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Universeteachings (guest) in Woman In White With Long Flowing Black Hair
What about you? Have you seen her lately.
Stay determined
Universeteachings (guest) in Woman In White With Long Flowing Black Hair
Hello there fourfox,
I have a question for you... Have you seen her lately?
Stay determined,
I can do the same thing. I know in the spirit realm. It is not right. So try to calm my temper amen
we have the same gift. I am a natural born witch with clairvoyance as well. Maybe you are a witch.
im 14. And I get these things to for example my aunt had a dog and we were going to an event and she was going to bring her dog and I told her not to because I got the feeling that her dog would escape and get hit by a car a few kilometers away and that night we discovered her dog had escaped the dog house (which was very secure) and a week later they found her dog dead on the road 5 kilometers away from the dog house. An other example is once my mom broke her foot and we had to go sleep at my grandmas place cuz we lived upstairs and the whole time we were driving to my grannys place I had an excruciating feeling in my gut (which I get when things are about to go bad) but the closer we got to my grannys place the less I felt it, so we slept and in the morning we went to the hospital and she got a temporary soft cast so we go back to our place and the second my mom got out the car she fell and hurt her foot (which had 4 fractures) and then I try to go unlock the door and I realised I had locked us out of the house (keys were inside and the door was locked). Also when I was younger, everytime I would come back from school I could tell exactly what we were having for supper (even the spices and different veggies) just by smelling from outside. And now I'm 14 and everytime I have a dream I can control every bit of it and I have extremely crisp and clear memories of them, I can even clearly remember dreams I had when I was 4. And I can't heal others but I heal extremely fast, for example in sec 1, I was leaving school and I pushed a door open with my hand and as I did a very sharp 2cm (1 inch) piece of rusty metal pierced through my hand and the cut was deep so 20 minutes later I went to my vice principle and showed her and the wound had already healed and started scabing. Also I cook a lot and I often burn myself on extremely hot metal/glass and every time I don't put it under cold water and it heals and stops hurting in five minutes. I have extremmely good hearing, my bro used to bite his nails and I could hear him even with music blasting super loud in the car and he said he couldn't even hear himself, I can also hear people walking and talking from up to 50 meters away. And the last thing imma say is I feel other peoples emotions extremely strongly. I really take it as a gift because an extremely small percentage of the population have these abilities. Have a nice day:)
artsylemon in Energy Feeling?
if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Allymeddings [at] I check it almost every day so that's a much faster way to contact me.
artsylemon in Energy Feeling 2
if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Allymeddings [at] I check it almost every day so that's a much faster way to contact me.
I am a guide at a metaphysical academy. Every ability works with energy of different wavelengths and spectrums. It vibrates just as sound does and ripples along like water. So yes energy vibrates along the sound spectrum and vice versa. We use different sounds to power up and for such things as healing amongst others. I hope this has helped you.
If you saw blue by neck. It could be sickness coming to you also pray it away
Sonicdude2015 in Aura Experience

In my previous experiences of auras I found that not all of them are the same. In an infinite universe where everything is infinitely unique we have to take into consideration that each of us think and act differently, even evolution has shown that. That's why some psychic stories might be different. However, I will give you some advice, follow your true inner self. There are two sides to your state, good, and bad. Find a balance, and you can find your answer.

Good luck
Universeteachings (guest) in Physic And Spiritual Experinces
Very interesting. If you want to know more of these things and how to see them, I can teach you how to do it.
Step by step, with determination and love.
From the light and darkness.
Universeteachings [at]
Stay determined,
Sounds like you are getting images of this man if you get together. I get images also like that.
You're not crazy at all. There are phases in life where people come and go. Watch this video on youtube, it explains it all. "A reason, a season, a lifetime, people come into your life for a reason."
Can you explain before using sage to clear room? Were you or are you I'll?

Was that room used for Healing?

There seems to be a bit of info missing.

I gave seen energy, in odd form.
First take a breath and relax, you aren't crazy, maybe just overthinking/analyzing.

Twin flame connections in the same physical life time are pretty rare and when they do happen, most have less likely happy outcomes in the same physical lifetime they are reunited. (referring to the runner and chaser dynamic that happens in twin flame relationships).

To me this seems more like a soulmate connection. You have probably had several positive past lives with this guy which is why it made it easier to click with him.

Your visions could be literal in their interpretations. They could also have more to them behind the literal meaning. The visions could reflect the very hopeful love you share for each other.

I would take a break from this questioning and trying to figure out what he is to you and such for now. Give your self a few months (can be wayyy longer) to focus on yourself and bettering yourself to be the best version of you. If this guy is a soulmate, then you will both reenter each other's lives again when both you and him have experienced/cleansed more. Sometimes we just need to cleanse or experience more of our life before we can actually be ready for that intense soulmate connection.

Your feelings are valid, just remember to take a breath and to let the other things in your life take their course before you keep jumping to what's going to take course in your future:)
Tulpa form? What is that? Like in astral projecting? And how many times per day does it happen?
Hi letitgo, are you referring to me? Because I don't mess with the occult, I elliminate all evil threads I get. Demons included...
This may sound harsh but there is no such thing as soulmates or twinflames. You see these are just the creations of weak people to justify their obsessions and wants. More than a few times, I have heard of a person, who uses this as a reason to cheat on someone they have dated or have been married to for years. In the end it results in them destroying the real relation where there was some real love, for a sort term lust filled trip that ends in about three months. This is of course is one example, another fairly common theme is having a lustful desire for someone, if not a full blown obsession, and justifying the obsession to themselves by claiming they are just their "twinflame" and that "twinflame" does not know. These people wallow in their own misery and stock their "twinflames".

I got the sense that it was a father figure protecting you from someone that was trying to harm you. No worries, you do have people looking after you and are safe.
No worries, I did my best to restore whatever was taken from you. Hopefully it helps bring you back to the point before your abilities were taken from you. Happy
I have seen sparking lights before. And lights around people. Auras from time to time. On occasions.
I see colors surrounding people if really look at them. Hard. Blues, greens, yellow, pink.
AriLuna, I started sleeping very peacefully and suddenly I heard a voice telling my to wake up because something was wrong. It was not like a "human voice", more like a voice on my head. I woke up 4 am. I get the same thing. I mans voice will start to yell at me. Your sister life is in danger. The voice yells emergency warning dreams. Medical emergencies. I get an actual voice male that yells at me to do something. The voice is usually screaming at me.
artsylemon in Energy Feeling 2
email me if you have any questions and maybe I could help you-- allymeddings [at]
Hello Ca2016,

Hard to say if it was a dream or not since it has only happened to you once. I can understand that it was a scary dreamy experience for you. Yet, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it happens again. If that's the case, then please write again. Even if it never happens again, you may feel more at peace knowing that you have the power to expel any form of darkness and it's not hard to learn. I protect myself each night just to prevent being disturbed even though it only happens very rarely.

Okay, let me explain something before I answer you're question. Spirit guides or "Guardian Angels", come in various forms, shapes, sized. They are mostly not even "Angels". Heck, someone can have a Demon or Human as there guides. Some people might not even have any, as each spirit can choose to become a Guide, reincarnate, live in the spirit realms'etheric, etc etc. So I can't say for sure, but "Guides" will speak to you constantly, most just never listen.

They are constantly trying to talk to you, and helping to shape you're life & path, many people don't listen, never hear, or just don't notice anything at all. The reason you were able to hear him/her/it/them, was due to you're beginning to develop you're abilities, and being more energetically active.
RockShan (guest) in Is This My Guardian Angel?
There are many forms of "Guides", Spirits, Entitys out there. I don't get a bad feeling from any spirit around you, actually a very loving enviornment, I especially felt the little girl you talked about, and an adult one & along with the male. They are a family, and share bonds with each other.

I don't know why, but soon as I began reading you're story, before getting close to the end. I felt all three spirits enter my room and attempting to relay a message to me, I only got the message from the man that was begging you to forgive him, I had a french soilder flash in my head. I reckon 1509 is the year that it happened, (Most likely killed you in a past life).
Could it be possible you have a spirit that is hanging around you? From what you describe you sound 'sensitive ' and I mean that in the psychic way. Open, or, well able to see things. A spirit can definitely be there, however you could be oblivious to this fact or feeling of a specific entity, meanwhile it's performing tricks on you... Unsettling ones. The deal is to figure out what parts of your gift are you, and what part is being or possibly being manipulated by a malevolent spirit. This is not to scare you, but it is a reality that us sensitives must deal with from time to time. They come upon us unaware... But make themselves known by bizarre and out of character behavior we may be experiencing off and on. We feel scared, unsure and odd. Like some thing is there watching us, waiting to engage... To power through this my advice is to live as good, sincere and honest life as you can and keep working on bettering yourself. Your spiritual side. Find out why you are keyed into this type of awareness... Study, prayer, faith, self reflection and improvement, even at the minuscule amounts. These types of things must reveal themselves for it to be settled. It takes faith to understand, other wise it is just a bunch of bizarre events with which the cause and meaning of are mysterious and unknown. You are being taught wonderful things, through terrifying means. You are open... It doesn't need to be like the latter part. Prayers to your ancestors for help and understanding. As for their help on your behalf... With respect and sincerity... Powerful things can happen...
Of course, these are things I know for myself, work.
I have been besieged before, and caught unaware too. All I can offer is my experience. I wish for you the best... MissC
Universeteachings (guest) in Is This My Guardian Angel?
What does this girl look like? Explain things in full detail in order for me to understand what is going on.
Stay determined,
Universe Teachings
Last night I had a dream that I was dreaming. In that dream there was a dark figure in my room that was attacking me. I knew that I was dreaming and kept trying to wake myself up. But everytime I would wake up in the dream I would fall back asleep almost instantly. I'm just curious to see if anyone can help me understand this. I've never had this kind of dream before. I have had dreams of a dark figure before but this is the first time I've ever had a dream of dreaming.
Hello. It most likely was not your spirit guides. I have not spoken to mine ever, but I have heard that spirit guides do not speak to earthly beings too often. Spirit guides commonly use imagery that you are familiar with in order to communicate. If I were a teacher of some sort, my spirit my use chalkboard imagery in order to relay a message. Your guide might have spoken to you, but it most likely was some other spirit realm being.
Thank you for warning me, Christine and ThulsaDune. I will be very careful.

Carri, I hope everything will be ok.
I also agree with the others that have commented before me. I also know that there is more to the story that you are not telling. We all will try to help and advise you if you let us. Now I wish that people would just believe us and destroy every damned Ouija board in existence. I want you to picture this in your mind. Imagine a pitch black room the size of a football field. Now imagine that room has floors made of glass that you can see through. Now imagine you are standing in the middle and there are 50 floors above you and 50 floors below you. On these floors are people standing like you in the dark. Now imagine there are 1000 of them. They are all groping around in the dark wanting out and into the light. Now imagine you just turned on a lantern in your hand. Now they all see you and have a target to move towards. That target is the Ouija board. You may not see them but they see you and they want out. Do you now understand? Now a Ouija board is a form of a ritual. All rituals and incantations are basically doing the same thing. If you do not believe me keep playing and see what happens. Do not let pier pressure convince you that it is harmless, innocent and fun. Another thing, why do you think the Planchet has a hole in the middle of most of them. It is a small portal. You need to back away from all that you are messing with right now and protect yourself and warn the others.
ThulsaDune in A Death Vision
Well Val, I am going to agree with Christine on your encounter. I specialize in dealing with entities and helping people with them. I sometimes remote view on things going on. Sometimes something will come to me out of the blue without me searching for it. Christine is on the right track with this one. Be very careful and do not engage with this thing or seek to contact it. You are in the first phases of a possible or probable attack. Many entities will come to you innocently and try to gain your trust with helpful friendly contact. They will seek to increase your interest in the supernatural and show you things to get you engaged. It will seem helpful and innocent at first. They especially love to get people to use an Ouija board and give you intimate information to gain your trust. They really love it when they can get you to dabble in the dark arts. I want you to take me serious on this. There is a Heaven and a Hell and a form of limbo, purgatory or whatever name dimensional term people want to give it. There is God and there is a Satan or whatever other term you wish to use.
There are Demons and minions or imps that serve them. I have done battle with them and it is no laughing matter. The know information they should not and will tell you any Lie they need to. They will be very specific and accurate with their information. I have the ability to see through it and have shown their true form to other mediums. In this time and age we are going through the protective veil is weakening and Evil is walking the Earth more and more. You may not believe it but God is your only true protection and faith is your shield. Do not invite the thing into your life. The things I have dealt with would give most people Horrific Nightmares. There is a reason why mankind fears the dark and religions exist. Every religion on Earth describes dark entities, and it isn't by chance. Please leave this thing alone and don't pursue it. I have never and will never take money or personal gain from helping people and have nothing to gain by giving out this kind of knowledge. A true psychic knows that they were given a gift from God to help others and should not demand payment in kind. I give you this warning free of charge. There is a person in your circle holding secrets about there true motives, treat them all with love and kindness and know that they are only human and you can forgive them.
I get messages like that. For reason I will get a man screaming at me. Like your sister life is in danger. Then I get flashes of images of her life. And the man says her life is in danger. Then I get other warning like you get. I get warning dreams of death or sickness that will happen to other people. The shouting man that yelled at me sounded like God or a angel yelling warning to me. My daughter Christina see's the grim reaper when someone dies in my family. The reaper walks through my house the week of the wake and funeral of my family members.
Universeteachings (guest) in A Little Girl In A White Dress
I have destroyed her a long time ago. I posted my story in the website along with other stories, but I believe the admin or the owner of the website does NOT believe in me.
Apologies but she is not a good spirit.
Stay determined.
And yes she is murdered by her mother.
I thought her name is Sapphire.
Any questions?
Contact me,
She could have added a sigil permanetly to your mind unless taken off by my ascended master.
My email is universeteachings [at]
One more thing, if any of you have seen her, its an illusion, ignored it or contact me.
Speaking of that where is she? I know this post was years ago but, I haven't seen her lately... What about you?
Anyone else seen a girl with a white dress and black long hair?
Universeteachings (guest) in The Lonely Pilot
No need to do that, I surggest you contact me at universeteachings [at]
I can help him out by sending him home.
I can even ask my ascended master or guides of mine to pick him real soon.
If you want to know more about me, its in my profile.
Stay determined,
His soul is connected to yours. Soul ties. That is why you are both so close. He does not understand this possibly. Yes that is why he wakes up so tired. All the time.
Hi scaredteengirl01,

It doesn't sound like a spirit guide to me. They only come when called upon and they never instill fear. It's some kind of dark entity. Like Shyla wrote before me, cast out this spirit and cleanse your home. After that, use daily Divine protection and you should be fine.

Hello ngreen,

That was most certainly the aura that you saw. I also see auras in an unusual way, namely with my eyes closed. I sometimes can see auras with my eyes open but it's much more of an effort for me and it may take long time for me. If you have the desire to regain that ability, with some training I believe you will be able to do that again - if that interests you.

Without more information... And this is just my opinion and advice - I think you need to protect yourself asap. I've used the Lord's Prayer, but at least a prayer of whichever faith you follow, along with envisioning White Light & Love, set a firm boundary. They need to leave. You mentioned a ouiji board. Please - Never ever touch it again. You cannot trust them. You also cannot trust either of the spirits or any other spirit that comes attached to them. How are you feeling? Health wise? Evil spirits feed off of people and drain them. They also appear in ways to tug at your heart. Do not fall for this trickery. If they were from your past life, and I don't think they are, they would understand your need to close the spiritual and physical door on them. You need to cleanse yourself, your room, your house with prayer and sage, maybe more. Research different methods and prayers to recite. They need to leave and go back to where they came from. They need to move on to the light. And you can say that to them. Demand it. Protect yourself and your family. Good luck and God Bless. Just stay strong, YOU are in charge, not them.
good and bad is "only human" you can be a good hearted person but do one person wrong and to them you are a bad person...
Guardians don't need to be human, they could also be an animal you've never seen before...
Im not suggesting there is no bad spirits, usually if they was an a$$ or jerk in life they usually continue this into death...

The reason why they hold back is that they don't intentionally want to scare you, the way they interact with their surrounings case our senses to heighten and we have the fear responce of fight or flight...
Imagine if you went up to a child or animal that is freaked out by you, what do you do, you hold back and keep talking to calm them while holding out your hand
christine123 in A Death Vision
Hello Val my name is Christine. I am a spiritualist. It has been a duty of mine to work with people that experience's these kind of spiritual activity. In my life I have dealt with many different spirits and situations with people that are connected with them good and bad. And have helped these people. I believe that you are being bothered by a negative spirit. When this happens it tends to give and show you things you may not be comfortable with. Being a side affect of the spirit lingering around you. I would like to help you with this of course if you want my help my email is. Psychic_spiritualist [at]
I have seen a spirit veil above us. A couple of times. I saw a actual veil above us 3 feet.
I saw my daughter pregnant in a psychic dream. My daugher is 22 and is not dating right. But I know she will get pregnant and have baby after I dreamed that dream.
christine123 in Panic Attack?
I believe that you are spiritually sensitive. From what you told me I feel in my spirit that you are being bothered by a negative spirit. But I also feel your spirit is being affected by this and is trying to tell you. I believe that there is something strong through your family blood line. There is something there I can't point it out because there's not enough information. But if you could tell me details of your family blood line. I could perhaps bring some insight to what your experiencing. You can reply back or email me whatever your comfortable with.
This has happened to me. At first I couldn't see the spirit. But I could hear it speaking in a different language. This would happen every blue moon. Then one night I seen the image it was 2 maybe 3 feet tall it stands on top of you and is all black. It is a evil spirit I being Christian, catholic, rebuked it in the name of Jesus. And kept in prayer some people need help with this sometimes it goes away. It all depends on the situation
ThulsaDune in I Think I Saw My Aura
I am going to drop in here quick and comment.
Not everyone sees the same colours all of the time. Also there is no set colour to mean a certain thing. Many psychics look through a slightly different filter than others. With time you will figure what the colours mean for you. You may interpret them differently than the norm. I see the outline of someones soul as a translucent heat wave about an inch and a half deep around them. Many times it will mix with other colours such as light green or orange or yellow. The colours can also project out farther or come closer around people. Sometimes I pick up colours around inanimate objects. I have the ability to detect blessed and cursed objects and buildings. Every psychic can get different information and learn to interpret that info personally. The gifts you might have will be special to you. Just do not start playing with Ouija boards or spell books or incantations to try and increase or gain power. It is a bad path to follow and you will pay for it later. Take your time, be patient and let things progress. Many times with age things start to gel together.
meltedroses341 in Guardian Angel Experience
Is it possible that a bad spirit can be guarding you? I personally am not afraid of him but I can see him being scary in others eyes. Do they usually wear all black?
meltedroses341 in Guardian Angel Experience
Thank you guys for all of the help, and scaredteengirl01, I hope you get things sorted out. I have also seen many stong spirits in my life, it will get better. Happy
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier in Possible Out-of-body Exit Strategy
Thank you, Boson for your comment.

I have yet to actually leave my body, but I feel that inducing visions is also something worth doing. I have learnt that it's actually good to get out of the body, and whilst out, sit down and chant "Om". It's known to have even more profound experiences by doing as such.

Thanks again for your comment.
holdyourbreath in The Lonely Pilot
Thank you Lauterb, I will try what you have suggested:). This seems very sensible. I am not very skilled with opening and closing myself so I am always worried if I open for someone in particular I could let in someone I also don't want...
next time play the numbers yourself so you don't have to be disappointed in your husband if your vision didn't work for him.
just some thoughts, I know little and less about astral travel. My first impression is that this is so pleasant for you that you want it to last longer. You acknowledge it and go back to sleep. Does this mean you have actually awoken? If so, maybe if you were able to keep yourself awake a bit longer and jot down some quick notes, you might discover more about it. Keep pen and notebook by your bedside, even a word or two could give some insight later when you are fully awake. Meditation is awesome, it clears your mind of noise to allow you to discover purity of thought. Keep it up, some awareness may come to you during this time.
Stormdbahdguy in Is This A Dream?
I was scared a lil bit but I couldn't get up.
Also, I've had sleep paralysis some times but I never felt someone hand on my body.
hi, I have seen the same thing to except it was two people I think I am related to them but just a few days after that police shooting that I saw them and they have not gone away they are still in my mind I don't know am I going crazy or am I have a gift and I haven't realized it please I need answers asap
just pray out loud unclean spirit leave this house at once. Say this "Unclean spirit leave this house at once, in the blood of Jesus." Shout this many times. If the spirit leaves it is a evil spirit. That is how you know. Amen
You have a gift. I am glad your family and friend accept your gift. You have a good family then. Just write your dreams down. And if see if they apply to something on the news. If you become good at it you can warn the people you dream about then.
you saw the boy from the spirit world. You have a gift and are an amazing person. Amen
I can hear voices at night sometimes or curtains will move around. With the window being shut.
Hello The-Astral-Peace-Soldier,

I have had OBE a few times myself. But I personally have never found it more useful that going psychically where I want to go. Yeah, it may be cool to experience to fly in space among the stars and to see yourself from above and such. I have to agree on that. But I much more prefer to be comfortable in my own home to get visions or messages or meet with other beings from all kinds of dimensions.

I am trying to understand something of the same experience. I am feeling the presence of a man that I had an emotionally intimate relationship. He holds my face, kisses me, and rubs my hands. I keep thinking he has passed on, but I cannot find any confirmation of this.

My experiences in the past have been with family, friends and acquaintances who have passed and have come forward to say hello. I have also had relatives come forward that are still alive, but they may come one or two times. This man has been with me for a week, constantly. I don't understand it and would like to. Please respond with any information you may find out.
the being is still talking to me but I don't understard him some one to help me
Dear scaredteengirl01

I suggest you to post your story properly in order not to mix replies and mess up both cases!

Dear meltedroses341

First guardian angel don't have wings this is representation that we created to differenciate in paintings incarnated from not incarnated spirits.
Oija board this is really dangerous since you never know sort of spirits that will answer. You protector spirit is right about it! Most of the time only "bad" spirits will answer since the good ones do play around since they have more important things to do!
You don't need to comunicate with him! If he is really your protector spirit he will tell you nothing, you have your free will and he will not interfere, he is here to help you not do you job or make your choices. Looks you want to cheat in final exams...

From the Spirit's Book by Allan Kardec question 489 to 521

You can free download at:

Guardian - Angels - Protecting, Familiar, and Sympathetic Spirits.

489. Are there spirits who attach themselves to a particular individual, in order to protect and help him?
"Yes, the spirit-brother; what you call the- spirit- protector, or tile good genius."
490. What is to be understood by the expression, "guardian-anger'?
"A spirit-protector of high degree."
491. What is the mission of a spirit- protector?
"That of a father towards his children-to lead the object of his protection into the right road, to aid him with his counsels, to console him in his afflictions, and to sustain his courage under the trials of his earthly life."
492. Is a spirit-protector attached to an individual from his birth?
"From his birth to his death; and he often follows him after death in the spirit-life, and even in several successive corporeal existences; for these existences are hut every short phases of his existence as a spirit."
493. Is the mission of a spirit-protector voluntary or obligatory?
"Your spirit-protector is obliged to watch over you, because he has accepted that task; but a spirit is allowed to choose his ward among the beings who are sympathetic to him. In some cases this office is a pleasure; in others, it is a mission or a duty."
In attaching himself to a person, is a spirit obliged to refrain from Protecting other individuals?
"No; but he does so less exclusively."
494. Is the spirit-protector indissolubly attached to the person confided to his guardianship?
"It often happens that spirits quit their position in order to fulfil various missions; but, in that case, an exchange...
scaredteengirl01 in Guardian Angel Experience
but he also sits and begs for me for some reason to forgive him
I get scared too when I see these thing. When I see these strange things I start to pray.
Blessedblonde in Things Happening To Me
Started hearing a ringing noise in my dream, as it got higher and progressed, it developed into my real life. I woke up fast when actually hearing this piercing ringing noise. When I opened my eyes it was like I was frozen for a few seconds with my eyes open. I was laying on my side in my pitch black room on my bed. In my view, I saw a black shadow of someone, possibly a man, walking over to me on my bed, it looked like he had his hands over my ears for a second, then he started walking back, started to walk halfway around the other side of my bed, but then went back toward the door. He walked very slowly. When he got back to the door, I gained the ability to move back and quickly flung on my lights next to my bed. I felt their was an actual man in my room. When my lights went on there was nothing. Now I am in shock, heart can't stop racing, and I can't sleep. What does this mean? Am I being haunted? What do I do? Please help
RockShan (guest) in The Tunnel Between Life
Thank You Lauterb, but I have already looked into Spiritism, and it does not appearl too me, nor do the books. Sorry.: (
Hello Poqits,
I agree with some of the other posters on the comments section. If you have a gift and it breaks through or activates it will never totally go away. You can learn to detune it with practice. It is kind of like the effect you get when you turn a light or fan up and down with a dimmer switch. They are never totally off, but just dimmer or slower and then brighter or faster. My own gifts seemed like a curse to me at first when they broke through. Mine started as a young child and scared me to death and my parents convinced me it was just childhood fears. They and I did not understand at the time. I managed to block them out for awhile until I hit puberty. Then all hell broke loose and I could not stop it. Finally my mom admitted to me that some people in my family on her side also had gifts, but hoped I wouldn't. At about the age of 14 I finally figured out how to control it. I got better and stronger with my control as I aged. I promise with time and acceptance it will get better for you. Don't I repeat do not try to ignore it away. That will not work, I tried and it got worse. For me, I grew up in a staunch Christian family and learned how to balance it in seclusion. I prayed a lot, read a lot, and studied all religions intensely. I took the commonalities from all of them and formed my own path. Here is a very simple concept or base line. Everyone experiences things on their own and must process them however they can and maintain balance in their own sanity. If something does harm you, stop doing it. If something scares you to death, don't ignore it. Deal with it or lean on someone else to help you deal with it. Do not seek the Dark Arts or commune with those spirits or entities. Evil is real and will find any method to hurt and destroy us if we let it. A Soul tether is dangerous and balance can not be maintained. One will consume the other or the weak one can fall prey to possession by a dark entity. First the tether must be broken by any means necessary and the two can not come in contact with each other again ever. Do not seek this other person, but have some one pray for her. People do not like to hear me say this or always agree, but Christ or God is our only true protection from Evil. There is balance in everything in existence and it will try to re-balance. Good and Evil stay in balance until some one or something tries to tip the scales. God will always triumph over Evil. I had a known Satanist throw everything he had at me and could not understand why or how I was protected from his onslaught. He told me to my face what he had tried to do and that it did not work.
Here is my summary. You need to immerse yourself into Christianity right now. This is for your protection. Your link mate is being attacked right now because she is the weaker of you two and is more easily attacked and easier to manipulate. You need to find a way to break your concentration and thoughts of her. You need to learn to turn inward into yourself and meditate on your own mind and body and become aware of it's systems Then find a quiet spot in nature and ground yourself. Close your eyes and concentrate on Nature around you and really listen. Then concentrate on God the creator and ask him to protect you. You need to let go of the other person and let someone else help her.
scaredteengirl01 in Guardian Angel Experience
but he sits there and begs me to forgive him for doing something wrong and I think he thinks i'm is master or something
I don't actually have control over how I go into a trance it just kind of happens. I have also seen a fizzy shadow man with a top hat in a twilight dimension, he stood over my bed one night and looked at me. I tried to kick him but it was if he was really far away yet at the same time very close to me, what was weird was, when I kicked him, my leg was also made of the same shadowy substance as his body. Also for some reason, in that dimension my furniture wasn't all in the same place, it was like my room had been swapped to the opposite side, as if I was In a symetrical reflection of my room
but I don't know how to comunicate with him but he can draw for some reason and all he says is 1505 that's all he says I have tried telling him that evil spirts are not welcomed here and he said I 1505 1505 I don't know what this means help
[at] scaredteengirl01 I believe that you saying that he waits for you to let him in is another sign that he is a negative being. You have to allow negative beings in, that is the only way that they can harm you. So, you letting him in is allowing him to have access to manipulating you. I am just getting the feeling that he is not a good being. Especially if he carries a scythe with him.
It does sound like an evil spirit might be messing with you, but it also kind of sounds like astral projection, in a way. If it happens again with the same spirit, make it clear (or at least attempt to) that you do not welcome any negative spirits, and try to ward them off somehow.
scaredteengirl01 in Guardian Angel Experience
well the reason I was scared was because it was because I was trying to figure out if I was going crazy or I was just tired but he has a syth but every time he comes to me he drops his syth and waits for me to let him in but I don't know what he wants
[at] scaredteengirl01
Listen if he gives you terror, if you automatically get scared when he shows up, he is lying. Spirits can pretend, and sometimes they can do well at acting friendly when they are not. He is tricking you and will hurt you if you don't find a way to make him leave. Please, I feel that he is dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt.
scaredteengirl01 in Guardian Angel Experience
But I have never seen something that is scary looking an be so kind but he come as if he needs some thing he looks at me with a help look on his face
[at] scaredteengirl01
This being does not sound safe, it sounds like a threat. If you feel afraid around this being, stay away. Keep away, and try to ward it off from you. This being could be a demon or some other negative being.
RoxoraHope in Is This A Dream?
It sounds very much like maybe this old woman could have had something to do with it. What feelings did you receive when you saw this woman? If they were bad, maybe it was her.
Also, this sounds a little like sleep paralysis. Not being able to move, nor speak, are symptoms of sleep paralysis.
scaredteengirl01 in Guardian Angel Experience
can some on help me with this thing that I saw last night I will tell you what I saw last night I saw a shadowy figure and he could touch me and I could touch him but when he came closer I screamed an the figure said do be scared my friend I am not going to hurt you and I am very scared not sure what to do I can understand him but he is not a ghost or human please help am I being haunted the figure looked like a reaper but of age 15 is what he look liked please help me Scared
LadyWonder in Another Premonition
Well I sent my husband to play them and he did it as powerball. If he would have played cash three or cash two we would have won. Thats why I put him in the doggy house for the night. Lol Happy
When you fall asleep there are stages. Google rem sleep Wikipedia.
You are describing, the 3rd eye chakra opens to see the mental and etheric plane to see spiders and snake. The reality is they share this space.

You are one of the few that work on the 5th plane as you describe working to help him. All this is as real as the Physical world we walk through during the day.

If you want more info just put your questions on your thread or you can email me.
Universeteachings (guest) in Guardian Angel Experience
I could try to help you how to communicate with him, but this might take a while. Contact me at universeteachings [at]
If you want me how to teach you how to communicate with him.
Stay determined,
Dear RockShan

You are a medium now question is what to do with your mediumship!

You can use for good to help other spirits (incarnated or not) but you must study about a go to right place that can really help you educate your mediumship and use for good!

In case you are really interested I suggest you to read 2 books free download at:

And find a s spiritist center near you


Good study!
This happens to me too. I see those white or better transparent lines everytime I concentrate or see my self in the mirror. I see them on other people sometimes. I believe that thay are the first layer of aura. Smile
lauterb in The Lonely Pilot
Dear holdyourbreath

If you are willing t help this spirit, this is what you have to do next time you meet him you will use as a base the medical protocol to tell a familiy that the her beloved one died in the hospital and will adapt to his situation as per below.

You will gently will talk with him and you will ask some questions:
- first tell he is among a god people that understand his situation and want to help him
- ask when was the last time he eat, probaby he will not remember or he will tell something like yesterday
- ask when was the last time he sleep, same as above
- how did he come/arrive to that place, probaby he will not remember or tell that someone brought him there
- what is his last memory, probaby he will not remember or that he was flying
- if he believes in God and Jesus, in positive case you will reinforce this is the most important thing in our lives!
- if he believes in life after death of the body, he probably will answer based on his believe, don't worry continue the conversation
- His body was "created" by his father and mother and he knows that one day will end.
- His soul his spirit was created by God and and is imortal, his body is a clothes when become old you will live behind and get a new one to continue your journey
At this point you will tell him to look at himself and you will say that he is not in a good shape that he needs a hospital and if he don't mind to pray together with you and you pray for help for intervention of good spirits to come to you and rescue him.
The rest will happen without your help.
After pray you thank all help you both received and wish to him prompt recover.
Myy daughter Christina saw the same thing. Snake crawling on her. Hundreds of them. Spiders. And strange things. Bugs. Crawling all over the room. I had to pray over her a lot and I took her to doctor. But found out later she was getting possessed. I prayed over her daily. She had done some Wicca love spells and then all that happened to her. And I prayed it away.
not sure just be careful. Pray if you get into trouble. Pray out loud if you see something scary.
I would try it why not. Go with the numbers you are dreaming of.
See what happens.
Hi Maggie88,
I have been off this site for about 2 years and have been busy helping people in my area. Tonight after around 2 years I got a message from my inner voice telling me that I need to reactivate my account and get back on this site. My strengths are dealing with and identifying dark forces and tortured souls. I don't get into specifics with people but warn them of dangers that they might be mistakenly drawn towards. You have my sympathy with what you are going through. In the past I dealt with a woman who was being tortured by night terrors. She would wake up paralyzed wide awake and unable to scream or move. She told me she felt an unmistakable weight pushing her down and walking up her body and she could not see anything. Her husband was sleeping right next to her and was unaffected. It terrified her to no end. It got bad enough that she left the room and slept in another room of the house by herself with her cat and the door locked. She went to neuro specialists and and doctors and only got excuses. Eventually they convinced her that it was a form of a chemical imbalance and disconnect that happened in her brain when she went to sleep at night. I believe it is possible for some people to have issues like this, but it stopped when she moved from that room and that house. It never happened to her again. I asked her to try it and see if it made a difference for her. Luckily it did in her case. I had a vision that there was a cursed object in that house under her bedroom floor. I was not able to go and search for it, but I am sure I could find it if I was allowed to.
This is just one situation some one else had and I am not saying that this is yours. You state that you have had a vivid imagination for a long time. My advice to you is to do a source of self help and separate out the multiple issues by starting a journal for your dual lives. You are dealing with an inner turmoil of your own and an external one with your everyday life. Some people have a brain system where the conscious and subconscious parts of their brain try to function at the same time, and start a war with each other. You need to have a dream journal by your bed to put down your experiences right away after they happen and then close it and go back to sleep. This will help in two ways. It will help you realize that you are dreaming or not and if it is an awake or asleep experience. Some peoples dreams are so vivid that they can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
Write in your regular journal some time in the day, but never in the evening before bed.
I myself have a note book to right down images I see when I close my eyes and start to go to bed. Sometimes in that relaxed state as soon as my eyes close I get flooded with faces and images that don't make sense until later in the future. For many psychics their so to speak third eye is opened in that state just before sleep or in a trance state in between conscious and subconscious. If you are worried about a problem or issue right before bed sometimes your subconscious brain will try to solve it and cause problems.
A word of caution to anyone trying to seek images or information from beyond the veil. Some people can actually see into the other dimension and sometimes they open themselves up to being seen and followed by other things in that dimension. Some entities can take the form of our worst fears and use it to gain control over us. Some psychics start out as children and are ill equipped to deal with it. People need to deal with their children's fears and support them and comfort them in any way possible. Some fears have substance to them, such as shadow people, and minions and demons. Although children are protected from harm from Demons and minions they still could possibly see visions of scary things and their imaginations could get the best of them.
Keep us involved with your experiences and maybe we can help you make sense of them along with your doctors. Many times there are multiple issues all at once.
Just know that you are not alone in this and that you are not crazy. Many westerners do not deal with spirituality very well in our Society.
you are picking up on missing child. Abduction. You have a gift.
I'm sorry about what your seeing... It sounds very frightening

I think your making the right desision by seeking help

And if your on here seeing if your psychic... Well maybe one can have health issues of any sort and still be psychic, but I do encourage you keep seeking the help your getting

Also no judgment but sympathy... My family has many health issues including mental, so I'm quit glad your doing what you need to take care of yourself (sadly many of my family Dose dose not seek this help, equally sad many were told it was their imagination so they didn't get the help needed at such a young age)

Best wishes and luck to you Love Smile
I also have simular expirience like this but one night (3 days ago) I was seeing many more than usual. I tried warding them off but that did not work. The weird part of this is that I woke up with a scratch on my chin. I don't know how that happened. But that being said do not pay attention to them.
GBMsurvivor in It Had To Be A Sign
To the respondents to my story. I'm very sorry that I failed to get back to this web site after all this time. Depression and brain damage are my go-to excuses. You've each provided interesting and supportive remarks that I greatly appreciate.
The aura I saw around my wife to be is the only aura I've ever seen.
I have things like that happen to me. Electronic short out. My microwave died, My washing machine shorted out. My furnace would not work. I have seen orbs flying around.
lauterb in Loss Of Ability
Dear Pbarilla101

Pse find below transcript from The Medium's Book from Allan Kardec about your question in chapter XVII item 220.

You can free download this book at this link:

Loss and Suspension of Medianimity.
220. The medianimic faculty is subject to intermittence and temporary suspension, both as regards writing and all other modes of spirit-manifestation. In regard to this subject the questions addressed by us to spirits have elicited the following replies: -
1. Can the medianimic faculty be lost?
"That often happens, whatever may be the specialty of the faculty; but the interruption is more frequently of short duration, and ceases with the cause that produced it."
2. Is that cause the exhaustion of the medium's fluid?
"Whatever may be the faculty possessed by a medium he can do nothing without the sympathetic concurrence of' spirits; when he obtains nothing, it is not always his faculty that is at fault, for it often happens that spirits will not, or cannot, make use of him."
3. What are the causes that lead spirits to abandon a medium?
"Good spirits are mainly influenced, in regard to a medium, by the use he makes of his faculty. We abandon the medium who uses his faculty for frivolities, or for the furtherance of ambitious designs, or if he refuses the exercise of his faculty for the convincing of those who seek his aid, or who need to witness our manifestations in order to acquire...

Good reading!
Synergy (guest) in Finally Admitting This
Hi Leonn,

Thanks for the reply. I have actually read both books mentioned by Allan Kardec and they helped immensely! I am continuously seeking knowledge in this so I am fully equipped to do whatever it is I am supposed to do with these gifts. Thank you!
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier in Possible Out-of-body Exit Strategy
Thank you for your comment, lauterb.

Although I do believe that the authors I referred to do not necessarily cover the basics of safety (and protection, that may be necessary to some people), they have mentioned in their lectures that they have been at the same point that I have; the only difference is that they made headway due to regular practice, whereas I haven't. With regards to the links you've posted, I've learned that mediums only get a back seat view from what we all have a birthright to. We all have the potential to astral project and if you truly know there is no danger, then there is none. It doesn't work like that here on the physical I know, unless you practice at such an intense and powerful way, but "up there", knowing is everything to you and your safety because at the end of the day, humans, angels, demons etc. We're all the same; consciousness.

I'm really looking for insight into hypnogogic imagery and sleep paralysis.

I will consider the information you have provided though. Again, thank you for the comment.
Dear Sinergy

You are a medium, good for you! Question now is what to do with your mediumship!

The concept of medium is you are an intermediate between spiritual and material world. That is exactly what you have done in all situations you mentioned!

Purpose is to help spirits (incarnated or not)! Why you have this gift, easy you asked for it! This is to help you direct your efforts and attention to spiritual world.

How do you think to use it?

I would strongly suggest to study 2 books for start (free download at):

I don't know if in Virgin Islands you have a Spiritist Center based on the book from Allan Kardec, if you have go there for guidance, if not I suggest to study and don't make midiumship exercises alone!

Good study!

Search this site: