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starsofclay in Am I Having Visions?
Do you think that these "visions" occur at a particular time, like when you are having a panic attack? Just curious.
starsofclay in Am I Having Visions?
I would look into shared consciousness. It's hard to say exactly what could be happening, outside of your own active imagination. Many people believe that we are all part of one consciousness, but individualized into billions of different beings. So going along with that theory, perhaps you are tapping into someone else's individual consciousness, but in a way it is also yours. You just seem to have developed the (unwanted) ability to jump between different strands of consciousness.
Entomophagy, (or Serenity)
Get really good at visualization. This will help not only with developing your clairvoyant ability, but will help you to build those barriers for your empath protection that you talked about. I admit, I don't practice building energy shields as I should, so do as I say, not as I do...haha.

I am really interested in mind exercises as well. I would love to hear any that other people on here have come up with. The ones I have come up with for myself have mainly been to improve visualization and concentration, two areas that I have a terrible time with. You will find them in my posts. But it takes constant practice, and once again, I have fallen behind, so do as I say, not as I do.

I had even created an entire library/meditation room in my head that I would go visit, and I created it down to the last detail, but I haven't visited in a while. Before I started the exercises, I could barely even visualize a single number in my head. We all have this ability. Dreams are proof of that. Just look at how vivid and real a dream looks. And then remember that it is nothing but visualization, created by you. The problem is, you need to learn to do it while fully conscious. That's where meditation will help. By practicing doing it while in a state of semi-conscious, you will eventually learn to strengthen that ability to do it while fully awake. These will be more of visualization meditations, not the typical ones that are always talked about on the internet where you need to clear the mind. But the method of getting there will be the same.

Binaural beats and Isochronic tones will help you get there very fast. Every time you use them, you strengthen the ability to get and stay deeper and deeper in a lower state of mind. Start with alpha first, and once you feel you've mastered that, then start trying to get into theta. If you feel yourself falling asleep too often, find a track that stays just a bit higher in frequency until you are used to that and then learn to go lower and lower. If none of that makes sense, let me know and I will break it down for you.
It sounds like classic spirit guide to me. Perhaps one that is romantic, or maybe your own imagination has put that spin on it. I've been told by a psychic who specializes in contacting spirit guides (let's just assume she is correct) who told me that if I see myself in the mirror and I think I look good, that's actually James (my spirit guide's supposed name) saying hi. (apparently he told her that during the session). So it's funny you mentioned that you've seen this person in the mirror. And the feeling of being held is classic guide or angel giving the sense of protection. And maybe you just really needed it at the moment.

The above advice is only based from things I've heard and read, and of course I have no real idea of what may be happening. Don't forget that the power of imagination is extremely potent. But you also can't rule everything out to just your imagination, because then you will be doing yourself a huge disservice. Stay objective about it as much as you can. Try to look at it from both sides without making a judgment on what could actually be happening.

You also seem to have a very strong visualization ability. Next time you see someone doing something that isn't really happening in real life, try to ask them (mentally, without breaking the visualization) what they are doing and why. It may be your first step into developing clairvoyant abilities.
Hi ariahmont, it sounds like you are going through a lot, at the moment!

Talking about your 'invisible' suitor, you may want to follow this link:
I don't know too much on the subject, so, I suggest you read some of the stories on the link provided.

It's a type of 'romantic' spirit who wants to be with a human. Some of them have good intentions, only to be with you, but, some of them are possessive and problematic. Like all spiritual and psychic adventures, make sure your mind is in the right place and don't allow something in that isn't of this world.
Wow KikiGirl, Out of all people, why are we given these messages? My other brother who share the same mother as I, was shot 3 times one night and I felt nothing. No warnings or nothing! He made a full recovery. He was in really bad shape.
One night after my brother death, he came to me in a dream to tell me that he made it. He told me to tell dad and everyone he had made it. He told me our (deceased) grandmother sent me the dream premonition. He game me a phone number to call and tell his friend he made it. In this dream we also had fun on a beautiful green lakeside. We rolled our bodies like children down a hill. We laughed and really had a good time. Once I had just put my daughter to bed. I sat on my couch with my eyes closed and head back, then thought of my brother. All of a sudden the clock got stuck and began ticking loud. My daughter came out of her room to see what the noise was. I took the clock down and it never worked again.
Hi, and I hope to help clear up questions and misunderstandings through conversations and questions. I do not want to scare people if possible, but too many people are experimenting with things that they don't understand. They are opening themselves up to things with no guidance or protection. I did not say psychics were attacking psychics or their energies. There are energies in other realms and on different planes of existence that are not and have never been human. Everything around us in our realm is made of vibrating energy. Everything in this realm vibrates at different frequencies and reacts or cancels out against opposing frequencies. We are the only unique form in this realm that is made in the image of the creator and has been given the gift of a soul and free will or freedom of choice. The creator has given us a set of rules and boundaries that we have the freedom to do whatever we want in this realm with those boundaries. I can have a thought make a decision and effect my future and present right now. On the other hand I cannot hold my hand out and will an apple into existence for a snack. That is against the rules. There is a veil, curtain, wall boundary that protects us from the other realms, planes, universes. We cannot move through or to them in our soul form until this vessel is shed. We are protected from them here as long as our energy does not travel past or through that boundary. Every time we enter into that realm we open or disturb that veil or boundary even if or just a brief moment. Sometimes we unintentionally let things through and then they will affect us or others around us. If comment 1 B. Is true don't worry I just fixed it. LOL.
I have spent a lifetime closing these portals and openings and beating back these entities and doing my level best to cleanse and help people. Not once have I taken money from or gained anything from anyone by doing it. I have been given a calling or mission to do these things and was warned that if I used my gifts for personal gain that I would lose them.
Comment 2. And 3. She already knows if she is true to herself that something is out of balance. I don't mean to be to rough or aggressive, but most people just don't get it if your too warm and fuzzy with them. Too many people feel it's fun and exciting and that there is no risk in trying to move or reach out past the protective barrier given to us. People especially new or young psychics need help and protection and guidance while growing and experimenting. I have advised her to find someone in her area to help her right away and hope she will not experiment or try to go any farther. To your last comment on the baking analogy, think of me as the chef who says pull it out now before it burns and you will be fine. Smile
Well, as long as there's a solution provided in the message, even if it says that you're being haunted, and no one is being harmed, including the messenger, then all is well to me.

You may be a SLIder. Do the lamposts go out when you are walking on the streets? Research it on google, its perfectly normal, there are many people who affect electricty. We are all energy, everything is energy.

You may also have telekenitic/psychokinetic gifts due to affecting electrical things so a way to help lessen those helpless emotions you're feeling about your family and maybe calm down the activity is to do this simple energy work:

Shield yourself and your home. Here is the link-
Imagine a big bag and dump inside the bag all of your excess energy, negativity, negative emotions, anger, unhappiness, and negative energy. When you are done dumping it all out, tie it up, hand it to your angels and ask this- "My angels, please take this bag and transform everything in it into positive energy and then give that positive energy to someone who needs it."

You can also ask that the angels give you that positive energy instead. Maybe give it a shot and see if it works doing it once a day minimum for a week.

Also, you can create landhooks when traveling long distances like walking, running, bicycling, driving, etc. All you do is imagine a rope of energy coming out of the back of your solar plexus chakra (which is where your stomach is) and create a big hook at the end of the rope. Then, anchor the hook into the Earth and travel away.

Making the landhooks gets rid of extra energy, creates healing energy for others, and is good karma for everyone.
ThulsaDune, was it vampire Bill? Okay, no I am joking and I apologize.

Can I tell you something ThulsaDune? You say, people are getting attacked by psychic energies, particularly psychics and being undone by malevolent forces? Then;
1. HOW can you come onto a website and tell someone, "there is something attached to your soul, a worm and it is a malevolent energy."
1.A. This is the worste possible thing that you can say to a person and you have no way of knowing how he/she will react. How do you know he/she is not experiencing the most trying, challenging and terrible time of his/her life and what you say will only make him/her feel worse and give the "spritt" more energy?
1.B. How do you know that you are not making-the-future? You know, what we think becomes our truth? So, maybe he/she did not have any bad energy at all, but, now you have opened a doorway. Mad
2. THEN!... "Don't worry!" - The person is going to worry! Wouldn't you worry if somebody said this to you?
3. THEN!... "It has been there for sometime". Honestly, I feel I must tell you that the way that you speak or write constantly supports negative affirmation, and drastically makes stronger the feelings of helplessness, worry, insecurity, depression and so on.

Maybe, it is because these messages come to you so pronounced, loud and forceful that you don't mean to but you then, give the message in the same way. You have this gift, so, you have learned to deal with it, but, some people need understanding, compassion and lengthly explanation to come to terms with and understand their predicament in a way that will improve their life and strengthen their spirit, in the end.

You asked a few questions relating to her experience but, that was it! You need to; read the recipe first then, get all of the ingredients, sieve all of the dry ingredients like the flour and salt first, break the eggs gently, add the milk specifically, add some water and then, carefully place the mixture into the right temperature - Before Baking!
I asked these questions because I am concerned for your safety. I am not on this site all that often. Usually I get information and am compelled to act. I usually am compelled or driven to open this site once in awhile and help people at risk. I have spent many years dealing with and battling dark forces and energies. I am 50 years old and have experienced many things in my life since childhood. In the last 10-12 years I have seen and experienced a major uptick in the occurrence of malevolent forces. More and more people especially psychics are being attacked, used and controlled by dark forces. People are being influenced and used with and without their own knowledge. In the recent past I have been trying to help and protect a family that has been infested with a malevolent entity. It attached itself to a family member and has been causing all kinds of trouble in their home. The reason I am telling you this is that I get visions in first second and third person. I travel in visions and sometimes watch from outside the entities perception and sometimes interact with them. I have learned a lot about how they use and infest people. When compelled to I try and warn people of the dangers they are attracting. As psychics we need to always be on guard and protect ourselves. I trust nothing I come in contact with on the other side. They have tried to deceive me many times but, I have the ability to see them in their true form. I believe that you need to seek someone in your area to help you cleanse and clear yourself and your energies. A couple weeks ago I was getting visions and images of someone with a parasitic entity attached to and following them around and feeding on them. This thing was partially wrapped around and attached like a leach or ship worm and kind of floating around this souls aura. It was sending energy into and drawing out of this soul. I watched the energy change colours as this happened. I believe you are that soul. I am telling you this to help you and not scare you. Don't freak out or panic it has been there awhile. Just know that it can be dealt with. You now have knowledge it did not want known. You need to get help as soon as possible and deal with it. There is anther person on this site right now with something similar but not quite the same. Again I was compelled to give you this information to help you. You need to gain control and balance in your life and soul. I have no reason to tell you this for gain of any kind and do not wish it. I do not need contact or validation. I only want to help those who need it when they need it. I genuinely care about the well-being of other people. I have an inner voice that won't be quieted until I act on what I have been given for information. I was literally yelled at by a man's voice in my head in the middle of the day driving between cities. I was told to pay attention and then given a vision a few days later. It was a a male voice possibly of someone who knew you in the past. I get William or Bill for some reason.
KikiGirl in Remote Viewing
starsofclay, you have actually, enlightened me! AGAIN! I have done meditation to cleanse my chakras, but, I have never felt my chakras actually open and move! You have got a real gift! I only suggested yoga because when I began learning; the first thing that I taught myself to do was see an aura and then, I went on to yoga.

Meditation is a fantastic way to learn to focus and to heal. What sort of meditations do you enjoy? I know you said you enjoy mind racing or walking meditation, why don't you look for a 'fun' meditation to do? Again, I want to make this point very clear to you. Much like, in the normal world, we can face good or bad people or energies - In the psychic world, we can face good or bad. So, make sure that the meditation that you choose to do is either very basic or something 'good' or angelic (from or of God).

I also suggest trying to sit very quietly and focus on the tippy top of your head, I think it is called the 'divine chakra'? It is not the point on the middle of your head, but instead, above your head. Try to quiet your mind and focus on this point.

The other concept that I wanted you to look at - again, warnings beforehand! This concept requires you to search throughout your day for messages. So, you can easily go mad! You can start obsessing and going crazy! I want you to KNOW that; obsessively searching is NOT the answer - in fact, you will end up not getting any answers, and this will defeat the whole exercise/point. Let the messages come and try to be quite calm and level-headed about it. The concept is synchronicity. Synchronicity is the idea of events, numbers, and other things that seem to be repeated and then, 'linked' in some way. For example, you are thinking of your friend and she happens to call you or the phone rings and before you pick it up, you know who it is. It is things like, waking up to a certain time, let's say 03:30AM every day for a week and then, finding out that your best friend and her boyfriend broke up at 03:30 in the afternoon. Have a try at this, keep a journal. When something happens, write it down.
Note: Do NOT start looking for meaning in every little thing that happens! I cannot bear it when someone says, "I was thinking of Gogo Bear and then, I looked into my cereal and I saw his face!" *lol. Take it in your stride and keep a journal.

Also, if something happens or you see something that even, makes you feel like it is noteworthy even something silly! Like, you have a dream and see a certain picture. Make a note in your journal and then, relax and go about your day. Maybe it will resonate? Maybe, it won't.
Tonj100, I am sorry for the loss of your Brother. When I was sixteen, I was walking home when I felt the most awful nausea and knot in my stomach. I knew something was wrong and that it had to do with my Brother. When I arrived home, I took one look at my Mother and asked what was wrong? She said, "Your Brother has been involved in a skydiving accident, the Doctors think he is going to make it, we have to make preparations for his death". At which point, I replied, "Mom, he is going to be O.K." And, I absolutely knew this. I just knew that he would pull through it! All of my relatives flew in from all different parts of the world to say their goodbyes, but, he pulled through it; he lived through it after almost a year in critical care unit being fed through only an IV, but, he pulled through.

About 10 years later, my Brother was leaving the house. As he did so, I got a little bit of a bad or "off" feeling which I couldn't understand. As he was leaving, I thought, "I should tell him that I love him - I Love you, Brother", but then, I thought "stop being dramatic! You will have plenty more times to tell him this." My Brother was also a very exciting person who did many dangerous sports, and enjoyed going out; his groups skydiving slogan was "live fast, die young". That night, he was involved in a car accident and passed away. I never could forgive myself that I received these messages and failed to understand what they meant and do something about it.

What I am trying to say is sometimes, you receive 'messages' that are good and other times, bad. I have received more bad messages, though. You shouldn't feel bad that you can't immediately understand it, you are only human and it is really strange so we don't know what to do with the information. There are many books on seeing the future or being psychic, but, hardly any books on, if, you are a normal person who has the ability to just, sometimes, get messages about a person or the future.

It has been many years, but eventually, I found people who I trust and they are helping me. If I have a vision in which someone is in danger, we all work together to make sure that the event doesn't happen, and it has worked! I am not sure if the point of this happening is because we are 'special', or because you are supposed to stop the event or do something about it. Maybe, it is a little bit of both?

Also, I believe that it is so that we can try to 'change' what happens or deal with it better when it does happen because we already kindof' know it will.
sunshine_taylor in Electrical Changes Around Me
[at] thulsa I've been recently asked about channeling before but I am looking to research more about it. I've been asked that quite a few times. My parents are both Christian and know nothing about it. The decisions to leave the house or any decision now feels like I didn't make them on my own.
I don't believe I'm special in anyway. I have lots of vivid dreams, I really didn't cry at my brother funeral cause I had already mourned him before his death. I wish I would of told the dream to him. I don't understand me. I have very vivid dreams that I don't understand ans some I can. My dreams always have a meaning. I am also a spirit magnet weird, I am kind of scared of the ton of things that go on. Sometimes I think I am crazy. I really need some help or advice please. I know my past life somehow too. I believe I know what birth and death feels like. This all occurred when I was about 6. So many stories and experiences I can go on. I just don't believe I'm psychic.
AriLuna, I stopped making use of my ability for a long while and I've done it with a few of my gifts, some of the gifts come back, but, some of them don't. So, if you want to keep the ability, you can use it as often as you feel necessary, but, you must definitely keep using it to retain it.
MaggieQuartz in Strange Visions?
I've had similar stuff, I don't really have an explanation but you're not the only one. It's just glimpses of moments and once I'm back I feel super nauseous and have headaches for hours after. I've missed school because of it.
ThulsaDune in Warm Hand Shakes
I may be able to help with the hand shake thing. Some gifted people can pick up information through touch. Some people are healers or hand workers and can sense and control energy flow through their hands. I myself can read people and objects by touch. I can gather a large amount of information through a hand shake. If people allow me an extended grasp I can learn a lot about their life and past. I also have the ability to see through the facade someone puts up to hide behind. I once had a psychic who manipulates others try to attack me. I projected heat and energy into his hand and arm at the same time telling him I enjoyed meeting someone like him. He told me that I had a firm genuine hand shake. He let go immediately and said wow you have hot hands. He understood right away that I knew about him in a second. I replied that I work with them a lot and spend a lot of time outside in the cold. Many times if I touch someone or something they just held I can get information from it. I also can sense changes in the electrical field or static charge in the environment around me. Unfortunately I seem to zero in on negative energies without even trying and have to constantly try to tune down or counteract it constantly. I am a Christian and this helps me a great deal with protecting myself. With time things may change for you and clear up some of the confusion. Be mindful of everything you do but take time to relax and ground yourself.
Hello guys, I know that this post is 8 years old but I have recently discovered that I can put thoughts into people's mind too. Can you give me more information about this? How far have you gone? What can I do to make this ability stronger? And what is this called?
I have something very similar but worse, its 2 individuals that are doing psychic attack on me. They can hear every thought and put images in my head on free will, they can also make my voice in my head sing and stuff they have full control and power over me. They have connected them self in into my back, my spine and my whole body and they can make pain and take away any feelings I should feel, they know everything and they can make extreme pain on me through my spine and else where. And they can make me feel anything they want, think anything they want. They have taken me over completly and can talk to my mind so I can hear their voices and they are tell me I'm going to die, that I'm ugly, that I deserve to feel pain, to suffer, that they hate me. I need help so badly because I can't do anything to help my self and it doesn't make it better that I was wrongly medicated in the past by medicine so I got brain damage sort of so my brain and mind are weaker and easier for psychic attackers to attack. I need help by someone for my life that can unplug them from me, and by the way they do anything in their power to take away anyone who help's power, ability, so they too can't help so I'm all alone. My brother had a abilities and he tried to defend me but we failed against these 2 individuals because they use such leery ways so they took my brothers abilities away so he too couldn't help me and he was my only one so if I need to warn those who might want to help which I hope so much that you will need to defend yourself because they will try to disarm you. Well this is the shallow and short version believe it or not and its the second time these individuals are psychic attacking me and the first time I almost died, I slit my wrists and bled for 40 minutes until my mother came into my room. Please help someone
frangelica1 in Taken Over
I agree with Pennies4U, I believe you have mediumship abilities and if you search out classes or meetups or Spiritualist churches, they can help you understand this, control it and develop it if you choose to!

Like you I am also an empath and was one even as a young child and recently learned why I was always afraid as a child due to having some "paranormal" experiences that frightened me.

After my Dad passed, I spent the next 3 years training with various Mediums that were spiritualists and also other religions and I was certified as a Medium last July during an extensive and grueling testing over a full weekend!

I am so happy I have done this and love communicating with my dear departed loved ones and helping others connect with their departed loved ones and helping spread the word about life after death. I would definitely encourage you to learn more to see if this is for you and if not to learn ways to help turn off this ability as needed.
sunshine taylor,
Could you expand more on your past a little. I am sorry to here that your relationship with your family has changed. Are either of your parents religious and how do you feel about it? Do you believe in God or a prime creator? The things you are talking about sound like you are being steered by a force or energy greater than your own. Have you been involved with channeling or anything similar before these changes began? Are you ever exhausted after being in large crowds? Do you sleep through the night or wake up several times? Do you feel like you are sometimes a back seat driver in your own body? Do you zone out and all the sudden focus attention on your surroundings and become lost temporarily? Please expand on these questions. I think you could benefit from some friendly guidance.
Hi AriLuna,

There's a chance you might also be having either precognitive abilities (seeing glimpses of the future or thoughts of the future and then immediately they happen) or telekinesis/psychokinesis. It could be a mix of both, as sometimes some people with precognitive gifts actually create the futures they see with their own energy.

You can do a quick google search on those gifts and find out more. Some people do put so much energy into their wishing that they create whatever they wish. Keep your thoughts positive is my advice and relax.
AriLuna in Wishful Thinking
Hello KaalaLilee, this is exacly what is happening with me too. Your post is a few years old so I want to ask you if you have learned anything new during those years about your gift? Do you still have this?
starsofclay in Warm Hand Shakes
I personally think that visiting your husband's dreams is more of astral projection than telepathy. Perhaps its a bit of both. It is said that we all astral project (astral travel) every night while dreaming, so maybe you developed a natural ability to be conscious during it and somehow the two of you projected together? So my tip would be to study up on astral projection and how to induce and control it. Also study lucid dreaming, which is probably the cornerstone to this entire thing.

As far as if it is morally right to do so, you may want to ask his permission first. As long as he is cool with it, then yeah I say go for it. You wouldn't be too happy if he is having a dirty dream with another woman though, I would think, and of course that's 100% possible. Make sure you don't judge him whatsoever on what the dream content may be, because it wouldn't be fair. We all dream things that we wouldn't tell people in real life.
KikiGirl how can I master the ability? Should I "wish" things everyday? I'm very careful with my wishes because I don't want to hurt anyone. Any site where I can learn more? Anyone else who has this gift?
sunshine_taylor in Electrical Changes Around Me
The one thing I am coming to terms with is reacting to situations I use to think were daydreams action and words would play out exactly how it happened in my head. When I am around a person I have what is called "Precognitive dreams". I can sense what you are thinking when you are around me. I can sense your presence and have the gift to pull you towards me without purposely doing anything. Repeatedly you will keep seeing me if you are inside a circle that will lead up to a completion. When I walk into buildings I am very known to have people come towards me without me even asking or saying a word to them, making themselves look guilty confessing. I have walked into buildings and even made calls unaware of why I just did it until later. The scariest thing of it all is that I blurt out things when I use to think I was panicking until everything I ever said was true. I had no clue what I just said. I write things down not aware of why I wrote it down, and it made no sense until later I see the connection. I use to think I leave the house on my own terms and make decisions on my own terms, but today I figured wrong. When I ignore my abilities or try to brush it off I get pushed down only to try again. I re-lived situations of people lives that were close to me or related to me. I had a spiritual awakening and my entire life felt like a mission. This entire experience felt like levels of a game and I could not understand it until the mission is completed. I am now recently understanding why I am like this and how come I am able to do the things that I can do.
spiritamethyst in Warm Hand Shakes
Hi starsofclay. I have no idea about the handshakes but I am positive of the person in visitation dream is passed and it happens to be my husbands dad. Whom I'm never met before outside of my dreams. Also the dreams I've had that I know are my husbands... I rarely have them anymore but when I did I knew things he's never told me. I'm really curious as to how I did this. And would love to know if there are any tips on any of it. At the same time I feel like maybe I shouldnt? But I feel as if he's telepathically shared them then I shouldn't feel bad for seeing what his mind has shown me?

No idea. Thanks for any help
Hey Liam! I also wondered if you'd read my story; "Premonition Of Danger - Button Spiders" - I can't say, it's my most "recent" story, just, a story that happened years back when I was about 22 years of age.
Liam39876! Thank-you for listening to me and taking the time to think about this and be sensible about this. You really don't want to be the guy who went crazy and killed a bunch of people and then, couldn't remember why, just, that you were practicing to better understand psychic gifts and arts.

I wish, I could give you more mentorship. 32 years old am I, and I only recently found someone that I can, at the very least, relate with. I think, I am a lot like you in the fact that when I believe something, it is really difficult to convince me otherwise, particularly, because I ALWAYS try to see both sides of a situation before coming to a conclusion. But, one thing we must remember is that no belief is 100%! Idea/s are constantly being changed, bettered and updated with better ways, new challenges and other theories. Sometimes, we are so sure on one thing (and I include myself here) meanwhile, I could be totally wrong too!

I have been hearing this word, "spiritualist church" being passed around. I am a Christian and my faith in God above everything works for me. But, if you want to know more theories and so on, if you can find such a place where you can get some information?
AriLuna, it is a very special gift. And, you must be wise in the way, you choose to work it out. When I was younger, I had a gift a little bit like yours, I would think something and the person would do it. I live in Africa where there are many riots. When I was young, I didn't really concern myself with these types of things, but, now that I am older, I use it more for those situations. The people will be going crazy and fighting, and I will say, "the ones who are most angry should find peace in their hearts"... And, the riot will stop. It is very dangerous because you can influence presidents and people, so, I only use it to do good. I am advizing you to do good with this gift because there is a spiritual law that what you give out, you will get back. If you do things with the idea of good and the outcome-be-good then, only good should come from it. But, if you do things selfishly, in anger or with a dark-heart, it will only bring more selfishness, anger and unhappiness.

You can also lose this ability if you don't keep working with it. So, my advice is to master this ability.
Hello KikiGirl, thank you for your comment. Do you have this kind of "gift" too? I've noticed that I can influence people very very easy, especially crowds. I give orders all the time to people but I can make them sound like advice. They don't realize that i'm ordering them.
Ex: My friend wanted to go somewhere with me during lunch time but I was too lazy to get up and get dressed so I told her "You should better wait until afternoon because your skin is very sensitive from sun etc" And she said "Hmm, I didn't though about that but you're right, my doctor told me to avoid sun intesity hours".

*Conversations like this happens everyday to me. I don't know why people obey me so easily. I never use words like "do that, do this, stop etc", It always sounds like it's for their best (And mine too Kidding ).
Also something fun happened yesterday. I had an exam and a month ago I was thinking "i wish electricity goes during exam so we can take the exam another day", and later I thought "nevermind, we are a public school and electricity never goes" but it did and I couldn't stop laughting! Laugh
I'm really enjoying this thing Happy
Hi KikiGirl, you do bring up a good point about how others under the influence of darker energies can be controlled. I am very aware of this, and I have read many stories on this. I am also very aware of the fact that I am opening up these doorways. I have put in a lot of research and time into this and the thing that I do lack is someone to show me the ropes. Your four points are defiantly very good advice, and i'll be looking into that more. At the moment I have only taken away these bad entities from close friends in my group and haven't made the decision to try it on others yet. One thing that I am sure of however, is that I do stop these entities. I have a close connection with nature, and nature has aided me in a lot of ways with being able to cleanse negative emotion, and darker entities. Fairly soon i'm going to put out another post on some of the experiences I've had with the earth.

Anyways going back to the point I understand this is a danger, and with that comes risk. I do seek to help others (especially the ones closet to me) in anyway that I can, I can't say that I won't help them, but I will say that I am going to delve deeper into this field and being searching for answers. I do have a protection method that works for me 100% at this moment, the things I do lack however are:
A. Someone who knows a lot about it,
B. Someone who is "good" who will show you the ropes. Someone you trust.
C. Much experience with whatever the "issue" is.
This problem I am looking into, and I've been trying to arrange meetings with people who know about this. Thanks again KikiGirl.
amandac9616, it does sound like this was a warning. I am sorry for your unfortunate circumstances and even moreso, for your children. I hope you will see clearly, "when" and "why" the tidal wave occured. Was there something specific that happened around the time of the dream that resonated with what happened later? Meaning, it related to what happened later. Was your husband previously sick?
*** Had you fallen on hard times before?
*** What was the cause?
** Is there any recurring factor or choice which seems to bring around misfortune?
* Is there anything that you can do to change this?

I apologize, this is all that I can think of that might help you work out your dreams of warnings that you may have in future? And, how they relate to your life? And also, how you can change this.
abcd, I find your story very interesting! But, I could not understand a lot of it. I think, did you maybe write it quickly? You did not take a lot of time to explain everything, how it happened, when you changed and so on?

I understood the beginning... You woke up with a family in an alternate reality, so, I understand this happens to you. I cannot understand the rest.

I would love to comment more and even help you or give you advise, if you can explain better, please?
starsofclay in Taken Over
I am very interested in automatic writing. Do you have any tips that helped you get started? I have done a lot of research on the internet and read a book, but I am curious if you were able to find something that worked specifically for you.

Why do you call yourself "not psychic", or are you just trying to say that you've never considered yourself psychic before?
starsofclay in Warm Hand Shakes
As far as handshakes go... Well, who knows? Perhaps your hands were extra cool or clammy at the time when you notice warm handshakes? Or maybe those particular people have very open energy centers, maybe without them even knowing it, and you are picking up on their energy.

I'd like to hear more about your visitation dreams... Are you sure it's a passed person? As far as should you meditate...YES! But I promise it doesn't come easy for everyone, myself included. There are several methods of meditation, and not all of them require it to be quiet. A very nice walking meditation out in nature is a good example. Even if you just do it in your neighborhood. Let your mind run away with itself, or try to focus on one single thing at a time. Practice being in control of your mind, and when it does run away with itself, practice bringing it back to a specific topic. Or just let it run away with itself and see what interesting topics bubble up to the surface. There really is no wrong way of doing it, you just have to do it.

I have made huge strides in self-healing my anxiety through meditation and mindfulness.

That all being said, I myself have been trying to have clearer dreams, lucid dreams, or just to improve the recall of them. There are lots of tips online, most suggest journaling, which I admittedly fail to do. It's really all about just strengthening that muscle, as with any other thing.
could you share with us in what way does your mother or others think you have changed? Also I'd like to hear some of your clairvoyant and clairsentient experiences.

I hope your family doesn't miss you too much. Sad I alienated myself from most of my family for a very long time, (but for other reasons than being psychic), and it really hurt.
AriLuna, it sounds like you are growing a lot right now and so are your psychic gifts.

You asked a question at the end of your experiences; you said, "Am I able to read minds, to put thoughts into minds or it's just my imagination?" I think, only you will really know if you are doing this. If you have the ability to influence, then you will know with certainty that you have this ability.

You are very, very lucky! Not many people have such a gift or gifts. You can learn to use them in the right way; to help people and help yourself. You should open yourself up to these possibilities and test them for yourself.
Hey Liam39876, how are you friend? So... Something has been bothering me since we last chatted. As I said, I also stumbled across the ability to, kindof' remove spirits which were making people unhappy, depressed or insane. So... I am greatly worried about you taking the spirit/s and putting them into yourself, until, such a time that you can push them away or into the ground. I was very confused and deliberated for a long time before approaching you about my concern. I thought, if Liam can help people in this way, he should do it. BUT, not if it's not safe! I just feel that it could be dangerous taking spirits and energy into yourself or 'welcoming' it into yourself. The energy could be anything! It could be very, very dark indeed! Also, by allowing it access to your body, it's like opening a doorway and saying, "come right in!" It's not a good idea! Also, what if you were feeling a little bit tired, disorientated or what if you had a bad day and your thoughts were already working on a very bad level, for some reason? And, now you take this energy with ill-intentions which works mainly, with the subconscious, and allow it to manipulate on you for a while.

I really feel that the danger/s is too great! You hear stories, how a seemingly normal person working with the craft or just mediumship or whatever, by their choice or by no choice of their own runs into maybe, dark magic or dark energy. Initially, everything is fine and they work through it with their intuition or help of a group or spell or mediumship and then, suddenly, the person goes over the deep end or does something terrible. When asked, "what happened?" They cannot remember, and were probably under the influence of something else or the dark energy. It can happen to anyone, so, before you do this, you need;
A. Someone who knows a lot about it,
B. Someone who is "good" who will show you the ropes. Someone you trust.
C. Much experience with whatever the "issue" is.
D. Look up and practice protection method/s that you know with 100% certainty work.

Those people who are under that spell, are completely oblivious that an energy or spirit is causing it, and how it works. How can you be sure that you will not fall under the same spell? And, also be oblivious to it when you are being manipulated by it?

I feel terrible because you have a way to help people, but, it has really been worrying me since I read your post. Will you tell me what you think and feel about my concern?

P.S. And yes, you can definitely "scry" a persons blotches in their aura.
LavenderLilac, I think and I may be wrong, but, it just means that you share a very special bond or connection with that person. It could be from a past life, it does not even necessarily mean that he will play a big role in your life, just, the two of you shared a relationship; whether it was very close or as friends/acquaintances in a past life. Probably, he is most definitely in-tune with it as are you, but, sometimes the other person is completely oblivious to it.

The spark DOES seem to signify a romantic relationship in your experience/case because every time, you have experienced this spark with someone, he turns out to play the role of a romantic partner of sort in your life. All that you can do is explore the relationship until you decipher or figure out its role in your (previous) life. Moreoften, the relationship will repeat the same aspects again, and again. As many relationships are trial-and-error, these men seem to play that role in your life, to teach your something about yourself. I would advize you to closely look into each relationship and whether it was positive or negative for you, and the outcomes - and how it affected you; what was new about this relationship? What feelings did it bring up for you? When in your life did you meet his person - were you young, older, an adolescent? Was this something you needed in your life? Did he make you happier or stronger? Why would this connection be important in your life? What were the value/s of this connection being in your life? How did it end? What did it make you feel? Is the relationship coming to an end something that you would like to change?

Except, in the case of your life partner as he plays a much different, more steady and permanent role in your life. He is there to grow and change with you, to face the good times and the bad. He is your begin-all-end-all, but, the relationship might not be as hot, fiesty and sizzling or lustful as other relationships. This is natural; "the lovers/lust versus / or the-one who has a permanent role in your life". This is not to say, marriage should be boring and monotonous! No, marriage has some other aspects like, very special moments with your partner, growing with each other, understanding, hard work and commitment. Many people; men and women, are encouraged to find ways to spice up their marriage, make time to share those more memorable occasions and time for adequate "hot and fiesty" occasions. It will also greatly put into perspective the other encounters.
I really like your insight and take on things. My question is, though, if you feel this "spark" or electrical touch with someone, is that a sign that they will never be a long term partner?
Hey KikiGirl,
Thanks again for yet another awesome response! I read through your story, and the fact that you could see these ink blots was very interesting. I've noticed these blots around a couple of individuals, I've never thought of looking, or prying into them however I may give it a go soon. I think that it's so amazing that we can share this kind of information and connect on this information we defiantly have quite a few aspects in common!

Thank you very much everyone. Believe it or not loudness makes the voices clearer for some reasons. I've went to counseling and was diagnosed with perssisstant perceptual disturbances disorder PTSD and psychoaffective disorder. Anti depressants make me feel like a total zombie when I'm on them. That's why I started looking for another explanation.
From a shamanic perspective there can be soul fragmentation with trauma. So it could be that part of this person is actually trying to get back to being whole.
Just a thought!
starsofclay in Remote Viewing
I actually have done a lot of study on chakras. My problem is meditation. Even with brain entrainment, it's hard for my brain to relax, and hold it without falling asleep. Alot of the meditation I do is mind racing or walking meditation, neither of those are great for focusing on the chakras, (that I know of).

There has been two occasions that I felt my chakras actually spinning! It started with root, then the next two, but ended before it got to the heart chakra, so I think I have a real bad block there. Actually, I know I do, and I've been working very hard to open up and feel my energy there. It was such a unique, somewhat uncomfortable, but pleasant feeling, to feel those chakras activated, and I was able to move it up and down between the three that opened at will. That was several weeks ago, and I haven't experienced it since. When I can master concentration meditation, I will continue working on that. That's why I have created a few concentration games for myself, one of which is listed in this post. I have mild ADD, unmedicated, so I think learning concentration is one of my top priorities.

I have no fears of what I will find deep down inside, in fact, I've been working very hard lately to bring it all to the surface, one by one, and healing it. My mind racing and walking meditations are PERFECT for that.

I will try to keep updated on viewing auras, the problem is, I don't have a lot of time to practice, and I have to have a large white background for now, otherwise I can't focus; and really the only feasible place to do that for me is while laying in the bathtub, which I don't do alot. Come to think of it, I do own a projector screen that I'm not using...
It's actually very beautiful even though it happens at dawn, but for the most part plants tend to behave like that during the dawn especially in the spring. Unfortunately being an empath is draining. Because I can have negative emotions without anything bad happening to me simply because I feel them from others. But thanks for commenting, I'm really glad that I could talk to someone about this! Smile
gthlvrmx in Rorschachs Gift
Hi KiKiGirl,

You have a beautiful gift of seeing and reading people's auras. In my most honest opinion, it is always best to accept and embrace your natural gifts and if possible, use them to help others and maybe even your own life, and all of this done for the highest good of all concerned.

Your gifts are given to you for a reason, not to be hidden and blocked and run away from.
gthlvrmx in Remote Viewing
Hi KiKiGirl,

I am amazed it only took you 6 months to be able to fully see auras. I am sort of like starsofclay, I can naturally see the white glow around my body and the blue color too. I can also see some green sometimes mixed with the blue.

How much practice time did you do daily in order to get to that poibt of vividly seeing auras in 6 months?
Liam39876, tsk tsk tsk! My, how you've grown! Lol! Your post was very detailed and thank-you for giving us all this information. I am super-glad for you that you are finding your spiritual - self in such a manner that; you are in a good and balanced state.

I too, have seen things in peoples auras, please read my story: Rorschachs Gift
Similarly to you, I could see shapes and so on within a persons aura. You can learn to; get information about their personality traits, and other things by actually knowing how to manipulate, touch or communicate with these shapes.

I can also relate to removing negative spirits within people. On one occasion, a girl-friend and I came across a drunk man in distress who could not drive at the gas station. He was SO aggressive and rude, and his language so profane, I simply KNEW this could NOT be a person speaking but, something else. I looked directly into his eyes, and I said, "Leave this man, now. Stop speaking with his mouth. You will be quiet". At which the man burst into tears and began speaking normally and with great humility and sadness. HE was so astounded, he could finally speak, he was breathless. The minute I allowed the spirit to speak again, he would shout, "Bitc**! You get OUT of here! I don't want to see your ugly damn face! I'll kill you!" To my friend. But, whenever I spoke with him I pushed the spirit away and he would speak like a normal man, once more. I remember how he cried to stay with me when his wife arrived to drive him home, and I could understand. To be under the control of such an influence, always making you seem like this type of person! I wondered if he drank because the spirit wanted to lead him to his demise - which it dead. I wondered if someone had done this to him, deliberately, too!

Seems we have a lot in common!

KikiGirl in Remote Viewing
NB Note: In some beliefs, working on your chakras can do emotional, mental, physical; good or harm. So, it is important in which way you choose to work on yourself, and that it is done in a good and calm space.
Futhermore, when ever you work with your 'imagination', intuition or psychic gift - although, there is a difference, you open the deepest parts of your mind. While doing this, you must feel 100% safe, so, before beginning any meditation exercise, practice a method of protection.
You can surround yourself with a white light which is your protection. The white light is like a wall or barrier against anything you do not want around you that is bad or negative. The white light is as strong as the strongest wall ever built, absolutely nothing in this world can get through it! Not even a nuclear bomb! The bomb will just disappear or explode, but, it will not come close to you because you are protected. Then say, "thank-you God" or to whom ever you are saying thank-you. "Thank-you for protecting me, that nothing will ever hurt me, you watching over me. Nothing can get through my wall. You are watching over me."

I am trying to look for a basic introduction to chakras for you. However, all of this stuff on the internet is so complicated. If you can, try and find a basic book about yoga and chakras at a bookshop. Otherwise, have a look at these links:



KikiGirl in Remote Viewing
starsofclay, well done! WELL-DONE! You have done this SO much faster then I managed to! You are absolutely 100% beginning to see auras correctly. You started by seeing the thin white light which became a very bright blue light - this is called the ethereal layer. It is what I saw first for months before getting anywhere! Then you will start seeing the light as described extending from your fingers! 100%! Well-Done! Eventually, the light extending from your fingers will start showing colours! It will eventually make sense, don't worry! When you do finally see it properly, you will know with certainty what you are seeing is correct!

I am super proud of you. Just this little step will allow you the focus and develop your third eye to begin further developing your gifts.

I would suggest, you also have a look into yoga - Learn your chakras; crown, middle/heart, ground, third eye etc. If you can learn to meditate to clean your chakras - let me know how it goes for you? Learning to connect with your crown chakra or higher-self is a good next step. Always protect yourself, though - using a white light as a shield. Look into these two things and let me know how it goes for you?

Much Love!
LavenderLilac, what bizarre and wonderful experiences! Each and every one of them has played a significant role in your life and been key in discovering something about yourself - emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Honestly, I believe their role is more emotionally charged, but, it could be a mixture of them all.

"Bob Smith" was your "opening door". You were young and you had never really liked a guy, he immediately, grabbed that part of yourself, as a young woman, those parts like; flattery, adoration, kindness, sharing experiences, laughter, excitement, unconditional love, caringness, nurture, charitability, ALL of the emotions that are so deep ingrained within us, girls! He was only supposed to arouse the taste, wet the appetite for true love. He was not going to fullfill that part of your life of - true love, romance and sticking together through the grit etc.

Your dream was re-emphasising these deep feelings that you've experienced. Almost like smelling your favorite baked goods, even, if it is a very particular recipe that nobody knows, but, you immediately know it 100%. Hearing those words could have also been a premonition. But, for such a serious premonition to be fulfilled, there are so many hundreds of variables that must be met and kept for it to happen. You also have a soul-path which is designed for your - ultimate happiness and "Best-Self", or the opposite.

Now, you were more familiar with the feelings that you have when you meet someone who arouses these feelings in you, and that is why when you met your first true love, you absolutely knew, you 'just' knew that he would have that role in your life. HIS role would ultimately bring your role - as a woman, to its flourishment, nourish it and deeper explore it.

This might be a psychic gift that you have developed or always had, it could be natural intuition or the way you are designed. The way I am designed, you ask? Yes, these relationships will play an important role in your life and allow for that side of yourself; the Mother/girlfriend/partner/companion to be brought out, which is naturally occurring regularly therefor if it is absent or neglected in your life; you naturally "pick" it up, "source" them out or even conduct your actions in such a way, as to 'make' the event occur. This is very provident in your 2011 experience. You were being neglected, that part of yourself which is SO important for you, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally of; companionship/partner, motherhood, respect, givingness, virtue, confidence, homeliness or home-making, even child-bearing/child-making, and security. So, you met a man who would fulfill and idealize these qualities within you. It's almost like how a Mother Kangaroo has a "pouch" for her baby to sleep in and be cared for. If the Mother Kangaroo does not have her own baby to fill the sack, and another baby is stranded, orphaned and needs caring for, the Mother Kangaroo will allow and adopt for this baby to be in her sack. Oh, my! Another way of looking at it is the way animals are designed. The hummingbird is designed so it can gather dew from flowers while in flight, or the way; the moonflower will open at night under the moon and then, close in the day. People think it is only something physical, the sense of touch that can really have such laws attached, but, intuition and more specifically, self-preservation and reproduction is equally as provident within our physical world and psychic/intuition, as well as, emotional and mental world.

Perhaps, the 6ft dark-haired man has not yet, filled his complete purpose in your life. It was cut short and abruptly, and you haven't yet truly understood what his purpose is in your life. It may well come to pass, or the future may change - You are on a soul-path or life-path, your choices will mean either you find happiness or otherwise.

We don't often find this "spark" with our husbands because they play a more steady, developing and grounded part in your life. He is not supposed to be the "big-bang!" Or the most charged and rampant emotion in your life. He is a constant which is a good thing. It grounds us and allows us to find that steadiness and consistency in our lives. This is something I have heard one thousand times over; the concept of "lovers" and "the-one".

However, if he really ill treats you and is truly making you unhappy, you will follow your soul-path to a happier outcome, but, it will be through each decision you make throughout the day.
amandac9616, it sounds like you are going through a pretty awful time! I offer my sincere apologies.

Sometimes, during a person's spiritual growth cycle, certain phases can be much harder and uncontrollable and emotional then you expect or can deal with. It isn't anything bad, it does mean that you are growing very, very fast and I am going to warn/advize you that it can swoop the ground right from under you and end up feeling crazy!

The first thing, I absolutely must advize you to do is go to a psychiatrist. He is probably going to diagnose you with bi-polar 5,4,3 or whatever and tell you that you will be on meds for life, but, you remember that this is to HELP you, only. You are in a phase whereby, something's happened to push your boundaries and it could be a mix of psychic, physical and spiritual, and it is even moreso important to feel balanced at this time. Use the meds correctly, but, keep in mind that you are only doing this for a short time because there is actually nothing wrong with you - give it a year or 6 months. But, do not just go off your meds either, end the end - slowly lower the dosage and at the same time, seek out a psychologist or counselor to help you through it. You did not always have this terrible issue, and it will go away eventually.

The next thing, I advize you to do is try to slowly get into a healthy routine. Let - Me - Say - This - Again... GET - INTO - A - HEALTHY - ROUTINE! I am not shouting at you, I am just trying to explain that - Routine + Healthy = Balance.
If you can make sure to do the most basic things in the right way or healthy way, it will work wonders for you:
Eat & drink healthy. Make sure that you eat and drink foods that are not going to make you go into overdrive like, redbull or energy drinks, eating big meals before bed, monitoring your coffee intake means ie. No coffee after 15:00 PM in the afternoon and checking that your food/drink hasn't got any caffeine, pseudo-ephedrine or tartrazine etc. Don't allow yourself to get too hungry because it makes a person emotional. Eating healthy doesn't mean only beans! Have an ice-cream or chocolate every now and again, just not too much.
Get a goods night sleep - same time to bed, every night. Turn off all lights, TV and distractions and try and ly very still. Try and clear your thoughts. For as long as possible. If you can't sleep, try lying very still and breathing deeply, just so your body gets some rest, at least. If you can't sleep, read a book or do a meditation exercise. Also, make sure that you do enough exercise so that you do sleep at night - some people don't need any exercise in their day, but, others at least need to stretch every now and again.
Find a person that you trust to be open with; a friend or Doctor. Find some one who will be happy to help you any time, whether it's day or night. Read a self-help book, read a spiritual book and enjoy the basics - Oprah, Dr. Phil or Linda Goodmans Astrology books. Some people say playing loud music is a good distraction from the voices. So, play your favorite CD while doing dishes and sing out-aloud to yourself, we are all guilty of doing this sometime!
Physical doesn't mean just your body, it also means your surroundings. Change things up if you feel you need to! Decorate your room/s in a way that you feel most comfortable and secure. Change up the shelves and throw out old boxes! Put up things that are in a colour that you actually like!
And, every now and again, enjoy a bath with a new aroma that you like. Or, do something that you really enjoy, a hobbie maybe? Bird watching, drawing, reading or designing!

Lastly, when you feel a little better - Start-Your-Spiritual-Journey! Mine began with a few little books which were; Quotes by the Dalai Lama, Basic Numerology, Yoga - chakra's, practice seeings auras etc, a purpose driven life and The Art of Spiritual Warfare.
dark_angel, I'm sorry, this sounds hard for you to talk about.

You already have the answers that you are asking of us, your readers. I, too have had a person from part lives who I was romantically involved with but it could not ever work out; In each life, you cause each other the same pain, and the same joy when you are first together and then, that terrible feeling like your heart is going to stop beating and you'll die because you can not live without him. You think of; his smile, how it lights up a room and makes you feel happy also, when you two are bonding and sharing something special, how perfect it is when you are together. But, my past-life relationship will be a little bit different to your past-life relationship because it is just like, our normal relationship/s with people now.

If it could not work between you in the past, you are destined to repeat the same cycle again and again - it is not your fault or his fault, it is the way you two are different and how the energy between you two works - when things are good, but, then it will always go bad. You have to learn to let go. Only you can decide to end the pain that this cycle brings in your life. You will realize that this relationship is a CYCLE - or "PHASE" - it has a Beginning, Middle and End ALWAYS. It can not be forever. It will never be forever.

All that you can do is feel blessed that you had someone so loving in your life, to share such a special and rare bond/relationship with him. To know that no matter how much he loves you or you love him, it is not enough to break the karmic-relationship law that you cannot be together, but, you DO know that you AND him are one-in-a-million who will meet again and again in many more lives. Maybe, in one of those future lives, he will have grown enough for you two to be together, but, in this life, he is not on the right soul-path or spiritually ready to be with you, in a way that will make you happy.
gthlvrmx in Dreams Or Obe?
Hi ebay82,

It kind of sounds like ghosts are visiting you in your sleep and sharing with you how they died or parts of their lives that they are repeating over and over again in their bubble that they are trapped in that keeps them from crossing over.

Or you could be picking up with any of the clair gifts psychic information at night about events that happen in the area.

What could also be happeAning are some sort of "telelpathic memory dreams". I have had those before where I would connect with someones mind while asleep, somehow find a memory and it plays in my dreams as a drean except I am in their body as them as if I were there in the past. (Sorry for the confusion.) When I wake up and tell the person abouy the dream, they tell me that stuff I dreamed of was true.

Some people have psychic dreams where they dream parts of peoples lives. Sometimes its to help those people, or to help yourself.
Hi AriLuna,

My favorite way to clear my energy, and the energy of homes, objects, and other people, is by using the Michael Invocations. Do a Google search for them or for Ama Nazra and the information and instuctions will be on the invocation and white light shields pages on how to do each of those.

Clearing your energy removes anything in your energy field that can steal your energy or cause you harm. Shielding protects your energy field from getting anything else that can harm you from entering your space. Grounding and centering connects your energy to the Earth and the Heavens so that if you do get hit by negativity in any way, instead of getting stuck on you, it has a way of traveling into the Earth where the energy will be turned into healing energy.

To ground yourself, imagine roots coming out of your feet and tailbone and anchor them into the center of the Earth.

To center yourself, raise your arms and send energy out your hands into Heaven and anchor the streams of energy into Heaven.

You can also email Ama Nazra on her webpages. She might have some more knowledge on telepathy and manifestation, but the truth is manisfestation isn't a special kind of ability someone has and can work on. It's just a term that explains how the of attraction works in the universe. Anyone can learn to use the law of attraction to manifest what they want in their lives.

Telepathy is hearing other people's thoughts the moment they are thinking them in their heads, or sending your thoughts into other peoples minds.

Law of attraction says that "like attracts like", so that means positive emotions attract more positive emotions to you, and negative emotions attract more negative emotions to you. You can use that law to your advantage when you are trying to make what you want come true and into your life.

For more information on manifestation and the law of attraction, I suggest reading a little on Louise Hay's books maybe. For information on telepathy, google search, although when I was younger there wasn't too much on telepathy as there was for empathy.
Hello gthlvrmz, i'm new to this things, how can I clear my energy? It this thelepathy or manifestion? Where can I get more information?
Hi again,

I forgot to mention, don't be afraid to ever check in with a psychiatrist for the voices if things get out of hand and they don't go away or if you want to get help. There is no shame in getting help.
Hi Amanda,

You might be a medium, a telepath, or both. I have both of those gifts too so I understand you. The voices telling you the future consequences of your choices, personally, my guesswork has been that it's a manisfestation of my clairvoyance/clairaudience (seeing my future).

Look up Ama Nazra, she has how to's on creating White Light Shields to protect yourself from unwanted things like emotions and ghosts. There are also 2 methods of clearing your energy on those websites to get rid of any entities that might be followong you around.

Spirits from heaven and your personal angels don't say anything mean. They never bring negativity to you. They only make you feel loved and positive emotions. Ghosts are different since they are just humans who died and didn't get healed from their lives and cross over.

You can also use white sage to clear your home temporarily and protective crystals to protect your space and yourself.
Hi AriLuna,

You sound like your telepathic gifts are growing or appearing strongly in your life right now. Remember to clear your energy, protect yourself with white light shields daily, and ground and center yourself daily to help with the emotions that are carried with the thoughts you pick up. You sound a bit like a projective, or "sender", telepath. That means you are able to send thoughts telepathically to other people or animals. Some people are naturally one way or the other, more receptive (hearing others thoughts, which some psychiatrists would mis diagnose as any form of "schizophrenia") or more sending telepath (being able to send messages to others). Some people believe empathy goes along with being a telepath. They do help each other out when you use them together. I am also an empath who is a bit of a telepath, I can send and receive thoughts, but in past trials it has usually taken me some effort for it to succeefully work.

Also, I have heard in order for people to hear (receive) your thoughts you send or vice versa, they have to have the gift of telepathy as well. So it's slightly limited. So maybe those people thay reacted to your thoughts like your friends and teacher are receptive telepaths!:)
Pennies4U in Taken Over
You might wish to practice mediumship. Most Spiritualist churches have classes and the cost are reasonable.

The rule for communication with loved ones is their thoughts to our mind and emotions. (What is mediumship and channelling.
Thank you 1020coco, yesterday I learned about the law of attraction and manifesting, i'm going to try some things today to see if i'm really gifted Happy
sunshine_taylor in A Medium At 23
the term that describes me along with several abilities is Claircognizance. I am glad I found a large part of the explanation.
Hi PaigeWage,

Many years ago I experienced what I also believed was a being that entered my body. I had many sleepless nights, like you, where I would hear voices outside my door and footsteps in the hall. I've spent time contemplating these events and this is what I now believe happened and maybe it can somehow help you. So, like you I am sensitive to energies around me that are unseen and they can be both good and not so good. Well this scared me and I think I was living in major fear mode all the time. I believe that since I was constantly afraid and expecting the worst or wondering if the worst is going to happen, brought energies around me that were bad.

I don't like getting into the specifics of what happened since it was the worst night of my life, but just so you know, I also felt like I was fighting a foreign body that was inside and thinking how could this happen. I actually never thought something like that could happen. I always thought something even scarier would present itself in front of me, but never in a million years did I think it could be inside my body.

After many hours of struggling and intense praying, it finally left. I was really weak for about a month after that. I just had no energy. It never came back and I think it was because I felt that it wouldn't and that I somehow tackled a really big fear.

Also, no one believed me, my husband or my mother. So I did feel weird about the whole thing and alone since there was no one I could go to that would understand or offer advice. Since then I realize that a couple things were going on. 1) I can connect with those that have passed and I now direct them to the white light and ask my Spirit guide and God for assistance to cross them over 2) I don't have fear about anything that is unseen. Obviously I would avoid a haunted place with a negative energy. So do what you have to do to feel safe in your bedroom. Have spiritual objects, play spiritual music, pray - do any and all of these things before you go to sleep. Why? Simply put, it raises your vibration which means you are less likely to feel fear and to be in a place of love. With love in your heart and mind, you will be able to help those souls cross over and the one's that used to scare you will be gone forever.
1020coco in Dreams Or Obe?
Hi, from the sound of it they are most definitely OBE's. That is very good that you are not scared. I do think your guides help with that because this is quite a lot to take in. Anyway, here's a couple of things that you may choose to keep in mind. Before you go to sleep ask your guide (however you want to call this energy, God/Love/Spirit, etc.) for assistance so you can get specific information such as names, address, any important details. This step is important and it seems common sense, but I can't stress enough that if you want to get specific information then you specifically have to ask for it.

Don't worry that you don't have time with your studies to spend on learning about this gift. Realize that major insights happen in very short time frames. You can take 5 minutes to check in with Spirit and that's okay. Just make it a practice as often as you can. Like when you first wake up, go to bed, or have a few minutes before going somewhere.
This could be the law of attraction manifesting in your life. Most people don't understand how they use this in their everyday life. I've known people that say things that are constantly self defeating like I'm fat, I'm ugly, no one loves me and they make it true.

Enjoy the abundance that having this gift offers. Life is what you make it and you can create whatever you like. You can always add, "I ask this in the name of love and truth and I ask that harm come to none" just to make sure no one else is harmed. Give it a try with something positive and see how good it makes you feel.
sunshine_taylor in A Medium At 23
thank you so much. Yes it is and I am currently researching. It all happens naturally and it goes to fast. This last incident actually woke me up. Sometimes it feels as almost you have to physically shake me because I am not there. I didn't know why I walk into buildings and say what I say until later
1020coco in A Medium At 23

It sounds like you've experienced so many struggles and difficulties and it must be so confusing why these strange events happen to you. Since you have the ability to know what is going to happen and predict what people do, you are definitely tapping into your psychic abilities. If you feel what they are feeling as well, you are experiencing being an empath. Both of these can be difficult to handle especially if you're having situations at home, work, or elsewhere that is causing you major stress.
Maybe if you think of this ability as a gift that allows you to prepare yourself in advance. So when something is about to happen, you know it's going to happen and you can mentally be prepared and make a positive choice instead of reacting and maybe regretting that decision later. Try to surround yourself in white light as often as you can throughout the day. Ask for love to surround you and guide you. Picture it as a blanket that protects you. You may be able to help others one day when the time is right for you.
I've been going through the same thing since July 2015. It ruined my life temporarily.They'll control thoughts, misguide you, make you see things... Even feel things. They used to tell me it was called shapeshifting. Not like reptilian but vibrations. I don't know if I believe that. I theorize something to do with man made technology.
Hi actually I had a dream of a demon when I was young as well. I described him to a tee to my mom. I actually learned I dreamed of it for a reason because of what my mom made me do. I have seen shadows out the corner of my eye, walked to see what it was and seen absolutely nothing. I have lights that can turn on with a turning knob that has been turned on while I was sleeping. I heard the sound "click" and hopped out of my bed, ran directly out of the house. I forgot my deceased step-mom slept in that room. I sense what people is thinking around me and actually have what I thought was a daydream. Shortly afterwards, what I daydream comes out of that person mouth word from word.
sunshine_taylor in A Medium At 23
I am just looking for some kind of explanation as to who I am. I can sense what a person is thinking and be able to tell a person step by step what they are getting ready to do. I blurt out stuff but have no idea that it is getting ready to happen. I can sense what you are thinking. I even have conversations in my head playing that actually be an event that turn out the exact words coming out someone mouth.
starsofclay in Rorschachs Gift
I wonder if your gift at seeing and manipulating auras could be used for healing, instead of what you were using it for, which turned you off to the whole idea. I've heard of being able to scrub the dark spots out of auras, which is used as a form of healing; but with what you described, I think you could facilitate some powerful mental healing as well.

In fact, you may not know it, but that man's whole life might have changed after such a confession, which may have never come out without your help. That being said, any sort of stuff like that really should be done with permission.
Thank you Boson, I will look at ways to practice spiritual protection and try to find a psychic in my region that could tell me. Also yesterday I got one of these scratches in my ear.
sunflower in Rorschachs Gift
KikiGirl, I would love to talk to you more via email. I have noticed how active you are on this site and how much you seem to be helping people with the problems they are having. I am interested because I too seek out people in need of spiritual help, along with others. All of us have abilities and use these to help people to the best of our ability, as well as working on how to improve our abilities for the greater good. There is a few things really want to talk about, if you may be interested? My email is christopher.makayla [at]
I really hope to hear from you.
I need some help... Someone is doing this to me and my family. It is happening overnight and is accompanied with horrible dreams and waking to creepy music. I have felt these horrible things happening to others not in my home but people I know... There are strange behaviors and sounds in my home... Family members are mentally projecting messages that they are unaware of. I feel that it is rooted in envy or jealousy. How do I protect myself and my home from this? I am partially clairvoyant but I don't have expertise with this. Thoughts? Someone is using this gift for harm. I feel that I am not in control tof my own words at times although I'm trying. I feel intense negative energy at times and whole body vibrates. What's going on?
Hey ebay82,

You already got a good answer from KikiGirl. I just wanted to comment on your subject "Dreams Or OBE?". I honestly don't think you have had an OBE. If you did, you would immediately have known because it's such a profound experience and you would have no doubts if that were the case. I have had OBE in dreams, meditation, and also in fully awakened state. So what I say this from my own experience.

Fitnesstactic meditation opens the chakra centers.

You sound too open. The healer should of walked you through some
Grounding and closing down techniques.

If you look up these subjects and still need help

Write your symptoms on your thread.
starsofclay in Remote Viewing
Oh, another method I was teaching myself with the 3d magic eye images is to be able to get in the sweet spot, and then hold it while blinking, and also while moving the image around and not loosing focus. It's harder than it sounds.

So last night I was practicing seeing my own aura, and as usual I was able to see the thin bright light that surrounds my hand and fingers, and after a while, my eyes kind of de-shifted so to speak and I think I found the sweet spot of aura viewing. The thin bright light was replaced with a much thicker, but very noticeable light teal blue, that at times seemed to stretch several inches from the tips of my fingers. At first I thought maybe it was an after image or light burn, but my eyes had to be in the exact sweet spot, just focused slightly behind my hand, or the color would disappear. Usually with after image or light burn, the color should stay no matter what focus your eyes are in, and even when closing the eyes, right? I was able to bring it back several times by getting back into the sweet spot.

Another interesting thing is that the part that extended several inches from my finger tips didn't exactly move with my hand, (something I tested to see if it was an after image) but kind of broke off and moved at a much slower pace than I had moved my hand. It felt and looked like I was manipulating a bit of my aura, so to speak. Has anyone had any experiences with something like that?

My biggest problem was the color would disappear when I blinked, and I would have to find the right focus again. I was able to hold it a few times while blinking, but it was difficult. I think that's where the practice with the magic eye images will help.
[at] KiKiGirl wow thank you. Your parent's story is very inspiring. I am glad that this happen to them. I know that this is such a special, bizarre experience for me. But I do not want to get in between him and his girlfriend... But I knew him the instant I saw him. I am just asking for more guidance spiritually but, I have to keep the happiness I have in my heart and keep wishing him well either we will be together or not:) loads of love:))
Hi jacobcoco,

If I were you, the first step would be to practice spiritual protection each night before you go to sleep. That should stop the attacks. The second step would be to figure out why this happened to you and who that spirit was. Unless you are psychic yourself, you would have to ask a psychic for that information.

Yes! I've had paranormal experiences throughout my life but there was an enormous increase after I was attuned to Reiki.

I hope you can get some help -- it sounds as if you don't feel the entity following you is benign. In the meantime, be diligent with protective exercises.
Hi KikiGirl

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I've been afk for a while as I've been focusing on a lot of spiritual stuff. I'm putting out a part two tonight, hopefully this can make up for taking so long to get back to you!

ebay82 in Dreams Or Obe?
Thanks KiKiGirl!
It's difficult talking to other people who don't understand the nature of the information I get and how different it feels than just a normal dream. I have not had these my entire life that I am aware of.
Just the last 3-4 years after a kind of "soul searching". I can only describe it as a major need or ache in my heart to know why I'm here on this planet. A need to know why I'm SO sensitive to everything and everyone around me. I have been trying to learn to "listen" to my guides and any other messages/ information I receive. It's been difficult because I am in school for my bachelor's degree right now and I have not been dedicating time to learning more about myself and my ability to receive.
August17, thank-you for sharing your experiences. I understand how it feels when you are going through a lot of emotions that you don't understand. You want to have more clarity, but, the situations are always presented to you in such a way that you feel you don't have control. It would be a lovely thing if you could better control your emotions and then, you wouldn't always feel like things are out of your hands.

People are not going to understand what you need unless you say it. You have to think very carefully, on your own, first. Think about a situation that happened and then ask;
* What could I have done beforehand to stop the issue from escalating and becoming out of control? Or stop the event from unfolding the way it did?
* What is my role in what happened?
* What is the other persons role? What could they have done better to change the situation?
* If I am being honest, and let's say, I should have paid more attention to how the person felt, what could I have done differently at the time to feel better?
* Was there somewhere that I could have gone to and relaxed for 5 minutes?
* Was there someone I could have phoned or someone there who could have made it a little bit easier?
* Next time, I will pay more attention to the situation, and I will CHOOSE very carefully HOW to interact with the person/people.

You have to be happy and positive in your own heart. One thing that you can do is write a list of very basic want/s:
1. I am a strong person.
2. I am in control of my emotions.
3. I am a thoughtful person.
4. I see things clearly and I understand situations clearly.
5. I understand peoples feelings and I am not afraid.
6. I listen to people.
7. I am calm. I am able to breathe and feel well.
8. I am able to be in a crowd of people and stay calm, think clearly and breathe properly.
9. I am safe in a crowd of people.
10. I will achieve well in my career.
11. I am able to show the best sides of myself.
12. I am an honest person.
Say each of these things, or the things you want to write down, every morning to yourself in the mirror. Make 20 phrases. If you are stressed on the way somewhere, to work or school, say a phrase from the morning to yourself ie. "I am calm. I am able to breathe and feel well." Or, if you are in a crowd and you feel anxiety, say calmly again and again, "I am able to be in a crowd of people and stay calm, think clearly and breathe properly.
I am safe in a crowd of people."

Eventually, it may take a month or a year, but, it will work. You will see a change in the way you feel and the way others feel. You will also begin to understand where the anxiety is coming from.

Also, if you can make sure to do the most basic things in the right way or healthy way, it will work wonders for you:
Eat healthy. Don't allow yourself to get too hungry because it makes a person emotional. Eating healthy doesn't mean only beans! Have an ice-cream or chocolate every now and again, just not too much.
Get a goods night sleep. If you can't sleep, try lying very still and breathing deeply, just so your body gets some rest, at least. If you can't sleep, read a book or draw. Also, make sure that you do enough exercise so that you do sleep at night - some people don't need any exercise in their day, but, others at least need to stretch every now and again.
Find a person that you trust. Find some one who will be happy to help you any time, whether it's day or night. Do something with a few friends at least every 2 or 3 weeks, just a lunch or something small for 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, until you can stay longer around bigger crowds.
Physical doesn't mean just your body, it also means your surroundings. Decorate your room in a way that you feel most comfortable.
And, every now and again, enjoy a bath with a new aroma that you like. Or, do something that you really enjoy, a hobbie maybe? Painting, drawing, reading or designing!
PaigeWage, thank-you for sharing your experiences. I understand how it feels when you think your family is never honest with you. You want to ask them so many questions, but, you either never get a proper answer or they tell you to stop being so sensitive and worrying about the issue. One of the nicest things in life would be to have people around you, to love and support you.

People are so flawed and involved in their own life-issues, they don't even see you for the person you are and they have totally forgotten anything about goodness, kindness and loving each other. It ends up, that you have to find these things for yourself. If you surround yourself with positive people then, you will also be positive. You have to be happy and positive in your own heart. Being good, kind, honest, true and caring, compassionate is something that you have to do with action, each day. The more good actions you perform, the more goodness is attracted to you.

Eventually, the goodness will take effect on the people around you as well! You will start seeing a change in the way you feel and the way they feel. This will chase away bad energies. You can start by doing small things; paint a picture, draw somebody or a vase, learn the lyrics to a song, practice singing, read a book, tidy your room - redecorate your room in a way that you think will make it nice and cozy and a happy place for you. You can give yourself a little makeover - change your hair, choose a new colour to try with your clothes, tye-dye a t-shirt or top or change your toenail colour.

When you are done with one of these tasks say, "I am a strong person. I understand things clearly. I am a happy person and I will succeed. I will no longer have any negative energies around me." And then, go and do something fun, again!
starsofclay in Remote Viewing
Actually, I do see the thin white light when I look at my hand's aura. I have seen it almost "pop" into a brilliant blue once, and that was neat, but I was under the influence of marijuana, which I think allowed my eyes to glaze over just right. I have never seen anything besides the thin bright light when sober. But it is definitely there and doesn't take any effort at all to see it. I did train my eye to focus at different points of distance, so I know exactly how to do it, it just doesn't really work that well for me. One way I did this was using those 3d magic eye images. I put one up on my laptop screen, then pull one up on my phone. I hold the phone at varying distances from the screen and try to jump from one to the other as fast as I can, while keeping my eyes in that sweet spot to see the 3d images. Come to think of it, I haven't done that in a long while, I should try it again.

So you are saying that one day, my eyes will just "get it" and the colors will show up? That would be great. How much practice did you do for it to take 6 months?

I have tried seeing other people's auras, but they don't stand still long enough haha. And I don't actually know anyone that would be a willing test subject.

I want to try mirror gazing again. I usually get caught though by someone and it becomes an embarrassing subject to try to explain, haha, so I just kind of never got into it.
Enia, you are so lucky! To meet such a wonderful guy and to know beforehand that you will meet this person that makes you feel such a way - so strong, and such a connection is rare in this world, so, so rare. I do not know how to help you, but, I can tell you that the way you describe this man is the way my parents are. They have been married my whole life, 35 + years and they still love each other, they have been through good times and bad times, and they will always stick together because they have that "special" connection.

The night that my Father met my Mother, they were not married, they just happened to meet out one night. My Father recognized my Mother straight away and knew, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever met and that she was so different to other people in a special way that he had been looking for. They had not planned to meet and were introduced through friends. When my Father walked into his house that night, his Mother/My GrandMother said, "That is the girl you are going to marry".

And that was that! They went through a lot before they got married, but, they did get married and they still are, today.
KikiGirl in Feeling Energies
Sayra_kheng, what a terrible experience! If you would like to know how to "get rid of" bad energy's then you must maybe, look into religion. Do you have a religion? I know people are always saying this, it seems like the same story you hear again and again, be good a girl and everything will work out fine! What I would suggest is to get an item like a cross or pendulum or something that when you touch it, it must feel like it represents within in you these things; that you are SAFE, Happy, strong, thinking clearly - you can see everything clearly and you understand, and faith. Every night say your favorite saying or prayer with the object in your hand. When you feel like you are in any trouble, hold the object and say the prayer again, and then say, "you can not harm me, please go away from me. You can not control me, please go away from me". You can say this without being angry or shouting, you can just say it clearly and so you want to be left alone. You remember that you are safe and happy no matter what happens - and you hold the object in your hand.

You can also, surround yourself with a white light which is your protection. The white light is like a wall or barrier against anything you do not want around you that is bad. The white light is as strong as the strongest wall ever built, absolutely nothing in this world can get through it! Not even a nuclear bomb! The bomb will just disappear or explode, but, it will not come close to you because you are protected. Then say, "thank-you God" or to whom ever you are saying thank-you. "Thank-you for protecting me, that nothing will ever hurt me or control me with you watching over me. Nothing can get through my wall. You are watching over me."
KikiGirl in Dreams Or Obe?
ebay82! You are definitely NOT nuts! A crazy person never ever asks themself/ves, "am I nuts?" They just go on... Being nuts. So, I was so intrigued and fascinated when I read your story! Usually, I have some good advice to share with the Author through personal experience or studies, but, in your case, unfortunately I am not experienced. There are many people who work with the police on these types of issues. In fact, some people on this site were discussing it just a short while ago -
*Do police believe in psychics?
*Will they listen to a psychic?
*Would they actually enlist or ask for the help from a psychic?
*Fraudsters versus real people who do police work with psychics.
*Endangering cases through using psychics?
*Can you just go to the police with information you have?

So, there are definitely people who work with the police on cases much like your experiences. People do not actually "get" a location, but, use what they see in order to determine a location ie. Was it a farmhouse? What did the person look like? What was he/she wearing? Did you see a sign? What does the place look like? Are there any symbols, billboards or slogans that you can see? What type of car did you see? What colour was the car? Did the location have a smell? Did you hear animals? Did you see any other object/s et cetera?

I just thought you should be told that you are not nuts and that there are people who work with mediums on cases and even, cold cases.
KikiGirl in Remote Viewing
starsofclay, it sounds like you are growing a lot right now! I also get "down times", where I struggle to do the things like usual. I've always been a lucky person? So, for example, I can go to the Casino for one or two nights in a row, but, I can't go for 3 days in a row or I will just lose on the third night. It's almost like, I have a specific amount of energy in a glass, when it's empty or finished, I have to wait for it to refill of its own accord before I can do anything more.

Have you tried practising seeing auras? I remember that once I was done with that process, and I could see my aura clearly, my psychic gifts developed more quickly. Not lightening fast, but just one or two good ones over the year. The way I practiced seeing auras, was by holding my hand up or out and spreading my fingers apart. You shouldn't look directly at one finger but try and look "almost" passed your finger. In the beginning, I used to just see a shiny, thin bright light along the edge of my hand and after 6 months, I could see my aura perfectly! Let me say, if you have never seen an aura and you are wondering what it looks like, you will absolutely know when you do see it!

I wish you luck! KikiGirl
Hi Liam39876! I am so super excited to hear back from you. I've checked this post every now and again, but, you hadn't responded or posted since so I thought, maybe something IS going on but he won't post it... And then, I thought you plain forgot about posting again!

Ping me! *Lol when you do post a new article? And, hey!? It's not fair to leave us so long wondering what's going on, if there is.

This same exact thing happens to me! I remember getting Deja Vu since I was about nine or ten, the first thing I ever got Deja Vu from was a giant mural of the Lion King at a this bouncy castle place. Ever since I have started getting it more and more frequently, and I usually have seen the thing I'm getting Deja Vu about in my dreams the previous night.

I never feel lightheaded when I get Deja Vu though, I just feel a bit... Stunned, sometimes, other times like my mind just goes blank.

I aspire to be able to channel this somehow and predict the future. Seems far-fetched, but hey, anything's possible.
Thank you for your advice. I have continued to give this all some thought. It is a evil one I am sure, and I am aware of God's Light as a powerful barrier. I can be rid of it for a while, but it comes back. I feel it has attached itself to a member of my family, and it then leaches off of all of us. It is one the confuses, angers, incites, and depresses. It does this by pulling you into conversations with it whereas you feel you are under threat or needing to defend yourself. It feeds off your pride and vanity. So, I found relief now for several days by saying, "Don't talk to it". That helped me see past the confusion of it not being me, talking to me, but talking to something. In other words, I have named this, and now that I see it, I can attack it.

Yet, I have in the past had several "spirits" attach themselves to me. They too can confuse you because they are very prosistant in trying to get your attention. Some do not know that they are dead and others do. The ones that do tend to leave me alone, after I acknowledge them. Yet the ones that don't know, are much harder to deal with. But for me, the hardest part to all of this is getting to the point of knowing what I am dealing with.

I am still very willing to hear anyone's advice on perhaps quick ways to determine what is attached to you, or draining you? Thank you so much for the awesome reminder that the Lord's Light and Love is the best option we have. If only we could all remember that like we should. Happy
Hi RavenFeeders,

There is simple test you can do in order to determine if a spirit is good or bad. You see, a bad spirit (evil, demonic) cannot stay in the presence of God's Light and cannot stay if it's challenged by the name of Jesus. Such spirit will instantly free and if you still have the spirit around you, then you will know it's of good nature.

Pennies4U in Finding My "gift"
Some say folks inherit abilities.
Another theory we bring over ability from other life time.

Psychic senses are heightened when awoken by meditation and using binaural beats to name a few. These stimulated the dominate chakras you use.

You might get more insight from reading the Tibetan to Yogas of dream and sleep. It speaks about rigpa-the state of awareness and knowing. It speaks about aiming 24. 7 by practicing peace a conscious knowing we are one. That anger/fear are distractions.
Hi KikiGirl

Thanks for showing interest! Honestly so much has developed, and I'm going to write a part two, with what's been going on in the past couple of months.

:D Thanks, mate. Yeah, I'll keep this in mind.:D

Thank you, you just reminded me of something good... Someone told me of the same thing as you said right now. Thanks, I really really do appreciate it.:) God bless to you.:)
Cassie_1008, I have just read your response. Well, if she is a good part of your life then, keep her in it! By doing all of the things that I mentioned below, you should already start fighting off the "baddies".

You should take some rest! I appreciate you giving your insight despite how you are now, please, take some rest. Get some chocolate if you can, it always helps:)

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