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Hey there,
Before I go any further, I would like to clarify that spirits as well as demons are real, I know this because I have had personal experiences with them. I believe that your mother is actually not seeing her deceased sister and this is because of the huge time gap, although it is possible for spirits to linger about for whatever reason I don't think that this is the case here, possibly your mother has been thinking too much about that situation and the guilt has become strong enough to attract some unwanted attention. Bad spirits and Demons use these negative feelings to attached themselves and feed from our energy. Is your mum a believer? You could suggest that she prays to God and talks about this feeling and asks for some help with releasing it.

If you would like to talk about this further I would be glad to give you more information my email is in my profile so feel free to leave me a message.

Furthermore you can reassure your mother that she is not being punished by her sister.
Hello Sunshine Taylor,

Spirit people talk in that manner to us, sounds like our inner voice when we talk to ourselves and they could back it up with some emotional charge, as for me I usually get these things, maybe just a word or even a sentence, I get pictures in my head and get to experience their emotions, got a spirit here which I call Anna, he/she usually does this to talk and sometimes I get a lot of hugs;)

I hope you arent afraid of this because you shouldnt be anyway:) if this person/spirit wants to talk to you, you could get these kind of symptoms

1: light pressure on your chest indicates they personally want your attention and to talk to you about something.

2: breeze like chill in one spot close to you, just their spirit body standing close and trying to appear to you.

3: tickling sensations on your scalp, feet, hands and legs, could be someone who likes you a lot and just want to let you know they are there for you, also it kind of feels like a feather going through your hair.

4: inner voices, emotions, smells, pictures in your head that pops out of nowhere and etc...

Got any questions about any of this?:)
Hope I helped.
When I close my eyes, it's different. I see kind of an x-ray and I can see waves in the air. I'd say for the first one, you're gifted to be able to see otherworldly things. For the second one, I have no idea. I'm not sure if this is part of you being able to see things, but that is a special gift. For the fourth one, if you keep having these dreams, it may be that something or someone is trying to tell you something about your powers or you're experiencing a possibility of a new ability. For the last one, that's being an empath. I am one as well. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!:)
Hello, I hope this is how I communicate with others that have commented on my story. A lot of you have put that these feelings I get are actually my own, and are happening by the negativity and what is affecting me in my surroundings, but I have not read much about any spiritual form of this. I feel this way if I focus in on my energy on something. Like a person for example. Thinking of that person can give me a weird, no name feeling. It is not like any other emotion I have ever heard or known of. It is as though I am feeling there soul, rather than how they might make me feel. It always feels as though it comes from outside of me, rather than me. This happens with everything, if I try to feel it. Every morning my dreams give me these feelings though, and some music. Music takes me to other dimensions I swear. These feelings are otherworldly, explainable. Like the heart beat thing I talked about is me feeling the inner pulses of the spiritual world. I know there not my own, because I know myself quite well. I am my own best friend. I know myself more than anyone. I've tried finding the names for the feelings everywhere, and nothing fits. There are only words that simply put a emotion as unexplained, or otherworldly. I've never done drugs, or weed, and no alcohol either. I have just explored this thing I found so deeply that I feel as though it is something extremely deep. The way I feel this, and the way I see these feelings, it feels like my own personal finding of the underlying spiritual realm. Thank you for all who has commented. Smile
starsofclay in Breaking Telepathy
I don't know for sure, but I would research how to cut cords the way empaths must do in order not to absorb negative energy from others.

And I would hate to add to your confusion, but the way you are describing the situation, he sounds like he could be your soul mate. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are meant to be together in this life, and you will have many lives in the future to find each other again. Perhaps his soul unconsciously missed you deeply and seeked you out. It will take a lot of meditation and soul searching on your part to ever know the truth.
Recently since 48 hours did a story on a serial killer they dubbed the Golden State Killer who operated up and down the coast of California, then disappeared about 40 years ago. Much speculation as to whether he is still alive. I have begun meditating on the case, and have been told by the spirit world he is still alive and I hear the words Kansas City.
He is not pleased that the story is being so widely discussed on the internet.
My notes say since his killing spree so many years ago he dropped out of site and tried to have a normal life, possibly marrying and having at least one child and blended into his new world like many other people working an ordinary job and hoping to bury his past but now it is coming back to haunt him.
They have several pages on Facebook where everyone is posting as they try to find clues to find him and so this morning I went on Facebook and posted what I know about the case as I gathered it as a psychic and I am hoping all the armchair detectives and others searching for this killer puts their collective minds together and help to catch him and I will do my best to help by continuing to gather information as a psychic which I intend to pass along in an effort to help catch this very violent killer from the past.
Can anyone help me, I have recently got more signs, I have no one I can talk to and I really need advice on the husband situation please can someone comment on my above situation. Thank you x
Bella9 in Am I Empathy?
i understand those feelings. I always have vivid and lucid dreams and they always come true. All of the dreams, show where I will go next and I just wait for it to come to me. Eh, Deja vu is like everywhere, i've been feeling Deja vu quite often these past few days. Sometimes I dream about something like how to open the item and then when I wke up tomorrow, I just open the item. I know about the moody thing, I think you can control it, try not to absorb so much. I mean open. You can control it, cos I did. I used to be so moody. Go meditate. I can't really meditate because I know there's "someone" watching me, and I don't really like it and its hard for me to do it. You are not crazy. Being empathy is kind of awesome cos people can't lie to you, cos you will know. You will know who is negative and positive person. Remember, 'they' can drain you, take your energy. Its exhausting. My gift expands on my birthday. Try to meditate and control it. Don't push yourself. Try to understand, it will take time. I think it would be much better if someone know what you are going through. Someone who is having the same thing.
YES! I, too, have been trying to figure this synchronicity thing out!...I get it on the daily (even multiple times a day), similar to how starsofclay described. I will literally be reading something, and I will hear the exact word I just finished reading aloud on the TV or from someone speaking in my background environment. I've actually been writing them down. I strongly suggest you do the same.

I've found that they do have meaning and make connections to us personally, as well as connect us to the world around us in some way. I've, also, discovered that the words 'typically' lump together in threes, though the phrase length can vary. For example, one night I received the words/numbers: 1, December, and doctor. Well, guess what?...That was my actual doctor appt. Another time I received: Michelle, (the name of a city I won't reveal), and 3. Well, not long prior to this, a friend of mine told me that he went to that particular city with his sister Michelle. Even stranger, when I revealed this to him, (because I couldn't figure out what the 3 stood for), my friend then informed me that there was a third person with them. This was absolutely surprising, because I never knew there were three of them there that day. The importance of these, and all the other phrases I've received, I have yet to figure out. Perhaps, together, we can figure out the greater meaning.

If curiosity strikes, check out my blog- it's a collection of all that I have learned thus far regarding life, spirituality, and deep reality...
Tonight as I slept one of the Kennedy men in spirit appeared to me and said he would like me not to keep writing about the Kennedy story because their kinfolk have grown up now and most of them are going into politics.
Well I will think about that in the future but I don't think that covers the copy that I gathered in the past with their blessings.
I began this writing with many spirits 31 years ago, some of them my own relatives and others I have known, and of course the Kennedy's telling their stores and I have so much backed up copy that I have gathered over the years that I don't know if I can ever get it done by myself and I have no idea what my relatives will do with this copy once I have passed into spirit. Some of my relatives who don't believe in spirit communication have said they will destroy all these files once I am dead. Now that I have turned 80 I like most people don't know how much time we have left and it sure would be a sad thing if my relatives destroy all my unpublished pages.
I have not written here for quite sometime, but I am still working with the spirit world trying to convince the world what I am writing is true but its not easy since the bible tells us the only ones who appear to us are evil spirits.
I think this has to be corrected to read, sometimes our relatives and friends in some cases do appear to us as evil spirits and torment us but its because of their anger towards us at their displeasure at how we have been conducting our lives as they look down from the spirit world.
I have been getting some strange synchronicities lately, involving reading something on the internet and hearing a word that I JUST read repeated on TV or by a person out loud, and obviously not just any words, but ones that stand out. For example, last night I was reading through a new post on here by someone who's screen name is skittykittycat and I had literally just read the screen name and was about to read the post, when my partner next to me exclaims "Kitty Cat!". As it turned out, he had just started a video (one of those news blooper reels on youtube) and in the intro there was a picture of a cat's head with sunglasses. Also, he hardly ever says "kitty cat". That just happens to be the most recent, but this kind of thing has been happening a lot to me lately!
Lyro, thank you for your answer.

When I found this website, I was kind of relieve to see that there are people like me. And I felt it was really serious, not some special supernatural wannabes, that why I posted my message.

I do not talk about my experiences, apart from the tarot part to my closest friends.

I am not afraid nor stressed about my abilities. I just want to be able to learn about it, know how to control and handle it, and why not explore myself to discover what I am able to do/feel.

I would be happy to find someone experimented who would help me with that.
I have no idea why but this thing happened to me as well! I wrote an old diary entry on a specific date on thursday. I found that diary somewhere in my house and decided to write another one (mind you that I did not look at the date of the old entry) reflecting on my life. I wrote and date and turns out it was the exact same date! Same month, same day, and precisely around 7:30 pm (old diary was written at 7:25 pm, new was written at 7:30 pm)! It's weird.
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad a lot of people are like this because it makes me happy that I'm not the only one who experiences these things. It got to the point where I wanted to kill myself because I felt so indifferent and alien. I liked certain things whereas other girls went to sleepovers and painted their nails regularly. Or went to the salon or wanted to play soccer on the field. I had no interest in doing any of these things and I felt dumb for trying to fit in. I didn't feel... Human. But thank you for sharing your story to me, this gave me motivation and hope for my journey yet to come in this life on Earth. I believe we may be from the same "planet."

Best wishes,
Kylie Love
kyclie in Faceless Woman
You're not crazy. I think you're gifted. Sparkles and hearing voices and other things usually mean you have some type of psychic power. I'm pretty sure she is a spirit or some type of otherworldly being that was looking for something in your house. Maybe she lived near it or had lived in it a couple years ago.
In my personal belief, there are such things as ghosts but I call them spirits. Ghosts seem silly like those cartoon Disney movies. It could really be your aunt, most spirits do spend their time on earth either with a relative or with a random stranger.
No one can know for sure, but the first thought that came to mind is your spirit guide is trying to get your attention. Perhaps it is just a spirit, but I'm not exactly sure if they make contact that way. I would look up spirit guide contact and start from there.

Sometimes when I meditate, I hear voices. Also when I am hypnagognic from just having woken up or am going to sleep. It happened again to me last night. I laid down with headphones on to listen to a guided meditation. Every now and then between the man's words that was guiding the meditation, I caught little snippets here and there of entire phrases, but they were too faint or fast to make out what they were saying. Then I heard a very prominent "Hello..." and then "Hi", and the voice sounded very feminine. (I am a male) This is not the first time I have heard a hello from the voices, and as usual, I engaged in thought "hi, who's speaking?" I never ever get an answer when I do that, but a while back I decided to engage the voices or they might not try again.

I have also heard my name called in this situation, but have not had a vision similar to what you described.
Reading through your story on here it's not too surprising, and a lot other people go through as well. If you have questions you can always shoot me an E-mail but take things slow, one question at a time, if you look for too many answers all at once you'll just overload yourself and blow yourself out. Calm down and take things slow. The first step is realizing you're not alone and more people are "different" than you'd think, all around you. However the next suggestion is be careful who you talk to, without knowing all the facts, not everyone is as open. People can only fully understand what they are involved in.
PraveenNewman in My Psychic Life Part 2
Hello Sarahfinee,

God ways are strange. He is more greater and knowledgeable than what we think who he is. He his in charge of everything in and around our world. He can be many things. All the galaxies in the entire universe is nothing in front of him. Religion gives us an identity and hope to face everyday life. We feel safer living under it. God gives vision to people who are born blind when they reach heaven. Thank you.

To Magickyg413,

Marylin Monroe cries a lot when she reflects about her life in our world.
Pennies4U in The Touch
Damien Brinkley experienced NDE many times.
He developed a Hospice and implemented a magnetic bed to help the dying to reinact a NDE.

If you read the Tibetan book of the dead.
Which assists the dying person by supporting with discussions and reviewing any problems.

In short you are a bridge between life and death for the dying.
As midwifes witness birth and assist the mum and new born. A death>courses

I am experiencing the same thing... Everything! I don't know what to do... As soon I step outside it is like the whole city is aware of me, I am litteraly scared to even breath for I noticed that I can hear coughing at windows, dogs bark at me et see me almost like a strange creature... I lost a 6 years relationship as these "powers" are getting stronger... I quit my job for I started to become the guy everyone try to stay away from... I did some research and found that it is a kundalini awakening for it all started with an energy surge at the base of my spine... They say that you have to get rid of your negative blocks for the whole thing to turn positive and improve your life by attracting positive reactions, people, etc. As of now I'm at the very bottom feeling like I'm punished or possessed... They say kundalini yoga should help regulate... I'm looking into it because I can not live this way... May be we could create a whatsapp chat forum or something? I feel slightly better to know that I am not the only one. I will keep you posted as soon as I find a way to control whatever that is... Be blessed!
Sunshine-Taylor, My email is lillyallen1314 (at) gmail (dot) com
Get it removed, never trust spirits, they are still here because they still need something, your in the age of getting into serious relationship with a real man and it might block you from a happy future life. These things might follow people for years and at first they will act malevolent​ because they are finding ways to get control of your energies or how to consume your energies. Do you also have above normal sexual urges, do you have any body pain that is constant. If so take a milk + tumeric bath and then start searching for ways to get it out. I feel it's an evil being, and these beings also attract other beings to gain more power to screw with you, and when this start to happen your house might not be peaceful, loads of fights and negativity and recurrent bad scent all over the house. Reply me in rvivick [at] if I'm late to reply here.
Do not take this the wrong way, but it sounds like the deeper root of this problem is that you feel as if you should be doing something great and you're stuck in a rut. I think you feeling like an alien and achieving your greatness are actually two separate problems in general.
First, I would like you to make two separate lists. One listing all of your talents, interests, hobbies and good qualities about yourself. The second list I want you to list things you do not enjoy, subjects you dislike at school, and places where you think you wouldn't be happy (Earth as a whole does not count haha).
Second, I want you to make a third list. List the problems with our society/planet that you feel strongly about. Could be LGBTQ, the environment, bullying, etc. And can be as few/as much as you want.
Third, look at all three lists together. This should give you some direction as far as where to take yourself whether it be discovering a new hobby or even focusing on your career. Volunteer even if it's something that you feel passionate about.
I believe once you find out your interests, not only will you feel validated as a person, but you might even find direction to your purpose.
I actually did this for myself when I felt similar about not getting myself together and am now serving with my interests/hobbies/talents as much as possible.
Hope this helps.
I would agree that Lucifer is misunderstood but as all the gods and entities you may and will come in contact with, most don't like to be summoned just for apperances sake (unless they're your personal guides, to which will vary on person).
My belief on this specifically is that the entity you encountered was NOT Lucifer whatsoever. Whatever it was decided to play a trick on you. "Oh she wants to see Lucifer? Sure, let me 'help' her".
Lucifer appears to be any other entity you see and though I have not personally worked with him nor do I see myself working with him, I have seen Pan & Cernunnos (who are often depicted as inspiration for Satan) and they are nothing like the sort. They are kind and playful, willing to teach in various ways. I cannot imagine Lucifer being any different.
In the future, might I suggest protecting yourself before inviting another entity to your dream work/astral travels. Either lay with a hemitite crystal in your pillow or ask your guardian angels to watch over you. They will not let you die if it is not your time.
victoriamonki in Psychic Or No?
Hi guys,

Hmm, for anyone who is interested into psychological clarity/relevant critical thinking, check out the eofproject on fb or whatever...
It appears to be primary nowadays to stay rational, for the humans' minds health...
Rational does not equal "cold", it is embracing reality for its obvious simplicity at times, and other times fascinating complexity.

Also I think it's important to highlight here that critical thinking does not equal "bad" or "negative", critical thinking is being lucid. Just like the lucidity we have in our dreams sometimes... In order to deciphere reality the best we can, it's important to keep up our mind aware of its own flaws and sick patterns; that we unfortunately pass through generation after generation.

Yes our mind is capable of things that we do not know yet; our imagination can be a wonderful tool; some people are not even capable of or just can not conceive it, they do not perceive the potential... Nevertheless, it is no excuse to rush into man-manufactured easy (glittery or fancy sometimes) stories to explain it... Why rush? Don't you think all those "psychics powers" are a bit naive, romantic, repetitive... Irresponsible? Where our maturity has gone? If you would have a child, would you like him or her to live in petty delusion? Or being able to see for himself/herself; to deciphere on its own, not to cover up reality because it feels "safe"...? To see also how our irrational fears are linked to those ideals ideas... Childish game. Humans' gamble.

If this talks to anyone out there, check out the eofproject... Thank you for reading

Xx Smile
Hi Sigma47,
Are you still there? I would like to comunicate with you about how are you today in 2017, with those "psychic" experiences... For lack of better word.
In your other post, I appreciate your lucidity (it is intelligence/consciousness for me) and not rushing into easy (man-manufactured) conclusions too fast...
Hmm, anyone who is interested into psychological clarity/relevant critical thinking I invite you to check out the eofproject on fb or whatever

Xx Smile Smile
Hi Sigma47,
Are you still there? I would like to comunicate with you about how are you today in 2017, with those "psychic" experiences... For lack of better word.
Here, I appreciate your lucidity (it is intelligence/consciousness for me) and not rushing into easy (man-manufactured) conclusions too fast...
Hmm, anyone who is interested into psychological clarity/relevant critical thinking I invite you to check out the eofproject on fb or whatever

Xx Smile
Magickyg413 in My Psychic Life Part 2
Thank you for putting up marylin monroe.
But she was never a doll in the first place.
All she cared about was dancing and singing but never EVER the fame.
Hi I have my true story to tell but I don't know how to submit it after writing it... Can anyone guide me please?
As you are a psychic, you may can help me. I do believe in God, Jesus and all the Angels and Archangels. But is Religion a solid precept? I'd like to have your point of view. Thank you.
Excalibur, I totally agree on that. I have used the Name of Jesus successfully in driving away demons and unwanted spirits. For example, about 13 years ago, my partner and I were sitting down on a bench in a park at night. This park was previously a WWII fort where the Japanese had invaded and fought with the British and local troops then. It was very dark and nobody else were around. We were seated for only a few minutes when we felt the presence of 3-4 dead Japanese soldiers standing in front of us. It must have been stupid for me to mention to my partner that I saw them because they followed me home! Anyway we left immediately as my partner felt them too. When I got home I want into the shower and those creepy guys were right there next to each other, just staring at me! So I rebuked them in the Name of Jesus to leave and they disappeared instantly and never came back again. There is power in the Name of Jesus but only if you believe it. They know it when you don't!
Mattmaine1991 in Psychic Or No?
I to have had dreams vivid, seem to real to personal thinking who would dream about that. I write my dreams down in my phone and then they happen. Shocked that I've had a dream about something before it happens. Just to clear this up they aren't small things that could be debunked.
One that happened to the tee. I had a severe hand laceration due to a altercation. Before that happened I received signs while dreaming the time, what will happen around me when this happened. Had one surgery. Then fast forward about 5 months I had a dream that I was taken to a bright room and was awake while people operated on my hand for the second time. When they started the nerve blocks didn't work right. So I woke in a great about of pain. Then this dream came to life a month and a half later. Went in the operating room bright lights in my face, they start to cut wide awake and I feel them slicing away the pain everything was there. That was unreal to be. Is like I'm being told these to prepare myself.
I agree with bloodredrose.

But wish to add.
Those neon colors are positive and are from Light and Truth and Spirit to communicate to you.

To determine what it meant?
Review what question you kept in your mind. During day or evening.

For myself I had a rose which was held in the air.
jasmine_glaze in Contacting Lucifer
Hey AngelOfToday,

Your experience is indeed scary for sure you have learnt not to do things out of curiosity again. Although as WolfBeast mentioned, it may not be the last of it.

Also, could you explain more about the Goddess? Did you pray for protection before doing anything?

I'd like to know more and help you out with the situation, it can get out of hand quickly

Magickyg413 in Contacting Lucifer
I believe it is a phantom trying to show you where lucifer is...
Those dragons are masks right? I believe they show up due to your faith in lucifer.
Like you said, its misunderstood.
Take it as a bravery test.
Hey Petals_of_Tomorrow,

Your experiences are interesting, especially the one with your grandfather. At least you know he is okay.

Also, as you have been growing in the christian society which was converted in the recent years, you should keep on mind that religion can't affect everything that you do and think. It should only be treated as a general guidelines rather than strict way of living.

I hope that you become a strong and independent in your spiritual journey

Hey Zee-Zee,

First off, i'd like to comment on the experience you shared. As AnneV said, there are many ways our surrounding can make us feel down and destroy our self-confidence. There's a big chance that there is are entities in your area that may also want you to remain in this state, so you won't achieve all the great things you possibly can.

You are still a young person and you shape your own path. If you put enough effort and start doing things, you can make your dreams come true.

To fight all the bad things off and the negative moods periods, find something that makes you happy or makes your life have a purpuse and never give up on it once found. There is no better thing in this world than fulfilling your own purpose and be happy about it. It doesn't have to be just one thing, there's plenty of them in this world.

If it's the nature that makes you feel better, spend time there, go to park or go jogging, anything that brings you closer. Even meditate outside if there's a chance it will calm down the unnecessary thoughts.

My email is on my profile if you wish to just vent out or learn

This what you are experiencing. Is negative spirits I am a spiritualist and reader and I advise that you do not try to communicate with these spirits. If you would like more info feel free to email me its psychic_spiritualist [at]
naturallyj in Where Do I Fit?
Sounds like strong intuition, guidance from either the Universe, or your spirit guides. Look into being a light worker
naturallyj in Psychic Or No?
Hi, although you may feel different from others and having these skills is shocking, you aren't crazy. Read up on other people's psychic abilities and maybe you can learn to understand your experiences. The abilities you have is nothing to fear xx
Ajr102, it's not unusual to feel that way, especially if you are spiritually connected or supernatural in any way. If you want, you can e-mail me and further talk about why you feel this way and I'm always available to listen. My e-mail is rainashea16 [at]
Scarletjedi in Clairkinesis
I'm so glad I found this website. The comments here have helped me a lot to figure out what's been happening to me. Last night I was sitting in a restaurant with two people who totally drain me and I don't really like them much. In the future I will avoid going out with them. But I was trying to feel better about myself and blocking their energies. Suddenly, I had a quick vision of this guy I have a crush on. We were on a date and he was smiling at me. He felt SO real (I'm a mature woman and realistic about this guy and I have no expectations). BUT shortly after this quick vision I had a tingling on the right side of my head that lasted about a minute. I smiled. I don't know what that was about? Maybe my spiritual guides giving me a quick boost to help me endure this dinner? It worked.
I think when your on drug or alcohol
Your psychic abilities get block
I don't used any drug but I do take medication for anxiety and panic attacks and when I take them I can't feel anything or see Spirit and see
I understand about the lying. I call it reading people. For me I say I can read people when they communicate, and get a sense of them. It's not just that they tell the truth or they lie, it is about who they are and how they communicate. An extra gut sense feeling.
WolfBeast in Contacting Lucifer
I highly doubt this was "Lucifer" more likely a nearby spirit that heard you and wanted an attachment to this world.
Common Reported Symptoms of Spirit Attachment

*Waking up in the early hours after going to sleep and
finding it hard to get back to sleep?
*Sensing or seeing presences?
*Having the feeling of nits or fleas in the hair
*Receiving a sharp pin prick feeling over the legs, hands
and arms
*Do you have a phantom illness (the doctor says you are ok)
*The thought of having a phantom lover?
*The feeling of something crawling under your skin?
*Horrible nasty thoughts in your mind, possibly hearing
*you could have the feeling that something is crawling in
your hair?
*Do you have really sudden bad thoughts (you think them)
but you know they are not yours
*The feeling of despair and wanting to end your life
*have you had bad dreams with unusual creatures in them
*Does one of your eyes mist over at any time (a bit like
they can in the morning)

I'm not saying that you suffer from spirit attachment, but it may develop. These are simply things to watch out for!
I like hearing about your experiences and I am more interested in your projection encounters because I too have faced encounters much similar to your descriptions. When Projecting I always place protection in energy manifestations of shields and white cleansed energy to surround my body and environment about 360 degrees expanding about 20ft around me. If your not already placing protection then I recommend you do so, if you don't know how then I would be glad to help you out and anyone out there who have similar experiences.

One of the biggest reasons why I recommend protection is because it can also play a major factor in seeing the wrong stuff in perception because certain energies can distort what we focus on pursuing to see. Being grounded with positive energies is always important with every spiritual activity we pursue.
WolfBeast in Contacting Lucifer
I highly doubt that this is that last of this, negatively charged spirit creatures normally don't just drop a connection once it has been established. Your on his radar how, be careful. Serious
het [at] stellarjourney, I know it has been 7 years but I would really like to talk to you sometimes, if you have an email or something, it so nice to see that there are more people like me Happy
MoonInsideMe in I Want To Feel Free
i literally I just bursted into laugh not because this is funny, but because I though I was the only one that felt those things, I guess we are not alone after all, I just wish I knew you all in person so I wouldn't feel so alone Love
[at] thatguy how do you contact with angels? And how do you get answers? I mean I have tried but I think I don't know how to do it
Check the pinnus of your ears for hematite or bumps of glass. If you can not feel inside the Pinnus then you have been tagged. This means that someone has tagged you. It could be a glass bead or hematite. It is not pleasant to hear everything around you and is used by gangs and Guardian Angels.
hey I'm kind of new to be an empath and trying to learn all I can. Any chance you could give me a shout at rondallrae [at] and maybe explain to me about how u do this?
A couple more things...

See if you can put the feeling in one part of your body, and move it up and down, like from your head to your toes.

Also watch for feelings in your general brain area. In addition to the feelings in my chest I get strong feelings from the area right behind my eyes. I didn't realize this until fairly recently, when I started becoming more aware of my feelings.

Also, on your spiritual journey, watch for feelings of tension in your head kind of like a headache. For me this is an indication that something's happening in my head, at the unconscious level. Whenever I get these very light-grade "tension headaches" I know something in my brain is changing.

I'd start by recommending Carl Jung for reading, because there's a tone in your narrative that really resembles Jung's. I'd probably even recommend "The Red Book", by Jung, which had an extremely profound effect on me. I regard it as an extremely spiritual text, for the proper types.

It's your reference to that feeling in your chest. You're very aware of your feelings. That's what makes me think you'd really get something out of The Red Book.

I'd say about a year ago I really started becoming aware of my feelings that way. It started when I got involved in some political activism in a way that seemed to be really over-the-top risky. I live in a very rural area, and I publicly campaigned against a branch of the federal government in a very disrespectful way, and needless to say made a fair number of enemies.

I'm a graphic design artist and I started meming this particular branch of the government, and it's like I was really on my game. It's almost like I was possessed. And I got this really incredible thrill from doing it, which was mixed with a strong fear, but my feelings were really intense, and that's when I started noticing the feeling in my chest.

It occurred to me that up until then I'd been blocking those feelings in my chest... Or maybe I'd just never felt it wanting to come out so strongly. And that's when I started doing something where I focused on it and allowed it to come out and spread throughout my body. It dawned on me that up until then I'd never really been feeling my feelings all the way.

Come to find out, most people don't feel their feelings all the way. Life amongst other humans requires that we suppress our feelings a lot of the time, and it becomes a constant habit, to the point that we don't really feel most of our feelings.

So, I believe what's happening to you is that you're feeling your feelings. And the visualization of your feelings seems to accompany that strong feeling of your feelings. It's an indication that you're in a very spiritual, or intuitive mode.

My spiritual modes come and go. I like them very much and miss them when they're gone. During those times I literally feel alive. I mean, it's a genuine feeling of aliveness. Sometimes it just comes on me. It comes on me fairly often when I smoke weed. It can come on me at different times, and it's definitely better when it comes on me at different times.

Sometimes it feels like I need to do things to create that feeling of aliveness. Like just earlier today I engaged in another round of activism against that federal agency. And to be clear, I take a completely non-violent approach. I just use my wit and my graphic design skills to really make my points. But I really turned it up a notch today. And then after that I sent emails to some other government agencies with some ideas for battling terrorism on the internet.

I mention that because I strongly suspect I'm bipolar. I've never been diagnosed, but I've studied a lot of psychology, and if that was someone else's story I was reading, I'd suspect them of being bipolar.

So welcome to being bipolar! And I really mean that. Being bipolar is definitely very interesting.

I'm just guessing you talk very fast, and smoke weed?

Just a feeling I have.

I talk so fast sometimes that other people can't understand me. I type so fast sometimes that other people can't understand me:)

Whatever it is people like you and I have, it can definitely be a good thing. You just have to learn how to benefit from it.

A couple of authors for you to check out: Thomas Troward, PD Ouspensky, and of course Jung. "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman, if you can stand it. Emerson is great, and you can find most of his essays in audiobooks on youtube.

Eckert Tolle is another good one. "The Power of Now" for sure.

The spiritual journey you're talking about is a combination of educating yourself, contemplating, and willfully changing yourself. It's an awesome journey to go on! It was painful for quite a while for me, but it seems like I'm past the painful part now.

The painful part for me was getting over some relationship issues. I come from a really screwed up family. I've finally come to understand that my Mom and Dad were/are both very emotionally ill. I won't go into the details, but will tell you that pretty much every member of my family hates each other. There was just never much love in my family because of the issues my Mom and Dad had.

It's weird because it seems like it just slipped through the cracks. I was a pretty screwed up kid, but few people ever said anything. It's like everyone around me (including my Mom and Dad) were all pretending like things were normal, but things weren't normal, and to this day my Mom and Dad don't realize that things aren't/weren't normal, so it's really kind of a head-trip.

So anyway, I've had to accept the fact that I can't really love any of the members of my family, because love isn't something we seem to be able to have for each other. I really hate my Dad. I've done very poorly in romantic relationships because I have pretty serious trust issues and am truthfully too much for most people.

I don't have many friendships and for the most part feel very alien. I actually wrote a post about feeling alien here:

I don't believe I'm from another planet, but I did find the book "The Wanderer's Handbook" comforting in being able to relate to so many other people's stories. There are actually quite a few people like you and I. It seems like there have been a lot of stories lately just like yours.

Anyway, this is getting long. Let me wrap it up by saying that my advice to you is to read and educate yourself more than anything else. I've found that to be the catalyst in the process. Journal and write to yourself, and if you're 420 friendly, write down your experiences when you're high and read them the next day, and give them credence, because a lot of times when a really depressed person gets high on weed, their "highness" really only brings them to normal level.

If this makes sense... A person who spends a lot of time really depressed, and then gets high, is often only bringing their emotional baseline to what's normal for most people.

I guess the main reason I go on about smoking weed and getting high is because I get the strong sense that you do.

And don't be afraid to read some Occult literature. It will help to broaden your perspective.

And with that I'll let you go.
quuuuueeeeen in Psychic Or No?
I just know who lies, idontknow how I do it but I just look at their eyes and know the answer. Btw, thank youuuuu so much. I need help too since I am depressed and idontknow if it's because of being clairvoyant. My vision is kind of gray too, i'm confused. Thank youuu. Crying
I was 6 years old when I first experienced an Etheric Spider. It was quite early in the morning, when I decided to get in bed with my mum, who's bed was quite close to the wall. She was 8 months pregnant with my brother. As she shoo'd me to get more sleep, I looked up and noticed a large spider in the corner of the ceiling alomost staring at me. I vividly remember saying 'mum there's a big spider staring at me, it's scaring me'. In her half slumber she replied 'will you just sleep!' So I did. Next thing I know, my eyes are almost forced open, only to see a massive spider on my chest! I scream madly, kicked my mum off the bed. We searched that house that morning for the spider and NOTHING! My mum went into early labour that day and had my brother. My 6 year old mind was convinced it was a real spider.

Fast forward some years and almost the exact spider started appearing again, from the age of about 17 - when I started partying - and usually after a few nights of drinking. To me, they were real spiders that just disappeared, or I just decided not to pay them too much attention and told nobody.
Throughout my 20s, whenever I was overtired, I was awoken by this spider, it would taunt me, sometimes hanging from a web, or sitting on my chest. Every single time I'd scream and run for the light switch, turn around and see nothing.
I'm in my 30s now and after last night's experience, decided to google this. The SAME spider paid me another visit at 6am, again - forced to open my eyes, only to see it climbing the dresser to my right, I sit up and watch (full daylight) it climbed over my makeup bag and go behind the dresser. It's definitely a hairy tarantula type spider. I scream and wake my partner who just thinks 'not again!'. Skeptical I check my clock and realise I still have an hour before my alarm goes off. I manage to get back to sleep and all I dreamt of was spiders, lots of them!
At work today I've been extremely unproductive, lacking energy and focus, so I've decided to find a way to stop this from happening instead of trying to get some work done. I now know that they aren't actually spiders, but something from a different realm, that mean no good business being around.
I've decided (after watching a youtuber caled bigH1122) to say the following when it occurs 'Only those in the highest order of light may be in my presence' x 4 times. And then say out loud 'ASSAT' which means the lightest of lights. I'll then ask Archangel Michael to cover me with the blood of Jesus and protect me and my loved ones.
I hope this works. I'll also sage my house this week-end.
We live with my mil who is very negative and draining... Just a side note. Lol.
SkittyKittyCat12 in Psychic Or No?
I'm a little like you, but the difference is, I have a very specific set a visions.
1. I always see the visions during the day.
2. My twin brother and my mom both have dreams like you do.
3. Mine usually predict something that will happen a day to a couple hours from then.

I'm 14 years old, so know you're not alone. My friends always say 'oh, it's just a coincidence.' Uh huh. A coincidence that I know exactly what's going to happen before I even know any of the facts of that day.

What's it like when you feel or see something that happens later on? Does it feel like time stopped? Or is it just a fleeting feeling? I want to know if we're similar in that regard.
SkittyKittyCat12 in I Don't Belong Here
Well...hmmm. I have a few questions.
1. When was the first time you felt like this?
2. What is your earliest childhood memory?
3. Is there anything you remember that seems like it takes place somewhere other than Earth?
4. What are your dreams like?
For me, it's kind of different. When I'm either very angry or when I'm lying to my parents and I get all nervous and etc, the walls start shifting for me, but no tunnel. Maybe it's a type of portal or something to an astral dimension. Smile
Hmm, maybe he was tickling you to get your attention? I have no idea. Maybe next time, you should try talking to him since your parents can't hear you.
The blue light could be a few things, here are a few that I know and have experienced. You want to think about what you were feeling or thinking in that moment and from that you'll get a gut feeling about what you experienced:
1. Archangel Michael -> He protects and defends people who love God, google for more information
2. Past loved one or spirits - Deceased loved ones could have been around you
3. Christ consciousness -> Blue flashes of light appear when truth is spoken, heard or thought

You're on the road to being clairvoyant, congrats!
Hate being right. I really do. I have had a message over the internet that a relative of ours has died. As I said before he does not usually do such a thing and especially as it was not 'his voice.' Also I noticed that my mother began wearing a red rag on her wrist (I always laughed when she did this, always putting it down to her eccentricities). My mum kept saying she saw her dead sister in her home. And wearing the red rage is a Voodoo thing to ward off evil spirits. Now I know why. Really not negative thoughts or law of attraction. But just plain 'warnings.' I hate being right I really do.
Dear Izzy,

I really understand how you feel about being deeply connected to a narcissist.
I experienced exactly the same thing for 1,5 years.

In the beginning, when he started to approach me and love bomb me, I sort of feeling him. I sensed that he was in pain within him. I felt his pain and I was drawn to him magnetically. During our relationship and his abusive treatment towards me, I always felt him. I knew when he was sleeping, I knew exactly when he woke up, I knew the moment he checked on my text, I sensed it when he was thinking about me, I knew when he was worried or anxious, I knew when he was excited, and I knew when he was having an accident without him telling me. While we lived more than 1000 km apart. I had the confirmation of what I felt and he didn't realize it. I also knew when he was lying, but I just stupidly ignored it.

At that time, nothing I could think about us except that we were meant for each other. And he always said so. The connection I felt was so strong like I'd never experienced before. It made me very curious and then tried to find the answer of what was happening with us. Then I believed that we were twin flames as many sites talked about that the signs are so similar. Only that time I didn't realize that ours was actually abusive. I didn't realized that he abused me emotionally. But when I believed we were twin flame, I tried hard to cope with the fact. It means working hard to make the union possible. That I started to learn meditation. It didn't work in the beginning. But I always tried to think positively when I was in pain and so much hurt by him and tried to heal myself.

In the end, still believing that we were twin flames, I felt the urged to clear my negative energy and raise my vibration since it was said that was needed for union. I meditated again, this time intensively. You know what happened then?

Energy healing is true and work for me. My anxiety and pain reduced abundantly. This made me able to see and think clearly. Gradually, I began to see that our relationship was completely one sided. It was not balanced. I always give and he always takes. And I began to think that if he really loves me, he won't make me miserable. I've been in love before and my previous ex was a normal guy and his treatment towards me was nothing like my narcissist ex. I realized this very clearly.

I keep doing my energy healing intensively. And as this is progressing, I feel that wonderful feeling of self love. Before, it had been difficult to imagine and to grasp what it meant by self love and how to get there. I know from so many articles I read that empaths and narcissist are both wounded people. Narcissist is hard to cured because the parts needed for that has been destroyed. But for empaths, most cases was that deep down they are insecure, feeling unworthy of love, and co dependence. These issues need to be healed first. I realize now this healing happens when we found self love and are in tune and aligned with our spirit. I also tried to find another answer now as to what had really happened. I came across information about false twin flames and unhealthy relationship between an empath and a narcissist. Almost all the traits fit with the truth.

Then I prepared myself to say goodbye to him. And surprisingly enough, it was quite easy. He refused of course, but I stayed calm and insisted. My preparation was that energy healing and developing my self love and spirituality. You know when I said goodby to him, it was almost without pain.
I continue my healing though. I don't want to feel him anymore, it would distract me again. I found a way to cut the emotional bond with him using guided visual meditation, and another meditation for forgiving and letting go. I did this several times that finally I don't feel him the way I did before.

I can't sense him anymore now in daily basis. I don't know he's sleeping or awake, I don't know what he feels or he's ok or not. Only from time to time I will feel reckless and anxious and that was the time he tries to text me. Only that.
When he text me, I reply using Gray Rock method (a method to talk with a narcissist) cool and nice and firm. He tries to take me into long conversation by saying something that would make me ask question. But I can see his attempt and don't take his bait.

The wonderful thing is that it is all quite easy to detach from him when we are in our true self. It's true that I still don't understand about that strong connection with him and why and how it can happen. But the most important is it can be stopped. All that co dependency and insecurity have disappeared. The bond has been cut stop. I ended this relationship just a month ago and he is still doing his hoovering tactics now, and so far, I can handle it quite easily. I don't feel anxious or scared or worried. Instead, I feel so happy with myself, I feel fulfilled and loved and worthy. I'm happy with the way I am, I forgive myself, and I know God and the universe love and forgive me too.

I think you can also find a way to free yourself from his impact. You can find a way that is suitable and works for you, so you can feel relaxed and avoid getting along with a narcissist again in the future.
Magickyg413 in The Headless Man
I don't believe this man is trying to deceive harm.
If you heard a random voice saying scooby doo then hes trying to communicate with you using telepathy (speaking and listening with the mind) since he describe it as him.
Contact me at my email, I can help you out on how to speak to him clearly and answer whatever I can.
Universeteachings [at]
It could be a symbol. Look outside the norm and you should find something about that flower. It could be a guardian, an angel, or a god. There are many interpretations of flowers but you must feel it in your heart to know the truth.
KiwiSquid in Psychic Or No?
Getting very vivid dreams like the one about holding hands with your classmate, seeing visions, Seeing spirits, and seeing the "raining glitter". Notice how almost everything you experienced is associated with sight and nothing else.

You're a clairvoyant which means you have clear seeing. You should look into it there are many websites and books that'll help you out.

I'm very curious about knowing when someone is lying or not though. Can you be able to tell me the whole process on how exactly you can do that?
Is your emotional health really 'bad' or are you just not conforming? People have been groomed a hundred ways to feel low about themselves for not fitting into a shallow and mundane system. The fact that you are questioning what is happening around you, seeking deeper truths and keeping your mind open sounds like a solid path to me. Don't let others label you. Follow your heart and you'll find peace in a very non-peaceful world.
Thanks for sharing.
starsofclay in Seeing Walls Moving
something similar happens to me. I noticed it when I started practicing for aura viewing and just open eye meditation, trying to keep my eyes still on one exact spot and then relaxing them a little. I pick a spot on the wall, preferably a mark on the wall like a nail hole or something so I know for sure I am keeping my eyes on the same spot. No matter how hard I try to keep my eyes on the spot, it moves out of view. It will move up, right, left, all around, until I realize that I'm not even looking at the spot any more, but to the side of it. It becomes very frustrating, but I assumed it was an optical illusion, and/or eye micro-movements. Sometimes it does appear to be breathing in and out.

One frustrating thing is that if I keep having to put my eyes back onto the spot after it has moved out of view, then it defeats the purpose of relaxing my eyes. Perhaps it gets easier if I keep trying?
PsychicThoughts in Seeing Walls Moving
[at] Raisin
Yes, it does sort of look like that...
Reallt Sorry for the late answer >.<

PsychicThoughts in Seeing Walls Moving
Sorry for being so late... Sad
I know it's been more than a year since I posted it. But, I was REALLY busy in school. And, I really appreciate your help!

And, the things you've described above like, lights are brighter, etc. Are happening to me without me making any kind of effort towards increasing my power or anything which helps them grow.

Yes, I do have lucid dreams... Once or twice in a month...
Thanks for the help!

Ask your daughter what she sees, feels, and hears often times children know more than is when it comes to the spirit world.
Hello ~!

Well I personally think that you have abilities/powers but you just need to control them:)
Check for hematite sticks in your ears or around your ears. These will enhance sound and cause people to hear voices from electronic equipment around them. It is a tactic used by gangs and sometimes the Guardian Angels. Peace out.
AnneV, it almost scares me to know there's someone who thinks so close to the way I do. I've been called a cynic and a pessimist many times before. But then, I ask, what good as has all this unrealistic optimism done for us?

Mankind's propensity for turning blind eyes has resulted in disaster after disaster. Take the case of the Titanic. It's unsinkable. Well, since it can't sink, there's no point in getting carried away with the lifeboats, eh? Just sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing nothing bad can happen...

I've been posting in a lot of places and I can't remember what all I've said, and where I've said it, so hopefully I'm not repeating myself. But if you look at the Big Picture of Life on earth, you'll see that every species was engineered with the goal of thriving. Species have been succeeding in that goal for a long time, like in the case of the cockroach, the crocodile, shark, snake, etc. And it was all fine and well for those species to thrive. May they thrive to the ability of their habitats to sustain them...

Then along came a certain bipedal primate with opposable thumbs. And among those hairless apes, every 1 in 100,000, or maybe 1 in 1,000,000, happens to be very intelligent and figures out how to put those opposable thumbs to use in ways to give him or herself, and all of the other hairless apes, a serious advantage, and conquer nature.

Next thing you know there's 7 billion of us, doing the same thing, more or less, that we've been doing all along: breeding. And now in the luxury our great technological advances have afforded us, we can build civilizations, and conquer civilizations, and round our own by the millions and slaughter them... And the possibilities just never end.

The success of every species up to this point has been measured solely in its ability to survive, and thrive. But now we're at a point where, in addition to being able to thrive, a species must be able to see the Big Picture, and understand the purpose of Life, and recognize an intelligence at work in the universe. This intelligence created Life and sculptured it throughout the ages; it progressed it, in the carrying out of a very specific purpose.

Collectively, the human race sorely lacks the ability to see the Big Picture. By its nature the human race only wants to thrive; it wants to increase its numbers, regardless of how long it will be able so sustain itself; with no concern for the fact that the resources it depends on (petroleum being a very critical one) are being rapidly depleted.

This tendency of the human race, to keep breeding, and advancing, with no thought of the future, is encoded in the human genome. It's human nature. No government ever formed has been able to battle this, and no government formed ever will be able to (and none of us would like that kind of government, so that's a good thing). You can reason with people all you want, but they're still going to keep on breeding, because that's their nature.

I don't think the human race has evolved at all. If anything we've devolved, especially if you consider the construction of the pyramids and other "Wonders of the World". They're called "wonders" because to this day, we have to sit and "wonder" what advanced technologies our ancient ancestors possessed, which make most of us look really stupid compared to them.

That said; I mean, the fact that our basic nature, allowing us to thrive, in some twist of fate, now threatens our very survival, I do believe there's hope. I mentioned this in another post, but we are starting to see people in possession of a more "global" or "universal" consciousness. Some great examples are The Buddha, Jesus, and in more modern times, Eckhert Tolle. These are people possessing a profoundly different consciousness, which is in accordance with the Grand Design.

The question, of course, is whether or not these higher forms of consciousness will be able to establish themselves here on earth and eventually eliminate greed, ignorance, unrealistic optimism, egotism, etc., giving us a hope for a future.

The realist in me isn't giving us high odds. Although, I don't believe that Life on planet earth was meant to stop, or halt in development here. It may take some doing, and I'm sure plenty of suffering, but I believe there will be an evolution in the human race, to a new species, who above all else, will live in accordance with Nature and the Grand Design.

Just my three cents...
Auralee, like you I don't believe I'm actually from a different planet. Though I recently read "The Wanderer's Handbook" and was blown-away by the stories of people who knew exactly what you and I (and others who've commented) are going through. I'll add that most of those people are very intelligent. They've recognized themselves as being very different, and I believe they subscribe to the idea of having a sort of "alien soul" the way other people subscribe to beliefs in God and other deities--as a way of making sense of it and putting things into perspective.

I believe in a higher power, though I'm still trying to figure out what to call it. I was born and raised a Christian and abandoned the idea of God being a spiritual being in some far-off place a long time ago. I've actually had to drop my use of the word "God" altogether because of the negative imagery it conjures as the result of my childhood.

My upbringing really soured me on the idea of God, religion, higher powers etc. For a long time. But here in the last few years I've become very spiritual, and now really want to get to know what most people call "God". I've studied Eastern Philosophy, Christian Mysticism, Occultism, etc. I feel like I'm getting close.

Not too long ago I had an epiphany, and became aware of a definite intelligence in the universe. For a long time I was a hardcore skeptic and refused to believe that Life in the universe was anything but accident. I won't go on as to how I know that's there's a definite purpose to all this, but I do. It gives me hope, which is something I've tended to lack throughout my life.

I don't know what my role might be in the Big Picture. When I think about the evolution of life on earth I sometimes see myself as less than a speck, considering how many trillions, and trillions of organisms have existed and contributed to the further development of life. I'm yet one more living organism...

In simply living we're all contributing to the further development of life, but the human race is at an unprecedented place on the evolutionary ladder. First, we've become so successful as a species that our success now threatens our survival. Second, members of our species are recognizing this, and feeling compelled to do something about it. Though, those of us recognizing it, and feeling compelled to do something about it, are in the vast minority. But I do see the existence of this small group as an indication of, once again, a definite intelligence in the universe.

Thanks for your reply!

I noticed someone mentioned age as a potential cause of the alienation you feel. I'd say that's possible, though I detect something more from your story.

First it sounds to me like you're very mature for your age, and being surrounded by typical teenagers, I can understand how you might feel non-human, where teenagers are really kind of their own subgroup of "human". Their hormones, immaturity, and the fact that their brains aren't fully-developed (at the physical level) could make them seem pretty foreign to someone more grown up, like yourself.

But again, what you describe sounds like what I'm experiencing now, at over twice your age. My feeling of alienation didn't really set in until I was about 25, and has steadily intensified, and is now at an all-time high. I'm 40 now and have never felt more non-human.

I suppose it was about ten years ago that I started using the word "alien" to describe my experience. I didn't use it in the literal sense. It was just a feeling of being fundamentally different. And I don't mean in regard to basic tastes, preferences, etc. I mean, more in the way I see the world.

I've done a tremendous amount of research in the areas of psychology, philosophy, and spiritualism. I could go on and on about the things I've studied. But the topic of "consciousness" is what I've found most useful, in understanding my situation.

I'd recommend the book "Cosmic Consciousness" to you, and anyone else experiencing what you've described (by Richard Bucke). It was written in the early 1900s and is now in the public domain, so you can find a digital copy of it for free.

The book describes the development of consciousness, through the process of evolution, from animals to humans. Also through the development of of the human mind, from birth to adulthood.

Another early 1900s Russian psychologist named PD Ouspensky discusses consciousness, though he's quite a bit harder to read.

The idea is that consciousness can vary in degree from species to species, and even among members of the same species. The majority of animals are considered to have "simple consciousness". Humans are probably the only species to have "self-consciousness" (some studies suggest some of the more advanced primates do, to a lesser extent). Self-consciousness in this sense is described as an awareness of oneself as an autonomous entity, separate from our environments.

PD Ouspensky describes "self-consciousness" not only as an awareness of ourselves, as individual entities, but as an awareness of our conscious processes. Someone in possession of self-consciousness, according to PD, would be able to observe their conscious processes, almost like a separate person, observing from the outside. PD describes this type of consciousness as being rare, and I agree.

That said, and I think that most of the people who describe a feeling of being alien, or non-human, have this form of self-consciousness. It causes them to see the world very differently from ordinary people, and makes them feel very different themselves.

Not only do a lot of such people possess this form of self-consciousness, but I think they're also beginning to develop a more "global consciousness". I'd describe this as an awareness of oneself as a mere part of the bigger picture. It completely changes the way you see the world.

For a while I believed it would be vain for me to think I might be in possession of such higher forms of consciousness. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was, and it helped me to accept this.

What's the significance in this? I mean, what's the significance in having a higher form of consciousness? I really don't know, though I believe these higher forms of consciousness are evolutionary traits and are just now starting to emerge, as a means of helping life move closer to perfection.

I think these forms of higher consciousness have developed to counter-balance the effects of greed and egotism in the human race, which are threatening the survival of the human race and many other species. I think they're good things, though they seem to cause their possessors a lot of suffering.

Honestly, there's so much to be said on this topic that I could write a book about it.

If you, or anyone else is interested in hearing more of my thoughts on the topic of consciousness and corresponding feelings of alienation let me know, and I'll write an essay and see if I can get it published here.

I actually just finished an essay where I discuss compassion, and the way I see it as being an evolutionary trait meant to assist in the "Divine Effort" (as Ralph Waldo Emerson calls it).

I can see I am not the only one with this visions and with trouble sleeping at night, also at a younger age 4 Or 5 I used to see this shadows when the lights were out! Have dreams with monsters, dreams I would never be able to get out unless someone would wake me, they were too real and I was deep in them, the most common I would be falling constantantly and endlessly, in the streets I would hear my name! Echoing in the middle of the noises I had trouble focusing but I could remember things my mom would always say "it's impossible you were too little but yes it happen somebody must have told you" let me describe my worst dreams: at the age of 4 or 5 a dreamt being in a rollercoaster "never had seen one before" and a giant monster worm like was chasing me eating the rest of the trails.

At the age of 8 at midnight I was in my bed asleep and suddenly I stud up and lots of ghosts came to my room sorounding me and passing to my body! And yes I have trouble sleeping on the dark! Sometimes I have no option,

I am 26 now and this past Midnight I saw things I could not explain, I was asleep but I am not sure if I was, I think that if I would close my eyes I would see my room the same as it was! I was asleep and I felt a force like I was being pressured agains my bed I could see nothing but some forms appeared in the shadows and some objects in my room where also being moved! I forced myself out and pushed myself out of that situation! When I looked at the screen of my laptop and I saw a green thing with tentacles and two eyes, when I turned the screen on it got smaller but it was still there. Two shiny eyes, I know it sounds crazy but I felt like sharing this experience!

One good advise do not do Kundalini Yoga if you don't want to see shadow people. I attempted and had an out of body experience! And I looked straight out of my house and saw a shadow man looking back at me, this was last year and when I went back to being me I could not move for some time and I was freaking out.
This may be weird. Someone else told me to look at your profile. I too have this feeling. I am meant to meet someone that's south. I moved to the lower 48's and still this mystery man is still south. I've never had a good relationship. This man probably doesn't know I exist. Still this feeling never left. I understand
Hi there, I know that it's been a long time since the last posting but I thought I'll add in my experiences and hopefully share something useful and maybe get some insights too! I've recently been seeing lots of dark and white "shadows" out of the corner of my eyes and only a few days also started seeing them across my frontal vision. I do see human-like figures and also dark "spider-like" creatures which seem to like crawling along door frames. All these started occurring when I started watching "The Dead Files" where the medium Amy Allen and her partner Steve investigates hauntings mainly in the US. I also starting "sensing" more of them appearing before me when I'm doing my household chores. I don't know whether this is all just a figment of my imagination so any info/comments/advice from anyone reading this blog would be nice.

Loolum, I've also this "being" that's been attaching to me for a few years now. I sense it's a malevolent spirit that's been attaching to females in our family line for generations and I've been trying to get rid of it since then. Have you any luck getting rid of yours since the last posting?
I understand that you invited the spirit world by use of a pendulum so you didn't develop natural psychic abilities to meet them but I wonder is everyone successful in meeting spirits by the medium you have mentioned if it is rare then you should be very lucky.

So you meet random spirits and they are completely unknown to you. Many spirits of departed are in heaven and I think some return to our world at will or they are simply destined to stay in our world even after death.

I did see a blurry image of a good looking girl who haunted me in my apartment and she was in love with me. So do you see those spirits the same way I saw and I assume you talk through your mind with them and the spirit voice can be heard clearly inside your head.

There is a spirit I cannot see and he is capable of taking possession of my body and moves my hands and feet at will but I am taking total control of my body but still he manages to shake my hand violently and make me drop things I am holding. He speaks inside my head all the time. I have no idea where he came from and I don't know how to send him away. He is also capable of erasing my memory and makes me lose focus on what I just did. I think he is some kind of wizard for he brought a dead actress to be with him. So she also became part of my everyday life.

I want to say one thing if you meet spirits of younger person and ask questions they will lie a lot and play with you and in the other hand if you go for spirits who are very old and matured they will answer you very well since they are too old to hide anything from you and take pride at it. I think by now you must have asked them many question and got some answers.

You see spirits very clearly standing before you as you said you saw a gypsy woman with blue eyes and you also experienced coldness and unpleasant smell in your room. So they appear and vanish before your eyes just like that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

I have had exact the same experience about the same age!
Waking up in the night and waiting for her to come.
First I was scared and put my pillow over my head but it did n't help. Instead I was sitting in the center of my room and there she was in the doorway. White women, white curly hair, white face (no facial recognitions) and tall.
I remember that I wasn't that scared after a while. My parents room was also next to my room about 3 meter.
When I asked I wanted to go to my parents room she brought me to my parents bedroom and lay me down on bed in the middle.
I had this experience back then so many times that I was aware that I wasn't sleeping or dreaming. I could even control most things when I was dreaming Except when I was aware of the white women. I remember a other one but she had red/ orange hair and she did had kind of a face. She wasn't scary but I had bad feelings and felt like I had to avoid her.

Hope you could contact me
(I couldn't find a place4 PM u)

LibraDragon in I See Weird Blobs Help
Hello, maybe its the city that is located near a boundary or portal for another dimension.
Since I am not a expert you can dismiss my theory, but look for another possibilities and meditate while asking for an answer, the more simple the question the faster will come the answer.
Ps:The answer come in various forms, words, sound, image, intuition.
[at] Redd24 No problem, yeah fear is definitely one of the things that they would use against us. I have experienced sleep paralysis on many occasions as well as lucid dreams where demonic entities would show and tell me things that wouldn't make much sense. I guess they were just some of the many tactics that they use in order to manipulate us into giving in. I was lucky enough to have gained a better understanding about the things that take place in this world and I want to share it with people to make them aware of the fact that (as you know from your own experience) it's all very real. I would be happy to hear from you as I may be able to give you some guidance and possibly find a way to help with your situation.
A lot of people in this world need to understand that many of us are here to pursue a bigger purpose in this world. Sitting at home doing your homework, playing video games, or just socializing with your friends are only momentary things in our lives as we need to seek deeper within ourselves to truly find the guidance of what many of us are meant to pursue in this world.

I yearn in passion and ambition for a Grand Adventure in life that will change everything of what I accept of reality and myself as a person to be better for what's to come in the end. A true life change is completely necessary to truly move forward in the ways that are needed and I feel that many people in this world approach the bigger change like putting their toes slowly in the water first until they feel comfortable and when they feel like engulfing the rest of their body in the water slowly. Sometimes when we see true value in something that can change our lives forever, we need to delve completely into it where before hand we come to understand what our purpose is and where this new path will bring you.
I truly understand, what you are saying. My family for years has acknowledged I was different. I have had very odd things occur, the synchronicity of time happens to me all the time (no pun). I don't feel as though I am an alien, but I feel alienated from most people. It has taken years for me to make peace with who and what I am, and believe. Make peace, knowing you are different. My friends know me to be extremely good with animals, dogs adore me. It is as though I can feel their feelings. Thoughts.
I also feel people's energies, which lead me to believe I too am an empath. Sometimes it can be draining. I've had some amazing things happen, which I'd love to share in a journal someday. But I think my time is coming to a close...I've been studying aura, and practice yoga, connecting with a deeper sense of spirit. The world we are in, is sad... People appear to be getting dumber,,,,there are pockets of people that I feel are open, loving and spiritually attuned, but the divide is so wide.
I do believe in God, a higher power... I believe in angels, spirit guides, and that heaven does indeed exist... Some how it all ties into being spiritually in tune with God...God, in itself is something for me, unable to describe, like we as people are standing so close to the painting we can't see the whole thing, only grasp a small part... I wish you peace, and love in your's hard being empathic.

I only recently have found that time with nature, my dogs and those that accept me, is what helps... Though I love God, I'd rather be in a kayak, on the water drifting through, seeing the trees, breathing fresh air, watching the blue sky, than in church. I love the stars, the moon, the dirt under my feet... I camp as often as we can... I try to plug in to nature... I love books, but people not so much.
When I feel their anger, I feel scared. When I feel their sadness I too feel sad. I sense darkness in spirit sometimes and it really unnerves me. I keep crystals on me, and a rosary, though I am not catholic. I practice" due no harm, "which if only all people could learn those three little words, there would be no hate, no trash, and maybe a chance for what's left of this world...

...I have small amount of psychic ability, like I can feel, an emotion of a loved one, long before I see them... I once had a reading done, that lead To a great deeper awareness for me, she said I should be a healer, because my light is so bright. I hope one day to work with dogs, abandoned ones...

Hope some of this makes sense, you are not alone, wishing you peace and prayers, as you navigate your way, learning to embrace your gifts, and differences, you are not alone.
PraveenNewman in My Psychic Life Part 1
Hello Lauterb,

It is very nice to hear from you and also thank you for your guidance. But I can assure you that these messages are real you see their language style can be distinguished and they talk based on their life events and experience. I saw them individually and I encouraged them to post message promising them that their message will reach all over the world and they expressed great interest and took time to talk to me. Right now Christopher reeve and Robin Williams are watching me writing this letter to you. I like them both for they are good in making humor. Robin Williams make me laugh a lot. One thing is I can meet them only if I have a photo of them I can't meet a person if it is a painted portrait of him or her. So I cannot see people like Beethoven, Mozart, Marie Antoinette queen of France for example. Another thing is they should be good in English so I can record their message. You see I don't talk to them by moving my lips just using my mind alone I communicate.

But I do have a mischievous ghost of an old man who tries to take control of my life but I give him nice scolding to behave properly and I don't know how to get rid of him but he is with me for more than a year. Sometime he gives advice about how to deal with people and another thing is he somehow pulled a spirit of a dead actress (whom I cannot identify) from heaven to be with him every day so she is also following me. I get into fight with her all the time. She says that she wants to return to heaven but the old man is not letting her go. She died in 1969 when she is only 26. She is heavily outdated when it comes to today's lifestyle. She as the seriousness and mentality of 1960 and I like only today's woman.

But my favorite moment is when I watch movies with Walt Disney along with some dead children I also invited children from Victorian era too. Everyone excited to watch today's cartoon movies. I have promised Walt Disney that we will watch hundred animated movies to make a record. I have to tell you I am an animator by profession.

It is said that frank Liszt the musician speaks little English but he speaks English very well. I invite many musicians to listen to work of various musicians. They can hear music even when I listen through head phones.

Thanks to internet I am able to pass their messages around the world. People with this kind of power hundred years ago can't do much to communicate. Thank you for sending the link to the book you have mentioned I will read it very carefully. Happy
Dear Praveen

It is nice discover you mediumship, I am medium too, I can write a message and I have tons.

I would like to alert you about your exercises of getting messages; first, you are not able attest if all those messages where written by the authors you indicated. My mediumship started at age of 16 and today I am 54. From my knowledge those prominent people would not identify using their own names and their message should be much more elaborated and elevated and with a high purpose.

Unfortunately, some and most probably you are just dealing with one spirit and this spirit is making fun with you!

Pse check below question:

103. Ninth Class - Frivolous Spirits. - They are ignorant, mischievous, unreasonable, and addicted to mockery. They meddle with everything, and reply to every question without paying any attention to truth. They delight in causing petty annoyances, in raising false hopes of petty joys, in misleading people by mystifications and trickery. The spirits vulgarly called hobgoblins, will-o'-the-wisps, gnomes, etc., belong to this class. They are under the orders of spirits of a higher category, who make use of them as we do of servants.
In their communications with men their language is often witty and facetious, but shallow. They are quick to seize the oddities and absurdities of men and things, on which they comment with sarcastic sharpness. If they borrow distinguished names, as they are fond of doing, it is rather for the fun of the thing than from any intention to deceive by so doing.

By the above description, I strongly recommend you not do this alone, or at home!

Above is from The Spirits Book, you can check and learn more about at:

I strongly suggest you to study very carefully this book and others from same site in order to prevent a future problem whit spiritual world.

Any doubt fell free to contact

Good study
what can I say. I can be your guide for a while until I teach you how to be an elite in this field. Would you like training?
I can provide kujiin and reiki training. All I need is an email.
All the best. And remember I need an email
Hello ~!

Maybe because of the orbs and spirits around you and the overall situation made an impact on you. Fear has a lot to do with changing your mindset and your way of things. Fear probably triggered the dreams? Just a suggestion!
Next time, try having piercing thoughts, instead of trying to speak out loud. Concentrate real hard on what you want to say and send it telepathically.

One time I woke up in sleep paralysis, and I thought my partner had turned into a half tree and his fingers were growing wooden spikes reaching out to grab me. I was absolutely terrified and had to wake myself up, which was hard. Once I woke up, I realized how I tricked myself into thinking that was happening, and wished that I could have stayed in paralysis and attempted astral travel. In fact, I was so terrified, I think I put up a block and I haven't had sleep paralysis since... Which is unfortunate because I really want to astral project.
EivindStarseed in Seeing "invisible" Energy?
Thanks:) It feels really good and right:) I can't wait until it develops further:)
Kate1785 in I Feel The Future?
Hey there. New to this site and not sure how to start my own post. But I need somebody's help understanding what's going on with me. For over 15 years I get this weird feeling, it's indescribable, it's like a huge balloon or something very big that is hovering over me. It happens when I think about other people. The last time I got it when I was thinking about my ex boyfriend and kind of thought through our last conversation. All of a sudden this feeling of something big came up. As soon as I start thinking about somebody else or something else - it disappears.

It's a very strange feeling and doesn't happen very often but when it does it's overpowering, strong feeling of something huge.

I feel silly even asking about it but I would like to know if there's anything similar other people experience.

Thank you for any kind of help in advance.

I never experienced sleep paralysis. Maybe some dark energy or spirit has manifested itself in your room were you sleep so these can be reason for not getting peaceful sleep and experiencing night terrors at regular basis. I had room in a rented house were a dark energy caused people to get bad dreams when they sleep in that room. Do check my post I have collected some message from people living in the world of afterlife. Take care. Happy

There are certain things in my life which I want to keep it as secrets. I can't hear other people voice in my head but what I can do is I can make my voice heard in everyone's head. Anyway do check my post here. Take care. Happy
You are fine and not suffering from any sort of illness so be strong. Take care. Happy

I see you are experiencing strange dreams and it appears to be too real until you woke up I see. Check my post here I collected messages from people living in the world of afterlife. See you. Happy
PraveenNewman in Instant Psychic Visions

So your hear people voices and sounds. My ability is to see people from after life and communicate with them. Do check my post. Take care. Happy
PraveenNewman in I Feel The Future?

Maybe you had a little bit of experiencing the future. As for me I can see and communicate with people from afterlife. Do check my post. See you Happy

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