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I don't think you are so much possessed by these evil spirits, but harassed by them. You know they are bad, you can feel when they are affecting you, like your dreams etc,. The way I have found that worked for me, (and I know from personal experience, that this type of harassment is the worst) was to develop my own spirituality stronger. That meant my belief system. Also prayer. I also took a long hard look at how I was living, and what it is I might be doing that attracted, and kept them to me. What kind of behaviors was I doing that these things liked? And when I looked at myself long and hard, I found some areas I needed to change for the better. Some way I was allowing them authority. What could be that? Evil. What evil was I doing? It could be anything of a moral character that you may not be living up to. I'm only giving you what worked for me. It was pure hell. I asked forgiveness of my sins, and asked for help in being made aware of my behaviors that may be attracting and keeping these evil things around me. And I was shown areas of my life I needed to work on, and they stopped having the ability to do as they please and left. They creep back once in a while when I'm not doing right. But they leave as soon as I rectify what it is I'm doing that is opening up to them.
Forgive me, I am just confused. So it is a dark entity pursuing me? What exactly does that mean?
You may wish to try a homeopathy like pulsatilla it helps with changes in female Teens.
I had this same confusion and state of not understanding as you. I am clairvoyant. I go to bed some nights, and let's say I dream of a purple and green polka dotted sock on a set of carpeted stairs, okay? Well... I wake up the next morning and go to a friend's house; what do you know? The same sick is there! I once dreamed of my sister getting locked out of the house months before it actually happened! This has been going on since I was a little girl and got more dramatic when my grandmother fell ill. I went to see her in the hospital, and I had an "experience" without even being asleep. I knew that she was going to die before it happened, and there was nothing that I could do about it. A week later, she died of an aneurism. It's been two years since then and my abilities have quieted down quite a bit.

I inquired a friend about my troubles when I heard that she had night-terrors. She has always dreamed of how, when, and where someone is going to die. Apparently, the trait has been passed down amongst her family members for generations. They call it a blessing from God. And the group of people "blessed" with the ability are the most precious children of God.

Or Guardian Angels.

Now, I know what you are thinking: that is some severe bull crap; I thought the same when I had first heard about it. But that all changed a few days ago.

Recently, my "gift" has come back. It's been little things so far, but I am worried that I may see a future that I do not wish to see. I met up with my friend again and she brought her other friend with her. She was also clairvoyant, but she could see past events whereas my friend and I could see future events (my friend's ability so far only being limited to death).

Apparently, Guardian Angels can not see the future or past of other Guardian Angels; another interesting fact I learned in our session along with some very grave information.

Changing the future comes with a large price. A very heavy payload. My friend recently lengthened the life-span of someone that she had met around a month ago. Now, she is ill. Very ill.

I didn't think anything of it until recently, of course. Once, I had changed the future that I saw. I got pneumonia and a two week hospital visit.

Guardian Angels are like the living dead. We see things we want to prevent, but sometimes, there is nothing that we can do about it.

My friend has known of her best friend's death for a long while. (This best friend obviously not me). According to her visions, she is going to die sometime within the next year or two. Her mother may die in the next few months, or maybe in the next few years. It is near impossible to get an exact estimate since clairvoyancy is a fickle "gift".

Point is, there is nothing that she can do to warn them. Every time she has tried, the universe has prevented her from doing it. Another thing is that if she tried to tell, they may try to change their own future and wind up with a worse fate.

According to her ancestors, Guardian Angels are the only ones who can change the fates that they see.

The issue with this is that the universe wants to prevent this. Some measures are necessary so as to not create a paradox, others can be surpassed with great difficulty. The consequences for doing these things are great, and they may result in the clairvoyant one's own death.

They call this a blessing from God, but my friend and I both believe that this is a curse.

We don't want to see our loved ones die over and over and over again! So we will try our best to stop it. At the expense of our health and future if need be. We will stay alive as long as possible to save others.

Long story short: use your gift wisely. Saving others is dangerous, but well worth it.
To person23 if you can post your own story.
Stating the scenario of your physical medical history. Plus why you believe you gave an attachment. Do not post on this person's story.

All replies area a thread by subject if the individual member.
What this appears to be is a dark entity which pursues you.

I had the same thing for years when I was a youngster. It stopped when I faced it in my dream. My life changed
And I had a POS out look in life.

A normal attachment can affect our personality when we are awake. You make no mention.

With an attachment it can intrude in our sleep but we are aware if it's presence. It drains our energy and affects us so we do not feel like our normal self.
We notice it is separate from us and a separate being. Attachments are-catagorised as hard,fluid/spirit and discarnate souls that can afflict us. If they affect our sleep upon awakening we know it is poking at us upon awakening.

So to sum it up you do not have a spirit attachment.
The voice is probably you picking up on the entity trying to communicate with you in attempts to get you to stop detaching itself from you. I wouldn't stress about it too much, it's pretty common to experience. I'd use it as a sign that what your doing is working and to continue being vigilant with what you do.

Since it's an childhood experience that most likely attracted itself to you, then it's most likely attached the emotions and thoughts/opinions you had during that experience. Those types of things are tricky to let go of, accept, and move on from. It is very possible though. To be honest with you I just discovered this was a thing recently (monthish recent). I have had an negative energy persistenting to be a hindrance and make me vulnerable and weak since middle school (bad experiences in then). Anyways I'd try the methods I suggested to you already and they did work but there was always some way it held on to me. It turns out it used my lack of communication with my family members as a way to get to me (this probably sounds absurd but negative things don't play by the rules. Pretty sure they don't have any rules either lol). In middle school I kept to myself because I felt that I couldn't talk to my family about what was going on and how I felt. That right there made things even more painful than the experience needed to be.

My point in telling you that was to say that since I figured out what that entity kept holding onto, I began to defy it there. I've learned that I can actually talk to my family about what I felt I couldn't before and that I can actually trust them. I'm also slowly but surely letting ago of what happened because the past is called the past for a reason, right?

Ever since I've been communicating better with my family and improving myself I've finally been able to release myself from the hindrance (I refuse to acknowledge that entity as anything more). It's still kind of around me but it's fading/almost gone. I hope this will help you more with the entity your dealing with:3

Anytime! I know what it''s like to be on your own with these experiences and having no idea what to do, who to talk to, and even if what you're doing is effective/right. If I can help it, I want to do whatever I can to make sure no one else has to go through being (and feeling) alone and weak and the whole string of negatives that comes with it.

To wrap up this post, I'm glad that I was able to help you out! If anything else comes up or you want to keep me or the other users on here updated, just post and let us all know:3
[at] keyofallsouls

Thanks! Actually, since I posted this, I've been trying to do as you said... Oddly enough, I was feeling better until, actually right now. When helping my parents out today during work, I took a small break (not like, something remotedly long, perhaps 1 or 2 minutes.) and at that moment, I heard a strange voice, it was distored, it did sound female or at least to me it did, I wasn't able to figure out what the voice was truly saying... But by the tone, it certainly wasn't something good enough. Does this mean something?

And, as for a childhood experience, I think I might have a certain idea of what can be causing this, but let's say, it wasn't exactly a thing I used or didn't use to do, rather, it was an experience.

Anyway, as always, thank you for helping out. I truly appreciate this.
Did you try sending the email to CandyceJ97 [at]
If it's easier for you, I found my old wattpad: PeppermintMaster is the username. I don't write on it anymore but if you want there is a private message function. Take your time, still, Rock, just thought I'd post this in case you wanted to pm after all. Smile
Sorry for the same post twice. I thought I had to post again for it to show. Please delete one of the posts, admin.
Pathr. I found some of your posts on here about eating organic foods to strengthen the aura, and was wondering if you can help me. There is an entity that has constantly trying to weaken me at work, and I have been drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee to try to prevent it. However, I believe it is starting to get used to the coffee and starting to break through it. What foods would you suggest I eat to resist these attacks? My job also requires heavy lifting, so I can't lose much weight, but need something that gives enough protein. If you find this post, please reply. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
Pathr. I found some of your posts on here about eating organic foods to strengthen the aura, and was wondering if you can help me. There is an entity that has constantly trying to weaken me at work, and I have been drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee to try to prevent it. However, I believe it is starting to get used to the coffee and starting to break through it. What foods would you suggest I eat to resist these attacks? My job also requires heavy lifting, so I can't lose much weight, but need something that gives enough protein. If you find this post, please reply. I would greatly appreciate it.
Forgive me, but I do not understand. Do I have a spirit? I apologize for the confusion
Guides do not control us. Neither do they declare we are theirs.

A 2nd indicator is this being presented itself when you were young and in your dreams. Dreams can show our unconscious mind
In a battle. The way forward is to face it and demand that it leave you. Ask for help from your main guide/gate keeper and listen to your higher self.

Guides, Ascended masters or Angels work with us so they evolve. Our life journey is based upon our Free will. The above guides etc can not dictate to a human.

Re electronic they response to our stress,anxiety/,exhaustion/fear. Due to our aura -energy all over the place can affect electrical energy...
Im haunted since I can remember. I stopped seeing the spirits in "human form" long time ago. But I still can fell, see objects moving around see them in light form.

About the lights I already tried to hold it in my hand but it runs away, even my cat already tried to eat it...
If this is a spirit attachment?
A few item to look at, did you no longer feel like yourself 14 years ago? Was your life style have excess if any kind? Occult?
What was going on at that time.

Are you depressed or suffer energy loss? Do you experience difficulty sleeping/illness,pain?

While I agree that our internal thoughts can attract. Each individual is different and this is not always the case.

With hauntings click onto my profile re diacarnate souls and read AnneV article - shadow people.

There are some articles by David Furlong (Spirit Release).
I think you just need to learn to help this soul cross over.

For your case I only sense you had situations in your life. In part this left an opening for this spirit. This one was a human. A duscarnate soul is what we refer to as earth bound.

When you are half awake and asleep you are in a precognitive state. This is why you sense and hear them more readily.

If you want a hand. Please answer questions.

If you want a healer who can check you out.
They need to teach you about protection and grounding.

Good journey
That is a very sad event.
The one consolation is you spoke up.
As a parent I had to put a stop to the eldest making a car trip. I had been praying as I could not shake the feeling or smell of death. I felt it at my door. The trip occurred without my teenager. Consequently 3 people died. The young man who took my child's place lived. Yet suffered a bad back. He saw the 2 teenagers who died in the car repeatedly. Until he sought spiritual help to help them cross over.

I feel as a parents we do what we can. With our interaction of truth and warning there is a change. Despite your heart breaking for your adult child. He could of killed people in the church a day or hours earlier.

When truth is spoken it does shed light. It is difficult to predict how your words affected change.
Some children are strong willed and I believe if you are like me. They knew that your voice of warning was full of wisdom.

The positive point is your son is still alive.
He has the rest of his life to make restitution and make a difference in the world. This horrible event could be the rebirth as he us now responsible to live not only his life but his friends. He should make every day count. This is what I told my child. And boy did she shine. She
Also dealt with survivors guilt which took time to get over. I do not
Believe she forgot her best friend who died. But it gave her strength to plow through hard and horrible odds to become a military officer.

It is said our children are a gift and are on loan to us. Be assured you did the right thing.
As we make our mistakes, so will our children.

I am sending a prayer for you and your son plus his friends family.
They sense your energy. And are reminding you of your that your mission is with nature.

A friend I speak to has the same amazing things happen to him also. His Ain and purpose is with nature and protecting wild life.
Hello Bluehazel3,

I just wanted to add something short, because MissCherokee already have a great response. Sometimes it may be necessary to get help to deal with forces of nnegativity and especially if the situation is dire.

Thank you got your replies, I appreciate the feed back. I was thinking about psychic investigative world Love
I'm going to get a little ol' school on you, but it is the only way. Discerning truth, it is the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit that impresses upon you that knowledge. Having a flowing intuition like that must seem hectic. So you know you are different because of the synchronizations that seem to happen in your life. What is it you need mentoring on? Keeping your self in goodness by doing and desiring the good, is what will keep you primed and learning. Lived as wholesome as you can, and I think the sky is the limit. Gratitude, humility, charity, sincerity, honesty... These are the keys that rise us up. Strive for these characteristics and understanding will follow. If you already do, then you know what I'm talking about. Love
Some how this thing has a door way into your sleep state and can control you physically while you are inn it, but not without you knowing. Has it taken you out of your body yet? I would ask for prayers of deliverance. What could it be that this thing has some kind of power over you? Are you learning something? Have you acknowledged your spirit? Spirituality? You know it's real, so now time to dig deep. Because you have this sense, you have a higher standard to live by. You need to be able to protect yourself. This terror is not fair nor is it understandable. Learn about God and the powers of good and all that is available to you. IF you are a Christian, research what it takes to rid evil spirits from your midst. Ask in sincere prayers for your ancestors to help you. Give them the power to help you. All this is predicated on some faith. It's now up to you. You must find out how to control it, and do whatever it takes to adhere to that authority that relieves you from this anguish. You can rise above, but you need help. Now is the time to ask for it. Spiritual communication with you and God. You don't need to be perfect, just willing to listen and be humble. Instruction can come. I have my self been in similar places. Thank God, it has not happened for years. If your house is messy, clean it. Open it up to sunlight, fresh air. Prayer 3 times a day. Seek and you shall find. I hope you find release form this.
Hi Kim,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't know if you had any particular question other that why you were the chosen one for this spiritual communication. I would say it was because if a spirit wants to make contact he/she will find a way. By that I mean finding a person who has the ability to be a receiver of messages from the other side.

That's a bit disappointing, I thought I was in the clear from attachments. At the same time, it makes sense. Considering that the throat Chakra is associated with voice or speech, it aligns with my communication struggles that I have on occasion, if that makes sense.
I'm an open book, feel free to scan away.
It's fine, no rush here.:3
Interesting, I took the liberty of scanning / reading you, and you seem to have a lot of potential, but it also feel like your energy system has damage, you seem to be a target due to you not having experience and don't know how to properly defend yourself, I can help you learn basic Energy Manipulation, and defensive / Offensive attacks, just send a message to shanon.beck1 [at] you can also include any questions you have.
It sounds like you are having a very strange awakening experience, I am fairly sure I have heard of physical changes during awakening before, but can't recall. Usually this would change your thoughts or personality as well, what kind of urges are you having? I can probably offer further help if you send me a message at shanon.beck1 [at]
Universeteachings in Premonitions And Apparitions
Hello PsuedoPsycho! Based on what you have experience, you have very strong psychic abilities. Even powerful than mine.
I suggest talking to me at my email.
I will be your psychic teacher and help you out under the name of light peace and universe.
Universeteachings [at]
Universeteachings Love Love Laugh
Very common for someone to undergo these symptoms from spirits, it seems one or a few spirits have come to like you, and wish to sap your energy or use you as a puppet basically. I took the liberty of scanning you and contacting this spirit, it is very weak (at least compared to me sense I have practiced many abilities all my life), She has an aggressive agenda, she gave me the number 479 does this mean anything to you? I also took the liberty to toy with the spirit, and then hit her with a decent attack. She is latched to you so I can't remove her from my end, at least not easily. I have ways for you too do it though, I want you too relax, and get in a slight meditation state, doesn't have to be a full state. "Feel", or "Imagine/Visualize" the connection between you and this spirit, they are usually represented by silver, or white lines connected between your head / 3rd eye, and them. Feel and Visualize energy coming from your lower chest, or upper stomach (Dan Ti'an or however you spell it), and going up the lines, or connection, give the energy the intention of "Willing the spirit away", but not aggressive, I don't recommend aggressive unless you know what your doing. Don't listen to things such as "just ignore it", or command it away... That won't do anything then give the entity energy or more time to latch deeper into you... If this those not work, I can offer a lot more aggressive ways, or methods to quickly gain a basic level of Energy Manipulation, etc. In order to perform attacks.
Sorry it took me a couple of days to respond, didn't feel like scanning for the past day or two.

So I read / am reading your energy, I instantly, well almost felt some kind of entity possible latched on to you... Along with something wrong with your throat chakra, I recommend while showing you "imagine" or feel all of your chakras opening up and any much or dirt in their energy going or cleaning away. For this entity, it feels negative I recommend you try some energetic warfare. I can help with that if you wish, These are just the simple almost instant things I felt, I can look a lot deeper and got a lot more information any time.
Thank you for the comments and I will try what you suggested! Thanks you
No problem!  Smile   Smile

To detach yourself from that entity you could do one of several things. I know many people use the power of prayer or say "In the name of *insert name of higher power you believe in here*" to banish/rid themselves of what is out to cause them harm.  I personally like to defy the attachment of what attaches itself to me. For me it could be doing simple things like actually forcing myself to make my bed when I haven't in 2+ weeks to doing something I love that gets me really proactive later in the day (for me this tends to be listening to music). Negative entities will do whatever they can to have a grip onto your being. They'll instill anger, fear, intense sadness, jealousy, etc and press that emotion into you as a means to stay attached. In your case, to defy this Gothic woman I'd try to figure out what about your childhood is holding you back and letting her have grip on your soul. Once you figure it out, defy it. Resist an age old habit, or do something you were to scared to do as a kid but wouldn't mind doing now because you know the benefit of the task. Things like that.

For writing down the visions, I typically write my own in story format. It makes it easier for me to find the protagonist/antagonist of situation, "character" intentions, etc. I'm also a writer so it helps me with my writing ability lol. But for you just write them however you feel comfortable with and leave absolutely nothing out no matter how absurd it is. Also add down any and all thoughts or feelings you had during vision. Those are important and will help you disect meanings of vision. After writing them down, if you wrote them like a story then you'd have an easier time analyzing them. If not, then analyze them as you would if you wrote down a dream (keep in mind though that visions are different from dreams. They are similar but in the end dreams come when we want them to whereas visions come when needed). I know is a great website for getting dream symbol meanings. You could take a look at there just to get an idea of how things can be interpreted for yourself, etc. Then you can interpret your own personal meanings that you see fit. I know dreammoods is for dreams but since dreams and visions are similar, it's a good example source of interpretations many people have of the same object/dream symbol. That said, don't take to heart every interpretation someone else gives you whether it be the interpretation of a dream or vision. If that meaning seems wrong to you then it is the wrong meaning. Only you know what relates and makes sense to you best, no other pyschic or dog for the matter does.

Wow that was long hahahahaha. And everyone is new to something astrally at some point in their life, regardless of how adapt they are so no worries! Practice makes perfect for a reason XP Welp, that's all I can think of for right now, let me know if you have any more questions, still confused, and how things turn out!:3
[at] keyoffallsouls.

First of all, thanks for taking your time to comment on my thread! I really appreciate your interest and support.

Now, as for the topic itself, if I can ask, how would you recommend me to detach myself from said entity? I'm sorry, I'm pretty new to this thing, ha!

As for me writing visions down? I never thought of it, if I can also ask, what do you suggest I can do after that? To be more specific, analyze them in certain way?
Depression is definitely something negative entities are attracted to but isn't the sole (sp?) reason they are. Some people have pretty pure energy that draws spirits to them (either to help the person or cause person harm).

The Gothic woman you sense as no good to you should probably be dealt with first before you try to figure out what spirit is trying to connect with you. The visions you get can help you figure out what you have to do, etc. Any visions you have I'd write down if you can and then look at them a day or so later and see if anything comes to mind or if something comes up and makes sense to you. Visions are pretty great but sometimes very cryptic when you really don't want them to be lol.

I think maybe that Gothic woman is around you and is the reason you get those feelings of heat like being wrong, etc. I'd focus on cleansing your energy from her and detaching her from your own energy. That might clear things up a bit.

Let me know if you need me to clarify anything (I know I can be confusing with my wording sometimes), etc.
Jasmine I would also like to add that I have a lot of dreams but they aren't straightforward as the ones that I mentioned, but I forgot to add another detail about my future husband but when I was a kid I used to dream about his house, that is all I seem to remember.
Jasmine, I only had a few dreams that came true, one was to do with a car park where a building was being risen from it which I had when I was a kid and outside my house there is a flat being built on top of the car park. The start of the building took place in 2013 and will be soon finishing by the end of the year.

The other one was with my house where I had a bad vibe from my mum so I used to leave the house or could not enter it but later as time passes by I could enter it. That was with my family leaving the house due to a certain family member but will return to it. I left my house in 2003 and returned to the house in 2013.
I think a soul is trying to merge with yours but in ways that are more harmful to you than beneficial. Since you say you are a beginner at Wicca practices, I'd suggest starting with cleansing and self protecting spells/etc before you try anything else. It's always good to provide for yourself with a solid base of light and protection when practicing anything.

The void you speak of and you accepting that you were dead (as you said you really thought you were in the dream) could have been you allowing the entity merging with you, without you realizing you have done so.

In my experience, merging with energies is never really a good idea unless they are your twin flame/etc. I'd resist the changes going on with your body and break the bond that allows the entity to merge with your own energy. To break it in your case, I'd look into your dream more and then see what in that dream allowed you and that energy to start merging, and then make what permission that dream contracted become invalid.

Sorry if I made explaining this last part confusing, let me know if you need clarification!
I'm not sure if you view all of these happenings as something positive or negative... But I must admit, it's unsettling. Consider this- entering a 'void' after death would be considered 'purgatory.' If you were in purgatory in a death dream, I would take it as a serious warning you that you are on the wrong path... My advice- don't dabble in wicca. I know it seems enticing, but you are likely inviting too much evil into your life and it is manipulating you into making poor choices... Even changing you.

If you are truly curious about the deep reality that surrounds us, check out my blog:

I completely understand, as I suffered from sleep paralysis for most of my life. Not only did I find out what causes it, but I can tell you how to stop it... For good.

Please refer to the post "Sleep Paralysis" in my blog. It may be of assistance to check out "Energies" and "Removing Negative Energies," as well.

Posting it on here is perfectly fine. My hope is that one day someone might find answers on here as well if not easier as I have.
Makes sense. I doubt private messaging will be absolutely necessaryou, if it is ill figure something out.
The energy all around us, like Chi and things like that?
Okay, that is okay if you can't contact threw email, if needed would could contact threw any other way, example skype, private message on a forum etc. But the "Energy" I speak of is, the energy all around us that has many forms, the ability's you may have are of a large variety, as you say it feels like a breeze, that is often related to Aerokinesis, or Atmokinesis, (Aero = Air, Atmo = Storms/Weather).

Those spirits don't seem too harmful but they will leave soon as you grow in strength, this will most likely cause stronger entity's to take there places into you gain even more strength, or learn how to do offensive, and defensive abilities.

Now for my reading / Scans, I only need your username to do a reading, but I prefer to get someones permission to do the scans / reading first. I can easily post the results here if you wish.
I can't exactly use my email, long story.
I've skimmed your profile a bit so I kind of get the just of what you mean with not being able to write all your experiences down in a comment. I'll try and read more.
What kinds of abilities? I've never felt energy like this before.
Yes, pretty bad experiences in the past but thankfully that chapter of my life has closed. As far as seeingredients things goes, I always catch things in the corners of my eyes or feel like someone's behind me and nobody's there. Or strangely someone patting my head or having their hand on my head.
How does a reading of yours work? 0.0 Does it not work through pe?
I really appreciate your response, Rockshan Shy
This might help you with the # 275:

If you keep getting Egyptian symbols then I'd Google images or even go on pinterest searching Egyptian symbols and their meanings. Typically that will provide answers or lead to you what the symbols stand for for you, etc.

If water hurts when you do this, try either tuning in with the water's energy if you haven't already or use a different element to help you and tune into that element. Maybe fire/heat would work better? You might be able to tune into that type of energy better/easier than water. Air might work too. Start with those and if they still don't work try the other elements after (there's a lot of them if you count sub ones).
Meditation is a very useful tool. It can help you understand yourself a lot better. Meditation is not against Christian faith. As far as protecting yourself is concerned, you can imagine a white light surrounding your entire physical body when meditating. You can also cup your hands together and imagine that you are creating orbs. Mentally give these orbs tasks. One task you could give an orb might be to absorb energy from a foreign presence. The key idea to keep in mind about spirituality is the intention one has behind every thought. As long as you have a positive intention, then nothing can harm you. Just make sure to tap into your subconscious mind to see what types of thoughts you might have that you are not consciously aware throughout your day. Negative feelings could reside your mind and attract spirits who might not be so kind. Hopefully what I stated will help you in the future.
Hello. There might no be a problem with the places that you have lived in throughout your life. I would suggest to start meditating and tap into your subconscious mind. I had an evil spirit visit me once as well. I also suffered sleep paralysis at the same time. Before the incident occurred, I had negative emotions in a dream. Maybe the spirit is attracted to the emotions you are expressing when you are sleeping. The more you know about your own mind, then the more information you will have when dealing with the spirit realm.
Swordsoflight, I can help you with whatever you need, I have had many experiences related to what you speak of, I can't right it all down on here but feel free to shoot me a message at shanon.beck1 [at] with any questions. Regarding the "strange" things happening with your hands, that is more-so sounding like energy, maybe manifesting in certain ways due to ability's you currently have but don't know it. I skimmed one of your stories but haven't read them all yet due to it being late but, from what I can tell you have had bad experiences with spirits in the past? Such as seeing them getting closer in the corner of your eyes? Etc etc. I have had this before, but most spirits have gone, well the harmful ones that is because they now know better well most at least... If you send me a message I could do a Scan / Reading, to find out almost any information you need too figure things out. (Of course I do these for free).
[at] Boson

Thank you. I think that is the problem is exactly what you said. I feel like I don't have control and also get nervous because I don't know what may happen next. Thank you for the advice! I will try to look up psychic protection.
Hello theoreo,

It's understandable that you are fearful about experiences that you don't fully grasp and that you don't have control over. Maybe your strongest fear comes from the fact that you feel that you are not in control when you have these experiences. It's only because you don't have the knowledge about how to harness this ability. Inside of you you do have the power to control all those situations you mentioned about.

The most recent experience you wrote about, when you felt physically held down by an invisible force, that could have been avoided if you had the knowledge and experience. I mention that because there is no need for you to ever experience that again. Once you have understood the fundamentals, I will probably don't think that you feel like you have been cursed. I would say that first on your to-do list would be to learn about spiritual protection, and to know about what the different forces are in the universe that you may come across, being a psychic person as you are.

I hope it helps you a little. Just let me know if you have questions.

Things keep getting more confusing as time goes on, it seems as if the more I figure out about myself the more questions rise.
I know for sure I'm an empath, but even with help from previous stories, it just seems like I'm at a block or crossroads.
Lately my hands have been acting strange, along with the rest of me. It's as if there's always a breeze on my right hand or right side. Not even a breeze, but lighter.
I'm grasping at straws to figure things out. I've been trying for three years now and I'm at my wits end.
I get the strong feeling I have to resolve this before high school ends, but why? Is it just because I won't be around my parents as much or something because of college?
Any help or feedback is appreciated greatly.
DaysieTanner (guest) in Losing Abillities
I thank you for all of your help so far... The people who run this site changed my title and I only noticed just now... It was Originally titled 'What is wrong with me?" My abilities are not going away, they are just going Haywire, and are uncontrollable, they are in fact getting much stronger, at least the telekinesis and telepathy. I can feel it, I just can't seem to stop it or control, or use them on command at all anymore. This is my main concern, because there's no telling when I could hurt someone and that could break me.
Lol, yeah what Lyro said. Like what color hair and eyes did he have? Facial features? Stuff like that.
Ok, I will try to resend it. I am Sorry that you didn't get it.: (
The mark sounds like it may very well be a Protector of the area you mention. If you are a dreamer you can pray and ask your people and the Spirit that works with dream world according to your family history to help with the physical world to help. By a traditional prayer and sacred herbs you can bring in the proper help. If you attend NA Church they can support as Elders can help too.

I dream and do the above. Thanks for sharing.
If you sit and look at your experiences they are clairessance-sensing. Clairvoyance-seeing, clairaudiance-hearing.

Empathy are givers and nurtures (yang). When feeling as if one will passing out it is a drain-too much energy to process. I feel like it is over load. You have to ask those souls to back off so you can process. We each have a main guide and a gate keeper who can help regulate that type of activity. You can set this up by meditation and asking them to help you and let only ones who can align gently to you.

Meditations that open up the senses are visualization to include listening and feeling nature.

Some other areas to study are protection and grounding. And implementing grounding when feel over strained or tired. Eating to your own need and exercise help us be in our body presently grounded.
When roaming souls linger there can be unfinished business or a fear of suffering hell or after life.

You search this site for info re dealing with shadow people. Look for words: diacarnate, ghosts by typing at top at corner.
Thank-you I will make sure to take a look at it. I appreciate the advice!
As far as I'm aware, it's common for most children to have them.
I'm honestly not sure, but I guess... Being able to remember them would prove that I didn't imagine it. That and it wasn't just a couple of coincidences.

I'm just weird. I'll imagine fictional characters that I admire and or look up to. But I'll imagine them hating me for an unknown reason...

I just imagine fictional characters, though. Sometimes real people.
My mother told me that I used to see ghosts...
And I don't really know if I actually saw them, or if they really were just shadows from things in a room.

Regardless, thank you for replying to this!
Hi Carri,

Do you have other psychic experiences other than that? Didcthe words just pop into your head?

Well,I'm not an experienced psychic but I had some experiences too. Like you, I often find myself picking up other thoughts and sometimes it's more like I'm reading their personality, even their pain.

Yet,it is just normal for me and others who know about my gifts now.And,after that, I can live normally.
Hi MissC,

For me a reading photo is just another aspect of being psychic. It's all the same to me since I believe the source of all psychic information is ultimately the same. I focus on whatever I want information about, and it can be any kind of reference to that, such as a photo. Then I just close my eyes and wait for the message. For me, the messages can be a voice or a vision or both.

Hi SuzieLiz1,

Sounds like a bonafide ghost to me. That ghost could have been in that house for a very long time.

jasmine_glaze in Losing Abillities
Dear DaysieTanner,

The dark voice you are experiencing is the conscious darkness that dwells within your soul. It is also making you vulnerable to other beings and the fear issues you are experiencing.
On the other hand, the voice that you've heard is your guardian angel giving you the last and final warning.
Basically, if nothing is done, this evil will take over you over time and you won't even notice until it's too late.

Email me if you want to get to know more,

Dear prettystar01,

Sometimes we dream of our deepest wants and needs. The dream could mean only this or its been a vision/sign of a meeting with the man soon.
Have you ever had any dreams that came true?

In a classroom of reading a photo each experience it differently.
I feel cold and can get symptoms of the illness or pain.

As to the dream state I do agree we can live what we dream. Post or Neg.
jasmine_glaze in A Psychic Blockage
Dear Crystelle,

Since you are an adult I need to ask you one question. When you've been younger and started to experience anything spiritual, have you opened yourself to it or left it alone? In some cases even if one gets more experienced they may lose gifts due to any negativity that isn't dealt with properly.

If you seek help or advice, you can email me

There are phases Teens go through some of this change is because the body is changing from a child to a woman. Foods can help and so can essential oils.

Females also have to be aware of body cycles-build up of water.
As do women going through menopause. There is a lot of fire in- the body which can push up emotions (magnify).

You could try a cleansing of the chakras-by Barbara Brennan and put extra work on the 3 lower chakras. The cleansing is called celation.
To maintain use grounding work. There are a few variations.

The body can be strengthened by foods and water with exercise.

Good journey

From all of the experiences you've described it seems you're going through a sort of spiritual awakening. These visions and intuitive feelings, as well as sensing people's emotions will get stronger. It's the high time to learn how to protect yourself from all of this, in time it'll get unbearable. At this point you can make a choice to give up on the gifts, but they may never come back again.


The premonitions you've experienced and don't remember are quite common issue. The question is why do you want to remember them?

When it comes to the shadows and the characters you said you're imagining and being watched, there's a little word of warning to you. The bad spirits use our naivety to connect to us and gain our trust. When they try to push us to do bad things or go against what we would usually do is the high time to do your best to get rid of them and learn how to defend yourself from them. However, at that point it's the constant and Neverending battle against them.

I hope it's a little bit clearer to you,

If you are of the thread of Christianity. They are anti-metaphysical.

So look up Gifts of the Spirit 01-Introduction. By Bob Abramson.

Good journey
If you are not experiencing stress or worrying about something, or dealing with a illness then your root-Chakra is not blocked. Symptoms of 1st-chakra closing can be physical pain and can include emotional pain.
The root-Chakra deals with our interactions in mind and body.

Your primary ability seems to have shifted to a lower gear. It sounds like your 3rd Eye is opening. Seeing the person before they appear is normal. I experience the same thing. So I understand your thoughts and concerns.
In the dream scape we hear and communicate-mind to mind.

It is known that our deceased loved ones speak to us telepathically.

If you read Mary Summerrains book, she wrote about a tunnel. In this tunnel Beings from other planets can walk through this tunnel. The universal communication is mind to mind. So your definition that sensing/knowing anothers mind is natural process is correct.
If you have lived a balanced life without intentionally hurting other. Not a drug user or excessive alcohol. Then you are just sensing fear of the unknown.
The best option is to learn all you can.
Subjects as guides/protection. Earthbound spirits and how the universal laws work.

You are a powerful spiritual being and the door of understanding and wisdom will allow you to walk in peace and knowledge.
Hello there Vicky,

A lot of times, when we sleep, because of the fact that we are on our most vulnerable state, a lot of demonic entities, grab the chance, and try to mess with our energy and our minds.

It is quite common, for demons to appear in the form or role of someone who is protecting us or wish to help us, but in truth they want nothing but to trick us into believing so. So, no wodner your dream felt confusing. How can someone be nice and bad at the same time?

Energies exist everywhere around us, good and bad, conscious and non conscious, entities, creatures, beings, who some stand in the Light and some in the Darkness.

There are three basic ways, that one can protect themselves from energies, through energy.

1) You need to make sure you keep your own self cleansed, clean of all foreign and harmful energies, as they can add in to your own stress and whatever negative you are feeling, and make everything worse. The way I do it, is through prayer. God, is the only true and pure Light source, and is powerful against eveyrthing dark that might be threatening your well being. So, what I would like you to do, is take a feww deep breaths, pray, and ask of Him to allow His light to fill you. (This has nothing to do with religions, or whatever other beliefs. If you feel uncomfortable with asking help from Him, try and make some happy thoughts, happy memories), allow yourself to be filled with the warm and light feeling, warm and light energy, and keep focusing until you feel it overwhelming you, filling your entire physical body and soul, and then spread it all over you, with the intent to cleanse all harmful, demonic and foreign energies that might be lingering within your physical body and soul. Allow the Light to fill you, and bring you a clean soul and peace of mind:)

2) Next comes shielding. You follow the process I explained above, only this time, the energy concentrated inside you, visualize it creating a bubble around your physical body. The more energy you put, the thicker, stronger and long lasting, it will be. Command it to deflect all demonic, harmful and foreign energies that might try getting through. Make sure to renew it from time to time:)

3) As a help, you can try making Light orbs, with different commands in them, depending on what help you seek. Again, focus your energy, and this time, bring your palms, one in front of the other and visualize your energy spreading from your hand and ino the gap between your palms, forming a light ball. You can ask it to do whatever you want, but it's only as a help. You can ask it to cleanse you, or your head for example, or help you sustain your shields. Again, the more energy you put the stronger, thicker and long lasting it will be.

If you wish to know more, or ask whatever, don't hesitate to contact me. I have my email on my profile.

Be safe
James-Wandler in Terrified Of Spirits
theoreo, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]
James-Wandler in Is This Premonition?
Clairebea1, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]
Vicky, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]
Tori, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]
James-Wandler in I Can Empathize
Crystal, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]
James-Wandler in Losing Abillities
I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]
You could say more about what he looked like, maybe he's on this site reading your story and wouldn't know:)
~ Lyro
Hello Confused_gifts,

I am much like you, having this gift from an early age. From people I have met, it seems to be a rare ability to have premonitions in dreams. I think everyone is different in how the visions are given. Not all dreams of the future involves myself so in those cases it's mostly like watching a movie on a screen. In some dreams, there are no visions at all just a voice telling me about a certain event. But most of the premonitions in my dreams involve myself or people closely related to me. Just as in your case, these dreams can come several times in a week.

I also would like to quickly comment on what you said that you cannot control it. But maybe you can... In my case, I can ask a question about the future and an answer usually come within a week in a dream. Of course I am not allowed to know all the answers, but it's sometimes hard to know beforehand what one is not allows to know and it cannot hurt to try to ask anyway.

I hope that helps a little.

Hi Onemndrdr13,

You have an awesome ability. Do you pick up others'thoughts and they suddenly popped into your head?And,they were far from your thoughts? I have a similar experience too. Mine was controlling others' mind. I can send my thoughts to others' (like what I want to do or some simple ones) and make them do that.Sometimes,I feel others'pain and emotions. And when I was lost in thoughts and accidentally focused on a person I often find myself picking up some thoughts and their pain. They come with a feeling and my thoughts and emotions just changed. And I would know that was how the others' feel.
laurencat in Free Will Is A Lie
From what I have heard, the universe operates on the law of attraction. If you think certain thoughts over and over again, then the things in your life will reflect those thoughts. For example, if I worry about not having money all the time, then I will remain financially poor until I change my thoughts. In your case, if you worry about not being able to make choices in your life, then you will continue to be in situations where you feel that you have no control whatsoever. Try changing your attitude, and your experiences will also change.
Thank you, after some prayers the prescence seems to have gone away Happy
Can you actually resend it? I unfortunately can't seem to find it:/
creed1975 in Free Will Is A Lie
You do have the choice to change how you react to things, which is a lesson in and of itself. If you are dreaming of situations, perhaps you should focus on remembering what the dreams are about and if you feel the need to alter the outcome, any slight difference in how you handle it will change the trajectory and the outcome will be different. Even if you normally don't remember that you dreamt the situation until after, if you practice journaling your dreams as you have them, you will be able to recall them and act or react as you see fit, thus enforcing your free will.
There are solutions to every problem, the problem then becomes how much effort is one willing to put forth to solve or rectify what he or she believes is a problem.
GabberFinkMcBuscuit in Feeling A Surge
Yes! These last many years (7-8) I have intentionally reduced my sensitivity but wowza-- the past two weeks has been psychically intense for me. It, this "surge", is getting right through my defenses. I was googling to see what might be going on and found this post. Very interesting.
Cryocide, you are a sensitive, psychic medium. The scary spirit you are feeling is a ghost that is stuck and it knows you can sense it. You get the feeling it is watching you. If you want to be proactive in dealing with this you are going to have to develop your spiritual side. I would suggest you pray for this specific being, that he or she be helped so they can cross over. You may have to speak out loud to this entity and set the ground rules. I have done this before and it worked. This spirit is just there, and while it feels scary, AND, if all that happens are things that aren't that terrifying, (terrifying as in: horrific images, other entities terrifying you, bangs, noises that seem to intimidate, or a more demonic or malicious type of behavior) e.g. Not so terrifying as in: the feeling of being watched, or sensing when the spirit is near... Then this thing probably means no harm. But since it has your attention, you should deal with it. Help it with a heart felt and sincere prayer for his or her release from this place. Sometimes, a lot of times, that is all it takes. A ghost that needs a prayer from the living. Ask for this person's relatives, or ancestors to come and gather their family member and take him or her home. He/she doesn't belong here and is not progressing or in peace... They are just lingering. Like a lost person. You may need to repeat this prayer, and engage other living people in your prayer like a close friend or sibling, hold hands and pray on...=) Good luck. I'm sure if you pursue this course, you should find strength and encouragement in your ability and how to deal with those spirits of the deceased you may encounter through out your life. You will find that if you are proactive concerning your abilities and respectful when interacting with the dead, you will have more peace and a sense of control instead of being controlled by it. You must believe in yourself and the power of good. Those powers are available to you. Faith like that can get a lot done. ~ MissC
Your very welcome dear. I hope I was able to give you insight to some of the aspects of the things we can encounter or the
'things' that seem to seek us out. Not all are good or want good things. Just because something is 'spirit' or spirit like, or supernatural, doesn't mean it's always good. Use your instinct and gut feeling. Confusion and perplexity should not continue if a spirit or messenger was on a goodly mission. Peace MissC
MissCherokee in My Life With Ghosts
You must understand, that even though these types of things are scary, and isolating, that you have more power over your world than any spirit does. Earthbound ghosts aren't supposed to be here. They are wallowing in the past and interacting with those who can sense them. You have the power to tell them to " Please leave." " This is my space, and you are scaring me"
" I don't want to feel you or see you. " Think of how you would deal with this if it were live people harassing you. Would you not say anything and claim your space? You would. Same rules apply here. If you aren't aware of your power, you feel power less and helpless at the whim of these entities, that they can interact with you whenever they want to... It's like a bad house guest you barely know. You must school them on the rules. You have claim over the physical space around you. Be confident. Eventually you will learn this. There is nothing wrong with setting the rules as to when or if these spirits or ghosts, entities interact with you. These are spirits of the dead you didn't know in life. Didn't know them as living people, so your interaction is like an aberration... It's just odd. IT would be different if it were a dead relative that you recognized, one who had a message to give you and then left. But hanging around, demanding your attention is too much. I feel for you and I'm sorry you have to suffer through this with no direction. Being a sensitive is isolating, isn't it? It's not like you can just strike up a conversation with your friends and family and explain what you are going through with out trepidation. And we don't understand or know the rules... Or the experience of others who have gone through similar things... The worst is feeling like a hostage or that your reality has been hijacked. You know these things are real, right? You must confront them if they are bothering you. Just get your feet wet, trust yourself and your instincts, and your power as one who still has a body. You are not like them, the dead. You can trump their demands by making some of your own. Good luck.
Misscherokee thank you for the advice I will do my best to do what's right. Light- peace and love.
Magickyg Love
There is something wrong with the land. Find out or investigate the history of the area where your home is. These things are so 'noisy, because you can easily sense them and 'know' that it is 'them'. The evil demonic spirits attacking your family, have to be overcome with authority. The only authority to be able to do this, that I know of is Jesus Christ. Casting out demons and evil spirits takes effort. The scriptures speak about ' much prayer and fasting '. First off, ask for a special blessing that you may get to know the Lord. I mean really know of Him. Learn of his purpose, and gain a testimony of His truth. With this faith, you have power. Live your life as clean and sin free as you can. Demons cannot control those who have not submitted their authority to them. Ask for forgiveness of any sins. Prayer on your knees every night. Teach your children how to pray and to ask for protection from Heavenly Father. In all things, done with faith, through Jesus Christ, can we overcome such hellacious encounters and infestations. Being sensitive, you attract spirit energy anyways. Good and bad. Get to know the good that is around you. Ask for it to be revealed to you. Ask help from your dead ancestors, who are in the spirit world. Ask for their help on your behalf, to help you battle this attack on your family.
You don't necessarily have to confront the entities to expel them. When ever you see or sense one, start praying. They hate prayer. The flee from prayer. I seen this with my own eyes. Ask another person who is home to pray with you. Hold hands and speak a prayer out loud. Know that this is your direct link to the power that can banish this evil stuff, and keep fighting. It will not happen overnight. Keep your house as orderly as your are able. Open it to sunlight. And when you feel that dread in the pit of your stomach and see them coming, take on the armor of prayer. Speak it out loud. Good luck dear. I hope the beat for you.
Krysta, if you would like one on one email communication and have questions, If I can answer them I will. I am native as well. I understand these things as I have spoken to the dead through dreams and in real time. You can hit my profile and my email address is there. Peace MissCherokee
Maybe this woman is a trickster? There are such things, and they are there to misdirect us, alter our path, cause confusion, and worry... It sounds as if she wants you to believe in a past life. " "This all seems familiar doesn't it?"
Like this person is leading you to believe it was you, only a long time ago. The mysterious visits, the unsure of what she means or wants... Etc. I think is meant to misdirect you. You already know that this is bad. You feel it, sense it and that is correct. You only question it because you aren't sure and are asking others what they think it could be. Trust yourself more, love. Don't fall for the trickster... You have felt it in your gut. Your first reaction is usually the correct. But not always. I can sense you are not completely comfortable with this experience. When we have abilities, there comes a point when we are approached to be misled by nefarious energies. They don't want us to know and be confident in our abilities. They (the trickster) want us to investigate outlandish things, go off half cocked about spiritual truths, or point us in a direction that makes no sense or difference, so as to distract us from moving forward and progressing. These nefarious energies usually don't present as evil 'bad' but they leave us confused and bewildered, trying to figure out what is going on and what it means. Drop it like a hot potato. It is wanting you to feel insecure about your insights and understandings by throwing something your way to confuse and make you wary. Don't fall for it. I've been there. Peace MissC
GhostWriter000 in I Can Feel Death
I should add that this 'gift' can be very worrying for those blessed with it. Even your nearest and dearest are sceptical, so you are very limited as to who you can discuss these things with. I have no friends that I can discuss it with, if you do they think you're mentally deranged or their just plain scared.
Which is why this is such a wonderful place to share such things and get a variety of views and inputs.
Take from this the comfort that you're not alone just different than most or really blessed with abilities limited to few others on the planet.
GhostWriter000 in I Can Feel Death
I have had similar experiences overtime (probably for the last 30 + years).
Firstly I lost touch with some childhood friends and their parents. I began thinking about the Mother and couldn't put her out of my mind, eventually I managed to trace someone who lived in their area and knew them through which I was able to contact the school friends who told me that their Mother had died a year or so before, they were intrigued to hear from me and it seems I was 'driven' to contact them by their deceased Mother.
Another more recent event occurred when my uncle was in a hospice dying of Cancer, I knew the exact time he died though I was not there.
Last year my husbands uncle died after a long illness (years of slow deterioration). We hadn't heard from his closest family for over a year but I suddenly knew his death was imminent and told my husband, later that day the phone rang, I told my husband that this was 'the call', it was!
Over the last year I have been thinking about my 'first love' which was back in the late 1960's - early '70's. I knew he was living in Canada and was married as I'd been visited by his Mother early 1980, I never saw her again. I nearly contacted him last summer as I found an address for him on the internet but decided against it. This last week he has been in my thoughts so I entered his name into Google and got a Obituary page for him, he died last September 3rd aged 63.
I should also add that when my stepfather died many years ago, during that summer I had many breezy summers days where the breeze was unexplainably scented as with flowers, I knew that this 'special' breeze was him. It died off after about a year.
As a student nurse I would often sense when someone was going to die on my ward even if they were not expected to, I had this strong feeling which was quite accurate, I never said anything about this to anyone as I was unnerved by it.
Finally,in late 2011 I knew that my Mother would die within a year or so though she was quite fit and active into her 80's. She was admitted to hospital for tests and whilst there had a stroke which was nothing to do with her admission or the tests, she died early 2013. I cannot explain how I knew this, I just did.
Not sure if this related but in my child rearing years I had 2 live births and 1 miscarriage and 2 ectopic pregnancies, all too early to say what sex these latter were. However over the last year or so I just know that the miscarriage was female and the 2 ectopics were male.
EricHandsomeGuy in Our Gifts, Our Reality
Very true and inspiring! People should read this. And that the normal gifts are jist fine, yes I strongly agree with this
When my husband was going through a rough patch, we took a ride one day. We had the windows closed and the AC running because it was summer in Myrtle Beach. We were on a strip of highway that was all fried foods, so no chance of anything else creeping in through the vents. He and I were both crying and all of the sudden the car filled up with his dead grandmother's perfume.
After that, I could tell when she'd been at our apartment watching over him, because the smell would linger there. Oddly, the same day we smelled, his father was taking the dogs for a walk and smelled it in Pennsylvania as well.
hiroizumxplay in The Grim Reaper

I know we all saw what grim do.
And what he had done for you.
To be honest, we were given contracts. We are chosen, we may save lives but in exchange for our life too. We are somewhat like a tool for every change. We are chances for every other people.

I once spoke what he did.
Ever since that day, I was chased by him. But that time, I already mastered out the techniques out of this cursed gift. There were signs
Of wind, sound, emotion etc etc...
Just master it and get extra skills and reflexes of a feline. Wink
hiroizumxplay in The Grim Reaper

I know it's hard to endure and bear witness to all of those deaths.
Just live your life happily.
DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE FOR THEM or death will come after you...
And eventually, he will get fond chasing you.

Gosh, I can't take it anymore. I need some advice! She keeps steping into my dreams. They are extremely vivid. And I woke up being scared of her when I shouldnt. Someone who is reading this, please contact me through skype. Yesenia Garza a picture of a key with white wings on it.

If not gmail. Ygarza216 [at]
Thank u.

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