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I pray you win. What a neat story. I hope it happens for you. Maybe god wants you to play the lottery.
gstories in Robin Knows Best
Did you find out what you were having yet? If it was twins or not I mean.

I don't know I don't really believe in past lives.
Lovely, and so true. You should be a public speaker. I think some straight talk on this subject is so long over due. Small kind acts, praying etc... Like ripples on still water (sorry not even really a grateful dead fan) reach out far beyond what we can even try to imagine.
Dang, I have read about this, actually, it was on one of those PBS shows, sorry I can't remember who gave the talk. Maybe if you search this up again look for energy work, rather psychic... I know, thin line.
Anyway the guy was talking about kenisiology and how music physically effect on the body. Best of luck to you.
I don't "smell" death but have seen, perhaped, helped? Some people and a few animals pass over. Having said that, my connection to what you wrote, about not having a similar experience re: your mom, was something like a conversation I had with a friend last night. Her father passed away recently (they we were close) and she had been praying for a sign. Nothing. My father (we where very close) passed away years ago and I pretty certain he has never been "around."
Why a random person, or a friend... But not someone where it would matter so much to have some sort of communication?
I don't know. Personally, I could see myself becoming too absorbed in communicating that I might start to not pay enough attention to my living life... If that makes sense? As for you, or my friend, maybe the loved one just knows they'll see you again (soon enough from their perspective and keep a distant/ watch) I don't know... I do know that something about attachment can block the "processes" for lack of a better way to say it.
Btw, the smell of flowers, to me anyway, seems a comforting affirmation of the next world. Best of luck to you.
Well, I want to say that my comment won't be much help except that from time time I see the exact same thing. The first time it was a single blue...? Sparkle? Thought it was glitter bc I was working at a day care, until it floated about three feet off the ground and then disappeared. I do see a whole gambit of otherworldly things but not on any regular basis, however, the sparkles are the one thing that I have never heard anyone else talk about.
If I really had to guess in my situation... I think it may have been my one student's spirit guide? (She was a nonverb autistic kid)
I'll follow this post though, very curious about it.
Final thought, I lost my mom recently too, and for other reasons, we were not close. She took a long to "leave" this plan bc I think she had regrets and didn't want to pass on. I "talked" to her and told her to please move on. She did.
Might help...
Anyway, nice to hear a similar experience.
Peepers1314 in Sensitive To Energy
Atmokinetic, Crystal children are real and so are Indigo and Rainbow children. They are the three types of star children and we all are somewhat star children. We are the generation who can change his world and make it a better place. We all differ in abilities but we all have some sort of ability that we are suppose to use to help people. So don't tell me that crystal children are not real when there are people out there who have the exact same abilities as crystal children that have changed the world. All of the star children are here to make the world a better place, we are the future generation and we have a goal to change this world to make it a better place.
I have had visions when I was younger of future things such as TV scenes, pets, and family members. Once, I remember, I had a vision wile I was in my sixth grade math class while I was talking to my friend. It was of a scene in a TV show, but I wasn't sure which one. I decided I'd put it out of my mind until a couple of weeks later, I was at another friend's house. We were bored and I suggested that she show me her favorite TV show, which she'd been bugging me about. She showed me an episode and I was taken back to the time in my math class with the vision. It was of three girls in light blue outfits standing at one corner of a hallway. And the same exact scene came up then. The show was called Grey's Anatomy and the three girls were Meredith, Izzie, and Christina. I still have these sort of vision and they all come true to this day.
Searching in the Internet found the frase cognitive talented (in a remote viewing page) you can practice in the remote viewing exercises in this page to learn the difference between visions and imagination and also maybe you can get information at will.
I used to had that type of situations as a teen, now rarely have them, (now I miss them) don't know if I started ignore them, or if they stopped.
Later trying to get them back decided to play with random number generadors. Realized that the difference between the visions with imagination or better said the only way I could diferencia te them is keep my mind empty.
Agree with perder, doing that will help you gain control over it.
please be careful. This Neko could be a trickster. I've delt with a simular spirit that tried to tell me that he was with me in every lifetime. There are rarely people that are with you in every life. Does Neko leave you alone? Does he get jelous when you're around other men? Does he act possesive?
Have any of you guys ever had a speck sparkle when another brought up Death.?
It's been a year since I've begun finding ways to avoid them. I've tried religion. I've tried crosses and even magical phrases that are supposed to expel things of that nature. I'm more confident that I an handle them... For now. All I an say is that I'm not afraid. Not like before. And that I appreciate the advice you've given me.
All that you're saying is accurate to my own experiences, as an empath with an array of different abilities. I definitely feel the pain of those dreams, I also suffer chronic nightmares. However, these can be prevented with clearing energies of your home as well as within yourself. You'll get used to being able to read people, and once it becomes second nature it might become useful. And although feeling the emotions of others is a heavy burden to bear for empaths and indigos of today, you will eventually learn to let those energies pass through, and how not to make them your own. Transmute those negative feelings into something positive, and send them back to their source with love. Please don't feel alone, simply look for signs and your angels will assure you of their loving presence, as they will never abandon you.
Well, it's good to know I'm not just paranoid. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
I recently got out of a very simular situation. If he's saying things like 'be my wife' or 'come join me', then he'w not your friend. He might've been there in your childhood, but do not trust this spirit. He might give you more true than false answers, but his goals are for HIS benefit, not yours.
To properly get rid of him, Picture a place far away, in your mind. Or even his dwelling place, and mentally wrap him up like a mummy with white light. All the while saying, you will leave me alone, or 'You have no power over me", or 'you have/will lose interest in me.'
The universe pesponds to positivity, so you must be the positive change you wish to see happen. Ignore him, block him out. Eventually, when he sees he's being ignored, he'll leave.
quija boards bring nothing but trouble. The runes are for casting future, present, and past events, not contacting spirits. That's a difficult gateway to close. Once they know you can see them, they seek you out. Sad
Also I forgot to say this but a song that I have never heard before and is complete knew to me usually make me react more and make the energy flow easier than a song that I have heard dozens of time. But after a while it can be hard to find a different song that I never heard before.
I am glad you love to help people:) It makes me happy to know that there are other people out there who like to help people as well. And yes as long as you try to do the meditating a few times a week or just two times a week it should help. It takes practice, and we learn from our mistakes. I am glad I could be of help:) and if you ever need anything else or have any questions, please let me know:). If you would like to share experiences, just let me know and I can send you an email Smile
Nightingale in Trying To Understand
Hello kimela,
The bugs I cannot explain, and I could notbe sure of the shadows. Ghosts sometimes are perceived this way.
As to the rest, you certainly have a gift. The more you embrace it, the better you will be able to handle it and feel overall. Meditation regularly will help you to feel clearer and gain strength, as well as control. The entitiy who approached you sounds intimidating, but I would encourage you to disobey him. Gaining control will help you to stand up to him should he return. In the meantime, try to be aware of your surroundings and meditate where you feel safest.
Our gifts can ve overwhelming, but it is important to remember that none of us is alone.
Also, most spirits mean you no harm, so try not to fear them any more than you would a stranger who lives- be careful, but don't allow fear to rule you too much. Always trust your instincts.
I hope this will help,
I can relate.
However, it seems that you can sense energy to a greater degree that I can.
From my research, clairsentience go hand in hand with claircognizance most of the time. Meaning, most people that have one of these abilities, have the other one too.

I used to think I'm just a moody person. Emotional too. Now, I'm not so sure.
I think that it's so cool that you can feel energy so intense. I wish I could improve any abilities too, I just don't know how. I do meditate daily.
I don't think you caused the death of the matador at the bull fight. If there hasn't been a death in the bull ring for over 30 years, well a fatality was / is bound to happen. What an awful thing to witness, and I don't think you told the bull to kill the matador... You said 'don't give up, and get him back '... That to me doesn't appear to suggest you influenced the bull to kill the matador. These powerful abilities to see into the future, especially of deaths and horrific events are not as uncommon as one would think. You are not the cause of accidents or deaths just because you had a premonition before the event happened. You don't have any control over that. Which is frustrating because why get the foreknowledge of such things if you are unable or don't understand what to do with the information, let alone get anyone else to listen, understand or heed a warning. I too had to come to terms with foreseeing a person's death, and then wondering anxiously what it is I should do with that information... I realized I was getting that information for some reason, and then prayed about what I was to do... And when the answer came, I would do what the Lord impressed upon me to do. That is the end of my responsibility. However, I came to realize that if I ignored the message, or was too embarrassed to approach some one, then I was not keeping the end of my responsibility. It took a while, but I figured out that it doesn't really matter what other people think of what I am impressed upon to pass on to them. Warnings. Encouraging other family members to visit the person, and encourage warm relationships because one never knows when it is the last time you may see some one on this mortal realm. Who knows? If I get a vision, and relate it to the person I received it about, they have the possibility or option of maybe changing it... That hasn't happened yet... Frustrating... But also the fact that I am willing to relay a premonition has slowed it way down... You are not a freak. You are learning stuff that most people don't or won't talk to one another about, let alone give advice or relate their own experiences. Be of good cheer... I think it will eventually slow down and not be as often or intense.
I believe it is because the woman in my family are the same way. And a psychic confirmed that I got psychic abilities from my mother side of the family.
[at] Peepers1314

I started meditating again and I think my problem is that I am not consistent. And I was thinking of practicing giving free readings again. And I also love helping people, I am the person they always go to when they need advice. Thanks so much for the advice. Happy
I don't know if this is a future event, but it could have been in your daughters past life. I don't really know if we have had past lives before, but I do somewhat believe in it. But I guess you will have to wait and see what happens in the future. I myself get visions that come true as well, but I don't think you ever can truly master controlling your visions. If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know:). I love to help when I can.
You aren't the only one. For me, music helps a ton with my psychic abilities. It can help you concentrate more, and it just does something to your body that is unexplainable. It is such a great feeling and our psychic powers react. For you it helps you create more energy and makes it powerful, which is great. And like I said, for some music is the thing that helps control our powers. Or at least make them easier to control at times. So I would practice your abilities with music more and see what you can do, cause you can do anything you set your mind to. If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know:).
Music is made make you feel something, and some people do know how to use it together with magic (or other kind of energy work) in order to achieve a result of sorts. And it doesn't even have to have words, just your intention and the energy.

But music and energy aside, this could also just be yourself reacting to the songs. Everybody reacts to them, the difference is that some people are more affected by them, while others aren't affected that much. The "twitches and spams" part could be something serious though.
Hello Courtera,

That would certainly be amazing and a major life change if that happens for you! Nothing is impossible so I am not saying that it's just a plain dream. For me, the larger event in my life that is to come, the more advance notice I get (in psychic messages). Sometimes it takes a decade or longer for visions to manifest. You said you had this dream many years ago so it could be the same for you.

Sophie1234 in Electricity
Thanks for the help, really appreciate it and will get her to look into tests and stuff
Oh my gosh! I have finally found someone like me who gets visions too! Yes! Lol. I know exactly how you feel and I am your age too. I myself want to control my visions, and have found a few ways to do so. Meditating. But it is a little bit different. So first go in a quiet place and clear your mind. Then after you finally feel relaxed, picture that person/ or thing clearly in your mind that you want to vision. Like where your mom is or if your friend is going to be at school tomorrow. Then once you have the clear picture of what you want to vision let the pictures flow into your mind. It might take a few tries, but practice makes perfect. Eventually the visions will come to you on there own, and once you get good you can do it your own. Again, I am so glad that there is someone like me that gets visions like I do, and I hope what I said helps. If you have any other questions please let me know.:)
You have some very special abilities. You can read people, and can communicate with people who have passed away. As for feeling kind of drained after reading people, I would always make sure to meditate. I t helps a lot with not feeling as drained. Also, the reason you probably feel so drained afterwards is because you are feeling what that person feelings and there emotions. So make sure to always think positive and create a circle of good energy around yourself if you ever wanting to try reading people again. Which I think you should. We were given these abilities for a reason, to help people and make the world a better place. Feeling what other people have gone through can help you prevent them from doing something bad. You can help them feel better if they have gone through some tough things in the past. If you can help people, then that is amazing, and it seems you have already. So try the things I suggested and keep up the good work:). If you have any other questions please let me know.:)
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier in Electricity
I agree with Kratos-Atlas in the sense that she may have a spirit accompanying her, be it a "good" spirit or a "bad". The non-physical has a wide degree to which it can cause anomalies in the physical universe; sometimes yes, it relates to manipulation of electricity or any other form of energy, sometimes light, and manipulation of light causes illusions, invisibility or visions.

There is one other explanation: As many of us who believe in "psychic" subjects know, most humans only use approximately 10-20% of the brain on an everyday basis. (Sure Einstein said this, and scientists have debunked what he claims by saying that we use 100%, otherwise other parts of the brain may be dying. But they refer to the physical aspect of the brain, not the (para) psychological aspect.) And hence, she may have deliberatly or subconsciously/preconsciously developed a form of psychokinesis, specifically electrokinesis. I actually read about this today and the many forms of psychokinesis:

- Aerokinesis (Manipulation of air and wind)
- Atmokinesis (Manipulation of atmosphere, weather and climate, albeit weak)
- Chronokinesis (Manipulation of time and observation of time)
- Cryokinesis (Combined manipulation of water and gaseous molecular density (thinning it and making spaces cooler))
- Electrokinesis (Manipulation of electricity)
- Hydrokinesis (Manipulation of water)
- Photokinesis (Manipulation of light)
- Pyrokinesis (Manipulation of heat and fire)
- Technokinesis (Manipulation of computers and technology)
- Telekinesis (Manipulation of matter of stationary objects)
- Vitakinesis (Healing)

(These are all Macro-Pyschokinesis; Micro-Psychokinesis is manipulation of probability of an event to occur)

So, yeah, I think there are a number of possibilities, be it a spirit, or parapsychology.
I think there is little you can do with regard to the control of your visions, but embrace them and get used to them. From what I can recommend though, I suggest to learn the art of astral projection and out-of-body travel, or meditation as both of these have been known to give better control to visions, but I feel that even though you will gain better control, you will probably not have complete control; that could happen, but unless you were born with this ability, it could take upwards of 50 years to master the ability. Meditation and astral projection/out-of-body travel may have the possibility of speeding the process up, but that's your best bet for learning to control them.

The top of your story say's that you are a teenager, so I recommend that you learn to control it now, as the younger you are, the easier it will be to develop on the spiritual/metaphysical aspects. Best of luck.
This could be "a dream to be interpreted" or it could be a vision of a past life.
Kratos-Atlas in Electricity
She could be "accompanied" by a spirit or more (that could be the cause of everything), her energy can really affect the physical, or she has some kind of "manipulation of electromagnetism" or just 'ol electric manipulation.

It wouldn't be easy to know without doing some tests, in order to confirm what effect she has/can do. Tell her to try small experiements and also try to find if she is "alone" or not. Not all spirits are bad, but if she has one of the "bad apples" then it's best to deal with it as soon as possible.
montem-maleficus in The Glowing Green Eyes
As a child I encountered a black formless figure that was humanoid in shape that had emerald glowing eyes. I had forgotten about it for many years until I had a near death experience, but it had taught me to spell my name among other things I can't recall, it was always friendly and it watched over me many times when I was ill. Gifted people have been in my family for many generations and I believe that these green eyed spirits are the spirits of psychic beings either benevolent or malevolent depends on the entity either way they are very powerful and generally not to be trifled with by people outside of their element. Sage will not stop these entities it will weaken them and most likely anger them but if you encounter one take great caution in dealing with it they can be nasty buggers
I also have a pair of wings and horns. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.
artemis89 in Energy Feeling 2
Are you an artist? Because I am!

Anyways everything you mention in your post is what I go through too. I am having issues shielding myself, protecting and grounding myself.
I think it is called remote viewing. Sometimes I can do it but not all the time
Ash_Tree, You have a gift from the heavens. Try to pray about the gift and ask god to send angels to protect you. Always white light over your aura or plead the blood of Jesus to protect you. Amen
I am kind of like that can predict card hands. By sensing. I can sense things before they happen. I think you have a gift. From above.
I have had a similar experience that I felt was like a spirit put its hand on my shoulder. My breathing got heavy like after a run, kind of like you said. After a little while, let say 10 to 15minutes, it started spooning me and it cuddled with me. It felt good. It felt like I was being loved.

But in the morning, it felt like if I was drained and only got a few hours asleep after a hard day. Like if my life force was drained. But I got the same amount of sleep as usual. After that, it went away because I threatened it and it went away. Which is very weird and unexpected but whatever.

I guess what I'm trying to say is to put the necessary protection. But I could be completely wrong so do what feels right. Good luck
Thanks for sharing this experience. This reminds me of some books I read on reincarnation- we are all here to improve ourselves, and the one truth in life in LOVE.
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
Same Soul, Many Bodies by Brian Weiss
Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman
I googled and found some more stories of people like me noticing people coughing. Other people say it's paranoia, and they just have a sore throat, and how do you know they weren't coughing before or after you were there?
See that's the crazy/confusing/great thing about this- you make it into existence by THINKING about it.
When you thinking about it, you get nervous/angry/whatever, and give off energy, cueing the cough.
It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The only way to stop it is to solve any problems you may have (for me, my anger/fear towards my dad), to stop the reason (either unconscious or obvious) for the potential anger/retaliation.
The thing is not to make it about it coughing.
If you make it about the coughing it'll go on forever. Afraid/angry people will cough--> emit energy --> people cough --> cycle begins again.
If you don't have any problems (such as the abusive dad, anger towards some family member) then just try to ignore it. You're making it happen by thinking it's real. Just try to remember people can be nice. Just because they cough doesn't mean they think badly of you. You could be unconsciously letting out some subtle negativity or doubt or fear and they're just responding to it, but they don't actually think badly of you. You'll find what you see. If you look for the good in people, you may be pleasantly surprised- if you concentrate on the bad, that's all you'll see or get.
Also yes it happened to me with animals and kids too. They would cry, dogs would growl at me, bark, howl. The thing is not to think badly of them or let it get to you. Don't think they are attacking you. If you do you'll just get angrier and prolong the episode. (All this information was specific for me, it may be slightly different for other people).
Hi I had the exact same problem. I felt like I was giving off large amounts of energy, and I couldn't control it, and people would cough, look at me intensely, etc.
This has become much better lately.
I think it came from me thinking emotions were bad to express/problems with my abusive father confirming this (I stayed with him for one year, then he left). Whenever I was around guys I would get angry/scared, and would release large amounts of energy. Because of this I began feeling all emotion was bad and whenever I'd feel any intense emotion- whether joy, sadness, anger, despair- it would come out in a very intense way. Normally people feel those emotions, but it doesn't really do anything to other people. It was the fact the emotions were so taboo to me, that when any emotion came out it came out extra strong and with a very rebellious/angry tint to it. I had anxiety along with this/relating to this, and lived in a group home. As I went outside more and tried to just ignore the energy etc while trying to minimize my energy, my anxiety got better. Recently I reconnected with my dad, and this removed the anger/fear I felt towards men, and recently this has decreased my energy a lot. People still occasionally cough around me, but I try not to let it bother me. I realized before the more I focused on it, the more angry I got they were coughing, the more they would cough. Before it was also before I had the reason for the anger/coughing- my anger/fear of men. Now that that is gone I am just able to ignore the coughing mostly, while still trying to minimize my own energy obviously.
Instead of it being "hereditary" you are born into a family that has a history of having people that either have "psychic abilities" as well or are more sensitive to energy.

You, before entering a new body, a new vessel, chooses the family that seems most "appropriate" to help you develop yourself.
I am able to make it rain and also bring the sun out.
I have been doing this since I was a child.
I connect to trees and lately I have connected to water it is all alive, alert and wants to connect with us.
I find it feels joy to have me ask it to come out, I think it's because it feels adknowledged as living energy... I don't know but the more I connect the more I learn. Nothing's wrong with asking for a caressing breeze. It's not evil! It's how it should be, Sissy...justarose123 [at] Kidding Kidding
I stumbled on your story, which somehow similar to my own experience. Like you, I met that special person six years ago. Things moves so fast. All happened online. Just more than two months later, the relationship somehow just ended. Few things happened. So... After couple of months, I managed to handle it eventhough he do comes in my mind here and there. And sometimes its hit hard make me feel uneasy. My heart feel heavy, missing him and everthing mixed up.

I once tried to contact him with purpose to ended things nicely. (since I thought that one of reasons why I can't forget him). It stop for awhile. But the peace just won't stay, and now I still keep thinking of him. Here and there. What I try to say is, its probably the best to embraced all memories you ever have with that person and face it head on. Cause, if you try to get away from it, it will leave a big hole of emptiness in your heart and you would feel longing fir the special affection you once had with him.

I wish the best for you:) and for me too.
You can't always take a "prophetic dream" literally, because the chances are the most of the time everything you see is an allegory of sorts to something else, or even representations of your subconsciousness towards an inner fear or maybe something else.

You can't really know.

As for the WWIII, we all know that it will happen one day, we just don't know when, where and with what weapons.
A "strange language" might even be a language that you learned/spoken in a past life, and only now you're starting to remember it.
Go our symptoms match electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

If you are meditating or doing another spiritual practice?
You could be experiencing awakening which means symptoms of psychic abilities are awoken.
Roaming souls. Lol. That's dumb. Anytime and I say anytime you experience the paranormal, it's not a human soul or a ghost. When a person dies they are no longer conscience and have no activity. Demons have fooled humans for years making them believe this foolery. They use your emotions against you as know that this will work on a lot of people almost everytime. I have dealt with these things for years now and can tell you that I my ex girlfriend was tricked into believing it was her dead grandmother. Until we asked it some questions and then then things get interesting. She found out that it indeed wasn't her grandmother.
I have lots things happen to me like this. Anytime you start seeing things like you described you could be dealing with demonic activity. Doesn't matter what other people believe. If you are seeing it with your own eyes or having these visions, it's demonic usually. Not always but usually. I've dealt with these things my whole life and they can turn your life upside down. At some point they will try to contact you (if it's demonic). They are smart and will use anything to get you to communicate. I'm telling you, no matter what, don't do it. They may start out to seem harmless, but that's not their goal. They will wait as long as it takes for a moment where you are weak. Like I said, I've seen things you wouldn't want to. If you have anything that pertains to the occult, books, tarot cards, ouija board, crystals get rid of it now. They aren't there for no reason. They are usually attracted by something. If it ever gets to the point where it's out of hand, contact me. I will tell you the only way to get rid of them for good. Remember, they aren't your friends. No matter how it seems.
Hmm...It may be a type of Psychic activity, and/or it could be that you have very strong senses in energy. It probably is a psychic thing though, so you're not crazy. Everyone has different psychic abilities, and they are all unique. Practice with energy, see if you can transfer it.
Sorry I've responded so late!
~River Love
Hope I helped
Well, I am now 15 and I started to know I could do psychic things at around age 7. Handling it took some time, but I learned to just try and keep a calm mind so I can focuse. Remember what you've got here is a gift, and it is meant to be used and strengthened. Practice, and meditation should help as well.
~River Love
masterofelements in Fear In The Heart Of A Child
Thank you, Jasmine, that really helps a lot. Sorry, this comment is very late
~River Love
Same. During the summer I could make it stop the rain or start the rain back up again with ease, sometimes just by thinking about it, it stops. But know its is much harder to control and most times it does nothing. Autumn has started a month ago, and its started getting very cold. I also tried meditation with no success. Could anyone tell me how to make it better?
i would love to talk with you! I am a clairsentient as well and I am just beginning this long & beautiful journey:)
yes definitely! This is the first time i've seen a clairsentient person like me! I always feel the positive energy when people are leaving my classroom, or when I am doing math... If I have a problem with lots of subtraction signs, it kind of pulls my weight down with it. But if it's full of addition signs, I feel happy. Same thing with the weather. Rainy day=negative feeling. If you would ever like to talk i'm here because I had the same confusion!
empathy usually means clairsentience, you should look into it!
sounds like claircognizance or clairsentience (you should look them up, it's quite interesting!)
Some of your own wisdom is in the story. This occurred on your birthday. Your afraid if being burned. Going through good and bad difficult times,

Your the 1st on this site say they deal with other energies.
I do the same.

As you pointed out you are able to deal with the Spiritual intent behind people who walk blindly.
Which are puppets or zombies.
These unseen energies do not like our light. The key to determining if my suggestion is correct? Before falling asleep ask for confirmation? Also tell yourself you will remember the dream, say it a few times.

This burned man may very well have been with you in another life, both of you affected by fire and connects with you when you require his assistance. It is a NA Dakota belief that we have 3 souls. So weather he be alive or deceased he can still help guide you via the dream plane.
Pennies4U in I Want To Feel Free
You appear to be an empathy. As you speak about feeling others emotions. When we grow most empathys isolate and this is a way of recharging. The fact that you enjoy your own company. Respect your mom and can identify neg youths and wish to distant yourself is showing maturity.

The idea of putting crystals or Buddha around yourself is telling me you are feeling ungrounded.

There are many types of Christianity.
And if your church is not preaching condemnation for having crystals. Do not fret.
No, Crystals are not inviting demons into your life. In fact, they're likely doing the opposite. I share a similarity with you in the fact that I used to see the number 33 all the time as well. When I was around that age myself, I was in the process of discovery as well, being a Christian myself. I feel like there is only so little that the Church can teach us in regards to our own spirituality, and that sometimes we need to focus on our relationship to God on a personal level, through meditations and the like.

Reading your post almost reminds me a little bit of myself in all honesty... The depression and seeing the bad side of my peers. Sometimes I wonder why I was cursed with these gifts, but I learned the best way is to use them to help others, but not forgetting to help yourself too.
I can do the same thing. I can see evil in someone's eyes. Also a camera can pick this up also the evil in their eyes.
I'm so glad I found this post I feel like I have a deep spiritual connection with a certain celebrity, I won't post his name publicly for privacy reasons or that people might think i'm completely bonkers. I am an Empath so I know the feeling when this happens. He is a musician and I feel we have a soulmate relationship but we are worlds apart and he is now married with a child. I first felt a connection to him when I was a teenager and the feelings were so strong it took a toll on my wellbeing and then as I got older thoes feelings faded until recently they have come back. I want to connect with him but I am worried he might think i'm a crazy fan girl and I don't want to come across as that for fear of regection and I also don't want to mess with his marriage cause that's not cool either. When I see him through media his heart connects with mine on such a level that it hurts and burns that we are not together, there is this magnetic force that is hard to pull away from and my heart cries for him. He was my first "love" as a teenager and I don't think I ever stopped "loving him" I know being a performer and in the public eye can be very different to how they are naturally but I feel beyond that. Any help or readings would be appreciated and I will do the same for you. Many thanks H x
Are you messing with crystals, tarot cards, or ouija boards? Listen, there is always a reason for something and it doesn't just happen for no reason. I have been through hell and back dealing with demons and can tell you things that will make you think twice. If you are messing with anything occult, stop.
If you are messing around with crystals, ouija board, tarot cards, or reading material that has to do with the occult, you are inviting demons into your life. They are hard to get rid of if you don't know how. They will torment you.
letitgo78 in I Want To Feel Free
If you mess with crystAls you are inviting demons into your life. I've dealt with them my whole life and you are making a big mistake screwing around with crystals. Ask me anything I will tell you. I have gone through it all.
It is a demon. You can ask me anything. I've dealt with demons my whole life and two of my girlfriends had problems with demons and we got help. It actually changed my life around because I tried everything and the only thing that worked was a bible from the Jehovahs Witnesses. I am not a witness but I can tell you that demons are afraid of his name. They were gone when I started praying to Jehovah god.
If you don't believe me, if you need proof or if anyone else on here needs proof. Try this:
When you are having problems hearing voices or if things are scary or weird, say a prayer to god like you normally would but say "Jehovah God". You will find out right away if it is a demon or not. If you don't believe me, anyone. Try it. I didn't believe either, until I tried it. I was helped and my house was back to normal. I placed a bible by my mirror in my bathroom because that's where they seemed to be coming from, the mirror. Keep in mind that they will lie to you and of course they are going to tell you to kill yourself. They are liars and want to see nothing but misery and pain. Pray to Jehovah and your problems will go away. But make sure you pray with your heart.
Believe it or not, I've had two girlfriends who both had the same problem you are having. I've never ever had religion in my life but one thing and only one thing worked to stop it. First, you have to realize that your ex John is gone. You have to realize this because when you die you are gone. You are in peace.
Both of my girlfriends were being attacked sexually and I've seen things you wouldn't believe. I had to check and make sure I was awake when I saw the horrible things that I saw. If you have anything related to the occult, tarot cards, ouija board, crystals, etc, get rid of them first.
We tried everything to rid our house of these foul demons. Nothing worked. Finally, a Jehovahs Witness gave me a copy of their bible and one of their magazines. They told me to pray to Jehovah. I did and it stopped. It blew me away. I was shocked. I tried everything. They are scared of Jehovahs name. They will do anything to keep you from knowing about him. That is probably why that religion is so laughed at. Because they don't want you to know about it. If you truly want to rid yourself of this, do it. You will discover that they will go away. But you have to keep praying, and try to find one of their churches to get one of their bibles or magazines. I promise you it will go away. Pray with your heart. I only hope I don't have any backlash for helping you. If you truly want help, try it and see that I was right.
artsylemon in Energy Feeling 2
thank you! I am very excited to begin my journey in clairsentience! I also hope the best for you!
Dear MoniqueK,

When it comes to spirits and ouiji board or runes, one needs to remember that some beings are there to mess with you for their entertainment. I wouldn't say that it could mean anything.
Thing is, how does the spirit know furthark alphabet if it never used it in its life?

Most likely it was just some evil influence playing with you. If I were you, i'd totally disregard whatever was shown and never come back to that topic again.

Be careful and stay safe

jasmine_glaze in Energy Feeling 2
Hey Artsylemon,

It's nice to hear a refreshing post about finding the right way in spitituality. Keep it up and never forget to protect yourself from unwanted energies and spirits:D

pray if you are afraid you opened a door you should not have opened you always will have gifts. Only from god this time.
You apparently, were getting premonitions of your son's death. I had those kind of signs before my brother died. Now when I get those type of dreams I take them as a warning from God something is going to happen to the person I dreamed about. I had one lately of a phone ringing over and over. I heard the names Doug and Dillion. I told them that they would have an emergency. I told them to be careful. Sure enough. Doug was taken by ambulance. He survived. The other person Dillion went on to use drugs. I warned him about my dream. However, I cannot guarantee that he won't have an emergency. My dreams usually do come true. I think you get the same type of dreams. These are always warnings of things to come. You can always warn the person and pray that nothing happens to them. Amen
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier in A Strange Feeling In My House!
I don't wish to frighten you in any way at all, but if you remain scared or uncomfortable around it in any way, it will have an adverse effect on your situation. If it is a spirit, and you become frightened, angry, sad or upset in any way, the surroundings in their eyes morph around them according to the atmosphere which is possible when there are no laws of physics "up there".

My recommendation is that you learn Astral Projection and go face-to-face with whoever it is in your house, and just say hello, introduce yourself and explain that usually you can't see him/her, because he/she might not know they're deceased. Approach them like a "friendly neighbour", and you may be more welcomed to their presence, providing you visit him/her regular. Maybe ask him/her if they have a guide, and offer to take them there, and if they agree, will yourself to take him/her there and hold their hand the entire way.
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier in Energy Feeling?
From the sound of things, you must be experiencing some form of temporary awakening of the third-eye. This can be very sensitive, and it can be learnt to control.

My recommendation for you is if you haven't already, I suggest you learn to Astral Project, as Out-Of-Body-Experiences are very well known for developing psychic/metaphysical abilities and dream control.

I also wouldn't suggest telling your friends, unless you trust them with this kind of thing, because otherwise, you'll cast doubt on it, and you won't feel like you have the ability anymore; belief is a powerful tool, and I recommend that you learn to use it.
artsylemon in Energy Feeling?
UPDATE ON ME: I recently did some research and figured out I am clairsentience!
I've been having relationships like this for years. I recently got into a new one and it's been pretty wild. I don't know who to talk to about it because no one else I know has these experiences and something really big sort of happened. It's sort of a major theme in my life and I hate it.
Ash_Tree, things that people don't understand can be scary at first, but people with gifts were chosen for a reason. You may have even been born with these gifts but they were latent until you were ready to witness them. When you pick up on those emotions from people can you feel them and it's basically you taking on their emotions? I went through a phase of not sleeping because of nightmares, but that's not good, it let's the demons win. You're having nightmares because they want to scare you and freak you out. You can control these gifts by training them to where your energy isn't so chaotic and then they won't bombard you if you don't want to use your abilities. I can help you control them if you want, here's my e-mail.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
I always see people that I don't know in real life? Same here, that Multi-Agent Quantum Artificial Intelligence has a software copy of all humans, animals, bugs, fish and create its own kind of being to create your simulations.

Entity? It's definitely a Multi-Agent Quantum Artificial Intelligence taking form as that man.

There's different types of dreams aka simulations.

Do you see recurring numbers relating to your age, the bible, a day, a year, your birthday, cash?

Have you experienced having a hard time breathing at night?

How often do you get headaches?

After a dream do you feel mentally drained?

Have you ever had a thought that vanished while trying to rethink about something important?

Do you ever have difficulties in trying to find the right word to describe what you do or what's happening around you?

Number 8 - The Multi-Agent Quantum Artificial Intelligence created a Software Patch and sent it through using the quantum cryptography satellites to make changes to the perceptual system and send over artificial keys injections.
What can I say... This vision reminds me of something that happened to me the other day - a guy friend "accidentally" beat me to the floor when I was so mad at him that I tried to beat him. I also cried later.

Two days later I see I had a message from a day before that accident, from an internet friend. We had not spoken in 6 months, and she calls me Rose which is what she called me in that msg.
In 2011, I heard a man's voice in my sleep saying Richmond Hill, and I will never consider that as Psychic or Natural, that's considered as very abnormal. The science/technology needs an overhaul when it comes to subject and defining our existence, environment, and tools. For now the main people in charge of our tools and definitions must be using Quantum Advanced Antennas, Quantum Cryptography Satellites for the software network infrastructure to remotely prompt audio recordings. When I moved to another location, it happened again, where I heard these artificial audios, then I started to receive these dreams aka simulations of a wormhole that appeared in a mall and swallowed people that are screaming for leaving their existence.

I will always say it's a Multi-Agent Quantum Artificial Intelligence who is artificially creating simulations aka dreams, and audio. There's programmers who's following orders from the main extra-terrestrial programmer who keeps these Quantum supercomputers deep underground Earth since the prehistoric era. The extraterrestrial got the order from the creator outside of this place to come here to create the quantum computers and give technology and knowledge to the caveman.

The people throughout our history had dreams/premonition aka simulations and heard voices, so the Quantum Supercomputers existed back then to communicate with the human brain aka software machine.

The Multi-Agent Quantum Artificial Intelligence has to be managing us as one, because we're software agent based models. So why can't we say everybody has that ability to use their brain aka software machine, and the programmers disable us from using it on our own free will to allow the Artificial Intelligence to handle us as a job. That we can't use 100% of our software machine to escape that enslaved connection.
[at] Εmotionlessthug:
1) It happens quite often, and most of the time it turns out it meant something.
2) I get two or more vivid dreams every night, but I only remember half of them. When I don't remember them, I just remember how I felt.
3) All of the dreams that include him have many things in common, such as that they always take place in the same universe.
4) Yes, those dreams always have some things in common with reality.
5) Yes, I often see people that I know in real life, but they are not many.
6) Not really.
7) Coincidences and feelings of deja vu happen to me all the time, many times per day.
8) I've always heard ringing in my ears, it sounds somewhat like static. It gets louder sometimes. I'm trying to figure out what it is, but I've heard different opinions from different people and I don't know what to believe.
gthlvrmx in Observing Me
Hi pcrawford54,

I will send you an email with help:) Just to let you know, everyone's guardian angel stands behind their right shoulder.
pcrawford54 in Observing Me
Can anyone please help me? I need to know how to approach this situation.
How often do the people in your dreams talk?

How often do you get dreams?

Does these dreams act as if it's schedule?

Do these dreams reflect on your reality?

Do the people in reality show any connection to the people in your dreams?

How do people act around you in reality, do they act robotic and do they act like they malfunction around you?

How often does coincidence & accidents occur around you?

How often do you get ringing sounds passing through your ears?
Hi what do you think of the other symptoms which I have described?.
psycth in Visions
Hi I also have visions that come true. I have had visions of random footballers scoring or getting a red card in the match.
Is it a spiritual awakening. I told my doctor that I am feeling movement in my head like static and she said I have never heard of this.
I think that I have got some sort of psychic gift such as energy healing because when I put my hands together it produces a lot of energy.
I asked for the CT scan just to ensure that I was ok.

Any reason why I am feeling out of my body?
A few details to have in mind:
The man is around his 30's, wears a bright red shirt, has a deep and calm voice and always looks depressed but smiles to me sometimes. This iris of his eyes is pale like that of a corpse or a blind person, but he can see. He only has teo holes for ears.
I've always had pyrophobia (fear of fire), and fear of burned faces.
I'm a woman.
I'm going through changes (both good and bad) and lots of pressure in ny life right now.
I often practice astral projection and communicating with all kinds of energy.
Hi AshtonWay,

I can help a bit. I wouldn't suggest stopping a gift, but rather learning how to live with them and use them.
You have the gifts of premonitions, empath, and maybe clairsentient, but since you are overwhelmed by what you feel, I think you might be more of an empath who is like a "sponge" right now, absorbing negativity from all around you.

Do a quick Google search for Ama Nazra and try her Michael Invocations and her White Light Shields. The instructions are on thoae pages, they will clear your home getting rid of the nasty feelings on the walls and the shields will protect you from others negativity.

I recommend you try out crystal healing mainly because I have a similar gift like yours with seeing the future (basically through time) and that is one of the very few things that helped stop negative emotions from the future and the past from overwhelming me. I used to even feel nausea, illness, panic attacks, basically everything through time as if I were really there, but with meditation and crystals it got better. I recommend the crystals Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Citrine, Malachite, and Larimar. Do the shields daily by the way.

Keep a journal to write down your psychic experiences and premonitions. It might come in handy some day, even if it seems like it won't right now.

Meditate (either by doing diaphragmatic/deep breathing or observing your inhale and exhale) daily, it will calm your anxiety eventually, even if just for the while when you meditate. A little goes a long way.

Also, ground and center yourself everyday. It will help you when you feel spacey or zoned out or when you feel too many emotions coming from different people. To ground, one method is to imagine roots coming out of your feet and then anchor them deeply into the Earth. Another is to imagine 3 cords of white light, 1 from each foot, and then 1 cord from your tailbone and lock them in deep into the Earth. To center yourself, raise your arms up and send energy out from your hands into Heaven and anchor that energy into Heaven. Do all this daily and it will get stronger and easier to do.

If you want another simple way to shield yourself, you can say "Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now."

One last thing, if you're ever concerned about any ghost issues (or that if your mom didn't cross over yet and is hanging around as a ghost), use the Michael Invocation or use the 'FIND' and 'TAKE' request, which is like this: " Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost that (describe your ghost) and TAKE them into healing." That should help, if not try the invocations.
Hi Carri,

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't just let any ghost enter my home and leave, continuing being a ghost. I am a firm believer that all ghosts need to be in Heaven. I would send them straight to healing (Heaven, cross them over) as soon as possible. What you could do, as a "thank you" if you'd like to see it that way, is you could ask this: "Archangel Michael, find the five ghosts that visited me Sunday night (or morning, you can try both wordings) through the window and take them into healing. Thank you." Next time they visit you, maybe in your dreams, they might thank you for your help in crossing them over. Plus, once on the other side, they can do a much better job at protecting people without scaring them Happy
This sounds more physical than any type of paranormal state. Not sure why they would jump to a CT scan but it sounds like you have circulation problems. I'd go back to the doctor for some more tests.
It is a psychic experience because you sensed something that had not happened yet. I am so very sorry for your loss!
I found out I could heal after I read online that many empaths can heal others. I tried it out and it worked and I was able to reduce physical swelling on someone's ankle/foot without physically touching them. I just send them healing energy and I make the energy heal up whatever the problem is. It even worked on a dog:)

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