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PsychicMedium14 in Part 2- My Daughter's Dream
Hi LizardB, sorry I didn't get back to you. I was born with the gift of mediumship, enabling me to see, feel, & communicate with spirits.
It seems to me that your daughter has the gift of clairvoyance. The male spiririt she saw I feel is warning you both of this man in a ski mask. Be careful.
I added you on Google+ if that's okay with you should you need to talk to me. I am also on Facebook too. You can find me there at the following site address: I hope you have a good afternoon.
PsychicMedium14 in Part 2- My Daughter's Dream
Hi LizardBE sorry I didn't get back to you. I was born with the gift of mediumship, enabling me to see, feel, & communicate with spirits.
It seems to me that your daughter has the gift of clairvoyance. The male spiririt she saw I feel is warning you both of this man in a ski mask. Be careful.
I added you on Google+ if that's okay with you should you need to talk to me. I am also on Facebook too. You can find me there at the following site address: I hope you have a good afternoon.
You are getting images of the future. You are seeing thing that are going to happen.
I sent it to that email. I wonder why you haven't gotten it. Hmm...
Teri in David Bowie
Wow! Well, I am psychic and know I am. I work as a psychic. About 10 months before Bowie died I got a claircognizant flash that he was very ill, specifically that he had cancer. So I went online searching for evidence, thinking I'd missed something...nothing.
Then I dreamed several times he died, shocked and woken from my sleep. At Christmas I announced to my family that in 2016 Bowie would die. It was a shock anyway (I'm a huge fan). When he did pass, I went into mourning and one day, while in a kind of trance, feeling sad, I felt an energy I didn't recognise. It was light, fun, warm, a bit mercurial. I asked who it was and it was David. He told me he was happy to have done something good for the world and that he was aware that people liked his music but he hadn't realised how much people loved HIM. It was funny, because I thought he was a darker personality, more Thin White Duke than anything, but since then I've read about his sense of humour and lightheartedness... A few days later I asked David to appear in a visitation dream to me to let me know he was still 'alive'. He did that night, in Ziggy regalia but with very yellow hair.
I would like to talk more about some of the things that you mentioned. My E-mail is on my profile page if you wish to discuss things further, I'll be waiting to hear back from you.
~ Lyro
Interesting, I would like to hear more about your experiences and stories, if you need any help, questions answered. Send me a message at shanon.beck1 [at]
There is a demon exterminater in Kansas City. He is willing to help. Email is tantoj. Live (at)
jasmine_glaze in Shadows That Follow Me
Dear KeepItMovin,

I'm deeply sorry for all that is happening to your child. I know you must be desperate and confused about why is this all happening. From what you explained I see that the situation is dire and needs to be dealt with without delay.

First off, since your son has already been exposed to the spiritual in this extent, you and everyone living in your house need to learn how to protect yourself from all of the unwanted spirits and energies that come in contact with all of us everyday.

Have you wondered why your son is usually suffering at school? The spirits use the negative energy around us to cause chaos and torment us. That's the main reason why usually nothing too bad happens at home - there isn't much negative energy that this being may feed of and use to mess with your son.

If you need more information, advice or help, feel free to email me (it's in my profile)

Hope to hear from you,
What a wonderful experience and message. Thank you so much for sharing!
[at] keepitmovin, please contact me at shanon.beck1 [at] I can help, I can attack the spirit from my location with energy, Clergy won't do anything other then make it more aggressive, trust me I seen it happen before. I help a kid over the internet before that was being harassed by several spirits, (taking him over basically).
KeepItMovin in Shadows That Follow Me
I have a 9 year old son whose behavior is a major problem at school. He's been tested and there are no learning disabilities. I have been dealing with this for 3 years with this year being the worst! I was so frustrated because it's interesting how this behavior never happens at home so I was convinced he's conning us all and began to spank him. At the end of the spanking, he tells me this dark thing takes over his body and he can't control it. He said it starts out with a tingle then it makes him feel cold inside and makes him do bad things. I asked him did it talk to him, he said not audibly. Said it's been following him since 1st grade. It 1st said hi to him on the bus when he entered school and it scared him (That entire year was hell on the bus and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him) He said it started out just pushing him, now it jumps in his body randomly. He said it's looking for a body to take over and said he was the target. I asked why is he just telling me. He said because he didn't think I would believe him. He drew a picture of it and everything! He said it likes to see him in trouble. Said sometimes it watches him while he sleeps. He said he's not afraid of it, he just wishes it would leave him alone. He said it told him not to tell anyone about him. He said it moves fast and says "mad or frustrated" causing him to act out those things. After he told me, I assured him I didn't think he was crazy because I see things too. (not dark shadows like him though) I asked him did he think he could beat it. He said emphatically "yes"! I asked had he ever beat it before? He said yes when he was in 1st grade and was coloring, it told him to scribble up the paper and he pushed it out.

I am at a loss for words upon hearing this. We prayed together, I opened the window and put the spirit out and told it, it wasn't welcomed. He and I touched and agreed that we would fight it together and that he is to tell me when ever this happens again. At the end of our conversation we high fived and his eyes darted to the left. I said "what did you see?" He said " A purple squiggly thing. He said he felt better telling me because he wants it out of his life. He said it messes with him at school mostly. I told him upon feeling the tingle to call out the name of Jesus for help. I told my husband and we agreed to get clergy out to our house for a house blessing

Any words of wisdom is welcomed and appreciated! This happened earlier today and I have been on the internet searching for answers. I do not believe he's schizophrenic. Is this familiar to anyone?
tyrant1333. My daughter had that snake thing. She was getting possessed. I had to pray a lot. She started to hear more and more voices. And then spiders and snakes crawling on her. I hope that is not happening to you. You may need to see a preacher for help or email me at rcarriwill [at] I think you may need to pray for this to stop amen.
my daughter heard and saw snakes. She also saw spiders. I had to pray that stuff away from her. I had to pray a lot. Try to pray the blood of jesus over you. Amen
I am so glad that I came across this, I know that this was posted almost five years ago but I was sitting down last watching TV roughly 15-20 minutes ago and I have a pair of my running trainers on my living room floor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the trainers move slightly to the left, I tried to just ignore it and continue watching TV but I decided to look at them again and it moved even more to the left! Naturally I'm a bit freaked out and don't know what to think! Also just wanted to speak to someone who's experienced something similar?
jasmine_glaze in Feeling World Changes
Hey hummingbird222,

It's very good to get to know another person who is aware of what will happen in the future. I realize you have your own life that has some balance to it and you might be a little worried about the unknown events before there is time to rebuild after the war. Rest assured that for as long as you keep your faith strong and do what you need to do to help people and never give up on hope, you should be alright. Remain strong in any challenges that come to your life and be ready to listen to your soul when the time is right.

If you need someone to talk to and help you with whatever you want to achieve, i'm here to take my time and make sure that you don't worry about the future too much

Hi Entomophagy,

From what you've just written it seems that you're not only clairvoyant but also you're an empath. I'm sayin this because you mentioned having a feeling when you read the intentions of your love interest, i'm pretty sure it wasn't the only time you've felt that someone wanted to talk to you or was thinking about you.
This feeling is caused by the manifestation of one's emotional state that you are able to "read". That's what it means to be an actual empath. But beware of the negative emotions you may encouter, they could be overwhelming to the point where you could feel them as your own, especially depression.

If you want to learn how to control your gift, I recommend meditation first to make sure that your mind is clear when you're feeling this that isn't yours.
As you're already aware of the spiritual side of life, you should also know that everyday energies around you flow and affect you. It's good to learn how to shield yourself from the unwanted things and how to cleanse your body from foreign energies.

How to cleanse:

Visualize your body and tap into feeling the energy inside of it. Then do your best by manifesting it outside of your body, so it takes over and replaces all of the other energies that are stuck on your body.

Then you can use the energy to create a solid and thick layer of energy from your skin to a foot outside of your body. Do it until you feel it's strong enough and you feel safe.

Hope the tips help you a bit:D you can email me if you want to learn more

Hi, I'm not sure what this means, I can see and feel energy, it feels like a tingling sensation. I also see Orbs and hear Spirits talking to me and also see White Mist and Black Shadows.
jasmine_glaze in Blue Being
Hey Frenchie1967,

From what your description it seems like a curios spirit came around you and your wife. I don't know what he was up to but for sure he was curious about something. It didn't even expect you to see it.
It's one scary experience, but as it was said by gthlvrmx, you should try to shield your room so nothing like this happens ever again.

I am glad to hear that you have left him, and that you had people in your life to go to.
Meditation (my apologies for the initial misspelling) may help you tue into what the precognition is about. Perhaps it is showing itself in your leg because that is where he would have hurt you.
I think you can also see the spirits. It is scary sometimes, I know I can sometimes see some terrifying spirits. I get real afraid. I have seen ghouls and ghosts at grave yards. I have seen black clocked man near a church. I have seen spirits by my drug addicted family members and friends. I have heard cancer demon spirits after my foster dad Colin died. I heard them in his bed room. Usually I only see spirits if someone visits me and spends the night. Like a family member from out of town. Or a friend of my kids spending the night. Try to pray because these entities can be real scary and frighting. When I see them I start to pray. I often become terrified.
Angel Cake, You will always have the ability to predict tragedy or events. You may not be able to see spirits like your mother. Try to pray for God to let you have gifts like your mother. God gives different gifts to different people.
CeceiliaErin, I get premonition dreams like you get. My young daughter Christina is also like that. I see images of future events in my dreams. These dreams often come true. Sometimes I can touch touch a photo and dream of events with that person.
The psychic, may not have been correct on the date of when you meet a boyfriend, or possibly she is not a good psychic.
I started dreaming like that as a young child. I dreamed of events and saw them play out later in my life. You have a divine gift.
your going to be fine, I think try, to pray when you see these spirits.
Frenchie1967 in Blue Being
I had written this on another site once before, maybe that's were you heard about this, and no I did not hear anything the days before.
JoshuaM in Blue Being
This is going to sound crazy but I recall this story before it was published,, did you happen to hear voices while you were sleeping, maybe a few days before this event? Please email me to keep this private.
I forgot to tell you to pray. Or these spirits won't leave you alone. I have been pinned before and I get real afraid. I have to pray a lot for them to leave me alone.
I see spirits or hear them. I sometimes scream in fear. I saw some ghosts at a grave yard and cried and screaming. At my house the ghost is usually tied to the person walking in my house. If they have an unclean spirit tied to them. If they spend the night, I can see it. I can see the spirit tied to them. Only if I wake up from sleep and look a the person spending the night. It is scary. The ones tied to the people coming to my house is a flash of an instant. The spirit walking right next to that person. I see an ghost standing right next to the person. My ex husband was a drug addict. I saw a drug demon standing next to him. I am talking to a lawyer who is psychic she is helping me not be afraid of the spirits I see. I pray a lot. So these spirits leave me alone. Really I get pretty frightened.
you are seeing demons. You have a gift from god above. You can see demons. You are amazing.
Your experience depicts a few things.
An opening of physical dimension and a dense plane were 2 entities abide-male and female have enclosed an spiritual implant. I feel there was a portal opened.

I feel there are some areas that must be dealt with: an implant must be extracted. Imprint surrounding the Implant must be cleared. Your energy center must receive healing/and balanced over a few sessions with periodic healing and checking. The spirit entities must go back to the Dense lower plane with some healing. The portal must be closed. The Trailer must be smudged and cleansed inside and out.

The symptoms of sleep disruption compiled with headaches and voices with loss of health
Depression all tell of spirit intrusion.

With a implant it's symptoms are similar only the implant is quite prominent.

Many times the question worth asking is how and what has supported its ability to gain more power. The answers vary and the root cause is on an individual basis.
But I must ask if you have been abused physically at ant time
Or had to witness it occurring?

It has been a long time over a year of dealing with this.

If you send me your email. I and one of my friends will help you.

You must refrain from alcohol/horror films or books/recreational drugs.
I'm happy to take help from multiple people, I don't care what your religious beliefs are, just as long as you are experienced with demons and other negative spirits. I need/want all the help I can get.
gthlvrmx in Blue Being
Hi Frenchie1967,

I also want to say that it couldn't have beeb her grandma as an angel because humans don't turn into angels. Angels and humans are two separate streams of existence.

If you don't want as many scares like that again, I recommend using white light shields Around yourself and your home at night.
Frenchie1967 in Blue Being
I got scared because I was not expecting to be 6 inches away from it when I turned around. It might not have meant anything bad by being there, but it sure scared the crap out of me.
Universeteachings in The Demon Who Won't Leave
Hello tehre I can help you out by removing this demon or whoever she is as soon as possible.
Contact me at universeteachings [at]
I actually go through similar things but I am more aware of my past self and I tend to act like my past self a lot as well now. Serious I understand with the disliking humanity thing I really dislike being stuck in a human body but there was a reason I decided to come here and I actually just want to be my old self away from all the stupidity or at least most of it if possible.

I actually met someone a year ago who is the exact same species as me which is very relieving that I have someone to talk to about that certain subject without being worried of being judged Happy

Like others I actually do want to go home but not very sure where it is. I've said it a few times within the past few years and have kind of found myself going somewhere that looks like home and it's very comforting. I'm not always in my body it seems like when I'm spacing out I can be somewhere else which is the same when I'm sleeping. I can easily leave my body in my sleep if there isn't something keeping me there i.e a cross.

I am stuck in a human body until my dearly beloved boyfriend just let's me go since he isn't planning to any time soon for his own reasons which is fine even though how much I hate it here. Total regrets after coming here is what I'll say. Serious
Hi Unicornlove,

I was going to offer to help you but it seems like Gabbie has already generously offered to help you.

Carri, I have been to two different priests and they didn't take me seriously. They just told me to get psychological help which I am currently looking for a therapist just to rule out mental illness. Although one did come and bless my home. Some how deep down in my being I know this is purely spiritual and I'm not crazy. I have been praying daily and asking Christ to forgive me and take this creature away from me. I have been demanding it away in the name of Christ, this does nothing. I just want to be free of this thing and go on with my life.
cayce17, Yes you can be blocked. Or cursed by that witch. So need to pray really. Yes people can curse you. She may be able to block you also. So pray to break any curses.
carri in Blue Being
pretty scary stuff. I have never seen a blue being. But sometimes I can see things like you do. I would pray in that room amen.
go to a deliverance ministry a good one and they can help you amen. Try to pray this and shout this out. "Unclean spirit I command you to leave this house at once." Shout these prayers out loud. Many times a day. Put on a cross. Play christian music if you start to hear something turn on the lights at night if you hear things.
Unicornlove, The demon may become so strong you may have to leave the mobile home amen. You may need some friend or someone to help. What about a Catholic priest. If the priest cannot rid the demon in the mobile home you must move out. It may possess you. I am praying for you amen.
Unicornlove, sorry about your boyfriend's death. The demon sucubus knows your grief. The demon sucubus, is playing on your grief. You need to get help as a soon as possibly. This demon can posses you. I know it happened to me. Sucubus demon. Released when my daughter did spells in her room. She did Wicca sucubus demon was touching us and it was hard. I had to pray like this. It becomes stronger. Get a cross or bible. You must pray this. "Unclean spirit leave this house at once." Scream this out loud. Many times. "Unclean spirit leave this house at once, in the blood of Jesus Christ amen."
gthlvrmx in Blue Being
Hi Frenchie1967,

It could have been her grandma but, assuming the grandma crossed over into heaven, spirits from heaven don't usually make an appearance to the living and leave them feeling or reacting in a scared manner. If her grandmother was a spirit from heaven visiting, she would leave you all feeling loved, warm, and happy, not scared, or reacting by screaming.

When I see little bright lights, that means I'm seeing fairies. Fairies are air elemental nature spirits that take care of the earth and are not scary either but don't try getting them mad, they are not the same as human spirits from heaven;) You might have seen a swarm of fairies in human form being curious about your wife, and yes, many nature spirits are curious about humanity the same way we are about them.
Dear Nix55,

Within the Spiritual both Light and Dark creatures, beings and entities, exist.

Demons, are of darkness and have as their only goal, to deceive and to harm. They watch us grow, they feed off our energy, that is being generated by our thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, anything negative in our life, and a lot of times, a huge part of what we experience is caused by them, in order to bring all this harm upon us to their own benefit. They, sometimes, present themselves to us, as a lost soul or a spirit guide, or even claim to be harmless and only mean well. None of these statements is true. A demon's nature is of darkness, and darkness only.

It would be wise, if you distanced yourself from this creature that's attached itself on you, and if you withered your bond with it. I would love to help you through that, so feel free to email me if you decide so.

Be safe!
Dear Unicornlove

Before going any further understand that to deal with spirits you need to know how the spirit world works.
Just to get a driver's license you need to study regulations, plates, signs etc. You need same thing to deal with spirits.

I recommend study books below:

You can start with Spirit's book

Good study!
My dear Unicornlove,

I, as I have met such situations before, fully comprehend the mental strain it is causing you.

It appears that what is around you, is a spirit of demonic nature. By mistaking it for your deceased boyfriend, and by allowing it in, you gave it full access to your body and soul. The thing about situatuions like this, is that no one can get rid of the demon for you, without your own personal effort.

I have been trained to help people get through situations like this, as well as, help people understand about spirituality and broaden their knowledge, so all you have to do is contact me, and we will work this out together.

My email is up on my profile.
Keep your faith strong.
Dear Jack 165,

You are not going crazy, some houses are indeed haunted. Over the years you have nor been given any help or advice. Here's one piece of it.
Every person possess their own energy that can be used to protect oneself from anything evil that tries to reach out. All you need to do is have faith in yourself and pray for the protection. Then create a shield around yourself and the room that you're in, as well as make the energy banish anything impure from the place that you're in.

If you need any more hele or advice, leave a comment or email me

Serenity_love in I Can Feel Death
Ghostwriter000, thanks I'm relieved that I'm not alone. I've tried talking to people close to me but no one understands.
Serenity_love in I Can Feel Death
MissCherokee, I believe the longest one I have had was a week. I didn't know the girl but her accident was a few blocks away from my grandmothers house. This was almost a year ago and I haven't had another episode, but recently I've felt like I'm not alone. Strange things would happen like things falling and I would be home alone. Once I felt a strong chilling breeze on the back of my neck as if someone was blowing at my neck.
Nightingale in Her
Hello Emily,
I am glad that you are able to speak with Alice. May I ask what kind of conversation you usually have? There are some ghosts who are very confused about being dead. While it might not be something to bring up, are you able to tell whether she understands what has happened to her?
Meditation can help you control and focus energy. I would caution you not to overexert yourself or experiment with anything dangerous, but do embrace your abilities.
Do you feel afraid of Alice? If it is her making the power go out, she may be doing it accidentally or on purpose. Either way, take care to listen to your instincts. If you talk more abput this with her, speak to her with friends who know around if you can.
Does she ever leave the property? She may be trapped, reliving a memory. For some, movig past a tramatic death can be incredibly difficult.
If you feel like it would help, and you would feel comfortable, perhaps look into meeting with a professional medium to speak to Alice together. He or she may be able to help Alice, and your presence as someone she seems to trust must help.
Take courage and know you are not alone. I am glad you've posted your story and I hope we can help.
I wish you both peace,
Hello Carry,
Your story inspires me and will give courage to many who doubt their abilities or the worth they might share. I wish you the best of luck.
Critics will be everywhere, but remember that you have value and can make a huge difference for people this way. Always trust your instincts.
Keep courage,
SilveryWings in Death Sense
Hey Slyfive and everyone. I have a notebook where I write down my own experiences, kind of like entries. My parents and some relatives acknowledged this uhm ability (?i still can't grasp it is an ability) of mine. It started when I came back to the place where I grew up because I'm starting college, so its been more than 3 years I'm 19 btw. My family adviced me to stay positive because it helps me coping. It doesn't happen often. But it's becoming strong, like I used to dream it and then now I'll have deja vus and see brief visions. Weird is, I never had any near death experiences like yours guys. I've never been confined in hospitals. I wish someone can help us
jasmine_glaze in A Stopping Watch
Dear Madonnam77,

As PathR mentioned before, grandpa maybe trying to communicate with your husband. Sometimes the souls stay on earth until they are crossed over. Other times, different spirits may try to use the situation to their advantage.

I suggest that you put all the facts together of every experience with the dead grandpa. If that's really him, he should be crossed over before anything tries to hurt his spirit.

If you need help, comment on the story or email me,

carri in The Killing
you have a gift. I did a reading for a woman at work kind of like that she though I was nuts. I think she may be hurt in the future where she lives or there is something dark in her families past.
You are gifted not cursed. You can see the truth before others. While other people can lie and be deceived you cannot. It is a gift. But if you have any dreams of emergency, warning or death try to pray the disaster away amen.
Say this exactly. Unclean spirit I command you to leave this house at once in the blood of Jesus Christ. The predictions of death and births are a gift from God above.
Not sure what this man is. But pray this. Any unclean spirits leave this house at once. And Command it yelling. The bad dreams and this figure watching you may stop. The prediction thing is a gift from God above. Amen
You, must have seen someone being drowned by a killer. I get dreams like that. Then I watch the news to see where my dream plugs in. Sometimes I view a photo of a unsolved homicide, or I see the news and dream of instances like that. That is kind of what a psychic detective does.
Yes our words can bless us or curse us or other. When you talk nasty about someone you curse them. When you say bless that person you bless them. The spirits can hear you. You may also be able to predict things.
Grandfather, wanted your husband to know the time of death.
The belief of the veil:all born with this over the face have one foot on earth and the other in the Spirit world.

The hat man is known as an announcer of things to come. People afraid say he is bad. I have heard people see him before an accident forewarning.

Only you can say if all your experiences are negative or have a warning before an incident by the Hat man.

It is believed that some people have a strong connection with light and can see the dark. He may just
Be there to warn. Seems odd you have the experiences good/neg now this man appears.

If you learn manipulating scenarios either through prayer or visualization. You will not feel over taken by him.

You have a main guide and a guardian and your higher self.
If you clear your mind and ask your Higher self plus your main guide for understanding. Tell your guardian (gate keeper) to protect and open guidance and understanding.
Tell main guide/guardian to protect you and remove this man
As he is causing fear. If he is indeed a warner. He must
Approach you by giving knowledge or leave. As he is binding
Your progress and the light.

The universal law says if you ask a spirit its intent 3 times it can not lie. Also listen to your inner know!ing.

Let us know how you get on.
Carry I think this is wonderful
That you are putting out your abilities to help. That takes courage.

There are many people with abilities. In the metaphysical community they have many names, using props as Tarot (to focus), feeling/sensing by touching object psychometry), Clairvoyance-seeing by picture/spirits. Deja-Vu-reliving incident or Seeing in a dream by remote viewing to see the past and future. Some people just look at a person and know, what will be or it come by hearing.
Which was my mother in law and Aunt who had NDE.

In the Christian faith-dreams are viewed as prophetic and for tell of the future.
A Seerer-sees the future.
A Word of wisdom and a word of Knowledge-Past and Present.
Clairvoyance-see Angels, evil spirits and Energy:called Shekinah glory.

I believe the bottom line is we are all different. People should not have an expectation that they have no or little ability.

I believe that lady was speaking from a place that all evidence has to go before a Court jury. Publicity
Can negate evidence and influence a jury via Facebook. Courses in University and Jr Colleges as Assessment of Evidence deal with protocol of Police. Though it has been a place for you to give comfort to families. Possibly taking it a step further and open a
Window to speak one to one for a donation. Just a thought.

Though I agree she should of been more encouraging.
If you are meant to be in that position to help. Just continue to pray and the door will open in due course.

There are places that do testing for abilities. Possibly that may assist you on your journey.
John Edwards is a Catholic and submitted himself numerous times to test his ability.
He also gave readings to families in New York to bring closure and show support.

Good journey
Hi Jack165,

You can cross over any ghost (lost soul) you have. Its simple. Ask this: "Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost I saw with curly hair and TAKE her into healing." You can adjust that sentence to fit whatever situation pops up, but keep the words "find" and "take".
Its normal for a loved one to linger
At death.
At Funeral plus communicate to loved ones.
They do communicate via electronics
Their presence can be felt and sometimes they are seen.

Once husbands Gran dad died. Gran Dad knew no pain or frailty of body.
They think differently once deceased.

If your husbands watch keeps stopping at the same time. Ask your husband to ask his Grand Dad for confirmation that he is ok and now can see why your husband choose a nursing home.
It is know that a life review of a persons life they can feel love, good intentions and neg.
Dear Jack165

Fight against will not help will only stress more the situation!

I would recommend to pray for this lady, send your love, be calm and relaxed and pass this feeling for her.

Mentally speak with lady telling her that she is spending her time and is not helping her, she is stuck and nothing will change in case she continue do the same things. Ask if she is not tired about her life; ask if she is not missing her loved ones. Tell her she can connect to her beloved ones but first she need to change her thoughts and behavior, staying at the house will not help her see her beloveds again...

She is a lost spirit and needs help to continue her journey, ask also for help from you protector spirit in this task.

She will not go away immediately but in due time she will!

Good Luck
Hi Roseofthorns,

Keep a diary of every "odd" experience you have with as much detail as you can get and put the date as well. Write down all of your dreams before getting out of bed whenever you wake up and, again, put in detail. Date it as well. It might be useful in the future.

Ask Archangel Michael to FIND Hayden and to TAKE him into healing. See if that helps. You can do that for any ghost you feel is around you at any time to cross them over to Heaven.

To protect you, try White Light Shields ( or surround yourself in God's White Light and Protection. Do it every day and ask Archangel Michael to clear the energy inside of the shields as well after you make the shields. If you want something simpler, you can ask Archangel Michael this, "Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now." That's it.
Hi andovix,

You sound like a spirit rescuer to me, just like my good friend Ama Nazra. Search for her on google and you'll find her sacred gates websites. She might be able to help you, give her an email message.

A simple way to cross over a ghost is to ask, "Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost that I see over there (or specify to whatever matches the situation) and TAKE them into healing." You can adjust that request to match your situation whichever it may be, it works well for me:)
I really like your comment on avoiding big cites and shopping malls that is so true aspically scene we can't help but too feel everything around us. Great advice...
In the second paragraph you said sometimes you can feel things through your hands, well that's normal I can do it too. The thing in between your hands is energy off of your body. The third paragraph you said you can see colors around people, that is also normal it's called an aura. It is the layer of energy around people. Different colors mean different things about people. Hope this helped!
Yes this could be something evil or a succubus. So be careful. Put up a web cam to clarify to yourself. Then you will know for sure. Get a cross and pray out loud. I have seen things like that at grave yards. If you went to a grave yard you may have brought something back with you. Or someone work in a hospital. Entities can attach to people and be brought home.
Say this to the spirit. Unclean spirit leave this house at once. In the blood of Jesus amen. If he is gone then he is a demon.
I had sleep paralysis. I had a sucubus spirit touching me and my kid at the time. I had to pray a lot to rid the house of the unclean spirit. I think this entity was trying to possess me. My daughter saw a spirit sitting on top of me when I fell asleep.
you are getting flashes of images of spirits. I see them sometimes like that flashes for a moment.
I would try to figure out how to use precogniton. The general population is not going to understand intuition or psychic abilities right off the bat. People need time to grow. You need to find your own value in regards to your abilities. I am not strongly sensitive in the intuitive or psychic sense. I just starting out on a spiritual journey. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I am also transgender. When I was younger, I thought I was super different from everyone else because I was physically disabled. When I finally made it out into the "real world," I realized that sometimes adults can be more ignorant than children. Once I started to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, I stopped worrying about why I was inferior to everyone else. I have my own shortcomings just like all the other people in this world. My gift in this life is that of a mental one. I am quite a good writer when I really put effort into it. I also come up with ideas and plans that no one else sees at first glance. This is because I like to take my time and allow things to stew for awhile before any action is taken. The world can sometimes be so focused on speed that the quality of everything undertaken goes downhill. Everyone goes at his or her own pace, and he or she must adapt a lifestyle that compliments this individualistic pace. It is only when a person tries to adapt him or herself to someone else's speed that he or she "fails." No one fails because he or she is not good enough. People fail because they try to match up to something that is not for them.

Be yourself and trust in your abilities. If other people do not believe in you, then keep pushing forward. Do not give them the time of day. You know who you are, and that is what matters.
I'm sorry to make one-sided comments, just making sure this isn't buried in the stream of input.
I think the breeze has something more than atmokinesis or aerokinesis. Now its graduated to blacking out for a split second, or the world being sucked away for a bit. It's incredibly hard to describe and the more I think about it the more confused I am Serious
Universeteachings in Spirits All Around
Sounds like an angry spirlis. I believe you have someone whos quite jealous of your ssoulmate there.
I supposed that's what my ascended master tells me. But anyway.
Need amy help?
I can teach you many things and I can also check on you.
Such as development of psychic abilities,
How to cleanse,
Talk to those spirits, ascended masters, ghosts, soulmates etc., spirituality, how to summon an archangel, and so many wonderful things...
Especially teachings of the universe.
Contact me through my email.
Universeteachings [at]
Hello there.
I had many experiences related to yours and I believe I can help you out.
I talk to my best friends all the time, I can help you out on how to see them, develope psychic abilities, and so on...

Contact me at my email.
Universeteachings [at]
I have no answers and looking too. As a child I had the same experiences. Talking to my christian youth pastor at a spirit filled church helped alot. I felt both good and evil forces. Like they were battling around me. I felt things and saw things. Pray that you are protected from the evil forces and if you feel forces farther away from you. It is then you pray for protection for other people that need your help.
I can relate to your story in a lot of ways. Overthinking is really hard and will mess up what we are trying to feel or read. Just let it come and try to relax until it disappears on its own. Energies you can feel everywhere. I get them in dreams or as simple as walking to the mail box. You yourself know where you hear and feel them the strongest. Somedays more than other and then there are times it is really strong and that is when I feel déjà vu.
Prayers for you and your family. Such a nice story. Sorry about what has happened. Yes this child is an angel watching over you. Amen.
She may be dreaming of a home invasion. So prayers for you. Get a dog, relocate or get an alarm system where you live. Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your child amen.
Be careful your daughter may see something in the future to warn you of danger.
Possibly the question to boyfriend should be?
Why does he feel unworthy of peace?
Ask him how he can make restitution?
Why does he feel he must be beat up?

All of the above can be recreated.

The only thing you can do is sow prayer.
-You could try clear the home with Pine Sol.
Smudge with sage. Use sea salt on Windows.

If he is open learn how to do a limpia with an egg, smudge then a lime or lemon burned over a barbecue pit. Wrapped in foil. Must be disposed of away from home.

Say a prayer to St Michael, reciting Psalms 23.
Spiritual cleansing baths are good for body and
Self examination.

Repeat 2 times a week. Believed to remove curse or bad luck. Some families have bad and even entities follow.

If he has a conscious that haunts him. Just repenting or having a contrite heart can loosen
The occurrences.

The whole point is to loosen the hold.
As long as he has an ounce of strength to want it to go. It will have to go.
Dear Nix55

First the devil designation (daemon) means spirit. There are several types of spirits, basically 3 orders and 10 classes from unclean spirits to perfect spirits (as Jesus) and in the middle you can find everything!
Your spiritual friend, first has not characteristics to be your guide, because the spiritual elevation that has, our protector spirit clearly has a high moral ascendancy and is not to be trifled with.
You can ask him if you need some kind of help and why it with him. Regardless of that you can help him do prayers for him, so that his spirit rises abandon its imperfections to continue their evolutionary journey, with or without you.
From your description it is what we call the playful spirit.:

Spirit's Book from Allan Kardec (

103. Ninth Class - Frivolous Spirits. - They are ignorant, mischievous, unreasonable, and addicted to mockery. They meddle with everything, and reply to every question without paying any attention to truth. They delight in causing petty annoyances, in raising false hopes of petty joys, in misleading people by mystifications and trickery. The spirits vulgarly called hobgoblins, will-o'-the-wisps, gnomes, etc., belong to this class. They are under the orders of spirits of a higher category, who make use of them as we do of servants.
In their communications with men their language is often witty and facetious, but shallow. They are quick to seize the oddities and absurdities of men and things, on which they comment with sarcastic sharpness. If they borrow distinguished names, as they are fond of doing, it is rather for the fun of the thing than from any intention to deceive by so doing.

Important thing is you are a medium and at the age of 19 is time already for you develop and use for good your mediumship.

For study, I recommend these 5 books for start:

Good study!

It's encouraging hearing from another that has worked in my field. Your "pressure with odd dread" is spot on. Almost like walking through a haze.

I've been approached about pursuing hospice with my company, but I love caring for all of my residents. I particularly love working with severe dementia. Other co-workers can't handle them while I can have them laughing and trying to communicate. Being an empath has so many uses in nursing... Eventually I may pursue hospice, just to have the experience.

Your family sounds gifted in ways, and you are lucky to see more of this world together.

Thank you for sharing some of your experience with me! It really helped
I wish to thank you for posting your story.

You reminded me that the energy in the hospitals
And care homes are thick. I was always drained.
And I could sleep 10 to 12 hours straight on my days off.
It got lesser the last few years.

I have left that work after 30yrs. But not due to patients
/families or staff.

You reminded me why I joined that area.
I guess I would do it again.
For me with patients I would get an overwhelming feeling of compassion. Sometimes I would feel or see shadows, hear a voice. It has changed through the years.

It got intense as nurses would call me over to work energetically on patients before they died.

There have been times after they passed
I would have to help them cross over. Another story.

For family or close friends I smell fire and get a lingering feeling which is a week before they pass. I also get dreams or an inward seeing.
I guess it was pressure with an odd dread.

I do not know how to describe death.
At my door knocking for my child. Fortunately there was intervention for her. But death did strike 3 people she had been scheduled to travel with.

If you are not an HCA you may wish to look into my an LP program works in Hospice care you have a knack for it.

Understanding that you are an empathy and how it overwhelms you.
How to pull back and support either through angels or energetically.

There are some books by Raymond Moody who writes about NDE-, Albert Villelado had a CD about uncoiling the chakras. I just clear the lower chakras and hold the energy. Sometimes I do other things if so led. The Tibetan book of the dead speaks about signs before the body expires.

It is helpful to understand diseases and how the human body breaks down and creates tears in the patients human aura. Allowing spirit to move forward to the dying.

It just seems as if info is coming from the dream plane. Then you
Replay (relive it). Possibly by praying and meditating you can gain more strength. It takes energy to support the dying and it must be above what we normally do.

My dad has PD and he has the symptoms of bad dreams. The odd part is these dreams are a life review good and bad. I never read about his case. Understanding side affects of drugs and what is the dying process.

Great subject.
He was an angel watching over you. A angel in the world watching over you. There are angels and demons that walk this earth in human form.
Well based on what you have explained, seems to be a rather strange spirit, may not be evil I can check if you want, but often or not those without spiritual practice, or not strong enough will get a "fear" feeling from spirits or others that are stronger then them, it doesn't mean they are actually evil... I can help you learn energy training, but I would only teach basic I let those that learn it take their own path at that point. If you want me too do this then just shoot a message to shanon.beck1 [at]
There is a fine line of experiencing anothers
Demise. In reality we are attaching in such a way that we experience what they experienced.
It is a harsh experience. Mine I work up shouting and distraught, with my heart pounding.

Some experiences can take a human to the end of death. That is like a NDE
-near death experience. Which most report heightened perceptions.
ocgerl13 in Spirits All Around
Yes that is correct. There have been ocurrances here and there in the last place we lived, and they are just starting to happen again in our new house. I try my hardest to keep a positive attitude about everything, but he is a very negative person about everything. I just want a normal life (whatever normal is). I appreciate your input
TheresaGargano in Pennies From Heaven
Universeteachings, thanks for reading my story and your sweet comment. I do believe a spirit guide was involved also; maybe even the spirit of her little girl. Thx again
I believe this spirit is protecting you.
Black robe right? Would you mind contacting me through email?
Ill be willing to help.
Dear Lauterb,

Good for your son! I certainly have not gone unnoticed by a few patients and co-workers. They've commented that I am really be attentive, or they notice me checking on/caring for the person constantly.

I'm not so much uncomfortable, it's more of an anticipation. I'm still learning to accept the signs I'm seeing without brooding over them.

Do you mean to carry a piece of my spirituality, Or prayer in general? I have been looking for something to carry with me, but I'm at a loss as to what. I don't feel the need for a shield, or a healing object. I've been searching for something to help with clarity and peace.

Regardless, you've been really helpful!
Dear hwatson

Would you like to comment on two things:
First would be the discretion. My son who is a doctor, at the end of university, it was nicknamed "the angel of death". Angel as he watched patients with care and love, treated them as family members, due to pre-disembodiment situation and paying extra attention. Because he is spiritist this did not bother him, but it could end up happening to you because other people can not understand, especially if patients notice a pattern in your behavior.
The second indication with respect to those who are about to return to the spiritual plane. Apparently, the process is not comfortable for you, therefore I suggest combining a signal with spirituality to facilitate the work without discomfort.
Prayer is a medicine for the soul of anyone, made with the heart and sincerity can operate wonderful things, make prayer always and good spirits will always be by your side guiding you and helping. Helping others soon (or already) you will notice how well it will do to you.

Good work for you!
Thank you for the kind words and information, lauterb.

I've noticed that each incident follows a pattern. Starting with the feeling that I'm off balance, like I drank too much coffee. I usually then notice a kind of denseness around me, like the pressure before a thunderstorm. If I don't find the person that day, within a few days I will almost always have my dream, just helpful enough for me to usually figure it out. The pressure and anxious feeling remains and builds until the person passes. Then it just falls off suddenly, and the air feels calm. Like a content feeling that everything is fine now. Only rarely do I feel any presence (s) after a passing, unless the person was much closer to me...

Could this feeling be the gathering of energies around that person as they are preparing to transition? I just had this thought! Thank you!

I will have to research a bit.
Hello there Roseofthorns,

First off, you are certainly not unholy. How you are as a spiritual being is not related to your parents at all. And for that matter, I don't believe your parents were evil. A genuine evil person is rare. But it's doesn't matter anyway, because you have no spiritual connection to your parents. We actually choose our parents, but that's another story for another time.

Then you mentioned about your ghost Hayden. It's possible that this Hayden is not a traditional ghost but your spirit guide. That could be determined with little effort.

Yes, there is a dark side in the spiritual world to contrast the Light side. You seem to be in contact with both sides without discretion. You have the power and freedom to make choices how to deal with the darkness. Darkness should never control you, which is what you mentioned about as "black-outs". You have a very special gift that you have been given but sometimes such gift comes without instructions. It has happened to me too. So you have seek and learn the knowledge yourself. You came here, so you are already seeking and that's a good start. Not sure what else to say in response to your post at this time. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello NeverTheLesser,

I am imagine how you felt. It can certainly be terrifying to meet one of these dark shadowy entities at close range. They are up to no good - that's for sure. Was that night the only occurrence of this kind for you?

I cannot help you with that symbol, but I can help you to be less fearful, should this ever happen again. To be honest, there is no reason to be fearful at all with the know-how about dealing with the dark side.

I would recommend that you learn about spiritual protect - it's not that hard really. There are may ways to do that. I cannot comment on a certain type of protection other than what I use myself, which is the Divine White Light protect. Doing that kind of protection is to be proactive and to prevent any imminent attacks. The second type of protection is one of instant effect and it's about instantly invoking a power more powerful than that of a dark entity. Again, there may be other ways too, but since I can only speak from personal experience I can tell you that banishing such darkness in the name of Jesus Christ is very effectful. Each time I have been in contact with dark entities (not that it has happened a lot), this has always worked for me and within seconds they have fled.

I hope this helps a little.


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