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LadyBelle, what a beautiful experience. You've been so blessed. It is so good you're received such an affirmation that you're on the right path.

Ok I am going to jump in hear quick and give my 2 cents worth. I want to clear something up about Demons and other malevolent entities. There are no good Demons. There are good Angels and bad Demons and no mix between. The only so called good Demon is one that is trying to deceive you. They will even try to pretend to be a helpful spirit or resemble an Angel. They only do this to gain your trust. I have dealt with many in the past. Do not trust them. Luckily I have the ability to see right through their deception or disguise.

Now as for the 9 foot tall trench coat shadow person. I have dealt with him before and he or it does exist. He is a coward in my book. He likes to pick on little children and adolescents. He loves to instill fear and attack people in their dreams. He will show himself in our realm at night to people and sometimes act very helpful. Do not be fooled and do not believe anything he tells you. He will also try to get you to contact him through a Ouija board. Don't do it.

Cleanse your home and especially your room. Take control of your space and work on protecting yourself. Use meditation to help quiet your spirit and improve balance.

Another thing, this tall entity can and will come in different forms and is in control of a few minions or helpers that will come in the form of spirit guides. Don't let them deceive you either. Ask them questions constantly to double check their answers. Ask them about Jesus and see if they get agitated or aggressive. Even in your dreams if possible. Don't worry you can't hurt their feelings. πŸ˜‰
Just thought I would offer up a little info.
Jubeele in Body Pain
If you're experiencing body pain, you may wish to begin by getting a checkup from your doctor. This is just in case there may be a physical condition weakening your natural defenses. Afterwards, you may wish to seek out a religious priest or wiseman or natural healer, and speak to them for more advice.

Having dreams where you can't move may be a form of sleep paralysis. When I was going though a difficult relationship, all the negative energy at home affected me and I was getting waking dreams where someone/something was pressing down on my chest. I freed myself from the unhappy situation, saw a doctor and took up meditation/yoga and I've not had an episode for years. You can get help for this ailment.

I've never really tried crystals but there's plenty of information online to find out more about them. You may also benefit from some kind of cleansing/shielding at home to protect your home environment. There are many methods - choose one that suits you. One way is burning sage, followed by sandalwood incense; yang must be balanced by the yin element to keep the energies in harmony.

Is your grandmother or another relative still around to ask for information on your family history? My paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and myself all saw spirits or have experienced strange phenomena at some point in time. If you have inherited powers and abilities from your grandmother, you must not fear or give in to fear. You may feel uncertain because it is still new and unknown. But it doesn't have to be "bad". What matters is what you choose to do with it. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Baby steps first!
I have been trying to connect with the spirit world and I only sense a strong energy around me. I don't have a feeling of bad or fear. It's just a content feeling.

The only thing I invisioned lately is a blue eye with a yellow ring.

And the last time I meditated I felt like I was spinning inside and I got nervous and woke out of it. But not like a nervous scared more like naughtious if that makes any sense at all.

And one morning I woke up with the feeling of warm hug around my upper body but my feet were cold. I woke up with a this is a good day feeling. The blanket I had was wrapped around my body from my neck covering all down to my toes. It was a okay day, it was frustrating at first working on the house and the pets in the way but it was just a normal feeling after. Nothing to be sad about or extra happy over. No good or bad news of lately around me.

I haven't met a doppleganger. And maybe so your right because "I or she" had two tattoo sleeves and I have no tattoos on my arms or desire to do so because of the job field I am in. Referring to my last vision. The other two visions were identical to me.

But this event in the last vision I/she was at seemed to be for a new interest I have been taken a interest in lately that I'm working on. So who knows if it is of the future. Either way I am going to persue my new hobby whether it is a success or not. It's my creative scapegoat.

I only was able to astral project once but I was alone running the roof tops and skies. Or maybe it was just a really cool dream. Or maybe I was just unaware to enter the realms and stayed below. I guess if I have that experience again I'll figure it out.
ArcanumInvestigator in December 10th, 2015
Sounds like a premonition. All are welcomed, I'm sure you said goodbye.
ArcanumInvestigator in Visions Of Myself While Awake
You're having Out Of Body Experiences of sorts. Like* (Bi Location) Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming; also if the events come true you see its precognition. You're doing goodπŸ‘πŸ’―
First, I want to apologize for not responding all these months. I thought I had my email notifications turned ON if anyone commented on my post! So thank you for responding.

My synchronocities didn't start this year but in 2014 when I started seeing angel numbers (1:11, 2:22 etc). Front and center was the date of Aug 22. I started seeing it everywhere as Aug 22 or 8:22. I was doing research of a historic home that belonged to a late prominent writer's family. I discovered that on Aug 22 his cousin "Abel" died in the 1800s. Not a month later I also discovered it was the date that a fallen British king died (same name). This is the kicker-- I started to have dreams of an actor who was born on Aug 22 with the same name as the other two "Abels". I have no idea why. This year I've been having very strong dreams about this actor. That we were in past life together. Then just dreams of us talking about work & home. I've never met him in person. Three "Abels" that either died or were on Aug 22 but different years. Soooo...I'm still trying to figure out what the heck is happening! Any idea?! Thank you
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Martin in My Savior
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
With the evil demon things, try acknowledge that some demons can be good despite any anger or fear they may try to instill in you. It would show that despite their attempts, you can still remain open minded. Evil-demons would likely try to cultivate the thought that all demons are evil in order to get you in a closed and prejudiced mindset, and those who are in a closed and prejudiced mindset are more acutely influenced by fear and anger and are more likely to commit evil. The thought that some demons can be good can really safeguard your morality.
Creature_of_Darkness in Things Happen When I Think Of Stuff
That sounds like an ability to tell the very near future if you ask me (I think it is called clairvoyance). You might be able to control it by focus and meditation in order to widen it's scope and gain more precision.
Creature_of_Darkness in Visions Of Myself While Awake
My guess is that it is either your own mind or another spirit that is simply messing around with you.
Creature_of_Darkness in I See Ghosts, Empath, 3rd Eye
While I am not near the amount of psychic talent you have, I can definitely relate toward being out of touch with emotions. Since I was emotionally sensitive, I tried tuning out of my emotions completely to the point that I had difficultly knowing what I was feeling and was reluctant to express emotions, even happiness. Thankfully, I have realized how severely I caged my heart was and I am making a slow but steady progression toward emotional freedom. Try not to repress your feelings too much, even the bad ones. Be thankful for your tears as well as your smile.

Hi, I have a couple theories on what might be happening but, I need more detail. Keep everyone here posted on what you experience going forward.
Tell us if you get any gut feelings positive or negative. Let us know if you have been trying any medium-ship. There is a slight possibility of a doppelganger. Now don't freak out and think it is a death omen or something like that. It might be that you are getting visions of your look alike. I actually met mine or someone who looked just like me. I had just gone into basic training in the Army in Fort Jackson South Carolina. This man or look alike ended up in the same unit. He was from Kentucky. They actually made us stay together every where we went during basic training. You literally could not tell us apart. We were the same size, age, and hair color. We both have blue eyes. Our first initials were even the same but, we were not related at all.
I experienced kind of the same thing you did but a little different. I had vivid dreams of the future about things I did not understand until years later. I was dreaming about him and things he was experiencing. I even new the color of the house on the farm he grew up on. The only time I knew him was during basic training and when we finished I lost track of him. We went different ways in the military. It is a slight possibility that you might be going through something similar.
I am not necessarily a devout believer/follower of God, but I am familiar with the feeling of wings spreading on your back, I have also felt what it is like to have a muzzle, horns, long ears, a tail, and pretty much anything else you can think of. For the most part, I can control these feelings and imagine what it is like to have them on my own accord, but sometimes, it can happen without my full intent.
I'm not sure either. The last one I get that but what's the others? I'm lost on this one and I can't find any similar experiences online or with anyone I know
Wow your story is amazing. I've been trying to see clairvoyantly for years but all I see are coloured orbs. There are ways you can protect yourself and have more control over your abilities so you aren't open all the time. It sounds like you might need to ground yourself more.

Hope you have a great day
I've been seeing auras for many years, and if I don't practice enough it becomes harder for me to see the auras. So I think practicing would be a good idea, that way you can get back into the rhythm.
As for the invisible square that seems to affect other people, there are a few things as to what that could be. It could be a thought form, which is a thought that you have frequently that becomes more alive. Negative thought forms make people feel down, positive thought forma make people feel positive, and there are also thought forms which people create with a purpose.
The square could also be your energy focusing onto one point when you concentrate. When you concentrate, your energy might go to where your concentrating on. Like when you zone out to everything else when reading a good book or when having an in depth conversation.
The only thing I can think of is visions of the future? I don't know?
ok, from what I have read there is definitely a spirit there. And now there is a video I would like you to watch, which I will leave down at the bottom of this comment. The video is about Dominion, which is a power that all humans are born with. Dominion is the ultimate power of psychic protection, which all humans can use. It's why you don't hear people talking to their angels everyday, because they need our complete consent to come into our lives. We are so powerful that even angels and the higher forces above can't really do much for us until we let them. So earthbound spirits can never harm you unless you let them, or unless you don't know your own strength.
I am a medium and I used to be very afraid of Shadow People when I was younger. But that was very silly of me, for we're so much more powerful. An analogy that I heard once was that Shadow People are like young children calling us, the adult, mean and ugly.
If you still feel afraid you can always call on Archangel Micheal and Archangel Azrael to help you set boundaries with this spirit and Azrael to help move the spirit along.
And if you want I can see if I can't help the spirit too, she seems confused. I'll see if she wants to move on...
Yep, shes good now. She was very confused why someone was in her house, and she didn't know that she was dead. So she was a little pissed that someone was in her house and ignoring her, in her point of view.
Now it does sound like you have other spirits which are attached to you, but you can get rid of them pretty easily with the power of Dominion. Let them know they they are not to bother you or anyone in the house ever again. If you have anymore trouble you can contact me at mhodgson3095 [at], or you can consult with the folks over in the Lightworkers Lab, which is a big spiritual community that Crystal Anne Compton created, shes the woman in the video.

Here is the video on psychic Dominion:
I'm so excited that you have all these questions and are not afraid. That was something I struggled with a lot, it was hard for me to realize my power as a human being.
The power your feeling is called Dominion, and it's a form of psychic protection and can also be used for a variety of things. You should never be afraid, because that's like an adult being afraid of a child calling them names.
The silvery white figure you see is probably an angel or a spirit guide who is watching over you. There are many ways to contact them, through meditation, dream visitation, symbols, and so on.
The chills you get could have to do with past lives, they could also be hints at your life purpose, or it could be that you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP for short).
The electric charges you feel could be Spirit (God, Allah, whatever you want to call it) trying to contact you. But I've also heard of this as a symptom of the beginning of Astral Projection.

And lastly there is a Facebook community know as the Lightworkers Lab. It's free to enter and there are classes on things like this. It's a community where people of all ages, backgrounds, and religions can come together to share their experiences and help each other out. There are more experienced people there who can give you more information than I have! Here is their page

Yes please Jasmine94 that would really be great if you could help me:)
I have always had paranormal encounters. Thankfully I seen shadow figures at the corner of my eye, and not in front of me. I would probably have peed. This guy is a male and a female I think. The room I am sleeping in is the previous homeowner mother who is deceased. I didn't know who she was until she appeared clearly in my dream in this room.
i do get that feeling from time to time, I'm not sure what your abilities are I am too discovering my own. Sounds like you might have an attachment ask what she wants. Is she watching over you to help or does she need to crossover?
ArcanumInvestigator in Messages From Guides
Agreed, work on what relates to you and try to take the edges off. Just this week I had my roommates cat disappear. We knew something was wrong but didn't know, then 2 days later a crow appeared and wouldn't stop until I acknowledged. Problem is is one appeared before my dad died. Dreams and intuition. Have a more positive outlook. Hard I know but it is possible and definitely ask them on how to communicate better.

Good and bad are 1 but death isn't the end.
Hey I'm John I'm 19. If you are feeling positive, and see orbs it's a spirit of a angle. There are no such things as ghost, go to the words of God that says nothing about human spirits roaming this after we die. Only Falen Angels (Demons),and Angels, and the Holy Spirit, and the spirit of Satan. You are clairvoyant dig deeper into the words of God. Email me [at] Johnhendren17 [at] If you have any questions. I'm curious to some of the colors of these orbs that you are seeing, do you see anything like misty fog? Email me. I've got some abilities too. All from the same spirit (Holy Spirit) but rather would discuss them privately. Don't pay a lot of attention to the people who are telling you things on here that is outside of Gods word.
Hi Zanibell15, what you're describing sounds like clairvoyance, which is the category your account has been placed. If your experiences continue, it sounds like you could be developing a gift. Maybe you can keep a record of the times you were right or wrong, and then see how it develops over a time. It should be interesting. Sometimes, only sometimes, I just "know" who's on the phone even before I answer it (I don't think I'm really clairvoyant though).

There's an article on the site on different types of psychic abilities for your reference. I've attached the link to it for you:

Just curious: why did you pretend to be asleep when your father came to check on you and then later hide from him? Is everything alright at home? πŸ˜•
Sofia, I've suffered similar symptoms to what you've described for many years. The smallest things would make me collapse in a crying heap for hours and I had such shocking migraines and extreme mood swings. You really need to find a doctor or healer who will provide a holistic approach to heal both mind and body.

I've suffered from tension headaches or "neck headaches" too. The medical term is "Cervicogenic Headache". The pain and nausea can be quite debilitating. If that is the reason for your migraines, the symptoms can be eased by a good physiotherapist.

Among the various methods that have helped me through that period is meditation. Find a good instructor to help you. Deep breathing exercises. Relaxing, scented baths. Soothing music. Positive visualization. Then there are also cleansing/shielding rituals to consider, based on whatever belief systems you have.

But above all, do be gentle with yourself.
ArcanumInvestigator in Hearing Voices At Night2
I'm not familiar with this story. I currently live in NC, could you explain. It sounds like you're describing Clairaudiance.
You are not alone in your encounters. And certainly not on the time of things and life's sync or the watchful eye of those around you. So much of what you describe parallels my own. I truly feel your pain.

My family is a different story, yet it's not really common for us to talk about messages from our dead relatives. I'm learning and discovering my own PK and RV. Forged in fire from life. There are many options and others that are here to help in any spectrum and capacity.

Tristan Rimbaud

New Thinkng Allowed

If you have any question feel free to email, working to write my own experiences.
I agree with some of Jubeele's suggestions. I would suggest some other items but be careful and talk to your doctor first about drug interactions and health concerns before starting this regimen. See an herbalist and start using ginseng and lavender and similar herbs to help boost your immune system and detoxify your body. You need to regain your strength. Start as soon as possible and consume an herbal tee everyday for at least 2 weeks to help get your body working for you.
I would also use salt and possibly blessed water or oil n your home to cleanse with. I have other suggestions for later if needed.
I guess cryin is good... But not the way I am experiencing it. It is ruining my days. I Hvae the wrst headache and I cry and I don't even know why. I have such ache my body feels exhausted. Theese headaches last all day, sometimes even 2 days... Its horribel.
Hi Karlieann, you're blessed to have guides you can talk to. I usually have lingering impressions or emotions of varying degrees. Sometimes, I have messages in dreams. Most of the time they're frustratingly vague. But I find that meditation and finding that inner calm usually helps me focus better. When all the noisy background thoughts quieten down, suddenly a crystal-clear thought would float to the surface.

We are all constantly learning through life. Be gentle with yourself. 😊
StarWolf, what an awful ordeal. It's possible that the accumulation of negative energy may have impacted on your health. I don't think it's a coincidence that this black entity accosted you while you were in a weakened state.

One way to strengthen your defenses is to perform a ritual cleansing of your home. It will help clear away the negative energy and provide you with a healthier environment to regain your strength. Burning of sage, followed by incense may help clear the air as well. Use whatever means that best suit your belief system.

I can feel that you possess a core of strong inner strength. It will see you through this period. Take Care and be Well.
I just read your post and felt as though I needed to comment. I believe that it's very possible you are connected on a cosmic level. I'm happy to discuss further by email if you would like?
Hi Shadowsong, my heart goes out to you. I married against my parents' wishes, uprooted myself and left for another country. Then after more than six years, I learned that he'd never loved me. A person who doesn't value the gift of love from another isn't someone worth having around.

I feel that your dreams were your higher senses were warning you about your ex. It's clear that on some level, you knew about his duplicity and was somehow trying to warn your conscious self. Trust your instincts.

You're a precious person and worthy of love. Take care.❀
Insira, I wonder if this individual is some kind of "psivamp". There're people who are simply draining to be around. They may not consciously do this, but they can unload all their negativity onto others. You could be unconsciously healing him all this while...

I've a similar problem like that at the moment with some people around me. What might be needed is to learn how to erect some kind of shielding for our own protection. If anyone has any idea how we can learn to do that, I'd be really interested.
I was compelled to check back in just now. I was thinking about your issues. I am glad that I could help in some small way. It makes me happy when I can help relieve someones anxiety and confusion. I felt a weight lift and a change. 😊
I will warn you not to bring her mom into what you are going through. She is not equipped to talk about it right now and it will only bring her pain. Sometimes you have to be careful of what you share with people and who you share it with.
I hope you will find time and space to calm your spirit and mind.
Follow your gut instincts when you are confused. Your inner voice well help guide you. I would not get involved with your old boyfriend if you think you probably shouldn't. It is your life and only you can decide what path to take once you have the information. πŸ˜‰
sunshine_taylor in What Could This Dream Means?
It actually did! Yes it felt like she was still alive in my dream. It even felt like reality. I was even going to call her mom and tell her she wasn't dead she's alive. She was sitting beside me in the dream in an apartment. I'm about to move into an apartment so it's freaky. All the events up to her death and the trial that never happened, replayed itself. We was both on the floor laughing while she was doing homework. She even had braids. I miss my best friend more than anything

I hope what I am about to tell you helps you a little bit. I am also empathic and sometimes have episodes of remote viewing that I call traveling. It can sometimes become very confusing because it is kind of a split. You are existing in 2 realities at once in 2 time periods. You are in one place somewhat aware of what is going on, and your higher self is in another place interacting with and experiencing what is happening, or going to happen, or has happened.
Sometimes something very weird will happen and your higher self will attempt to protect you or warn you to change direction. This is a defense mechanism to try and bring you back into balance. Without this happening to an empath they will lose their sanity or become fractured. Your higher self is trying to auto correct or balance.
You need to back away from people and outside influences for awhile and relax, meditate, cleanse and recharge.
Your mind is trying to solve problems it can't and won't. Your higher self is trying to guide you away from it and down a different less destructive path. I hope this might help you in some small way.
Hi, I read your post and I can empathize. Go ahead and click on my user name and open my profile page. You will find past posts and an email. Go ahead an email me if you wish to. You can find a lot of information on this site if you take the time to browse around awhile.
I seen this same guy, first time ever. I am 24 years old. This morning around 5am 10/20/2017. I woke up, and I was laying towards the end of my bed and I seen this man criss crossed sitting with a tall hat, just sitting like he was meditating. It's like he was staring at me. It was like a shadow and I know he was there. I don't remember what I said but it was along the lines of leave I think. I was shocked because I knew I wasn't sleep. I prayed for a few seconds and went back to sleep.
LaliPeq and ThulsaDune,

I have never reached out to anyone or shared my stories, especially through the internet, but after reading this and the comment I feel inclined to do so. I have seen what I have believed are spirits for as long as I can remember.

It first started when I was 2 or 3. I had went to bed early one night and the next morning my mom came to my room to wake me up, only to find I was extremely exhausted. She asked why I was so tired and I told her "I went to paint the moon and the stars with Grandpa (last name) ". My mother was frozen in fear and absolutely terrified. Her father had died when she was 18 and I never knew him. I had seen one photo of him and asked "who is that?" and her response was "that's my dad". I described him, his dog, and his truck perfectly, and the weirdest part was knowing his last name.

For years after that I remember shadows in my room. A lady speaking to me from the foot of my bed. My room being engulfed in flames. As any child would, I told my parents, but they always told me it wasn't real. I told my mother for years that "monsters" came out of the corners of my walls.

It wasn't until I was 14 that I started having real paranormal experiences. I became obsessed with the other side. Each day I was more intrigued with talking to the spirits rather than humans.

The first time I made something move with my mind I was 7. For years I thought it was my imagination. I thought I was crazy and still honestly question my sanity.

I began trying magic to reach for further answers. This soon turned dark and those around me began to have an evil presence.

I want to start this by saying I was not religious... After having nearly every one of my fears trying to kill me, I heard a voice tell me to open my Bible that my great grandfather had given me. When he gave it to me he said, "you will need this some day". I put it on my bed and the pages began to turn. I read the scripture off the pages that we're shown and all spirits we're gone.

For years I felt peace, until recently. Something doesn't feel right. There aren't any spirits, but there is something within me that doesn't feel right. I have had dreams that have come true or I have asked someone something thinking we had the conversation, but find out it was something they were about to ask me about.

I have never felt "normal". I feel like there is this rage inside of me that I can not control. I would never want to hurt anyone, but I feel the constant urge to get out this rage and strength.

As an example, I felt this again this past week. I haven't worked out in months and decided I need to let off some steam. I ran 2.5 miles in 23 minutes, lifted weights, did over 100 push ups, and didn't feel as if I was pushing myself too hard. I am also a girl. It doesn't seem "normal" to me.

I have asked my family and my mother thinks I am crazy. My paternal grandmother has only told me to stay away from that kind of darkness, but that was all. Leading me to believe she knows much more.

This is only some of the stories... There are too many to share, but finding people with similar experiences makes me feel a little bit more sane.

I worry that I will always be searching for the answer.
Latest update: We ended up having a very traumatic breakup. He had been confused about me and the other girl the entire time. Betrayed us both. I said he needs to time get his head together and figure out what he wants from life. He is adamant he wants the other girl badly saying he has no romantic feelings for me and that he was an idiot, deluded himself to think he loved me.

Now we arent on speaking terms anymore. To realise that the years of the time we shared was nothing but a lie is extremely painful.

I guess the dream wasn't true about the outcome. He chose her over me.
I have actually written my dreams down in my journal. My dreams tend to be very weird. The baby has appeared a couple times, it's strange because me and him haven't really been talking, but he comes in my dreams very often. It's scary because it's like he's actually talking to me in my sleep.
ArcanumInvestigator in Staying Connected Via Dreams
Very nice, happens a little to me aswell, though mostly through dead family members, & my mom and brother. It's not uncommon for any of use to say hey, have you heard from so and so or did something happen. For instance when my friend Travis died my grandmother (deceased called me in a dream and told me she had something to tell me but didn't know how. A few days later my mother called and said I have something to tell you but and silence. I said just tell me say it. She said Travis died. Grandparents from my fathers side would visit, my dad just recently in May.

As for the lottery good luck on the next go aroundπŸ‘.
Have you tried journaling your dreams? It will help you remember the details.
Thank you very much πŸ™ it's trying at times, and I'm pretty much surrounded in real life by people who don't understand any of it, but I keep going cause I know all of it is interconnected somehow. Peace
ArcanumInvestigator in A Look In To Others Eyes
I'm reminded of Edgar Cayce, seems you are having global prophetic dreams. I have some here and there just not that big a scale, small things mostly of turbulence to come or points that need attention.
Hi, just saw my older screen name I gave to my Golden who when experiences started for me years ago, she jump on top of me in bed and cover me for protection. Weird things we saw before I matured. Now seeing from a canary for surveillance pure white energy dove goring trough ceiling. My canine caught in came canary to phone lifts her head up like no big deal. Lots of energy it has picked up making fire alarms go off had to remove one that was hard wired. I am Universal Empath I fell asleep was under weather the canine knew time to go out. I thought it was middle of night. I got up all around me light yellow color shivered of all these symbols covering me. Some looked ancient, some wavelike. I did seek courses for over 2 years to understand myself. My path was crossing lost souls over, but I feel my ability has gone a bit further than that now. It is not so easy to understand. I know where there is light there is dark. I do remove the dark I see. Trying to understand your abilities is a bit hard for even the computer can not find some answers for you. Like seeing other dimensions or parallel planes, others would think she is crazy. I now my grandkids see too. I know now my path is not just that simple as when crossing the lost over. For some reason I see energy. I can make energy. Yes, I have seen my Guardian Angel, not what I expected to either. She appeared small to me. I was a bit horrified, for what we think they should look like. She appeared once. She said, to me what is the matter, I said nothing why are you so tiny? Answer what is I was full size what feelings would you have? It was not until I read the Journey Home, information in there helped me. I see more written of Spiritual Alchemist, those that see energy and feel it. Yes, I see the in between I call them that for they are see through beings.? Plane. It just seems at my senior age my gifts are growing. I guess a lot of us have to learn and understand why and meanings. Like the pure white bird of energy flying up and out through the ceiling. My Golden caught on phone from my canary just looked and looked up like it was nothing. I saw it on the phone. I see wings awake above me on my ceiling. I am intone with angels and the light, but I find it is a path that we have to fight our path all the way, THE LIGHT WE CARRY. Not all heard or saw where from? Are of the Light also. Symbols is one thing I find hard to find the meaning also. English I speak, but messages sent rarely English. One was Ancient Greek meaning we exist and had a number to like 01 the backward E. I am retired RN. Have some health problems like most of us all. I know I must continue. For the darker side has tried to discourage me with things you can not imagine. My family has been affected from this also. But genetically have the gifts. But I remember then why I am here, and I know I picked my path also. I remember so well also why I was encouraged not to, but stubborn me took it on. I heard the warnings of pain, heart break, sorrow I may encounter. I still thought that here the LIGHT AND LOVE WOULD FINALLY WIN OUT. OUR PLANET AND UNIVERSE IS WORTH KEEPING SAFE FOR FUTURE GENRATIONS. It is so hard to get messages out when I see so many with so much greed in their heart. I know why we are here, try to change any who thinks this planet is not in jeopardy of us humans destroying the greatest joy of the Creatures inventions. Being a Universal Empath with so many gifts, but now it is Alchemist of Energy I see now. I may look on to site of spiritual alchemist on Facebook. Yes, we need to get together and teach and learn from each other. Only thing we could lose is the future of our generations we have given. Yes, Light and Love will eventually conquer the Dark and Hate and Greed, but I see chaos everywhere. Some have lost their site of why we are here. Someone has to try to bring it back indeed. Joan
Hi MyNameIsLukas,

I hope you don't mind me reaching out but I came across your post and I'm a Casting Director working on a really exciting new show that I think you might be interested in.

We are looking for children/teens all over the country that may have some form of psychic abilities or spiritual giftedness. Our goal is to shed a positive light on these exceptionally unique individuals and help them and their families develop a better understanding of their incredible gifts.

I'd love to chat with you in more detail about the project and your incredible abilities if you're interested. Please shoot me an email at raisingparanormalcasting [at]

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

ArcanumInvestigator: I agree about the good fight. You know it's good when you feel it's worth it no matter the outcome. I've seen that you're into lots of psychic areas. That's great. Knowledge is power so keep up with that:-)
AnneV: thank you for your kind words. I couldn't agree with you more. In general, it's relieving to meet people who do not judge, but listen and even motivate you for being who you are and for reaching your own potential. In the end, when you find peace and love within that's how you vibrate no matter the surroundings. And then even 'the loneliest person in the world' isn't alone.
I agree with Anne, we can only do so much. Sometimes all we can do is put it out there to let other inspire to seek for themselves. Being an Empath is very lonely. I understand, the worlds a mess. As tired as fighting the good fight is it's about all I know.
sunshine_taylor in Feel Like I'm Being Watched
Even though this is old Thank you so much for posting this! I often feel watched in the kitchen. Every since I seen the previous homeowner Mom it's been happening. When I leave the room and head towards the kitchen I'm afraid to do anything especially when it's still night outside and it's quiet. I'm afraid of washing my hair. When I wash my hair it feels like someone is standing over me watching me. When I cook breakfast it feels like I'm being followed around the kitchen. Around the house in other rooms is okay but that kitchen creeps me out. I have already had enough paranormal experiences.
Hello and thank you for sharing your story with us.

Can I ask you a question? Did you son ever say "how" to help your daughter? He said to "help" her, but he didn't say anything else? Usually, when people have violent or tragic deaths, their spirits aren't fully at peace. Some people are doomed to roam the Earth, while some are able to be "ushered" from their spots on Earth to heaven or hell.

You can also try to message me privately if you don't feel like sharing this publicly. I will do the best I can to try to help.
Possibly Psi Ball, a collective of Psychokenetic Energy. Might be a by product of the relationship stress all the emotions and restlessness energy form and release.
I believe that your wife is correct; it may very well be her brother.

Because of the nature of his death (suicide), he might be stuck in "limbo" and might not be able to "pass" onto the other side.

The reason why I think that this is a "good" spirit, is that it made you feel at peace. If this were a demon or something or an evil nature, you would not feel at peace at all. If anything, you would feel fear.

What I recommend to you is to try to get a priest or someone (depending on if the brother was raised in a Christian way or not) to help him "pass". I feel like he is reaching out to you because he wants to pass. The reason why you can see him is that he just happens to "appear" in your wife's bedroom, and you just happen to be there.

I hope that this helps and please keep up updated!
Well LadyBell, you're not alone. All I can say is 'ditto' but as you pointed out, we came here for a reason, though it is very painful being here. People find you weird because you don't resonate with the masses. You're either part of the flock or that person who makes others uncomfortable because they don't want to have to look deeper, yet you just observing them points that out. 'Birds of a feather...' want to surround themselves with that. If you don't share their desires for what they want, you're just an annoying reminder about what lies beyond the surface. But alas, here you are. I think you just being here is raising the vibration so keep just being you and doing your part to elevate 'that what is.'

I know this is a very old thread but I just had to comment. In all the years I've experienced this phenomenon I've never thought to google it. I hope you've found some answers to your questions, I wish we could connect because you sound a lot like me. I do wonder if the tears come from being an empath, but anything from ghosts to aliens, will make water pour from my eyes. It's almost more tears than if I were sad, just unstoppable fat tears pouring uncontrollably from me. It can't be just any story or situation either, it has to be something that strikes me as or resonates as true to me. Sometimes it will happen in front of people and they stop whatever they're saying and ask if I'm okay and I have to explain that I'm not sad or scared, it just happens to me, always has, and I cannot explain it. But it feels much better to know I'm not alone.
For some reason when I tried to type your name, I kept typing and seeing LadyBelle. I don't know what that means but, it took me three tries to finally put your user name down correctly.

Like you I went through the same thing when I was a teenager. I am familiar with this entity you are describing. It is not a ghost. It came to me in the form of an older white haired woman. It had with it 2 very tall thin minions or slaves that it controlled. These minions had no faces but only depressions where their eyes and mouths should have been. She and they tried to attack me in my room 1 night. She or it stated to me to my face that I belonged to it, and it would take me and there was nothing I could do. I prayed for God's help and I fought it off. She or it could not touch me, but ordered it's minions to do it for it. That night I received a gift I did not know existed. I was able to cause pain to these entities. If I reached out and grabbed a hold of them they would be burnt where I touched them. As soon as it witnessed this all 3 of them shrieked and vanished within a couple seconds of each other.
I had scratch marks on my body when I went to my mom and dad to show them. The marks were on my back where I could not reach them. My mom and dad did not know what to do or what to say when I told them.
This happened in our reality in real life, and was not a dream. I will not call you crazy and I do believe you experienced what you did.
I carried the scars for awhile and they slowly went away as I got older. Back then I could have showed anyone the reality of what had happened to me. I also could have showed them that it was 3 claws that cut into my back!
In the past I have dealt with dark entities, poltergeists, Demons and Ghosts. In every occasion there was always someone playing with or practicing Black Magic, Dark Arts or Satanism.
It always leads to these practitioners being affected or used by these entities.
In every instance a sacrifice of some kind is offered up, usually an innocent.

All of it can be fought and made right again. You just need to decide which side your on and learn to be brave and reject fear.
As human beings we are afraid of everything from birth. We learn how to work through our fears and show bravery in the face of adversity. Nothing can prepare us for the paranormal. We have to learn to work through that by ourselves. We are not brought up by our parents, and society on how to deal with it. Society calls us nuts because they can't or don't experience what we do.

Going forward if you need help and are serious contact me through my profile page. I will not make fun of you and convince you that you are wrong. I see my curse as a gift or a duty that I must fulfill when possible. I sometimes feel alone in groups of psychics, because I guess I am rare. Most people with our shared gift take the wrong path and fall into the traps laid before them. I do not post all of my stories, but will let some parts of them come out in comments. I hope that it will help warn other would be psychics of the dangers out there in the other realms. Above all learn how to protect your self.

Hope to hear from you in the future. I believe I can answer many questions you have. Some answers may not be what you want to hear, but at least you have someone willing to talk about them. πŸ˜‰
Since I was younger my brother and I have experienced things most would consider crazy, he can see spirits and I can dreamwalk both of us feel as we don't belong here as if we're needed badly somewhere like a longing of somewhere but we don't know where as we grew up my brother just shoved away himself and quit talking about it and trys his hardest to fit in and I did for awhile but I just couldn't take the way people are I feel different and more mature the older I get the stronger it feels I have no interests in what most do and I just always feel I'm meant to be somewhere like I'm not human I know sounds weird but it's true I just can't seem to ever be at peace until I'm looking into the sky and I just feel like I'm needed I don't know what this is or why but I ran into a few people who feel the same seeing number patterns not once or twice a day but all day everyday and just notice what most ignore when I go somewhere like out in the country only certain areas I feel I've been there like devau and constantly can see things coming but don't know how I could I'm starting to pull away from socialism the friends I do have its like I sense they just want to belong and not just them I can sense other people stuff to like if someone's having a bad day in my mind I kind of see what's going on, how can I understand their feelings without them saying or even knowing them, why do I feel at peace with the sky more than anything else on this planet I see things in my dreams now places I've never been and some of them are exteme but I've never met these people why do I dream of them I feel like I'm going insane please is there another out their
I empathize with you and your family. I may be able to give you some help privately through correspondence. Contact me through my email me at desertdan91 [at]
You can click on my user name and find my profile page.
[at] katarina and everyone else! It is great to read this! I have several other abilities including remote viewing but I am glad that I meet some people that have this time thing going on. I be knowing what time it is as soon as I get up without looking at the clock and I be spot on. It seems to happen while I am sleep. It is nice to meet people that has this time thing going on. Synchronicity plays a huge part in my abilities.
sunshine_taylor in Instant Psychic Visions
is anyone still active for emails? Peppers I emailed you, I hope I emailed the right person. Have you received anything?
sunshine_taylor in Words Popping Up In My Head
Since I posted here I have discovered a lot including trances and remote viewing. I first gave it a name daydream seizures but I later discovered what I was experiencing. I am beginning to be in tune with my gifts and the other abilities I have as well. I thank everyone for their tips and responses. It is hard being this way because of the fear not being able to be accepted in society.
hello, this is an old post, but its top result on google so other may come and read. I want to share my experience.

I've had sleep paralysis before, I used to panic because of breathing, but after researching I found out I can breath automatically (as we do while we sleep). So then the next time I had it, I relaxed instead of panic and it was calm, I pushed out to the side and I had an OBE experience. So I am comfortable in sleep paralysis.

Last night I had a different experience, like many others had. An entitiy sitting on my chest. The entity did not have a form, it was like black smoke. I've seen black smoke before, once I was in a club, I took in a huge ballon of laughing gas, the music slowed down like they turned of the record player, and I sat on the club floor, and I remember seeing black smoke inside every person around me on the dance floor, they were all speaking to eachother while looking at me. Even though the bodies were facing the opposite way. I heard whispers like "what happened to him?" "is he ok?" blah blah. So I know they are human spirits.

Back to last night. I had this entity on me. It was a bit mad like shouting at me when I think of particular things. The shouting translated like energy. You know on a rollercoaster when you resist you feel the gforce in your chest? Its like that, like an amplification of that tight chest. But I relaxed and I said "hey are you my spirit guide, what's up? Hows it going?" It didn't speak to me but it opened up, it communicated to me through images, it took me to my old family home, and I remember confusing angles and scenes that I can't translate into any message. It didn't make much sense. It was not attacking me, it was more annoyed at me. Maybe I was being slack or messing up my life?

I had depression for last 2 or 3 days, after giving up smoking weed. So maybe the entity was sitting on my chest because it was repairing my heart chackra? I think it was my father, he was a bit angry in that way, but not agressive, just loud and vocal but halmless. I feel that any black smoke is from people we know on the spirit level, be it dead family freinds, or spirit guides.

I was told in a channelling that "dont be afraid of creatures that would scare others". Meaning an entity that is your spirit guide might scare you because it looks like a goblin, but they are not evil, they are your freinds and they are working with you and protecting you. Relax, and be friendly, you will be supprised by its reaction. Maybe you need a good kick up the arse to get your life in check;-) Or you need some healing. Your soul is indistructable and only things can happen to you can happen with your permission. So... Use that as reassurance and be more confidenct if it happens to you.
sunshine_taylor in Message
yes my best friend and I am going to see a psychic as well. I have several abilities and can't no longer ignore it. Have you seen a psychic since you posted this?
I was wondering why "concerned about my abilities" popped into my head as I was looking for a topic to put down lol your article already says it. There was also an documentary about this called sleep paralysis
I actually have this ability as well dealing with synchronicity. Words would pop into my head that I am either getting ready to hear or read somewhere. It isn't easy either. I was sitting down one day and a number popped into my head of a plane. I later learned that it was an Air Force plane that had just crashed.
Unique-unicorn in Alien Empath Life Struggle
I went through basically the exact same thing and I'm still battling it but I'm no good at typing and I'm not sure the rules on here but if you could email me or something it would make talking a lot easier
ArcanumInvestigator in Spirits Keep Returning
Hello I'm originally from New Mexico Albuquerque. Sorry to hear about your daughters disturbances. Could you tell me more about the incidents and you say from birth she's had spirits around her?

She might be gifted. There are 37 Paranormal Groups maybe they can investigate or refer to a medium to validate and ease everybody's handling.
Creature_of_Darkness in Shadows That Chase The Light
I have little to no knowledge on this sort of thing, but that does not mean we can not speculate. Do you think this implies that there is somewhat of a threat toward any potential ghosts and other supernatural beings (if any exist) within the 'afterlife'? I have read off a Satanist article which states that spirits and entities like it are capable of feeling acute pain, much like how we feel physical pain, and that a spirit's energy can be drained or lost to the point that they could dissipate from reality, only to awaken a significant amount of time later with little to no recollection of the past. If this article was true and if it is implied to your experience, one could infer that it is possible for the spirit world to host predators of a sort, like a 'devourer of souls'.
Creature_of_Darkness in Severe Headache And Dizzyness
You can cry? That is nice. No matter how hard I try, and how sad and empty (or bittersweet) I feel, I am pretty much unable to shed tears. I have cried before, but it only really happens less than 1 time per 2 years. It can feel quite torturous not being able to express your emotions despite your effort, so be glad that you can cry.
Greggb and LadyBelle,

I remember when this post was first published.
I would like to tell you both and others that you are not alone and that the are many with the same feelings.
As to the poem that was posted, it easy to understand. I hope that many will read it and get the point or should I say view point, from a higher power. πŸ˜‰
I was surprised when you mentioned dragonflies. Can you provide me with any info you have on them?
I feel connected to them for all my life and it's not something you can describe but rather feel. I've read all kinds articles about them, but haven't come across on anything that would explain dragonfly-human connection. What's your opinion on that?
When it comes to loneliness, pain, love, being different... I hope you're aware problem isn't in you. People don't understand you or maybe they're afraid you and that's why you feel not having anybody's support, they just don't know how to communicate with you. What you want is something they can't give you because you're on different evolutionary levels. You are able to understand that and forgive them. The real problem is not having someone from your own kind by your side. I know how it is. This is the role I have accepted and turned my pain into happiness. How? I do what I love (like hobbies, things that fullfill me) knowing there's a reason for me being the way I am. There's a bigger picture to all of this, believe me. Love and accept yourself, love and accept people around you. When you start opening to the universe things start to happen and answers start to come 😊
It sounds to me like you had a dream and the planet Neptune was aligned with you. On a Maha Yuga chart the planets are in a chart Vulcan-Red, Neptune-Pink, Venus-Orange, Mercury-Yellow, Saturn-Green, Jupiter-Blue, Uranus-Purple We are in the age of ultra violet light and Uranus is the sign of Aquarius which we are in the age of. You can interpret this as you like but this video was extremely helpful when I had my initial psychic experiences -
It's good that you would like to use that knowledge to help people, but does it really mayter what label it goes under?

To heal somebody you could manipulate your energy in a way where it could clear that spot, but you would need to get good at manipulating your energy with a specific intent.

I would start off with meditation, but also viualise your energy and move it around your body, just practise and you should notice a change after a while.
To me it sounds like you have the abilities of an empath, empaths do tend to pick up on people's emotions and channel them, but then again anyone who is advanced spiritualy can do this too as they are more in tune with energies so they are able to pick up on things around them quickly.

I used to dream of events that would later come true, but not all of them have maybe they will maybe they won't, some visions are shown to us as a sign to warn us of what could happen if we continue down the path we are on.

I would say that meditating regularly is a good way to start building focus and through that your sensitivity will improve over time, but you also need to know how to protect & clean yourself from all the negative stuff that you pick up from people.

If you would like to know more then feel free to send me an email it's in my profile, I will be waiting.
Hey Jasmine94,

Your story seems interesting, although I'm curious, why do you want to know this? What would you do if you knew?

I think we should have a conversation so that we could share our experiences with each other, possibly gain knowledge from one another maybe I could point you in the right direction or give you some advice at least.

I would like you to email me at legit47 [at], I hope to hear from you soon.:)
sunshine_taylor in Warning Dreams Of Danger
I have warning dreams as well. Did anything happen to her? I have multiple abilities myself
Hi turtlelove,

I'm a Casting Director working on a really exciting new show that I think might be a great fit for you and your children.

We are looking for children/teens all over the country that may have some form of psychic abilities or spiritual giftedness. Our goal is to shed a positive light on these exceptionally unique individuals and help them and their families develop a better understanding of their incredible gifts.

I'd love to chat with you in more detail about the project and your incredible kids if you'd be interested. Please shoot me an email at raisingparanormalcasting [at]

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Hi Salvation2012,

I'm a Casting Director working on a really exciting new show that I think might be a great fit for you and your son.

We are looking for children/teens all over the country that may have some form of psychic abilities or spiritual giftedness. Our goal is to shed a positive light on these exceptionally unique individuals and help them and their families develop a better understanding of their incredible gifts.

I'd love to chat with you in more detail about the project and your incredible son if you'd be interested. Please shoot me an email at raisingparanormalcasting [at]

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Hi Helpforken1,

I'm a Casting Director working on a really exciting new show that I think might be a great fit for you and your daughter.

We are looking for children/teens all over the country that may have some form of psychic abilities or spiritual giftedness. Our goal is to shed a positive light on these exceptionally unique individuals and help them and their families develop a better understanding of their incredible gifts.

I'd love to chat with you in more detail about the project and your incredible daughter if you'd be interested. Feel free to shoot me an email at raisingparanormalcasting [at]

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

I have recently (Today) saged and set intentions using palo santo afterwards. Whilst doing this around my house and myself, I felt ghosts/spirits touch me when they'd only touch me when I try to sleep. I'm not sure how i'm supposed to find a spirit portal or something but I felt like an electrifying/cobweb feeling energy in the air in my mum's bedroom.

When I saw this comment I went back into her room and felt the same energy, but I started to feel pain on my hip bone like something was poking me hard. I saw like a black orb or something appear beside me. Whilst I was trying to search for a cursed object or something.

And I will do.
CrimsonAngel921 in Demon Or My Mind?
Thank you, empathca123, for your input on my situation. I have only had this dream about a child that one time but I find myself on multiple occasions thinking about this dream and tying it into many dreams I have been having as of late, even if they have nothing to do with what I saw. I have become very scared for the future and what it will bring for my child and myself. It will be some time before I even decide to become a mother, however, I do not want my child to suffer through these feelings as well. Or at least until I am able to sort out what is the cause of my dream and the feelings that keep occurring. I will most definitely take your advice and invest in some sage and look into the crystals. I will do anything to remove this dark energy from hovering over myself and my future.
I can completely relate to this, I must say I feel far more for animals than I do for people. They are just pure, loving and untainted by all the things that happen in our world. Yet they are the ones that suffer. It breaks my heart.
I have a love for animals, especially my cats, that I cannot explain. They know and feel everything. Why should factory animals be subjected to such pain.
I have considered that. I do feel a lot more than I should and am drawn to animals and nature far more than I am to people. Sometimes I feel as though there's something powerful inside me screaming to get out. I can't explain it.
I'm 23 I just wish I knew where I belong. Knowing "I belong to the night" isn't enough, I need to know why.
ThulsaDune in Pulse
Hi, I believe you might have a couple of gifts you don't even realize yet. I am going to ask you a couple of questions that I believe I already know the answer to. When you touch shopping carts in a store do you get shocked or feel electricity or energy pass through your hands? Do light bulbs instantly blow when you touch a light switch to turn them on? Do self check out devices always screw up when you try to use them? Do battery operated devices go dead too fast when you use or carry them?
If you answer yes to a large percentage of these questions you probably have electro-kinetic abilities. I myself experience these things all the time practically every day. Sometimes it can get quite frustrating. I also have street lights turn off when I drive or walk under them.
Another item I myself experience is getting amped up when thunder or lightning storms develop. I start to feel jittery when the atmospheric charge starts to increase.
You talk about the world seeming to slow and your moving faster. Sometimes this is caused by a rush or flow of Adrenalin. It will cause all of those descriptions you talk about that you perceive physically. The Adrenalin changes how your brain uses information coming in.

I am Swedish and I come from a line of berserkers'. My family members have a physical change that happens if we get too angry. Mine is to the extreme if I lose control. I get so flooded with Adrenalin that at times I blackout or have no memory of what I have done and feel no pain. My body and mind change. I get the strength of 2 or more men and feel no pain during injury. I have had my head split open by a quart beer bottle and never felt it until later when I come out of the altered state. My mind becomes razor focused just before the blur of motion happens. Oh I forgot I move lightning fast in this altered state. I have literally disarmed my attackers and used their own weapons on them before they realized what was going to happen. I was attacked one night by a robber with a knife and I was unarmed. He thrust a knife toward my stomach and I was already moving by the time I got a good look at the butterfly knife. I reached out grabbed the blade and popped it out of his hand and thrust it into his thigh in about half a second. I backed up ran to the nearest building and called the police. 4 witnesses saw what happened and told the police the same story. The attacker jumped into a car that pulled up and took off.
The point is I knew what was coming before it happened and it was like a blur to me until I calmed down.
I think some of us under tremendous focus can see a short distance into the future or affect things immediately around us. I was seeing and reacting to things twice as fast as my attacker and possibly saved my own life. I don't know that I would have died but, I definitely would have needed a hospital.
I never got a scratch on me or my hand. It was unreal.
The witnesses said they saw the guy pull the knife out and next thing it was in his leg.

I am just giving you an example of altered perception of the world around you, but everyone has unique experiences.

Well I can tell you that you are not crazy and I believe you. You are experiencing things in my wheelhouse. In the past I have been involved with all of these phenomenon either in person or helping other people. You can click on peoples names and open up their profile pages and read past posts. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this site. I am one of them that deals with protection and cleansing. I can't help you in person because I am in another country but, I can give you advice that might help you. If you can find someone in your area you need to perform another cleansing. You also need to see if you can find someone to look for a cursed object. You have an open portal on your property that needs to be sealed or closed and cleansed. Try to find someone to cleanse your home right away.

I usually only post on this site when I am compelled to or get a vision or information pointing me toward someone. I got a vision of a small object or dark spot in a home with energy moving through it back and forth. It has been there awhile and unnoticed by the inhabitants. I can't quite make out the object only the energy passing back and forth. Normally I zero in on things when I can visit the area. For me my gift works like hide and seek. I know something is hiding but I feel the difference in energy levels getting stronger or weaker as I move through the area to pinpoint it. I can't be exact from remote but get an image in my mind or dream about it. You need to find someone like me in your area to help you. Contact me if you wish to and I promise I will not ask anything of you. I only wish to help those that I can.
Click on my profile and you can look up some info and send me an email.
I believe I can help you.
Look into chiari malformation with your doctor. It also can cause many of the symptoms you are talking about. My wife had to have the decompression surgery, and it helped with many of her symptoms.
It is just another avenue to look into. It took us 2 years of different doctors before getting the correct diagnoses. Many doctors kept saying it was psychological or neuro or stress induced. We finally found a doctor that would look farther and it was a teaching college.
It sounds to me you have blocks/distortions in your chakras. You shouldn't be crying like that for no reason. And headaches can often stem from emotional blocks too. I had a girlfriend once who got migraines like that and it was largely due to feelings of fear and control. If a doctor has found nothing (and a doctor is where we should start with health issue), then you may want to visit a natural healer who can actually see your chakras and help you with that.
Hope you can get to the cause of your pain.
AutismRobotrix in The Possessed Radio/car/tv
AnneV, we tried that. It didn't work. Everything's OK now. Thanks for the advice.
AutismRobotrix in The Possessed Radio/car/tv
The song was 5 Nights at Freddy's Salvaged. He's awake now. But he lost two limbs. An arm and a leg.
Thank you for the comment Anne, I appreciate the input. I heard about Mothman but I haven't really done any looking into him I just assumed he's got wings and I know this thing didn't. The thing that appeared before me was probably around 6ft or so and was maybe 2ft away from me. As for any disasters... I'm not quite sure. It's a small town built on native grounds. I know I walk through some wendigo territory on the way home but I didn't think it was a wendigo. You're right it didn't attack, but it felt so real to me and looked so real... I can't imagine that have been someone pulling a prank on me and at that time nonetheless. The walking dead is a terrifying thought and so true! Thank you for the link as well, I will definitely look into this further.
You didn't say how tall it was but regardless, that's very terrifying. Non-physical entities don't generally appear when people are not in an altered state like sleep (hence "night terrors", "hag syndrome" which happens while sleeping, "sleep paralysis and voices" and so on). That's not saying it can't happen because it has, it's just not as common. Second, either you work where it spends time at night or it manifested just for you. Or third, it could be someone playing a joke. It's noted here it didn't attack, just gave you a fright.

We all go through dark periods in this life so I'm not sure how much was brought on by you. I think if we all manifested demons when things are down, it would be like the walking dead on earth.

The other thing that comes to mind is the Mothman Prophesies. I wrote an article about that on my sister site to this one:
You may find some parallels there. Has there been any history of disaster there?

I don't know if anyone can know for sure what this is since they didn't witness it and it was dark. But I wouldn't take risks and walk alone at that time of night unless you absolutely had to. I think I'd find another job over facing that thing again, whatever it is.

I'd research more on Mothman.

Thanks for sharing and if you ever feel you get a handle on what it is, I hope you share that.

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