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I know this post was years ago but I found it by finally googling these little energy balls. Everyone I have ever mentioned it to have never noticed them.
JupiterEmpath, I see them the way you described in your original post. The only difference is, I can also see them if I relax my eyes on a artificial bright white light (I first noticed this in the hair dressers because they had long white panel lights either side of the mirror). I remember feeling quite disappointed when I noticed them on artificial light, because it trashed my idea that these energy balls were just outside. But now I realise that was daft of me, and I like that they are always around me. I think that they are everywhere but can only be seen in very bright white light.
So great to find someone else that experiences them.
this is interesting I came to this site trying to find something else but this really catches my attention. These "powers", can one train or is it only born with. I do think I have something but I'm trying to cover all bases. Id like to know more and if you don't mind just talk for a bit.
Brain waves are a good thing to master, try to be lucid at different waves, from sleep to trance to alert. You can read people from brain wave states they are not lucid in. Hide behind their lack of lucidity psychically and be the other side of it, lucidity. Don't let people read you, it saps you, find where they hide their psychic trickery by lucidly "waking up" to them from different waves of consciousness on the spectrum. Other minds take your lucidity for themselves, gotta be the other side of that. Don't be vamped be the vamp. Be fair though, you can hurt people if you don't give back their energy, make it an equal exchange.

Real people, not just spirits, send a lot of this psychic stuff, you start meeting them on the outside sometimes. See them inward, have a lesson, so to speak, then meet them on the road. Exchange gifts so to speak, powers, then move on. We all power each other up with more psychic senses. That's really the only reason I'm on this forum, business deals psychically. If I offer something good here something will come back good. Hopefully.

Numbers help you see portals, which is what is happening to you. If you don't notice them they suck you in, you have to see them. They are numbered. Timed too. It's a time warp really, the end of time, then the restart. It's mathematical. Alchemy knowledge. Try to ignore outside suggestions as much as possible and learn from the inner knowledge download is what I suggest. Just passing on some of my inner knowledge, looks like we have similar inner teachers. Classmates, so to speak.
My birthday is 4.20.1985

So if I did it correctly my number is 11? Any insights on that number? The Internet is not always reliable on this stuff
starsofclay in Meditation Malfunction
Xcsx, I know how it feels with not hearing from spirit guide (s). As far as I've come, I do kind of feel alone in this process because my guides have not reached out to me yet either. It's hard to say if I've just blocked them out though. So instead I've been working to establish direct contact with my subconscious, its pretty fun and great practice. There is a great book called,"the genie within"... You should check it out.

I did have one dream a few weeks ago where a woman told me she was my spirit guide, but she was kind of in and out very quickly, and I have no idea right now if it was just my subconscious trying to please me. It was hard to catch her name, even after asking her to repeat it twice, I think it started with an "m". But the rest was kind of gibberish to my dream ears.
What is your birthday? You should figure out your life path number. Mine is 33, I wonder if yours is.
33 is a master number.
seeblue in Am I Gifted?
I'm by no means a master at seeing or sensing auras but I started opening up once I became a certified reiki teacher... The attunement opened up my abilities. I still have lots of learn. Hope this helps.
Hi! I see the blue and purple swirls you're talking about both with my eyes open and closed. I haven't seen eyes yet though... But have seen faces on a couple of occasions. I'm hoping to develop further!
I see, 33,333,111,1111,222,555 all the time. But 33 is what follows me, I'm 31 as well...
starsofclay, reading your response really helped me realize that I can't shut it out, that I can only continue to work on it until it's resolved. I am humbled by your words, but I believe every gift, is special. So I'm sure I'd be very lucky to have your abilities as well! Thank you so much for your perspective and your words. It was very appreciated, and good luck with developing your abilities!
Lol definitely misunderstood! I apologize KikiGirl! I definitely agree though. Good always with the bad. I just don't seem to understand why I'm not getting through to any good spirits. I've tried calling to my spirit guide/protector, but he/she won't answer. I've tried several times now with no such luck. I just feel as if something could potentially be wrong. What do you suggest?
nullify in Am I Gifted?
KiKi Girl,
Thank you for the advice also! I would like to start seeing auras again, and I'm going to echo starsofclay's question on what the best technique for that would be x

Annabella, I'm no expert at all but I would honestly be calling a priest. Perform some kind of cleansing ritual, maybe with a white sage smudge stick? Make some protective charms for you and your daughters also. But definitely seek help from a spiritual leader. I wish you all the best Love
Annabella in Am I Gifted?
Heya its my first time writting on this website but wonder could anyone help me out aswell? Il start of with my mum... I KNOW she can prodict the futer... As iv seen it all myself but now its me... I don't know either it passed on to me or am I just over thinking stuff?
But when my eldest daughter was born strange stuff started hapening... Toys went off my child played peeka boo with blank spaces and when mum seen a black shadow oposite my bed seconds later I was touched by someone or something... I felt smone was there but ofcourse I seen nothing... Then we moved out when she was two and things in new home turned crazy... My 3 dogs always went crazy at my front door even tho there was nothing there they wud bark and growl as they were ready to atack... Things were banging... Falling u name it. My ex then moved in n called me insane until one night he said he belives me bacause there was a knock on dat front door and a second later he opend and there was not a person on a street... We broke up a wile aftr and it was just me and my daughter again... I tryd ignoring the noises... I heard my name being called but never responded... A wile after I started having neightmeres were I was awake but I was sleeping and I was screaming to wake up because I cud see smone in black behind me... And I woke up because picture fell of a wall behind me... Aftr that I was house hunting cuz I had a feeling I needed to move I wasn't wanted there... Any time id walk in I felt depresed n down in dat house... And in a day time my mum even saw a black figure run up stairs... And dats wen she even said... I need to get outa this house... So I met this lovley fella den... We found a house and moved together... But when we moved in... Its as if that thing was now inaide him... I fell pragnant and things kicked off... He chenged... He wud emotionally abuse me and physicaly harm me... When I looked in his eyes... It wasn't him... Its as if it was someone else... Eventialy I moved out and now live with my 2 girls... But I can still feel something is not right and I can't figure out what... Its like I feel the bad and I feel the good energy beside me... Like when I went to hospital to give birth... I thought what if I don't come back? What if things go wrong...? And they did I lost so much blood during birth I had 10% chances of surving... But I pulled through and all is now good... When I got a tempory car for a day it had practicly no disel in it and I thought there better be no emergency as I didn't know was the car disel or petrol and ofcourse my child was rushed to hospital that night... Every time I think this better NOT happen it ends up happening... Is it quincedence or what? And now passed two weeks iv noticed again my dogs stare at blank spaces for ages and toys hav started goin off on their own again... And we have been sick for 2 month straight in this house and no one can get better... What is it? I don't know is someone tryn to reach out to me and tell me somerhing or am I pickng it up wrong? Cuz passed week I been having dreams of the house where ne and babys dady lived... But the house is not clean its all dark n dirty... But in the deam I'm looking for him. And I can sense something not right in dat house but I sont know what it is... Its as if I'm back for something I forgot somethin there but I don't know what myself... If anyone could help or know what could this be or what do I need to do please let me know:)
starsofclay in Meditation Malfunction
That's a good story. Definitely sounds like some medium qualities. If you are afraid of the spirits though, then unfortunately your guides and subconscious will start to filter them out, until you are closed off completely. Instead, just do some protection "prayers" or meditations and also know that the good comes with the bad, and neither can really hurt you. Unless maybe one picks up a rock and throws it at your head... But unless that knocks you out, did it really hurt you? Haha, I know that sounds bad, but it was just something that occurred to me the other day and I think it's pretty fitting.

Don't shut yourself down, a lot of people work very hard and only wish they had abilities like yours, myself included.

So do some research for protection, but also how to transmute the negative energy or spirits that still come through.
starsofclay in Am I Gifted?
Do you have any tips on what is the best way to learn to see auras? I have tried. Sometimes I think I can see my own but I'm not always sure. It is hard for me to find willing human subjects as well, haha, and it seems difficult to do it without them knowing because they move around too much! What are maybe some tips you can share that you learned or invented for yourself?
Lol xcsx! You've misunderstood what I was saying! I was making a point that if you are dealing with one side of an issue, you have to deal with ALL of the sides - for EXAMPLE if you are in a relationship, you have to know your partner, the good and the bad. You can't have one without the other.

I was saying that because you are a positive or happy-go-lucky person, the secrets to unlocking your gifts might include emotion/s, and darkness and negativity will challenge that. There has to be balance.
Oh wow I would definitely say you have psychic abilities

I would also research empaths and aura's if I were you...I'm sure empath will make a lot of sence tp you once you google and research. I remember when I came a crossed it things began to make sence to me

No need to explain I know what you mean Wink

Also the light around your teacher that was an aura I used to see um all the time... Not so much any more but I am very much so into practicing my abilities now as I had not need raised to do Smile

That is pretty much any advice I can give and no I really don't think your crazy, you sound very psychic to me (please research its not like how the movies show it to be...we're very much human and like every normal day stuff any other person dose Wink )

Good luck and God bless on your journey
The embarrassment part is typical of entities that like to cause mischief to sap energy from. They laugh, it makes them feel good to cause tricks.

I see mostly inner third eye stuff but I get outside visions too, the auras I see are mostly just rainbow energy all colors but quite subtle. I can tell it is not my normal eyes looking at it. I can also see with my eyes closed a bit. Remote view kind of but from where I am located. Its transdimensional sight though, I don't see the earth realm with my eyes closed but it is so connected that it's basically the same thing.

All senses can be used for communication in the spirit energy world. Taste and smell even. I get all kinds of flavors. Smell is used to hint.
I can sense or see things attached to people. I don't see lines I can see spirits that attach to people.
KikiGirl in Am I Gifted?
nullify, it must be quite strange growing up in a town where there were once witches living there, as well. I can definitely say that if your senses tell you that you are not comfortable being somewhere, you need to leave or don't have anything to do with this, you are sensing with 100% accuracy and absolute clarity. It varies with people but your intuition can go into overdrive when you are heading for or in danger. Intuition is a natural ability that all people have you might just know how to work very well with it.
It is an amazing gift to be able to see or sense what is about to happen, and sometimes our gifts will come on or out with force, suddenly. This is usually when a person exhibits a strong emotion but it can happen at other times, too.
I can most definitely tell you that I started being much more able to work with and understand my abilities when I first re-practiced to see auras. After that, a stream turned into a waterfall. It took me seven months to see auras properly so don't get discouraged if it takes time to do it again.
You do have the option to try and live a normal life and forget all about these kinds of things.

I wish you all the best in the future!
Pennies4U in Finding My "gift"
It sounds as if the 5th chakra where communication/speech/hearing have opened. It is a vital center which
Is a communication doorway of your guide.

You are following your Souls Path. Sensing all unity of the fabric life which is Unity and oneness. The Peace of the Devine. As it proceeds up the 3rd Eye will stay open. It will not trickle from time to time but a view to see and hear mingled with compass. When all cluster has been removed the 3rd Eye shall see and hold the Devine.
Pennies4U in I Can Sense Auras
Auras are vibrations that eminate thoughts and emotions plus condition of body.

The wheels we call chakras not only
Mirror our past but our future.
It is like an imprint which move up and down, showing the past and future.

How it is read depends on each inate ability based on the Claire's-as clairvoyance-seeing/clairessance=sensing.
Hey quintana_2420, immediately reading your post I definitely got the feel that you were/are an empath. Empaths are very in tuned with others emotions, and it often feeds into your mood as well. I too, am an empath. So that can explain the headaches. My migraines were so bad, I'd doze in and out of consciousness. What you have to learn is a blocking technique. You have to learn to block out other's emotions and feelings, otherwise it can get a little crazy. As for the auras you're seeing, I don't have much advise on that since that hasn't happened to me personally. But I'd do some research on it for sure. You're definitely NOT crazy, and this stuff is quite real. Know you aren't alone! I hope that I have been of some help!
[at] KikiGirl, thank you for your feedback. It's appreciated. I am on this site quite often actually, checking for feedback or any other advice people have to offer. I however don't understand how you got that I was out of shape? I think maybe that you misunderstood one of my experiences. But I appreciate your feedback, nonetheless. Thanks again!
nullify in Am I Gifted?
[at] starsofclay Thank you for responding. I'll take what you've said under consideration, definitely! I'm glad to know it's not just me:) x
Hi xcsx I see that you posted this some time ago. Are you still on the website? You know, often, what we are most happy with and makes the most sense to us will be challenged psychically or spiritually. If your out of shape, you will have to eventually look into gym or health remedies. It is also natural to sometimes encounter it.

It is probably because you can work with the light that you will find a challenge or lesson in the darkness. Although you can choose to stick to your guns and completely throw-out anything to do with the bad or darkness.

This site has a sister-site: - if you are still looking or answers you can post your new stories there or add this one!
Hi draper25,

I have had such dreams for about 50 years, almost every night I get premonitions in my dreams. I can help you with answers to your questions on this subject, but I don't live nearby your location. You can contact me through my Profile link.

Your learning prophecy and numbers. The meaning of the numerology comes in later. Like a satori, more knowledge pending. Just let the education come.
starsofclay in Am I Gifted?
Your experiences sound very close to mine actually. I love it when I grab the exact amount of change out of my pocket or something like that. I have had songs pop in my head right before getting into my car and there it is on the radio. I have had ideas or short sentences pop in my head immediately before they are said aloud by someone else.

Yes, you have a gift because everyone has a gift. You just seem to be opening up to it. If no one has told you before, try meditating, and learn how to do remote viewing. I am learning remote viewing right now and I have had some good results. Play around with it and don't get discouraged if you can't do it right away. Discouragement and fear are powerful psychic killers-- trust me, I know.
After getting back into meditation and trying to develop my clairvoyance, I too have begun to see faces while in the hypnogogic state. I have seen women and men, complete faces and in color. I have never seen any of these faces before in real life, but unfortunately they flash away pretty quickly and I don't get a chance to study their eye color or anything like that. The latest face I have seen was while practicing my remote viewing the other day, I saw a woman with a bowler hat on and a long blonde french braid down the back. The faces are never scary. Most likely it is your subconscious sending you messages, but there is always a chance that it is a non-organic being introducing themselves or whatnot.

I haven't seen a whole lot of info on Google about this kind of thing, besides info on hypnagogic hallucinations and that it is also a sign of narcolepsy. I don't believe that it is really tied to narcolepsy except for the mere fact that that disease more easily puts you in the hypnagogic state. But one can also learn to induce it and hold it, kind of like what you did, albeit unintentionally.

I wouldn't be too bummed out though if it was only your imagination (or in other words, your subconscious), because your subconscious is very psychic and learning to communicate with it could be a great first step to developing any abilities, or in your case, it can be the mediator between you and the angels. If your ego is too strong and the non-organic beings can't get through to you directly, then they can use your subconscious to send you messages, who is always listening.

I hope this helps, and I don't claim to be any great psychic or anything, I am just now starting to open up myself.
Exorcist? Under what power? What name or rune? That is all that matters really when it comes to the dieties that possess people. Who is your protector? How is sacrifice honored? The deity needs to know if it can't sacrifice you as a victim with bad possession or psychosis, what it can vamp. Where do I go for food if I can't eat you? It wonders.

I never act as guru due to it being so often a trick. It tricks the guru or master to an ego inflated position typically, an "I can help you" trick, when in reality, their diety wants to reign over you and vampire you to death, it is a polite way of asking to be your reaper, "can I kill you?" to put it in real terms. No. I won't commit to you to the death, deity. So, then if the deity has no reign, it becomes a false diety and the psychic cord is cut. That is all an exorcism is really. Its soul retrieval. Getting your spiritual independence. Don't be sapped psychically by others. Many psychics offer soul retrieval cleansing services, as long as the power is offered it is perhaps ok. Gurus kind of expect to be worshipped, they don't give up their power. Sorcery is simply a cord shifting, balance adjustment. It shifts the prophecy of your existence, aka your name or rune, but in the big picture I guess that it never really shifts, it's simply fate.
Hey Daysie, I'm pretty new to this myself. (I'm Colton by the way, I'm 21). But from the sounds of what you're describing, I'd say he is probably a spiritual protector, or guardian angel, possibly even a deceased family member. Also, from the sounds of it, it seems that he's been with you awhile and he doesn't seem malevolent whatsoever. Warmth, what you're describing when he's near, could never be bad. In terms of contacting him, most people that I've spoken to about this would probably suggest meditation. During meditation, you call out to him, or try to envision him. If that doesn't work, just try the typically calling out. I know it seems awkward and you'll feel stupid, but don't second guess yourself. There's a reason he's contacting you/been with you for so long. I'm glad you have this "man/being" in your life. I'd take solace in that at least. I hope I sort of helped you, in some way. Best of luck to you, Daysie!
Thanks, that helps a lot. I sense you know exactly what I'm talking about, you get it, and, like me, sometimes I bet it scares you too. We can't ask, it comes all on its own.
I sometimes just KNOW somethings coming and it always is a bad thing. I get frantic, I warn my husband. He's been with me long enough to know I'm getting ready for a hit. I never know beforehand exactly what's coming, all I can say it always does. This is curse, my first experience I was 15. That night for the first time I felt it coming, I was excited. The feeling was so strong it was physcial. And I was excited, I thought something big and exciting was coming, I couldn't wait for it, it felt good. But I was do wrong, it couldn't have been worse. The next day my brother, Stephen, my best brother, my best friend was dead. He was showing me the Marinesalute and dropped the. 22 rifle. He never knew, he was gone. It was horrible. Ever since, when these feelings come I am afraid, I'm driven, like I have to finish weeding my garden, almost like I was preparing myself to get hit, and hit hard. I became so afraid I would not know what was coming, but my fear kept me in a frenzy. I felt cursed. I know I missed out on some good things, but was too afraid to really look, to know, because it was going to hurt, and hurt badly. If I was in an arguement with someone, id call and tell them I loved them, I forgave them. I'd hang up feeling at peace, but the person would be dead in around 2 weeks. My little brother dying like he did, I'd brace myself and sure enough, it hit. I tried to hide, but I couldn't, the feelings wouldn't let me. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out on good things, but I was too afraid to try to look, I feel like an angel of death. I hated myself for being a coward for not trying to get to the truth. I sometimes wonder why me, has anyone felt like this. Have you ever wondered that your fear kept you from knowing something really good. I don't think I can do that. Other times, words come out of my mouth and I'm right, not big things, more like I'd walk in a room during say a football game and announce they are going to lose. Which they did. It didn't make me very popular. Sometimes I feel I'm always crying inside and I don't know why I feel that way. I can't ask m I don't know how, it either comes to he or it doesn't. I have no control. Is that self imposed hiding? Other times, I'm totally way off. But the truth always shows its face and I realize, whatever I was desperately trying to accomplish, blew up in my mind after kidding myself. And I knew it was the truth, and it hurt so bad. I wish I could learn how to deal with the knowing, have it Ve a good thing, but I just can't. I'm no coward, but I knew that what I knew was carved in stone. So I'm kind of a hermit. I have a hard time first meeting people, while at other times I break into conversation with a complete stranger, I felt a bond somehow. And if I kept it short, I'd be ok. I pick up on other people's pain, and I hate it, cause I can't do a thing to help. And I'm still crying inside. Does anyone get this? Has it happened to any of the community here? WHY can't I get last my fears and look for the good. But that's not my role. I'm an announcer, the words are out of my mouth before I know they are there. I know having my baby brother die haunts me still, I need him so. But I never dream, could I gave shut myself down. Please, if any of this makes sense to you, help me
Salvation2012! Your story was beautiful and scary, too!

Most people do not speak about these experiences because they feel far too vulnerable and easily judged when they do. They're expecting someone to say something like, "that is the strangest thing I ever heard. You're a nutcase." All the while, somewhere in the back of their mind is a door they forgot and closed long ago. As folklore goes, when people are babies, we ALL have the gift/s to see spirits, ghosts and are highly equipped to make contact with our sixth-sense. Have a look at Googles List of Psychic Abilities, see how many there actually are in the world:

As we grow and learn, we naturalize with the physical world and forget all about imaginary friends, ghosts and other psychic gifts. You will ask some people, "have you really, NEVER had ANY experience, at all?" And they will reply, "Absolutely not! That is all hocus pocus! Put in your mind by religion, and nutcases. I have absolutely really never had any experience where I have seen a ghost or something like that". And that is OK, tit-for-tat. Your spiritual door and gut-reaction closed long ago! You now work on logical explanation and what you can see-and-touch, only.

For those of us who retain some of our natural ability, such as intuition, premonition or seeing ghosts, it is likely to happen once in a while even when you don't expect or prompt it. You seem like a strong, intuitive, happy, uncritical and more-overly, open-minded person. Those little things about you is what opened you up and protected you when these paranormal events took place.

The bad experience? It is a possibility that you were not in a good space, and something or someone tried to use you because that is what they do. You cast it off and it will stay gone. It's a good thing to recognize that when you are a good person, it extends way beyond your touch, but, when you get upset or feel depressed, this also manifests or shows itself, just, as it did that night.
laurencat! What an interesting and intriguing story! You are definitely going through some sort of heightened awareness development. Will you have a look at the following topic: synchronicity:

The Google Definition is: Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

I would have explained everything but this is something personal and do with YOUR current experiences and growth. Try searching spirituality and synchronicity, as well.

Sometimes, I have similar happenings. I will see a number and then, the number will appear on the Lotto. Or, I will think of a phrase, and somebody else will say it.
carriwill, thank-you for sharing your story!

Your experience resonates with me on a deepened level. When I was younger, if I was ever in danger, my Father or Mother would instinctively know. On one occasion, I had gone to a party hosted by a boy from an excellent boys school, because I was invited by some friends who lived on my road. As it got later into the night, I realized that I was the only girl at the party. Although, I grew up with older brothers and I had a lot of boy friends, I had a very bad feeling, suddenly. Some of the older boys were rounding up the others in the small, lodge on the vast forest property, and some of the younger boys were staring at me. There were no other houses or places to go to because the party was based on this massive property, and outside of that, there were no immediate houses, probably more large farms and such. I don't know how I knew, but I realized that something bad was about to happen to me.

At that moment, I felt a warm and safe sensation in my heart and I can almost say, I heard, "don't worry Kiki, we're here!" My Fathers Land-rovers headlights appeared from over the hill, as, the car traveled with speed towards me and the two guys I was with. I hopped in, with haste. I believe they were going to do something awful to me. It really took me off guard when I thought about it, because some of the boys were 10 or 11 years of age and the school is a prominent establishment.

As I got older, I had similar experiences to you. Eventually, I wondered if I was just fortunate enough to have VERY GOOD intuition + a Guardian Angel and some people around me who were looking out for me, even, if I did not know who they were

Sometimes it is a prompt, either to do something with the situation or to take control of the situation. Other times it is just a warning, to let us know / a 'foreboding' that a situation is on the horizon and we are going to have to deal with it.
Universeteachings (guest) in Schizophrenia And Entities
Im an exorcist who deals with entities very clearly.
If you need any help with entities, contact me whenever you can.
Such good advice you have given me- yet they called me crazy. For saying something related to sapphire. Whatever they are like entities anyway.
I can sense auras too. I know when someone is a bad person or a liar. I can see only the first layer of aura on people.
If you really need to sleep in the dark either get a night light or just run and turn on a light that's what I have been doing. I really hope this stops for you
The only thing I could think of is that if you were feeling scared or angry as you walked into the rooms then maybe you could have electrokinesis
Hi KikiGirl,

On my profile page, I have a webpage where you can contact me. I looked at your profile page but you email is hidden.

Hello Salvation2012,
I am glad that you felt comfortable sharing your story here. It is always scary to trust and we doubt ourselves often. I would also like to thank you for believing your son, as this means the world to someone coming into a gift.
He may well have met a higher being. It sounds like he is very tuned into the spirits that are indeed around us. You too have this gift, and the first two entities you mentioned were likely ghosts. They often befriend us when they realize we can communicate with them. Some of us can discern a name for someone whether we're given it or not.
As to the scarier incidents, you did the right thing. You may be able to force evil beings away with your will and mind, even while awake if needed, however you should use your judgement. If you sense intentions that endanger you, get near others and/or turn on lights. If you wish to learn more, I recommend meditation. If you feel confortable befriending spirits, try tuning into this other plane. Meditation helps increase our self-awareness and consciousness of surroundings.
Fear not, and I hope you will enjoy this gift.
Wishing you and your son well,
Whhhaaa?... Themanthemyththelegend! You have a spirit who can arrange for a person you love to love you back? You are so fortunate, my jaw hit the ground just reading this. Your story is fresh and unique, nobody else that I know has been so fortunate as you.
How old are/were you when you met him?
Hi Liam39876! Do you have any updates on what's going on with you? I'd love to hear about it!

Will you post any further stories? I would love to read with you and hear about everything, the good and bad that's coming up.

Boson, thank-you for regularly checking my page and responding. I would be very interested in you furher delving into what happened that night and what intertwined with the warning of "blood money" on the wall. I did go to your profile but it did not have an e-mail address, mine is on my profile but I hardly check the email box and it is flooded!

Hmmm, what do we do from here? What can we do?

you are going with a sixth sense or gut instinct. Possibly and angel warning you.
Now I have angel voices warning of dangers usually in semi sleep state. Late I have been getting warning dream wake up. Now other voices can be demonic you have to figure it out. Pray out loud and see if the voices stop. I get different voices. Sometimes an male voices warning me of something. Other times female alto angel voice calling my name loud. Waking me up from sleep. The voices scare me. When I pray a lot then I get these warning dreams or warning wake up call. Voice yelling my name. It only happens in semi sleep state. Or when I am sleeping. Then I wake up. These wake up voices are different that hearing voices around me. I know I have heard evil spirits before talking voices. I know the difference.
yes I get voices waking me up also different ones. Some times men voices other time Female voices. These voices always warn me of danger. Or some emergency is going to happen.
What do you mean they are attached to me? Does that mean anything bad will happen?
Quite possibly evil spirits. Someone there opened up something to evil spirits. Say this. Leave this place at once unclean spirits by the blood of Jesus Christ. Shout that out. If the spirits don't leave then you may be in trouble. You may need a Catholic Priest.
Don't say the demon name out loud. It will make the demon appear.
Hello KikiGirl,

I meant a psychic reading or medium reading. I don't really know how psychic you are to be able to do it yourself. I can always help you with a reading if you feel this is important to know for you.

One thing is for certain, this was done by a demonic spirit. I don't want to sound critical but I would like to mention something paramount that it seems like you had forgotten about or not knowing about before you used your pendulum and even before meditation. You see, you ask and you will receive but from whom? That's is the problem. You cannot know the source of your information from any spiritual practice unless you FIRST do some kind of protection. If that's done properly, then and only then can you trust your messages as benevolent messages.

If you have lots of questions, you can always email me (see my profile). It may be easier.

I get dreams also like you do. The demon was coming at your sub conscious mind. You were correct to shout out be gone unclean spirit like you did. That is you have no more problems.
Yes I have seen thing similar to what you have seen. Your son saw Jesus as a small child. I saw Lucifer in the dark, when I had been going to the Catholic Church at age 5. I believe you and your child have a prophetic gift from the bible. You both can hear and see the supernatural. You both have prophetic gifts. You both have psychic abilities. You can see the supernatural. I just pray a lot and more gifts come to. I pray the bible. I am considered a psychic. But I am a prophet in the bible. I can predict things. I can see, hear and smell spirits. Especially when I pray.
Very true. If you have contact with angels or spirits. Society considers you "crazy."
You need to pray. Look up some prayers online. Sound like the demon is coming to you in your dreams. This demon was released when you sister messed with the occult. Since you live in the home and her sister it will come at you. You must pray this. Be gone unclean spirit I command you in the blood of Jesus Christ, shout this loud. Over and over. The spirit is coming at you in your dreams. Try to recite the bible out loud. I battled some thing like this. My daughter did spells and the demons came at me as well, because I lived in the house and I am her mother. The spirits attacked me in my sleep, and became stronger and at night. The only thing that stopped it was prayers out loud.
Boson, noted!
Do you think I can perform my own reading?
Do you mean a card reading?
Do you mean a psychic reading by a medium?
Other notes or thoughts?

[at] Cdjdude

Light Bringer? You mean the Morning Star? The Fallen one?
Hi KikiGirl,

About your walls, sorry I don't have any answer. The best way for you to figure it out, would be to have a reading about it.

Hi there, Foxy85! Well, don't I feel like an egghead? I have only spotted your note now of, "I will read the comments but I won't participate in the discussion." And here I am asking you all of these questions.
I hope you've managed to figure everything out since you wrote this post. You'll be in my thoughts because I feel just the same as you.
klamathstorm, sometimes life does feel a little bit out of control. And, there are some patches in every bodies life where they felt out-of-control of their own emotions and doings. To say to another person, you have NEVER felt these things would be a manic lie.
It will blow over but in the mean time, you should find better ways to manage your energy and lifestyle, take up up running, a painting class, site-seeing, and I am a personal window-shopper-aholic, lol.

NB: Keep doing the things you love and if you find yourself in a down space, find an outlet, go to gym or write everything down. Make sure you get plenty of rest, treat yourself well - dye your hair, try a new nail color, try some new bath aroma-therapies or redecorate your room.

The difficult things we go through in life will only make us more prepared, sensible, well-informed and savvy for the future.
Oh mi' Gosh! Boson!
Well, you've definitely given me more to think about!
Thanks for your comment. I watched a movie recently, well not so recently, but this boy lived in a house where they used to do the craft of sorts and they would bury particular remains in the walls. Although, I do not think there are human remains buried in my walls, the blood seeping through must have some message.
Any ideas?
Cdjdude in The Red Man
I would venture to say that since other people have seen this red cloaked energy it isn't a human spirit guide. No this is something powerful. Enough to control humans perception itself. I have heard of Red and white Paladens. They are high dimensional energy's 6th level and higher. I would advise you Do not try to force contact. Speak if spoken too. And live as if your being watched!
When I imagine your story you are the lady tied to the pole. That lady has lived many times. Attached to this cold, wet, muddy, Earth while the White Dragon admirers you Seraphim. But the Dragon is what keeps you here. He doesn't want to lose you. The white one is also the light bringer. Prince of God's Fallen. The White Dragon is majestic to look apon but I fear his mind is terrible to behold.
Thank you KikiGirl. I really needed to hear that today, as I have been feeling down about this gift lately. Love
You say it came to you one night. My questions are,
Before this happened, did you normally feel lonely during those long nights alone?
Was this your first encounter?
If not your first, did you learn to seek? Or have you always called outwards?
We do share the same abilities... I mean, I remember the last time we ate at McDonald's, the place was really cold. We were talking about some thing and when we like took a break from talking, I "heard" her say it's cold in my head. It was so loud I really thought she said it out loud. I asked her what she said and that's when I realized she has not said anything for the past seconds. We're kind of bound to each other, in some way. She's a taker and I'm a giver. Both of us share something, and protect each other from "somethings" but yeah, Twin Flame might explain it... That's different from soul mate, right?
Fear similar to this has shaped my entire life. Every night I stare at visions of shadows moving. Every night I listen to that tell tell knock.
yes my email is rcarriwill [at] or unofficialpsychicdetective [at]
Hello KikiGirl,

Yes, that's exactly what I am saying. There is no reason for a negative entity to give a messages which would result in something positive. That's just the nature of a negative entity.

YourMirror101 in My Lifetime Story
Sounds like you have a good connection to time space, you can sense who or what is in your proximity. We are all in multiple dimensions as different beings from how I see it, and I could be in your presence remote viewing as another being or creature looking from another dimension. You need to sense these people too. They may not be in the room, but they are watching psychically. There is more to time than we think, time space bends, warps. It kind of fades from past to present an into the future, sometimes with wrinkles. We exist in all these time frames, but the ones not in the present are ethereal. When they merge with the present its like the energy from outside of time is brought back, soul retrieval. Future can kind of be seen based on what is going on in another time realm that is connected to the present, that may eventually merge with the present.
Concerned_Princess in Negative Attachment
I get almost the same thing, but instead of what you feel I get this feeling of love and comfort... Could this be the same type of thing?
My insomnia developed into intense visions, many of which have come true. I considered my "illness" my psychic training, and wouldn't trade it for the world. I have one of the worse case scenarios, I experience kriyas, some quite intense. If you know that this is normal though then the teachings can take their course without being interrupted by fear of the process. Just let go and let yourself experience, it is chaotic at first, but then it starts to train you and make you wise. Your abilities will develop more and more, perhaps even energy healing abilities, this is common.
Yes I read about Sara on your other post, I just clicked on your name and it came up. Sara came through my daughter as an imaginary friend that would describe how her friends died. I think she was lying to sap energy, since that is what they most commonly do. The Sara that you had might be connected to mine somehow, but who knows if it is really the same, since there are so many ways to hide the truth in the spirit realm. A daemon might have seen that I had a "Sara" and since it connected with you via our correspondence pretended to be Sara or maybe even was a separate energy. I simply don't judge it. You don't want to feed it belief. If you don't believe them they are under obligation to prove something, and that is when they become helpers. I would say Sara is your helper but don't follow it around. You catch it tricking and it has to help you. Like the old legends, you catch the trickster, like a leprechaun, and it grants you a boon, some kind of magic. It's mythical stuff but part of our experience living is the mythical, like Carl Jung the famous psychologist says, we all share the mythical in our psyche. We might even simply be multi dimensional antennas that are picking up on these beings from other worlds. That is what I like to think. I am always trying to improve my reception. Beware of docs like I said that try to make it go away. Its a great gift.
Hi klamathstorm! Thanks for sharing your feelings with us! I feel I can relate with you, a little bit anyway.
There is nothing that anybody can say, there are no words when somebody tells your story. If they say that what you've said is bad or take it negatively, you end up more upset, furious or annoyed and misunderstood, mostly. If they say, "wow! That's wonderful, it must be cool to know things before they happen". They still won't give you the answers you need.
What I did was... A little bit of research about all of the different types of gifts that people work with. Some people have;
Clairaudience: you can see things in the future and guess very accurately about situations but it is all through auditory sense - through hearing.
Clairvoyance: you cam see things about people, the past present and future, or see a specific number and it comes up in the lotto.
Aerokinesis: The ability to work with, and manipulate air.
Intuition: you have the natural ability to sense the truths, good and bad about people, places and situations...

... And many, many more. Some people can even set an object on fire with their mind.

So, it turns out that you are not so different to other people in this world, afterall. And as folklore goes, ALL people had a heightened sixth-sense when they were babies, but as they grew up and they concentrated more on attaining worldly assets and naturalized with the physical world, they lost a lot of that sense or completely lost it!

In a way, you are very fortunate because you will have the upper hand in some situations whereas the other people won't know a thing. That is very valuable, and you are a valuable person and deserve that gift. Whenever we face something we don't understand, it feels like a heavy-duty load, but if you look inside your heart and take a deep breath in and take some time to think about it, YOU can decide how you feel and what you would like to do about it.

Check out:
Liam39876! I've just awarded you a karma point for your response, I loved the following:
"As for astral projection, I will listen to your advice as it doesn't feel right going into that portal."
"I will stay smart and use my brains to work out these situations."
"All this stuff I have experienced has been through out my life time and having support from other people like you really helps to make me believe way more in this and want to continue developing these talents."

... In other words, I LOVED your post!
KikiGirl in I Can See Evil
Hi carri! Your story made a lot of sense to me, you know? It feels pretty weird but there is a big element of relief when you can quickly read a situation, especially if you have a good gut-sense and can break away from just our worldly partiality.
I wanted to ask you;
1. You provided one account when you were a child, did you have more then one experience when you were a child? Or, did your gift resurface later?
2. Do you want this gift removed? Or, how would you like to deal with it?
3. Would you consider helping others using your gift?
Thanks for all the help so far.
YourMirror101 have you read one of my other stories I put up?
I believe I have had a connection with Sara before.
Here is an extract from the piece about Sara that I wrote around a year ago:
"I also believe I was somewhat communicating with someone called 'Sara', I was whispering then receiving this voice in my head and gut feelings. A few things happened and I just knew something wasn't right, long story short I gathered she was maybe a manipulative dark energy and definitely was not what she made out she was."

Could this be the same spirit/entity?
Thank you Boson. What if I've already made those mistakes about telling people? You're right, it hasn't seemed to help anyone. I just thought it was so cool and wanted to share my experiences with people, but it seems to have caused some other issues. Mostly because sometimes I panic in the middle of whatever is unfolding and instead of keeping my mouth shut to enjoy the experience I end up telling the people around me, making me seem far more crazy. I've definitely learned my lesson on that, I don't want to tell anyone anything anymore.
Hiya Sophie1234!
Thank-you for your article, and after reading the comments, it seems that some people really feel very strongly connected to your story. I understand that you came here and that you want help, and I really do hope that you find answers but unfortunately, more often then not, we do not get all of the answers.
I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people, if they are honest with themselves, have some sort of scary experience which often has to do with our sixth-sense. Often, you'll only become aware of it if;
You haven't slept well for a few days.
You are going through a really difficult or stressful time.
An event uprooted your life.
You are reaching a state whereby how you see the world changes drastically or you get super emotional more of the time, maybe a specific age.
You reach an "age of transformation" whereby if you are psychic or sense-able, you become more aware of that kind of things and it can be difficult, upsetting and confusing.
You are in a space or area where para-activity or even just energy is more active and stronger.
And many, many other ways, too...
Maybe, you are "picking up" on the energy around you for the first time because of one or other reasons. It can be really hard, uncomfortable and confusing. To combat the bad things in our lives that we cannot explain away, we have to find a way to make the same amount of good in our lives. If you get claustrophobic at home, then go out and get busy. Go and have a coffee with your friends, take up an activity like pottery, painting, learning a new language or gym!
And when you find yourself feeling a particular/peculiar way, don't freak out! Everybody feels crazy some times, everybody gets hysterical, everybody freaks out, you are no different to any human being in that way. If you need to, take a pen and paper and write down what comes to mind, and if you feel crazy, ITS OK! You can always throw the paper away or burn it, later.
Most of all, find a better way to feel safe. I find if I have some music on or if I light incense in my room and sit down and just think about good things for like 30 minutes for example, "I am a good person. I can trust myself. I am a powerful and spiritual person. I have a good set of brains. I will accomplish a lot of good in my life," I sleep a lot better.
Funny thing, actually, I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia when I was 18 years old. I was on serious medication, just short of Rohypnol when I discovered that taking out my school books and studying or reading made me fall asleep in less than 5 minutes!

I am sorry I couldn't be of more help.

I wish you all of the best!
Hi carri! Please keep us updated on your story. Obviously, the police have ruled out the boyfriend as a main suspect? Because it is usually a person close to the victim who is found to have committed the crime. Suffice to say, what is a young girl doing in an abandoned building with one person that late at night?
I do not know if you should be afraid of orbs, maybe you are afraid because the case is such of a young teenage girl and the possibilities?... One cannot imagine.
Just a note, if she intended to relay that she was murdered, possibly by a serial killer, it does not mean it still cannot be somebody close to her. However, most serial killers tend to either;
A. Lead very solitary lives with little interaction with other people which makes them hard to find.
B. Work in jobs which allow them to travel quite a lot. In the old days, it was the traveling salesmen.
Another note is that most serial killers, regardless of whether they are young adults, have a prior, record/s or charges, against them. Albeit, sometimes the record is only of noticeably odd behavior.

Please let us know what happened?
Hi Boson! Thanks for reading my story and responding. I am at a loss for words, you know? For the immediate time after having not played the right numbers as arranged, I was a neurotic mess! The money... Was... REALLY... Upon my fingertips, and I was just seconds away from being wealthy for the rest of my life. Are you saying that the being KNEW that I was never going to play those numbers?
As carriwill said, those spirits are definitely attached to your mother. Her struggle and her pain draws in and invites negative energies into your home. They feed off of these negative emotions...fear, sorrow, anger, pain, frustration, and so on.
I'm SO sorry that you are experiencing this. As long as you are living under the same roof as your mother, the most you can do is try to protect yourself. Prayer is an important aspect here. Do not let negative emotions consume you or break you down. Stay strong!

Here is a link to my blog- it will definitely give you a lot more insight... Let knowledge empower you with the tools to protect yourself.

You remind me of myself. I used to feel that way a lot, and always associated with a much older crowd... Picking up on energies as you do sounds like you have empathic abilities. This ability can be used for multiple purposes. Self protection and the ability to understand others on the deepest of levels are just a couple examples. Sometimes you will understand emotions that the person themself doesn't quite understand or refuses to admit. Don't forget, people even try to lie to themselves... But you will always see through it. Use the knowledge you gain to strengthen yourself and help others.

I keep a blog that I would like you to check out... It may help you on your journey and connect a few dots.

I have a few suggestions from my own experience and perspective. I have been having visions for years, my whole life really. I'm in my 30's now. First off, you need to have a caveat emptor with any info that comes into your awareness, including anything I say. In fact I would say that it is the intention of all to lead you astray a bit, not because we are not well meaning, but because we think we can help when it is hurting. Our way doesn't work for you. So, just take the wisdom that you can and integrate it, discerning what doesn't serve. I remain agnostic and aloof, kind of science minded, open to anything but I can reject an opinion if new evidence is presented. I like to think that the universe is basically logical so utilize logic 101 to be aware of the fallacies for a solid argument. Spot them, don't be deceived if it doesn't make any sense. Wikipedia logical fallacies.

I wonder what age you are, or age range? Visions tend to hit people at certain prevalent ages is why. There is a development process going on. Some start quite young as kids whose "imaginations" are actually their psychic multidimensional sight, and start learning directly from guides, usually family lineage energies. I am kind of like that. I have childhood helpers I have unified with. I will explain how to do this. It's how to understand and heal from the darker side of the experience. It has a light and dark side to it. Are your family members psychic or are there psychics in your lineage? Often times the same daemon helper is setting up a portal in the whole family, aligning it with other lineage soul groups or tribes.

I would like to introduce you to the concept that you have a lifelong gift to manage, that can make you ill at times potentially, so there is no reason to fear it even though it likes to torture. It has a dark side, it is because it has to balance the dark energies with the light energies 50/50, but you learn to cast the dark energies on others so they don't hurt you too much, this sounds kind of bad but really it shares the dark energy load, and reaches a point of maximum dark trickiness and reverses to light energy, it's how the magic works, so to speak. We all have differing energy mixes and can handle energy differently, so pass it off to the person who needs it too, this hurts them but ultimately initiates them as they unify with this energy, or learn it really. It gets recorded on your knowingness when you have transcended it, you are it now, you mastered it. Energy after energy is accumulated this way, new energies are learned, and like chemistry, have differing effects and properties how they react with other energies. Soul energies, auras, life force, manna or get your thesaurus or whatever. This is the basic definition of transcendence. Learning these energies that trick so they can stop tricking. You become the trickster in the process though. It's just action and reaction though, not anything to be guilty about if it causes harm. It heals too you know. It's simply polarity. The energy and what it does never changes, it's just what the fabric of reality is eternally made of, it simply moves, shifts, changes in reaction to other energies. I like to think of it as white light, which contains all the colors of the rainbow, the spectrum is the same as the chakra colors, which are different powers. Any energy spectrum is a good analogy really. Its all energy spectrums.

The dark energy is the death energy, your reaper. It comes in scary forms. Spirits, or simply illustrations in the 3rd eye or other senses. My agnosticism likes to term it "what would be commonly called spirits", or "the phenomena of spirits". Spooky energy. It saps your soul, soul suckers. This causes fear, this is needed though to see clearly the other side. Without the sappage, your guides would have nothing to work with to give back as light energy, they take, then give, in the form of a vision or power. Sometimes a miracle, many people waking up see miracles, it's common. In India, kriyas and siddhis occur. I experience mudra kriyas, but they are non-cultural specific, those just happen to be India terms. India has 4000 years of written lineage practices and documentation of spiritual epiphanies, so it is a good reference, but so are other lineages. Some of my ancestry called them runes, but I have mixed ancestry.

You have to simply wake up naturally is what I am getting at here. Don't go after some charismatic leader or group, you have a gift, that is a direct link to a whole inner university, your not like others who don't attend the school. Many of us do though, you will meet us here sometimes on the other side studying away in the inner visionary world. We sometimes meet on the inside then later on, the outside. For example my guide informed me of a Sophia a few days ago, before I found you on the internet. They never are 100% accurate but I would say that's darn close to having you manifest in my outside reality. I see in vision, then I see the person. I've met a lot of people this way, psychically seeing them first.

Get some wisdom from others, but ultimately let everything go. Don't grasp to so called truth. Science knows better than this. There could be more info down the road that changes everything. Remain detached from what you learn, not knowingness is best. You have to not know to know, because the inner void of not knowingness kills the energy, gulps it, it's your spiritual mouth to make you healthy and strong. Don't judge the energy, it neutralizes and it becomes your nutritious energy.

Daemon, the Greek term, is both light and dark. Socrates had a Daemon. Demons are also angels, in other words. God and the devil are the same being, in fact it says so in the Old Testament, Yaweh does both good and evil. Just another daemon. Just like a human, really. If you look at it that way then the fear of that bad goes away. If I see the devil, or a demon, I know it's just a mask. Hi Jesus, I know your hiding behind it! Basically. Theoretically who controls who anyway, if there was a devil, wouldn't Jesus be in control of it? Thereby responsible for it too, it's not your problem really.

Let the inner knowledge come. It will correct the outer knowledge lies. There is inner lie too you have to get through. Nonsensical stuff. Everything mirrors as polarity it seems so the nonsensical balances because there is a sensical side to reality too. It's typically the nonsense or scary that bombards first, before it breaks through to light and truth. It's a cyclic pattern. Everything is. Learn the pattern, master it, become what is called a master. If you're of European lineage like me, you would be a called a witch, that's the term they used back in the days. You have to train as one though, beware of the tricks. The so called spirits lie as much as they can get away with. You have to catch them lying, trap them instead of them trapping or hexing you. They think of it as a game. They will do everything possible to frighten. It's kind of scary when some of your visions come true and you get really bad ones. Sometimes the bad ones happen too. Detach. There is nothing you can do. Don't fight fate. There are a lot of false prophecies too so never follow the visions or guides, they have to prove themselves.

Look up shaman sickness, kundalini awakening, kundalini yoga, but ultimately don't follow. Be your own way. You learn to escape portals aka hexes by not being under their psychic influence, this is by going your independent way. I just learned about a form of yoga called siddha yoga. The key to it is once one's kundalini begins to awaken, once the fire is lit, there is no need to do anything, it takes care of the process. Do nothing. That is my practice. No formal practice at all. Let it do the practice, which it does, with kriyas, trances, and most important to learn about, synchronicities. Time warps. The simplicity behind it is basically the realization that ultimately there is no free will, so essentially nobody "does" anything anyway, we just are, and so don't "do" anything simply detaches from the ego deception because things do happen anyway, like kriyas.

Also, be aware of what mainstream doctors think about this stuff. Most really don't know how to deal with it, and many have primitive close minded views about it or worse, greed takes over and you get diagnosed with something that can make them rich as they continually treat you. Stay away unless a diagnosis can benefit you, disability for example if the spirits make you sick with kriyas. Don't take pills to make the daemon trainers go away. That is saying no to enlightenment and is not wise via common sense. Study the psychology that integrates these experiences as normal human experiences that people have been having for millions of years. Transcendental psychology, Carl Jung is a good one, his archetype idea is seems accurate. Learn for artists too, rock stars, read between the lines of the poetry. Scriptures are poetic works of art. They depict the archetypal teachings. Learn who Joseph Campbell is too. He studies the historical perspective. We all go through this hero's journey he talks about, it's a pattern in the psyche.

You will notice us wizards and witches come out of the woodwork to help you at seeming random. When the student is ready, the master appears. We all initiate each other really. I get initiated by kids who have wisdom greater than my own, so am a humble grown up. I never really grow up. I'm still kid energy. We all have different powers to gift each other. In native american traditions these powers were symbolized as animal helpers, they can be gifted to each other. You gift me your psychic power and I gift you mine. Spiritual deal. Don't ever have a single guru psychic reigner, bad, you need to be the one with the reigns. You are like the siddha people, do nothing, follow no one. But observe the magic.

You are being watched btw. I was watching you, before I met you online. I was casting dark energy on you, that is why I got your name. It is usually other psychics looking at you with an inner eye that makes you feel like you are being watched. Its no a lie! You watch others too though. Learn watching. It's evil eye, but you give the energy back with good eye. Fair deal. It just takes some dark scary energy to portal in to get info. Jesus taught good and evil eye. Its found in many cultures. Careful where you look, you have one you know. You can kill dark energies with it though so look wisely. Clean this planet up of bad energies like I do. Join the ranks of earth's energetic janitorial services.

Also from a mental health perspective you are probably schizoaffective, or bi-polar with borderline schizo from the looks off it, not that I am a doc but that is probably what they would call you, and then hook you onto some kind of drug. Don't fear labels, I get paid with mine. I get disability for being schizoaffective myself. Insomnia with visions. Please make a more informed decision than mainstream medical science. You're a shaman. History confirms it. Go with millions of years of history rather than 100 years of cocky "I know best and you better do what I say or your dumb" science. These so called illnesses are simply a spectrum, everybody experiences symptoms of them, even normal so called sane people, it's just a spectrum of how intense or how they affect your life. There is a famous quote that the insane is in the same ocean as the mystic but the mystic learns to swim, mastery in other words. Master it, don't let it master you. Do nothing, master. False prophecies will die in your inner void. True prophecies will become clear.

As for your "hallucinations", sometimes they allude to prophecy, so take note, but detach. Don't let them bother you. Carl Jung saw WWI in vision as blood everywhere before it happened. People dying might be in other realms, or other times, past or future. Time is different on the other side. Not really linear like we normally think. Many entities sap energy by causing people to die, so you may be seeing a daemon do this, it might be using your energy as a battery for this purpose. Common from my experience. Get out of it's hex is my recommendation, by doing nothing. Don't die as a used battery. Get transcendence. Time warps, and other dimensions overlap this one. Most visions I have are simply dimensional mix ups or overlaps. I see into many realms. The more you can see into them the more power you accumulate, more magic. Kinda the opposite of docs and employers that want the visions to go away so you can be a "normal productive part of society". That is not how it was with shamans, people like you were made tribal leaders, not looked down on as crazies. That's after the training period though, get through to some inner guidance.

Also, there is an energy in my lineage who calls herself "Sara" and might be the same one you saw, since we have a psychic connection. Probably sharing the same guide. She tells stories of how she and other's she knew died from what I remember. I just let it all go. Don't follow a trickster into darkness, no matter who they claim to be. Remain detached and transcend the lies.
carriwill in Felt Possessed
Say this loud. Unclean spirit leave this place at once. I command you in by the blood of Jesus Christ... Shout this many times.
TruthSeeker1 in Negative Attachment
Thank you for the advice and explanation, I will look into it.
carriwill in My Lifetime Story
You are in tune picking up on people. You seem to connect and get reading on people. It is gift. You may have some type of spiritual connection to this person.
carriwill in The Rose
The song played because the spirit world knew she was going to pass. Spirits play songs sometimes. Associated to the relatives. It like a message from their world to ours. The song playing was your aunt's song. So the spirit world was warning you of her passing. I get message like that. The spirit world has different kinds of messages. You just have to pay attention.
carriwill in Tough Childhood
I think you are seeing those shadows. They unclean spirits from your mother's drug addictions. These are spirits of that are attached to your mother. Or they got released in the home from her addictions. You happen to see them. I can see the same thing. You have a gift to see unclean spirits. Something brought those spirits into the house. You need to just keep praying out loud. If you need help email me at unofficalpsychicdetective [at]
OK, so I should just wait and see what happens? Guess I have been patient so far. Happy
Hi klamathstorm,

Try not to be worried about the future. Your gift of precognitive dreaming is really meant to be just that - a gift. Knowing the future can help in many ways. I can personally attest to that. You just have to learn to cultivate and control your gift so it's not merely a random phenomenon for you.

And another thing. I would not tell the whole world about your special gift. It's no use. If I were you, I would only tell the people that you feel would benefit from you sharing your glimpses of the future.

I hope it helps.

Boson in The Rose
Hi Shyla,

Thanks for sharing your story. Some people will just have a knowing of an event, either at the same it happens or in the near future. It's called claircognizance. I don't have that ability myself.

She may be your Twin Flame, that would explain the dreams that occurred before you met her. Here is one website that I found that might be helpful Now if you do decide to do some more research on Twin Flames remember that some of the websites aren't always true. So here is a brief description. A twin flame can be a friend, family member, total stranger, or even a romantic Partner. (I lot of sites say that your twin flame is your partner even though that isn't always true) Anyways, this person is a reflection of your soul. You both are one soul, one person, which can give you both abilities to share. Like telepathy, seeing each other memories, having dreams together, etc. If you have any other questions just let me know:D I would be glad to help:). I myself have experience with a twin flame
It sounds like these are memories from your past life/lives. But also possibly, you could be seeing your future.
Peepers1314 in What We Are Inside
Yes I have:). I am glad you commented, and I think you should use your ability to your advantage. Use it to help others to prevent bad things from happening. Also I would encourage meditation, it can help your master your ability and maybe unlock a few others.
Tianna- You are an empath. This has already been discussed.

Spirits are PEOPLE. Real people. Just in spirit body. Likely either your Guardian Angel or a family member or other guide interested in you. Talk to them. High-level guides are always loving and won't try to interfere with your free will. A passed family member is a different situation. They may be confused or just interested... And just want to connect with you.

Treat them as a person. Tell them that if they are a family member, they should go to their spirit home and heal any bad feelings or attachments they have. As they do... They will rise to a new dimension with a nicer home. Many passed spirits stay earthbound either due to emotional attachments to stuff and people on Earth or because they don't like their spirit home. Tell them that they can GROW and EVOLVE and become lighter, happier, and live an AMAZING EXISTENCE as spirit. - but they need to heal any emotional issues they have.

Tell them to read the book... THROUGH THE MISTS... By Robert James Lee. They should be able to read it psychically in a minute or much less - and learn from it that they can GROW and EVOLVE as spirit.

Talk to them. They are either residual thought_forms (Ghosts)... Or REAL PEOPLE in their spirit_bodies after leaving the physical realm. Tell them there are new worlds to explore if they heal themselves. Tell them that IF THEY HEAL THEIR CONCERNS they will graduate to higher and higher levels.

Tell them to ask for an angel to appear (using their heart intent) - or ask for one for them. The angel can tell them how to heal. You can also ask for a NATURAL_LOVE guide to assist them or a DIVINE_LOVE angel. DIVINE_LOVE angels view God as an individual Entity - NATURAL_LOVE Guides think of creator more as a consciousness or energy.

These beings have free-will, so they don't have to leave, but sage and salt can, in fact, be quite effective due to the vibration they emit... Which low-level spirits don't like.

The darker and meaner they are, btw... The WEAKER they are. Don't be scared.

Good Luck!
You are FINE. Smile and enjoy.
The below linked to video by super-psychic Teal Swan explains dimensions. In the 4th and 5th dimension your CURRENT life timeline can be viewed. HOWEVER, due to free will certain big life decisions my switch you to another timeline and the event may not occur. However, given the fact, you are experiencing what you are. There is a very healthy chance it will occur as you see. If you are determined for it NOT to occur, then you can change it.

This universe is free-will. The following video by Teal is very advanced, so I am directing you to the point in it where she briefly explains the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions.

You as a psychic child represent the next evolution of humans. It's a beautiful thing. Don't be scared... And immediately CLEAN UP your eating and drinking if you are experiencing any physical symptoms. There may be FLUORIDE in your water... Which will DESTROY your psychic powers. DRINK CLEAN WATER.

I am middle-aged and superhuman in my own ways. I am an Indigo here to help.

Peace and Love. TINp:)

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