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if how you typed this is accurate, then, I would say that the woman is actually on your side. Typically if something bad is trying to harm you, or feed off of your energy, they don't want to be discovered. A typical "haunting" is hardly ever just that. If there is something making its presence known and being negative in ways which seem to directly have a negative impact on you, then I would assume there is much more to the story. You've perhaps offended it somehow. The more you believe it has control over you, the more it will. They must defeat you mentally first. Let's say you're highly attuned and perceptive based on you, and how you are, for whatever reason. But your mind is weak, and feel as if you are overwhelmed/vulnerable and incapable of protecting yourself. You have just become any parasitic type of energy creatures target. As you recall your sleep paralysis, the woman was across the room. That immediately tells me that she is not the culprit, she may have been under attack just as you. You said she was trying speak but couldnt. I've had sleep paralysis in multiple occassions. It's not a comfortable feeling at all. It can be terrifying. So I feel for you there. But, it's important that you're honest with yourself. Don't over-hype things, under play other things. Perhaps when your dog left the first few times you were thinking "i hope he doesn't leave, and that he stays to protect me". But keep in mind that you're saying this with an assumed high probability that he will, which the dog could interpret as you wanting him to, or not wanting him there. I'm not saying there wasn't anything opening your door and saying there wasn't something which made the dog uncomfortable. But if your train of thought had anything to do with the dog leaving you to the wolves, I would say that's why that happened. Since you are potentially capable of such influence, I would start testing this and keep an open mind on your intention no matter what you're thinking. No you didn't intend the dog to leave, but you had already believe and assumed it was just going to happen. Once it became a common thing, it was that much more believable making it inevitable without immediate influence. I don't want you to do anything you don't want, but there is no harm in building mental strength. Some people have great influence and that influence is sometimes shown immediately. Others, it takes a while. Nonetheless I believe this is a skill which can be learned. The saying, "you get what you give" speaks of this directly. Every cliche of how important belief is, it's in like every movie. It's almost patronizing at this point, lol.

Looking back at your instances, would you say the more you wanted her gone, the worse things got, sometimes? If yes, then I could see how that might make you think she's the culprit. But again, you refusing her is pushing her help away, maybe. Giving her less strenght to defend you, while giving whatever it is that seems to dislike you, more strength because you want her gone because you're afraid of and tired of feeling like your spirit is under attack. This is also why being honest with yourself, and truthful, is so important. If youre not exactly sure what is doing what, don't point fingers, don't jump to conclusions, and don't give up on yourself. Don't just assume you're unlucky and bumped into the wrong ghoul. Build your mind, see the influence you have, whole heartedly ask for help, from righteous source, and accept it. Be sure youre clear about the source of help youre trying to acquire. Based on some things I have heard, you don't want to be in debt to the wrong being. That's what I would do. Just know that its been this long, and it seems to only get worse as you become more and more uneasy about the events and your tolerance dwindles. This strongly suggests, in my opinion, that you are providing them access by believing you are vulnerable to everything so easily. But I assure you, if your mind is strong enough you see that which most cant, you are in fact one of the least vulnerable, and most capable. Without understanding that you are desirable you become a ripe orange all juicy and plump. Ill try to follow your thread/responses the best I can.
Hi there,

I had a similar experience and I'm so glad you shared your story! Years ago, I was engaged but we would argue all the time. When we broke up, he would prank call my house, tried to sue me, show up at my house at odd hours, etc. I was just starting a new job and was really stressed out about everything. I was at the end of my wits. I prayed a lot for the madness to stop.

Suddenly one day, a giant snake appeared. It was staring at me in the high up stance. At first I didn't see it because I sat with my back facing it and was on the phone. I looked back and it just stared at me. I remembered slowly walking away. As I looked back the snake was gone.

From that day on and for about 6 months, random animals would come up to me. Birds would just be a few inches from me, one even tried to drag a piece of bread laying next to me. After the ex stopped bothering me, the animals, including the snakes, stopped coming toward me. I thought I was seeing things but my friends and family confirmed it too.

It's weird though. The snakes I encountered are the big ones that attack but for some reason they never attacked but just stayed there long enough for me to see them and then disappeared.
[at] AnneV: Thank you for your insight. I am still trying to cope with it. I'm just wondering what needs to be done to prevent further damage to my life.
[at] Xarath: Does the spirit belong to him and got passed onto me? What needs to be done?
[at] Mystique33: I finally had a chance to read The 48 Laws of Power:Law 10. I understand it now. But is it too late to turn the situation around?
[at] Pennies4U: What do you mean visual a healing for him? Do I also google the prayer and do I need to use anything else while I'm saying the prayer?
I have a rough description of what you say you are experience, I have an idea of what you're trying to describe but, I couldn't say for certain I am picturing what you're describing. With that said, I see odd colors / shapes and have noticed light shifts, not just light, all my senses seem to have suddenly immediately changed. Like sometimes it seems that no noise is loud enough, tv, music, etc, others too loud is easily achieved. This is exampled by my TV and computer and phone volume level, and how well my baby stays asleep! I've had all my senses change their, what I can only depict as their (their referring my senses) perception even when just sitting still. But I have also had it while driving and moving like I just went to another dimension. But I also do see lights and etc... Can you describe those better?
Yes, this is something I've been experiencing too. There are many different variations to these seemingly "invisible" anomoly. Sometimes I can see what I can only describe as like cloaking from the movie "predator" but way less blatant and many shapes and sizes. It also seems as if I can see this through things. As if its piercing all physical/material depending on viewer perspective. I see this move. I have seen this crawl on my bed, approach me, etc. Many many different experiences. Some terrifying, some comforting. State of mind seemed to play how I perceived it. Perhaps state of mind influences every aspect, I am still working out why when where how what. There is a weird energy that you can feel and can almost move it, especially around your own body. Sometimes I am able to make it feel like this energy is crawling on me, giving me goosebumps to the specific spot of my body I'm directing through thought. It's not like all my hairs stand up. It's more like a wave in which I steer. I have had more than one going at once.

For those trying to see or even start to study what is mentioned by the OP and myself, try to look at everything you see as a whole. Like a page on a piece of paper, and then focus to off focus them the same way you look at those optical illusions you can only see when you go "cross eyes but really, you don't need to go cross eyed. You do this. You will see an entirely different world and this energy you will see pop up just like those illusions... Literally everything can and will pop out.
you may be clairaudient. I have had very similar experiences to yours
I have this and then some. It is literally everywhere I look. It's even on my TV on any paused channel. I can take a picture of a white wall, and find this. Amongst alien faces, I see dragons, hellish looking things, and many other creatures I shouldn't even list. The most common ones are very distinguishable. I have noticed there seem to be about 4 different types of dragons. And about 10 different faces of each. It's so easy to depict and their traits are so consistent amongst each other I could name them. It's ridiculous. I will rarely see the same face in the same spot tomorrow as seen today. But I may see that same face somewhere else. Maybe many places in one day. It's almost like they are calling out to me as if there is something I am supposed to understand. It seems as if the alien faces at least, are multi-dimensional. Not extra. Extra suggest travel between. Multi is being in both simultaneously and perhaps at more than one spot, like a room full of mirrors. This goes for a few of those hellish creatures as well. It's fascinating, and I know it's not just something I've never noticed. I have always always had an open mind. It is most definitely becoming more frequent. I see it in the trashcan, food, clothing, furniture, nature and even in my iris, and any other iris. They are not manipulating these things physically, they are manipulating wavelength to be reimagined and pop-out. There is much I could discuss on this topic alone.
It's definately possible to influence the weather, although I am not certain that you are personally in control.

It is possible that your thoughts are being read or your actions are being monitored by a black market corporation or foreign government or your own government and the actual manipulation of the weather is affected by the entity that has the actual ability to influence the weather.

It's easy to assume that there is no middleman and that you are affecting the weather yourself through some kind of magic ability. I'm not saying that magic is impossible, but it's also possible that there is some larger organization involved.

I have also affected the weather. For example, by getting angry and saying something insultory which caused an immediate gust storm, or recollecting a child in the news that was killed accidently, immediately causing the sky to open with a flash downpour, or by saying the name of God and causing the clouds to immediately part blanketing the desert with a flood of brilliant sunshine on a dark day.

Also, I spoke the words aloud while driving through New Mexico after about an hour of silence, saying, "she's a devout convert to Protestantism", referring to America, and in less than 1 second, my radio blared an alarm sound and the announcer said: "this is a message from the emergency broadcast system, this is not a test. A severe thunderstorm alert has just been issued for Randall County, Texas by the National Weather Service. Expect flooding and hail the size of quarters".

So again, it's definately possible to affect the weather, but I think it is probably an illusion if you think that you are actually affecting the weather on a large scale by yourself.

The only explanation other than a secret corporation or government agency is some kind of magical power or an act of God. I guess you can decide what you think is most probable.
[at] Drstee I'll have to actually disagree with you! Marijuana (without any additional substance) is a natural herb that can in fact intensify your senses and allow you to be able to get more intuned and focus within another realm. Unfortunately so many people have such a bad stigma on the herb when in fact it contributes to the physical health in human in so many different ways.

[at] SarahMaster28 I do believe those are your spirit/guides and communicating with you. Especially if they are your ancestors/relatives that have passed on. It actually makes them very excited to know that you hear them and acknowledge that they are there. I had a similar situation happen this past January when my sister passed away that I will share one day on here. I really enjoyed your story
I wouldn't trust anything on the TV to prove or disprove anything. There are several possibilities, the least likely of which is a precognition of what was going to occur.

First of of consider that digital techology, including the TV operates at the speed of light, so information can travel back and forth to the broadcaster content provider within milliseconds, faster than your brain can perceive.

Also consider that there are enormous amounts of money, on the scale of hundreds of billions of dollars, controlled by the corporations you interact with on the TV and they are extremely sophisticated.

I'd think the most probable explaination of what is occurring is that the content provider is uploading information to you telepathically a few seconds before the broadcast appears on your TV. This could be accomplished with a technological device in your area that is monitoring not just you, but your entire regional consumer market. There could also be a co-located telepath that is working for the corporate broadcaster.

Any telepathic upload could precede what is broadcast, and the broadcaster would retain control of the content of the broadcast.

It is also possible that you are a target for mind-reading, be it telepathic or technologically accomplished, in which case the broadcaster may be interested in you personally, and could be monitoring your thoughts and reactions for entertainment or financial gain or they mayor they may perceive you as a threat. In that case your thoughts and reactions could be influencing the broadcast, under the direction and control of the broadcaster. If you do have pyschic abilities, that may have got the broadcaster's attention.

The final possibility is that your thoughts are precognative, and the broadcaster is not engaging in any shenanegans. This is definately possible, but unlikely most of the time.

Again, I wouldn't trust anything on the TV. I can react with the TV as well, and have done so so frequently that the broadcaster has stopped perpetrating the illusion and speaks candidly to me without the farce of one-way information exchange.

In this way I can basically tune in to whoever I want and have conversations with the people on the TV. Instead of reading my thoughts as in the past, I can ask the people on the TV direct questions and receive direct answers to my questions in real time. This is probably accomplished with artificial intelligence and cgi along with computer generated voice, because most of the time the people that I have conversations are government officials or foreign heads of state and are probably not available to speak live most of the time. The other options to cgi is human clones or imposters or people wearing mission impossible masks.

So again, there are lots of possibilities, including precognition, but it is more likely that you are actually interacting with a sophisticated corporate broadcaster operating at the speed of light through the IP address of your television and what you are perceiving is an intentionally engineered illusion.
Is it external? What I hear sounds external mostly but internally it's not loud. I'm confused.
Also can psychics follow your location and make you feel overly anxious or a sense of impending doom? Are telepaths able to hurt or induce pain by thinking of cartoon characters and violence? Can they hear foreigners thoughts in pure American accents and see mouths move in synch to it? I need the reassurance. The thoughts I hear are persecuting me and highly negative.
I need help. Is it normal to hear people's thoughts in certain areas or locations? I'm confused because I've been hearing thoughts only when I'm at my house with the t.v, running water, and fan on. I've driven to various locations and it's not as bad because the volume of the thoughts is lessened or I don't hear anything... As if it's breaking up. They keep telling me I'm psychic but I believe I have Schizophrenia. They command me to get off my medications and sometimes I feel mind controlled because I'll have intense anxiety at night aside with intrusive thoughts. Plus, feeling sexual bodily sensations or emotions that aren't mine. I'm rather confused as to why this is happening to me. How do you know you are psychic? Do you have a gut feeling or just know? I was overly paranoid, depressed, and anxious as a child to present. How can one differentiate between a mental illness and psychic ability? I hallucinated the first time I got hit with other's thoughts. What is going on?
Hi, reading your post in my opinion I think you need to see a Doctor, the event that surrounds the voices in your head and the way you explained it seems a lil bit creepy... Smoking Marijauna in most cases triggers acoustic Hallucination, wish might be what you experienced (the fact that the voices talk to each other sometimes, or make random comments)
Hello Panthalassa, the buzzing is an angels way of downloading sending information your way, often heard through one ear or both but not the same as ear ringing, have you seen sparkles around different colors? Someone touching your scalp or putting slight pressure to your chest?, angels are showing themselves as small sparkly orbs and when they are near you can feel like someone is touching your scalp with a feather or a big hug on one of your shoulders.

As you are describing this person/entity, probebly something there in the background, id say this thing is trying to connect with you, nightmares and uncomfortable dreams may be a sign that this entity is not there for your well being, seems like it wants to frighten you more than anything else, doesn't matter if its a demon or a regular spirit, we spirits can be as bad as the other ones, I think its a person and probebly got some ego issues and need to get a steady source of energy which is extreme emotions such as lust, fear, negative thoughts and so on...

Break away from even slightly trying to communicate with this, and get busy with something such as a hobbie and it will eventually move away from you, and you can ask your guardian/angel to block this entity from affecting you until you feel you are stable and balanced.

When you happen to see an angel orb that is kind of flashy and got pronounced colors such as yellow, blue, white, ask them to help you out abit until you get on your feet.

Hope this will help:)
And if you got any questions just send me a reply;)
I have more to add. My son has said he's been seeing shadowy figures a lot, not just the one time.

Sometimes people (such as my mom) mention a future event involving my husband and I get a jolt/shock in my stomach and a voice in my head says "Well that's not going to happen".

I've been feeling mysterious random pains in my neck/shoulder/left arm.

Today, a bird flew into the window while I wasn't home, just my husband with the kids.

I've been getting headaches a lot, where my head feels fuzzy and my ears are ringing, or a specific almost stabbing pain on the left side of my head above my ear.
J9 in Empath
Hi Priaa,

I strongly recommend the book in the link below. It has helped me so much. Be Well.


You could be correct about your husband but only time will tell. Have you encouraged him to go get a check up? Is the Will for both of you drawn up? We are all going to pass so you're correct on some level. All any of us can do about our death or others is to be as good a human as we can be. Almost none of us know when our time is coming or that of another. This is a great example of living in the moment and letting anger and grudges go. What if today is any of our last day? Let's do it right and make our time matter in the best possible way.

Thanks for sharing.
If there is any truth to parallel dimensions, you are probably experiencing that. Notice the central theme around sleep? When coming in or out of sleep (the hypnogogic or hypnopompic states) our personal frequencies are broadened. This means we can perceive a greater bandwidth of perceptions. I can hear voices, radio stations and experience beings that I normally can't see. Though you are fully away and feeling those things around your bed, you'll still entering a heightened frequency. The frozen state is the catatonic state and is what I associate with pre astral projection. There is more information on that on my sister site to this one

I personally would be unnerved by those people in my room but you seem to roll with it quite well!:-)

HoldYourBreath: Sadly there is no way to message on this sight.
But if you have kik or Skype, we can message on that. Both are very easy to download.
We are all spirit with a soul and that 'being' can transcend time and space. It's not weird, it just is. Our bodies are filters and that is commonly lifted, or at least thinned, while we sleep, which is often when premonitions occur. Since we all have some psychic ability, we will all at some point in our life, if even a hunch or gut feeling, experience a form of precognition. Part of a spirit having a human life.

Thanks for sharing,
I have always been a man of reason only, and this reality, and considered all supernatural stuff some insane mumbo-jumbo of weird crazy people, until my vision. It scared the shiat out of me, and I started googling and found this board. I was in a form of extreme a**hole-me, that I rarely am in reality, you know, the petty little shiat, who blames everybody else for his own mistakes and problems, does bad things to others and doesn't care a bit. It was night, and I was there in my normal clothes, and holy shiat, shivers are still going down my spine just thinking about it. It was my height, about 6foot2, completely black cloaked figure with ever changing black fractal-shapes that I only saw on the sides of the cloak, because night sky was lighter, that cloak has zero-reflection. It was in human figure, barely, only general shape and those bright yellow eyes could have been human-like, and pitch-black fractal cloak, that only showed because of the background. No human thought or feeling or emotion, good or evil or anything, it felt like it took this shape just for fun, for show. It stood in front of me, and shook my hand, even if it didn't have any, and I didn't feel anything, but I knew it. I have never seen anything so scary in my whole life, and I made peace or deal with it, whatever that handshake meant, greetings? I keep daily journal, craziest thing is I only remembered this whole thing a day after it happened, that is what my brain tell me, I thought I wrote about it, and checked, there was nothing written, but the memory was there of this being, and it told me I saw it yesterday, and it was not a dream. I have been questioning my sanity for some time after this, but psychologist-friend told me I am sane generally, and there is no rational explanation for that. Maybe something from collective unconscious of humanity, I don't have a clue. One of those things you will never forget in your lifetime.
YumeShinigami, thanks for the reply, I am interested in trying to help but a very apprehensive person when it comes to giving personal info... Is there a way to chat private through this site?
Willowraven I would be very interested to hear experiences from you... Or even a few details of how often this happens to you? Do you notice if there are any major factors with how clear your information is? I suspect diet is big for me on how clearly I receive info.
[at] gthlvrmx I did actually speak with her about four months after, but unfortunately I forgot to mention it to her. I said when I speak with her again I would. Although this may seem odd to others, if in fact I do have guardians, which I believe I do and they are there to protect me from evil people/spirits I actually don't mind if they do cause any harm to someone who is trying to harm me.
Willowraven: Can you connect in other ways other then just photos?
I am a medium. I know how that feels. I can communicate via a photo of a dead person.
Hello! I understand the feeling of being an empath, as I am one myself, where everything seems overwhelming and it's hard to tell what feelings are yours and what are other people's. There is a way to block that out! It is called shielding. I have heard different versions of it, you can look it all up. There are support groups and forums kind of like this specifically for empaths. The version of shielding I remember the most is to imagine a bright white light around you. Imagine it is radiating a shield around you and make the conscious decision to not let anyone else's feelings get to you. Shielding is quite literal and self explanatory. You just imagine you have a shield of light around you.
Good luck and I hope you avoid becoming overwhelmed in the future.
<3, Serenity
Welcome to Empathy. I find this story more interesting because most of the people I see posting on here only deal with the beginning steps of Empathy, mental. The second stage I call physical Empathy, and as you described you can physically feel someone else's pain. If you're this old and haven't felt it before that could mean you've naturally done like myself and haven't been connecting to random people. That leads to an empathic overload and typically burns them out. First step would be to learn how to control connections that you make, you don't want to make connections with random people, in this case it was your father so it makes sense, you'll probably start making connection with the people you really care for or love, typically a partner. I've gone through the same thing as you, and how mine started was with someone I really cared for, the bad side is I've felt a lot of things I wouldn't typically want to feel. It can be painful, at the same time though it's helped in helping other people, saved lives, so it's not all bad. Now once you've worked on connections you can, simply put, transfer the bad energy from them (that's the pain you feel, you're taking part of their pain away, their negative energy) and replace it with your own good energy. Now if you're not really trying to feel them, it'll normally only last about 5 minutes for you, since you were there next to the person you were trying to help, that didn't really help you not feel it, but you don't have to be next to the person you're trying to help. Depending on your strength you can do this from miles, to thousands of miles away. I'd go look into Empathy more, start there, and if you have any other questions you can shoot me an E-mail. This is actually something I've very familiar with since I started out in the same kind of boat, and don't feel bad I had no idea what it was, how I was doing it, or anything about it. It was only when I was drawn to someone, and we talked that I learned all about it.
~ Lyro
Headaches are normal actually, think of it like your body isn't used to things that you're doing. Once it gets more used to it, the headaches will pass. It's like going to work out, your muscles will be sore and ache the next day, but then the next time you go to work out, you'll be able to do more with no pain. You're stretching a different kind of muscle, but same concept. I've known people, as well as myself had dreams that have come true. It depends on how you think of time. There is no real past or present, only moments of time that have happened, and have yet to happen. Normally we're drawn to events that will affect us personally, or will cause almost a ripple of emotional energy that we feel coming. Since it's a moment of time, it's already essentially happened, just at a different moment in time. If you try to think about it too much it'll make your head hurt. The easiest way to think of it would be like waves, what caused the wave will vary, but instead of waiting to get on the other side we're peering through the wave itself, it's already happening at that moment, just a little down the way.
~ Lyro
Do you know anything more about what she looks like? Can you describe her? Also first step is to be calm, don't let your fears haunt you. If you're seeing things, and have things around you, then there will be a reason for it, even if you don't know what that reason is yet. We can talk more if you want to E-mail me, it's listed in my profile page.
~ Lyro
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Okay that's fine. Though it would be easier. Do you have kik? My email is LiliRee [at]
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Dondamious, I sent a message to your mailing address. Check and see if you have received.
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I don't have skype. Give me your email. I can communicate through your mail.
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Okay well I have Skype. If you have Skype message me. YumeShinigami.
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Okay.I can help you with what you want if it is under my capabilities.
Hi Praveen,
Do you provide Reading service at cost? If yes, please contact me via email. My email is:
1234zacky1234 (at) gmail (dot) com
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No, no job, just need help with something. Been looking for answers and stuff, need a helping hand badly.
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Yes. I am at your service. Are you talking about offering a job?
What you have done is to open up your third eye. For some people it occurs if they have a NDE (Near Death Experience). It was different for me as I was born with the ability. Example I watched my dad leave my mother when I was five. I said to her quite calmly. "I'm never going to see him again am I?" And it came true. Apparently years later I found that he did try to contact me afterwards, but my relatives decided as mum was happy in her new life. They wouldn't let him know where we had gone.

Since then if I get these 'premonitions' I mainly keep them to myself as if people think you can do this, it goes two ways either 'funny farm' and you are having hallucinations. Or worst you become the Funfair medium in which you are asked to perform like a seal all the time. The thing is. If I am reading your story right. It is uncontrollable. It happens all the time. And by and large you tend to ignore it.

It could be two things. One: there is a spiritual guide that is communicating with you. Perhaps a departed love one and letting you know when an important event in your life occurs. Or it could just be the next stage of evolution for us as human beings. Whichever way you look at it. Find people who know about this and have a word with them. My turning point was when a friend took me to see a medium for fun and she actually said "Why are you coming to see me you are psychic and you know it." Keep in touch tell us what you find out.
YumeShinigami in My Psychic Life Part 3
I'M looking for a medium. Been looking for awhile now. If interested reply back.
Priaa in Empath
Hey Burton... Thanks a lot for your inputs... I too have the same feelings... Suddenly I feel so happy for no reason... And then suddenly I feel depressed... I realised I feel peaceful when I am close to nature... I tend to avoid crowds... I visualize things I wish to see... But I never had any clarity about the same... I started feeling that my overly emotional being is something no one can handle and so I started avoiding people in a deeper sense... What scares me is my emotions and feelings are just too deep for anyone... I will surely try to meditate and see if I can improve...
Burton in Empath
Hello Priaa! I am an empath. I spent many years during my younger life not being able to understand all the emotions I was feeling when around some people, friends and family members. One moment I would feel happy and energetic but then suddenly feel depressed and tired when some people came around me. I instantly feel emotions that people near me are feeling. All these feelings and emotions caused me much pain and suffering, and also made me confused because I did not understand where it was all coming from. One day I stumbled on a web site that talked about empathic people and all the different ways we can be affected, depending on our sensitivity to other people's emotions.

It is really good that you sense you may be empathic. The best thing you can do is learn all about it. There is a lot of good information on the Internet that will help you, but be careful because there is also information that is misleading. Let your intuition tell you what to believe or not believe. Once you understand what type of Empath you may be, then you will feel a lot better because you will know why you are feeling things around some people, and you can tell yourself that you are feeling emotions from others, and can just let go of them if you want. Understanding that you are an Empath brings much relief and freedom!

Meditate and go inside. This will help you understand all the feelings and emotions, and where they come from. I do this often to release all the emotions I manage to accumulate during the day - they are not my emotions so I let them go!

I wish you well in your learning about Empath's.
[at] special
Hi all it's good I found this website and similar people with same experiences. Thankfully I am not alone. My experience is so similar with that of described by Special. I see random faces of people aged between 40-60 with no emotions not happy niether sad they don't scare they just look at me they are still. My dad passed away 4 years ago his face was first I started seeing when I was closing my eyes or when I was relaxed. Now it makes sense to me they are spirits who are trying to contact to us who want us to know something that they couldn't tell this world before leaving I would suggest try to communicate and ask them in your mind to tell you information in your dreams (in dreams it doesn't look scary) I am sure they will communicate back to you. My dad did with me in my dreams on my request. It happens to people who are angels or spiritual in nature with different energy and attitude and some sixths sense or third eye opened. ❤ ❤
It's a long story and quite personal sorry, but if you consider yourself a medium, I would love to talk to you.:) I have had this username for awhile. It's kind of old.:/
Your not crazy. I've seen different types of shadow figures since I was a child. And a lot of strange things. Even encountered a legendary ghost at the hospital my mother works at. I'm not sure if you have Christian beliefs but it does help. You will adapt to it it will get easier. And you will have periods in your life of peace. Keep the faith
DOdotdub1980 in Dark Figure
They always seem to stick around during times of anxiety misery and tension. Maybe something's bugging you you're not looking closely enough into. Besides that keep the faith with the Catholic Church. And Hold your head up. Things always could be worse
Hi YumeShinigami, what is you seek in a medium? Interesting user name you have...;)
I'm looking for a medium. Been looking for awhile now. Reply back if interested.:)
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I'm looking for a medium. Been looking for awhile now. Reply back if interested.
Thank you for sharing leopardbaby! Your post made me feel so much better in the way I am not the only one experiencing these things while feeling lack of guidance.
I have the exact questions as you do... Are these things shown to me for a reason so I may make change, or is it just energy impressions with information left by an event that are picked up by us? I know some of my information comes direct from spirits and I know the difference between that an energy from an event but are those spirits meant to relay that info so we may make change on this plane of existence?
I guess the reason it is so hard to find people who have the same gifts and developed to the same level may be because they choose not to tell people like you mentioned, I know I keep almost everything to myself besides on this site and with my husband.
I would also like to hear more about your experiences:)
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Normally for a youth in a home is covered under an umbrella by the adults. In your situation the activity of adults left you susceptible to the intruder who has been oppressing you.

Without taking a peek it seems to be a disparate soul trying to hitchhike a ride through you.

I commend you for prodding your way through.

There are a couple of ways to extract it. Can you Google Spirit release byDavidFurlong.?
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Hi AngelOfToday,

Here is is a webpage with 2 links that might be helpful:

Everyone has at least 1 guardian angel behind their right shoulder that is an Archangel Michael angel. You can call him "Michael" if you want and they will respond to that name, or any name you choose to give them really. They don't mind, they are there to help. Look through the webpage links I gave you to go through and find the the Michael Invocations and try them out and the White Light Shields as well. The invocations are a request to your guardian angel (who is Archangel Michael) to get rid of any negative entities that may be attached to your energy or the energy of any place you mention like your home or workplace. Things that can be removed or crossed over to Heaven by your guardian angel include ghosts as well. If you have any questions, I recommend you send an email to the angel lady-Ama Nazra. I hope that helps.
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A guardian angel or protector are present 24/7. Normally when we. Create a sacred space in meditation we are able to clear our emotions and quiet the chatter of our mind. Each guardian is unique in communication. It is not telepathy from you to the guardian. Most find they are subtle hints or cues. So you would learn to read the signs or impressions. Signs like feathers crossing your path when you need assurance etc.

Please bear in mind we make our own
Choices. If we listen to our own
Intuition or our Higher self.
Then your guardian (aka Angel). Will do their job. They do not do
Things to hurt us.

Google Incubus-Wikipedia.

Re the book of Enoch the Angels matted with woman before the flood. It was a different dispensation.
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Any peaceful music as long as it sounds melodious and beautiful. I prefer classic music and movie soundtrack.
Thanks for your input. That sounds very interesting. What type of music do you listen to during using the board? To calm down or uplift your mind? What I was taught by Swami at Rishikesh while I travelled in India long time ago is recommendation to sit and meditate in quiet situation...
Hi Mystique33,

Did you ever go back to the psychic or reader that told you you had creatures as guardians? Did you go back to that person and ask them to be more specific about your "guardians" and whether they are in spirit form or in physical form?

Yes, protective and guardian type of beings that we have can sometimes manifest themselves as physical beings for short periods of time, but they don't always do that. Everyone has at least 1 guardian angel behind their right shoulder that is an Archangel Michael angel (so from that group of angels). That guardian angel does no harm to anyone and not even to themselves and they do not ever leave you side until you cross over to Heaven. Some other angels and guides or animal totems can act like protectors at times I guess (I have heard of someone's animal totem being protective), but again, they don't do harm in order to be protective. Why should they? If they are almighty and all knowing high-up there white light Godly beings (point is, if they are positive helpful spirits or entities/beings), they won't cause harm to anyone. I wouldn't trust having around any entity that would kill someone else just to protect me, that's definitely not an angel, a guardian angel, a spirit guide, or an animal totem. It's not from the other side (Heaven, whatever you want to call it) if it would do that and I'd get rid of it if I were you or get rid of any misinformation you have about guardian beings. And yes, even some beings like fairies or gnomes can become protective as well of humans, but not all of them have gone through the process of becoming a spirit guide and some of them are just regular nature spirits and can pack quite a punch, when poked in the wrong way.
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The Goddess is pretty much like God or Mother Nature to most. She created all. I'm not sure what to say about her. She has a wonderful aura if you ever wanted to try reaching out to her. Honestly, I didn't pray at all. I assumed (bad thing to do) that my mom would protect me since she was the one who could see spirits when she was alive.

I will try and watch out now. I don't want anything attaching itself to me.
Hi there,
I liked your post. Its the first time I read a Live example of an Empath. So, with the details you have provided its clear that you are an Empath, which is a good thing. You might want tl try reading the below article;

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Hello Sunshine_Taylor I would love to talk to you. Been looking for a medium for awhile now.
St Michael Archangel short and long version~for a prayer.

I sympathize with your dads illness.

A possible choice is to lift him up in prayer or visualize healing on him. One of 2 things can occurs. Healing or understanding his journey.
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Hi dondamious,

No, I don't do meditation at all. But I listen to lots of music.

Thank you for your insight. I'm just so discouraged about this situation. Even if I left him, my dad's health will not get back to the previous state. I just want things to go back to the way they were
[at] Xarath thank you I sure will. I really appreciate the help. I have so many questions

You're welcome, I'm happy to help. If you need anymore help, without having to wait into your story is approved you may contact me at shanon.beck [at] or shanon. Beck19 on Skype.
[at] kubbybear01 to piggyback off of Xarath he in fact may have brought you bad luck. If you are an empath and sensitive to others energies what they are going through can possibly be projected on you. In the book The 48 Laws of Power:Law 10 it speaks of avoiding the unhappy and unlucky and how others problems can be infectious. If you get a chance read it, it may bring some enlightenment
[at] Xarath thank you so much for the clarification. Is so refreshing to be able to have others like yourself go more into details on this matter. I feel privileged to have whatever type of creature/entity choose me to protect. After my reading with this young lady it made some sense of maybe why I had them protecting me. Not to go into too much details but when you have jealous and envious people around you... And I'm talking even about family members that literally try and kill your spirit such protection is needed. It's like even when I was a child there was always a light in me that I recognized and I'm sure others did as well so the attach of these negative energies literally came from when I was born.
[at] Pennies4U yes I am very grateful for who or what the Creator has assigned to me. My life has not been easy to say the least but it seems as though I always come out on top.
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Hello Ladsmom, As noted by babayag trolls are certainly a thing in the spiritual realms. Everyone can achieve this kind of sight but your Child seems to be a natural at it, in terms of the dark-shadow figures, these are not inherently "Evil", many shadow-lookg beings, demons or other entities are certainly good, just as not all light beings are "Good", if the entity has not, and does not attack him than It's best to leave the entity as is.
What needs to be understood whenever dealing with "Guardians", is that they are not assigned, they choose you to protect for a variety of reasons. Not everyone has a Guardian, I have met many people that do not, or some people that their Guardian died in their present form and reincarnated which made them not have a guardian anymore of course. I should also note there can be cases in which someone has two or more Guardians. These are not limited to Angels, Creatures, or Humans. These can be any of the hundreds of thousands of entities that existence across every plane. Demons, Fallen Angels, Angels, Ghouls, Foxes, Humans, on and on.

I wouldn't say it's special to have a animal as a guardian but It is most certainly rare.
Protectors who resemble animal~human.
Have a variation of movement/time and strength superior to humans. I think we should be grateful that creator has allowed
These celestial beings to walk with us.

I saw and felt love, energy emanate from Protector. It was so beautiful and my mortal words fail to describe her beauty. It amounted to unconditional love I felt.

You bring to mind that it was recorded in the book of Ezekiel.
There were beings that protected the Ark of the covenant.
With this being said I can see the reasoning of words spoken by the psychic.

Is there a specific prayer I should say to Michael Archangel? Also, what does "open and close down. Plus ground" mean?

My apologies, I'm new at this. Thank you so much!
Thank you Pennies4U!
I am aware of guardian angels and ancestors but never before actual creatures. I wonder why some would come in that form?
Hi Eposey, I would love to help you out with what you are currently experiences. In relation to the first women you witnessed, I have seen a "Spirit" that matches the exact description, and still see her quite a lot. I might be able to provide information about her to you, if It is the same Spirit.

Infact your experiences sound vividly like many I have been having for my entire life, especially beginning in late 2016 that I plan on writing about on here. I also feel guided towards what many consider "Darkness", I was told information about what this means by another entity that I spoke to.

If you would like to contact me shoot me a message at shanon.beck1 [at] or shanon. Beck19 on Skype.
Hi eposey,

I suggest you talk to my good fried Ama Nazra about this and share this story to her. You might have ghosts around you and you might be a medium. She can help, google search for her.
[at] gthlvrmx Hello, I read your email and replied:) Thank you.
Hi Panthalassa,

I read your story and I am going to send you an email on the email you have listed on your account page.
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That's so werid I can sometimes make trees move in the wind or in small gust same with the candles I can make the flame flicker a little what is this someone please inbox me
I would use fasting & prayer and ask Michael Archangel To help. Open and close down. Plus ground.

Take a spiritual bath-hyssop/rue 2 pinches add sea salt with baking soda 1/2 cup.

Do a limpia-Egg cleansing 2-3 times a week. Follow instructions and dispose of contents away from home.
Curandera's do this to break hex/curse/un-cross/evil eye. Clean home with pine sol. Floors and handels. Some of this is from a well know Curandera in Austin Texas.

Lastly open windows, smudge sage and rue. Google directions.
Picture a vortex of energy from creator protecting you and cleaning the home. Send love and light to dense energies and imagine they in turn transform into a butterfly or a beautiful light. Lower energies only thrive on fear/anger/gloom/hate. They do not stay around when there is nothing to feed on.

Continue each day with a thankful heart and words. Despite all scenarios.

I was told by a well known spiritualist in UK that the deceased do not incarnate immediately. The soul is in reflection.
I personally only experienced family returning to earth plane after several years. But each of us needs to question and obtain confirmation.

On the brighter side once you are feeling well. You may find this trial was a learning experience.

You sound as like an enlightened soul. Thank u for sharing.

If want any more feed back please leave question or email me. U clicking on user name.
Wow it sounds like you have had a very special experience indeed. I would say that this man is almost definitely a "soul mate" to you and that most likely your meeting one another and having the experiences you have had with one another in this life (so far at least) was something that the two of you planned before either of you was born. This is why there is that destiny or fate feeling element to your meeting and experiences togehter. Without weighing into any debate about twin flames (do they exist, if so what are they, etc...) it is my belief that there are people we are instantly familiar with, who shape and alter our lives in some significant way who we just seem to be destined to meet and I would call those people "soul mates" and often there is an important lesson to learn through them and then they are gone. Meaning we are only meant to have them in our lives for a certain amount of time to learn something and then we move on. Then it seems that, in this life, some people find their very special "twin flame" soul mate or other half, whatever you want to call it- another soul who "completes" them in a sense and they can go on to have a very special, lifelong relationship together (although most often this does not happen right away after the first meeting with them). I admire your attitude, I think it is the right one to have, and certainly says that you are ready to have the experience of your twin flame coming into your life. One thing I read in reference to twin flames once has always rang true to me for some reason is "your twin flame will never lead you into infidelity, they won't "take" you from or have any part of you hurting someone else or break up a current relationship. They will continue on their own life journey, and accept that when the time is right, you will be together if that is what is meant to be in this life"
Hello ToilTrouble,
You can never lose your gift, infact we all are psychics, some just are able from the start to communicate see and interact with spirits, for some its just practice that's needed and for some they don't want to believe in this stuff.

If you want to remember something, you can do some meditation and figure out what it is that is causing these nightmares, and I agree with the previous comment, its a scare tactic for many negative Entities/Spirits to mess around, don't be afraid of these low types of spirits, some do this to get energy off of you so do not get caught up in their bullying, just try to shut them out and not listen in on them if they talk to you, if you can see any flashy orbs or sparkly lights around then don't worry its just your guides/angel guides that is around you,

if you can't help but getting caught up in the chaos of these spirits that is messing with you, then you tell them to back off and you can ask your guide to block their energy so you can recouperate until you feel more stable, also if you got a nice hobby engage in it and try not to think too much of their prescence, because they will look for a way to keep scaring until they notice that you won't budge anymore, do not be afraid, you have your own protection and if you need some help with reinforcing that you can ask your guide/angel guide to enforce that protection.

I hope this will help you:)
1. You are not crazy, the scenarios you describe happen to other people too, possibly everyone has such experiences tho there seems to be only a few of us who are "sensitive" or paying attention enough to really take notice of these "coincidences" on a regular basis.
2. Its cool that you and your seem to have that telepathic/6th sense link where you naturally "sense" eachother's energy. This is frequently the case with the people we are closest to. I think everyone has this ability tho again not everyone is able to consciously register such experiences, at least not regularly. Also it seems that this link is stronger with some of our loved ones than others, for example you notice this strong ESP connection with your current boyfriend but perhaps you haven't noticed it much or at all with other people in your life who you also share a close emotional bond with. In my experience, the people that we have an obvious, strong ESP connection to are people who also have heightened abilities, whether they know it or not, so the connection goes both ways and is therefore stronger.
3. It is interesting that you said that its the seemingly "random" things or "things you just blurt out" that seem to "come true". I think what you are referring to is the things that just come to you when you are say daydreaming or "spacing out" i.e. Letting your mind wander, not thinking about anything concrete in particular. It is interesting because again, this is similar to my personal experience and the experiences of many others who are psychic. What is going on here is that when you "daydream", space out, or whatever you want to call it, your brain switches from its normal, conscious, aware brain wave state which consists primarily of alpha waves (pattern observed on EEG) to a predominantly theta wave state. The theta wave state seems to be particularly attuned to all kinds of psychic or ESP information and many mediums and psychics (almost all that have come across or read about) describe getting themselves into a theta wave state when they receive their psychic information, channel spirit, etc.
4. Don't feel guilty, you did not cause any of the events you "predicted" and you most certainly had absolutely nothing to do with your loved one's passing. You are sensitive and you picked up on the energy that was there in the days/weeks/moments ahead of these events but that does not mean you caused them or that you could have done anything to prevent or change them. I suspect that if there was something you could have done for your loved one, that you would have had the premonition come to you much more strongly, clearly and with a sense of urgency to intervene rather than a vague awareness on feeling that they will pass soon.

ANyway, good luck to you, I hope some of that helps to reassure you at least. You have a gift and I hope you continue to develop it and it serves you well in life.
A Spirit calling you in her voice (Assuming It's a Spirit), does not indicate danger. What many do not understand about Spirits is that some just like to mess with people in way's that would freak them out, these are normally the "Ghost's" of someone that has passed, but has not reincarnated yet.

It is most certainly not a Demon, despite common belief Demon's tend to ignore Human's quite a bit, and not all of them are "Evil", as Demon's are simply a species, they are not "Spirit's" they can die, and turn into a ghost of a Demon, but would normally reincarnate instantiously. Same goes with Angel's just another species, and not all "Good". I should also indicate that same goes with almost all mythological creatures, or species.

I would say just ignore It if you are freaked out, if you see a Spirit infront of you, do not run. This is very important, do not run. Just listen if It is talking, or watch If it is watching you.
I meant God might be trying to get your attention;3 btw, if you feel you have a demon around you, pray to God for cleansing, ask for forgiveness on your sins and go to a preist if you feel you need to talk to experienced person about this kind of stuff.
Three isn't a mocking of tye trinity but six is. You may not believe this but that might've been trying to get your attention... I kid you not. God has done things in near unexplainable ways to reach out to people in the past, and three is a sacred number it is the trinity of God the father, the son and the holy spirit. Six is the mocking of Christ and means the sign of the Devil in the form of a triple six. You should pay attention and note if anything changes also, simply pray to God openly and genuinly about this. Tell him that you are ready to listen and really mean it. I mean well, good luck and I will pray over ya. You don't have to make a big hoopla when you pray, just get somewhere comfey and alone like your bedroom or comfort zone.
ThatOneWeirdo in Unleash My Sons
Get a preist involved for if this spirit feels malicious it may be a demon, especially if it's causing discomfort and personal harm! You should always refere back to a church that has teachings of God and Christ, I'm sorry if you don't believe in God as a whole but trust me. Praying to God about your troubles openly and willingly to the exsistence of God and his miracles will help. God will send those spirits away, through brute force or by sending a follower of his to pray for you and or with you, God knows all but know this; he won't do as you demand him to, it's in God's will and kindness to help those in need so just ask. If you get no answer keep asking, mean what you say. You don't have to scream to the heavens for God just praying and talking to him is just fine, just be genuine.:) Seriously God wants to help you, he doesn't control what evil goes on in this world today but he will heal and fix your woes if you simply and sincerly ask him.
My feeling about what happened is that you have been very busy in your dreams. There's a lot that you're experiencing and doing, perhaps helping others. Your guide was calling you back to your physical state. If you're feeling tired, then ask your guide to stay in your body and not travel around so much so you can get a good night sleep. Hope that helps.
Hi Starboy12

You're grandmother is right there with you. Take a moment to acknowledge her prescence in your life and let her know that you appreciate and look forward to her continued guidance to help you and your father. The lady bug is a symbol to let you know she's there. Look for these things and also in dreams as proof that she is there to help you on your journey. I understand you are trying to get your Dad to wake up and live his life. Please be sure that you do this yourself. When we take care of others, we have a tendency to neglect ourselves. It's hard to put yourself first sometimes, but your able to help others when you are strong. Take time to do something that makes happy each day, no matter how small.

Best wishes!
Awesome! I've got this same thing ^^ I call my voice "te advisor" and another phenomenon I experience is Suzan, the "ahem", tickling ghost/spirit... Maybe a familiar idk. *cough* I can't tell if I willed suzan to be a reality so much that she is real to my brain and body or if what she told my mind just now and said no she wasn't... Or if that's something odd going on. *shrugs* Seriously though, my advisor tells me the results of certain actions, things I might say or do. Like let's say I wonder if I would ask for change or money from a family member and he'd say "yes they'll say yes". Yep a male voice, Suzan is a female and such. They've never felt threatening and Suzan prefers to comfort or be nosey at times especially when I'm in a good, happy mood. Tickling, yes tickling! I've tried soooooo many times to convince myself that it's my nerves or my bladder or schizophrenia ya know? I remember one time I was being "teased" and such on my bed and whilist laying there I started having doubts that it was really another being so interested in doing this and making me feel loved but I was essentially questioning her and the tickling simmered down while she listened but as soon as I was saying "how could you like and want to touch someone like me?" The tickling in immediate response hit my abdomen hard, like I almost couldn't contain my laughter hard. XD I put such a face for it makes me smile thinking about that for some reason.:) Demon or guardian? I have no clue but she's so darned caring like a big sister too much to be a demon! I know they deceive but still! She's just so comforting. Watcha make of this?
I know exactly what this is: you're an empath. I am too one & starting having experiences in my teenager years. Now, I'll think of something and I will count down until what I think happens (in 3, 2, 1...). Unfortunately I can't journal what I think because what I think or say happens immediately. For example, it was raining one day last week and I mentioned I needed to move my car before a tree branch fell on it & within two seconds a branch fell in our backyard. Research "empathy tests" & take one. Let me know your results.
1). Yes he may of brought badluck, if so this sounds like a curse forced upon him, probably by a low-class Witch, in other words someone that has just begun. Whenever you accepted his marriage proposal te curse transfered to you as well.
2). Very doubtful the only posibility is to break the curse.
3). Chances are his Mother is reincarnated by now, very doubtful she could be causing such a thing.

Okay, allow me to weigh in my solution to this problem, do not do a "cleanse" of the house, this is a fraudalent activity, that bears no useful results. It would only make It worse if It's a spirit, as they would see It as mocking them.

I am using a method called Projection to gather information about the situation, I have confirmed It is caused by a form of spirit, these are parasites, but the problem is this one is very advanced. I attempted to remove It, but If it is on your parents than there is multiple of them which is usualy the case with these entities.

I would like to further talk about this information via chat messages, you can add me on skype at shanon.beck19, or we can just talk on here.

How do I do a cleansing of the home and property?

Your input would greatly be appreciated. Thank you
Xarath in Unleash My Sons
Hi! Don't worry this is something that can be fixed, but this sounds like a fairly complicated situation, sense both of your Son's are having similar issues It is clear It is a bloodline trait passed down, most likely due to an ancestor making a awful mistake long ago.

I have projected to your location, allow me to explain. Projection is the act of moving ones energy around someone, or inside of someone to gather information about a given spirit or event. I did this into your mind. Forgive me if I am wrong but did someone die when they were about eight years old, or a Child die recently? Because I had a vivid image of a Child in a Suite as if at a funeral, He looked about eight years old, white skin, black hair.

The vivid image was located in a drive with trees on one side, smaller bushes on the other going around a house, that had porch with stairs going off to the side, and a silver car in the drive way. The kid was infront of the car. Does any of this sound familiar? The figure, and another that was inside of the image seems to be related to what you are going through.

I would like to have easier contact with you if you get this, I can reply here again if you would like, or you can add me at shanon. Beck19 on skype, along with message me at shanon.beck1 [at]
The teaching in UK is we all have a guardian.

I can not confirm that individuals are special when they have a guardian who is a creature.

I have seen my guardian. She is creature who also looks like a small human, yet like a owl. And protected me.

My husbands I have seen his. Which had protected him against chemicals. He should be dead.

Both of us had suffered at the hands of injustice. But I believe if you do right people suffer. So I am unsure if the psychic meant 24/7?
Hi Tara2191,

I don't think you're nuts, I think it's great that your psychic and mediumship gifts are developing and opening up. Do you meditate? That might help your gifts grow more as well and give you some peace as a bonus.

My life path number or name number (correct me if I am wrong on the terms, I don't look into numerology like I used to) is also 11. I got 11 for the main things on numerology and it matches me:psychic, inuitive, creative. It was funny when I explained this in my english class, my friend next to me had a receipt that was $11 and she said the number 11 follows her around... Turns out her numerology number was 11 as well. What are the odds.;)
Hi Minty12,

You sound like a medium and your gifts are opening up again like they were when you were younger. I highly recommend you learn basic psychic protection, grounding, centering, meditation, clearing your space and energy (the invocations do this for you actually), and what to do with excess energy or stagnant energy you may have at times before practicing your gifts. I can tell you the Michael Invocation, White Light Shields, several dark colored crystals, and some lighter colored crystals like lapis lazuli and amethyst can be helpful with psychic protection. White sage is also good for clearing spaces, but it doesn't cross over any ghosts.

If you ever notice a ghost around, (or if you're unsure and you're like me and rather be safe than sorry) just ask your guardian angel (or Archangel Michael, or whatever name you call your guardian by) to find the ghost and take them into healing. The sentence goes something like this:

"Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost that is near me and TAKE it into healing."

You can change the wording to fit the situation but keep the words "find" and "take". I would especially do something like that for whatever entity bruised you, it's obviously not friendly. Spirits from heaven never do harm.

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