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[at] Keyofallsouls That is what I felt as well, very light energy. I didn't delve deeper into his energy/soul, as I would prefer permission (sometimes) :P.
You're story is interesting, but I don't like the statement "I can't be read". I haven't found one person that is fully resistant to readings, well at least the method I use. But there are many people that do have an ability to be harder to read, but not impossible (never impossible).
Your story and comment really interest me.

I'm impressed that you are able to resist readings from other people. I just find that pretty amazing.

I know that sometimes medicine can affect us pyschicly. You probably already knew that though ahahaha.

Anyways, I think I might be able to help you feel less drained with that energy block. Maybe instead of focusing on blocking energy and other spirits out, go for a more of a filtered-block approach. So, basically, layer your block with the outer most one preventing all negative entities and then the next few layers or so trickle, allowing for the most benefiting spirits/energy to make it to your final layer. Inside your final layer could be where just your energy resides and where you recharge yourself, if you are on the go and have no set physical place to go back to to recharge your energy.

Your energy to me seems very white (pure white) with grey-silver fading around the edges. The grey-silver then forms a light layer around your white energy, being more of a silvery, light grey. I read people's energy a little different than others and thought I'd throw this in here:)
just throwing this one out there as I think there maybe more to this face issue that you just "dont" like to look at them...
Do you see peoples aura colours or even just what looks like heat waves that are a mesmerising pattern?
Have you ever noticed this?

I find it hard not to get distracted by the movement of colours from their chest, especially when they lie and bend the truth they change so fast and frantically.

It is also good to feel peoples energy that's around you but like me you can widen the area with relaxation and feel other things even the trees blowing and everything giving its own vibration of energy...
Which leads me to ask this question, do you know if you are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields?
I am and this is how I sense things around me
Hi lauterb, thank you for your reply.
I only give messages to people when spirits piss me off enough, I work with the public and as you could agree I see many people a day and if they was all to start asking for readings it would make my job very difficult, also as you know you don't get spirits for people all the time but desperate people think you do lol.

To be honnest I find this "gift" more of a curse, nice at first but its time and energy comsuming and this affects my health as the spirits keep pestering me, the more I put up a block the more they follow me as I'm a beacon of light but with a block up I must be seen as a flare in total darkness!

This guy I see at shows has bad health and no actual job, so as a performer who adds in some mediumship I don't mind paying a tenner (about $15) for 4 hours of live entertainment that you also can join in the fun with!

I went to my local spiritulist church, and vowed never to go back again...

Few things put me off, first, I'm not religious so wasn't my thing to pray... Second and this is important, someone who is a psychic was trying to get into my head, very forcfully too may I add, I know when someone tries as I have pains in certain places of my head... So that being said the two "mediums" was maybe only psychic and not a medium...
Other things was that the place was filled with many people, and a handful of spirits who was getting frustrated as the "mediums" was not communicating with them...

It's a sign that they are mediums when I see and hear what they too are reporting... Like the guy at the show, I see, hear and feel things before he says them to people, he is better versed at putting the picture together than I am due to his experience, as you know images and mixed media isn't in any particular order and gets very confusing.

On a side note I could have done better job cold reading than them two at the church...
Wouldn't have been so bad but from talking to the group they was two of the better people and they was well seasoned and versed in mediumship supposedly? Don't know how...

Thank you for the links, I will look into them when I have my witts about me, as it is 7:40am and I'm due to go to bed soon:)
Kodden, I've seen the same things before, but the white lines that form aren't bad, they're the purest of all lights. I told my mom some of the crazy things that happened to me and she made me go to therapy to have someone check out my condition. So, trust me on this, and don't tell your parents, because my mom and I are really close and it hurt me to think that I was making that stuff up or something along those lines. I can help you with controlling the white light, which is basically an energy form that is harmful to demons and devils. My e-mail is:

rainashea16 [at]

E-mail me if you want help or just want to speak about what you're going through. I can't wait to hear from you:)
Stormdbahdguy in Premonition Dream
You really have a gift. I too, one day I saw my old friend which I haven't seen for a very long time in my dream, and the next day he came to visit me in my house. I also dreamt of my uncle who was living abroad, I woke up the next day and told my sister that my uncle will come back today but she didn't believe me, later that evening he came back.
Dear love2dogs

Good you know you are a medium! Even better you are willing to develop and use your mediumship.

I am medium too, spirits can speak through me and write messages and I use this for good and for long time and most important for free (voluntarely) in a spirtist center.

I can recomend 2 things, a lot of study about and use/practice for good! Your mediumship must be used only to help spirits (incarnated or not). The only and best place to study, develop and practice is in a Spiritist Center.

For study, you can really study, not only read below books, free download at:

Fort development and practice you can find a spiritist center near you at below link:


Any further help you can email me at leonn at

Good study!
Dear The-Astral-Peace-Soldier

Since you are a teenager I strongly suggest that you don't do this alone anymore. You can put yourself in danger by really not knowing what you are doing!

First, the books your indicated are not adequated and don't have the basics behind this phenomenom, apart from the best intentions from those authors they are not complete.

2 books you must read, sorry not read really study, you can find for free at below links:

Second you need assistance and proper supervision for those exercises. The place that can provide that is a Spiritist Center, you can find one near you at this link:


Good study!
Dear ExplorerOfLife

Congrats you are a medium!

I will not enter in details but what happened to you is very common and it is just the beggining... It is your mediumship manifestation.

Sorry to say your mediumship will not go away! Question now is what to do with your mediumship!

How do you think to use it?

This mediumship was given to you with a purpose, noble one, help others spirits incarnated or not, but to help them!

Is a commitment to and for good! In case you not embrace it will mess up your life and will disturb your day by day life. Why this happens? Easy, you asked for it! Yes before you reincarnate you need an extra help to accomplish your reincarnatory plan and not to run away from it, sort of "self insurance policy".

What to do now study and practice, more study than practice at this point, but never stop studying!

To study about mediumship and spiritual world, you will find in below books (free download at):

For practice is difficult since only very few place are safe to do that and with proper guidance and supervision, I would strongly suggest to find a Spiritist Center near you as per below link:


For immediately use you can pray before go sleep and during your sleep you are willing to help good spirits do only good and at the end of the "work" you return to your healthy and renewed body!

Good study!
Dear Poqits

Good that you know that you are a medium!

I will not enter in details but what happened to you is very common and it is called mediumship suspension, this ocurrs for certain period of time due to a need for rebalance your life, the spirits "cut" their interference in your life as a sort of truce. The "hipermode" you experience is just the end of the truce!

Sorry to say your mediumship will not go away! Question now is what to do with your mediumship!

How do you think to use it?

I would strongly suggest to find a Spiritist Center near you as per below link:


And also study about mediumship and spirit world, for start with (free download at):

By the way your entire family would be helped in case they participate together on this!

Good study!
lauterb in Am I Psychic?
Dear LadyWonder

Yes you are a medium, good for you! Question now is what to do with your mediumship!

The concept of medium is you are an intermediate between spiritual and material world. That is exactly what you done in both cases!

How do you think to use it?

I would strongly suggest to find a Spiritist Center near you as per below link:


And also study about, for start with (free download at):

Good study!
Dear Ian

Good that you already know that you are a medium, this is half of the problem. The other half is what you do with your mediumship!

I am a medium too, ostensive I mean, psychophonic and psychographic, and I use this to help others incarnated and not incarnated spirits, for free of course!

The only place you can develop and use for good your mediumship is in a spiritist center and parallel study about!

I can only guess that your spirit guide block all reading in purpose, for me I am allmost sure to discredit those who use their mediumship for amusement and entertainement and even more for those who charge for that!

I would strongly suggest to find a Spiritist Center near you as per below link:


On the study side I would start with (free download at):

Good study!
I have had a similar event happen to me. It could have been an evil spirit messing with your dream state. How are your emotions in waking life. Are you angry or sad a lot of the time? Do you beat yourself about things that you cannot control? When I am being hard on myself, I tend to have dreams that are not pleasant. I tend to hear "evil" voices in these dreams. Sleep paralysis usually happens because your sleeping patters have changed significantly. I would advise you to practice meditation and find out what things in your life are causing strong negative emotions.
Universeteachings (guest) in Eyes, Angels And Caverns
Now then if anyone has problems any being that is causing you trouble, anxiety or fear. Let me know in the email.
I can contact my love ones over there to help you.
I am nothing but a being who looks forwards to send guidance and help on the way.
I am expecting my stories to be published but, its been weeks since they haven't post anything.
Ill post it to my blogspot instead in a few minutes or so.
Stay determined,
Thank you all so much for your understanding, I appreciate it very much.
Yes, your descriptions sound very much like my own experience.

You never could have helped him, that would have been impossible as long as he wouldn't have had initiated that himself. I'm happy for you that you could accept it all now, that you got closure. Thank you again for your kind words.
October 18th is the birthday of my first love...
I hope you get through your grief in the best way possible. I guess it also means that this experience came to an end for you.

I know how you feel... What is his wrath about? Are you sure that his not-talking-to-you is not on purpose? Just wondering, as that is part of the typical repertoire of a narcissist, too.
: (
Well, I wish I knew anything else so say.
All I know is, that it's not our imagination or wishful thinking, it's real.
There is also a lot of information on dual souls and twin flames - those connections are not always too pleasant.
The last time I visited my ex-narcissist, I felt myself... Disappearing after just a few days. My energy was literally drained, I felt kind of see-through... At the same time! I felt my soul rejoice and lift up when in contact with my ex-narcissist. There was a vibration, like a sound. We both also heard a humming sound for weeks after we first met.
But still: everything else was lies and abuse, therefore it must go, at least for this life.

My own focus is on getting rid of the telepathic connection. There is simply no way (no solution) to stay in contact with him.

I kept working on my Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom, doing a lot of EMDR, meditation and NLP, and I actually felt the connection lessen. I also worked on my energetic shield. It's better now.

Thank you and all the best.
Universeteachings (guest) in Eyes, Angels And Caverns
They are also with me at this moment, they wanted to tortured him and cut his cord from the very begginning.
I don't know where they are, but all I can say is that they are far away from your sights
If by any chance a servant (I doubt it) you see a man with glasses let me know.
Contact me young man, I'm waiting for you.
Stay determined,
Universeteachings (guest) in Eyes, Angels And Caverns
No worries, the three golden men are handle by my ascending master.
Raisin, my email is waiting for you.
Hi Carri tried to email you but it keeps bouncing back to my inbox and also unfortunately I do not have facebook like you asked
you area a powerful psychic. Pretty gifted. Were you born this way?
rcarriwill [at]
I think you are battling a demon. Start to pray out loud. Keep your lights on. Put something over your mirrors. Get a cross. Command this unclean spirit to leave this house at once. Say this "Be gone Unclean spirit. Leave this house at once I command you. In the blood of Jesus Christ.
pray this soul tie breaks. Or link breaks. Ask God to help you two. Amen
Healthfoodanonymous in I Know Who I'm Going To Marry
Hi to all of you,

Well I fell in love with this guy. I was married at the time but my husband is very emotionally and spiritually cut off and is very money oriented where I am very spiritual. I fall in love with this guy and we are very spiritually connected. We wanted to be together forever and we were inseperable. My husband found out and took me to another state/ my boyfriend refused to talk to me. My boyfriend said he didn't care about me but then he would say he did. Well I can feel him. I know when he is thinking about me and I can see him clearly his heart when he is innocent and loves me and I can also feel his wrath when he's mad. I get clear signs about him. I feel like we never broke up except he's not actually here. At first I thought I was just emotional and upset after the break up. But odd things keep happening. My spirit belongs to him and I feel like we are still together spiritually even though we don't talk. It is taking a toll on me. I get used to just getting through like this but sometimes I get really Upset and have meltdowns because I can't see him or talk to him. I feel like I am having an imaginary relationship with him and I can't help it. A spirit comes on me and I am with him and all my emotions are real and raw.
I don't think I have schizophrenia because I'm getting masters in psychology and I would know. Plus I am normal every day in my other relationships. I can't help it but my heart and my body is with him. But he won't talk to me or communicate with me and I don't have his number.
Healthfoodanonymous in A Possible Soulmate
Hi to all of you,

Well I fell in love with this guy. I was married at the time but my husband is very emotionally and spiritually cut off and is very money oriented where I am very spiritual. I fall in love with this guy and we are very spiritually connected. We wanted to be together forever and we were inseperable. My husband found out and took me to another state/ my boyfriend refused to talk to me. My boyfriend said he didn't care about me but then he would say he did. Well I can feel him. I know when he is thinking about me and I can see him clearly his heart when he is innocent and loves me and I can also feel his wrath when he's mad. I get clear signs about him. I feel like we never broke up except he's not actually here. At first I thought I was just emotional and upset after the break up. But odd things keep happening. My spirit belongs to him and I feel like we are still together spiritually even though we don't talk. It is taking a toll on me. I get used to just getting through like this but sometimes I get really Upset and have meltdowns because I can't see him or talk to him. I feel like I am having an imaginary relationship with him and I can't help it. A spirit comes on me and I am with him and all my emotions are real and raw.
I don't think I have schizophrenia because I'm getting masters in psychology and I would know. Plus I am normal every day in my other relationships. I can't help it but my heart and my body is with him. But he won't talk to me or communicate with me and I don't have his number.
[at] MrSleuth I can make the lights flicker whenever something upsets me, makes me mad, or anything negative to the point of having a power outage. This is still happening right now.

[at] RedWolf Thank you, I'll try it out.

[at] Dione I'm actually very religious, and I didn't know that played a part. Thank you for helping me.
Healthfoodanonymous in Telepathy And Narcissistic Abuse
Hi to all of you,

Well I fell in love with this guy. I was married at the time but my husband is very emotionally and spiritually cut off and is very money oriented where I am very spiritual. I fall in love with this guy and we are very spiritually connected. We wanted to be together forever and we were inseperable. My husband found out and took me to another state/ my boyfriend refused to talk to me. My boyfriend said he didn't care about me but then he would say he did. Well I can feel him. I know when he is thinking about me and I can see him clearly his heart when he is innocent and loves me and I can also feel his wrath when he's mad. I get clear signs about him. I feel like we never broke up except he's not actually here. At first I thought I was just emotional and upset after the break up. But odd things keep happening. My spirit belongs to him and I feel like we are still together spiritually even though we don't talk. It is taking a toll on me. I get used to just getting through like this but sometimes I get really Upset and have meltdowns because I can't see him or talk to him. I feel like I am having an imaginary relationship with him and I can't help it. A spirit comes on me and I am with him and all my emotions are real and raw.
I don't think I have schizophrenia because I'm getting masters in psychology and I would know. Plus I am normal every day in my other relationships. I can't help it but my heart and my body is with him. But he won't talk to me or communicate with me and I don't have his number.
Damonetruthseeker in White Lines Following Hands
Iv seen the same thing. Some say it's your vital energy arura. Its the energy your body realese when your physical body dies.
Hi there, ian_uk. Smile I really don't meditate because it's hard for me to relax. The last time I meditated, it took me a long time just to get my mind quiet. But I like your idea of just zoning out. Not letting the worries and fears get to you.

As for medications, I'm actually taking one for medical reasons, so you may be right. When I heard thoughts in the past, they were a bit muffled and I didn't fully catch what they said. But now they're louder and more clear and I can actually hear what they're saying. I think my telepathic abilities strengthened over time.

My empathic abilities have been working overtime and yesterday, I was on the verge of tears because I was feeling so many different emotions. I'm getting used to my empathic abilities, though.

Thank you for commenting and offering your advice. Smile

Take care,

We don't get many drugs in the bush over here pleet396. Sorry for your situation.

So it could be a form of medium and not just me flipping out, both my parents are spiritual but while growing up I thought they were cracked. But the more things happened in old country the more I awoke to something else. Psychic mediums or haunting, I don't know...
I appreciate the efforts, but its still on. I've been doing as much research as I can find. Everything says that a link should barely be possible when the two are over half the country away. Its bad for me, but she is being pushed to far. She spent the whole day unable to get off her couch, because she is having breathing problems. I've found a way to lessen it, but that only helps so much.
Izzy, I was meant to find your post. I read it last night, Nov 27, but didn't receive my login approval email until now. We have many things in common. My first love at age 15 came back into my life after 20 years and turned out to be an abuser. A narcissist. He was always obsessed with me and proclaimed me to be his true soulmate despite his abuse, emotional and mental. I always said we were the same people in a male and female body but he had the devil in him and I did not. Dual soul? I need to study that term.

He died October 18th, this past month. Prior to his death, I was struggling to understand if he was truly my soulmate or if I had it wrong and I fabricated the connection somehow. Since he passed, I have been seeking for the answer to this question even more.

Last night I had a dream in response to asking God to reveal to me the answer. My dream followed him through a brief illness, seemed like a day or only hours long, where I knew he was passing. Throughout the dream, he continued to be abusive... At the very end right before he passed he confessed his love to me.

I feel very clear now.

I know he was my soulmate but he could not fight his own evil, the devil had a grip on him. I tried for years to help him with this but obviously failed although I feel God accepted him into his kingdom. So with a complete clarity, I accept this as my truth, Soulmate yes but good for me no. Sadly no, all I ever wanted was to have his healthy love.

So as I write I'm uncertain how this might help you but maybe consider this, could there be something like the devil involved here? Tricking you with dreams of pleasure? Does the devil have his hand on him? I wish my soulmate had also been "right" for a truly happy life but this was not the case. So in your search remember that a connection you have does not determine that you should be with him.

Be safe my friend in Germany... A connection there too, I took four years of German in school and traveled there in 1988.


Empath / precog
Not sure if it worked but I tried to de-tether the link. Hopefully it helps!
my daughter was like that. She would get a vision and then would feel her legs shake or wobbly. I prayed for her a lot. When that happened.
wow not sure what happened. To you. Can pray this away this link?
you can email me at rcarriwill [at]
I get OBE sometimes. Sleep paralysis. At times. I had to pray it away. The OBE happens once in a while.
you can email me at rcarriwill [at]
I get OBE sometimes. And have dreams like that. I think you have broken into a dimension somehow. A portal was opened, somehow.
Thanks so much for the references lauterb! It's greatly appreciated! Happy
Dear nacseo

This is not uncommon situation.
If you believe in reincarnation it will easily explain that since before you come back to material world you made a reincarnation plan and obviously marrige is inluded in most cases.

Dont be worried, things will settled by itself. What you can do is prey for your gardian spirit to have a clear mind, don't wait for confirmation you won't get it since free will will always prevail.

May be you are near to one of these spiritist center. I would recomend to visit and talk with them about


PO BOX 203502 -
Austin, TX 78720-3502
Ph: (512) 636-2148
Email: admin [at]
Contact: Fernanda M Wienskoski

611 North Dairy Ashford # 80
Houston, TX 77079
Tel.: (281) 496-6431

3530 Forest Ln Suite 40
Dallas, TX 75234
Email: info [at]
Phone: 9725460415

Allan Kardec Spiritist Educational Center
Austin, Texas
Contact: Marcus Torres
Tel 512 527-8788
Info [at]
lauterb in Over The Years
Dear DauntingSoul

You are a medium, this is the proper word!

I recomend you to visit the nearest spiritist center and start studying hard to use your mediumship for good!


Studying you will understand how it works and how can you help others!

lauterb in A Blind Psychic?
Dear RFX

Yes you are a medium (that is the proper word)!

Take a look which is the nearest from you.

I recomend pay a visit and they will sure help you!


Group of Hope Joanna de Angelis
1648 Broadway Street
Anaheim, CA 92802
Ph.: (714) 633-7080
Contact: Mariza Basabilbaso


Blossom Spiritist Center
1441 Westwood Blvd. Suite D
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Ph.: (310) 447-8217
Contact: Akemi Adams
E-mail: blossomspiritist [at]

Spiritist Center Euripedes Barsanulfo
12206 Pico Boulevard Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Ph.: (310) 204-3455
Contact: Luiza Shohat


Sacramento Valley Spiritist Society
1310 Longfellow Cir
Roseville, CA 95747
Contact: Claudia Rodrigues/Crhistopher
Ph: (916) 771-2646
E-mail: savass [at]


Joanna de Angelis Study Group
642 Quarry Road, Suite E
San Carlos, CA 94070
Ph.: (650) 450-6457
Alt. (650) 450-3470
Email: jass [at]


2645 Ariane Drive
San Diego, CA 92117
Phone: (619) 542-1088
Info [at]

5797 Chesapeake Court, Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92123
Ph: (858) 784-1811
Sssd [at]


938 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ph: (415) 368-6277
Alt. (415) 205-8987
Info [at]


1933 Davis Street, Suite 221
San Leandro, CA
Ph.: (925) 289-0838
Contact: Fred Lima/Teomar Ciriaco/Jorge
E-mail: nossolarss [at]


Chico Xavier Spiritist Society
88 Belvedere St. Suite 208
San Rafael, CA 94901
Ph: (415) 259-0484
Info [at]
Hi, just a quick one here too lol its now 3:30 after writing my own story up on here...

You might find your senses come and go, once I had mine for for 6 months, I was like peace n quiet at last... Then I got them back bleh... LOL

Different medication and stress levels can cause this too... How often do you meditate? Can you change locations to meditate too... Sometimes I need relaxing place but other times I sit in a crowded shopping center with my eyes open and legs normal and "zone" out, its also nice to watch the energy off people as they going about, you can start to sense things when you zone out different from normal
Universeteachings (guest) in Eyes, Angels And Caverns
Talk to me at universeteachings [at] at hangouts mostly.
My ascended master and guides will help you out.
As I was reading this, I felt forced to stop reading it... My eyes feel tranced and I felt dizzy. You might be in danger or something.
Or else theyll threten me.
Im not afraid...
I can help you out. I promise.
Im a spiritual teacher who can help you how to control your abilities.
Stay determined,
Can anyone explain this or has anyone experienced it before?
First see if there are any marks if there are and they are three fingered it was a demon a freind told me him and some freind a were summoning spirits in a grave yard cuz they didn't believe it was real and he was young. His freind was possessed and they took her to a wicken and she exersized the demon but it clawed him and they had to put something in the claw marks to heal them but the demon is still somewhat attached to him. So seek out a true wiken not some 18 year old going through a phase but a true wicken and ask for or bye a charm or get your house blessed ect. Second don't grovel to a eval spirit that is what they want demand they depart you in the name of God (what everyone you decide to use or believe). And if it is a demon then build a " Deval's trap " and find a way to get it inside for it takes away its power but a problem is that there are hundred of "traps" out there and anyone of them could work or even some could be sommoning portals but idk, I've never faced something that wanted me dead
Thank you so much for your help and answering my questions, afriendlycow. Happy Your advice helped me and the idea of clearing away the negative energy of my room with something to clear it away is a very good idea. And you're right. I can never lose and never lost my psychic abilities. I was worried that I did because of the evil wishes and thoughts, but I know now that I can never lose my abilities and never lost them to begin with. I have to fight the fear and darkness with love and faith. That's the key to stopping these thoughts and wishes. Love and faith.

Thank you again for your advice. Happy It helped a lot and I know what I have to do now.

Take care,

Just get over it that happened all the time when I was little (like 8- 13 mostly but still every once in a blue moon) but I saw it on everyone not just me and not always whight the best I got for answeres was from my uncle who said mabie your eyes can pick up spitual energy. But other than that I got nothin just deal with it and don't go around saying you see stuff around people cuz thell think your crazy or a liar, very few will actually believe you
I have read your previous story & it looks as though you haven't taken any valuable lessons out of it. Playing with oujia boards, pendulums or other tools which are supposedly supposed to help you communicate with spirits is like playing with fire, you really have no idea what's on the other side of the door & if there are beings around you that want to use or harm you in any way they will just wait for you to slip up and do something which in turn will give them more control over you.
The worst thing you can do right now is to be afraid, someone has previously provided you with a valuable information about shielding yourself I would suggest that you do so.
If you need help my email is riwanowicz95 [at]
My video response here and I was half asleep.

afriendlycow in I Have No Aura
Literally, everything and living thing has an aura. I see auras, even ones that most people cannot see yet, there only few elements I cannot see for now, but instead I feel there energies of their colors. Love
Hi Shadowsong110, I really liked your story. I think the best thing for you to do is relax and enjoy what fate has brought you - a very nice young man. Don't worry about or contemplate your future, that is yet to be determined. This person may be a very significant part of your life, but perhaps not a forever person. What you can do is take every day as it is, enjoy your relationship, and see where it takes you. Maybe you'll have another dream to tell you! Please post if you do! I wish you the best!
I had the same thing happen to me. I randomly met a guy and just could not get him out of my system. I couldn't even understand why. I felt completely drawn to him. I knew we would be together. He was not anything special at all, just a nice person. We eventually lost touch somewhat, we would occasionally text one another a "Hi What have you been doing" maybe once or twice a year. Eventually I doubted that "feeling" that I "knew" we would end up together. Flash forward 9 years from when we met, he texted me that he was involved in building a stucture near my house and I immediately set the phone down and thought, "Uh oh." Within a month we were very much involved. That was 3 years ago and we are very happy together now!
Hello AlanaMaeve,

I may be able to help you (and my service is free). Just click on my profile to contact me.

I think you formed a soul tie to this abuser. And as a psychic it is hard to break.
I'm having a similar problem! My son is 2 years and and has been seeing the same spirit for over a month now. First it started with night terrors and now we've actually semi-moved back in with my mother because it's energy was so strong as my home. I believe it bonded to my house. We've only lived there for over 6 months. However now it's been months of this same spirit, and I believe it's following me! Latched Ronny energy... I'm a single mom of two, going to school full time, so I'm stressed and have had a damaged past two years, so I'm a very good candiaite I guess. Unfortunate for me tho, it's come with a lot of negativity and brings out the worst parent in me! I'm depressed, hopeless some days and can't ever feel comfortable. I've tried everything to rid it! Had someone even clear my home, but I can't adford that again. I believe I may have made some kind of agreement with it as it's manipulative. From what my son told me, having contact with it, I believed it was a man trying to contact his kids. But I believe it was to do harm to me or my kids, as it scares my son, lied to him about being an angel. And also I believe it was responsible for my daughter falling off the bed, into the corner, breaking a glass off the nightstand, but somehow missing that nightstand, and just falling onto the lamp?:/ she's fallen twice and it went with the moon cycles I believe. It was also on a king size bed... In the middle of the night. Always at 3 a.m. I've tried to have a medium come for out of town, which I feel horribly about because the first time I just couldn't afford her by the time she was able to come, I had car repairs and finally a month later, My long wait, I got sick. And this sickness is still bothering me the doctors don't know what's wrong with my gut and why I'm feeling pain. Anyways now the medium is understandably upset with me, but I'm left alone, with this spirit in my room night after night. I pray and pray butnif I made a contract how do I undo it?
I believe you talking to Kurt Cobain and Sid Vicious. Kurt I believe was murdered by hired hit man. I work with the police on some cases. You should try also.
carri in Watery Dreams
Yes could be some psychic dream of flooding somewhere, or it means money I guess.
I have had sucubus spirits touching me and my child. I could not see it but felt its touch. I think some kind of portal was opened somehow. Or the house is haunted you are in. Only way to fight this is to pray. I have had sleep paralysis. And also did Out of body by accident.
I think the sharp pain was the spirit connection to the house you are in. This house, may have a haunting. Quite possibly, you are experiencing the vision you saw. The pain you had is tied into the vision. I get visions like that also.
If you need to email me rcarriwill [at]
I have soul connection to my ex husband. I think kind of like you. I care for him. But cannot be with him. He is a druggie, drunk and womanizer. I still care for him.
DostrilTheSon in How I Know I'm An Angel
Most of you here are prob. Angels of one of the circles or hybrids thereof who are considered angels too because of getting saved and/or giving life to the son of man, parts of the "special units" to protect certain individuals, I know a couple angels both good and bad ones I am good and next to michael if we are judging me and his spiritual powers I am a little above or below him in that regard though I am still just a subordinate until I finish this human life and help the christians get people saved before the rapture and stay saved myself, now his physical prowess is still good on account many of the fallen or watchers which many of pagans call "The Gods" or deities or heavenly generals some have ascended and some have stayed and/or descended as much time as passed god in his mercy allowed some of us to become compleely human to have a chance to recieve his son Jesus Christ so if any of you find out if you are fallen you prob. Most likely need to be purified by the holy council (set up a meeting using your guardians) and/or repent and get saved so you don't waste the chance god gave you, we could never come back in our fullness as angels anymore so we had to adorn human bodies some of us and gain our own soul chance to pretty much get the chance to accept jesus and we can come back that way and be reinstated once death or the rapture happens (though some [I'm not sure if I was or wasn't yet] will be reinstated while still alive for their willingness to serve and help and pleasing god to where we can handle the responsiblities we used to now, though it is not for every angel or fallen so don't think just because he has not done this with you who are risen again that you are doing wrong, it just means if you really want to come back into a good form in god of what you used to be it would be best to live holier and strive to culminate your locked powers, however just as in days of noah the price on our heads and the blood we shed we will still have to watch over and give an accoutn for, accepting jesus just means there is a very high chance we will be forgiven and our names will be reinstated in the book of life, giving an account and damnation are two different things, one is taking responsbilities and saying sorry, showing remorse realizing what you did and seek to ask for forgiveness or make it right using the love of god and accepting all limitations or consequences in this life or ones he chooses to grant coming up), keep in mind complete humans may not become angels until death has come and then and only then if god decides you will become one but it is like changing your very being, most of us here can atest being in the imbetween state we often struggle with this still, especially if we still reside in our fallen forms because of evil ways, and we are like nearly uncountable years old, some of you are giants and/or angels/demons/ascended demon born or "evil spirited" people by nature as most of us usually are with humans who will or are born either very trialsome circumstances to where it is "Hard to find god in your life" or in fact some will be very rich or wealthy because they have indulged in evil and done much to make sure each incarnation there bloodline was wealthy, but that does not mean you do not have the same chance as us if you were not born as a monsterkin you have a human part jesus gave you before birth to give you a chance back, we will still have to take responsilbilities for our actions, but I thank god everyday and go to church and serve him best I can though I am but a sinner in many ways still, being angel does not mean we are perfect, god knows this as he knows it with humans, but we are both born with more knowledge of things and so we have more of a demand on our lives because of it, I have saved many people in his name and have constantly tried to keep love in my heart and pray and ask for forgiveness sincerely, sometimes it is hard and I do question whether he can still love me after all I have done, but then the spirit which giveth breath of fire and vigor overtakes me and releases all the pain and hurt I have exp. In both this "life" and other incarnations, many of us were forced (especially neutral and bad fallen ones) to be incarnated by our former leaders of the grigori and the evil one who has been trying to defy the laws of god which just wants us to go through one life unless we have a mission he needs us for which some of us are currently doing, the four main arch he uses might have physical human counterparts here too so god can test and make them better at their jobs, a boy I met on fb called me out specifically and told me who I was and who he was, he claimed to be michael and was often afflicted with abominal desires which the lord enquired me to help him on whether he was telling the truth of his origins or not, he needed me to show him holy love so that just in case if he was right (god would not specify because I was not meant to know right now) michael would not be left astray until such a time as the son of man would have to come back after the evil had had his time here to redeem michael to chain the former elder kin called Lucifer, I hope my efforts to minister to him of the word and the words of the holy spirit unctions unto me have enlightened his life as he was being chained by one of the grigori who had been in evils control for a long time who many greeks at the time of his fame called "Zeus" because of his strength with weather and sky elements, in the end I helped freed both supposed michael and zeus from the evil lords clutches and they both were saved according to romans 10;9 of some of the last remaining true text of the old times, now a demon born is a jinn or what happens when two fallen mate with another fallen or their children or their later kin through incarnation and ignorance of who they really are in the time of sexual intercourse whether in the spirit or physical realm, god made the first djinn and jinn out of elements of destruction they were the wrath part of the watchers unit I believe, if anyone has any info they may teach or tell me or any questions I will try to answer them all, is an angel supposed to be incarnated, well incarnated means their form resides in you and/or you are their reprenstation in whatever realm you are born in, my angel and his forms is my representation in the spirit realm, I and whatever physical transformation the lord sees fit I undergo are the representation of him, I am his way back and we both have made a conscious effort to please god all the days of this life so we do not fall once more. So for those who believe on any way you are both right but there are many misconstruments. Smile Love
Allow me to validate your insight. I am in the same boat as you, my psychic abilities seem to have boosted lately and I have finally understood it all. I have had visions throughout my life but it has had very weird and varied insight to the point that it is all completely out of context only now many years later does it all make sense.

My soon to be husband had been seen as well, the electricity of being around him, seeing him, and so on. It is inevitable that we will meet, like our souls are meant to be and sing to one another as we pass by each other. I too have had to go through a lot of hard things and one of them being that in high school I met him and we have been dancing around being with each other for years until I finally made my choice to go for it and now my insight is seeing it through to fruition after all this time.

Let me give you some advice. Trust your intuition and the goal is certain it's just the destination to get there is up to chance and trust me you are going to have a lot of fun getting there if you trust your gut and see it through to the end. Your situation is very much like how me and my future husband set up our endeavor and I am happy you are able to deal with it when you are younger.

Now some advice from me, heart to heart. Persue, don't let anyone get in your way if you are meant to be you will know it in your heart and weather you come together in this lifetime or the next you are going to get together. Do you want it to happen fast? Do you want it to work out naturally? Do you want to throw some bait and show interest in him like shoot a facebook message? To start the vision more in the favor you want you will have to make the choices and not leave it up to the wind. I know you won't have as much trouble as me when it came to this but it sounds like you have someone who may try to keep you guys apart, this happened to me too and don't worry about them. Focus on you two and the rest will follow, let the school year blossom and when the chance comes to initiate then go for it! It's not worth it to have this beautiful gift and not take advantage and apply it. Don't ever feel like you are overthinking the love of your life because if you back off and so does he you are both going to be messed up later in life with what if and having constant misunderstandings. I don't want that for you my dear, it sucks, go for him. You have the gift of sight so enjoy your blessing and remember to stay calm and have a lot of fun! I know you two are going to have a great time when you are finally together. Depending on how you handle the situation you could be high school sweethearts or later in life lovers.

Remember no matter how fast you make this future go it will happen but how it will happen? With sight you have the upper hand, especially because it is Your future and You can change Your future but you can not change Fate.

I hope this helped you and at the same time I hope I'm not sending you to the wolves. Either way I want you to be brave and I hope for the best. Love
Sorry, I forgot to add the link for Ayatul Kursi.

Salaams Jefimat,

I hope you are better. Try seeing a Sufi Shaykh. They will be able to help you Insha-Allah

You can use Ayatul Kursi. It's very powerful against these evil things and for protection in general. If reciting it once is not enough, just keep repeating it for a stronger effect.

You can also have it on a loop playing from your computer. You can also play Surah Baqarah it is also good for keeping evil away from the home.

Take care,
1 We all have energys
2 we send enrgy signals meaning what ever we feel we show it in our aura

3 there are some people called vampires some are givers

We people have diffent ways each individual has his own way either giving or recieving energy that's why your friend attracts poeple to be nice to her don't know the right way to explain it but you can find info about it if you search it:)
Sorry I just forgot to add this info reiki is not just teaching you to meditate but it will also teach you to heal your self using your own energy and healing others and prottecting your self from bad people and learn about your inerbody by learning each chakra for each body part then you will be able to see other people auras and see how they feel and how they are and help others and your self:) I hope I have helped and it is not against any religion so its all good:)
Leaning reiki is a good way to learn meditation and spiritualizm and learn to visualize and connect with your spirit guides to
Its called the third eye if you use it correctly and visualize you can get really good and strong vibes and guidence and different spiritual things
I use to feel someone watching over me a lot a few years ago when my mom died: (and I have seen her twice walking dowm the stairs not straight in front of my eyes but in the reflection of a glass window so it reflects anything infront of it like mirror... That was ok no problems then after the 30 days when the spirit leaves to go to heaven...:) after that I was hearing things droping seing ghosts like a girl in while black hair standing next to my bed dog was growling wierd stuff then I asked a priest to come to the house... You know holy water and etc and now thank god is all gone but having that dream last night about that black shadow hope it doesn't start the ghost things again I am psycic and clervoyant to I can see things happen before they do happen and I get guided from the highest spirits using pendulum and angel cards sometimes only if I feel I need to be guided:) I'm not afraid of the dead its just sometimes I get some wierd dreams and I don't know what they mean:)
Hi there I'm here because I have been searching on the web conserning these subject because its similar to my situation that has happened to me last night... I was dreams suddently I could feel and see a presence of a demond. Ghost. Spirit or djinn. Dont know anyway behind me it was a black shadow looking like a person with red eyes when I woke up it dissapierd... Reason why I am telling this is because I would really like to know the meaning of the presence that I have seen in my dream because searching on the web it mostly doesn't give you the right answer so I thought to try this site thank and hope someone can tell me there opinion all my best wishes to all and god bless... Bye
I gets visions sometimes. Like my car getting smashed. I have to pray this vision so it does not happen.
Hello DauntingSoul,

It's not that hard really to learn how to spiritually protect yourself against dark entities of any kind. The universal principle to understand is that the Divine power is stronger than darkness. It's a truth that is true anytime and anywhere. So you learn this protection and you are all set to do any kind of spiritual or psychic practice you want. There are many ways to to accomplish this. I personally like to keep it as simple as possible and doing so, I use what some people refer to as a "bubble of protection". I use it all the time and it never fails. Well, that's almost true. Sometimes I forget before I go to sleep. On those times it has happened that black entities try to invade me, but that's for another story. So I would recommend that you google "bubble of protection". If you want exact instructions I can give you that too (click on my profile).

Good luck!

Universeteachings (guest) in Shadow Across Someone's Face
I believe that you arein danger with this entity or being.
It could be a grim reaper but then again it couldnt, due to the fact that you haven't mentioned a scythe or skeletal hands.
Im a spiritual sorceress who can conctact many beings in the universe.
Hurry now, time is wasting.
Universeteachings [at]
Stay determined,
P.s. One more thing...
Your fate is at risk.
Universeteachings (guest) in A White (phantom?) Dog
Running after it its no use, the dog sense of smell can be effective. So I suggest carrying treats with you will do. Especially a bobe piece dog treat, bacon and meat style or something like a chex mix.
Contact me if its turn out to be true.
Universeteachings [at]
Stay determined,
Universeteachings (guest) in Messages In My Dreams
You are a dream seer,
You need a journal or notebook to carry with you at all times, or in the morning whenever you wake up with a pencil or pen with you.
This vision possibly is some kind of vision or warning of something. This event you have to figure out. It maybe related to your life. Or something on the news. That is how I get messages. I read the news how they related. Or to my personal life. I watch my personal life and people who I am related to or friends with. The message may be something related on the News. Sometimes I get these warning dreams or vision a year or months before something happens. You also may be getting a vision reading from someone on the internet or someone you know. You as a psychic have to figure this out. Now the strange languages maybe you connected somehow in the spirit realm. There is a portal that they spirits came through. Also possibly visions can be related to the people in the room where you were seated. Or the locations.
Possibly, your encounter with these spirits was an evil spirit or. You were picking up some residual haunting in the house you are in.
I can sense things like you have sensed. I dream it though. My email is rcarriwill [at]
I don't think you are delusional. Thanks for sharing, what a great story Love
Wow fascinating story. I don't have any advise for you, I'm looking for answers on how to cultivate my own gift further... But thanks for sharing and good luck Smile
I'm so sorry to hear of the hardships you've endured. I wish you peace and happiness. Love
Haunted house. She may be evil. Plead the blood of Jesus over you. Say this out loud. Be gone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ. I command you. Shout this out loud. Put up Jesus photos get a cross. And anything with Jesus. Pray out loud. Daily and play religious music. If you can. To fight this haunting.
this happens to me a lot, its like when it happens, my brain feels like its going to blow up and when I wake up its like I have been choked or something
Universeteachings (guest) in Demon Or Spirit? What Am I In Bed With?
Gabbie, you are mistaken. Not all demons belong to the darkness. Darkness is not evil nor light is good. Dont you know the definition of the ying yang. Ask your angel with the long brown hair behind you.
What kind of demons are you referring to? Imps? Beingswith horns? Or the sucubus who longer exist the red one or the black one? Not meaning to make you mad. But keep the facts straight from the universe and the world of light and darkness not the bible and society. Especially media here.
Stay determined,
DauntingSoul in Over The Years
Thanks Boson, I'm not sure how to embrace it though, I know this sounds odd but when I was about 14, I tried to tune into it but I ended up attracting more shadows and then for a week I got 3 scratches on my thighs and arms that just came out of no where and burnt so I stopped out of fear. Is there anyway I can learn to without attracting dark energies?
I have seen orbs by my face. And I have seen them many times. I won't let them go inside of me. The orb could be why you are having problems. Orbs are spirits. They can be bad spirits also.
Hello DauntingSoul,

From reading our story, I would say that you definitely have a psychic ability and you have definitely had real supernatural experiences. I also see that this ability has attract negative energy into your space, such as orbs and shadows. It doesn't have to be that way. You are really in control of your spiritual environment, providing that you have learned how to control your ability. After that you can banish any malevolent being, and what remains is a life where you can assist both spirits and humans with your ability. And you should be able to start cherishing your unusual ability. We were all given certain gifts in life. Some people were given gifts of a rare kind such as the gift of being psychic. It's good to ask yourself how you want to use this gift.

I hope it helps a little.

RockShan (guest) in Strange Visions?
xx2short2cxx, I sent my explanation to you're email as requested.:)
It is great to see that you are using your abilities to help others. Smile I currently do not have any advice, sorry. Sad But if you ever need advice or help with anything, feel free to email me. I will try to help you any way I can. My email address is on my profile, don't hesitate to email me. Smile
Just pray out loud. "Be gone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ I command you." say this real loud shout it. To rid yourself of this unclean spirit. When unclean spirits are cast out. Then they look for somewhere to go. Then 7 more come from one cast out. Amen
This is a Sucubus demon I know I had one after me and my child. Plead the blood of Jesus and tell tell the unclean spirit to leave the house at once in the blood of Jesus. Command it.
try to yell this out loud. "Be gone unclean spirit I command you by the blood of Jesus Christ." Yell this many times and the spirits will leave you alone. If they don't you are in real trouble. They have taken hold stronger than most people could handle. Pray a lot put up Jesus candles or photos, bibles. Etc. Call a priest if it gets real bad. I will be praying for you amen
Hello youthfulwalkerancientsoul,

You seem to have a plethora of psychic abilities which makes everything more confusing for you and harder to grasp. After reading your stories, nothing really surprised me. As a matter of fact all you mentioned feels normal to me - as normal as psychic phenomena can be. Everyone is unique with his/her abilities of this kind. You can have visions of the future and that future will not occur until many many years later. On the other hand you can also have visions of what will happen tomorrow or even what is happening in real time too. And of course visions of past times too, both in your current live and past lives. All this information is available but only from the vantage point of a non-physical reality which is what you tap into when you get psychic insights. From my own experiences, I just don't think there is any limitations.

Hope this helps a little. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I can sometime read into what people are thinking or going to say. I can sometimes see visions of things to come or dream of things to come. You have a gift. Just a different kind of psychic ability.
After having this go on for many years about unimportant things I know see major problems ahead for my immediate family. I now need to advice / guidance of a individual who has vast experience in these events. Clairvoyantkate I have read your post and I wonder if you could help me with this. My visions are far to personal to post exactly on here. If you could contact me on darrenshields10 [at] I would be greatful
wow, sounds kind of interesting. Just talk to her out loud. That is what I do. I don't even mediate. I just say out loud. The name of the murder victim and then I stare at the photo of the victim then I ask out loud what happened. It takes a few weeks a few minutes each day. I said is there a serial Killer in northern middle Wisconsin. Then I got a crashing noise. I then said what happened to the missing girls of Northern Wisconsin. I also said the girls names. That night I saw a huge orb. It tried to go into me when I was asleep. I stopped doing that stuff I was too afraid at that point.
Be careful with these beings. They can abduct you. Take you into a dimension where you at. They will send you astal body projection at night. These are higher beings. I won't mess with this stuff. I get too scared. Sometimes with astral body flight or projection you don't come back.
thank you so much for your time and help, all of you guys.
Shanon I will email you.
Thank you
I am being to believe it has to do with intentions. Perhaps, it is someone who has, shall we say, less than honorable intentions?
In each case, until the last one, it was people I knew and loved... My father dearly... People who, yes, had less than honorable intentions, to put it nicely.

Thanks again for the input.
Am curious about what the different key points you listed mean Kratos-Atlas, as I am new to all of this.
Hey, I've had a similar story to yours. And it's pretty cool that I'm not the only person that has lived with this. All my life I thought I was weird or that god wasn't on my side because of the episodes I've had or the things I've seen.
As far with the entity, you just need to be calm and not think about it. It took me years to realized that and even though it still bothers me nowadays, I know how to handle myself.
I've always had dreams. All sorts of dreams. Dreams that can predict tomorrow's agenda, dreams where I see myself in a different world or dreams that are just nightmares.
My mom has dreams too but not as intense. Since she has lived with having dreams, she knows how to difinite them. At first I thought it was my imagination but it really wasn't. I felt more calm when she told me she had them too. And she taught me how to difinite them.
But when it came to seeing things and to listening to voices, my mom had a hard time understanding. It wasn't until I got older that she understood why. A medium told her that was my gift.
Sometimes I wish I didn't have that gift but in a way, it had made me who I am today.
I had my first vision when I was 8 or 9.
Saw and heard things when I was 6 or 7.
And since then, I still have them.

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