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I must be a hot spot then because when I take pictures or occasionally am able to see, there are so many orbs around me and in the room its overwhelming sometimes. Thank you for your information it helps.
Hello DarkShadows.

It can be the residual energy from the past owner!
As a tape recorder a house can record peoples emotions and you can feel different vibes in each room.

But since you say you feel whatched I guess it may be some spirit still in the house!

Anything to add or any questions?:)
Hello Insira!

Looks like you got some spirit close to you.
Tinlging in scalp, feet, hands or solar plexus is indication from the spirit and let's you know that they are there, tinlging sensations are someone that's been close to you perhaps from this lifetime or the past, if you get pressure in your chest its also from a spirit, they indicate they want to talk to you then!

Voices in your head that pop up out of nowhere that sounds like your usually talketive inner voice is a spirit just trying to talk to you.

Spirit energy can be tense, I get chills and kind of a windy feeling around me, green shapes and orbs, the chills are from them and it just means they are close to your body, or they may try to hug you:)

How you can tell from negative spirits or malevolent are that they usually gives you oppressing thoughts and visions, negative emotions, back pain, pain in the neck region!

Most likely a spirit or maybe more, a room can absorb emotions and traumatic experiences or any experience infact, well its residual energy from that person that lived there before and it can influense your emotions and such.

Any questions?:)
When the subconscious astral (Etheruc double) projects (travels) we have conversations face to face with loved ones and also other humans this. Can include other beings.
Wen our higher self speaks it sounds matter of fact. It can also come across direct. Our higher self can cry wen we are in pain turmoil.

Just a few thoughts.
I had something similar with voices leading to a lady just recently...
So long story short, I work midnights and my s/o has night classes so I took a nap while she left to class. I heard my girlfriends voice then I kept hearing her saying something as if she was really there talking to me. The third time I opened my eyes saw to see if I was dreaming I was and I said shut up to myself, put my head down and closed my eyes again. But this time, I don't recall if I heard it again or just opened my eyes (I don't remember because I was startled) and so I opened my eyes once more. I saw a female figure in all white. I wasn't able to see her face as if it was her hair over it or just no face at, I'm not sure. I begin closing my eyes and opening them quick trying to see if this is real. But every time I did so she got closer. She didn't just walk towards me, she did that kind of silent hill nurse walk. Then it gets on the bed near my feet at first scratching or clawing me trying to hurt me. I then I realized I didn't feel anything. After I found out about her imaginary clawing, it started going crazy with her hands waving in the air head and body up and down. When I thought about it it reminded me of some sort of ritual. I've never participated or practiced such sort of things to be clear. This whole time I can't move I'm creeped out but then I remembered along time ago when I read about lucid dreams and other people's stories. I started wiggling my fingers until I was able to get my upper body up and didn't see it anymore then I turn on my flashlight to remind myself there isn't anything there. So I can go back to bed. I Was mind blowned, creeped out. I felt like I had invisible shackles holding my ankles, legs, chest, arms and hands down. This is my first false awakening experience and caught me off guard.
Atmokinetic, I can help you with your abilities if need be, as I too am working on training abilities. When you use energy manipulation can you actually see the energy waves, because I can and I messed with it the other day and set off the fire alarm in my dorm building and it's pretty cool once you get the hang of it, but it can also be tricky. If you want we can talk more about this stuff in more detail and I can help you with your training.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
You are a Pyschic Detecive. You are getting images of a murder... I get images like that also. I get flashes of images. And also I get
And can feel the victims pain.
You have premonitions. Both in dreams and while awake from what you said. It happens to me too sometimes when one of my family members or friends is about to get hurt or is hurt or when anything big happens really. For me it's an odd feeling in my chest and just knowing that something is up. Feeling the urge to talk to the person and asking what's going on because of it. I don't know how else to explain it. I hope this helps. Good luck.
Some say a different language can be that if Angels accordingly to Bible.

In the metaphysical-Venoglossy and the interpretation comes to the mind or subconscious, into channeling. As a friend does this.
More importantly it is there go encourage and can also give advice and understanding.
But as with all things use your intuition and Test it.
the_amazon_warrior_of_light in Spiritual Appendages
Thank you, I will look up the book. I very much appreciate the information you have given me.
It just sounds that the Kundalini opened your 3rd eye to see your true essence.

When I asked about my true essence I saw myself as male.
The appearance was that of a spirit that some refer to as More/belief.

My thoughts are you saw your true essence. This sounds like Quetzalcoatl.
It is my understanding when other life forms gathered here to experience earth plane we must be in a physical body.

I know this sounds out ravenous and off the wall.

If you read Mary Summerrains book she speaks of a tunnel that all life species use.

The US government acknowledge about 11 alien species. Some we acknowledge as attachments that thrive on our fears. Yet they are sustained by the human aura that process vibrations of fear, hate/addiction etc.

The bible acknowledges other life forms in heaven and under the earth.

As a theory I can only offer this.

If you wish confirmation. Spirit are capable of giving proof.
Emilee, seeing spirits is a gift, but you may see bad spirits disguised as good so always watch for energy and motivations. You may be sensitive to energies because you can feel bad energies and good energies as if you're reading the person like a book and their energy is just beginning to unfold and reveal itself but people can also mask energy so watch out for that. If you need any help with your experiences I'm willing to help teach you to where you can better use these abilities and perhaps make them stronger.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
Hi Cherryeyes,

I think it's hard to say beforehand what method works best for you when it comes to learning how to quiet the mind in meditation. I will give you a simple exercise that has worked well for others that I have taught about this, as a foundation before going further into various aspects of practicing psychic or spiritual work. The idea behind this exercise is to learn how to ignore all that inner chatter, like you mentioned "a thousand thoughts", and at the end have a state of mind with no thoughts at all. This is the state that you want to reach because now you are open to receive and now you will know that anything you receive is not coming from yourself but from an outer source. There are other things to learn too before doing any kind of psychic work, but this is only about the meditation part which is really a prerequisite.

It can be rather hard to go from a thousand thoughts to no thoughts. So there is a step in between that will make this easier. You need to set up a mental picture with one single object with nothing else in the foreground or in the background. Then focus on that object. Pick a simple object, like a burning candle. Try it and see how this goes. With some practice all other random thoughts that you had before should subside and vanish. Once you master this single-object focusing, you are ready to remove this object in your mind and now you are basically focusing on nothingness.

I am sure if you google on this subject you can find many other techniques that accomplish the same. It's more a matter of finding the way that works best for you.

I hope this helps.

Cherryeyes in Waking Premonition
Thank you Boson for your response! I do need to learn to calm myself, I have a thousand thoughts in my mind at once! It's to the point now where I wake up worried and go to sleep worried about all kinds of things. Do you know where I can find meditation exercises to do?
the_amazon_warrior_of_light in Spiritual Appendages
The tarot reader whom I let read this article hasn't even heard of this happening.
Atmokinetic in Growing Perception
Oh, its quite obvious your becoming more attuned to your energy, no, spiritual awakenings can happen at any age, I'm 16 and mine began well before I was five years old.
That tinling your feeling, would be your energy, keep at it, and try and move it around while meditating, try to make it so its all over your body, etc, manipulate it basically.
After a few weeks you should be able to summon it up with out meditating as well.
After that, you can start using it (if you know how to meditate) to do many things, such as healing, reading, etc, and a lot of other things that would take awhile to name.
Any questions just ask!
Hello Cherryeyes,

I would say you have a couple of distinct psychic abilities and not just one in particular. Oftentimes, being psychic means having a plethora of supernatural abilities. In general, you can call yourself psychic. You mentioned about experiencing OBE. To me, it's more cool than useful so I don't do that too often anymore either. Funny you mentioned about leaving your bed in your sleep when you where little. I did the same.

I would like to suggest as a first advice, that you start meditating. In meditation you can develop your abilities in a controlled manner. There are many kinds of exercises available for various purposes. I would say one of the most common and most useful exercise is one that will teach you how to calm and control your thoughts. Once you master that, or at least get a hang of it to some degree, you can then focus your psychic powers in a direction that aligns with how you would like to use your abilities to benefit yourself and others.

I hope this helps a little.

Your experience is called Bardo.

It is something a few experience, yet it has been experienced according to mans kinds account.

In the Hindu account they say a Spiritual helper brought you a revelation.

To sum this up. It may be a once in a life time experience.

You may be a lucky one that experiences it a few times.

All I can say is thank you for sharing. It let's us know there is more to strive for.
the_amazon_warrior_of_light in Spiritual Appendages
I gave the link about what I posted to a lady that did a tarot reading for me, I haven't heard back from her yet. It's been over a week actually since I've gotten a response.
Hi the_amazon_warrior_of_light,

First time I have ever heard about this too. I think the only way to figure this out is for you to get a psychic reading about this.

Ive had some what of your encounter I have seen ghost/spirits I use to see them as a baby my mom said I would talk to a cousin who died before I was even thought of. I could never sleep in my old apartment I was put on meds called crazy because id see and hear stuff I couldn't explain. I get sick and call out from work and bad stuff would happen. Many times I could tell someone meant me no good and ended up hurt
Hi welsh,

I meant click on the website link in my profile, and you can email me from my website.

Hi Boson,

I looked at your profile, but I'm not sure how you send messages through there? Is there something I'm missing?
the_amazon_warrior_of_light in Spiritual Appendages

I never did astral projection. Mainly, the appendages would appear while I was at work.
yes true love. You picked up on his vibration level. He must have had some type of soul connection to you.
I dreamed of the twin towers at that time no one would let me call the white house or 911. They though I would be arrested.
You are having, psychic experience I think. Dark entities are usually evil. So be careful. The man lying down was telling you grandfather was going to die. My daughter sees the grim reaper. In the black cape, no face and long rod and scathe. I dream of deaths sometimes before they happen. I see the funeral and the person who is going to die in the hospital
Was,the pregnant woman die that you had talked to?. Wow what a gift. You can hear spirits and demons talk. I can do that sometimes. Usually demons talk like people. But they come from grave yards. I have seen spirits manifest. Other times I can hear them talking in conversations. It scares me a lot. Especially at night.
are you doing astral body projections to a different time period or dimension?
I am getting those same dreams. Terrifying Dreams of World War 3. I see North Korea and China as the United States threats.
Hi welsh,

Yes I have had a bunch of dreams of World War 3, but I would prefer not to spread gloom and doom on this forum. You can instead contact me through my profile and I will share with you.

Thanks Boson,
I have actually had prophetic dreams before, I didn't mention it in original piece.

In 1999, I had a very vivid dream of standing on a railway platform and seeing a train derail and come right at me. I woke up just as it was about to hit me and I felt very shaken. About 2 days later - I lost my job. I was very worried for a while, luckily I got a new job a few weeks later which was better, but the experience convinced me that I am susceptible to prophetic dreams. I've had a couple of others, including meeting someone I saw in a dream a few weeks earlier, though the person was of no consequence to me, just someone I did a business quote for and never saw again, but I had definitely seen this guy in a dream weeks earlier without knowing who he was.

This is why I'm so scared of this 'nuclear attack' dream. The business with the basement... I have had an office in a basement for years, but the basement in my dream was in a total mess, with stuff strewn everywhere. My basement office is NOT normally like this, but it was 2 Saturdays ago because of the flood. And when I heard of the Syrian attack that happened as I was down there - an incident which seems to have sparked off an horrific chain if events that has left the US and Russia at loggerheads in the UN today, I still can't help but fear the worst: (

Have you had any dreams about 'World War 3' yourself?

Hello welsh,

I am not saying that that particular dream you had about 2 years about what looked like a scene from World War 3 is not accurate about the future, but it's hard to say with any kind of certainty since you have not had many dreams of premonitions in the past. But nonetheless, here is what I think about all this. First off, I can tell you from my own dreams of the future that the greater the event is in the future (greater impact) the more advance notice I get in dreams. For instance, small trivial things in my life I may receive dreams about the day before whereas some dreams take 10 years or longer to manifest and some have not yet been realized. Some of those dreams are those of a new world war such as your dream. So even if your dream shows you a future of that kind, I would say from my own dreaming experience that it's much more likely that such event of global proportions will not occur until much further into the future.

I hope that helps a little.

the_amazon_warrior_of_light in Spiritual Appendages
Thank you for responding to my post, you're actually the first person to give me any kind of insight about this in the 12 years since it's occurred.
I just read your post. I know its a bit late. Somehow I can relate to your experiences. Is there anyway that I can contact you
From my experience, the answer would be yes. However, I believe everyone has and can develop their natural intuition an ESP to varying degrees. Some are naturally more psychic than others like any other trait or characteristic one may have inherited Also souls often incarnate in groups. It maybe that this is part of your dynamic for this lifetime and developing your abilities may be easier with having the comfort of family. A sense of belonging.
Hello, I found your experience fascinating. I'm sorry, however, I have never heard of this type of situation. I can only offer a theory. Is it possible these images are energetic impressions of past incarnations or some attached energy from your soul's nightly multi-dimensional flights while you sleep? Maybe some daily focused meditation on the issue may wield further insight. Hmmm, very interesting.

I have had similar experiences as you. When I was a little girl, I always felt I was being watched. I heard them talking about me in my head. I was so young I didn't know what was going on and would dismiss them and go outside and play.

My psychic abilities and visitations began with a dream about Jesus. It was a true visitation by Jesus. I was only 14. I told my mother that I saw him, and described what he looked like. She said that my description of Jesus was not the way he really looked like. Yet, just recently, I watched a show on tv that reconstructed what they believed Jesus really looked like. It was the same description of the Jesus that came to me and it defies all the pictures that depict him. It was confirmation to me, 40 years later, that it was really Jesus. Jesus, not the organized fundamental Christian doctrine, gives gifts to people. I believe that we, who experience visitations, receive knowledge about the future is approved of by Jesus. If you read closely what the scriptures say that Jesus said, you will relate. Sermons & doctrine by fundamental Christianity have missed the very message that he is trying to bestow to us! There is no hell. You will not go to hell with fire and brimstone. Those sermons are used to fear people into remaining in that particular church giving donations.

And I truly believe that God, the Universe, comes to people in different forms to different cultures of people so that they can relate to God. I.e. Buddha, etc.

After this experience as a young girl, the visitations increased. I started astral projecting by flying in my dreams. I went to my catholic priest and told him what was going on and he said it was astral projecting and that it was real.

As far as consulting "psychics" who charge money, be very careful who you trust with these experiences.

Learn how to protect yourself psychically! Dark shadow figures are not there to help.

Do not reject these experiences or try to suppress them. It is a blessing and a gift given to you. But always protect yourself psychically, learn how to do it.

I too, have visited psychiatrists and explained to them what I was going through. None of them have diagnosed me as schizophrenic, bipolar or even depressed.

I will warn you and advise you to protect yourself psychically & spiritually and be careful who you share these experiences with.

You are not crazy! This is real and you have been chosen to receive these experiences. It is a blessing and gift from God.

Go about your day, be productive, live in this real chaotic world as a "normal" person would. But know inside that you are "special". As I said earlier, be very careful who you share these experiences with.

I thought I would find out if anyone else was having these experiences and I'm surprised to see there is! I've been seeing astral spiders for awhile now and I've seen the large spiders hanging from the ceiling and the small ones crawling on my curtain. I usually wake up and see these creatures or I'm already awake and I see them disappear in front of me. I have discovered on my own that these were dimensional spiders and when we see them we are looking through an altered state of awareness. Seeing beyond this world into another for a moment. At first I would jump out of my bed and turn on the light when it started happening. Now, I just look at the spiders disappear in front of me. I don't get sick or drained like others who have this experienced. I'm just wondered why they are around. I'm trying to understand more about them. I've also seen green snakes and dimensional cords. Why do some of these things mechanical in nature? The more I find out I will share. Thanks for posting this blog! I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing these things.
Nightingale in Emergency Dreams
Hi Carri,
Thank you for sharing your story. It can be chilling when such accurate information comes to us, and especially when it hits close to home. I hope all is well for everyone.
I wish you all the best,
You have developed clairvoyance (seeing spirit and energies from different vibrations) and clairaudience (hearing spirit and different beings from different vibrations). Congrats! That's amazing.

My abilities aren't as developed as you, I only see orbs, lights, semi auras and hear humming and buzzing. I'm trying to develop mine a lot further to your level.

That women isn't moving on because of the tragedy with her baby, you may want to consider helping her to the light, she's currently a lost soul. Hopefully this article helps:
Hi luckyduck,

It's very likely that the ouija board open up the door the spirit world let that demonic spirit in. I just cannot understand how they can sell ouija in toy stores (sorry I just had to say that). I am very glad to read the end of your story, that you have grown spiritually and found the Path in your life, and on your way gained the knowledge that calling Jesus for help in situations like that is in my opinion the easiest and best way to be victorious.

I have read your experiences with the orbs. When I was making a selfie the other day, I noticed a strange looking orb with a black center and was wondering if it's like the thing you saw/see. Can I send you the picture for you to compare? (Excuse my bad English, I'm Dutch;-)
Hello Carri,
Thanks for reading my story.
And about my mom dreams, she never knows those people who are dying in her dreams.
And she cannot see the person face in dream, when that death happens in real life, that time she see the person face.
She has stopped having those dream for a year, and I hope she never sees those dreams again.

Thanks and Regards,
Hello Rockstan,
I will surely share more of my experiences and my mom's too.
But how is it possible to see someones death before its actually going to happen?

Thanks and Regards.
carri in David Bowie
a gift I see. You must have some kind of connection with him. Like on the spirit side.
Tell you mom I get dream like that also. I always get sad. I then think could I have prevented their deaths. Tell your mother that she should warn people of these dreams if she can. It is a gift.
You may have empathic components, but there's more than that, I feel as though you predicted it, and if you need any help with these developing abilities than you can shoot me an e-mail and I'll try my best to help, I'm always looking for others to help, and I'd love to hear more about your experiences.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
PsychicMedium14 in Part 2- My Daughter's Dream
Hi LizardB, sorry I didn't get back to you. I was born with the gift of mediumship, enabling me to see, feel, & communicate with spirits.
It seems to me that your daughter has the gift of clairvoyance. The male spiririt she saw I feel is warning you both of this man in a ski mask. Be careful.
I added you on Google+ if that's okay with you should you need to talk to me. I am also on Facebook too. You can find me there at the following site address: I hope you have a good afternoon.
PsychicMedium14 in Part 2- My Daughter's Dream
Hi LizardBE sorry I didn't get back to you. I was born with the gift of mediumship, enabling me to see, feel, & communicate with spirits.
It seems to me that your daughter has the gift of clairvoyance. The male spiririt she saw I feel is warning you both of this man in a ski mask. Be careful.
I added you on Google+ if that's okay with you should you need to talk to me. I am also on Facebook too. You can find me there at the following site address: I hope you have a good afternoon.
You are getting images of the future. You are seeing thing that are going to happen.
I sent it to that email. I wonder why you haven't gotten it. Hmm...
Teri in David Bowie
Wow! Well, I am psychic and know I am. I work as a psychic. About 10 months before Bowie died I got a claircognizant flash that he was very ill, specifically that he had cancer. So I went online searching for evidence, thinking I'd missed something...nothing.
Then I dreamed several times he died, shocked and woken from my sleep. At Christmas I announced to my family that in 2016 Bowie would die. It was a shock anyway (I'm a huge fan). When he did pass, I went into mourning and one day, while in a kind of trance, feeling sad, I felt an energy I didn't recognise. It was light, fun, warm, a bit mercurial. I asked who it was and it was David. He told me he was happy to have done something good for the world and that he was aware that people liked his music but he hadn't realised how much people loved HIM. It was funny, because I thought he was a darker personality, more Thin White Duke than anything, but since then I've read about his sense of humour and lightheartedness... A few days later I asked David to appear in a visitation dream to me to let me know he was still 'alive'. He did that night, in Ziggy regalia but with very yellow hair.
I would like to talk more about some of the things that you mentioned. My E-mail is on my profile page if you wish to discuss things further, I'll be waiting to hear back from you.
~ Lyro
Interesting, I would like to hear more about your experiences and stories, if you need any help, questions answered. Send me a message at shanon.beck1 [at]
There is a demon exterminater in Kansas City. He is willing to help. Email is tantoj. Live (at)
jasmine_glaze in Shadows That Follow Me
Dear KeepItMovin,

I'm deeply sorry for all that is happening to your child. I know you must be desperate and confused about why is this all happening. From what you explained I see that the situation is dire and needs to be dealt with without delay.

First off, since your son has already been exposed to the spiritual in this extent, you and everyone living in your house need to learn how to protect yourself from all of the unwanted spirits and energies that come in contact with all of us everyday.

Have you wondered why your son is usually suffering at school? The spirits use the negative energy around us to cause chaos and torment us. That's the main reason why usually nothing too bad happens at home - there isn't much negative energy that this being may feed of and use to mess with your son.

If you need more information, advice or help, feel free to email me (it's in my profile)

Hope to hear from you,
What a wonderful experience and message. Thank you so much for sharing!
[at] keepitmovin, please contact me at shanon.beck1 [at] I can help, I can attack the spirit from my location with energy, Clergy won't do anything other then make it more aggressive, trust me I seen it happen before. I help a kid over the internet before that was being harassed by several spirits, (taking him over basically).
KeepItMovin in Shadows That Follow Me
I have a 9 year old son whose behavior is a major problem at school. He's been tested and there are no learning disabilities. I have been dealing with this for 3 years with this year being the worst! I was so frustrated because it's interesting how this behavior never happens at home so I was convinced he's conning us all and began to spank him. At the end of the spanking, he tells me this dark thing takes over his body and he can't control it. He said it starts out with a tingle then it makes him feel cold inside and makes him do bad things. I asked him did it talk to him, he said not audibly. Said it's been following him since 1st grade. It 1st said hi to him on the bus when he entered school and it scared him (That entire year was hell on the bus and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him) He said it started out just pushing him, now it jumps in his body randomly. He said it's looking for a body to take over and said he was the target. I asked why is he just telling me. He said because he didn't think I would believe him. He drew a picture of it and everything! He said it likes to see him in trouble. Said sometimes it watches him while he sleeps. He said he's not afraid of it, he just wishes it would leave him alone. He said it told him not to tell anyone about him. He said it moves fast and says "mad or frustrated" causing him to act out those things. After he told me, I assured him I didn't think he was crazy because I see things too. (not dark shadows like him though) I asked him did he think he could beat it. He said emphatically "yes"! I asked had he ever beat it before? He said yes when he was in 1st grade and was coloring, it told him to scribble up the paper and he pushed it out.

I am at a loss for words upon hearing this. We prayed together, I opened the window and put the spirit out and told it, it wasn't welcomed. He and I touched and agreed that we would fight it together and that he is to tell me when ever this happens again. At the end of our conversation we high fived and his eyes darted to the left. I said "what did you see?" He said " A purple squiggly thing. He said he felt better telling me because he wants it out of his life. He said it messes with him at school mostly. I told him upon feeling the tingle to call out the name of Jesus for help. I told my husband and we agreed to get clergy out to our house for a house blessing

Any words of wisdom is welcomed and appreciated! This happened earlier today and I have been on the internet searching for answers. I do not believe he's schizophrenic. Is this familiar to anyone?
tyrant1333. My daughter had that snake thing. She was getting possessed. I had to pray a lot. She started to hear more and more voices. And then spiders and snakes crawling on her. I hope that is not happening to you. You may need to see a preacher for help or email me at rcarriwill [at] I think you may need to pray for this to stop amen.
my daughter heard and saw snakes. She also saw spiders. I had to pray that stuff away from her. I had to pray a lot. Try to pray the blood of jesus over you. Amen
I am so glad that I came across this, I know that this was posted almost five years ago but I was sitting down last watching TV roughly 15-20 minutes ago and I have a pair of my running trainers on my living room floor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the trainers move slightly to the left, I tried to just ignore it and continue watching TV but I decided to look at them again and it moved even more to the left! Naturally I'm a bit freaked out and don't know what to think! Also just wanted to speak to someone who's experienced something similar?
jasmine_glaze in Feeling World Changes
Hey hummingbird222,

It's very good to get to know another person who is aware of what will happen in the future. I realize you have your own life that has some balance to it and you might be a little worried about the unknown events before there is time to rebuild after the war. Rest assured that for as long as you keep your faith strong and do what you need to do to help people and never give up on hope, you should be alright. Remain strong in any challenges that come to your life and be ready to listen to your soul when the time is right.

If you need someone to talk to and help you with whatever you want to achieve, i'm here to take my time and make sure that you don't worry about the future too much

Hi Entomophagy,

From what you've just written it seems that you're not only clairvoyant but also you're an empath. I'm sayin this because you mentioned having a feeling when you read the intentions of your love interest, i'm pretty sure it wasn't the only time you've felt that someone wanted to talk to you or was thinking about you.
This feeling is caused by the manifestation of one's emotional state that you are able to "read". That's what it means to be an actual empath. But beware of the negative emotions you may encouter, they could be overwhelming to the point where you could feel them as your own, especially depression.

If you want to learn how to control your gift, I recommend meditation first to make sure that your mind is clear when you're feeling this that isn't yours.
As you're already aware of the spiritual side of life, you should also know that everyday energies around you flow and affect you. It's good to learn how to shield yourself from the unwanted things and how to cleanse your body from foreign energies.

How to cleanse:

Visualize your body and tap into feeling the energy inside of it. Then do your best by manifesting it outside of your body, so it takes over and replaces all of the other energies that are stuck on your body.

Then you can use the energy to create a solid and thick layer of energy from your skin to a foot outside of your body. Do it until you feel it's strong enough and you feel safe.

Hope the tips help you a bit:D you can email me if you want to learn more

Hi, I'm not sure what this means, I can see and feel energy, it feels like a tingling sensation. I also see Orbs and hear Spirits talking to me and also see White Mist and Black Shadows.
jasmine_glaze in Blue Being
Hey Frenchie1967,

From what your description it seems like a curios spirit came around you and your wife. I don't know what he was up to but for sure he was curious about something. It didn't even expect you to see it.
It's one scary experience, but as it was said by gthlvrmx, you should try to shield your room so nothing like this happens ever again.

I am glad to hear that you have left him, and that you had people in your life to go to.
Meditation (my apologies for the initial misspelling) may help you tue into what the precognition is about. Perhaps it is showing itself in your leg because that is where he would have hurt you.
I think you can also see the spirits. It is scary sometimes, I know I can sometimes see some terrifying spirits. I get real afraid. I have seen ghouls and ghosts at grave yards. I have seen black clocked man near a church. I have seen spirits by my drug addicted family members and friends. I have heard cancer demon spirits after my foster dad Colin died. I heard them in his bed room. Usually I only see spirits if someone visits me and spends the night. Like a family member from out of town. Or a friend of my kids spending the night. Try to pray because these entities can be real scary and frighting. When I see them I start to pray. I often become terrified.
Angel Cake, You will always have the ability to predict tragedy or events. You may not be able to see spirits like your mother. Try to pray for God to let you have gifts like your mother. God gives different gifts to different people.
CeceiliaErin, I get premonition dreams like you get. My young daughter Christina is also like that. I see images of future events in my dreams. These dreams often come true. Sometimes I can touch touch a photo and dream of events with that person.
The psychic, may not have been correct on the date of when you meet a boyfriend, or possibly she is not a good psychic.
I started dreaming like that as a young child. I dreamed of events and saw them play out later in my life. You have a divine gift.
your going to be fine, I think try, to pray when you see these spirits.
Frenchie1967 in Blue Being
I had written this on another site once before, maybe that's were you heard about this, and no I did not hear anything the days before.
JoshuaM in Blue Being
This is going to sound crazy but I recall this story before it was published,, did you happen to hear voices while you were sleeping, maybe a few days before this event? Please email me to keep this private.
I forgot to tell you to pray. Or these spirits won't leave you alone. I have been pinned before and I get real afraid. I have to pray a lot for them to leave me alone.
I see spirits or hear them. I sometimes scream in fear. I saw some ghosts at a grave yard and cried and screaming. At my house the ghost is usually tied to the person walking in my house. If they have an unclean spirit tied to them. If they spend the night, I can see it. I can see the spirit tied to them. Only if I wake up from sleep and look a the person spending the night. It is scary. The ones tied to the people coming to my house is a flash of an instant. The spirit walking right next to that person. I see an ghost standing right next to the person. My ex husband was a drug addict. I saw a drug demon standing next to him. I am talking to a lawyer who is psychic she is helping me not be afraid of the spirits I see. I pray a lot. So these spirits leave me alone. Really I get pretty frightened.
you are seeing demons. You have a gift from god above. You can see demons. You are amazing.
Your experience depicts a few things.
An opening of physical dimension and a dense plane were 2 entities abide-male and female have enclosed an spiritual implant. I feel there was a portal opened.

I feel there are some areas that must be dealt with: an implant must be extracted. Imprint surrounding the Implant must be cleared. Your energy center must receive healing/and balanced over a few sessions with periodic healing and checking. The spirit entities must go back to the Dense lower plane with some healing. The portal must be closed. The Trailer must be smudged and cleansed inside and out.

The symptoms of sleep disruption compiled with headaches and voices with loss of health
Depression all tell of spirit intrusion.

With a implant it's symptoms are similar only the implant is quite prominent.

Many times the question worth asking is how and what has supported its ability to gain more power. The answers vary and the root cause is on an individual basis.
But I must ask if you have been abused physically at ant time
Or had to witness it occurring?

It has been a long time over a year of dealing with this.

If you send me your email. I and one of my friends will help you.

You must refrain from alcohol/horror films or books/recreational drugs.
I'm happy to take help from multiple people, I don't care what your religious beliefs are, just as long as you are experienced with demons and other negative spirits. I need/want all the help I can get.
gthlvrmx in Blue Being
Hi Frenchie1967,

I also want to say that it couldn't have beeb her grandma as an angel because humans don't turn into angels. Angels and humans are two separate streams of existence.

If you don't want as many scares like that again, I recommend using white light shields Around yourself and your home at night.
Frenchie1967 in Blue Being
I got scared because I was not expecting to be 6 inches away from it when I turned around. It might not have meant anything bad by being there, but it sure scared the crap out of me.
Universeteachings in The Demon Who Won't Leave
Hello tehre I can help you out by removing this demon or whoever she is as soon as possible.
Contact me at universeteachings [at]
I actually go through similar things but I am more aware of my past self and I tend to act like my past self a lot as well now. Serious I understand with the disliking humanity thing I really dislike being stuck in a human body but there was a reason I decided to come here and I actually just want to be my old self away from all the stupidity or at least most of it if possible.

I actually met someone a year ago who is the exact same species as me which is very relieving that I have someone to talk to about that certain subject without being worried of being judged Happy

Like others I actually do want to go home but not very sure where it is. I've said it a few times within the past few years and have kind of found myself going somewhere that looks like home and it's very comforting. I'm not always in my body it seems like when I'm spacing out I can be somewhere else which is the same when I'm sleeping. I can easily leave my body in my sleep if there isn't something keeping me there i.e a cross.

I am stuck in a human body until my dearly beloved boyfriend just let's me go since he isn't planning to any time soon for his own reasons which is fine even though how much I hate it here. Total regrets after coming here is what I'll say. Serious
Hi Unicornlove,

I was going to offer to help you but it seems like Gabbie has already generously offered to help you.

Carri, I have been to two different priests and they didn't take me seriously. They just told me to get psychological help which I am currently looking for a therapist just to rule out mental illness. Although one did come and bless my home. Some how deep down in my being I know this is purely spiritual and I'm not crazy. I have been praying daily and asking Christ to forgive me and take this creature away from me. I have been demanding it away in the name of Christ, this does nothing. I just want to be free of this thing and go on with my life.
cayce17, Yes you can be blocked. Or cursed by that witch. So need to pray really. Yes people can curse you. She may be able to block you also. So pray to break any curses.
carri in Blue Being
pretty scary stuff. I have never seen a blue being. But sometimes I can see things like you do. I would pray in that room amen.
go to a deliverance ministry a good one and they can help you amen. Try to pray this and shout this out. "Unclean spirit I command you to leave this house at once." Shout these prayers out loud. Many times a day. Put on a cross. Play christian music if you start to hear something turn on the lights at night if you hear things.
Unicornlove, The demon may become so strong you may have to leave the mobile home amen. You may need some friend or someone to help. What about a Catholic priest. If the priest cannot rid the demon in the mobile home you must move out. It may possess you. I am praying for you amen.
Unicornlove, sorry about your boyfriend's death. The demon sucubus knows your grief. The demon sucubus, is playing on your grief. You need to get help as a soon as possibly. This demon can posses you. I know it happened to me. Sucubus demon. Released when my daughter did spells in her room. She did Wicca sucubus demon was touching us and it was hard. I had to pray like this. It becomes stronger. Get a cross or bible. You must pray this. "Unclean spirit leave this house at once." Scream this out loud. Many times. "Unclean spirit leave this house at once, in the blood of Jesus Christ amen."
gthlvrmx in Blue Being
Hi Frenchie1967,

It could have been her grandma but, assuming the grandma crossed over into heaven, spirits from heaven don't usually make an appearance to the living and leave them feeling or reacting in a scared manner. If her grandmother was a spirit from heaven visiting, she would leave you all feeling loved, warm, and happy, not scared, or reacting by screaming.

When I see little bright lights, that means I'm seeing fairies. Fairies are air elemental nature spirits that take care of the earth and are not scary either but don't try getting them mad, they are not the same as human spirits from heaven;) You might have seen a swarm of fairies in human form being curious about your wife, and yes, many nature spirits are curious about humanity the same way we are about them.
Dear Nix55,

Within the Spiritual both Light and Dark creatures, beings and entities, exist.

Demons, are of darkness and have as their only goal, to deceive and to harm. They watch us grow, they feed off our energy, that is being generated by our thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, anything negative in our life, and a lot of times, a huge part of what we experience is caused by them, in order to bring all this harm upon us to their own benefit. They, sometimes, present themselves to us, as a lost soul or a spirit guide, or even claim to be harmless and only mean well. None of these statements is true. A demon's nature is of darkness, and darkness only.

It would be wise, if you distanced yourself from this creature that's attached itself on you, and if you withered your bond with it. I would love to help you through that, so feel free to email me if you decide so.

Be safe!
Dear Unicornlove

Before going any further understand that to deal with spirits you need to know how the spirit world works.
Just to get a driver's license you need to study regulations, plates, signs etc. You need same thing to deal with spirits.

I recommend study books below:

You can start with Spirit's book

Good study!
My dear Unicornlove,

I, as I have met such situations before, fully comprehend the mental strain it is causing you.

It appears that what is around you, is a spirit of demonic nature. By mistaking it for your deceased boyfriend, and by allowing it in, you gave it full access to your body and soul. The thing about situatuions like this, is that no one can get rid of the demon for you, without your own personal effort.

I have been trained to help people get through situations like this, as well as, help people understand about spirituality and broaden their knowledge, so all you have to do is contact me, and we will work this out together.

My email is up on my profile.
Keep your faith strong.
Dear Jack 165,

You are not going crazy, some houses are indeed haunted. Over the years you have nor been given any help or advice. Here's one piece of it.
Every person possess their own energy that can be used to protect oneself from anything evil that tries to reach out. All you need to do is have faith in yourself and pray for the protection. Then create a shield around yourself and the room that you're in, as well as make the energy banish anything impure from the place that you're in.

If you need any more hele or advice, leave a comment or email me

Serenity_love in I Can Feel Death
Ghostwriter000, thanks I'm relieved that I'm not alone. I've tried talking to people close to me but no one understands.
Serenity_love in I Can Feel Death
MissCherokee, I believe the longest one I have had was a week. I didn't know the girl but her accident was a few blocks away from my grandmothers house. This was almost a year ago and I haven't had another episode, but recently I've felt like I'm not alone. Strange things would happen like things falling and I would be home alone. Once I felt a strong chilling breeze on the back of my neck as if someone was blowing at my neck.
Nightingale in Her
Hello Emily,
I am glad that you are able to speak with Alice. May I ask what kind of conversation you usually have? There are some ghosts who are very confused about being dead. While it might not be something to bring up, are you able to tell whether she understands what has happened to her?
Meditation can help you control and focus energy. I would caution you not to overexert yourself or experiment with anything dangerous, but do embrace your abilities.
Do you feel afraid of Alice? If it is her making the power go out, she may be doing it accidentally or on purpose. Either way, take care to listen to your instincts. If you talk more abput this with her, speak to her with friends who know around if you can.
Does she ever leave the property? She may be trapped, reliving a memory. For some, movig past a tramatic death can be incredibly difficult.
If you feel like it would help, and you would feel comfortable, perhaps look into meeting with a professional medium to speak to Alice together. He or she may be able to help Alice, and your presence as someone she seems to trust must help.
Take courage and know you are not alone. I am glad you've posted your story and I hope we can help.
I wish you both peace,

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