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Do not have any fear this is demon are something you don't want in your life. Demons spirits ghost can read your mind and soul and can play you like a games it plays on the part of you having someone dead that your loved in your life. Its to suck you in now the experincing lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and out of body experience that the spirt pulling more into the other world. Ignore protect you self and move on the witch here. Listen to the Witch
It is not loved think of some you can not kill that with you 24/7 days a week when you sitting on the toilet it will be there after a while it will not leave you alone. This type of spirt is manipulating you it can read your soul and mind unlike a human woman. Go find your self a girlfriend. Leave it be. By the way the more it like you the harder it will be to get rid of it. Witch here I deal with this stuff all the time.
Jubeele in Dream Walker
MrRiggs, thank you for inviting me to read about your other experience. I've gained new knowledge from your what you've shared. I wonder how much more enhanced the sensations would have been if your partner was as gifted or as emphatically in tune.

It is intriguing that AnneV also spoke to you about remote viewing as I did. If that fits your ability, then it is indeed a rare and precious gift. I think one of the reasons why you're able to access your abilities only through the dream state is the desire to be always in control. It is a logical and natural wish to be the master and architect of your pathway. But perhaps your remarkable gift requires a certain degree of acceptance that the flow of life is in constant motion and not always subject to control. Sometimes, faith is all we need to continue on.

I have faith that your heart will lead you along the right path, and your head will keep you from the pitfalls. If you have need of a friendly ear, my offer still stands.
Hi Wallyr1985, I feel that your headache is tied to the gift which you've been denying. Meditation may help with easing your headache and clearing your mind. You gift is a part of you waiting to be acknowledged and accepted. Have you felt restless, as if you're searching for something, but not sure what it is?

I'm not sure what the medium meant, but my impression is that the Dragon with the red eyes is a warning to take care. The song "Don't Mess with the Dragon" by Ozomaltli kept playing in my mind when I read this. I've attached the link to it. Perhaps the music or the song might have some resonance for you.

Are you aware of any negative energies around you? Constant fights, stress, general unhappiness? Negative energies may attract certain entities seeking to manifest and cause mischief. The black shadows may be spirit entities of some sort.

If you wish, you may try a general cleansing, followed by a blessing of some sort, depending on your beliefs. There are different methods of cleansing. Baptism is cleansing by holy water, with prayer, followed by blessings for protection. How you wish to proceed is up to you.

I hope this helps. Be Well and Peace to you.
ITS a demon called a Succubus listen to the witch. She is not a spirit guardian would angel have sex with you. Let me think you had sex dreams right?
Its very weird I always see myself shadows move around now and again but not a specific shape. My daughter says she sees shadow people in her room and she talks about shadow of the town. Any suggestions
Lolia you are definitely an empath by the sounds of it. Please consider the fact if you are an empath and are projecting that much energy you are likely absorbing other energy as well. This can feel very exhausting and sometimes your emotions feel so intense. I am guessing emotional things affect you more so than other people because of this.
This is also the core of 'gut feelings'. You have gut feelings because you are picking up on energy in your environment, negative or positive.
Some people give off more energy than others and I think you are one of them. This is something that can be controlled but it would take time and a bunch of reading to understand why and how an empath manipulates energy. You have found a great site for learning. Not one person necessarily experiences it the same either.
MrRiggs in Dream Walker
Jubeele, I do not recall being able to do remote viewing while conscious. In the sleep, or dream state, yes, definetly.

While asleep in Virginia in 1983/84, I saw my brother being attacked and apparently murdered in Hawaii. I awoke soaked and dripping with perspiration. I felt as though I had witnessed a killing.

I arranged a business trip to Hawaii and met with the police detectives who handled the case. They were polite and professional. Everything I saw had actually happened, with a single exception. My brother had been attacked but survived.

The sleep state for me can bring prophetic dreams of events or warnings. Dreams brought me into contact with my deceased mother, who provided a death warning. That death took place within 48-72 hours. I have had what I believe was out of body travel that began in the sleep/dream state.

While in a relaxed state, possibly asleep, I left my body to enter that of another person. You can find that story published in the astral projections section of YGS. I believe I posted anonymously as a guest.

I do not recall being able to do these things while conscious. Asleep it seems many things are possible. The only time I ever intentionally performed by dream or out of body travel was as a child.

I was born very prematurely, had a low birth weight, and was ill as a child. I believe I am an empath, which posed problems as it could be acute. It took a lot of earnest prayer to get that load reduced. I also have pre-birth memories that confirm your observation about my being a handful. I was a little too persistent for my own good.
Heyy [at] dianadobreva: i'd love to talk to you. Pls email me at AresWulf911 [at] I'd really like to talk to you. 😊 so happy thay I'm finding people like you ❀
hey thank you so much that really helped:) I think lol

I googled EMPATHIC and I found out that the thing I seem to do is called REVERSE EMPATH?

It says reverse empaths are able to project how they are feeling onto other people to make them feel it too. That's what people seem to say I do to them.

I've always been able to tell how other people are feeling or if they are a good or bad person... But I didn't realise that had a name I just thought it was normal.

But I never understood what the thing is where I seem to project how i'm feeling onto other people so they know i'm feeling it. And I do it to a LOT of people without meaning to or realising i'm doing it.

I had no idea that it was actually a thing:)

I feel kind of better about it now lol

It really bothered me because it didn't make any sense and sometimes it's quite a big thing like... I self-harmed one time, quite badly, and my ex-boyfriend who I had recently broken up with and hadn't seen or spoken to for a few months suddenly rang me that same day and asked if I was okay because he said he felt like I was in trouble... He was one of the men who would sometimes tell me he could feel what I was feeling even if I didn't say anything or show it.

So basically I had cut myslef quite badly and he apparently felt that there was something wrong with me... Even though I hadn't seen him or spken to him for a few months.

So that was really wierd and maybe that has something to do with the reverse emapthy thing?

I will read more about it now that I know what it is thanks! I thought maybe I was imnagining it or that it meant nothing but it's happened so many times so i'm relieved to know that it's an actualy thing hahaha

Thank you! X Lolia x
I am 56 years old and to this very day I can remember the years of constant, vivid dreams of a dark shadowing figure looming in my bedroom doorway as I am sleeping It's a dark far away time and place. I also can move what I call light energy. When I move it upwards in my bed I can leave my body and see myself from above. I did this a lot in my early 20's. I haven't been able to in many years now. But I do see static. Little bouncy dots that are everything. When I am completely relaxing in bed I can see images of a young red headed boy about 6 years old. His face fills my vision and he is smiling. No idea who, why, or... At night I see a bazillion short white dots high as clouds. They move fast and in perfect time sometimes they swirl like the wind is shaping them. All these things I'm reading about are things that I never connected to anything and just lived with me. I would love an opinion. πŸ˜‰
Jubeele in Astral Spider
Loulou66, negative people can sometimes be "psivamps" and often they're not aware of what they're doing. If you find that prolonged contact with these people leave you feeling drained and tired, they could be leeching off your energy.

I've been working on personal shielding using white light visualisation. It has helped me filter out negative energy. You can look out various ways for psychic shielding. I've attached a link to an article about it:

Control will come to you from prayer, meditation and practice. Be Well.
Jubeele in Dream Walker
Hi MrRiggs,
I wonder if you have a form of remote viewing ability with some degree of precognition (from your other story).

I had a chuckle at your youthful confidence and resourcefulness. You sounded like a real handful as a boy! Have you been able to tap into this ability when fully conscious?
Hey Ladygirl, you may want to check into past lives. I've done some reading on it and it's possible you may have a connection to this person from another life. Sometimes if you leave bad feelings in a past life and meet them in your current life, you may have difficulties with them. Many say they feel drawn to this person. If the bad feelings between you are reconciled, you may feel a weight lifted. Might be worth a look.
I might not have a completely solid answer for you, just know this. I'm incredibly new to my experiences (about 2 weeks), and they've been overwhelming. If you'd like to read the bio, you'll probably be able to tell that I understand.
You worried that you quite possibly could be crazy is probably a good sign you're not. As I've been wondering the same things. But I have the assurance, from somewhere beyond me, that I'm not. So I'm pretty comfortable giving you the same.
Email me anytime. At least somebody to talk to who understands will be nice for the both of us.
This also goes out to anyone else. As long as you're a verified user, you'll be able to see my email address. Anyone with any wisdom, on both our cases, would be nice. My first post and request is still being approved. Bless.
I cannot believe I am about to revive an 8 year old thread.

I recently realized that I am an empath (clairvoyant and claircognizant, the latter more dominant) - I am very very conservative in nature and extremely rational from which to judge.

I recently met a man 8 years my senior on Tinder while going through a challenging divorce (another story of its own.) My intentions were never to get into a relationship but to have sex. We are both single.

In retrospect, I had seen 11:11 everywhere, disregarded the sign. I truly wasn't aware of soulmates let alone twinflames (learned of it this past week, not even searching.)

When I heard his voice for the first time, I felt the immediate gravitation toward him. He experienced the same. There have been more signs (or coincidents) such as: my house number is his birthdate (which had him think a lot) and my new work place building bears his name (he does not know). All is very strange, I am still freaked out. When I met him for the first time, I felt like coming home, not just familiar. I cannot describe it in words. It's this sensation in my abs/ tummy, not just butterflies, but a strong gravitational pull. As soon as I sat down at the table during the first date, he immediately reached for my hands and we held hands all day that day. I felt a strong flow of energy exchange through our hands.

However, our dynamic for the first three months has always been hot and cold. He would tell me he feel the energetic attraction from me (never said between us), that we have tantric like attraction, blah blah... But continued to run way and came back. When asked if he was an empath, he admitted. He's a clairsentient. During the time we saw each other, we could not have sex right away. Every time we attempted, something would happen. For that reason, we only had sex the last 3 weeks of the "relationship". Well it ended abruptly.

He broke up with me to start seeing someone. Having strong personality and dignity, I let him go (cut off cold turkey). Despite the pain of a broken heart, I feel a strange sensation of calmness. I have never felt this in my life post break up. The calm isn't pre storm calmness, it is the zen as if my soul knows all will be fine. He'd been calling to talk but I cut him off completely. I encouraged him to be on his own to think about what he really wanted because I would not accept a man blowing hot and cold. I don't hate him or wish him any malice. I didn't even care whom he was seeing, not even a least bit curious (strange.)

For the record, we are both highly educated with solid earning potential. He's a doctor

I am rambling now... I am freaked out by all of this. Someone please help guide me.
I've always felt very different, too. The older I get, the more different I feel. I've posted here a few times, and have mentioned an email address that people can contact me at. It seems like I only draw people looking for sympathetic ears. No one who really understands what it is I'm going through.

I'm highly empathic, and lately I've been in the midst of some deeply negative emotions. Something really bad just happened in my family, and I've been a wreck, dealing with my own emotions, and those of other family members (one in particular, who was very hurt). It's been the worst time of my entire life.

I see the world very differently. It seems like there's always a sort of vague picture of the universe in my head, along with a reminder that I'm not even a speck in comparison to the vastness of the universe. It's estimated that around 100 billion modern humans have lived, or currently live, and I understand very well that I'm only one of them. I'm one of an unimaginable number of organisms to live here on planet earth, let alone elsewhere.

I don't see myself as being a special, unique entity the way a lot of humans do. I understand the ephemera of life all too well. I look around and see most people doing the same thing; driving to work on the freeway in the morning, returning in the evening, never really wondering what the point of it all is.

I spent a while trying to figure out if I might be something like a starseed. The problem is that without any actual evidence, it can never be more than a theory or something you want to believe. Without evidence, it isn't reality. And I could never come up with any actual evidence.

I feel a strong calling to serve what I think of as the greater good. I'm aware that there's a sort of rhyme and reason to everything that's happening. I think there's a plan at work. I think everything is happening for a reason, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

I'm a political activist, and I've put myself at high risk for my cause. My cause is the preservation of a certain forest, here in the US. It's in serious danger of being destroyed over the next few years, and I'm battling massive government agencies content to let that happen. I've pissed some pretty powerful and well-connected people off. Even though my tactics are 100% non-violent, I know I'm on some lists.

I'm going to pay someday for the things I've done, and truthfully, it scares me. But I keep doing it anyway. In fact, since things have gotten bad with my family, I've gone at my activism even harder.

It blows my mind how so many people can live their lives oblivious to the big picture, and the many terrifying problems facing us. That's very contrary to my basic nature. My nature is to care about everything, and I suffer horribly because there's so much suffering in the world, and no way of stopping it all.

I believe our planet is headed for serious trouble, and there aren't nearly enough people doing anything in response to create any hope of preventing the disaster inevitably coming. I really wish I could just wake up from what feels like a nightmare. Everyday, it feels a little more hopeless.

Anyway, I do understand what you're talking about. I also have a deep appreciation for nature. Lately I've been growing things; trees, that I'll be planting outdoors this coming spring, and cacti and succulents, and other things. Sometimes I can spend hours looking at my plants. I feel better when I'm near them. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do rnow if not for my plants.

Something else: I've experienced a lot of synchronicity, especially in regard to actual time. I have strange experiences with time-telling apparatus. When there's more than one clock in a room, I find the seconds perfectly synchronizing. I see the number 11 constantly. It's getting crazy how often I see either number 11, or some interval of 11. 121, for example, is 11 squared. 33 is 3 x 11. And it's not just me seeing the number 11 on clocks. Other people do things, and things happen related to the number 11.

I'll be damned if I know what's so important about the number 11, but I see it everywhere.

Anyway, that's probably enough for now. Let me toss my email address out there for you, or anyone else who'd like to contact me. I only ask that if anyone contact me, it's not just to tell me about your problems or your psychic abilities.

As far as psychic abilities of mine go, I don't really consider myself psychic, per se. Being as empathic as I am, I can sense things about people. I often get strong feelings about people that turn out to be accurate.

With that, here's my email address. Whiskeydango at gmail.

Do feel free to reach out if you can relate (anyone).

Take care.
ThulsaDune in I See Eyes
Hi, I thought I would jump on here today and try and help people. There is a great variety of people on this site that might be able to help you. They might be able to at least give you a little comfort and support. You would be surprised at the various things people have experienced.
I wanted to point out that the post you are commenting on is quite dated and the person may not be on the site very often anymore.
Post your story or experience on the site and wait a little and I am sure someone or many can offer advice on your experience. I myself run more on the Dark side of things. What I mean is my abilities are used to help people with the more malevolent and dark negative energies and beings. What I can tell you is that there is always a way to improve your situation.
As I like to tell people, you can always visit profile pages and read past posts that might be helpful. It might at least point you in a direction to get help or ease your fears.
Hope to hear from you on this site soon.
Thank you, River.:) Your article helped a lot. I had e-mailed you for help, but I think this article answered my questions. I'm an Empath and I can feel the emotions/feelings and soul of music (with words, without words, video game music, logo music.) in my solar plexus (abdomen/stomach) and heart. It's an emotional power I have and was born with. I'm strongly connected to and in tuned to music and it affects me deeply. Sometimes to the point of tears. I never knew what to call this power and I called it "alien feelings" because the feelings I would get in my solar plexus and heart when listening to music would feel strange.

But now I know that my empathic powers aren't weird. They're just something special that I was born with. I'd like to know how I can use my powers to help others. I've been trying to use Tarot Cards to help myself and others, but I'm not too good with them. Also, I sometimes see glimpses of shadows walk past me when I'm on the computer, but when I turn around, I don't see anyone there. What do you think this could be or fall under the category of?

Thank you very much.:)

Hi, I'm from the same town Tracy Marie Kroh went missing. Millersburg, Pennsylvania. We are a pretty small town and there are tons of theories and rumors of what happened and where she is. I was just wondering if you contacted anyone about your experience? The case is still active and they did a search in a new area but came up with nothing. If you haven't contacted anyone yet, but want to I can give you contact info for our local state police barracks or someone from her family. I don't think you're crazy and either would her family. They just want answers and closure. Thanks for sharing your experience!
David_Hammen in I See Eyes
I need help, tigg if you are still active then please let me know. You are the only one that would believe me.
Hi, distantempath.:)

The evil wishes don't come up as much as they used to, but I still get them from time to time. I was thinking something was sending me these evil wishes, but I'm not completely sure. I don't know if something or someone hates me, but I need to fight off whatever it is that's causing me problems. I think something must've attached itself to me. I would love to burn sage, but the apartment building I live in for those who have mental illnesses doesn't allow them to burn sage or any kind of incense.

I'll have to get some holy water or something to help me get rid of this thing completely. I've been trying to call out to beings telepathically to help me fight off these wishes and thoughts. I think it worked because I'm not having them as much as I used to. But I still need to get rid of this thing completely. I think an extraterrestrial being has been trying to reach out to me, but I don't know who they are.

I think this being may be responding to my telepathic call or they know I need help and I think that's why they're trying to reach out to me. But I will continue to fight off the evil wishes with my powers and try to protect myself until I can get extra help from them.

Thank you for your advice and help.:)

Take care,

TheYoko0, you're blessed and gifted. Your story really resonated with me. I don't often visit this site, but once in a while, I feel called by someone with a message for me. Thank God your mother heeded her inner voice to go to the ER for your birth. I too was a premature baby and was very sickly from asthma as a child.

People often tell me their problems, even total strangers on the street. Often, I feel urged to help ease their pain. Even with people I do not like, which may be rather difficult and draining at times.

I do understand about getting answers from a higher plane. I often intuitively "feel" for the right answers. It may not be what the person wants, but it will be what I feel that they need at the time. It brings me a quiet joy and a sense of "rightness" when I know I've been able to help someone. Like being wrapped in gentle warmth from the neck to the waist.

Music brings me comfort too. I used to sing in a church choir and was part of an a cappella singing group.

I pray often and meditate to keep my focus clear. Do you find that the darkness around some people and places can be painful? I'm learning to set a personal shield to protect myself from excess negativity. I've been told that I must also "ground" myself regularly. What sort of methods do you use if you feel the need to replenish yourself?
maybe you were reincarnated from a past life, maybe? I. Don't. Know.
Michael40 in The Grim Reaper
I see death reaper also everytime I see death reaper he is in either a black robe with face unseen or shape-shifting in to an adult or child,I've learned tonight and everytime I see him a family member dies. My grandpa died tonight I saw death reaper a week before my grandpa died after, telling my mom a week ago he would die, the reaper does talk to me, I was totally frightened but I've learned through many times of seeing death reaper many family members have died in my family it's a gift that I carry not a curse. I lite a candle in remembrance for my grandpa because he is walking through a valley of shadow of death, we all will one day but it is not good to fear the unknown, yes there is good and evil on the other side of life after death stop being a afraid it is a gift you were chosen and I thought I was the only one who seen death reaper I've seen him many times. My mom's boyfriend died before he died I told my mom that death said he had six months to live she didn't believe me when grant died my mom finally realized that I was right. I scared my mom so much I moved out I stay away from people a lot of times do to what I see beyond the human eye, since my grandpa died know my mom is asking me on phone who will it be next I told her nothing do not want to frighten my mom anymore than she is of me.
The only thing I think you could do is to have that house blessed but since you don't live there anymore I guess there's not much that you can do now. Maybe try researching the house? Or the ghosts there if you know any of their names?

Is it scary knowing that you can see auras? Ialways wonder about this.
Yeah sometimes I see colors around objects and people and I believe those are auras
I'm not sure what you would call this. Since I was a little girl I could see and here spirits the older I got I tries to ignore it but they follow me from house. They mess with me when I'm sleep they will pull off my blankets and sometimes they get on top of me and I can't move or yell it takes all my strength to get it off of me Their always touching me like right now ones touching my leg. I half the time I can't see them but I can feel there presence Also my eyes start to water when I feel dark Spirit.
Hello all! My name is Marie and I have experienced this ability to see through another's eyes a handful of times in my life. The most recent one was a few weeks ago when I had a dream that I was conducting a seminar to teach people how to do this. I was in a room of about 100 people all sitting in meditation and suddenly I saw myself through someone else's eyes. It didn't make sense to me at first but after meditating on it, I started remembering times past when I could see through another person's eyes. I even did it with my cat once. I would like to reach out now to anyone who is still listening in on this forum. I am being divinely guided to anyone who has a story to tell regarding the ability of seeing through another's eyes. There is no official name for it yet and from what I'm finding, it's pretty rare. I'm here to tell you though, you're not crazy! I think that the proper number of people coming together can identify and hone this skill for the greater good of Humanity. Don't be afraid. There are people coming out in droves with spiritual sensitivities of all kinds. I'm asking you to join me. Imagine being able to use this skill to help people in need? If you are so inclined, please respond to this post and we will take this to the next level together.
My name is Emily and in 1992 I was a young mother still living at home with my family. My bedroom was right by the basement stairs and I would lie awake at night hearing footsteps up and down the stairs, Scared me but one night I woke up and my 8 month old son was sleeping in a playpen at the foot of my bed and I saw a tall shadowy figure of a man man with a hat on standing by my son, within a week of that my son fell down the stairs in his walker suffering serious head trauma. Within a short time my mother had a fall down the stairs and her sister did also, both sustained injuries. We moved from that house but could never forget the man I saw that night and am sure whatever he is, he is responsible for all the accidents at that house
I know what your talking about. I have the same thing, there aren't many people who have this from what I have gathered. You aren't crazy and trust me many people will say you are. And yeah they always focus and start shooting toward the sky when you look up at the sky. From what I have learned you can use them to some extent. When you see a person let your eyes focus around the person or object and you can see its aura. Although you will look creepy at first staring at stuff, also doesn't help the crazy argument hahahaha. You can also use them to move objects with some practice. Just be careful:) energy sometimes attracts greater energy.
ThulsaDune in Astral Spider
Hello and good evening. I am going to give you some help and teach everyone on this site how to make their own talisman to protect them from negative energies and parasites. What you are describing is a form of paranormal parasite. Dream catchers do something similar for a different problem. A lot of it has to do with your belief in it's power or not. There are some secrets or meanings to why something does or does not work. I am going to explain it this one time and do not wish to argue with people. I have had success with this in helping other people. You must understand the meaning behind it and put those intentions into it as you make it or it won't work. I am not trying to preach, but just describe how and why it works. I am a Christian and this has Biblical backing in it.
Ok now for the recipe. You are making a God's Eye talisman for protection. It's intention or idea is from Deuteronomy 32:10 In the Bible. Read the passage and you will understand better what we are going for. You need 2 sticks only 2 from preferably a cedar tree. You need Black yarn for the center or pupil and three other colours. Red, green, Blue, Orange, White, Brown, yellow. You can choose any of the listed colours. Whichever colours seem right to you, but only three.
The 2 sticks can be glued and fastened or notched to form a cross. The cross must be rigid so that it won't move. You must wrap or lay each colour strand 10 times around the center over and under the sticks or cross both front and back. You are weaving the strands over and under while alternating. You will form a diamond when it is complete. You are weaving the numbers and meaning into the God's Eye. 3 colours to represent the holy trinity. 2 sticks to form the crucifix. 10 wraps front and back equal 20 total. These form 1 and 2 when you drop the 0 which has no meaning. This leaves the numbers 1 and 2 or 12. This is the number of Jesus disciples. When you are finished you have just created a talisman with multiple or compound meanings and great power woven into the object. It must be done with knowledge of the meaning behind it to give it power over what you are driving off.
1. Number of the Bible passage Deuteronomy 32:10
2. Passage and the meaning of the Apple of his eye. It is about his protection.
3. Diagram of the Holy Trinity. Multiple simultaneous existence of The Deity or God. Three in 1.
4. Image of all seeing omnipotent being. God's Eye. (Evil cannot stand his gaze toward them. They cower and run away.)
5. The duality of man. Physical and spiritual. 2 sides seen and unseen. What is before you and what you cannot see.
6. 2 forms. Jesus as a man and our savior.
7. The 12 disciples and 12 tribes.
Do you get all of the symbolism, meaning and power all wrapped up in this little object of sticks and yarn and pretty colours.
Now I want to tell you that the whole time I was trying to type this post I was encountering resistance from dark forces. My wireless keyboard would not react properly, my Internet connection was doing all kinds of weird things. An entity was screaming in my ear and threatening me. I ignore them of course. My mouse was acting up. I had to keep backing up and starting over on sentences that timed out or disappeared. That is the reason I am only posting this once. It is difficult to get this lesson out there.
If you follow these instructions to the letter and understand the meaning and intentions I guarantee it will drive them away. True belief in the meaning will make it very powerful. It is 100 times more potent than sage will ever be if constructed and used by a believer. I told you not to take this as preaching but, I know what will work. I have dealt with things that few psychics have had to. I see things many do not. I do not fear negative energies and understand how to deal with them. Hope this helps.
TheAlchemist1970 in Struck By An Orb
So... I was looking for someone with similar spiritual/paranormal experiences than mines, and here we are. My story is very similar than Liftoff's story (original story) except that the circumstances are completely different. I was starting to date a guy I met online and after stakes and wine we decided to have passionate sex late at night at his home. I barely knew him and his want was a wine on steroids. He drugged me manipulating my wine and later on he became somewhat unholy, filthy ugly and disgusting... He was possessed. He even spoke in wired languages. He made some unholy confessions and told me he wanted to take me to the other side of mirror/spectrum. I hugged him hard with all my soul and told him God had forgiven him. Possession was over and we went to sleep. I doubt I slept anything. We started a relationship after that. On another night having sex he continues with his intentions to show me the other side of the mirror... I refuse but he insist, he really insist... As I was laying in bed I see a very bright orb the size of a softball ball up above 15 ft from me on my left, as I paralyzed myself observing that shinny light it made a move in split of a second facing me like 10 ft in front of me... As I keep observing in disbelief and also in split of a second hit me right in between my eyes knocking me down... I jumped and I remember being very scared however did not hurt... It must have been some holy wisdom coming to me because few minutes after this paranormal event because that night I moved to sleep upstairs and as per the relationship it was over. He goes now to mass every week and cook for a group of homeless people on a weekly basis. We remain friends and life is holy for both of us again. A blessing?
so, yes I also have read that article, and I am also a starseed, but now what? What should I do now? What next steps to take? Just reading that article is not enough, we should do something to clarify everything, but what?
Lordofmybeing in Astral Spider
I've been told they are Archons. Pesky Alien Inhabitants. During the day does your vision suddenly go into fractals the Wham! Back to Normal? They are creatures that feed off of stress, worry, anger, fear. They're room dwellers that manipulate your REM. They DO NOT like cold rooms, and the best way to cast them away is to keep your room cold, you'll feel a slight temperature increase when their near. You call them out and summon them away with courage and they'll scram.

The one you saw was shocked you reached out to it... They don't like that.

Get a 12 inch diameter ring and make a Green Checkered strings across, 4 lines horizontal and three vertical and place on your ceiling above your bed for protection (when creating, focused intent of "protection" is required). It's like a dream catcher but for those rotten little aliens...
I like to think of them as microscopic taxi drivers into the universe. Ever tried focusing on one dot and following it with an intentional though? Make it easy, perhaps; Bananna. The dots move rapidly, (I get it) but slow down your mind. Quiet your thoughts and focus ❀ I use those dots to create reality. What do you want? Your wish is your command.
Thanks Daryl what you wrote helped me out a lot I have been seeing "dots" sometimes like a shooting star across my vision in all colors glad to know its not just me going blind
All of my life I have seen visions when I close my eyes. Mostly seemingly microscopic pixels that sometimes create shapes and faces. Faces are usually in agony coming up out of lava or something. (I must have some bad things going on in my subconscious mind!)

There was one time the darkness turned into a bright sunny day, on the street I grew up on, with such detail, it was amazing! I was still fully awake. It was as if I was supposed to be asleep and dreaming but it happened when I was still awake with my eyes shut. Usually it is just darkness with microscopic pixels, and come in handy to help me fall asleep. I just focus on them and fall into them. I call them "the dots" I took a poll with my family and friends, and many of them knew what I was talking about. My wife, on the other hand, says she only sees flat black, and thinks I'm nuts! I believe it might be low eye pressure, blood cells maybe, and subconscious imagination. But those visions are seen by more people than you think. You are not insane.

As far as hearing a voice...I'm guessing you were sleep deprived at the time. Whenever I go way too long without sleep, or I am very tired... Even when I am laying there definitely still awake, I occasionally hear a voice. This has only happened 4 or 5 times to me, but I knew I wasn't crazy, and depending what you believe, it is just your subconscious mind leaking into your conscious playing tricks on you... Or the lack of rest could be allowing you to access communication with entities in another dimension.

I believe in the latter, due to something amazing that has happened to me, and brought me to find this site. Take a look at my story, if you want to experience more crazy stuff. Don't look at it, if you do not want to experience more. Because you experience things that I do, you may be open to this other thing too. I'm not a spiritual person at all, but I no longer call the people I used to call a bunch of wacko nuts, a bunch of wacko nuts.

We are energy. No doubt about that. Take away the energy and our bodies would fit on the end of a pin, we only have mass because of energy. The distance between the electrons and the nucleus of an atom is huge! If you stop the motion of the electrons...Poof! You're gone.

You almost have to believe there is more to us than what the naked eye can see. There is a living consciousness in us, and that is as far as my crazy goes. No talk of auras, meditation, or shakras, or however you spell it, here. But I don't ignore those people any more. They might be right. But I don't think I will ever take that much of an interest to find out.:)

Don't worry about the visions, if they're are so intense that they are interfering with your life or sleep, I am sure they make a medication to help. BTW I don't do drugs, and I am on no medications nor have I ever been. I am 45 and not crazy!
Don't worry, there are a lot of people who see visions when they close their eyes. Many of my family and friends at least have seen "The dots". I'm guessing the dots just form visions when the subconscious mind is super active.

Good luck, hope things are going better for you. Hope this helped a little
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Yes, you are a great help! Thank you very much for commenting so thoroughly. Not preachy at all. My parents were divorced, my Dad believed in God, but didn't attend church or spread the word of God at all. My Mom, on the other hand, was very religious. She attended church, spoke about Jesus, and the "Truth" every time that I saw her. Praising Jesus was her life! I do have to believe this is not her, but an ability she might have given me, (with God's permission of course).

I was raised in the same manner, but as I got older and recalled some of the teachings, I went my own way and became more of an agnostic. My Mom believes the Bible word for word, as I believe it to be more or less symbolism, and very good stories and lessons. What really turned me off on Christianity was the scare tactics about burning in hell if you weren't "saved", or if you were raised to believe in some other religion.

As far as the Bible being absolute truth, my argument to her was, "you just told me God gave us free will, and all men sin. Spiritually guided men or not... Man wrote the bible, and all men sin, and all men have free will." I wasn't rough on her or anything, and didn't make a habit of disputing her, because I knew she respected my intelligence, and I didn't want to ruin that, or in another direction, cause her to lose some faith. There is just no reason to do that to someone you love. But she knew I wasn't with her in her faith.

"Science = unraveling the mathematics of God's design (the universe) "...I LIKE THAT! Is that yours? I'm going to use it!

I totally agree with you about Quantum Physics and how it is all theory. I do find it very interesting when they find out more about God's ingredients though, (as I like to call it). I once blurted out to a science nut, who is an atheist, "Just because we figured out the ingredients in an amazing meal we just ate, does that mean we dispute if the chef exists?" I was pretty proud of that one:) .

I will take your advice and seek answers from God. Thank you for that! I haven't done that. This experience is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me and has been a distraction from where I should be looking for answers. I have only thought of the mystery of it all and trying to get answers from them, themselves. Although, if they started speaking to me, I might have to commit myself!:)

No voices, and no real visions other than seeing what I could describe as what dark matter might look like, with occasional colors along with it, so I think I don't have much to worry about yet. Maybe low eye pressure, or ability to see my blood cells, mixed with some subconscious imagination. Although my wife has always thought I was nuts on that whole seeing things when I close my eyes instead of just the flat black that she sees. But others I know do know exactly what I'm talking about.

Seemingly microscopic pixels making up the darkness rather than seeing flat black. Do you see "the dots"?:)

Thanks so much for taking time to write!
This was SO HELPFUL 😨 quick question. Since around February 2017, I started feeling such a connection with the wind. I hid it from my friends for a while. I felt like it would listen to me whenever I needed to rant. And I kept imagining myself jumping off of cliffs and feeling it hold me and carry me with it as I fly. What category would this go in? Once I finally told my friends, they said that that has been happening to them too. One thinks she has controll over the water, and the other knows exactly what I'm going to say and sees visions. I have never told anyone else this so this community is perfect for me to rant to ❀ also, I feel like I don't have complete control over this power. It only works sometimes- and I keep doubting myself. What do I do? Sorry for the large rant, your the best 😘
Thank for your comment. I will ask my Guides and Angels for more insight into this. ❀

*7 chakras *within* the body.
12 chakras are destined to be activated,
Corresponding to 12 strands of Dna.
Google PDF "Bringers of the Dawn"
Thanks a lor Jubeele, i'll try that as soon as I can ❀ I'll practice to "remember" myself
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Sandstraight and Tonysant,
I would like to send this message to both of you.
I understand that you realize that this post is a very old one and you are looking for discussion and help. I want you to know that if you click on peoples names that you can go to their profile page and read the last 20 posts that they have written. This can be helpful. You can also email them if you need to but be respectful. I post on here once in awhile when I am compelled to help someone.
I am a Christian and a psychic and deal with a lot of what you are posting about. I have dealt with many of the same things since I was a small child. Now I am 50 and still see things and deal with things on others behalf. Email me if you need to and I will answer questions you have.
Sandstraight in Demons And Visions
Thanks for posting this, I completely understand your experiences and can relate to them.

I had one similar experience when I was around the same age. I was laying in bed on my back in the half sleep state, drifting in and out of consciousness when I began to feel a presence in my room.

All of a sudden the paralysis struck and I was unable to move, I then heard a gradual high-frequency sound which progrssively turned into a multitude of laughter. It sounded like a great number of beings laughing at me in a tormenting way.

The high frequency sound which turned into laughter was audible to me but seemed to come from the inside of my head. It seemed like those beings laughing at me could communicate directly with my mind without needing a physical medium of sound.

The beings then physically appeared to me;

1. One sat on my chest, I could feel the physical pressure of it sitting on me. But unlike a human sitting in you, this felt like it had completely anchored my body and soul in place with other worldly force, there was no hope of ever moving without it leaving me.
It was staring down at me with a wicked ear to ear grin (similar to the 'Cheshire Cat' as someone mentioned earlier, this causes me to question whether the Cheshire Cat has demon origins) but this being on my chest had a small gremlin/monkey type body.

2. The other being was almost identical to the first but was beside me staring at me.

It's worth mentioning now that by this point I was filled with so much fear that I couldn't even explain to you with words. I could only move my eyes and I was so terrified that I did not want to look at the beings directly, they were almost daring me to but I could only look at them through my peripheral vision.

3. The third being was the most powerful of them all. The best way to describe it was a large shadow figure which dwelt within a shadow. It seemed to be the being with all the dark power which was orchestrating this entire ordeal. The two other beings were clearly its sub-ordinates and paled in conparison to it. It stood behind my bed, It had a figure but it's body and face were made of total darkness, it had no eyes or teeth. It's head and entire body were covered in drapes. If you go on google and type in 'Dementor' (the evil beings in Harry Potter) that is almost exactly what I saw.

The whole while I was trying to move my extremities, (fingers and feet) and call out but I couldn't. I eventually managed to call out a name but I'm not going mention it because I don't want this to turn into a religious debate, and I was able to break free from it.

The Cheshire Cat gremlin slowly faded away however so even after breaking out of this paralysis it's image still remained visible for a few seconds which leaves me with no doubt that this so called fictional character is actually based on these demon beings.

Sorry this was choppy and not well written but I'm writing this from my mobile with not much time to write. I could go into so much more detail but it will take me far too long to type.
Holy shiat! I experienced the same thing today... Exactly the same thing. I felt someone coming fast and I expected the door to be forced in, but that didn't happen. I felt the person inside the room and at the time I had covered my head with a blanket. I wanted to uncover my head to see what it was but I couldn't.i was completely immobile. I tried to call the name Jesus Christ but I couldn't. Then I felt something like a cat beside my head on the back. Then it vanished. Wow... This was the second time when I experienced this but this time it was more real and I could even hear noises and I had ringing sound in my head the entire time
I've been going through pretty much the same thing, except for me it happens during my waking life as, what I think at the time are my own, thoughts. Then not usually long after either the exact thought or the idea will manifest itself... Sometimes in tv shows or random conversations... Today I randomly thought I really wanted to win a Nobel Peace Prize, no Idea why, never had any kind of thought or idea like that before... About 25 minutes later I hear Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory exclaim that we desperately wants to win a Nobel Peace Prize...
I have been meditating recently as well as have changed my diet pretty drastically... I don't know what to make of it but it's happening way to often to just be coincidences anymore... If anyone has some insight on how to channel it please let me know...
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They are not coincidences, many "coincidences" happened to me which lead from me being athiest to believing in a god
Ive found the best way to learn more is to talk to someone at a similar spiritual level
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I see these "dots" too mostly in blue but they can be of all colors and I can see them with my eyes closed sometimes they just flash really quick but other times they are like a shooting star across my vision they mostly happen when I am having ideas or talking to someone, I have noticed it happens a lot more when ever I about spirituality
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Pls would like to talk I understand this post is old but literally everything said on this page has happen to me... I need to know more I need to know who it is or what it is... The part that got me was that he appears in my dreams but don't see him when I'm up but definitely feel him... He doesn't bother me anymore but he lingers all the time, I would like to put my email address up but don't want to get spammed, and yes he has the Cheshire cat smile, he changes shapes and forms but the grin that grin is always there
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Btw I was shocked at how they assumed it to be a spider because I told them how big it was and we lived in Loma linda California which never had big spiders like that
Potatoxqueen in Black Orbs (with Fringe)
I had seen those too when I was younger from when I was 10 or 11 to just 3 years ago when I was around 14 or 15. Except I never seen mine in the middle of the night when I woke up. When I was around 10 or 11 me and my grandparents were sitting in the dining room at my old house and as they were talking I looked up at the corner of the roof which was behind my grandma and as soon as I seen it move I started trying to tell them and show them but they were ignoring me and kept talking but I started freaking out when I seen it scurry more down the wall towards my grandma and it jumped off and onto her back and she felt it she jumped and swept her self off and now they were listening to me. What I saw was a small black furry ball a little bigger than a golf ball and it looked like those furry things people like to put on there purses and back packs. After that they just assumed it was a spider since we had a window open and we never opened that window again. I was shocked they said it was a spider I know for a fact it wasn't because I got a good look at it. πŸ™„ but anyways fast forward to when I was around 13 or 14 I was taking boxes out of one of the rooms and putting them all into the basement when I looked up at one o the boxes I set up on top of the wall and I saw a bigger version of the black orb and it was about the size of a basket ball. The only difference from before is that now it had eyes. Yes. EYES. They wernt human like at all thwy were lights like soft white lights. I stared at it until it slowly hoverd behind the box and I was up and outa there and I never went down there until I had to only 1 time when we were moving but that was it for me going down there. Fast forward to a year it was somewhere around when I was 14 or 15 and no one was home except both my cousins who were in the dining room with me. I went to go use the bathroom and after I walked through the hallway I looked down and I seen it again right next to my legs and it was almost up to my knees and I was about 5'2. I stared at it and ran back to the dining room and made my cousin stand out the door for me. I never seen it again but I noticed every time I seen the black furry ball it would seem like it was rolling in place but the time I seen it with light in its eyes it eyes wernt rolling just the fur.
Thank you, and I did meditate for a few minutes yesterday and plan on doing it today before going to bed
As a child, I was always having experiences that I couldn't explain. My grandmother was very religious, and when my experiences couldn't be tied to "God" speaking to me, she made me feel like I was "bad" because they happened. I out grew them eventually and for the most part they stopped happening. When I was 22 my child's father commited suicide in front of me during and argument and it was like a flood gate opened after that. I spent a few years after that regularly dealing with the unexplainable and during that time is when I saw the astral spider. As long as I can remember I have been a lucid dreamer, I'm aware I'm dreaming and I can control myself and what's happening around me, I can usually wake myself up if I'm having a bad dream or at least make myself talk loud enough in my sleep that someone around me will wake me up. I dream this way every night and I have for all my life. For several years after my daughters father died, I had dreams that I didn't have as much control over. I was still very much aware I was there and able to control my actions and movements, like I have always been able to, but there was an outside force that I was aware of and was affecting things. I had woke up from a really unpleasant "dream", I would call it an astral projection, when I saw the spider. It was 4 years after my child's fathers death and I was sharing an apartment with boyfriend and my daughter. I woke up and it was on the ceiling above me, I saw it and it saw me. It was the size of a large serving plate, brown, and hairy like a wolf spider. It froze, and I could tell it was surprised I could see it. I sat straight up in bed and screamed and it made a noise like a screech - like "Eeeeeekkkk" is the closest I can describe it, and it ran across my ceiling and behind a large mirror I had against the opposite wall. I woke up my now fiancΓ© and told him that a giant Australian (that's what I thought at the time) spider was behind it and he needed something big to squish it. He lifted and moved the mirror (like a 6 foot by 4 foot mirror) around and there was nothing behind it and no way anything dinner plate sized could have escaped without being seen. I felt like I was loosing it until I read about other people having experiences with astral spiders. I had other experiences in that time frame, but that one will always stick with me because it was so vivid. To be fair, I wasn't afraid of the spider. Once I saw it, it was terrified of me and all I wanted to do was squish it dead. I haven't seen one since, and I hope I never see one again.
There not just in one place there every were all the time and they get more intense in the dark. I experience it to
Is the language you understand calles "Light language?" because you sound like that language could be that one
I know exactly what you talking about. I see them to. I thought maybe they were atoms or maybe I was seeing a projection of the universe. I would love to tell you what they are. But I don't think there's actually a straight answer to that. Nobody really know what they are. Mine have collected to get her and them formed into stuff to. You must be very spiritually aware. Try meditation or consintrate your energy on your forehead it if you want to see vision. That's what I do. It works for me but I don't know if it will work for you. If you want to find other people like you try to find a spiritualist church in your area. Or find a phychic medium or something. When I went looking for answers that's what I did. 😁
Hi MoonInsideMe, I felt called to the site today and now I know! 😊 "Starseed" does indeed describe much of what you've mentioned about yourself. I'm glad you now know that you're not alone feeling like this.

Lightworkerhealer has also mentioned what I've advised, which is to meditate. It will help clear your mind so that you can focus on what you truly need.

The garden will be good for you as your empathy with the earth needs that connection. Practise drawing light from the universe to help protect and replenish yourself. Imagine roots from your feet reaching deep into the earth. Let out the negativity from you. Feel white light from the heavens coming through the top of your head from the crown chakra. Let the light flow into you and through all of your body, and into your surroundings. If you feel there is too much energy, let the excess flow out through the roots at your feet back into the earth.

I hope this all helps. I wish you well on your journey. ❀
I am not saying that I have any kind of gift or ability.
- That gift or ability is an EMPATHIC ability. GOOGLE IT

Also what you think about is very powerful. VERY powerful. So when you're heartbroken, unwell, upset and not showing signs of it you'll still be putting out that vibe and others will feel it coming from you until you stop thinking about it. I know how hard it is to stay happy and bubbly all the time.

Also, look into something called brain-coupling

"And sometimes I get the feeling that people around me I don't know and have never met are there in the same place as I am, because of me... Like they know something about me that I don't know, or I am meant to know them in some way. I know that sounds crazy and paranoid and it's not like i'd eve just ask them lol but I just feel that about some people."

I know this feeling all too well and when I felt it was happening more and more I let it affect me negatively and pushed the entire world out for awhile because of that paranoia. I didn't want to leave my house! My only suggestion to overcome this is that feeling you get about person or people you feel is in the same place because of you is to do something about it. Smile at them and say hi and go with the flow from there. This is one of those moments where you will have to fight with your instincts. I did it a few times when I felt that way and I made that person's day. One other guy really needed help but was too proud to ask for it until I got him to open up to me simply by asking him how his day was.

Quantum mechanics and cosmology is all theoretical. It's just like trying to figure out the mystery of God. It's fun to think about and it's better when you can look at science and spirituality from an objective perspective. It's more knowledge, not necessarily the truth. Especially when it's theoretical science. Take it from me, focusing on the meaning of life/afterlife and analyzing it to thousands of little pieces is very time consuming and people will look at you like you've lost your mind.

Science = unraveling the mathematics of God's design (the universe)

I haven't found much material on science and the supernatural. Metaphysics is the closest to it I guess. I'm not a fan of that philosophy but everyone has their preference.

I'm not trying to get preachy here I feel things similar to yours as well. I'm actually a very spiritual person. Mainly christian-minded.

When you're allowing yourself to be open and receptive to answers, you will find clarity, synchronicity and guidance. It never fails.

Again, not trying to be pushy on the subject, (just based on my own experiences) if you diligently seek God you will find him and your answers. Other people say "If you ask the universe"...blah blah blah like it's some magic 8 ball. It doesn't work like that. God isn't a supernatural fairy god mother to cater every request or wish either. God does however endow us with spiritual gifts. It's possible that this might be yours. Google it.

In your case it was through your parents. My condolences for your loss. It must have been hard on you. You felt it was them and wanted them to show you more. What were their stand points on spirituality or religion? Maybe they're trying to show you there's an afterlife?

"I have read from many websites, that this is them taking my energy, and is extremely unhealthy."

Take it all in with a grain of salt and follow your gut instinct. Not everything on the internet is going to be 100% true. It's just an opinion. Keep a HEALTHY MINDSET and you'll be fine. It's the minute when you continually start having negative thoughts is when it's detrimental. There are spiritual forces that can take that energy away from you and cause that. A Positive for every negative in all things in/out of this universe I guess.

The sensations I feel most of the time are good. When I started feeling them I wasn't as bothered by it. At first, it felt like random chills all over my body. Even when it was 90 degrees outside. They never left me feeling cold. I wasn't sick. When it had gone on and the sensations intensified after a year, it really started to scare me. I started getting random visions (precognitive) and I thought that maybe I was becoming schizophrenic. I don't know exactly how it happened, it got to be less and less. Maybe it was the experiences I was having scared me to the point where my mind manifested a way to block these feelings from happening- all in the plight to avoid believing that I was becoming schizo.

From time to time, I still have these experiences through de ja vu, precognitive dreams or visions, and the random sensations like chills. I've felt angry or annoyed presences that feel like a burning sensation at the nape of my neck when I'm not angry or annoyed at all, sometimes my heart flutters and thumps harder/faster when I'm sitting completely idle (I'm 100% young and healthy by the way I was checked) I've felt my heart feel so weighed down as if a cannon ball sat on top of it (heartbreak and I'm single not even thinking about exs or past lovers or lonelyness). I've felt random physical touches like yours as well. I have no added stresses to my day. I have pretty well behaved children, a very easy job that I love, and there's nothing seriously wrong in my life at all. I've got problems like everyone else so I'm not saying my life is perfect. I'm content and stress-free.

I wish I could give you an explanation as to why you're feeling these sensations and you're not alone. I feel them too.

"Please let me know who you think these people or aliens are."

Souls of other people. Could be angels or possibly demonic.

Even if God or 'the universe' does send us signs, how we interpret them is purely subjective. The universe, God, and consciousness are mysterious. For all we know, it could be God, the devil, or beings from other dimensions could be sending us signs all the time-- but our capacity to understand is still limited by the physical world and the bodies we inhabit. It's probably best to focus on dimensions we know and understand. Anything can be a sign if we want it badly enough.

Best of luck to you and I hope this helped. 😊
Thank you for your suggestions! I already know about my spirit guardians, their names, and etc. The trouble is, I'm just doubting if such power is within me (telepathy, or just talking to otherworldly beings).

I have a super busy household and I've tried meditating a lot of times. I can't focus on the pace of my breathing (I have scoliosis so it's a bit difficult), and my back starts to ache after awhile. A thing I also do is I always focus on everyone and everything around me, instead of meditating and clearing my mind (which is hard to do). But I'll definitely try to seek help, or maybe join a program (yoga training, stuff like that). Thank you all:).
[at] lightworkerhealer: I looked into it and I actually think I am a starseed! I'm was so happy when I was reading the article.
For the people who feel this way, I have this link that pretty much describes us. Thanks a lot again!
Thanks a lot Lightwokerhealer, I'll look into it!:) and I'll try meditating more
gogolalalas in Awake Visions
Can you be a little more specific when you say "vision"? Can you describe the event in more detail? For example, in the first vision, you were looking at the lamp and then? How did that "vision" come? Did you fell asleep momentarily? Or it came as a sudden flash? Any further description will definitely help! Thanks!

Everybody has a "third eye", in some people it is more active in others less. A person usually sees what is important to him/herself or future events that impact a large amount of people. Like the 9/11 event where a lot of people dreamt about it months before it happened.
Hi Hailey! You only posted a few weeks ago, but hopefully this reaches you.

I have the same 'issue' as you, but yours seem quite stronger than mine. I'm sorry to hear you've gone through this alone, as I know very well how disturbing this sort of experience can be. That ends here.

You will understand the universe and your place within it. It will not be easy. What determines your success will be will power, determination and study. There will come a time when your tears about all this will turn to laughter and you will actually be grateful for your gifts (plural, as I'm assuming your thirst for knowledge will lead you to discover others.)

My name is Daryl, I'm from Toronto, Canada, and I just turned 27 less than a week ago. I have synaesthesia (can see music as color/form/within space/basically as lines of light) and recognition of that is along the lines where I first started doing research the research that led to my understandings that I hope will ease your discomfort.

I'll start with the voice; you're not insane lol. You had a taste of Clairaudience. This is a gift where you can hear sound from other spaces. If you know anything about Quantum Physics, science has revealed that all possibilities exist, and are realized, and there are many dimensions of existence that our psychological ego does not tune into during waking hours. I can't tell you where or who that voice came from, but I can assure you they had good intentions.

White, as a color, is power. When a human being wears white we are at our highest strength. White/Violet is the color of the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara. And don't worry, I've delved into New Age for what it has to offer, but no moon goddess BS here, promise.

Science also says that All is Energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form. The chakra system is the light system that built reality as we know it. When I was younger, I thought the chakra system was BS. It's hard to accept already the existence of anything non-physically verifiable, let alone that my body composed of spinning wheel of light... πŸ˜•

We are not our bodies. We are pure Consciousness. You have had many lifetimes and many bodies (I know, hard to accept.) Earth is school, one of many, and we came here to learn through physicality.

You will take command of your gifts (the are yours, freely, after all.) Don't be afraid of the eyes. You were inside the pineal gland/third eye. I'm rather impressed, actually. It took me a lot of work to move there myself. It's a pinecone shape, and each eye is just pinecone 'piece'. You can say "I see the eye, and the eye sees me." The Eye is the sat of the soul. I know this all sounds like I've walked out of The Lord of the Rings. I assure you I have a logical and rational head on my shoulders. 😐

The blue light corresponds to the throat chakra, Vishudda, meaning 'to purify', in Sanskrit, the language of the universe. Contrary to popular belief, it existed before time and space... Apparently. 😲

Now, how to Deal with this realistically. I'm sorry to tell you that it's going to be difficult, especially in the beginning, and perhaps even more so if you live in a rural area. You're going to have to do a lot of research, meditation, and searching for the truth. New age and metaphysical resources will be your pot of gold, but all that glitters is often not.

Some parting advice, if you would have it:

1) Crystals/gemstones actually work. They're basically sold light, and each has it's own aura/frequency/electromagnetic signature/whatever. Start with blue kyanite, left hand. Moonstone on the right (or most black/red stones) will help when it all gets to be 'a bit much'.

2) Forgiveness of the Self is the greatest healer. Love yourself so hard, above all else. The green/heart chakra is named Anahata, meaning "Unbeaten." Your subconscious is your bff.

3) There are Only 7 chakras. Trust me on this. If you ever meet anyone who's drinking the New Age Kool-Aid you can remind them there's only 7 colors in the rainbow.

4) You can read 'Seth Speaks.' PDF is free just Google. He's blue.

5) Other useful systems I've found include the MBTI, the Enneagram and the Survival Instinct. The human mind seems complicated, but these 3 are a good foundation.

6) We choose Everything. This fact is more terrifying than any vision. Happiness, abundance and healing are a choice. Life is what you make of it.

I've given you a lot because I feel like I was meant to. I found this website by accident; I was looking for something on the chakras and I scrolled all the way down and your post caught my eye. I didn't even know you could post comments or questions on here, and my laziness questioned "Do I really want to make the effort...?" Lol. But I've had my own 'frustrations' with all this and you seem alone, so...

Inner strength and will power to you from up North, Hailey. See you when we get home.


P.S. Wow there's a limit of 3 emojis? Wth
Thank you! I am experiencing the same thing. Like my energy affects people around me too. Like when I feel my energy change or emotions they come out strongly too and people begin to cough out of nowhere and for no reason. Just because of my energy, emotions, and my thinking. I don't think were sorounded by original humans. I knew something wasn't right with society cause I remember how it use to be back then and everybody was full of life and everybody would behave more human. Either that or I think thier minds are being controlled by some puppeteer. You know? Like someone pulling their strings or demons at work aware of me and using people who are easily possesed to send a hostile vibe. Whats weird is that all the people suddenly changed at the exact same time and started doing there fuc**** bullshiat on me and all these symptoms happens anywhere with different people doing the same shiat. I feel like its the same ******* entity over and over. Like copies of them but in different bodies. You know like parasites, viruses, Oh, and I was at church when this happened and they just started to look disrespectful. Wtf am I saying, they were being disrespectful. Even the pastor wasn't acting like one of gods people. I hate all those people in church because they all look sooo ******* fake as fuc*. Supposedly all the people at that church ask the pastor to help them remove pain, bad juju, etc and through prayer they were all cured... I have soo much faith, hope, purity, and I try to be as pure truthful to myself that I do believe in miracles and a savior but I never got cured of the bad energy attached to me. I wanted to believe that it cured me but I knew that I had to search up things logical to help me understand and give me possibilities what it could be or mean which I ended up in sites like this. Thank yall for sharing because now I know that what I went threw wasn't false reality or my mind playing tricks on me. I'm not that ignorant, I hate those type of people. Because of those ignorant selfish people I have to pay 3,000$ for a illness that I don't have. Theyre illness is pure ignorance and selfishness. I don't like to put all my problems on god and expect him to solve it for me like what most people do. Those type of people are what you call self centered, selfish, put no thought or time about what they say, and are the type of people who randomly shows up in your party and only came there for the free binge and doesn't know you. I see them all the time. I just want god to care for me what I'm going through. All I want is a god who isn't a manipulator or a puppeteer or a deciever or a hypocrite or anything close to a demon. I just want the sense of someone and I mean atleast one who cares with such care and love. I'd feel like shiat if I were to find out that nobody was really looking out for me and more down if God hasnt notice my love for him. I keep my mind open and not believe in everything what supposedly happen because we really don't know if someone can actually change events such as the bible. Like contradict the bible by exploding earth before the future events happen. If its true that anything is possible that means we don't have to go through what has been set already. I really don't like it when your future is already been planned out by a higher power and that you been told what's going to happen will happen and we can't change the outcome like the bible. Doesn't that make you question if its possible to what you been told by a higher presence like god and the lack of knowledge that we know about him? Really and this been themselves were involved and thier followers being blinded by thier good deeds and and miracles and for telling the future and establishing morals. For all we know, they just give us things that they know will happen were people church people were doingenergy vampires". They all had some sort of issues and they all got cured... They do it all the time... Fakes... And they do it at such ease that it looks straight up fake... And knowing how society. Sometimes we got to look for clues. Like thier facial expressions, body language, hand movement, reaction, how they act. Like you'll pick up a weird feeling mostly because they do it all the time but we don't really pay attention because were in la la land but if you were to focus and just see how they are youll pick up that person is acting like the other person. The coughs are the most obvious ones cause you can tell a sarcastic cough from a real one and what's irritating is that they pull off the cough naturally like if they were practicing coughing for people like us. I hate those energy sucking parasites, people turning to god just to recieve blessings. They act as if they are smarter than us but in reality they are as ignorant stupid and blind. All those people think thier going to go to heaven just for believing thier good. I know for a fact that they don't know how evil thier ARE insides. There was this time where all the people in my neighborhood like kids and moms where outside watching a fight between me and a sorta friend and I could see how tainted there souls are. I cut myself in front of them and I didn't get no reaction like a disgusted look or reaction or some sort of concern and I was bleeding real bad. All the blood dripping off. Soo much of it and what I been through I can only tell you that I have been through this type of shiat before and my vizions was not random. It actually showed me glimpses of the past life. Who is experiencing the same. The only reason why no one here has said anything about the people who gives them bad vibes is because were all unaware what is really going on and what we just fuc****saw just happened.
when my energy started to go fluctuate and became aware of what I saw, heard, and touch. Trust me, this has nothing to do with a mental illness. All my family history has no mental illness. Just old age type of illness, like diabetes and I been sent to a mental institution just for wanting to kill myself and and for saying that I hear voices and see things and they just
Said that I have schizophrenia. They didn't even do a analysis on my brain. Like wtf, your just going to say that I have schizo when you haven't even done an analysis on my brain and just give me pills to make it go away? Bullshiat, the pills they give don't work for shiat and gives you side effects and chemical change in the brain. What kind of human either that or they are starts to cough annoyingly then another one then another one. I swear in my life that there were multiple of people doing the exact same thing I also hear them prounounce the s' too much. To be honest, I think theyre snake people because no humans is capable of reaching that potential yet. Everywhere I go they do the annoying coughing sound and people start acting weird and it'll feel like theyre mocking me in a way and they'll try to annoy you in any way like the coughing, S' sounds like a snake, "erhm erhm" phrase. Blowing thier nose, intentionally knowing it will affect me, sometimes they'll try to slip in the word stupid without me noticing it but I always catch it but it hurts me when I hear it or absorb it because its a negative word and they'll say stupid in telepathic and hurt my energy and try to piss me off to the point where I just wanted to go up to the source or sources and fuc**** kill them because I know for sure what is considered to be normal and peaceful. All those people doing those reactions is probably a glitch due to our energy and depending how strong your mind is cause I happen to manipulate reality and know when theyre about to do thier annoying reactions towards. Who know you guys won't believe me but I don't think were are mostly humans. I believe there's a type of human being. Like most of them in disguises. Like fuc**** demons morphing into someone you know... Like they will act like fake people and act all rude and annoying. They start to look like not human after they feel my presence Like I can see thier true forms take place. Has anyone notice that people do the same reactions everywhere you go? Has anyone also noticed when you try to trigger them they turn hostile in a low key way and if yall pay close attention you'll start to hear them hiss or hear them stutter and they sound like snakes when your energy is over active. Has anyone heard people sounding like serpents or hissing at you and the coughing, energy sensing and bad vibes, people acting like pricks and people acting like non human?
I hope yall know what the matrix is because were inside it if you haven't noticed the weird things happening to people and other changed events like the mandela effect. I think were in purgatory if people are acting like a glitch when I pass by which means were in a virtual reality simulation and the real reality is gone since we lived it already. I know I had lived before because I got glimpse of things like foresight and if it was my first time alive I shouldn't be having like a flashback of were I was at. If were in the matrix that means someone on the outside can manipulate matrix and theyre basically playing god on a computer or its a super computer that regulates it automatically. I know it sounds far fetched but if you look up all the things that relate to each other youll start to see how things are simply connected together like atoms inside a germ and a germ inside host.

Search up; matrix, chakra energy, kundalini energy, super computer, curses that are related to voices, witchcraft affects mind and energy, Puppeteer, selling your soul may also be a factor. A spirit can also cause mind illness. It happened to me when a spirit walked straight through me and it warped my mind. Also, drugs can also open or awaken something inside you. I did a drug that made me see the things I couldn't see. I saw demons as humans, black winged angels as humans, devils as humans, horned people, black eyed people, dead people but they were alive like the undead. Like if I could see a reflection of them and that's how they were seen in my eyes or like if that was the real reality that we live with all kinds of entities and don't know whos really a full human and not half human half etc. Anyways, I didn't explain it clearly but the point is everything is connected to something and that something is connected to that other something and the other something can effect the other or maybe we need to heal all the areas that are related to the mind, brain, heart, chakras, the inside and outside of yourself, the environment, a curse needed to be lifted. If you get a brain scan maybe you can
See what your brain is doing compare to others. They might tell you a specific type of condition it could relate to. If he says there's nothing going on in your head and are signs are normal. Then you should know that you need to start to heal your brain spiritually and not physically. You don't need any pills if they say it'll help it. The fact is they do that to get more money and telling you to take them as prescribed. Pills will have a bad term effect once you stop taking them. Pills won't make it go away only prolong it for a specific time. If you really want the bad to go away your going to have to start being calm and collected. Your going to have to stop being negative which means not doing things that make you feel bad or worst. Dont think too much because that's how your mind starts to get nostalgic because all the anxiety and thinking of something out of nowhere or out of thin air. It changes your vibe cause your focusing your energy on your mind, the brain where the source of the voices. If you focus your energy on where it hurts like the heart except the mind because something blocking the energy flow. Maybe all the things the mind has to do all the time is why we get some type of manifested energy and I guess that energy is stuck because need to circulate your energy flow. Reply back to me, I need a response from someone who knows about the weird coughing people and how they seem to be everywhere we go and in every person we come across it'll do that weird coughing Γ nnoyingly and theyre not even sick. I'm already close to piecing everything together. I test the people I usually hang out and they been doing the same thing when my energy acts strange. I don't get why they do the same reactions as the others did. I think that were not the ill minded ones but victims of an ill minded one. A parasite, virus. You know, like copies replicas. That would fu***** suck if I found out I was living with a bunch of parasitic type of people. Not the authentic type of people. I will find out who or what those poeple are and why they do thier bullshiat directly at specific people. I'll let yall know if I happen to get a jist of what's going on. It would be a lot of help if you experience the same, to talk to me. It would also clear up things if we could all meet each other and see how we all react to each other. My email is

Joel9bartolo [at]
DarkShadow in I Keep Seeing Things
It was exactly like the northern lights but in a smaller version
lightworkerhealer in I Feel Different, What Am I?
I resonate with your feelings, however the best description of you, will not come from outside. It will come from within. So try meditating and see what comes up, and it might take a few times of meditating to actually see or get some insights if you already don't meditate regularly. To me you feel like a starseed. Search the term Starseed. 😊 ❀
I think it is because of both of you, that you both have a potential relationship. But, he is married so, ask universe, angels or your guides whatever you believe in to guide you, to ask why you were put in his path when he is married. Energy you felt in the groin area, that might be only yours but energy which you felt in your heart might be his as well. Just saying, no one comes in our life for no reason. Be open and receptive and keep living your life, let's see what happens. 😊 ❀
Thank you for your insight! I needed that objective viewpoint. I hope this will be a rewarding phase for me. 😁 I feel more confident in knowing that these feelings are mine and more controllable.
You can ask for the white light to surround you when this happens. Also, ask for them to go to the light. If they persist in staying, tell them to go to the light. Your guides and their guides will be there to help and protect you so just stay positive and focus on the beautiful light that is pure love.
I actually can relate a lot to you, I also feel more mature than the rest of the people at my age, and I love vintage too! My dream is to have a classic car, and idk, if you could email me at AresWulf911 [at] would be amazing!
1020coco in Strange Happnings
Hi Lovelight,

I hope that I can help in someway to clarify your experiences. I know that these occurrences must seem strange particularly since others around you don't see or hear what you experience. Keep in mind that you are not weird or crazy. There are many people that have gifts such as having premonitions and seeing objects. You have an ability and it's just like a muscle that needs to be exercised, if that's what you wish to do to experience your gift more fully. Meditation is the key and it doesn't have to be for hours, it could be 10 minutes a day. This will help with your psychic abilities as well as other benefits that are scientifically proven. The strange mists in your house are possibly spirits that are visiting you. It could be a family member that has passed. Don't be scared, just surround yourself with white light and ask for your angels to guide you. You can ask the mist, what is your name? You may be able to help the person. I have had some of the most beautiful experiences helping others cross over to the light. It doesn't seem possible or logical but it does happen.
I agree that meditating is really important. Even for 10 minutes to sit quietly and listen to music. I used to listen to a Native American flute cd and that helped. Remember to surround yourself with white light and ask your angels and guides to be with you and remember the thank them for their love and protection. Ask questions of the spirit such as how can I help you. Everything takes practice so take your time and be patient with your gifts. Always keep your focus on the light and love. Ask your guides for their names and to help you. I used to attend Wiccan circles and it wasn't for me. I prefer doing my own thing or going to a group that does meditation.
Thing I forgot to mention:
Im posting another story as fast as the creators authorize it
* I've seen this symbol my entire life, its like an A but with a 3 line in the middle
/ l
/ l
* My biggest fear is to die without knowing any of this things, and jus t the simple life of studying, work, mother, die. I know there is something else to this life than that, I have te urge to LIVE and discover the secret of life, all of tis stuff
* I went through depression and I think that that's when my "powers" where re-born. Lately i've been so desperait to know why I feel like I don't belong, that i've thought that if I died, I kind of would like it so I know what's beyond of this simple fake life, I'm not afraid of death

* I have no religion, I believe in everything actually, elfs, god, buda, magic, mermaids, etc. I know they're out there, just waiting for the right people to find them.

I'll say the rest in my next post
I would love to email and tell you about my experiences so please watch out for it my email is ravenmcclendon32 [at]
Heyy bluesock32: Yea, I actually was meditating for a while but I had to move so my house is not near where I went and Its hard to find a serious teacher. Send me an email if you can so we can talk and let me know what you've experienced and see if we could help each other, my mail is AresWulf911 [at]
M y mom nows this woman that knows about this kind of stuff but she says there is no way of getting in touch with he, and I feel like she could be The one to help me figure things out 😟 😟
You should try going to a quiet place and meditate, try really hard to focus on talking to them but make sure to stay relaxed. Hope this works:)
I have felt the same way with this, I also feel I have a connection with the moon and things like that I have experiences with the elements but I never know if they are coincidences. So I try meditating but I always stop maybe you should try meditating and see if something it helps you
I cried while reading your post, because you are like my mirror. I feel the same way as you do and if you could go to my profile to read my post so you could kind of know more about me, but basically I'm the same as you.

Please I just want to talk and not just read, because I read and read all this stories that we all publish but I feel like its not real and I'm loosing my hope. Please just write me at itsnadyaoli [at]
If any other person who reads this, please go to my account and you feel that way or know something, just please write me. I have to know I'm not loosing my mind or that I'm alone in this
OMG you don't know how happy I am that you commented, I really needed to know that I'm not the only one, whenever you can please write me at itsnadyaoli [at]
I don't fee human. I mean I know I'm human but deep inside I know I'm not, or at least no completely. As much as hipster may sound but no one around me understands me. I feel like my body is telling me I'm not human and I'm here or a reason, but I can get ir to come out.
Please I just want to talk and not just read, because I read and read all this stories that we all publish but I feel like its not real and I'm loosing my hope. Please just write me at itsnadyaoli [at]
If any other person who reads this, please go to my account and you feel that way or know something, just please write me. I have to know I'm not loosing my mind or that I'm alone in this
I cried while reading your post, because you are like my mirror. I feel the same way as you do and if you could go to my profile to read my post so you could kind of know more about me, but basically I'm the same as you.
Ever since I was a little girl I can feel what the others feel.
There was this one time when I was in kindergarten and a friend fell and hurted his knee and I could actually feel his pain.
There was this other time my mom told me about, that I was in like 1 grade and me dad and her picked me up in the van and I told the not to cry about the fight the just had before a got in, and the didn't say anything to me before that, like I knew abou their fight. Please I just want to talk and not just read, because I read and read all this stories that we all publish but I feel like its not real and I'm loosing my hope. Please just write me at itsnadyaoli [at]
If any other person who reads this, please go to my account and you feel that way or know something, just please write me. I have to know I'm not loosing my mind or that I'm alone in this
wow, I read what you commented on my "story" and I wold LOVE if you could like send me an email to you know, talk, because I have never like "talked" to someone with powers, or feels like me. Please I just want to talk and not just read, because I read and read all this stories that we all publish but I feel like its not real and I'm loosing my hope. Please just write me at itsnadyaoli [at]
If any other person who reads this, please go to my account and you feel that way or know something, just please write me. I have to know I'm not loosing my mind or that I'm alone in this
Omg...I've experienced these black hooded figures... When I was pregnant with my first child... I was six months... One day I fell asleep on my grandma's couch my uncle was there my grandma was sitting at the end of the couch I was laying on... I remember I was in between of sleep but still conscious... As I lay on my back I could feel a heavy weight sit on my stomach... I suddenly began to panic thinking omg my baby... I began scream calling my grandma who I can see sitting on the end of the couch with me but she couldn't hear me... She carried on talking with my uncle I be gan to realize my eyes were still closed but I could see clear as day through closed eyes... Suddenly the whole room began to change... I was being lead into a dark basement by a black robed hooded figure... As I get down the stairs I could see in the distance a fire burning... As I got closer I realize it was a big fire in a big steel can burning and there was a big whit circle on the ground whit a huge red star in the middle the tips of the star had white candles lit on each point of the star... But I can't remember how many points were on the star... Also there was another black robed figure there waiting... Suddenly the one that lead me down there push me to the other figure and it grabbed me and I tried to free myself I was so afraid and frantic but the figure held me with ease... No matter how much I fought to free myself I couldn't...the figure that lead me there began to tear away all my clothes I was naked asnd a one held me down in the circle and the star... The one that lead me down there began to rape me... After it rape me... It stood to reveal itself to me... It began to take the robe off... And I saw what it was very chilling... It was a skeleton all bones... After it made sure I got a look at it... It went right inside of my vagina... As soon as it went inside of me the weight on my stomach lifted... And I was back in the living room with my grandma... I jumped up crying omg grandma my baby my baby gone be evil... I explained to her what happened and she said to get the bible out... It was so real I was conscious of the whole thing it didn't feel quite like a dream... Til thos day I'm 38 my first born is 20...he's not evil... But it still chills me to the bone that I had that experience... Been trying to make some kind of sense out of it...creepy
I have something like this happen to me over the years a few times. It's always the same presence. At first I was scared, but after a while I got use to it being around, and comforting me. I believe it is my spirit guide, but I'm not 100% sure because the energy I feel isn't pure good. It has never tried to hurt me, and it can speak to me through my dreams.

You are most welcome.

I have read your words written on November 29th and in your most recent message. Taking into account all that you have said and respecting what you have to say, my position remains unchanged.

The internet is a strange place, like an electronic sea. Ships pass each other in the night and signal back and forth, showing respect and offering a guiding light. They may share information about dangers that lay ahead. Then they go their own way.

Be careful of the course you choose. The waters of life abound with rocks. I hope you find safe harbor.
I am wondering if someone or something is trying to tell you something or getting you to listen and open your mind. Have you ever looked into the Akashic records?
redcosmicdragon in I Keep Seeing Things
Hi! I may have had a similar experience. I have had so many. What shape was the gold northern lights? Are these blob type shapes?
BlueBean in Gift? Or A Curse?
It is ironic I came across your post.
I've often called what 'we' have, "My blessing and my curse."
I have many similar stories to yours.
It is your 'gift' to influence those around you in the best way you can.
I believe you are an old soul...
So often I see behaviors of people around me the ones that I love the most... And maybe they aren't being honest with themselves.
I know, you know- it's not a place for anyone to judge.
It's our place in your spiritual evolution to help them look to a positive lesson through traumatic situations.
We are so much more than we seem...
We are simple humans-blessed with uplifting other souls. Whether they are in this plain or the next.
I'll get off my soapbox.
Embrace the gem you have... Of intuition.
You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be!
Calm down and try to relax with your eyes closed. Your fear and anxiety will only block any actual visions you are having... Allow yourself to be receptive. Much information you absorb during the day has to be processed by the brain... When you turn on fear you prevent this πŸ˜‰
Panthalassa in I've Seen My Death
Mr Riggs thank you for all your advice and the time you took on it.
The visions began at least half a year before the entity came back, he had been with me for as long ago I can remember until he suddenly stopped when I was a kid and only came back last year, changed and feeling differently about me.
He often tells me to never think or ask anything about my death and tries to stop negative feelings by literally numbing me. He was also ready to move on very recently but decided to stay.
I'm not trying to justify him and I've learnt to trust nobody in my life but I'm sure he's not the problem in all this, still I appreciate the time you took to write your comment.
So I once had a dream were I was on a big boat ready to arrive into a island and my veins somehow were caught on something and they were pulled out of me I got scared and I woke up and I could feel my veins hurt and my heart was beating so fast that even aliens could hear it. I may have a theory about this. I have a scar n my head its like someone stabbed me with a knife or hitted me with an axe or something. The doctors can't tell what that is but it may have been something from my previous life or something... I really don't know what do believe. Those dreams of yours could be caused by a fear you may have or something that might happen in the future.
Mine too, My last Future Dream, I was at school and my teacher was at front explaining what to do, and I was looking at my classmate who was standing and answering my teachers question and carrying his Science book (Portfolio). And when I was at school (Real) I was at science class and all happened on the same time and same detail... The other one was at the mall, I was eating at a restaurant and I was talking to someone (it was so blurry) and by that time I was eventually at mcdonalds and was eating with my friend. Well I guess this future dream is true πŸ€”
No problem, glad I was able to help! I hope everything will work out for the both of you in the end.
I'm going to begin by asking your pardon should you find yourself offended by my comment. It is not my intent to do so.

It has been my lot to have inherited some psychic ability from my mother. Her gift was great, mine more modest. I believe I am also an empath, which has been a bit of a hardship.

Having read your post, I think what you are experiencing is a blend of empathic ability and human biology.

Your skills allow you to read love energy, and now that ability seems to be growing stronger. In other words, you have great perception in this area.

As a woman, you find a particular man attractive to the point of dreaming about him. You have dreamt of him getting you alone in a room. You find him sexually attractive to the point that you find yourself physically stimulated.

Awake, you are attracted but aware and respectful of his marriage. You feel good vibes in his presence. Asleep, in a dream state, the attraction may be less controlled.

I think it is not him, it is you. The root of this is basic biology. Men peak sexually early in life, women much later. As you are in your 40's, you are certainly in the zone to experience increased sexual drive and interest.

Your empathic abilities may provide you a more concentrated and pure source of love energy, but you biology is giving you an increased interest in responding to it. Your psychic ability may be an unusual skill not commonly possessed, your biology appears perfectly normal.

Depending on personal tastes and behavior choices, this could be an enjoyable and personally rewarding phase of your life.

Again, it is not my desire to offend. I only offer a perspective you may not have previously considered.
I have known the moment when my step-grandfather, grandmother, father, and husband passed. I announce it, then I think I am crazy. I also saw my best friend 2 years after she died. I was living in a different city and had 2 friends experience this with me. They didn't even know about her until it happened. They described her to a "T". I have wondered what it is, why I do this, and what to do with it. My dad and I used to talk to each other mentally also. He's the only person I have ever been able to do this with. I know it is a gift. I would like to be able to develop it and learn more about it. I am so glad that I'm not the only one.
The pendulum sounds interresting, I will give it a try and maybe search for someone nearby with more knowledge than me.
Thank you for answering my questions.
Well, I learned about spirits from experience (I live with 5). I suggest just browsing the web since it's a free resource, or going to your local library. But beware of the unreliable websites with no credibility.

You can also learn more by contacting others that can help you. Such as nearby real psychics and such.

You can also communicate with Ella by using a pendulum, which is super easy. They can range in sizes and prices, so just pick whatever that fits your taste. By doing so, hold the string/chain of the pendulum still. Ask her a question. When it moves, up and down means yes. Side to side means no.

Hope this helps! If it didn't, then I recommend to just do lots and lots of research. Don't get distracted in learning about bad spirits, just focus on Ella.
Any suggestion on what to read about to learn more? I am new to all this, and have a really hard time figuring out what is what?

Search this site: