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LavenderFields -

Regular, living humans are often scared by unfamiliar voices in their space. So if you have a Spirit who wants to contact you without scaring you and they want to get you to turn around and/or respond - they may try to the mimic that of a familiar voice.

It's a way to get you to notice them, be more open to it and not be immediately afraid.

As, once fear takes over, real, honest communication becomes impossible just like in life. Does not always mean it is a demon! Could be an earthbound.

babayag in My Young Son
Hey Lads Mom, I had someone email my office about this the other day! So if okay, I'd like to answer it here.

Trolls are a normal thing in the earth spirit realm, and they're commonly discussed by children, kids and young teens up to around oh, I'd say the 5th or 6th grade, maybe a little later. Kids generally don't stop talking about these things until they get made fun of at school or chastised at home,

Mediums, clairvoyants and other seers don't really talk about trolls, but only because a lot of people and clients don't talk about them.

But... Trolls are totally a thing. So much so, there is a field guide on trolls called, A Field Guide to the Little People, which your son may be interested in reading, and with it, he may even be able to identify a few of the things he sees, which would be very validating for him. Plus it's kind of a neat little book with diagrams and what not.

If you and he lived in England, Iceland, or in any Northern Culture area, this wouldn't even be a blink of an issue. Trolls are more commonly discussed in Icelandic Culture. In fact, Trolls, little people and the like, were recently featured on a respectful episode of National Geographic (

I'm suggesting these things - the book and the Nat Geo special - as it sounds like your son may get afraid of seeing them or at some point, other people may try to stigmatize him, and it's important he knows it's normal and even kind of cool, before that happens. Because
Seeing earth spirits is kind of a special gift, not everyone can do it.
Namaste, I have a question. Do you routinely practise yogic meditation? If it's "yes", how frequently and how long each?
Re finances mom causing negativity. A jinx or hex are rare. It never hurts to do a cleansing of home and property.

Have a neurologist re check dads meds. To eliminate outbursts at night.
Hello ToilTrouble,

You sound like a medium to me. It seems like ghosts are just trying to scare you. You have nothing to worry about, everything will be figured out and worked out. You will be fine.

You blocked out your gifts from fear. They are opening up not because a ghost or demon gave you the gift back (which they can't, no ghost or demon can do that or take away a gift) but maybe because your walls and defenses can't handle living like that anymore. Maybe it's time for a healthier way in dealing with your situation with your unique life. Crossing over the ghosts that visit you.

I highly suggest you so a Google search for Ama Nazra and email her and ask for her help. She knows exactly what to do in your type of situations. I hope this helps.:)
gthlvrmx in The Gut Feelings
Hello nikki,

The gut feelings is your intuition kicking in. If you actually hear a voice in your head or see words in your mind that say what is going to happen, that might be clairaudience (so your higher self or another being telling you the future).

Orbs can be collected human energy sometimes and their colors don't always mean they are necessarily evil. I'm not quite sure what for sure explanation there is for orbs though, sometimes they can be fairies but I see fairies as sparks of light and flashes of light as well... As well as my angels and spirit guides at times when I ask them to appear in front of me.

For the girl who came asking for help, here is a way to help her out. Ask your guardian angel to "FIND" her and "TAKE" her into healing.
Basically, "Archangel Michael, FIND the girl who asked for my help in my dream and TAKE her into healing".

After that, the girl will be escorted by her guardian angel to cross over and she will be in peace. She might even come back and say thank you one day.

But just know that ghosts aren't healthy for anyone no matter what anyone tries convincing you to believe. Use white light shields (you can try that by asking your guardian angel to put white light shields around you every morning) to protect you from having ghosts attach to you and steal your energy.
Hi klamathstorm,

I take medication right now and I have gifts as well. Have you considered seeing a therapist or psychologist to help you talk things out? There might be a good one out there who even knows how to handle situations like yours.

If you are a medium, maybe you can start talking to your angels and ask Archangel Raphael for some healing when you miss your ex. Crystals help too, though you would have to observe yourself really well to watch out for any healing crisis that may occur... Which is a positive thing, but many people can freak out and think somethings gone terribly wrong with their crystal healing. Just cleanse your crystals regularly and you'll be fine.

My gifts give me some confusion and sadness but... I hold onto what I know is true. Free will and unconditional love, and that everyone deserves that and has that.
Hello maggot Boy,

Seeing spirits, or ghosts, means you are a medium. Reading minds, or hearing other living people's thoughts means you telepathic. Having dreams that have information of the future that come true means you have precognition or clairvoyance (clear seeing- in your case, you clearly see spiritual beings and through time in your dreams). Having dreams about past lives is normal as well, many people have had past lives and remember bits and pieces. Sometimes, when you go to a place where you have been in in your past life, you get the "dejavu" feeling similar to a precognitive dream or vision of the future.

Having dreams that are memories of other currently living people, that has happened to me as well and the only thing I can think of as to why it happens is that it is a part of the gift of telepathy since in the dreams I was "in their shoes".

Being an empath simply means you feel other people's emotions and sometimes take them on as if they are your own, which can become troublesome and make you feel sick.

For that, you can try White Light Shields. Here is a link:
Or simply ask Archangel Michael every morning: "Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now. Thank you."

If you ever collect other people's emotions and can't shake them off or you're getting physical symptoms like headaches, you can imagine a ball of light at your feet and dump all those other people's emotions into the ball of light. When you feel ready, send the ball of light deep into the Earth and you are finished. The Earth will transform it all into positive energy.

Or, you can imagine wearing a backpack and dump the emotions and energy in there, hand it to your angels and ask them to do something positive with it all.

I also like to create land hooks. Basically, I imagine a rope of energy coming out of the back of my solar plexus chakra (which is around my belly region) and add a big hook at the end. I anchor it into the ground and let it drag behind me. As I travel long distances, my excess energy, which includes others emotions, get transformed into positive, healing energy by the Earth.

I hope that help.
Pennies4U in Unleash My Sons
Google -18 signs and symptoms of a spirit attachment.

From the description it may be a portal door opened.
Your adult sons would have to be forth coming with interacting
With Ouiji board, tarot or magic. As well as relaxation with recreational activities.

Additionally check for new objects brought into home 2 weeks ago should be removed.

You can start the process by studying each person and the home.

A crystal practitioner or shamanic worker can help.

Although my fiance is not the cause of my dad's health or all kinds of troubles I have been experiencing, do you think it could be his mom's spirit causing them?

What is strange is immediately one week after she died, my dad was sent to the ER and he still has not recovered. Ever since she died, we have been arguing a lot. We did not use to argue at all.

Thank you, AnneV for your input.
highspiritualy in Saw Orbs & Shadows
Where I work at I've seen an Orb pass through some apartment doors and on the morning saw a mist. Since then I haven't seen anything. At the moment, I see shadow figures and spots. Other then that I feel being touched and I got touched by a spirit with so much energy it made me lose a bit of energy. Other then that I don't see and feel the presence anywhere else.
thewatcherfromzeranus in Aliens, Ufo's, Abduction?
First, we know that the Greys are telepathic and they exhibit psychokinesis. Or it's rumored as such. We also hear about abduction cases such as yours where the Greys are drawn to humans who also have psychic abilities. Psychics are naturally attracted to others who have the same or similar abilities. I don't find your story outlandish at all. Others may, but most of them have never experienced anything other than a cold or poison ivy. Lexi, you are among the fortunate who have learned by experience that there really are things greater and bigger than the boredom of everyday life. It's a spice to life and it makes living more tolerable. In the end, you will know more about the depths of human existence. There's more than one faction of Greys, and the smaller one is the benign group.

For those who can't figure out what they're doing here, perhaps they are from our future, from our race, from our planet. Look and see what human kind eventually does to the human race. At every turn you hear stories by abductees about genetic experimentation, hybrids and the like. Perhaps they are us and they're now trying to fix a boat load of mistakes--our mistakes.
The health of those people is not caused by your fiance. Aging and death is a natural part of the life process. Letting him go will not restore anyone's health.

With that said, what can be construed as "bad luck" is a detrimental attitude. If he carries the victim perspective that his faults lie with the fact he was raised by a poor single mom then he will constantly manifest that mantra --poverty and want. I was raised in awful circumstances but came to know that we all create our reality and it was up to me to rise above any circumstance and make my life my own, and as good as I wanted and so it is.

People who breed and wallow in drama will continue that cycle and bring you down with them. I personally could not be with a man who didn't have a powerful mindset. You now have to be more powerful than he and not only not allow the seepage of his negativity into your mind, but to continue on your own path of well-being. It's basically double the work. Remember, thoughts create things. They create our realty. What story is being told over and over here? And when our negative thoughts create our negative life then we say, "See, I told you life was hard and bad." All the while not getting that this so called proof is our own fault.

I think it's good that you're thinking long and hard on this person as your life mate. If he's bringing you down now, it won't get fixed with a ring on your finger.

Best to you,
Tara2191 in Seeing Letters
I was wondering if you notice #patterns... Letters are connected to #'s 1-9 in numerology and 11,22,33 are master numbers,aren't reduced to single digit~

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
A b c d e f g h i
J k l m n o p q r
S t u v w x y z *

Tara for example is 2191=

I've always had a this game for the #11 22 & 33... Now I know why, kind of lol. That's why I'm here
OMG This ALL sounds just like me... #11 folows me. I read Goddess Tarot and have always been very good but after looking up what seeing 11,22,33 all the time and realizing it's Numerology has seriously blown my freaking mind! IT'S SO CRAZY I STILL HAVE HARD TIME BELIEVING. After learning about my connection to 11 I was changed forever. I'm so more in tune to spiritual experiences, ways I never ever thought possible even for me. I know things, random things about people and not sure how unless I'm channeling, once I got scared and as I laid in bed praying I asked God "If that was really you answering me through that man at the laundromat today then just PLEASE let me hear my name, just say my name"
Immediately I heard a deep powerful man's voice say "TARA"
I got startled and then heard thee most amazing singing/music I've ever heard in my life! It was angels, I know it! It was indescribable, beautiful and soooo unique. I'm a writer and have compared it to that of 'hearing glitter sparkle'
I'm forever changed and so more aware
Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

My title came from a poem by William Blake, in which he writes, "Like the moon, death is that side of life turned away from us." The poet Rilke wrote something like that too.

As painful as my son's death was and still is, the incident enabled me to move from unbelief (different than disbelief) to belief in the possibility of some kind of life after this one.

"We could bear the poignant truth that birds sing beautifully for a time, then become a pile of lifeless feathers if we could embrace the possibility that there are other worlds in which to sing."

And I do.
klamathstorm in Dreams And Depression
thanks, bluehoodedmisery. Meditation does help, and today has been essential oil day.

I'm actually feeling somewhat better today about it all. I have to remember to tell people NO when they start asking me "what's there" or "what else do you see." It's not about what I can or can't see, but the emotional toll it takes on me, because I also "see" so much more than what they are just asking me to see. I didn't realize it at the time, but I definitely have recognized it now. I don't ever really want to see what's going on, and I do realize how it can be useful, but like I said, the seeing/dreaming sometimes makes me super depressed.
I want to start a tread for interpretation of a vision in which I can see the face... Think its me but not sure... New to this
The last dream I've had is that I am waiting at the altar. Guests have arrived. My boyfriend hasnt come yet. And there are these eerie voices saying to me "What did you think? That he is going to marry someone like you?".

It is quite similar to how I feel when I have an anxiety attack. I start to feel I am a burden.

Anyways while I was tensed waiting and thinking he won't show. The guests around me were happy and cheerful, they told me not to worry too much and that he will come. He is running late but he will come.

I woke up then.

I feel maybe the weddings of my friends and the fact my boyfriend is talking a lot about marriage which might be influencing my sub conscious. I really don't know what to make of it.

I even had a dream, months prior that my boyfriend is pointing to a date on the calender and the numbers were written with blood. He said this is when we are going to get married. Waking up I felt... The date was important to me somehow but I can't remember for what or why. I wrote the date down just in case then forgot all about it until the recent episodes.
The next dream was about me supposed to be attending a wedding around 7:30 pm.

I was feeling lethargic much as I do in real life because of depression. It was getting late around 9:30pm. I decided I wouldn't go to the wedding. My mother however comes to me saying I should because there is still time. The wedding won't be over until 2am. So I finally got up and started getting ready... Turns out I was wearing a bridal dress.
Latest update is that my boyfriend and I are still going strong. Each day is a new adventure. He is in his last year of graduate school and under a lot of pressure.
My dad recently was diagnosed with cancer which has affected me badly. I suffer from anxiety attacks and depression.

Around early May a couple of my friends have gotten married.

Last week I saw a couple of dreams which were weird and I couldn't make sense of them.

First was a nightmare concerning my boyfriend were he said he never said he will stay forever and it is getting late. It affected me very badly when I woke up. I felt very disturbed. Two days later my boyfriend had a serious car accident resulting in multiple injuries and was told he was lucky or he would have died.
teslajoule3 in Saw My Future Children
Hi everyone... I had a vision of a girl who was a firecracker... Red hair and strong personality. I lost two children and then she finally arrived exactly as I saw her... I also had a vision of her father and he's getting married and very happy,...but I can't see the girls face... I have always wondered if it were me since I am the mother of the red head. (his daughter) I can see the dress... Hair color but no face... Anyone have something like that happen to them.thanks!
bluehoodedmisery in Dreams And Depression
klamathstorm: I am an empath and experience some ability to tell some simple future events. I was diagnosed with depression 5 years ago. Everyday is a struggle. I was on anti depressants for almost the whole time, but recently got off of it in December. I spent most of those 5 years unable to be in tune with my abilities.

Lately, I've been experiencing them more and more. I'm not sure how meds will affect you, but I know they didn't help me as they made me a zombie and susceptible to a personality that wasn't me at all. I began having suicidal thoughts in the last few months of being on meds.

What I'm trying to say, you are not alone. Try some meditation or listening to your favorite music or talking to someone. It all sounds like very obvious tips, but sometimes they're even great for us psychics. You could also try getting crystals or gems that provide certain energies and heal. They really do help. I constantly take a stone in my hand and just take some deep breaths and I feel instant calm.

I hope this helps.
klamathstorm in Dreams And Depression
I just wanted to comment on this as an update-- sometimes it feels like I'm the one doing the changing, and perhaps this is just another way into understanding how time itself works.
Its same with I had experienced many time, One occasion, it was like everything was just changing (it feel that as I am on alchol but not). I just was looking mirror on self from bed (yes I was awake but sleeps, soon I just was in my old home, in bed. I know this not real, I am totally confused I just want to go back to my home... I punched my hands to wall to awake but nothing happen, I just heard voice from guest room, I ran upto there saw my parents along with some other, I then go to my room (in old house) I tried put up light but nothing happened, Then I saw guest room has light, I feared much suddenly I was back to my new home but was unable to move for a moment, after I went my old home saw my room light is not working that surprised me. I see blue spots in wall or near me somtime. Also sees the movements in air, shivers in my body and too much emotion like pain,suffering,feeling lonelyness without any reason (I actually has friends and good with them), feel like somebody watching too (but there will be nothing)
Winter_Solace in Regaining Gifts Possibly?
This sounds like a demon, or even a devil... I don't think you should have gone through that door. The only powers you recieve are dark powers... Through such means as this. Well, I would like to know if you have rekindled any of your powers since then. There is a way to undo the damage done.
I have been to a spiritualist church once in my area. It was bizarre because they talked so much trash about God. Which even then, I knew there were things hardly anyone understood about how God truly is.

Anyways, all of this you have been describing about any white orbs and especially the white form around you sounds very much like an angel. I would even go so far as to say this is most likely your guardian angel watching over you. You are blessed to be able to see all this. God loves you very much, that is what this means. This angel cares for you too.
My mother told me that I had been born with a veil. My grandfather was a merchant seaman and was quite upset when he asked my mother what happened to the veil and she told him that the midwife had thrown it out. He was a firm believer in the "power" of the veil. As a young child he would always send me off to buy his soccer pools lottery ticket as he believed I was lucky. I remember having many experiences of de ja vu in my early years as well as lots of gut feelings about things that were about to happen. One time I was going over to see my mother for her to plait my hair, I picked up a hair band and thought to myslef that I should take another one as she was going to break the one I had, thought don't be stupid, sure enough the hair band snapped. There have been many many instances like this over the years. A couple of things that really stick in my mind, the first time I watched the movie Stand By Me and saw River Phoenix, I thought to myself how sad that he is only going to have a short life, a few weeks later he died of a drug overdose. The day Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed died I had had a dream, I woke at 4am and thought to my self Oh no they have died and saw in my mind a long black shape being lifted out of what I thought was water, I thought they had died in a boating accident as a week or so earlier there was a picture in the newspaper showing them enjoying themseleves on a ski boat and on seeing that I thought to myself that they will be dead soon. Later that day I went to visit the local Avon lady who had her TV on and on the news was the report on the accident that killed Diana and Dodi, shivers ran up my spine, the black shape was actually the car they were in which was being lifted on to a tow truck, the lights shining on the car made it look like it had been in the water. When having these visions I have always told myself not to be stupid and that it is just my imagination.
I have been lucky buying lottery tickets, nothing life changing but I often get a feeling about which shop to buy them from. When I go in to some houses I get a sense of there being spirits there, never anything frightening, just a quiet presence. I was in an old house that my parents had bought and were fixing up, the door to my bedroom didn't have a handle and we used an old chisel to turn the latch, I had closed the door one time and taken the chisel to open another door and suddenly the door to my room opened, I thought to myself Oh he must have wanted to come out of the room! There are a couple of spirits in that house. As I have gotten older my gut feelings have diminished which I is my own doing as I now realise that I had a gift, if I had nutured what I had I would not have lost it but not understanding what I had didn't help. My feelings and intuition were very strong in my younger years and I now wish I had understood what was going on.
OkY sorry if this has been too long but here goes. Yesterday I had my first experience with feeling someone dying. I was sitting outside thinking on my brothers father... When I felt this feeling of immense sadness... Like all the joy I had felt yesterday was gone. I called dad to find out he had passed away the same time I had that feeling. Is this the same thing or is it something else?
Tripox21 in Sparkling Lights
Princesadelsol Hi again,

Ive recently noticed these flashing like orbs with tail like glittery look to them, they come in different colors, they are angels, I think they're guide/personal angelic beings, and also they help you with downloading info to you, so if you ever see these around and suddenly get like a ringing in your ear, yeah its them sending some well needed info to you to use whenever you need it, they seem benevolent enough and haven't messed around so just aknowledge them because they actually want you to see them and know you can handle it:) its their way of saying hi;)
Also this started for me not long after I wrote to you the first time.
Well I hope everything works out for the better for you. Thanks for the reply
Glad someone enjoyed it (smiles)

So true even as psychic we need to learn to just let life come at us... People sometimes expects us to know all see all but we're really just human she living and learning like the rest

Though having visions Dose at least help to see the out come... Eh I do need to learn to enjoy the journey though Laugh

I'm learning though

Pleasure to have read you comment,thanks... I'll be believing in you to find your love as well Love
For Dog Barking: This is given by an ''Indian Guru'', please follow below for recitation

- Please Thank Guru (Teacher) for this procedure given by him, and mantra before reciting.

- call wolf on your own thought and pray to it for the barking to stop.
Chant or say " Mimulus" as many times as possible daily.
- before going anywhere thank dog (s) and be grateful to them for not barking at you, do this daily.
Thank God for blessings.
Hello, Sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story.
Hello! I don't know what all of this means, but I would like to thank you for sharing your story.
Wow thanks for sharing your story. I knew someone was pregnant, before they actually knew!
Hello Jasmine

Thank you for your reply

Yes please I would like some advice.

I was just worried that what I was seeing was all in my head, as it has been going on for some time.

I recently have been researching into pagan religions as they caught my interest at a young age, would this in any way contribute?

Also have you any idea what is the worst thing that these shadows and spirits can do?
Thank you for your reply


I myself haven't experienced any near death experiences as far as I know. However there have been near death experiences in my family the past couple of years.

As for the grabbing incident I bruise like a peach, so there was some bruises scattered all over my arms, however I didn't want to put them simply down to the incident as I bruise doing my work also.
wildeband (guest) in Regaining Gifts Possibly?

I don't mean to brag but, I am more familiar with that world and recently somethings not right there. I feel it, something's wrong but I don't know what. My dreams are not right. I will figure as much as possible and get back to you. I will delete this account if I can help people solve their problems
Hi Scarletjedi!
Since you are already aware that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, congratulations!:) For myself, that was the biggest part of the puzzle. I've always had abilities but it wasn't until the awakening had started did the synchroncities start and everything else snowballed. Once I became conscious of the synchroncities did my path really begin to change. Numbers were the start of synchroncities to where it would be a daily occurrence. Some synchroncities that happened that made me be like, hey maybe there's something to this was when I was in a drive through and the car behind me ordered different things and we had the same total, $15.84. The very next day, I was grocery shopping and my total was $111.19. That night my mom asked me what time it was and without looking, I just said 8:20 and looked at my watch. I keep military time so my watch read 20:20 and it just happened to be 20 seconds, so when I looked at my watched, it read exactly 20:20:20. Literally 15 minutes later, I decided I needed to take a break (this was during the time I was reading every book available on furthering my spiritual path) and sat down to watch TV, which I never watch. So I sat down and a song came over the show I was watching talking about 20/20 vision. I watch TV with captions, so my TV was littered with 20's both audibly and visually. I had a great laugh over that one. But occurrences like these became my daily life.

So they started out with numbers but sometimes switched to repeating letters or names. Numbers are the easiest to interpret as each number has its own meaning. I'm not religious, however, the easiest way to find out number meanings for myself is them as angel numbers. If you are religious or not, you can take the message with or without the angels attached, which I enjoy. I enjoy using the site as she provides a thorough explanation of pretty much any number I've ever searched.

I feel that the 4/23 may not have any personal significance as far as a "message" but more of a sign to you to pay attention more as the universe is trying to communicate with you. When you begin noticing them, they will become more frequent. I agree with Avi and definitely keep a journal and log everything. I have found that when logged things that I thought were insignificant at the time, turns out they had a larger message as they connected to another one a few weeks after. I would have never known unless I logged it. I have also found that a lot of my synchroncities don't have meanings all the time but ways that my spirits reassure me that I am on the right path. Hope this helps a bit.
The words popping into your head sounds more like your mediumship ability and they are using your other abilities to try and communicate messages. Being a medium myself, my advice is to state your intention to them. Make rules like not waking you from sleep. If you don't understand a word, tell them and ask for another and wait to see what you get next. Journal, journal, journal. This way you can look back and see if you notice any patterns, as they may be trying to form their own language with you. Another suggestion would be to meditate, I know it sounds cliche but it really does help. That could be another rule you set, only communicate during meditation. This would provide structure and a dedicated time/space and spirit would feel heard. I find that when spirits find someone that can hear them and they're not getting their message through effectively, they can become persistent and bombard you with information and sensory overload. Never a fun thing for either party. Hope this helps!
Hi Coffeelover! From your post it sounds like you have the law of attraction, premonition, and synchronocities going on. This usually happens when you are at the appropriate vibration level to strengthen your gifts, if that is something you want to do. Repeating numbers and "coincidentally" aligned situations happened to me. I took the signs and ended up on a spiritually gifted journey that I would have never dreamed possible. I was led to many people to work with and almost all of them, I would call to make an appointment and tell them "I have no idea why I'm needing to see you, I just know that I am, so here I am," and would go from there. Every session that happened, even if I didn't understand, helped me on another leg of the journey. The songs that you hear, do you ever research the lyrics? Instead of numbers, this may be a way that your spirits are trying to communicate with you. When working with the law of attraction, it is very important to watch your thoughts because what you think will be attracted to you which creates your reality. Once you get a harness on it then you can really work with it. Since you already know you're an Empath, you could also be picking up the energy from others which help with your premonitions.

Your mom sounds like she is a sensitive too whether she is conscious of it or not. Many times gifts are inherited and passed down through family lines. It sounds like you're on the beginning of a great journey should you choose to follow. Ask for messages and signs and you will be surprised of what comes to you in daily life! How fun!
First off, you're not crazy. Has anything traumatic happened in your life recently - family death, illness, huge amounts of stress etc.? Sometimes when someone experiences something huge in their life - innate abilities will open. You have probably been very sensitive your whole life, but I am just assuming at this point.

Google or look on here about being an Empath. From what you write that is part of what is going on and probably one of the most difficult to deal with (from a personal perspective). An empath is a person who picks up the energy of other people and you can take on their illnesses, emotions, thought patterns, know everything about them, know if they're lying etc. Another thing is when looking for something or somewhere, you can "feel" what direction you need to go. It's difficult to explain. Some call it only intuition but I feel that there's more to it than that. The only way that I know how to describe it is that it's like a compass within your being. The telepathy, I have some experiences with that but not to the degree you are having. I have only one person in my life that this is a regular occurrence and really, I believe that the telepathy is a form of clairvoyance and the voices could be clairaudience. You can google the different kind of "clairs" and read about each one. Anyway, I have had people's thoughts jump me and it is the same "vision" feeling that I have when I see visions when doing Mediumship, which is why I relate it to clairvoyance.

I agree with Anon, try and find a local medium/spiritual meet-ups, groups to align with like minded people and be able to find people that would support you instead of saying you're crazy. You will get the "crazy" numerous times. I typically don't talk about how I am with people. The one fortunate thing that I have is that my mom is the same way, so at least I have that outlet. I don't have the experience of being totally alone in the journey, which is why I suggest finding a group. The "meet-up" site/app is where I found local psychic groups that helped me. Along with the psychic stuff, it also helped me find healthy outlets for my energy with other local artists, writers, hikers etc. Nifty little site, if you ask me.

Anyway, definitely find someone local if you can, sites like these will help form an outlet. Also, start keeping a journal if you haven't already. With kids, I understand it's hard but take 5 minutes a day, every day. Write anything - just write. As cliche as it sounds, meditate. If you have trouble meditating, close your eyes and just focus on keeping it black and take the time out to be on some down time. Grounding and shielding meditations will help. If you use crystals, you can look into getting some black obsidian to help protect you from negative energy and keep you grounded. IF you have gone through a traumatic loss that triggered this, then pairing the black obsidian with an Apache Tear would be beneficial. I wish you luck on your journey!
I have to get this off my chest... I was at home after a day of work just relaxing on my reclining chair in my living room... As I sit there, I feel the weight of a very heavy blanket fal over me... I let the feeling go as if it is nothing but I slow began to lose feeing in my legs... It really seemed as if something was on top of me, trying to seduce me... I kept feeling a touch on my belt buckle... Later I went up to bed and was trying to fall asleep when I heard the mumbling of what sounded like 4-5 people around my bedside talking... I began speaking to them in my head and actually thought they were replying to me... I feel like a crazy person... But I don't know how else to explain this... At this point I feel very nervous and my heart is beating very fast... I then close my eyes to try and fall asleep when I hear a scream... Not the type of scream that wakes up everyone else in my house, but like a white noise that only I could hear and feel... The spirits around seemed very angry and as if they were threatening my life... I was scared to go to bed because I heard them speaking all night... I don't know how to explain this and really would like the input of someone else... This is the first time this has happened to me and I was extremely scared throughout the night
Hi Coffeelover! (Me too!)
You are blessed indeed. When the Great White Spirit, called God, has conferred his spiritual gifts on you, and you are spiritually ready to receive them, they well up like a fountain and must not be suppressed but used. Your Guide, (Guardian Angel) will lead you wherever you must go.
There is so much for you to learn but you can make a start by reading on the web: Teachings of Silver Birch.
You are also invited to read my blogs:
God bless and enjoy your spiritual journey!
Tekkaman_Blade in Where Do Psychics Go?
This certainly sounds like the kind of place I would need. Having trouble accessing the site though.
It could be someone thinking about you at that moment. It could be a message from Spirit trying to wake you up to something big that could be happening soon in your life. For me, I've had more along the lines of precognitive/clairvoyant dreams, including whole conversations. It depends on you and what your experiences are. But you're awake now!
I definitely understand the part of your psychic life and abilities being dead because I have been going through the same thing.
When my abilities faded I used to worry and read a lot on why it happened and just felt overwhelmed but I learned to accept that it happened for a reason.
I was growing up and becoming an adult just took over. I became more focused on my education, relationships, tuition, earning money and making a living that I neglected my abilities so much that I was normal.
For a while I even thought that my abilities were a lie.
I think it's a journey we all take. The journey of getting lost in the ocean where we are swimming blind until we have learned to find our selves, our self who is more spiritually aware well that's my personal opinion.
Lately I have wanted to write a post reflecting the changes I have gone through with my life and psychic abilities.
I am still on my journey but my abilities have came back a little bit. They are not the way they used to be but I feel them and I am okay with that.
Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post. It's something I can relate to. I am glad you found your guy.
Years ago when I was a teenager I used to dream of someone who would talk to me in my dreams and I would feel him when I was awake. I always felt like he was my other half but these past few years I haven't dreamt of him anymore and I don't think about him anymore. Sometimes when I am just reflecting I remember and everything comes back. I have been neglecting my spirtitual side but now it's a journey trying to find my new self.
I love this part that you wrote, "We can't expect everything even for psychics life is meant to be live and learned."
Thank you for sharing.
For Coughing in presence: This spiritual website might has Answer, it is just a guess, so please read/study their website, after all it's your own wisdom and intuition.

You know, I don't remember my childhood much anymore. It's like at some point I stopped remembering it, though I used to remember it. But now I'd really have to concentrate to remember much of any of it.

I think it's because the feeling of my childhood is unreachable. And I think that may be your problem, too. You can't reach the feeling of your childhood. That's why it's cloudy or only black and white. Because you can only remember the superficial details of your childhood memories, not the emotions that went with them.

It goes along with you being an old soul. You've become too emotionally old to be able to relate to the emotions of your childhood. I have too, though it took me a lot longer.

And you being an empath would mean you'd tend to see your emotions somewhat, or imagine them, and it sounds like you have a strong imagination and probably tend to visualize things. I'm guessing there's always a picture in your head, and my guess is that sometimes that pictures overrides reality as created by your five senses.

Just a guess, but at any rate I'd say it's a sign you're highly intuitive and spiritual.

I hope that helps some.
Hey! I can't help you much with what is it but, I can assure you, you're not alone.
I'm the Exact same as you. It's unbelievable how similar we are after reading your story except the wolves' part.
But, I think you can control your emotions through meditation, at least, that's what I've learnt from people here and it helps.
I've the same feeling of being watched since 1-2 years and I haven't figured out yet what is it... Albeit, it went away for 2-3 months but it came back.

Wish you the best!
The human soul is capable of connecting on different levels.
Your story is an example of Mirroring pain of our loved ones as well as connecting via

As individuals we all have a abilities and gifts.
And no 2 individuals will manipulate or experience energy the same. Thru Ancestral aka Heritage cord. Though we experience a loved ones symptoms. We are also capable of channeling healing.

It sounds as if you taped into pain of family member. Seeing Carotenoid, building blocks cut into during operation in which veins are cut from back of legs and grafted for double bypass.
Blue and purple are colors of Carotenoid.

Only by stepping back and asking? Had you silly tapped into surgery?
Had you channelled healing?
Hey Anne.

I don't really think crazy is a bad thing. I think crazy in my case is about to get me into trouble. I think I've just about outheralded the herald, as I believe it was Poe who once said.

I was thinking back to the times in my life when I went way too far. Every time I knew I was headed for big trouble, but it's like I just couldn't stop myself, and a part of me enjoyed it so much...

The first time I think was when I was pretty young, and I was staying the weekend at my grandma's house because my parents were both going to be out of town. It was in the summer, and I went outside with my grandma to help her water the yard, and at some point I wound turning the hose on her, and spraying her with it. The water from the hose knocked her glasses on the ground.

It was like something took over me and made me do it, and as horrible as it sounds, it was the greatest thrill of my life up to that point. Afterwards I felt horrible. I've always felt guilty for doing that, but at the time, it was the greatest thrill I'd ever known.

There have been a couple of times since, but I've definitely taken it to a new level this time. And the thrill is at a new level, and sometimes the despair is at a new level.

I actually wrote a song last night to kind of describe this feeling of being swept away by the spirit. I'll type the lyrics out just for fun. Then I need to get. It's 2:49 am here where I'm at.

Next song, I'll be moving on,
Got no good reason, got nothing wrong.
I just need a change of scenery,
Some real faces, dangling from the
Edge of our sanity...

Spirits, moving in and out of me.
Spirits, moving out of everyone I meet.

Next time, I'll walk the line,
I'll start out on a good foot, and finally get it right.
But this time I've gone too far,
To change my course, to turn around this car
And make it back in time...

Spirits, moving in and out of me.
Spirits, moving out of everyone I meet.

And sometimes the bad ones,
Come out of nowhere and gather around me.
Sometimes the bad ones,
Come out of somewhere,
Even from the people I see.

Next song, I'll be moving on,
Got no good reason, got nothing wrong.
I just need a change of scenery,
Some real faces, dangling from the
Edge of our sanity...

Anyway, have a good one. I better go to sleep now.
Well if anything were to happen to you with the spirit or incubus/sucubus etc.
Please contact me at my email,
Im pretty sure I can handle it.

If it were an incubus or sucubus, this would be happening to you right now,
Mostly they are red or black almost like a demon, they are other colors as well.
Second, you would have feel as if you have raped or touch on with spirit contact
Third, bloody images or hallucinations or sometimes dreams and
Finally you would hear things like seductive words or threats.
I also forgot to mention.
You get scratches on your body, either spiritually, mentally or physically,
Feeling drained and feeling poisoned.
Thats all I have in mind.
Contact at my email if this is happening to you,
Universeteachings [at]
Thank you for your reply. I really had no idea about this Incubus/Succubus entities but judging the way that creature was looking at me and the way his face looked like it make more sense to me now. I will try a prayer and visualizing a protective circle around me and my home. I wonder if cleaning with sage and holly water will help also. Since that night I feel scared and have lights everywhere in my apartment.

To answer your questions I didn't really try to move. I wanted to give the impression that I'm still asleep so I only open and close my eyes very slow and hopping that he wouldn't notice that.

Was I frightened? I could not believe my eyes so yes I was frightened but not that much because his face was so similar to a guy that I see for last 5 years (we are just FWB).

I'm not sure if I mentioned that but when I woke up I was under impression that something woke me up and I looked straight at the door where that entity was.

I really hope I don't see it again.
Thank you for such a beautifully written post. I'm sorry for your losses.

None of us can say we truly know anything, even the tried and true physical. As Einstein said, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." What we want to take away from this incarnation is up to us. It can be a sequential, meaningful only to us jaunt or all that and something more. As the years slip by, "we" experience reality as we think it should be, but sometimes something else falls across our state of awareness and that gives us pause, like it did you. I remember reading about this woman whose daughter's playing instrument was stolen. She may have even been special needs--trying to remember the details, but what I do remember is that she was very desperate to get it back. After all "normal" attempts at retrieving it had failed she was referred to a dowser. The dowser gave her the physical address of the thief and she was finally able to retrieve the instrument. Her words were, "This changes everything." She could no longer dismiss out-of-the-norm perception as all hooey.

When the one thing you experienced turns into hundreds it morphs the mind. I'm not saying unicorns become real but you start wondering about frequencies, vibrations and how much more we're going to discover about them. And when we do, we will be able to test them repeatedly. Until then, the unknown remains just that. In the not too distant past, some scientists were ridiculed for concepts such as genetics and quarks but that came into our reality and there is still more to come. I think one day String Theory will come to bear greater fruit in terms of these unseen worlds, which we'll eventually be able to 'uncurl' them and expand our awareness even more.

I really appreciated and enjoyed your post. I hope you reconnect with your son and wife on the other side of the moon.

Weird, my post got cropped off. Here is the rest...

Crazy has its good points. It was crazy when it was suggested that the world was not flat nor the center of the universe. Some of the best writing and music come from people who might be deemed crazy because they see things so differently and aren't so terrified to broadcast it. I'm sure Van Gough wasn't feeling too sane when he cut off his ear. I think crazy can work when it serves you and doesn't hurt others. I personally knew a man who wandered the streets of affluent Santa Barbara, California, going on about things that only he understood but as it turned out, though he looked nuts and homeless, he was rich himself and had just decided on a new way to live and express himself and to hell with the on-lookers. Crazy must be working for you because you said you were now worthy to let spirit flow and creating some of your best work in reference to political activism.

Europe really could be called the launching point for spiritualism, which slowly moved west but then died down with unfavorable characters and science. Though funny now, because science will come full circle and eventually support it. I just finished a book by Leslie Kean called Surviving Death and it's basically a scientific and journalistic approach to postulating that we do indeed survive the death process.

There are two sides to all of us. We are all spirit living a human cycle. It's just a matter of degrees of consciousness. Some people are hugely conscious and barely human and some people are deeply human and barely conscious. As we move towards one state we shed the other.

It will be interesting to see what stirring the pot gets you, should you share that. For every action there is a reaction.
Ah, the power is back...
Good night.
Ok here's the thing. You are not crazy. You are psychic from what I can gather. The 'hearing voices,' is telepathy. The 'Seeing things,' is mediumship. And the touching things and being able to tell about their past is 'Imprinting.'

Combine all these together means you have opened the gateway between worlds and you can 'see,' into it. I think that Ghost, Spirits and other 'bodies,' Such as Demons etc. Are wanting to connect with you as a way of telling what has happened to them so they can move on - let matter rest so to speak. Or Worst want to use you to get back into this world.

My suggestion. Go on the websites like this one and find a medium near you who can train you. They will help you to filter what you see and hear and how to deal with the other stuff. If you are willing to acknowledge it that is.
Thanks for the input. But I believe my mum is seeing my Aunt. Why well let's just say that there is more than meets the eye on this.

My mother is psychic always has been so am I an my cousin. My mum even got beaten when she was younger for it. As she saw a bloke on a horse who had been dead the past 15 years. She was walking along the street in the middle of the day and he told her to turn around and go home. My nan beat her with a stick for that one as a Christian she said my mum was blaspheming. So if she said she 'sees,' her I believe her.

The only thing is though my aunt did died 9,000 miles away from home. So I suppose in the spirit world distance is no object.
Dear Minty have you recently had any accidents which could have been near death experience? The reason I ask is that some people tend to develop the 'gifts,' you described after such incidents.

'Seeing,' things can largely be ignored as you don't want people thinking you a 'crackpot,' or something. But the yanking of the arm. That's a different matter. Were there bruises on your arm afterwards...
Have you try to control the electronics? Try to turn on the tv or the light only with the power of mind, or try to change the channels. Chill out, sit down and focus, I am pretty sure you will manage to control the tv after a few tries. The examples you gave us are electrokinesis symptoms.
Funny Greg, 30 seconds before I clicked on 'edit next article' I thought of you. For whatever your reason, I'm glad you find a degree in comfort coming here and posting your thoughts, which are always interesting and insightful.

I just lost power so will type my thoughts in Word then reply when it comes back on...

You say crazy like it's a bad thing
Dear leopardbaby,

The visions of death you have experienced in the past must have been a real eye-opener for you. You have a gift of seeing glimpses of the future. There is a reason for seeing them - it is to first off be informed of what is to come, second to prepare mentally for it, third to help the affected people to go through these experiences. I'm sure death was not the only thing you've ever seen to happen in the future.

When I was a child, I didn't have visions of my family dying but there was a time I was taking blame for those deaths (even if I had nothing to do with that at all). I warn you that you don't make this mistake. Your role is not to prevent the events, but to help deal with their aftermath.

I'd like to hear more about your experiences,

jasmine_glaze in Regaining Gifts Possibly?

As I mentioned in another story, the abilities usually come back to us around the teenage years. Nowdays many young people reject what they see because the closest ones don't believe them or even laugh at them.
Your experience is very scary and disturbing. I hope you have a way with dealing with all these bad feelings you get when you wake up. Demons use dreams to mess with our minds many times. A nightmare does affect us thoughout the day if not dealt with properly after waking up. Also, I don't want to be pessimistic but you may have more experiences coming your way or even experience sudden mood drops if those dreams continue.

I advice you to meditate so you calm down and clear your mind after those disturbing dreams. Also, you should think what is it that you truly want. Is it stand up, fight back and protect yourself or accept the terror and slowly fade away?

The time is running out and it is you who is to make the final choice.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Hey Minty12,

Many people start from hearing and noticing entities when young. I remember my experiences when I was around 7, I felt a presence in my room many times. I'd scream to my parents there are ghosts in my room but my parents would never come to help. In the end I stopped screaming because no one would help me. Those entities weren't even doing anything, just being there (maybe making me feel slightly terrorized or just uncomfortable by their presence).

As to the ablitiy to see. It can either develop naturally over time (usually when you don't choose to reject all the previous experiences) or it comes again when a person starts to become curious in spirituality and starts practicing some of it (even meditation counts in this case).

None of this was in your head, however as being young you didn't understand what it was in the first place. It seems neither did your mother.

Now is the right time to learn how to protect yourself, since the experiences are becoming stronger. Being watched by the shadows isn't of the comfortable things to happen and they already know that you know they're there. It is in a way a vulnerability. As if you saw a thief and didn't do anything to close your house.

If you are seeking advice, feel free to leave a comment.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Hello Anon103,
Your Aunt is probably there, and it seems like a conversation between the sisters would clarify why. Your mom probably need not fear. Ghosts or spirits can come to warn, but I don't know that she is coming for your mom at a time of death.
If any of you have the ability to communicate with her, and your mom might do well to try, it may help.
If not, perhaps a medium would be willing to help.
I wish all of you peace without fear,
Hello big_g,
First, I am glad you've shared your story. These things can be hard to discuss, but please know you aren't alone.
I have experienced similar things on many occasions. Know that you are not at fault for what happens, such as with the murder victim you saw. The guilt can be difficult to handle, but I find it helpful to keep a record. This way, you can find patterns and gain some control. Meditation also helps, and can assist you in developing strength. Energy is drained when you receive visions, but the more you meditate the easier it will get. Sometimes gemstones can help you restore a little energy.
Over time, I've learned some degree of control. I cannot ask for a vision, normally, but often can put them off until later, control when they come.
Meditation may bring on more visions, but it will help you.
Also, if you can communicate with familiar spirits, continue to embrace this gift. Some have helped me greatly.
I wish you the best,
Dreamer-29 in Dreams Or Obe?
Hi ebay82,
In your post you asked if anyone else has had similar experiences well I can 110% understand what you're going through.
Since early teens I've had these intense dreams well I call them nightmares where everything is very vivid, all my senses are there and I'm experiencing another's perspectives knowing what they feel, think and see at the time. Everything is just so palpable to the point it becomes hard to distinguish my emotions from theirs. I know you don't get scared but they leave me absolutely shaken to the point now I try my hardest to push them away.
However in my dreams I don't nessesaarily think they are spirits as usually the murders have not happened yet. A couple of times I have dreamt the experience and a month/day later it will be on the news other times I have no idea if it happened or not. I guess in a sense I get closure that I'm not completely crazy dreaming these random terryfying nightmares yet then I'm plagued with knowing the enevatable and being helpless to stop it as I never can gather enough information I think that leaves me feeling even more crazy.
I have tried to contact my spirit guides but I don't believe I've received anything back, I have never sensed them or anything like that have you had any luck?
Maybe we can just be nuts together. Kidding
The longer you have experienced these things with spirits, the doubt will eventually fade away and you will be able to distinguish who said what (was it me or them talking?)

And if you should encounter a negative entity/spirit that tries to mess around with you, know that you are the one with the power and not going to give into being afriad of it, and not go for Jesus because we need to learn how to protect ourselves and not lean on others.

Calling for someone other to help us protect ourselves just tells us that we don't have any protection but the truth is we are our own protection and guardian, wear these words as protection and armor:)
When this happened did you feel like you could not move? Did you feel frightened? There are entities out there who come to people while they are in bed and try to seduce humans. They are known as Inncubus/Succubus. They are not good. Sometimes they convince a person that they are loving and good entities, but they can trap a person into an unwanted relationship with these powerful demon like entities. I would suggest saying a prayer before bed or perhaps casting a mental circle of protection. Even if you're not religious, just doing the holy cross motion of father, son, holy spirit is a very protective measure. You could also visualize a circle of white light around yourself, your bedroom, your home, and your property. Ask for god, the great spirit, or your spirit guide to help you cast this circle of protection. If the entity comes back, tell it to it must leave and it is not welcome. If you can't say that outloud, just think it and mentally project it. If it doesn't leave right away after that start reciting some kind of prayer. The lord's prayer or any prayer of your religious choosing. Hope that helps. You could also look up inccubus/succubus and "sleep paralysis" online and read about these phenomenon.
spookvanger in The Touch
Hi Bella! You are indeed gifted and have healing hands. Don't EVER doubt it. When you give healing, visualise the effect it will have and believe with all your heart that it will materialise. And it will.
God bless you, and keep up the good work. A life worth living is only worthwhile if it is lived for others.
Hi Anon! Of course there are ghosts. A ghost is an earth bound spirit who does not realise that he/she has passed over and frequents their earthly place of residence until they come to the realisation that they are indeed "dead". (Actually very much alive.) They will then pass on to the next plane into spirit life.
Please read my profile and especially my firs post under the heading:"Inauguration of a Rescue Circle." This will give you all the information you require.
God bless.
I cannot help it but something is not right. Paralysed he wanting to have children isn't suspicious? You should get rid of him.
Your lucky... You at least rebember your visions but I always forgot them and when it happens it like feeling deja vu, getting lighheaded and sometimes I black out and see what happened next (And it every time needs to happened when I'm out)
I kind of have same problem. I ussualy dream about future and about lost things that I always found next day sometimes it happens throught day... And one weird abbility I see shapes in dark that are freaking talking to me and they even sass! (yeah I cannot control these abbilities at all)
sunshine_taylor in Words Popping Up In My Head
I talked with someone about this and they came up with synchronity I think is the word but you hit the answer dead on. My psychic abilities are ahead of me so a lot of this sneak upon me out the blue so I'm trying to get in tune with this so I know what is what when it does happen so I won't have to second guess myself.
Hey there,
Before I go any further, I would like to clarify that spirits as well as demons are real, I know this because I have had personal experiences with them. I believe that your mother is actually not seeing her deceased sister and this is because of the huge time gap, although it is possible for spirits to linger about for whatever reason I don't think that this is the case here, possibly your mother has been thinking too much about that situation and the guilt has become strong enough to attract some unwanted attention. Bad spirits and Demons use these negative feelings to attached themselves and feed from our energy. Is your mum a believer? You could suggest that she prays to God and talks about this feeling and asks for some help with releasing it.

If you would like to talk about this further I would be glad to give you more information my email is in my profile so feel free to leave me a message.

Furthermore you can reassure your mother that she is not being punished by her sister.
Hello Sunshine Taylor,

Spirit people talk in that manner to us, sounds like our inner voice when we talk to ourselves and they could back it up with some emotional charge, as for me I usually get these things, maybe just a word or even a sentence, I get pictures in my head and get to experience their emotions, got a spirit here which I call Anna, he/she usually does this to talk and sometimes I get a lot of hugs;)

I hope you arent afraid of this because you shouldnt be anyway:) if this person/spirit wants to talk to you, you could get these kind of symptoms

1: light pressure on your chest indicates they personally want your attention and to talk to you about something.

2: breeze like chill in one spot close to you, just their spirit body standing close and trying to appear to you.

3: tickling sensations on your scalp, feet, hands and legs, could be someone who likes you a lot and just want to let you know they are there for you, also it kind of feels like a feather going through your hair.

4: inner voices, emotions, smells, pictures in your head that pops out of nowhere and etc...

Got any questions about any of this?:)
Hope I helped.
When I close my eyes, it's different. I see kind of an x-ray and I can see waves in the air. I'd say for the first one, you're gifted to be able to see otherworldly things. For the second one, I have no idea. I'm not sure if this is part of you being able to see things, but that is a special gift. For the fourth one, if you keep having these dreams, it may be that something or someone is trying to tell you something about your powers or you're experiencing a possibility of a new ability. For the last one, that's being an empath. I am one as well. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!:)
Hello, I hope this is how I communicate with others that have commented on my story. A lot of you have put that these feelings I get are actually my own, and are happening by the negativity and what is affecting me in my surroundings, but I have not read much about any spiritual form of this. I feel this way if I focus in on my energy on something. Like a person for example. Thinking of that person can give me a weird, no name feeling. It is not like any other emotion I have ever heard or known of. It is as though I am feeling there soul, rather than how they might make me feel. It always feels as though it comes from outside of me, rather than me. This happens with everything, if I try to feel it. Every morning my dreams give me these feelings though, and some music. Music takes me to other dimensions I swear. These feelings are otherworldly, explainable. Like the heart beat thing I talked about is me feeling the inner pulses of the spiritual world. I know there not my own, because I know myself quite well. I am my own best friend. I know myself more than anyone. I've tried finding the names for the feelings everywhere, and nothing fits. There are only words that simply put a emotion as unexplained, or otherworldly. I've never done drugs, or weed, and no alcohol either. I have just explored this thing I found so deeply that I feel as though it is something extremely deep. The way I feel this, and the way I see these feelings, it feels like my own personal finding of the underlying spiritual realm. Thank you for all who has commented. Smile
starsofclay in Breaking Telepathy
I don't know for sure, but I would research how to cut cords the way empaths must do in order not to absorb negative energy from others.

And I would hate to add to your confusion, but the way you are describing the situation, he sounds like he could be your soul mate. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are meant to be together in this life, and you will have many lives in the future to find each other again. Perhaps his soul unconsciously missed you deeply and seeked you out. It will take a lot of meditation and soul searching on your part to ever know the truth.
Recently since 48 hours did a story on a serial killer they dubbed the Golden State Killer who operated up and down the coast of California, then disappeared about 40 years ago. Much speculation as to whether he is still alive. I have begun meditating on the case, and have been told by the spirit world he is still alive and I hear the words Kansas City.
He is not pleased that the story is being so widely discussed on the internet.
My notes say since his killing spree so many years ago he dropped out of site and tried to have a normal life, possibly marrying and having at least one child and blended into his new world like many other people working an ordinary job and hoping to bury his past but now it is coming back to haunt him.
They have several pages on Facebook where everyone is posting as they try to find clues to find him and so this morning I went on Facebook and posted what I know about the case as I gathered it as a psychic and I am hoping all the armchair detectives and others searching for this killer puts their collective minds together and help to catch him and I will do my best to help by continuing to gather information as a psychic which I intend to pass along in an effort to help catch this very violent killer from the past.
Can anyone help me, I have recently got more signs, I have no one I can talk to and I really need advice on the husband situation please can someone comment on my above situation. Thank you x
Bella9 in Am I Empathy?
i understand those feelings. I always have vivid and lucid dreams and they always come true. All of the dreams, show where I will go next and I just wait for it to come to me. Eh, Deja vu is like everywhere, i've been feeling Deja vu quite often these past few days. Sometimes I dream about something like how to open the item and then when I wke up tomorrow, I just open the item. I know about the moody thing, I think you can control it, try not to absorb so much. I mean open. You can control it, cos I did. I used to be so moody. Go meditate. I can't really meditate because I know there's "someone" watching me, and I don't really like it and its hard for me to do it. You are not crazy. Being empathy is kind of awesome cos people can't lie to you, cos you will know. You will know who is negative and positive person. Remember, 'they' can drain you, take your energy. Its exhausting. My gift expands on my birthday. Try to meditate and control it. Don't push yourself. Try to understand, it will take time. I think it would be much better if someone know what you are going through. Someone who is having the same thing.
YES! I, too, have been trying to figure this synchronicity thing out!...I get it on the daily (even multiple times a day), similar to how starsofclay described. I will literally be reading something, and I will hear the exact word I just finished reading aloud on the TV or from someone speaking in my background environment. I've actually been writing them down. I strongly suggest you do the same.

I've found that they do have meaning and make connections to us personally, as well as connect us to the world around us in some way. I've, also, discovered that the words 'typically' lump together in threes, though the phrase length can vary. For example, one night I received the words/numbers: 1, December, and doctor. Well, guess what?...That was my actual doctor appt. Another time I received: Michelle, (the name of a city I won't reveal), and 3. Well, not long prior to this, a friend of mine told me that he went to that particular city with his sister Michelle. Even stranger, when I revealed this to him, (because I couldn't figure out what the 3 stood for), my friend then informed me that there was a third person with them. This was absolutely surprising, because I never knew there were three of them there that day. The importance of these, and all the other phrases I've received, I have yet to figure out. Perhaps, together, we can figure out the greater meaning.

If curiosity strikes, check out my blog- it's a collection of all that I have learned thus far regarding life, spirituality, and deep reality...
Tonight as I slept one of the Kennedy men in spirit appeared to me and said he would like me not to keep writing about the Kennedy story because their kinfolk have grown up now and most of them are going into politics.
Well I will think about that in the future but I don't think that covers the copy that I gathered in the past with their blessings.
I began this writing with many spirits 31 years ago, some of them my own relatives and others I have known, and of course the Kennedy's telling their stores and I have so much backed up copy that I have gathered over the years that I don't know if I can ever get it done by myself and I have no idea what my relatives will do with this copy once I have passed into spirit. Some of my relatives who don't believe in spirit communication have said they will destroy all these files once I am dead. Now that I have turned 80 I like most people don't know how much time we have left and it sure would be a sad thing if my relatives destroy all my unpublished pages.
I have not written here for quite sometime, but I am still working with the spirit world trying to convince the world what I am writing is true but its not easy since the bible tells us the only ones who appear to us are evil spirits.
I think this has to be corrected to read, sometimes our relatives and friends in some cases do appear to us as evil spirits and torment us but its because of their anger towards us at their displeasure at how we have been conducting our lives as they look down from the spirit world.
I have been getting some strange synchronicities lately, involving reading something on the internet and hearing a word that I JUST read repeated on TV or by a person out loud, and obviously not just any words, but ones that stand out. For example, last night I was reading through a new post on here by someone who's screen name is skittykittycat and I had literally just read the screen name and was about to read the post, when my partner next to me exclaims "Kitty Cat!". As it turned out, he had just started a video (one of those news blooper reels on youtube) and in the intro there was a picture of a cat's head with sunglasses. Also, he hardly ever says "kitty cat". That just happens to be the most recent, but this kind of thing has been happening a lot to me lately!
Lyro, thank you for your answer.

When I found this website, I was kind of relieve to see that there are people like me. And I felt it was really serious, not some special supernatural wannabes, that why I posted my message.

I do not talk about my experiences, apart from the tarot part to my closest friends.

I am not afraid nor stressed about my abilities. I just want to be able to learn about it, know how to control and handle it, and why not explore myself to discover what I am able to do/feel.

I would be happy to find someone experimented who would help me with that.
I have no idea why but this thing happened to me as well! I wrote an old diary entry on a specific date on thursday. I found that diary somewhere in my house and decided to write another one (mind you that I did not look at the date of the old entry) reflecting on my life. I wrote and date and turns out it was the exact same date! Same month, same day, and precisely around 7:30 pm (old diary was written at 7:25 pm, new was written at 7:30 pm)! It's weird.
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad a lot of people are like this because it makes me happy that I'm not the only one who experiences these things. It got to the point where I wanted to kill myself because I felt so indifferent and alien. I liked certain things whereas other girls went to sleepovers and painted their nails regularly. Or went to the salon or wanted to play soccer on the field. I had no interest in doing any of these things and I felt dumb for trying to fit in. I didn't feel... Human. But thank you for sharing your story to me, this gave me motivation and hope for my journey yet to come in this life on Earth. I believe we may be from the same "planet."

Best wishes,
Kylie Love
kyclie in Faceless Woman
You're not crazy. I think you're gifted. Sparkles and hearing voices and other things usually mean you have some type of psychic power. I'm pretty sure she is a spirit or some type of otherworldly being that was looking for something in your house. Maybe she lived near it or had lived in it a couple years ago.
In my personal belief, there are such things as ghosts but I call them spirits. Ghosts seem silly like those cartoon Disney movies. It could really be your aunt, most spirits do spend their time on earth either with a relative or with a random stranger.
No one can know for sure, but the first thought that came to mind is your spirit guide is trying to get your attention. Perhaps it is just a spirit, but I'm not exactly sure if they make contact that way. I would look up spirit guide contact and start from there.

Sometimes when I meditate, I hear voices. Also when I am hypnagognic from just having woken up or am going to sleep. It happened again to me last night. I laid down with headphones on to listen to a guided meditation. Every now and then between the man's words that was guiding the meditation, I caught little snippets here and there of entire phrases, but they were too faint or fast to make out what they were saying. Then I heard a very prominent "Hello..." and then "Hi", and the voice sounded very feminine. (I am a male) This is not the first time I have heard a hello from the voices, and as usual, I engaged in thought "hi, who's speaking?" I never ever get an answer when I do that, but a while back I decided to engage the voices or they might not try again.

I have also heard my name called in this situation, but have not had a vision similar to what you described.
Reading through your story on here it's not too surprising, and a lot other people go through as well. If you have questions you can always shoot me an E-mail but take things slow, one question at a time, if you look for too many answers all at once you'll just overload yourself and blow yourself out. Calm down and take things slow. The first step is realizing you're not alone and more people are "different" than you'd think, all around you. However the next suggestion is be careful who you talk to, without knowing all the facts, not everyone is as open. People can only fully understand what they are involved in.
PraveenNewman in My Psychic Life Part 2
Hello Sarahfinee,

God ways are strange. He is more greater and knowledgeable than what we think who he is. He his in charge of everything in and around our world. He can be many things. All the galaxies in the entire universe is nothing in front of him. Religion gives us an identity and hope to face everyday life. We feel safer living under it. God gives vision to people who are born blind when they reach heaven. Thank you.

To Magickyg413,

Marylin Monroe cries a lot when she reflects about her life in our world.
Pennies4U in The Touch
Damien Brinkley experienced NDE many times.
He developed a Hospice and implemented a magnetic bed to help the dying to reinact a NDE.

If you read the Tibetan book of the dead.
Which assists the dying person by supporting with discussions and reviewing any problems.

In short you are a bridge between life and death for the dying.
As midwifes witness birth and assist the mum and new born. A death>courses

I am experiencing the same thing... Everything! I don't know what to do... As soon I step outside it is like the whole city is aware of me, I am litteraly scared to even breath for I noticed that I can hear coughing at windows, dogs bark at me et see me almost like a strange creature... I lost a 6 years relationship as these "powers" are getting stronger... I quit my job for I started to become the guy everyone try to stay away from... I did some research and found that it is a kundalini awakening for it all started with an energy surge at the base of my spine... They say that you have to get rid of your negative blocks for the whole thing to turn positive and improve your life by attracting positive reactions, people, etc. As of now I'm at the very bottom feeling like I'm punished or possessed... They say kundalini yoga should help regulate... I'm looking into it because I can not live this way... May be we could create a whatsapp chat forum or something? I feel slightly better to know that I am not the only one. I will keep you posted as soon as I find a way to control whatever that is... Be blessed!
Sunshine-Taylor, My email is lillyallen1314 (at) gmail (dot) com

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