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Thanks for sharing. I have been feeling like a kid in a candy store on thi site. I would really, really love to connect with other martial artists from this site to talk about using the arts in developing and controlling our abilities. I know you posted a long time ago, but if you get this please email me at dawnprince1964 [at] if you are so moved.


DawnofTime in Finally Free
I, too, am a dedicated martial artist. What you are describing is very real and powerful in the arts. These powers of "chi" used to be foundational to the arts and their mastery was an absolute given before people could advance in practice and certainly before teaching.

Unfortunately, we students in the modern West are taught an anemic and bastardized version of the movement arts, and often this leads to the kinds of violent accidents that you described. I am proud of you for growing and learning and harnessing the true power of peace and integrity in your art now. So good to know there are more people like me out there who are oracticing the arts with real chi.
Hi, I have never done a photo reading the way you have described, but I find yours interesting. I don't normally look at the photos, but have had people show me multiples and I can feel the imprint of energy coming off of the photo of the person. You can test this by putting three photos of one person in with many others and sorting them out based on feel instead of sight to try to hone your abilities, but I think you should talk to people who do face to face readings about the eyes.
You could try looking up OLD pictures, things you for sure couldn't have heard about and try a reading of those. I know there are websites with tests like that. Sorry I don't have more info.
Um hey, so I'm a bit late on this, sorry. I have no idea what this is called and why it's happening, but I want to mention that I have had the same experiences.
When I was in second grade they gave us a sheet about Egyptian hieroglyphs and I could read them. All of it, I never even needed to check the key, and for a tiny kid with barely any control over her fingers I was really good at drawing them too. I was once in a restaurant just eating food when some people started speaking in Chinese, and I understood most of it even though I don't even know anyone that's Chinese. I'm of Belorussian decent so I thought it would be cool to learn to speak some Russian to communicate with my great grandparents better. After two Duo lingo lessons I realize I can already read Russian. Sometimes I'll mention to someone else that a person is going to do something, and when they ask me who said it would happen, I suddenly don't know where I got the information and why I'm so sure of it. Sorry that I don't have any answers, but you're not the only one.
Thank you thank you thank you! I am so so happy I found this blog. I had a dream last night that there was a tarantula looking spider attached to my third eye and in the dream I was terrified and scared, but as soon as I let love into my heart the spider died and fell off. You have to understand that for TWO years now I have had such itchy eyes at night that I have been rubbing my eyes black and blue in my sleep. I have been to numerous doctors, put steroids and allergy drops in my eyes but nothing ever worked and my eyes are never itchy during the day.

After this dream and now you guys confirming it, I am going to send these little buggers lots of love and hope it dies and falls off. In my dream, when I loved and cuddled on the spider it died and I got my "powers" back. Also, I have seen these spidery guys on my ceiling and coming down towards me when I am half asleep for years. I never thought anything of this until now. Thank you so much. If they feed off of negative energy, I am going to "kill them with kindness." Even named my guy "cuddles." It will be a shame to see him go. 😘

Just wanted to share in case it helps someone else like your posts have helped me. Keep carrying the light my homies, keep carrying the light.
This is happening to me too. I was 13 almost 14 when it first happened. I had a dream that I was looking way up to my mom. We were in a line up. And then people in superhero costumes fell from the rafters of this convention centre or something. They were obviously on wires. But it was really weird. Then, a few months later it happened. My legs were tired from standing in line with my mom and brother to see William Shatner at a FanCon thing (Canadian ComicCon), so I knelt down. I was looking up at my mom, and then people came down from the rafters just like in my dream. I am now 15 and the dreams haven't stopped. Somehow a dream about my brother being in front of a glow-in-the-dark dragon happened. A little while ago I had a dream that I was hanging out with my friends in my room, when my mom got a call and told me that my grandpa died. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm really scared. Both of my grandfathers are in bad shape. There have been other dreams that were completely pointless. They all took 3 months or so to come true. It's been 2 since I had that dream. I'd really like it if people could tell me that I'm not crazy
jasmine_glaze in Obe- And A Little Fearful
Dear Nightmist,

What you have experienced is a demon messing with you while asleep. The sleep paralysis is caused by energy that was released all over your body and they entered your dream as well. From your explnation it looks like they want to weaken you physically so your mental state would also be affected and then they'll strike again and do something really bad.

I don't know details about your lifestyle, but if you're drinking alcohol or take drugs, it'll be easier for them to do that again. Going through some life troubles also gives them more power and field to do things you wouldn't like them to do.

I suggest that you learn how to protect yourself from spiritual attacks. I can help you with that. If you're interested leave a comment or email me,

I feel like I have remnate feelings of a past life. I know it may sound cliche but I don't feel like I identify as a human being and not because I wish to be something else but because of constantly observing my emotions and observing people around me and how social settings and society seems to work as I have grown up. Its hard for me to comprehend how the flow of society works. I feel like an old soul sometimes. I beileve my dreams speak to me of my past lives and because of my dreams I feel as though I used to be a wild beast roaming the woods and forests. When I have those dreams it feels natrual to me and ill have times where I long to go back to that feeling of freedom of running wild and being strong and being truly free and alive. Ill dream sometimes of hunting and the feel of tearing through flesh and bone with my teeth and shredding flesh with my claws and it feels amazing. I dream of running through bare trees chasing the moon and feeling the ground and my stride and the cool calm night air...

I never felt as though I had a place in society. I don't like the cities and would rather live closer to the country side closer to the wild. I would like to learn to hunt and not with a traditional gun but archery and traping something more rustic I want to learn to skin and prepare my own meats to use the fur for clothing or blankets. I enjoy to cook using bones for broth I would use as much of the animal as I could. Its the closest I can get to those feelings.
carriwill in I Can Read People
you have gift to read people. You do can do this through their eyes. I can do it also. I can see thing or get thought or images when look into someones eyes.
Your experience is just as same as mine which I put up here under the title 'Thoughts Striking My Mind Before Things Happen'. I was told that I might be an empath and I get precognitions.

Just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone and if you want, you could check out the comments I got as replies on my experience if you want a deep info because they helped.:)
Hi! From your story, it feels you are an empath. Clairsentients and Empaths are almost same except Empaths are feelers who have very less control on their clairsentience. Whereas clairsentience is a channel via which we feel things. We all are mediumistic I believe. It is one or the other channels via which spirit might communicate with us. Like seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling etc. There are many groups on Facebook where you can safely practice your gifts. Like one is Pamela Aaralyn - Spiritual Alchemist. In her group we all talk about all such things and practice on each other. ❤
EtherBawny in Unusual Reaccurances
I had a seventh one the following day of my posting but it was very brief vision of the documents. The yellowish cloudiness faded but remained a glow over the documents then faded from view and then in near center of the cloudiness a hole formed like a lil portal I could see what appeared a room wth rich colored egg yellow walls. I felt I was looking through some kind of of moving scope that went around the room rather quickly and never allowing me to define objects on the walls or pieces of furniture. The hole I'm viewing through isn't moving. My eyes are moving but I didn't feel I needed to because the vision seemed to move around inside the portal on its on. I say portal because I really can't think of another way of describing this opening which I was looking in. However I saw enough to clearly know I was looking inside a furnished room. A room I have no familiarity with from my memories. This too had a short span of clarity until it all faded out and would not return. I was in the day light about to take a short nap. The sensation of needing a nap was gone as well. Though id never dozed off.

The clarity is amazing yet I feel if I attempt to focus on a specific point the vision counters it by moving around almost as if its evasive. I have pondered different things to see if I can control the things I see so I can actually say "i read this" or "i saw that object made of this or that" but I cant. I did make out there were items on the wall. Some decor. Id say the room would've likely been in a nice consciously decorated home of moderate taste. I saw quickly what looked like it might've been a wooden curio. The problem I have is the short span of time I see these things and very little time to experiment with controlling the view. Rather than loose it quickly I am most likely to just observe and see what comes as it comes with no effort to control. That seems to make it last longer. Id calculate that none of them last more than around thirty seconds to a minute maximum.
Hey, you guys its so unbelievably relieving to have someone out there that can understand.

All of it is so all over the place, little bits of different clairs and some what chaotic but in a slow progression.


I do, or atleast think I do, accept this part of myself and have tried researching but apart from meditating, there has been pretty much no advancement and I feel like I am just picking up signs and not knowing how to break them down to understand its meaning.


I can not even begin to describe how parallel our lives are in terms of similarities. My family, although spiritually open minded seem to have doubts or disbelieve over everything I am/ have experienced. I do remember seeings some shadows as a child too, but I don't remember fearing them and they just stopped.

I am hands down with the third eye images. Some of them connect enough to come up with something general. My latest one is a cobblestones arch with a hanging black light on the side with red flowers underneath in a half barrel. Connected to the image is either a spindle wheel or an rotary. - still can't figure this one out.

The sleep paralysis also is terrifying. The first time I felt something digging into my back and found I was sleeping on the feather, then I was psychically jolted like someone pulled my hand out of the dream and I was frozen. The rest of my dreams that night I felt woken but nicks or scratches felt on my back.

The one that scared me most was I thought I had woken up and heard a noise in my apartment. I remember thinking it ridiculous and rolled over. Then all of a sudden there was a shadow over me with its hand on my mouth or nose and I couldn't breathe and I remember struggling to wake up and then I did and again I was frozen.

Smudging doesn't seem to help all that much and I reeeeeally hope this is NOT the energy that has been following me around too. I don't know what it is in general so I really don't know what to do about it. I too started mixing lavender and rosemary oil and wearing it as much as possible.

I also try to speak to my guides through the pendulum and its not as informative as I like. I really want guidance on how to better myself so I can then help others but I can't make heads or tails of the answers.
Dear ShaninHeerkes,

What you've experienced, especially after the nightmare you had, seems like an angel protected you in your sleep. Angels often come in non-angelic forms to protect us in the times of need. Quite possibly that nightmare was a form of spiritual attack. I suggest you put up protection before sleep.

While smoking marijuana I've noticed on many occasions that my abilities became heightened, however once I started smoking cigarettes I noticed that my abilities have all but vanished, so there is a definite connection to drugs and other substances on your esp from my experience
Your story sounds like a lot like mine. I've posted here five or six times, and each time I've talked about the feeling of alienation... Of being so different that I can't relate to normal people. In one of my posts I talked about a feeling of kinship to early 1900s Europe, hitting me hard when I read the literature of that era. I sense a spirit at work then in Europe then. Something was in the air. I think Carl Jung was very tuned into it.

Carl Jung described an experience like yours, of having a sort of spirit there with him. I heard it in an audiobook of Jung works. I haven't run into any other mentions of it since then, though Jung wrote volumes and volumes. But anyway, he describes whatever it is he's talking about similarly to the way you describe yours.

Getting back to the spirit I mentioned... I sense it in Thomas Troward too, who was a late 1800s/early 1900s Brit. And there were a few others.

It's a spiritual feeling I get when I read the writing of certain people. It has a strong effect on me. It really resonates with me, in an extramundane way.

I think World War 1 and the accompanying modernization of the world kind of squashed whatever was happening there in Europe, in the early 1900s. I mean, the spirit I was talking about. And I think it's starting to be revived now. I think a Psychology Professor by the name of Jordan Peterson has had a lot to do with it, with his mentions of Carl Jung.

Jung has a way of touching certain people. Again, I think in an extramundane way. In a way that really rings a bell and hits you at a soul-deep level.

It's hard to explain, but I would suggest you look into some Jung material, to see if it speaks to you. I suspect it will.

Then, as to the cannabis thing. Well, I live in Oregon where it's legal. And yeah, cannabis has gotten a bad rap with the stereotypes of stoners and potheads and what not. But I believe cannabis can have a very spiritual application. And you know, the idea of using mind-altering drugs for the purpose of spirituality has been around for thousands of years. I'd guess it might even be part of your culture, being Native American.

I don't have any issues with physical pain, but man am I wound tight! Cannabis helps me come down, and puts me in a very spiritual state. I used to do frivolous things when I'd get high, mostly just indulging myself with mindless entertainment. But anymore I philosophize, and I get things figured out. I go at it very seriously. I write essays, which is very therapeutic, and very enlightening for me.

And what's funny is that I see the number 420 all the time. I don't look at clocks all that often, but when I do, a good portion of the time they say 4:20. I wrote an essay and recorded with a text-reader, so I could put it on youtube. It wound up being 4 minutes and 20 seconds. And even more hilarious, here lately the number 4:20 is coming up in the lives of many anti-weed people I know. My Dad, who thinks weed is the Devil, told me that he's been waking up repeatedly at 4:20 in the morning. I live in a very rural, conservative area, and I went out to eat with a very conservative sort of "elder", and he talked a lot about something that happened on April 20th.

So anyway, I've seen this continual appearance of the number 4:20 as the Universe's way of endorsing cannabis use. And it's not hard to see why. It's impossible to OD on cannabis, unlike heroine, alcohol, and just about every other drug. It has many medicinal benefits, including pain relief, prevention of seizures, and so on...

Anyway, this is getting long so I'll leave you with that. Here's my email address, in case you or anyone else wants to chat further about this.

Whiskeydango at gmail.

Take care.
You are both highly intelligent and tapped into the universal mind. I believe there are many just like you out there. I myself find I just know things sometimes and do not know where it came from. It is just like the ether out there all around us is full of data. We just need to access it. I have a photographic mind and am able to recall anything I have seen, but this knowledge just pops into my mind from nowhere. I have never read or heard it before but there it is for me to access. 😉
Gabbie in Finally Free
This was beautiful.

I wish God guides you all the way, and the light in your soul to shine bright and strong.

I rest assured knowing that some people realize their potential and use it to bring light into this world and help souls find peace.

Be strong!
Good thing you had warning. The dream or vision warned you of thing to come. Precognition is what you had.
it sound had vision it good you left. The spiders are dangerous ad trap to poison. I would get out of there with deadly creatures.
You can view me at Unofficial Psychic Detective, on Facebook.
Brilliant writing thanks for sharing this story. Your a great writer. Amazing
Also claircognizance is one of the primary forms of communication between me and the higher self/guides. Informational download of things I can't really know.
That is very odd, especially because my life appears to have followed the same kind of pattern.

My family was very religious growing up, so they always believed in the spiritual world, but being pentecostal, they are very close-minded when it comes to other aspects of spirituality.

I would be very drawn to family members for some reason, would be fascinated by them, particularly my older family members, only to have a dream of them and they would pass away from cancer a few months or even years later. But I never grieved and I never paid this any attention.

I believe I have blocked out a lot of what I experienced when I was a child, mostly due to fear, but I recall seeing black shadows always around my childhood home, but I would be afraid and ignore them, I never bothered to look into anything.

Around 15 or 16 I began having repeated episodes of sleep paralysis, but never knew what was going on. And now more recently it has begun again except I'm having dreams and noticing the synchronicities and trying to figure out what all these signs mean.

I also like to call them guides. But also suffering with "bipolar disorder", whatever that is energetically, and I have been feeling like there is something HUGELY negative following me around for quite some time now, but I don't really know what to do or where to go from there.

I mostly just have dreams or see flashes of images across my minds eye. Sometimes they communicate by sending my angelic healing symbols or dreaming of 11:11 or astral projecting to my future apartment BEFORE I actually moved there... Dreaming that someone would be shot RIGHT outside my apartment that I hadn't even moved into yet, and then it happens almost 2 YEARS later...

Had an experience where I was in the inbetween state of sleep and hearing a crowd of voices, but only one is calling my name repeatedly trying to get my attention. I open my eyes only to realize I am awake in my spiritual body, which I had been trying to do for quite some time. I wimped out and went back to sleep regrettably...

I use essential oils for their protective & healing properties. And my boyfriend and I recently had the same experience with sleep paralysis but back-to-back instead of the same night... Someone banging on our door but we are unable to move. Although in my episode, there were VERY negative entities standing next to my bed with deeper voices and I was almost repulsed and terrified by them. Haven't had sleep paralysis like that in a while...

Please contact me if you find out anything else or would just like to talk in general I guess.
To PsychicJR. Demons have a human voice. Usually talk like a man. They can women. They talk like us. But real bad haunting. It be in Latin.
With the Tammy Tracy murder. I read the boyfriend brother was in the grounds. At Searles park when discovered her body. Possibly he may be involved somehow.
Dear Mysterion4239,

The exprience with knowing the child's gender before anyone else is quite an extraordinary one, especially that you mention it runs in the family. Truth is, every generation gets stronger and has different opportunities waiting for them. In some families none of the spiritual experiences are taken seriously and people find out way later that their closest relatives lived through some strange events. In some families it's even in a way where most members have strong intuition but they don't see it as anything unual and claim they're just good at logical thinking or they're observant.

It makes me happy to know that your family doesn't see you as a strange person and one of the closest relatives is someone you can relate to and vice versa.

You are young but since you've already experienced some extraordinary things, you need to make a choice if you want to develop your abilties or let it all go away and lose a chance to find your hidden potential.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


What have you been doing so far to stop your neighbour from reading your mind? Are you spiritually active person? Have you been trying any protection/cleansing or prayers or some incense?

I could help you fight it off but without any details I won't know how long you'll be dealing with it before it's solved and what techniques you should use to protect yourself from mind reading.

I hope to hear from you soon,

I am experiencing mind reading from my neighbour that mother sucker causing many problems I can't lead a good life how I can prevent his mind reading please help me
Dear ThulsaDune,

Your experience is a very strange one, but I know what you've experienced was true. I've been noticing similar strong energy fields in the city I live in. There are certain areas that feel like they are covered in energy bubble and I can feel the difference whenever I go through the bubble's wall. I never had the same experience as you, but i've never been to such crazy and haunted places either.

I'm looking forward to hearing about more of your stories,

ThulsaDune in Poltergiest
Change the locks on your home first. Then tie a piece of light weight mono filament fishing line across your bedroom door before you go to bed.
You need to rule out someone sneaking about and playing tricks on you. You need to also rule out someone sleepwalking. You need to figure out if it is truly paranormal. Maybe you have a playful spirit or person having fun with you and maybe not.
My sister once had a creepy stalker breaking into her apt. When she was gone at work. It turned out to be an ex boyfriend that kept a spare key he got from one of her girlfriends. He kept moving things and taking and replacing them. Nearly drove her mad. She thought she was losing her mind or becoming very forgetful.
She asked me to investigate for her. I did not find a ghost or poltergeist. I did find evidence of things accidentally left behind by him. We changed the locks and when he came back he figured out we were on to him. He never came back again.
Now on the flip side I have dealt with very nasty poltergeists, and if you had one you would know it.
Try my advice and see what happens. If you or someone in your home sleep walks they will break the fishing line and not notice. If someone gets up in the middle of the night and walks through it they will remember. Use the weakest cheapest fishing line you can find.
I had a cousin that would sleep walk. When he visited as a kid we had to be extra vigilant. He would move things around the house and never know he did it. He did lots of weird things when he sleep walked. It could even happen when he laid done for a nap in the middle of the day.
I am not saying that this is the answer, but only it could be a possibility.
krmujn in Poltergiest
Well, it's happened again! About a week ago, I lost an ice pack. I sleep with it on my eyes because they burn. One morning, while I was dressing, my husband said, "where's your ice pack?" He always puts it away. We looked all over. "It'll turn up." I said, figuring it had fallen into an awkward crevice somewhere. The next night, I used a second one. That one disappeared, too. Remembering how my button box had disappeared, I thought maybe we should tear the room apart. Not a sign of either of them. My husband took everything out of the freezer. I used a back-up pack that night. In the morning, my husband came out of the bedroom & said "Where did you find the icebags?" WHAT?! I went to look. They were both on the bed! And they were cold.
Unique-unicorn in Lost And Confused Medium
I'm much older now but if anyone could find the time to email me I could really use some help and advice still I'm on the verge of giving up... Email is damienphy2 [at]
you can go to Unofficial Psychic Detective on Facebook. That me.
Go to Unofficial Psychic Dective on facebook. If need help with cases.
carriwill in I Can See Evil
KikiGirl. Basically look into people eyes and read them fast. The gut instinct. It always right. I alway been like this gifted. Can read people fast. Yes I help ohthers. I read police cases and help online. On Unoffical Psychic dective on facebook. You can all contact me there.
The surge you are feeling is energy. Your life force called Chi. Are you familiar with Dragon ball Z? Like that but without the insane power levels. Anyways you tapped into your life energy. The source originates in the core. Your stomach. The beauty of this is that intentions are key and you can make your energy do what you want. Next time you meditate. Try envisioning your energy slowly flowing through you. As a calming wave. Anyways there is far more information out there about this and it could help you understand better.
You arent the only one here who can sense and see energy. Lol I am actually quite struck that you are well adjusted with this part of yourself. You and I have a lot in common. I feel out everything including intentions and energy. Everywhere. From the sun. The earth. And the air. I can do all kinds of amazing things with my energy. I'm happy to say I found peace and acceptance within myself and unlocked my true potential. This is who I am and proud to be. No I have no ego. I'm humble. Completely. I can only hope everyone can find peace and fulfillment in themselves.
if you need help on the case go to unoffical pshchic detective
On facebook
DragonHeart in Able To See Energy
I too can see energy but I can do more than just that too. Listen, we are here to support one another. I will share a bit about myself. I'm not sure if anyone is like me actually in the way I use energy. I have a list of abilities all energy related.
Transfer, absorb, feel, manipulation, amplification of my natural abilities such as strength, speed, endurances, reflexes, and senses. I can heal, see auras, charge parts of my body with energy. So how do I put things into perspective that makes sense? I can't really. Its hard to explain into a series of steps. Its a process. Your abilities are a part of who you are. I won't tell you how to do it. But I will tell how I did it. I saw the big picture of my destiny unfold from my childhood years and onward into my adult years and the cultivation of my powers come to bear fruit. I had to suffer and experience everything I had to be where I am today. Coming to terms and accepting this was who I was and being at peace with it unlocked my potential. Not to mention years of practice and determination forged in me something permanent and everlasting. My spirit. That is my key to it. Its not something I can explain in words. It has everything to do with how it works. I can amplify my energy four times over in mere seconds because of it.
Listen. I am here to help you. I too can sense energy. What you are going through I am not sure what's causing it. I'm being honest. But maybe you could shed some light on yourself? What is your state of mind? What is your knowledge of energy? Have you made any effort to control it? I promise you learning to master it. It will help you keep your energy under control and you can shield it from coming outward.
Hello. I'm quite interested in your experiences. And I'm sorry you went through some bad circumstances. I understand you experienced some negative energy? Are you ok now? You arent alone. I'm very sensitive to energy. You arent crazy. I used to self doubt myself too. But what I can is very real much like your gifts. Its part of who we are. It took me a long time to accept it. I want you to know I been practicing and training. It feels liberating to be fully unlocked. You know?
Have you found any solutions? If so please contact me. I am going through the same thing you are going through it's called the void. I've been under psychic attack for about three years and I've come to analyze everything down unfortunately for me three years is a long time and takes a toll on your consciousness your... Imagination to be able to put up a shield. I literally have no imagination no creativity no thoughts. I have a theory that maybe the void is a mechanism defense for the psychic attacks. It's not that you have an attachment to them but them telepathically experiencing everything you do has a mental effect on the attackers as well. You wonder and tell them why can't you just focus in your world and let me focus on mine that way you can leave but like I said has a mental toll on them as well where they can't take the focus off of your world too because it's like they're experiencing it as. I believe they are the ones attached to you. And we get attached to the ones that help else out because we like to fill defended. It's all humanity thing with them feeling anger towards us and even unconsciously feeling sorrow... It's all an attachment. My problem right now is me thinking about them as well... I am holding over 32 people as crazy as that sounds and my sleeping schedule has an effect on their life as well mentally and physically. Basically when I wake up they wake up if I'm up they cannot sleep. And that causes them to feel anger towards me because they still have their life their jobs and their own stress. How do I know I am holding over 32 people you may ask because some are family and friends neighbors and even people I have walked by. Like I said I am void and they would telepathically communicate with me and give me memories of experiences that we have shared. But at this time three years of being psychically attacked loss of consciousness loss of creativity loss of motivation and trying to defend myself against 32 people... Well you can say I'm at my giving point. The sad part is it's a rational and emotional giving a point where this is just not a way of living. I am not afraid of death I'm afraid of living without being aware of being alive
We are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a physical shell to live out this life. Higher and parallel dimensions, Just like in the physical universe, hold a multitude of beings. While the physical we are currently restricted to the life forms on this planet, when it comes to other dimensions, we are not. I'm sure there are countless shapes and sizes to these beings, so why not one that looks like an octopus? I have heard non human noises around my property for years and it wasn't until I installed an infrared motion detector that I actually saw a small grey alien next to my bed. We are indeed not alone.
Thanks for sharing,
I have the exact same thing you describe. Although what really disturbs me, is the fact that I keep this weird slime like feeling in my right hand after touching a spirit or feeling the area around me. Sometimes I get the feeling I could lose control over my hand if I lower my barriers.
Yes, that is Archangel Michael...that's the first angel I pictured and thought of when I first started reading your post.


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😊 😊 😊
jasmine_glaze in I Belong To The Night
Dear Jasmine94,

I've been experiencing the same longing when I was just beginning my journey in the spiritual world. I'd often go out to the garden and stare into the night sky, inhale and exhale the cold air or simply think about life. When I think about that, I feel like I want to cry for some reason.

I believe all the images and dreams you already had are a sign that you need to choose what to do in your life, to find that burning desire that would fill your body and your soul with energy and motivation. Until then, you will feel empty. Perhaps the answer is closer than you think.

I'd be very happy to have an email conversation with you about life and all

Hey I had a similar experience.
Although it wasn't working out as I wanted (but I somehow feel its still on the process, I don't know) and I think the reason is because the guy in my story is still an atheist.
I don't know how it would work out for you so I'm really curious and got interested in your story.
Maybe we can discuss more detail through messenger?
I'm going through a very similar thing, Jasmine94. The feeling that I don't belong on this planet grows in me every day. "Mundane" is the exact word I'd use to describe my existence. I feel in many ways like an outsider, observing the whole of the human race the way Robert Sapolsky (a famous neurologist) studies orangutans.

I've never felt any serious connection to the stars, like a lot of other people like me do. I've never felt like anyone or anything was trying to contact me. I've just felt very, very different, like I'm aware of something most people aren't, though what that is I can't tell you. I've always felt like I was right on the verge of figuring something obvious out... Something right in front of my nose.

I've encountered a few people like myself. I've talked about them in some of my past posts. The one I knew for sure was like me, in the way that makes me so different, was very cryptic. When she was mad at me one time she told me, "I thought you were one of us," and when I asked her what it meant, she wouldn't tell me. I don't understand why someone would drop a clue like that and not explain it.

A couple of days ago I had an encounter with someone else like me. I have a youtube channel where I have audiobooks and essays I've read aloud, most the work of Carl Jung. She posted a comment that would appear completely out of the blue to most people, but it made total sense to me. Then she posted a really long poem (it takes about 12 minutes to read) that was actually very deep and profound to me. It was far from perfect in the literary sense (I don't think English is her first language) but it had unprecedented depth to me.

I checked and the poem was original, so evidently she wrote it on the spur of the moment, which to me is very impressive.

Something told me I should hurry up and copy and save her comments, so I did, and sure enough, about 30 minutes later she evidently deleted them. It was late at night for me (a little after midnight), and when I think about it, the odds of me seeing her comments in that windows of time are pretty low.

The problem is that there's no way for me to contact her. At first her youtube channel went invisible (she only had playlists, no videos). Then the next day it appeared but there are no links for me to contact her.

It seems very odd that she'd go to so much trouble to write a poem, then delete it a half-hour later. Though I forget to mention that I replied to her first comment... I asked her how and what she'd been studying. Maybe that scared her?

I'm getting ready to write another post with some of my recent experiences. Stay tuned for it if you want to know more about what's been happening to me.

Also, if you or anyone reading wants to get in contact with me, my email address is whiskeydango at gmail.

I just made this account specifically because of this topic! I had to do a google search because I started seeing something very similar a few days ago! It was incredible! I too know the difference between floaters and what it is I saw. It was millions of... The best way I can describe it is little comets! They were small particles that looked like translucent glow around it with a trail on the end like a comet would have. The only difference with what I saw, was that they were moving about! It was like static in a way. They seemed confined to a grid if that makes sense... And moving aroud a central point of their own, but were freely swimming about nonetheless. I likened their appearance to seeing organisms swimming around in a Petrie dish under a microscope at first! They were still there every time I looked away and blinked and looked back and their movement was independent of my eye tracking. They were everywhere I looked and I could make them out very subtly even not looking at the sky. I was lucky enough to find a video on YouTube that someone generated by computer graphics that shows precisely what I saw! Maybe this will help others! I will share the link! I know a lot of you said you saw stationary particles that vibrated so I'm not sure if these would be closer to the atoms I saw someone mentioning that moved about rather than being stationary and vibrating!
Any feedback is welcome!

Can't wait to hopefully see more responses here!


HI, I have had some experiences similar to yours, although not quite as emotionally intense...
For example, decades ago, I had people's names come to mind, not knowing who they were. Often. Every day. I wondered why...
I later discovered one was a local politician. Another was a news broadcaster.
I had no clue why these people were persisting in my mind.
I reflected on it, and talked to God about it, and the sense that I got was that they needed me to support their well-being.
That felt right. So I would just "carry them in my heart" with love and concern, and prayer, and a sense of being connected, sometimes for weeks or months...
I was curious regarding what the person's concern or issue was, but realized I had to let go of that. I might never know... And my "assignment", so to speak, was to support someone who MIGHT not have another person supporting them...
I learned, years later, that the broadcaster had dealt with breast cancer, and is now doing well. Was the time when I felt the strong sense to carry her in my heart the time when she learned of the cancer and had treatment?
No clue. Maybe.
I do feel a connection to her now, after all that time of carrying her like a baby within me... She will never know of me, but that is OK...
Perhaps you were led to learn of Jeremy because he is in spiritual distress due to his suicide, and he is suffering from the guilt and pain that arose from that, in him and his family and friends...
Just a guess. Your empathic gift will tell you more than I can.
I would suggest that a constructive thing to do with your powerful empathic gift is to "carry him in your heart" in a calm way, with prayers, blessings or focused intentions for well-being, peace, and release from distress -- whatever is needed for healing in this situation -- in love, care and concern.
I often tell God, "I have no clue WHY You have put this person in my heart. I don't know what they need... But YOU know. So You take my love and care and use it for their benefit, however that needs to happen."
I feel a load come off me, a sense of creative partnering and supportive connecting, with God and other people.
I do think that the empathic gift is a potent manifestation of a deep connectedness to other people... And an invitation to relate to the mysterious deep Self and the Transcendent in our own consciousness.
My long experience has shown me that deep connectedness, in love, can engage another person's deep self for profound healing.
I am 68 years old.
I started having empathic experiences when I was a child, but I did not understand them. I now realize that I was connecting to my mother's unexpressed thoughts and emotions. I experienced them as in me... But I knew they were not my own.
Later, as a young adult, friends would come to mind whom I had not seen for a long time, and they would become a constant presence in my mind...
I did not know what to do with that. I felt I should call them, but it seemed weird to tell them I was calling because they were haunting me...
I finally found a way -- I would call, and say, "Hi, we haven't been in touch in a long time, but you have been on my mind. How are you doing?"
Inevitably, I would hear of serious concerns about illness, grief, family problems, etc.
In later years, with people who were close friends, I would sometimes get mental images of them, with a situational context and sense of concern.
I would later ask them what was happening at that time, and they would tell me, not only helping me to validate my experience but also deepening the bonds of our friendship, as they learned of my sensing their concerns in a mysterious way...
I discovered that my inner impressions had purpose -- to connect with and support people who often felt they had no one who cared about their needs, or had no one to talk to, or were very private... But they were open, if I asked...
And I was being "nudged" to ask.
During the past 20 years I have had precognitive experiences about disasters.
I have heard noises that did not connect to what was happening in my immediate environment -- bagpipes playing Amazing Grace and bugles playing Taps... A man saying "C'est terrible!" in French... Rocks that seemed to be tumbling against my house...
I have had no clue what these weird experiences have meant, until the disasters happened and I suddenly linked what I had experienced days or weeks before with what was taking place in real time -- the funeral services after 9/11... The big earthquake in Haiti (I saw a Haitian man on TV saying "C'est terrible!" before I understood, on that one), and an earthquake and landslide in Italy...
Then I was angry and frustrated.
On some level I had KNOWN about these, yet I could do nothing to prevent the suffering...
WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE of these strange experiences happening to me?
After much inner wrangling with this, I concluded that my purpose was to carry the people in the disaster in my heart. To focus my love and concern on them, and healing and recovery.
If I have weird experiences that I cannot connect to my immediate environment, should I start focusing my love and healing in advance? Would that help?
No clue.
It has taken much time and many experiences to figure at least some of all this out.
I must be a slow learner. I have had no mentor to teach me.
Whatever your own spiritual beliefs about God are, if any, I hope you believe that there is a Living, Loving Source that connects us all and can direct you as you practice your gift.
I think refining our gifts is the work of a lifetime and is never done.
Remember you are always connected to others and are never alone.
There is a wonderful, creative purpose in your gift. Use it lovingly and constructively.
I hope this has been of some help.
Love and blessings to you. ❤
I can relate so much to your experiences. I feel things so strongly, too strongly, and I am just now realizing that this is something I need to learn to control. Shoot me an email if you'd like to chat, maybe we can help each other.

Dear PsychicDark,

I had similar experience while working at a huge sports shop. It was pertty scary though. I had a vision of a terrorist attack happening there where the terrorists were holding hostages and killing people at the same time. They didn't want money but to cause fear. Luckily it didn't happen, but the time I was seeing that I was very stressed out by work and my personal life. I've seen it few more times before falling asleep and it was at the back of my head when I was at work.

Maybe what you've seen about your workplace is simply result of stress or a sign of what could happen. Also, you can point out to the manager that the state of the machines isn't perfect and ask when was the last maintainance.

You do need to take your time and chill. I hope you will enjoy your vacation.

Dear Limia,

The precognitions you had are only the beginning. If you choose to follow the path of the spiritual development, you'll be able to see more images of what can happen in the future. When it comes to the future, some events change it by a lot, they are turning points of sort. It means that some of the visions to happen in a few days/months/years may not happen the same way you've seen them or you even could experience an image of a glass shattering in your mind, where it'll be very hard to try to remember the vision you had.

Also, the fighting with Satan or egyptian gods can be a sign that evil forces have already investigated in your life and your abilities and now there's a choice to make: will you follow the path of goodness or the path of evil. I'm sure it was only one of the signs of the upcoming choice to make.

If you're interested to learn more or just talk to someone, either leave a reply or email me

I know you posted this a couple of years ago and I don't know if you still feel this way. But if you do let me know if you would like to talk. I feel like you wrote everything there that I struggle to put into words.

Jazz9898 [at]
maruthicleaners in Reverse Manifestation
Dear Angela pace

Count me in! What ever I say or expect to happen it all goes against... Totally opposite of what I expect or say.
For e.g let's say I promise a friend that ill meet up at 4 pm and you must see how the whole universe goes against my meeting my friend.
Lets take this e.g too I need to pay some one and I know that I'm expecting to get a payment from a client every thing is fine but the moment I make a promise to pay the amount on a given day all he'll breaks loose and my client never pays and I can't keep my word!
What's happening? I have no idea... I just can't do reverse manifestation when I am doing business with normal human beings... They'll think I've gone crazy...
Any idea what to do?
Try a windup clock and see what happens. Preferably one with a pendulum. If a pendulum clock stops and starts back up on it's own you have a paranormal cause. If the clock stops and does not start back up it could be vibrations or earth quake tremors.
With battery wall clocks they can be drained quickly by electrical fields or radio waves. Microwave energy is a big possibility if powerful cell towers are near you. 😊
I understand when you say everyone comes to you for advice. Random people always come to me and tell me literally everything. Also when someone I know is going through something they always come to me. I'm able to calm them down but I don't understand how. I have never understood it. For whatever reason my energy calms people. Though I don't see any colors. I have also always felt like I was different from others. I have always felt spirits until recently. It has faded. It like the connection is on low. I honestly don't feel like myself.
I think you can try making a few energy balls (psi balls/orbs) and you can command them to stay close to you and protect you from anything that tries bothering you, when you mentioned "walls" what type of walls do you mean and how do you create them? I would like to talk a little further with you about this I may give you some advice that may help you out, email me (legit47 [at] Hope to hear from you soon.
Crystals and candles work best for me. Since I don't claim one religion, it allows me to work with various items. I like candles, and I've never had a problem with them not working. I agree partly with what you have said, and I appreciate the info you have given
[at] ShaninHeerkes

You are welcome.

Definately, feel free to contact me whenever.

Keep questioning. Truth lays within.

Knowledge is power. Stay vigilant and keep your eyes open.

Be safe.
Talk soon.
[at] Gabbie

After stepping out of a religion I allowed myself to try to open up to the spiritual. I've had a couple of dreams that came true before I allowed myself to believe in this. For instance, I dreamed that I got a 9 for my English test (I suppose you call this an A+ in other countries) and it turned out to be true. So did the dream I had about someone who was lying about their gender online. Pretty useless you may think, but the fact that my dream's answers were correct gave me an incredible yet confused feeling. After that I've been kind of studying the spiritual side of life. I haven't experienced much yet, and sometimes I'm even afraid that I'm just overanalyzing things. I do have the ability to suck up other's emotions, but I've always called this ''empathizing''. I also have a quite strong human knowledge. Most of the time when I feel uneasiness or pity towards a stranger it happens to be valid (Not always, of course). I don't think my side is awakened, maybe it's still awakening.

I really don't know how to explain it hahaha. But that flash image caused me to feel like it's very important. Hence why I posted this.

Thank you so much for showing interest! I'll email you someday! 😁
Dear Chrysolite,

All of the experiences scream that you're psychic. You mentioned you have little control over your abilities and started taking antidepressants. Truth is, medications won't help much with your abilities, only make you vulnerable to any entities interested in your potential. Drugs only work for the brain and we humans consist of two parts: the body and the soul. Drugs affect only the body, not the soul. I strongly advice you to find your peace through spiritual means such as meditation and spiritual protection (such as having an energy shield around you and cleansing of foreign energies that you're picking up on).

I wanted to share my own experiences about terrorist attacks. I need to start with the information I currently live in Europe. Since 2015, there have been numerous attacks. One of the biggest ones was the attack in Paris in a Bataclan club where terrorist came inside, were killing people with machine guns and they also had a few suicide bombers inside. I have seen it all with my eyes as it was playing out. I felt that unrest and I watched the livestream on TV. I knew exactly what the antiterrorist will do or which part of the building they entered. It was one of the worst psychic experiences I had. 1/10 don't recommend. That was only a start of all the shootings, car crashes and knife attacks. In the past week there were two major attacks - one in Barcelona and other in Turku, Finland. I had similar reaction to yours, also I felt extremely stressed out and alert (to the point I couldn't sleep at night)

Also, since your main ability is that to predict the future or see the past, it is highly possible that this "fear" of men in black kidnapping you is a sign and something to be weary of and keep in mind that you need to do anything you can to make sure none of it happens. Remember, there's always strength in number.

If you are intereste in learning more such as how to protect yourself or controlling your abilities, either email me or leave a reply here


All human beings share a connection to the spiritual, as it is part of our nature. Due to the fact, that nobody teaches us how to protect ourselves on that level, often, we find ourselves encountering the results of the co-existence with other energies and beings. A variety of them exists within the spiritual realm, each of which, holds a different purpose. Some are of darkness, some are of light, and some are neutral.

When it comes to us, as humans, our actions, words, thoughts, emotions, all translate to energy. Because of the way energies work and connect to one another, if we walk around without any protection on, then we risk "catching" foreign energies from places, objects or other people, or draw and allow beings who wish to harm us, get close and mess with us.

In a broader way of explanation, good connects to good, and bad connects to bad. So, a way to start working towards handling your situation and protecting yourself, is to make sure you keep your emotional and mental health in check, as well as make sure you cleanse your personal energy, and shield your spiritual and physical body, so that youcreate boundaries between you and all foreign energies. Same goes for your husband.

As you said, though, once the beings who wish to harm you realize you try and fight back they will also put their game on. But remember this: These beings, feast on fear,anger, lust, hatred,pain, sorrow. Anything negative that can kill your light and harm your soul, they do and cause. That is why know, that faith in Light, God and yourself, faith in your capacity to protect yourself, as well as self control, (namely, not allow yourself to be controlled by fear or anything else these beings surrounding you are causing you to feel and experience), are your greatest weapons, because when you stop being affected by what they do, you are no longer vulnerable, and they become powerless.

A ship only sinks by the water it allows in, not the water surrounding it.

If you feel the need to discuss further or seek furhter guidance, feel free to contact me.

Be safe

Interesting experience.

I suggest that you use light energy to shield yourself and to cleanse your personal one off of all these foreign energies surrounding us daily. It would be wise.

Be safe

It is understandable how overwhelming all these events can become to someone. When you don't know what is actually going on, to be able to control it, your energy is all over the place, catching exterior energies, and connecting to them, resulting in you absorbing everything like a sponge.

I suggest to start using Light energy, as a way to cleanse your own personal one, as well as shield your spiritual and physical body.

It takes effort and pratice to be able to control your gifts and get to understand yourself. But in reality, all humans are the same, it's just not everyone becomes aware of their spiritual nature.

Do not hesitate to email me if you would like to further discuss or seek assistance.

Be safe

Generally,all human beings have a spiritual side, except for their physical one. Some are born with this side of theirs already awaken, and to some, it becomes known to them at some point throughout their life, or not at all.

Dreams that come true, feeling emotions, sensing energies and beings, are a few of the ways this side shows to us that it is wide awake.

What you saw, how did it make you feel? Why is it you are searching if it is true? Have you had any other experiences, besides this one, that are connected to the spiritual?

I am always available for a good deep conversation. My email is up on my profile.

Be safe
Chomba (guest) in Blocked Psychic Abilities
Thank you so much gthlvrmx! One problem for me is time. Sorry, it took me a while to respond. I will check out the link. I noticed that there are a lot of psychic scammers out there and I've already ran into a few. Thanks again.

I have recently advised somebody who has been experiencing spiritual encounters, and I feel some of the information I shared with him, might prove to be helpful to you as well. So, here, I'll be quoting some of the things I shared:

"Among the spiritual capacities all human beings share, is the sensitivity towards, as well as, the ease to connect to that side of theirs, and hence, to the "spiritual"  happening in their surrounding environments. Some, find it a bit easier to manage, and to some it is non-existent, as they may never become aware of that part of theirs throughout their life. 
Everything around us is energy. So is the spiritual within and the spiritual happening outside our spiritual and physical body. Thoughts, actions, words, emotions, feelings, translate into energy, and energy can be shared, can be "caught", can be imposed, and most importantly can influence a person, an object, another energy. Due to the connection between and among (you and your self, you and your surroundings, you and other beings) when walking around without something to set boundaries in-between, you can easily become contaminated by whatever is happening around you, or you can contaminate someone else who's nearby, without even realizing or meaning to. 

As explained above, the way we feel, think and act, play a role in the way we produce and receive energies, as well as the quality of them. Within the spiritual, exists a variety of beings; dark, light, neutral. And each connects to you depending on how you allow, based on the way your energy is. In a more broad and simplified explanation, good connects to good, and bad connects to bad (with a few exceptions I won't be getting into in this email).  So when your own personal energy, isn't cleansed (as cleansed as you can keep it, there are many different levels to that) because you might be frustrated, angry, hurt, etc, and especially when you don't have some sort of protection, boundaries, between you and everything foreign, then anything that isn't cleansed as well, will immediately connect to you. And that is because, it's the nature of such dark beings to harm and to enhance the already ongoing emotional tantrum. That's as far as demonic beings are concerned. When it comes to lost souls, it is a bit more complicated. They just find something accidentally, and because it might remind them of something familiar, or because their bottled up emotions, of such long time, have started blinding them, they latch themselves to it, out of despair, fear, or even anger.
All spiritual beings, are aware of the human weaknesses and the way our brains work. So, the ways they  use to approach us, happen so as to ensure we perceive them the way they wants us to perceive them. Just  a friendly advice, to always hold your doubts, regardless of what you meet. "

When it comes to protection against the spiritual jeopardy, I would not recommend tending to things like candles or crystals. They don't help with internal distress, or whatever else you let out which allows beings to reach you, hence, they still are not enough to keep harmful entities away. The best way you can protect yourself is to keep your emotional and mental health in check, and to use Light energy to cleanse your own personal energy as well as shield your physical and spiritual body. If you wish to know more about protection, or the spiritual in general, do not hesitate to email me.

Be safe and be strong.
Maybe you could tell us more about the effects on the other people. You might be perceiving information coming back to you that is altered. It is possible that you are empathic in some way. Could you explain what you notice in more detail?
Hey everyone, so I've never been one to really look into things but last night was my first night I spent in NYC and while at my boyfriends house, I swore there was a bedroom door behind the bathroom door (behind once it's open so technically diagonal from it) and this morning I wake up and I ask, "so who sleeps in that room" and he's like "what room?". I look, and there's no door where I vividly remember seeing a door. What does this mean?
Me too carri - it's crazyy!
Astral projection, prophetic dreaming
Seer psychic

Similar experiences here. Can strongly relate to holding hands force... Also astral sex.
I try to stay away from anything that makes me uneasy. But its not exactly easy. I feel like I draw more negative things around me than harmless. It has been along time since I have been scared by a demon or evil spirit just because I have been around them so much. I usually use candles or crystals to keep evil away, but sometimes they are very strong. I have never spoken to anything evil, other than this thing which I'm not sure what it is. Part of me thinks its evil, but as long as it has been around me, it has never tried to harm or possess me. Which confuses me.
Stay the hell away from this demon. You say he feels powerful, comes in through the floor, has red eyes, and is always hooded-stay away from him he sounds demonish.

It might try to pull you in & then never let go.
What state or city did your last dream take place in?
- A late reply, I know.

It couldn't have been a past life of mine because the kitchen that this took partly took place was definetly a mid - late 1990's/early 2000's style kitchen. And I was born in 95.
Yes I also have experienced things like this in the past. For me it was vivid dreams like watching a short film. I would dream about things in vivid detail and then farther in the future it would happen. I had a dream about the tsunami in Phuket Thailand 2 years before it happened and did not piece it together until I saw the first video on the water rushing in. The scene looked just like what I had a dream about. I did not dream about where it was just what it looked like when it happened. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. I live in the midwest and have never seen or been in Thailand. Some of my visions give me a location or street sign or geographic area and some don't. I normally have to be in a Trance state or forced meditation to see that kind of stuff. Sometimes I get information just pop into my head randomly when I am not even thinking about that item. Sometimes I can look at a person and see a flash of what they are going to do or what will happen to them a few minutes before it does. I have actually warned someone that they needed to move a knife or it would fall off the table and cut them while cleaning fish. They gave me an irritated look and 10 seconds later it happened just like I told them. Then while I am trying to help stop the bleeding they are blaming me for their injury.
You never know what information you will be given or if and when it will take place.
Dear sircamolate,

The tingling in the back of the head can be one of your energy points that's active while using spiritual abilities. Also, the left or right side tingling can mean it's coming from this or that side (as energies or being interacting with you).

About thoughts, I don't quite understand what you mean. There are many people suffering from constant flood of thoughts, they sometimes occur as what I call a torrent of thoughts where you can't calm them down until way later. Human brain is a big enigma, but for as long as you're relaxed and keep it up, there shouldn't be any weird thoughts occuring at all (unless the spirits/demons try to mess).

I hope it helps you a bit. If not just leave a comment with more detailed questions and they will be answered:)

Well, this might be in the wrong category. If there isn't a better one, then it has to be okay. It is a Vision/Dream yes, but I was Never in a trance or altered state.
Nice story, very interesting, do you want these abilities to persue in your life? And what do you think the benifits would be, if you want them to then you should really start researching more about this stuff and to get a better understanding that will give you a grounding to your options. After you should start meditating, yeah its hard and annoying but work does pay off:D!
Spiritual_Paganist in Bright White Light Figure
sounds like it was a entity wandering around, I love the way you get told to stay strong and don't run away, this is good to remember if you have any future encounters, but I don't think it was any harm, probably because when you were walking and being relaxed before it appeared you became aware. And maybe it was a entity from the ancient cemetry
Probably the work of your crown chakra because you say your have been getting floods of knowledge and information, this is the work of the crown chakra so it could be that. If not probably becoming sensitive to the working of the left and right side of the brain working independently, this happens to me I can go in tune with it and I do get the tingly feel, but it could be one of those two. Hope this helped:)
By reading this, yes you have gained psychic abilities over the course of your years, most likely s because you were exposed to it at such a young age which is GOOD, not many people reach this path. The demon you experienced was obviously terrible and because your mother could see it means it wanted to be known. Reading further on after you have been having more experiences and your feeling you have a purpose in life, which most likely you do, but to find that you need to find yourself, sadly nobody can do that for you. Near the end you say you are religious and that you are scared and you don't want to get into anything negative, I'm going to say I do not follow any of the modern belief systems and I will not mention my belief because it will cause some serious conflict so I am not going to say to follow a higher power. By seeing the state you are in these experiences is through high activity of your crown and 3rd eye, the intuition and seeing the dead, you say you don't want that demon to come back yes I completely understand, very scary but to prevent these events with the dead from happening I recommend you do the aura of protection meditation by using white energy first to clean out all the bad energy from your aura then use it as a shield, this prevents entities from coming near you and trying to attack because you now have protection. The reason entities attack people is because they have no strength within themselves or any spiritual power/ dominance, by doing the aura of protection allows you to have this dominance and make attacks less frequent, also this prevents entities from draining or feeding off of your energy, aka to stop making them attached to you. Now because right now your scared of all this and confused is because the activity that your experiencing is the work of your crown and 3rd eye, what's making you scared is because your lower chakras the Root and Base are weak. Thoes are the 2 chakras that allow strength and preparation before moving onto this stuff, and your solar plexus, heart and thyroid chakras are mostly adapted to the physical plane. So now if you want to stop these experinces (not seeing dead people or have any intuitive powers) you simply close the chakras and forget about everything which, but if you want to continue and use this to help you with your life you can do so but so everything is all simple I say you shall balance all your chakras, because your not levelled and you need more understanding on what your experiencing you can research or email me, but if you really want to get into this I warn you that you will bump into the bad side every now and then, this is why you need the strength and stability to fight it off, the spiritual side is not all fun because just like this world bad does exist. If you want more information (I can rant for days about this) just email me I will not bore you anymore, hope this helped you a little.
So Obama survived his stay in the whitehouse. And left everything in turmoil?
JustinIsConfused in Psychic Or Just Coincidence?
Uhmm... Hi something like this has happened to me before is there any reason for this? 🤔
I am going to jump in here and give a word of caution. I definitely would not try and contact this entity. You come across as a strong empath and therefore might be in danger of being fed on by this entity. It could be a minion or incubus. I would steer clear of it.
Thank you both for your kind words. There isn't much hope for me because I am being mind controlled so bad. I can't feel love or believe in God anymore so they don't come to help me like they used to. I just hope my story finds someone to warn them. I made a website with some of my experiences...
If it makes u feel uneasy u did the right thing. A spirit who has good intentions in my experience i've always been able to tell the difference. I hope whatever it was doesn't come back.
First of all I am sorry for your torment and past. I wish I could help you physically and face to face but, I cannot. I will attempt to remotely and give you advice to help you. I like others here would never ask for or expect payment from you. I want you to know that you can click on a posters user name and read past posts and gain more information. There is a lot of good advice on this site. Some of it can be taken with a grain of salt. You have to decide for your self what to take and cast aside. All that you have written is in my wheelhouse. I am a Christian believer and a psychic or sensitive, whichever you prefer. I deal with the darker side of the paranormal and try to warn people of the dangers.
This is about you not me but I am giving you some background to help you understand. Ultimately you are still in control and not beyond help or change. Don't give up on God or the Holy Trinity because he and they won't give up on you.
I was attacked by a coven of Devil worshiping Satanists and they threw everything they had at me. One in particular tried to curse and Hex me and after some time even admitted in person to my face what he tried to do. I was attacked during the day and at night but was able to repel all of it. I was even attacked by another psychic from their group. It was God and my beliefs that kept me safe and unaffected. When dealing with the dark arts only God is your true protector and deliverer. This is unpopular with some but, has rang true for me for 50 years. Even right now while I am trying to write to you I am getting resistance from your tormentor. I hope this message finds you in the way it was intended. I am only on here posting when people really need it and I am compelled to. I really only want to help people and if I charged anything for it God would remove my gifts from me. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for you to be delivered from your torment. When you are truly dealing with an evil entity, minion or Demon you are also responsible in your part of being delivered from them. Cleansing, smudging, and crystals will only amuse a Demon and bring more torment. What works on some souls and spirits will not have any effect on a Demon. Usually a few words from a true believer will bring much more pain and fear to it.
The fact that you can write to us and share proves that you are not beyond taking control of your situation. Some times God likes to show just where the real power resides.
God has put a little spark of himself in every human being and his voice is there guiding us if we pay attention. It is called the Holy spirit. In the same token it allows us to ask for his help and protection at all times if we truly believe in his existence. No one is beyond help or saving even until the last nano second of their lives. He believes in you even when you don't believe in your self.
You need to cleanse you and do what it takes to regain your faith. You need to find someone near you to help support you in your struggle. Cut all attachments to evil influences around you. People, substances, TV shows, music, places. Anything that weakens your will power. Learn how to talk personally with your creator and your higher or inner self. Focus on the love of a person close to you and use that feeling as a shield.
I hope any of what I have written will give you hope and comfort of some kind.
I have gifts or curses depending on how you perceive them that have let me see through or past the veil or wall of protection on this dimension of existence. I have seen Demons in their true form. I have watched them control people like a puppet master and laugh and smile while doing it. I have seen them turn and look at me and laugh and dance and give a drooling smile as if to say they are mine. It is quite angering. They know I can see them and then they just vanish. I have watched peoples faces and bodies distort and change in the middle of the day as they are possessed and used. I have been involved in cleansing and driving them out of spaces and people. Evil is real and does exist. It is up to people to resist it's influence if possible and ask for God's help when they can't.
I am very saddened and frustrated when I see people embrace the dark arts as fun and exciting and think that there is no consequence.
Again even though I am not near to help you, I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. Don't give up.
An empath can also sense auras. The orange you keep seeing within yourself is your aura. Everything you are describing is that of an empath. It can be very hard to deal with sometimes but it sounds like you are adjusting well.
I have a couple questions. These voices you are hearing from loved ones who have passed away? Or are they still alive? Its rare but it could be your spirit guide using voices he knows will get your attention.
I am so sorry for your experience with this person. However some of the things she told you are somewhat accurate. Like crystals. They do have power. Whatever power you put into them that's what they project. This woman may have activated the crystal with malice for you and the demon around you probably started feeding off of it and that's why it was able to attack you. Be very careful! I think you need to cleanse your house and get rid of this evil in your life.
empathca123 in Asleep Yet Very Awake?
you can astral project. The reason you feel so tired is because when u sleep your mind/ spirit needs rest. Its kind of like the muscle in your body, you have to work at it and build up your gift. I know very little about astral projection, so if I were you I would do some digging. It could possibly be dangerous since you aren't sure what realm you actual astral project into. Be careful and happy travels.
I agree with Alumetta. You have found your spirit guide. But something could be wrong. You need to ask him to return and see if u can't sense any other beings around him, or it might even be something around you. With him as your guide he should be able to help you figure out what u are feeling around him
empathca123 in Demon Or My Mind?
You are gifted. And cursed. This child that you dreamt you had, how many times have you dreamed about it? Also this thing that you have seen in your dreams, may be communicating with you through your dreams because that's the only way it knows how. It picks people who are important to you because it wants to scare you. This child, I believe is a very important child for the psychic realm. You are under attack and I think you need to use some White sage. Cover every corner in smoke, then leave the sage lit until it simmers out. Clean, open windows, let in the light and release the dark by setting intentions for dark energy to leave. There are crystals you can use. But its a process and it can go wrong if you aren't completely focused on what u are trying to do. Crystals can be infused with positive energy and placed on your person or throughout the house. I use crystals a lot because I am able to focus the positive energy into them.
I think that u have an extreme case of anxiety. In which case, to make things easier on yourself, maybe doing what I do would help u. Anytime I am out and about, and I get these feelings like people are watching me eat or walk or I may think they are talking about me, I take a deep breath and tell myself that it doesn't matter. I'm here in this place for a reason and what they may or may not be doing is just because I have anxiety and then I tell myself I have to do whatever it is I'm trying to do otherwise I'm going to be a hermit crab my whole life and waste my gifts. Do whatever you have to do at that moment to get through it. Whether it is convincing yourself it is okay, or maybe going and talking to a professional and seeing if they can help u. I don't think your problem is supernatural. Having anxiety myself I know what its like.
a lot of people are saying turn to God, and I believe that you should turn to whatever higher power you believe in. For me God didn't do much good. Doesn't mean that I don't believe in him, but he isn't the only thing that people who are gifted should believe in. There are all kinds of stories about different sorts of demons from every religion, or belief. The more you know, the more u can be prepared. Seeing a demon with your eyes and not your minds eye is impressive, and I would think all the more scary. Be careful what energy you surround yourself with. Gifted people are like magnets, the more positivity u have in your life the easier it is to deal with spirits and demons.
This is my belief. At least as far as Ouija boards go. These boards are a portal or a beacon for spirits and other beings. But that's part of the problem. You cannot sensor what comes through or what u contact that's why its never a good idea no matter the reason. Its hard to close a spirit portal. More like a crack in our time once they are closed and u open that area to become a major spot for supernatural things and spirits. The things that u are seeing are very real and u need to do a cleansing on yourself as well as the house u live in. They have been invited in by you, and I would be very careful about what u do next. One thing is for sure, u need to burn some sage and start doing meditations to get a focus on what u are trying to do. I would do some research and figure out what u can do as far as cleaning and closing portals.
Part 2, Sorry I got called away and did not finish my thoughts and post. Some psychics have an ability I describe as traveling. It may not be the main stream definition or pronoun but, it is the name I have given it. Under certain states of consciousness I get visions awake and dreaming. I drop in and out of 1st, second, and third person forms of vision and experiencing. I have the ability to stand outside of the interaction and observe or look through another persons eyes or view of what is happening. Sometimes I can directly interact with a person or entity. I think you may be experiencing a form of this gift. Sometimes it is hard to control and can just sort of happen when you don't expect it under extreme fatigue or a weakened state. IE. Extremely tired or inebriated or affected by heavy prescription drugs. Ever heard of somebody taking a sleeping pill and sleep walking? With my abilities I myself need to keep my wits about me and stay away from recreational substances. I don't drink to excess either. I have taught myself to tune out or dim down my reception or sensitivities to what is around me most of the time. The entities you were describing all run toward the darker or lower negative frequencies and energies. These will strive to attack you in a weakened vulnerable state. The things you described are not shadow people and I have witnessed or come in contact with these entities except pinky.
The tall entity in the woods you spoke of has been given many names and mostly haunts or hunts vulnerable or young souls or people isolated by themselves. It morphs into different forms described as the thin man, hat man, tall man, wicker man, crooked man. All descriptions are of a humanoid form and perceived as male. I witnessed one night in the woods hunting, a large form in the light of a full moon in September one year. The entity was blacker than the shadow of the trees it was walking in. It looked like a sort of walking tree like thing with spiky branchy shadows protruding off of it. It turned to look my way and kind of changed into a black Smokey misty cloud and dissolved. It new I could see it and I could feel it's hatred toward me. I was not dreaming and it freaked out my dogs and they actually sort of closed in around me to protect me and started growling and the hair stood up on their backs. I have had them do the same thing when coyotes are to close around us. I did not imagine it and neither did my dogs. I can tell you that this thing was tall like 14 feet or so. I only saw it once and never after that. In my mind I was telling it that you don't belong here and that I was not frightened and would hunt it down if I saw it again. I don't know why that came over me but it did. If I tried to tell this story to the average person they would call me nuts. Unfortunately I was alone in the woods at night with my dogs and no one else. This entity is pure evil and is fed by fear even when it comes from animals. It's only afraid of God and light for some reason. I was carrying a 1 million candle power flash light that I use to help me locate my coon dogs when they tree a coon. When I saw the shadow creature move I flipped on the light and pointed it in the direction it was moving. It immediately stopped and changed direction. When it came into view I started praying and it vaporized. So that is how you deal with that entity.
There are many things that go bump in the night and some are even out in the day time. Not everyone notices them though. You are not crazy but, do learn to control your fear. Learn how to project love, light and positive energy and they will avoid you. People in this world will not notice or believe what is right in front of them sometimes. I told a game warden years ago that I came across a mountain lion in my area while hunting. He called me crazy and a liar until I showed him the tracks.

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