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After stepping out of a religion I allowed myself to try to open up to the spiritual. I've had a couple of dreams that came true before I allowed myself to believe in this. For instance, I dreamed that I got a 9 for my English test (I suppose you call this an A+ in other countries) and it turned out to be true. So did the dream I had about someone who was lying about their gender online. Pretty useless you may think, but the fact that my dream's answers were correct gave me an incredible yet confused feeling. After that I've been kind of studying the spiritual side of life. I haven't experienced much yet, and sometimes I'm even afraid that I'm just overanalyzing things. I do have the ability to suck up other's emotions, but I've always called this ''empathizing''. I also have a quite strong human knowledge. Most of the time when I feel uneasiness or pity towards a stranger it happens to be valid (Not always, of course). I don't think my side is awakened, maybe it's still awakening.

I really don't know how to explain it hahaha. But that flash image caused me to feel like it's very important. Hence why I posted this.

Thank you so much for showing interest! I'll email you someday! 😁
Dear Chrysolite,

All of the experiences scream that you're psychic. You mentioned you have little control over your abilities and started taking antidepressants. Truth is, medications won't help much with your abilities, only make you vulnerable to any entities interested in your potential. Drugs only work for the brain and we humans consist of two parts: the body and the soul. Drugs affect only the body, not the soul. I strongly advice you to find your peace through spiritual means such as meditation and spiritual protection (such as having an energy shield around you and cleansing of foreign energies that you're picking up on).

I wanted to share my own experiences about terrorist attacks. I need to start with the information I currently live in Europe. Since 2015, there have been numerous attacks. One of the biggest ones was the attack in Paris in a Bataclan club where terrorist came inside, were killing people with machine guns and they also had a few suicide bombers inside. I have seen it all with my eyes as it was playing out. I felt that unrest and I watched the livestream on TV. I knew exactly what the antiterrorist will do or which part of the building they entered. It was one of the worst psychic experiences I had. 1/10 don't recommend. That was only a start of all the shootings, car crashes and knife attacks. In the past week there were two major attacks - one in Barcelona and other in Turku, Finland. I had similar reaction to yours, also I felt extremely stressed out and alert (to the point I couldn't sleep at night)

Also, since your main ability is that to predict the future or see the past, it is highly possible that this "fear" of men in black kidnapping you is a sign and something to be weary of and keep in mind that you need to do anything you can to make sure none of it happens. Remember, there's always strength in number.

If you are intereste in learning more such as how to protect yourself or controlling your abilities, either email me or leave a reply here


All human beings share a connection to the spiritual, as it is part of our nature. Due to the fact, that nobody teaches us how to protect ourselves on that level, often, we find ourselves encountering the results of the co-existence with other energies and beings. A variety of them exists within the spiritual realm, each of which, holds a different purpose. Some are of darkness, some are of light, and some are neutral.

When it comes to us, as humans, our actions, words, thoughts, emotions, all translate to energy. Because of the way energies work and connect to one another, if we walk around without any protection on, then we risk "catching" foreign energies from places, objects or other people, or draw and allow beings who wish to harm us, get close and mess with us.

In a broader way of explanation, good connects to good, and bad connects to bad. So, a way to start working towards handling your situation and protecting yourself, is to make sure you keep your emotional and mental health in check, as well as make sure you cleanse your personal energy, and shield your spiritual and physical body, so that youcreate boundaries between you and all foreign energies. Same goes for your husband.

As you said, though, once the beings who wish to harm you realize you try and fight back they will also put their game on. But remember this: These beings, feast on fear,anger, lust, hatred,pain, sorrow. Anything negative that can kill your light and harm your soul, they do and cause. That is why know, that faith in Light, God and yourself, faith in your capacity to protect yourself, as well as self control, (namely, not allow yourself to be controlled by fear or anything else these beings surrounding you are causing you to feel and experience), are your greatest weapons, because when you stop being affected by what they do, you are no longer vulnerable, and they become powerless.

A ship only sinks by the water it allows in, not the water surrounding it.

If you feel the need to discuss further or seek furhter guidance, feel free to contact me.

Be safe

Interesting experience.

I suggest that you use light energy to shield yourself and to cleanse your personal one off of all these foreign energies surrounding us daily. It would be wise.

Be safe

It is understandable how overwhelming all these events can become to someone. When you don't know what is actually going on, to be able to control it, your energy is all over the place, catching exterior energies, and connecting to them, resulting in you absorbing everything like a sponge.

I suggest to start using Light energy, as a way to cleanse your own personal one, as well as shield your spiritual and physical body.

It takes effort and pratice to be able to control your gifts and get to understand yourself. But in reality, all humans are the same, it's just not everyone becomes aware of their spiritual nature.

Do not hesitate to email me if you would like to further discuss or seek assistance.

Be safe

Generally,all human beings have a spiritual side, except for their physical one. Some are born with this side of theirs already awaken, and to some, it becomes known to them at some point throughout their life, or not at all.

Dreams that come true, feeling emotions, sensing energies and beings, are a few of the ways this side shows to us that it is wide awake.

What you saw, how did it make you feel? Why is it you are searching if it is true? Have you had any other experiences, besides this one, that are connected to the spiritual?

I am always available for a good deep conversation. My email is up on my profile.

Be safe
Chomba (guest) in Blocked Psychic Abilities
Thank you so much gthlvrmx! One problem for me is time. Sorry, it took me a while to respond. I will check out the link. I noticed that there are a lot of psychic scammers out there and I've already ran into a few. Thanks again.

I have recently advised somebody who has been experiencing spiritual encounters, and I feel some of the information I shared with him, might prove to be helpful to you as well. So, here, I'll be quoting some of the things I shared:

"Among the spiritual capacities all human beings share, is the sensitivity towards, as well as, the ease to connect to that side of theirs, and hence, to the "spiritual" Β happening in their surrounding environments. Some, find it a bit easier to manage, and to some it is non-existent, as they may never become aware of that part of theirs throughout their life.Β 
Everything around us is energy. So is the spiritual within and the spiritual happening outside our spiritual and physical body. Thoughts, actions, words, emotions, feelings, translate into energy, and energy can be shared, can be "caught", can be imposed, and most importantly can influence a person, an object, another energy. Due to the connection between and among (you and your self, you and your surroundings, you and other beings) when walking around without something to set boundaries in-between, you can easily become contaminated by whatever is happening around you, or you can contaminate someone else who's nearby, without even realizing or meaning to.Β 

As explained above, the way we feel, think and act, play a role in the way we produce and receive energies, as well as the quality of them. Within the spiritual, exists a variety of beings; dark, light, neutral. And each connects to you depending on how you allow, based on the way your energy is. In a more broad and simplified explanation, good connects to good, and bad connects to bad (with a few exceptions I won't be getting into in this email).Β  So when your own personal energy, isn't cleansed (as cleansed as you can keep it, there are many different levels to that) because you might be frustrated, angry, hurt, etc, and especially when you don't have some sort of protection, boundaries, between you and everything foreign, then anything that isn't cleansed as well, will immediately connect to you. And that is because, it's the nature of such dark beings to harm and to enhance the already ongoing emotional tantrum. That's as far as demonic beings are concerned. When it comes to lost souls, it is a bit more complicated. They just find something accidentally, and because it might remind them of something familiar, or because their bottled up emotions, of such long time, have started blinding them, they latch themselves to it, out of despair, fear, or even anger.
All spiritual beings, are aware of the human weaknesses and the way our brains work. So, the ways they Β use to approach us, happen so as to ensure we perceive them the way they wants us to perceive them. Just Β a friendly advice, to always hold your doubts, regardless of what you meet.Β "

When it comes to protection against the spiritual jeopardy, I would not recommend tending to things like candles or crystals. They don't help with internal distress, or whatever else you let out which allows beings to reach you, hence, they still are not enough to keep harmful entities away. The best way you can protect yourself is to keep your emotional and mental health in check, and to use Light energy to cleanse your own personal energy as well as shield your physical and spiritual body. If you wish to know more about protection, or the spiritual in general, do not hesitate to email me.

Be safe and be strong.
Maybe you could tell us more about the effects on the other people. You might be perceiving information coming back to you that is altered. It is possible that you are empathic in some way. Could you explain what you notice in more detail?
Hey everyone, so I've never been one to really look into things but last night was my first night I spent in NYC and while at my boyfriends house, I swore there was a bedroom door behind the bathroom door (behind once it's open so technically diagonal from it) and this morning I wake up and I ask, "so who sleeps in that room" and he's like "what room?". I look, and there's no door where I vividly remember seeing a door. What does this mean?
Me too carri - it's crazyy!
Astral projection, prophetic dreaming
Seer psychic

Similar experiences here. Can strongly relate to holding hands force... Also astral sex.
I try to stay away from anything that makes me uneasy. But its not exactly easy. I feel like I draw more negative things around me than harmless. It has been along time since I have been scared by a demon or evil spirit just because I have been around them so much. I usually use candles or crystals to keep evil away, but sometimes they are very strong. I have never spoken to anything evil, other than this thing which I'm not sure what it is. Part of me thinks its evil, but as long as it has been around me, it has never tried to harm or possess me. Which confuses me.
Stay the hell away from this demon. You say he feels powerful, comes in through the floor, has red eyes, and is always hooded-stay away from him he sounds demonish.

It might try to pull you in & then never let go.
What state or city did your last dream take place in?
- A late reply, I know.

It couldn't have been a past life of mine because the kitchen that this took partly took place was definetly a mid - late 1990's/early 2000's style kitchen. And I was born in 95.
Yes I also have experienced things like this in the past. For me it was vivid dreams like watching a short film. I would dream about things in vivid detail and then farther in the future it would happen. I had a dream about the tsunami in Phuket Thailand 2 years before it happened and did not piece it together until I saw the first video on the water rushing in. The scene looked just like what I had a dream about. I did not dream about where it was just what it looked like when it happened. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. I live in the midwest and have never seen or been in Thailand. Some of my visions give me a location or street sign or geographic area and some don't. I normally have to be in a Trance state or forced meditation to see that kind of stuff. Sometimes I get information just pop into my head randomly when I am not even thinking about that item. Sometimes I can look at a person and see a flash of what they are going to do or what will happen to them a few minutes before it does. I have actually warned someone that they needed to move a knife or it would fall off the table and cut them while cleaning fish. They gave me an irritated look and 10 seconds later it happened just like I told them. Then while I am trying to help stop the bleeding they are blaming me for their injury.
You never know what information you will be given or if and when it will take place.
Dear sircamolate,

The tingling in the back of the head can be one of your energy points that's active while using spiritual abilities. Also, the left or right side tingling can mean it's coming from this or that side (as energies or being interacting with you).

About thoughts, I don't quite understand what you mean. There are many people suffering from constant flood of thoughts, they sometimes occur as what I call a torrent of thoughts where you can't calm them down until way later. Human brain is a big enigma, but for as long as you're relaxed and keep it up, there shouldn't be any weird thoughts occuring at all (unless the spirits/demons try to mess).

I hope it helps you a bit. If not just leave a comment with more detailed questions and they will be answered:)

Well, this might be in the wrong category. If there isn't a better one, then it has to be okay. It is a Vision/Dream yes, but I was Never in a trance or altered state.
Nice story, very interesting, do you want these abilities to persue in your life? And what do you think the benifits would be, if you want them to then you should really start researching more about this stuff and to get a better understanding that will give you a grounding to your options. After you should start meditating, yeah its hard and annoying but work does pay off:D!
Spiritual_Paganist in Bright White Light Figure
sounds like it was a entity wandering around, I love the way you get told to stay strong and don't run away, this is good to remember if you have any future encounters, but I don't think it was any harm, probably because when you were walking and being relaxed before it appeared you became aware. And maybe it was a entity from the ancient cemetry
Probably the work of your crown chakra because you say your have been getting floods of knowledge and information, this is the work of the crown chakra so it could be that. If not probably becoming sensitive to the working of the left and right side of the brain working independently, this happens to me I can go in tune with it and I do get the tingly feel, but it could be one of those two. Hope this helped:)
By reading this, yes you have gained psychic abilities over the course of your years, most likely s because you were exposed to it at such a young age which is GOOD, not many people reach this path. The demon you experienced was obviously terrible and because your mother could see it means it wanted to be known. Reading further on after you have been having more experiences and your feeling you have a purpose in life, which most likely you do, but to find that you need to find yourself, sadly nobody can do that for you. Near the end you say you are religious and that you are scared and you don't want to get into anything negative, I'm going to say I do not follow any of the modern belief systems and I will not mention my belief because it will cause some serious conflict so I am not going to say to follow a higher power. By seeing the state you are in these experiences is through high activity of your crown and 3rd eye, the intuition and seeing the dead, you say you don't want that demon to come back yes I completely understand, very scary but to prevent these events with the dead from happening I recommend you do the aura of protection meditation by using white energy first to clean out all the bad energy from your aura then use it as a shield, this prevents entities from coming near you and trying to attack because you now have protection. The reason entities attack people is because they have no strength within themselves or any spiritual power/ dominance, by doing the aura of protection allows you to have this dominance and make attacks less frequent, also this prevents entities from draining or feeding off of your energy, aka to stop making them attached to you. Now because right now your scared of all this and confused is because the activity that your experiencing is the work of your crown and 3rd eye, what's making you scared is because your lower chakras the Root and Base are weak. Thoes are the 2 chakras that allow strength and preparation before moving onto this stuff, and your solar plexus, heart and thyroid chakras are mostly adapted to the physical plane. So now if you want to stop these experinces (not seeing dead people or have any intuitive powers) you simply close the chakras and forget about everything which, but if you want to continue and use this to help you with your life you can do so but so everything is all simple I say you shall balance all your chakras, because your not levelled and you need more understanding on what your experiencing you can research or email me, but if you really want to get into this I warn you that you will bump into the bad side every now and then, this is why you need the strength and stability to fight it off, the spiritual side is not all fun because just like this world bad does exist. If you want more information (I can rant for days about this) just email me I will not bore you anymore, hope this helped you a little.
So Obama survived his stay in the whitehouse. And left everything in turmoil?
JustinIsConfused in Psychic Or Just Coincidence?
Uhmm... Hi something like this has happened to me before is there any reason for this? πŸ€”
I am going to jump in here and give a word of caution. I definitely would not try and contact this entity. You come across as a strong empath and therefore might be in danger of being fed on by this entity. It could be a minion or incubus. I would steer clear of it.
Thank you both for your kind words. There isn't much hope for me because I am being mind controlled so bad. I can't feel love or believe in God anymore so they don't come to help me like they used to. I just hope my story finds someone to warn them. I made a website with some of my experiences...
If it makes u feel uneasy u did the right thing. A spirit who has good intentions in my experience i've always been able to tell the difference. I hope whatever it was doesn't come back.
First of all I am sorry for your torment and past. I wish I could help you physically and face to face but, I cannot. I will attempt to remotely and give you advice to help you. I like others here would never ask for or expect payment from you. I want you to know that you can click on a posters user name and read past posts and gain more information. There is a lot of good advice on this site. Some of it can be taken with a grain of salt. You have to decide for your self what to take and cast aside. All that you have written is in my wheelhouse. I am a Christian believer and a psychic or sensitive, whichever you prefer. I deal with the darker side of the paranormal and try to warn people of the dangers.
This is about you not me but I am giving you some background to help you understand. Ultimately you are still in control and not beyond help or change. Don't give up on God or the Holy Trinity because he and they won't give up on you.
I was attacked by a coven of Devil worshiping Satanists and they threw everything they had at me. One in particular tried to curse and Hex me and after some time even admitted in person to my face what he tried to do. I was attacked during the day and at night but was able to repel all of it. I was even attacked by another psychic from their group. It was God and my beliefs that kept me safe and unaffected. When dealing with the dark arts only God is your true protector and deliverer. This is unpopular with some but, has rang true for me for 50 years. Even right now while I am trying to write to you I am getting resistance from your tormentor. I hope this message finds you in the way it was intended. I am only on here posting when people really need it and I am compelled to. I really only want to help people and if I charged anything for it God would remove my gifts from me. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for you to be delivered from your torment. When you are truly dealing with an evil entity, minion or Demon you are also responsible in your part of being delivered from them. Cleansing, smudging, and crystals will only amuse a Demon and bring more torment. What works on some souls and spirits will not have any effect on a Demon. Usually a few words from a true believer will bring much more pain and fear to it.
The fact that you can write to us and share proves that you are not beyond taking control of your situation. Some times God likes to show just where the real power resides.
God has put a little spark of himself in every human being and his voice is there guiding us if we pay attention. It is called the Holy spirit. In the same token it allows us to ask for his help and protection at all times if we truly believe in his existence. No one is beyond help or saving even until the last nano second of their lives. He believes in you even when you don't believe in your self.
You need to cleanse you and do what it takes to regain your faith. You need to find someone near you to help support you in your struggle. Cut all attachments to evil influences around you. People, substances, TV shows, music, places. Anything that weakens your will power. Learn how to talk personally with your creator and your higher or inner self. Focus on the love of a person close to you and use that feeling as a shield.
I hope any of what I have written will give you hope and comfort of some kind.
I have gifts or curses depending on how you perceive them that have let me see through or past the veil or wall of protection on this dimension of existence. I have seen Demons in their true form. I have watched them control people like a puppet master and laugh and smile while doing it. I have seen them turn and look at me and laugh and dance and give a drooling smile as if to say they are mine. It is quite angering. They know I can see them and then they just vanish. I have watched peoples faces and bodies distort and change in the middle of the day as they are possessed and used. I have been involved in cleansing and driving them out of spaces and people. Evil is real and does exist. It is up to people to resist it's influence if possible and ask for God's help when they can't.
I am very saddened and frustrated when I see people embrace the dark arts as fun and exciting and think that there is no consequence.
Again even though I am not near to help you, I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. Don't give up.
An empath can also sense auras. The orange you keep seeing within yourself is your aura. Everything you are describing is that of an empath. It can be very hard to deal with sometimes but it sounds like you are adjusting well.
I have a couple questions. These voices you are hearing from loved ones who have passed away? Or are they still alive? Its rare but it could be your spirit guide using voices he knows will get your attention.
I am so sorry for your experience with this person. However some of the things she told you are somewhat accurate. Like crystals. They do have power. Whatever power you put into them that's what they project. This woman may have activated the crystal with malice for you and the demon around you probably started feeding off of it and that's why it was able to attack you. Be very careful! I think you need to cleanse your house and get rid of this evil in your life.
empathca123 in Asleep Yet Very Awake?
you can astral project. The reason you feel so tired is because when u sleep your mind/ spirit needs rest. Its kind of like the muscle in your body, you have to work at it and build up your gift. I know very little about astral projection, so if I were you I would do some digging. It could possibly be dangerous since you aren't sure what realm you actual astral project into. Be careful and happy travels.
I agree with Alumetta. You have found your spirit guide. But something could be wrong. You need to ask him to return and see if u can't sense any other beings around him, or it might even be something around you. With him as your guide he should be able to help you figure out what u are feeling around him
empathca123 in Demon Or My Mind?
You are gifted. And cursed. This child that you dreamt you had, how many times have you dreamed about it? Also this thing that you have seen in your dreams, may be communicating with you through your dreams because that's the only way it knows how. It picks people who are important to you because it wants to scare you. This child, I believe is a very important child for the psychic realm. You are under attack and I think you need to use some White sage. Cover every corner in smoke, then leave the sage lit until it simmers out. Clean, open windows, let in the light and release the dark by setting intentions for dark energy to leave. There are crystals you can use. But its a process and it can go wrong if you aren't completely focused on what u are trying to do. Crystals can be infused with positive energy and placed on your person or throughout the house. I use crystals a lot because I am able to focus the positive energy into them.
I think that u have an extreme case of anxiety. In which case, to make things easier on yourself, maybe doing what I do would help u. Anytime I am out and about, and I get these feelings like people are watching me eat or walk or I may think they are talking about me, I take a deep breath and tell myself that it doesn't matter. I'm here in this place for a reason and what they may or may not be doing is just because I have anxiety and then I tell myself I have to do whatever it is I'm trying to do otherwise I'm going to be a hermit crab my whole life and waste my gifts. Do whatever you have to do at that moment to get through it. Whether it is convincing yourself it is okay, or maybe going and talking to a professional and seeing if they can help u. I don't think your problem is supernatural. Having anxiety myself I know what its like.
a lot of people are saying turn to God, and I believe that you should turn to whatever higher power you believe in. For me God didn't do much good. Doesn't mean that I don't believe in him, but he isn't the only thing that people who are gifted should believe in. There are all kinds of stories about different sorts of demons from every religion, or belief. The more you know, the more u can be prepared. Seeing a demon with your eyes and not your minds eye is impressive, and I would think all the more scary. Be careful what energy you surround yourself with. Gifted people are like magnets, the more positivity u have in your life the easier it is to deal with spirits and demons.
This is my belief. At least as far as Ouija boards go. These boards are a portal or a beacon for spirits and other beings. But that's part of the problem. You cannot sensor what comes through or what u contact that's why its never a good idea no matter the reason. Its hard to close a spirit portal. More like a crack in our time once they are closed and u open that area to become a major spot for supernatural things and spirits. The things that u are seeing are very real and u need to do a cleansing on yourself as well as the house u live in. They have been invited in by you, and I would be very careful about what u do next. One thing is for sure, u need to burn some sage and start doing meditations to get a focus on what u are trying to do. I would do some research and figure out what u can do as far as cleaning and closing portals.
Part 2, Sorry I got called away and did not finish my thoughts and post. Some psychics have an ability I describe as traveling. It may not be the main stream definition or pronoun but, it is the name I have given it. Under certain states of consciousness I get visions awake and dreaming. I drop in and out of 1st, second, and third person forms of vision and experiencing. I have the ability to stand outside of the interaction and observe or look through another persons eyes or view of what is happening. Sometimes I can directly interact with a person or entity. I think you may be experiencing a form of this gift. Sometimes it is hard to control and can just sort of happen when you don't expect it under extreme fatigue or a weakened state. IE. Extremely tired or inebriated or affected by heavy prescription drugs. Ever heard of somebody taking a sleeping pill and sleep walking? With my abilities I myself need to keep my wits about me and stay away from recreational substances. I don't drink to excess either. I have taught myself to tune out or dim down my reception or sensitivities to what is around me most of the time. The entities you were describing all run toward the darker or lower negative frequencies and energies. These will strive to attack you in a weakened vulnerable state. The things you described are not shadow people and I have witnessed or come in contact with these entities except pinky.
The tall entity in the woods you spoke of has been given many names and mostly haunts or hunts vulnerable or young souls or people isolated by themselves. It morphs into different forms described as the thin man, hat man, tall man, wicker man, crooked man. All descriptions are of a humanoid form and perceived as male. I witnessed one night in the woods hunting, a large form in the light of a full moon in September one year. The entity was blacker than the shadow of the trees it was walking in. It looked like a sort of walking tree like thing with spiky branchy shadows protruding off of it. It turned to look my way and kind of changed into a black Smokey misty cloud and dissolved. It new I could see it and I could feel it's hatred toward me. I was not dreaming and it freaked out my dogs and they actually sort of closed in around me to protect me and started growling and the hair stood up on their backs. I have had them do the same thing when coyotes are to close around us. I did not imagine it and neither did my dogs. I can tell you that this thing was tall like 14 feet or so. I only saw it once and never after that. In my mind I was telling it that you don't belong here and that I was not frightened and would hunt it down if I saw it again. I don't know why that came over me but it did. If I tried to tell this story to the average person they would call me nuts. Unfortunately I was alone in the woods at night with my dogs and no one else. This entity is pure evil and is fed by fear even when it comes from animals. It's only afraid of God and light for some reason. I was carrying a 1 million candle power flash light that I use to help me locate my coon dogs when they tree a coon. When I saw the shadow creature move I flipped on the light and pointed it in the direction it was moving. It immediately stopped and changed direction. When it came into view I started praying and it vaporized. So that is how you deal with that entity.
There are many things that go bump in the night and some are even out in the day time. Not everyone notices them though. You are not crazy but, do learn to control your fear. Learn how to project love, light and positive energy and they will avoid you. People in this world will not notice or believe what is right in front of them sometimes. I told a game warden years ago that I came across a mountain lion in my area while hunting. He called me crazy and a liar until I showed him the tracks.
CallMeLuna in Swarm Of Dots?
[at] Berellic, I have noticed plenty of things in the sky before, I just never thought anything of it. Thanks a lot for the reply, I'll definitely do more research on those topics!
Cool your username came to me last night (Eagle, but in Spanish). I will read and reply to your post soon. Just needed to comment that. ❀
First off I feel kind of a kinship with you,
I have many gifts and it all started in childhood. As a child I tried telling my mom about the people and things I would see. I always felt protected somehow though. I did always feel different from other kids. Things did not turn bad until I got to be about 10 or 11 though. Then things turned dark and I started to get attacked and had to learn to defend myself. I have many stories and experiences and have learned many things. I grew up in Nebraska in a rural area and can tell you all kinds of information about entities, creatures of the night and things that defy logic. I am a Christian but also am forced to deal with the paranormal. I am about ten years older than you are but experienced about the same childhood growing up and just pretended not to notice things so that people would treat me as normal. You can click on my name and read posts from the past.
I am sure deep down you already know what you are dealing with if you are true to yourself. No you are not crazy and yes sometimes if you are alone a long time and have not had enough sleep your mind can alter perceptions. I have seen strange entities day and night, asleep and awake and in a deep trance state.
Some of what you are seeing is a combination of things. There are ancient spirits, demons and entities that have been described in legends by many different cultures. I believe there is some truth behind some of the legends. There have been animal mutilations in the area around me that could not be explained away. I have investigated some really freaky stuff with no explanation. I had come across some horrid beast I could not explain one night while coon hunting and it tried to kill our dogs. I an 2 others were awake and saw it and I was not dreaming and it was real. I will describe it as a devil dog that was pitch black with red eyes and came out of nowhere and left as quick as it came when we shot at it to save our dogs. It was near the size of a pony. So yeah that stuff exists.
Ira in Indigos
Hello everyone,

I have also posted about what you are talking about, I also see that something is coming that will provide great positive change.

But I really need help to know if all the things I see is in my mind or not, maybe I have issues. I see souls around me, the future, past lives, my soul go to different places out of this world...

Can anyone help?

Thank you
[at] Gthlvrmx,
I appreciate your sharing, and I will absolutely do this daily for two weeks. I just completed my first invocation. Thank you very much.
Hello LightWay,

Try this:

The invocations will remove any entities attached to you. The shields will prevent them from attaching again to you. Do them all twice daily for about a week or two and see how you things are after that.

I tried asking for Archangel Michael's help as well for you to find the entity and dealing with it, hopefully that helped and did the job.
Hello again,
I am coming in request of any intuitive or suggestions for what else I can do...

This is only my second message to this group, and I have appreciated some emails of support with suggestions. I have been dealing with a very sudden spirit/entity/being visiting me on what started to be nightly visits when I would be asleep. I sleep on the sofa now now, and for the past couple of nights, the breathing-pulsating sounds (as best as I can describe) have been more frequent and ongoing. I was awoken last night at about 11:45pm, and did not fall back to sleep. I have been going to Mass every morning M-F for communion, then I head into work (Social Work). Today, I dozed off on the couch at around 6pm, and was awoken to the same sounds. Sometimes the sounds are closeby, other times a distance away. What's changing is that the noises will follow me. When I attempt to sage, or spray salt water, the sound goes in back of me. Today, I thought to cover both of my ears, and the exact sounds were what seemed to be in both ears, or in between? Please know, I have never been under psychiatric care, no diagnosis, no medications. I am independent and take of myself. No alcohol or drug either. This has been going on for about 6 mos now. I have had a Medium come to my home, the Paranormal Team, and a Priest from my church. The spirit has followed me 2-4x to church, 3 times to work, and has been heard in my car a few times. Does this mean it is attached? If so, what needs to happen? The Paranormal Team said they would be back to video tape me sleeping, and to do a cleansing, and that was approx 4 mos ago. My small dog is very much aware of this presence and insists on marking the walls and even marked my left calf when I was brushing my teeth, months ago, when it started happening. This has been sudden and exhausting. Thankfully, there has been no harm done. I have prayed out loud to God, and talked to the spirit and scolded it as well, when it doesn't stop. Typically, it will quiet down, but now it is not. It will not answer who/what/why. I am very sensitive, intuitive, etc., but I need assistance with this. I use sage, incense, Himalyan lamps, amethyst and tourmaline crystals. Noting seems to help. I pray out loud often, and keep fresh scents burning. I'm wiped out, and with my demanding career, this has got to stop. It is extremely challenging to find a reliable source of support. My family does not reside locally, and well, this is not a topic to delve into at work. Intuitive and suggestive comments are appreciated.
Hi Chomba,

One simple way to unblock gifts is to try telling yourself over and over again throughout the day that you can do what you used to do again. So if you saw the future, tell yourself, "I can see the future and I'm unafraid of what I might see.". You need to add the "unafraid" part because usually that's what blocks our gifts and it helps get rid of any extra fear from blocking your gifts. For empath, you can say, "I can feel other people's emotions clearly and I'm unafraid of what I might feel.". For healing you can say, "I can heal others and myself deeply and thoroughly and I'm unafraid of what I might experience through healing."

You can adjust the sentences or make up your own to unblock whatever you need to and see if it helps. If you are meant to open up to that gift again, it will happen. It worked for me on feeling energies and emotions from others a bit, I saw (in my minds eye the most) the blockage lift from my solar plexus chakra with it's tendrils and it disintegrated in the air.

You can also try using crystals like Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, and even Angelite to help your gifts advance. Just remember to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly. Maybe Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, or Green Tourmaline might help too to clear your heart of emotions that are causing blockages in your gifts. Look the crystals up on the internet and search for their meanings and what effects they have.

Also, I recently had a really good reading from someone who I feel is genuine. Maybe she can help? Https://
Definitely turn to God! You have been saved and baptized under the blood of Jesus Christ and HE is the most powerful and only protection needed! As previous mentioned, pray for God Armor. Your Shield of faith, helmet of salvation. There is Scripture you can look up for full armor. Also, this us a GREAT site for you to get info:
I have dealt with a lot of spirits and demonic entities. I have even done full exorcisms... My advice to you is, first of all don't be scared. You are human, living and have more capabilities than a demonic entity that's dead. Keep that in mind. Another thing, energy is everything. I gain from this he is observing you because he is fascinated by you. Wants to know if your good or bad. If I were you I would first pray to God to give you protection. Call on archangel Michael to give you protection. Also call upon the holy ghost for protection. Then I would confront him. Tell him you do not like his presence and your sorry for whatever happened to him. Be nice. Act like your going to be his friend. Play the game. He is playing it and hes dead. Your alive, and you have way more capabilities and energy. Energy is key here. Be strong. Confident and not scared. There's nothing to be scared of. It's your life your home and he isn't welcome. You need to let him know that. He isn't welcome and it's your life and your home, and be nice and be sympathetic to him and play BESTFRIEND and tell him you want him to leave.
Hello, I had to stop mid- story and let you know. That demon (I don't know if it's still bothering you I will finish reading your story) is a child molester, and a very bad man, he kidnapped and molested children. That's why he got burned. He purposely got burned because of his predator ways. Ironic how he's a predator in your home now as well. Sorry I just had to deliver that message.
Wow you understanding so well what I was saying literally made me cry. I would love to talk more because we seem to have a lot in common! I could use some more advice lol
Chomba (guest) in Blocked Psychic Abilities
Thank you for replying, I have not made a conscious effort at achieving this (And I am busy with worldly matters at the moment) but I will eventually and when the time is right, I hope. 😊
[at] Chomba, venturing within yourself towards self development of your abilities can be a helpful way to obtain a better understanding of your experience. Its easier said than done in which everyone will work towards their own pace, but I believe you still have the connection to your spiritual side enough to surpass this blockage. Disconnecting ourselves from the current situations at hand using our spiritual energy to just completely flush away everything that is truly meaningless to living your life. Force your energy to push out all the negative energies out of your body and fill yourself with happiness and clean energy starting from the heart. 😁 ❀
So I just recently found this site and I feel like I've found a support group like na or aa. This is the closest subject I can think of for my topic of choice. Does anyone have anything ability wise become so overwhelming that they prayed and asked for whoever was listening to take it away. When I first became overwhelmed I didn't know how to control anything and it all would hit me hard at once. To the point of me on the floor in fetal position crying uncontrollably asking for it to go away. Constant chatter in my head, so many voices but they were all talking at once but my clairvoyance comes to me as my voice in my head so it's hard to differentiate between my thoughts and someone else's. Anytime I got near someone or touched someone I get this feeling I still can't describe. It's like vision and feelings all in one and it's so overwhelming that I can't focus on just one. I can feel everything. Everything. More then I want to sometime. Moods. Sickness. All of it. Even the bad stuff I don't want to feel. I thought since day one that we all as a collective species have psychic abilities. But a few people I've confided in to share with told me that either I'm crazy or crazy special. And it's hard to keep this going. I wish there was an on/off switch so I can turn it on when I need it. I like my abilities. They make me me. I've met a couple other psychics who share similar abilities who have helped me with control and that literally was a life saver. I read book and found odds and ends that help. But I found not all of us have the same list of abilities so it's rare to find help or a friend I can share some of the crazier stuff with. I'm afraid to telll people cuz I don't want to be dissected by the government or something stupid like that lol. My brother said that to me. I have great energy manipulation and my clairvoyance slacks sometimes but I've come to the conclusion That I am a feeler and will further my feelings. Empathy out the ting yang. I've also noticed and someone chime in if they have too but the longer I'm around friends and girlfriends who don't think I need Meds, the more I notice that their abilities heighten and I literally changed lives. Altered the fate of others through teaching and just being around them. Help some for good and some not so good. But they all said they've never felt anything like anything before I came around. Anyway. I'm just glad I'm not alone and would love to further my own teachings so I can continue with my little side quest to further others. My friends and I will truly accept any and all advice and or tips you all have for us. And I can't wait to let them know of this absolutely amazing site I found today. Thank you all who listened and have a wonderful evening. Thank you.
So for a while I've notice that if I focus on computers or fans or such, and think of the sound of it running in my head and then hear it slowing down. Feel it slowing down it actually starts to. Then after prolongs abuse from me "playing" them, they eventually stopped working. I think it's an ability I've cherished along with others but I can only do it to electronics that have fans or that I can hear audibly. I have ruined countless Xboxs and laptops and don't mean to. And if it runs on a battery like a laptop or handheld fan I find that it's easier to manipulate. I thought it was coincidence at first but I told my brother and he heard the difference when I switched it on and off. I don't know how or why but electronics don't like me. Sometimes if I try really really hard I can shut off a street lamp but that's really hard for me. Any one else have this ability or similar experiences please contact. I thought I was alone until I "stumbled" on this site. I don't think it was an accident
I can't explain to you how insanely accurate your story is with mine. In fact, I've spent all day ruminating over this exact same feeling you have as I typed out applications/cover letters to hopefully land one of my dream jobs in broadcasting. Like really intensly delving into this feeling to bring out some qualities into my writing until I basically collapsed, mentally exhausted, and typed INTO GOOGLE "what do you do when you know something big is going to happen to you but don't know what". Guess which post came up out of the infinite websites and forums in the universe? ❀

Your story is so spot on with mine that I was so shocked I had to make an account on this website to reply. It's funny because it sounds like you'd be used to crazy coincidences like this as well lol. I already know this is going to get stupid long so I apologize in advance, but here's my story:
At age 13 started feeling this urge in me. Can't really describe it exactly but kind of like an undeniable presence in the back of my mind that was like the true me. Different than intuition or gut instinct, which I always had lots of growing up. I now call this "feeling" a spiritual awakening- but I'll get to that...

Before this, growing up I always had random extreme phases of deja vu, saw a couple ghosts, heard things, CRAZY lucid or prophetic dreams, and just interested in anything paranormal. I also take these things as normal or ordinary for my life. So early teens once this feeling became present, at first my friends and I would mess around with ouija boards (that thing you described as paper with letters on it). Several occaisions where things on the other end would communicate random nonsense and then 2-3 times over the course of about 2 years when one "spirit" would return and was super communicative. It was profound to say the least, but we knew from the get-go that it was a negative energy. Mind you, these times with an ouija board were always months apart and I felt like this spirit (or just dark energy is what I like to call it) would be around me from time to time and I believe it even told me it was connected to me and my mother too. I had many experiences much like your fan story during this time; even heard heavy sleep-like breathing at various times. But it always happened really spread out time wise so I wasn't worried about it, plus I believe if you let something scare you then whatever it is has won. This thing finally went away when one day in my room I just said outloud something like "I'm a being of love and light, and that is the only thing I have to offer you." Nothing ~scary~ happened again.
-I personally feel that 1) ouija boards are like a briefcase full of money left out in a mall... Only curious kids and people who want to steal it are going to try to look inside the case. Just not the best audience. 2) any "bad" spirits/ghosts/demons/whatever anyone prefers to call them, are just not totally conceivable to us as humans and typically a lot of who/what they really are gets lost in translation or is shady info given by them. I mean when you don't know who you're looking to communicate with and nobody knows youre looking to talk to them, you just pick up on energy that answers you back the same way; random, ambiguous, shifty, undecided, or nonsense.

So during this time period I was paying attention to this feeling, literally researcing religions and reading up on spirituality and science etc. A friend pointed me in the direction of meditation and "new age spirituality" and I took to it. I was meditating a lot and would have intense vivid lucid dreams. My intuition and empathy towards others grew so much it was almost like I couldn't help but always say what's on my mind to other people because it was correct every time or would turn out to be true. I'll skip over my "gut feeling" stories because honesly it would just be repetative along with yours. But some highlights of this time were meeting 2 of my spirit guides in meditations, reliving a past life in a dream, meditations where I would have partial visions of random predictions even one where I was shown a man that I later had a relationship with.

These occurences would happen sporadically for years and continue to, and I'm 22. It turned out my dad has the same belief system and has written books on Quantum Physics etc. So he helped me kind of navigate this huge "knowing" I had, along with friends. Whenever I was randomly confronted with this super passionate innate... Idea I guess? That I'm here to do something, I would always get internally overwhelmed by it but in a good way and break down crying. I also sometimes get a strange feeling like the one you described as holding a small object. It's almost like you remember how it feels but you can't remember where or what it is. Kinda like when you misplace your wallet and you remember having it but not where. This feeling is different though, because it's somewhat comfortable or reassuring.
For me it's not holding something, it's more like laying on my stomach in the middle of a flat surface and I also get another one where it's like something is in my throat. I could never come up with what those were so I just chocked them up to leftover memories maybe from when I was an infant?

These big questions you keep wondering about, is it like your mission/purpose is on the tip of my tongue or maybe even written out right infront of you but its really blurry so you can't quite make it out? Here's my advice: I always felt somewhat isolated or just unique and meditation + spirituality really allowed me put words to what I was thinking. Start there, but don't take anything you learn as the truth before you FEEL it's truth in your gut. Pick and choose if you have to. I feel like that's the point of having any beliefs, that they are specifically made by you, changed by you. I really reeaallly reccomend meditation, it's very easy and literally has infinite health/mental benefits; start with looking up guided meditations on youtube even. Keep your mind in the "now", which is a term from one of my favorite popular guru's Eckhart Tolle, it means essentially just note your passing thoughts/feelings/anything temporary and try to refer your persective back to the "you" in your mind that gives you these gut feelings, that's helping me get along right now. Trust yourself and try not to have too many negative reactions to how things play out, or even towards what you think sometimes. Know that all things are eventual and there is infinite amounts of "good" or "light" than there is of anything else. And remember, There's nothing anyone can specifically tell you as a 100% accurate answer/outline/next step for this calling you know you have- and that's the best part-- and that's the point!

If you have anymore questions or anything feel free to ask and can't wait to see how people like you and I change the world for the better!
Thankyou both so much for your advice it makes me feel a lot better that someone understands
confusedintx in So Confused. What Am I?

A most profound thank you. Your post helped me in more ways than you realize... Or maybe you do.

Be well.

Your choice to turn to God and Light, was a very wise one. Among the amount of darkness filling this world, it is vital that you keep connection to the holy and divine part of your soul which connects you to The Creator. I encourage prayer and meditation, as ways to help you with the frustration an anxiety caused by the severity of your situation. For as long as you remember who you are and who and what you stand for, nothing can ever move you. It is true, that those against our Father, be it humans or beings, will try anything in their power to force us off our position next to God. So know that a reason why things happen that are bad is this one.

Make sure you keep your emotions and thoughts on check, because they always make everything worse, regardless of the nature of the situation; be it spiritual or physical. I believe you should use your faith to its fullest. Hence, I'd like to advice you that you start taking your protection against all that is surrounding you a bit more serious.

I suggest, that while you are praying and meditating, you make use of that Light and connection to the Holy Spirit and God; Pray for it to fill you and cleanse your soul, offer you peace and calamity. Ask that It turns to a shield which will set boundaries between you and the harming powers trying to shake you off your faith.

Walk by faith and be fierce. God is great and Light is powerful. And so are you.

I am always available for further contact.

Be safe.
You might just be very intuitive. Has it happened at other instances?
Dear Dda11988,

From what you have shared it looks like you have psychic abilities. First off, I'd like to comment on the part about ouiji board (the piece of paper with letters and yes and no on it). The spirit guide your friend is connected to isn't anything good. If it truly is her dad, then because he did commit suicide, he's dark. There's a higher possibility for the spirit guide to be a corrupted being using her trauma and deceiving her by taking her dad's form. Also the experience with your great grandfather as a spirit guide is also quite shady, as you have mentioned as well

Since your early childhood there were many other experiences you haven't shared here. The frequent deja vu and premonitions show you have a natural talent toward the spiritual arts. You have also mentioned that feeling of purpose, it may make you feel alienated and wondering why most people don't feel it.

The way you speak about the spiritual is a little weird though. There are elements of Christianity, tradition and the modern spirituality in what you're describing. The way you have lived your life seems to be confusing to you. However now is the time to choose your own path.

If you are interested in the possibilities simply reply to this story or email me.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Hi Yixy,

I would try asking Archangel Michael to find that specific spirit/entity/being and to take them into healing, put a sword through them, or to return them to the atoms from which they were created.

It doesn't sound like a nice being to me, it is interfereing with your free will and spirits from the other side don't do that.

Also ask your angels to find the seals and to undo them or remove them permanently. Ask Archangel Raphael to heal and balance your energy and to help unblock any blocked gifts you may have. Maybe that could help.
[at] LightWay would you mind getting in touch with me through email (its in my profile) , I would like to discuss some things with you also give you some more insight and advice in regards to your situation.
Maybe he's someone you knew from a past life, a boyfriend or brother maybe. If you're able to dream lucidly, try to ask him how he knows you.
This reminds me of my father who kept dreaming about being a young boy in a German speaking country. He would be in a classroom singing a song with the rest of the students. It turned out the song was of Czech origin and dated to the late 19th century. He never spoke German or anything like that.
So it very well could be a boy you were once bonded with. His 1950s dress also indicates some past life connection.
Then again, dreams are tricky. It could be nothing lol
Hello, I am new here, and have been experiencing an unwelcome spirit energy for approx. 6 mos., the presence- sounds of breathing, panting started when I was asleep in my bed. I would lay there frozen until one day, I awoke to an even louder breathing/panting that seemed to be growing. I was terrified, and angrily told it to stop twice, and it gradually faded to a low tone, but did not leave. This was about 4 mos. Ago, and I no loner sleep in my bed. I sleep on my couch, reclining back, as I feel more secure in this position. The sound still comes around, always when I am sleeping, but has occasionally followed me to work and Mass a few times. I do not know what to think about it. The good news is that I do not feel threatened, but it is unsettling to be woken up by a now subtle, almost faint breathing sound. I try to ignore it, but I'm exhausted many times, and fully awake, I will clap loudly and tell it to leave, I also reference that I am a Child Of God, and have rebuked it out loud. I am an intuitive empath, but have never experienced this type of presence. The spirit, if that is what it is, does not appear to want to say why it is presenting itself. I have told it to go to the Light, and that I cannot help it. I pray out loud, sage, light candles, incense, and have various crystals- amethyst, and tourmaline. I wear a St. Michael Scapular when I am at home and when I sleep. It appears to be attached, but thankfully I have not been hurt. It is fully aware that I do not like it being here or disrupting my sleep, as it will respond to my directives by becoming more quiet or staying back. I feel it remains however. I have always been aware of energy; however, I do not want to be open to this. Please, any feedback would be most appreciated. For the record, I am a stable person, older woman- Social Worker, that is fully employed, productive, and independent in my life. I live alone with a small chihuahua, who is also very much aware of this presence. He sniffs the air when the spirit is present, and he marks random furniture, regardless of knowing that is a no-no. I live a peaceful, quiet life, and want peace back. Thank you in advance for your insight and time.
Hello hummingbird222,

I have been having a very complex ability growing that past year and a half, I have talked to only one person of what I feel those abilities makes me see, I am also questioning everyday if all that is only my mind showing me what I want unconsciously to see and hear. Strangely like you, one of the things I saw was war and destruction.

War, the world destructed and a small group of people helping, uniting to help others. Even though I have seen France and the US united for this war and physical destruction, my interpretation of it makes more sense to me now, as couple of months has passed, and that I have seen more.

There is a war between good and evil, here and in the invisible, and I believe something is coming that will change people point of view about the world, about happiness, and that this will make them change how they behave.

I think what I saw the world destructed is past ideas being put down, for something better to be built. I think that a small group of people will create and support that change.

I also feel I have a role in that, my logic tells me that this is all crazy and that maybe there is something wrong with my mind, besides the fact that I am no one, not better than others, but I see myself working with that small group of people... It is nuts!

And that's just a small part of all the things my "crazy" mind is showing me, my soul travels to places, I have seen past lives, I hear my guardians, how the invisible is structured, who does black magic (even though I never really believed in that... And more) my logic have difficulty to accept how can all the things I see every day be true, I am not talking about that war, but about my ability, and what I have been living the past year and a half.

Hope like you, that I can find some answers here.
Phoenixrising77 in An Unwanted Seal And Spirit
The seals can be broken by you on the astral plane if they're put on you by another. Imagine yourself walking right up to the seal, and wipe it away to erase it. Nothing can be put on you without your permission-conscious or subconsciously. This may in fact be your spirit guide allowing you a pause to reflect on the direction you want to take with your abilities though, so take some time before you remove the seals to discern how you will be using your abilities from this point forward. I can email you a seal to study and memorize to stop it from happening again if you'd like; or you can look up the Seal of Solomon and memorize it. Then when you astrally project, you simply recreate the seal in gold and white light. It's unbreakable, so once you put it on the powers can't be removed again. Be very careful though because seals are extremely powerful tools.
You quite literally invited him to attach to you when you touched the urn. It was at that very moment, he attached. The reason it took a few weeks for you to see anything only confirms my initial thoughts when reading your story. He has attached. You HAVE to follow your friends advice here. Tell him, forcefully, he is NOT welcome and he MUST leave NOW! Things WILL escalate if you don't! I can't stress this enough. This is one of those "if I can't have her no one will" type scenarios. Have a priest bless your house, you, your children and most importantly your husband. I don't normally comment on things like this unless I get very strong feelings, and boy howdy am I getting strong feelings. He never let you go in life and is refusing to let you go in death. He cannot move on without you severing the ties. Think of it like this... In life he was so attached to you that he manifested a cord that astrally connects you to him. When he died that connection to you remained and keeps him earthbound. He can't be released until you cut the cord that ties you to him. He's actually pissed I'm telling you this because he doesn't want to leave. What he WANTS to do is possess your husband, so he can have you forever. Unfortunately it doesn't really work the way he thinks it does and will end up causing massive problems for you and your husband. I'm not trying to scare you. I'm telling you what I see playing out if you do nothing to get rid of him.
Hi there,

What you're describing is a negative entity.Note: they feed on fear, anger, negative emotions. You've fed it long enough, and you need to reclaim your space. Get a sage bundle, one with lavender and sweet grass is preferable, as all three will cleanse the area. Light a black candle-black absorbs negative energy, and from the flame of the candle light your sage bundle. Then simply walk through the area (s) where it affects you the most and say it must leave; it's not welcome and you're reclaiming YOUR space. Once you've cleansed the area (s) think back to when it started, and as Gabbie mentioned, try to determine if it's come from within yourself or if it was an outside force. These are never welcomed experiences when they make you doubt yourself. You, however, are strong enough to handle this and have the power to make them leave. YOU are the one with the power to focus your will on making them leave. Never forget that. Those of us who are living in the flesh have more power and control than spirits/entities. They may want you to believe they are more powerful, but in reality they are not. WE make the rules, not them.
I know. I just haven't heard of anyone else having this kind of experience. The chills being so strong and being able to control them and where they happen. I can focus on my chakras both primary and secondary and it causes that body part or area to produce the chill, it travels from that area just like with my neck. I do know other empaths and I've talked about it with them too and they haven't experienced it.
[at] berellic that's such a beautiful way to interpret this. I believe you're right 😁
You are what you said you are in the title... You feel others energy... People in this world call it being an empath.
You aren't insane but if you want to use negative words like that you only show what a human is... Humans have no understanding of normal things at all in this world... I don't know what your power would be called but I do know one thing... Its normal and everyone should be able to do the same so it wouldn't even need name... Its just your are using it right... You can practice using it and get better at harnessing it and understanding it. You shouldn't be worried about guidance especially outside from someone else and even by humans no less... Humans don't even know half of the worlds normal... It wants to live in fake world... And they do. Just be happy with your powers and live like you normally do. There isn't anything that can take that away from you. Just be careful of harmful spirits out there with cold energy...
Your psychic in way... Its not a made up thing or just a dream but human beings do not always understand or recognize when someone is speaking to them from another world... The people were not being right by holding back communication with you but the person you are looking for is most likely someone who is and has been dead... Someone from your past you no longer remember...
You don't have any reason or right to call yourself, he is either someone you had slash have a strong bond with that you once knew from the past and you are able to remember some of his features and personality and bring it with you because of you bond... Or two... He is actually watching over you right now and always has been. This is a normal thing but humans usually cannot sense or see the other side... Let lone know it is there... While others sense it or are more sensitive to it in various ways even if subtle... Because of how you interact with this person I would say the bond is strong enough to be felt even though it is hard to tell where this person is exactly in your life...
kurokitsune in Is My Soul Trapped?
There is no reincarnation without choice except for kidnapped people... You don't come here to learn! Humans here are not very smart as they do not understand normal things... Its still brave of you to go ahead and try asking this worlds people anyways even though most do not even know ghosts are real... Know this... There is no such thing as punishment or learning... People come here by choice... You do not just randomly enter into a body... Though the means of that in itself is a mystery to me as I was a kidnapped person and have been trafficked my whole life but this topic is not about me, you are the one being focused on who has questions... Hope you are satisfied with this answer... If there is anything else on your mind that you want to know or understand feel free to ask me anything at anytime.
Dear Friend

I just read your post and I agree wiht your that we are surrounded by zombies!

But for me they are not walking dead (body), they are walking dead for spiritual things, what really matters!

Of course we need to work to sustain our body, but for what?

This questions and many others are fully answered, problem is people don't know where to find those answers!

Since you read several books, I will give one more The Spirit's Book from Allan Kardec, you can freely download at internet in pdf file!

Good study!
I'm exactly like you, I found myself in every single word...
those numbers are very positive numbers, they mean you are going through changes, changes protected and supported by the invisible world (like I like to call it), and I think you will be helping others with your ability.
Oh well... Since you could not reply directly. I wanted to let you know that the demon is gone.
I cleanse it, exorcise it and it is fully gone from your sight.
Your welcome.
Hello Briss,

Me too I have a complex ability and came to this site to find answers, I do also see numbers, part of many, many other things, and when I do, I use this websites above. I put the consecutive numbers I see, it did work for me.


For single numbers I use this one.


I am also getting confused because my ability is complex, I see how the invisible world is structured, the souls that surrounds us, my guardians, past lives, the future, people who have a sickness, people who do dark magic and more... I am getting very concerned that what I hear and see is coming from my mind, even though I don't feel I have lost my lucidity, as I question every day the veracity and the truth of what I see and hear, and ask myself everyday how can all this be true... I am now really in need to find someone who can tell me that I am not loosing it, someone who can perceive with his/her ability that there is truth in all the things I am living.

Thank you so much to anyone who can help.
Berellic in Swarm Of Dots?
[at] callmeLuna, Sounds like you had your first acknowledged experience seeing natural energy. You should try sitting out side when the sky is clear blue and focus on looking for what you saw in your room but in the sky. You should research stuff like "seeing natural energy" "spiritual energy fields" "ESP, Extra Sensory Perception". Let us know how you feel about this after some research. 😁 😁
[at] skyqueenjes, it is interesting that in every dream we have it is truly unexpected of what we will see next. It seems as though what you choose to pursue in life is reflected back through a higher power that guides you through seeing what of this journey will truly become for you. God speaks to his children in all sorts of ways but in the way we understand. If this is what you truly want to do in your life then go for it. I'm pretty sure that kind of job is not for everyone but you definitely deserve it. 😁
Hey Confusedinx and ToxxicWishes71,

I can actually relate a lot to this one. I've met a lot of people with gifts but the vast majority are the same (similar to be polite, everyones configurations are slightly different) as ToxxicWishes71 when it comes to wanting to heal people.

But I'm different. My configuration is all slanted towards prediction and clairvoyance. I believe this is because I'm on the spectrum too.

There are definitely those out there who do it all, but most of us have a gift (i.e. Healer, protector, guide)

But I believe the way we look at the world makes us see time and space differently from the rest of the gifted ones. My 5yo is gifted, but she's an empath. She always knows when I'm sad, even when I haven't seen her yet. But she's not on the spectrum.

As a result, I don't particularly want to heal people per se (although positive energy is a must for clarity), I want people to make the right decision in the end for themselves. For the sake of the global timeline. As a result, I'm often the person who's there at the right time... In the beginning I thought trouble followed me 😊

So I can be in a room of healers and carers and I can feel the energies and see weak auras but unlike Toxxic its not thick. I can however see peoples faces change and their surroundings slightly fade to where they will be in 3,5 sometimes even 20 years. Or not πŸ˜”

But being close to that stuff can be dangerous. Apart from being around all that energy (its not all good) and not having the same self defences as the other ones you can get pinged with blowback or take on more than you can handle.

But I find it very easy to get that feeling of deep lost. You said 41 hours as a max, well that was my norm. For me, it's understanding where I fit in everything and remembering how much I can help that gets me out.

If I were you, the first thing Id do is relax. Its going to be okay. If it weren't you wouldn't be here. You'd hide from finding the answer.

Next, read as much as you can... Not just about this but the "real world" stuff that's underlying it. For a time person like me, I studied physics (quantum mechanics and how time works), philosophy (the application of science to spiritual questions) and psychology (to know if I'm crazy or not).

Also, a lot of readings about religion and spirituality because I believe all this stuff springs from the same place.

I feel like you should make that your hobby... Explaining you (theres nothing wrong with different... But you won't feel good about it until you know what your purpose is).

All these things you've seen are normal to me. The death smell... That's you interpreting a sense you're not used to. Furthermore, if you acknowledge it and understand why its important (and actually very beautiful) it will become less offensive. Not pleasant, but humbling in the best way.

The music I do too... It helps me slow everything down and think. I love music too (played in bands and stuff when I was younger) so its unusual behaviour but I understand why I do it.

And finally, don't worry about the girl. My feeling is that she's actually attracted to you because of what you are. The pushing away is more about not creating anymore turmoil than you have already with your own head. I don't know you but that's my feel.

Confused is a great handle because when you are balanced, you'd be able to see through her eyes, or see her aura or see her timeline, and you'd better understand her position.

But be cool. You are who you are because that's the initial design. You got what you got because you could handle it. And you did it all blindfolded so to speak. So worrying about what's under the hood and starting thinking about what you could do when you test it out a bit and see what this puppy does! 😊
shitzu123 in Hearing Spirits
Hey Ithilden,

That does sound like a crazy experience, if you felt unsafe about talking to this spirit then that was probably the right decision for you to make always listen to your gut even if the spirit wasn't malicious, you can never know.

We are all spiritual beings we just tend to focus on this physical world so much these "abilities" are mostly ignored and they fade as they are not developed.

If you are sure about progressing yourself you can start off with meditation and doing a little research on energy manipulation, energy cleansing, energy shielding etc. If you want you can email me (in profile) I could explain things further.
jasmine_glaze in So Real Yet So Unreal
Dear Lane95,

The experiences that happened in your childhood show that you have some psychic abilities and different entities have always noticed that. There's no denying that all of it was/is real.

When it comes to your current situation, smoking the house won't help in the long run. You need to learn how to protect your house and educate people living with you how to deal with spiritual problems as well. I didn't see any information about your girlfriend ties to spiritual realm, so I don't know if she is aware of anything that happened.

The room darkening was simply caused by the evil being that is close by and wandering inside the house. Moving out won't help either as it already knows you're a person with abilities. You need to think about what you want to do with it. It can be a spirit/lost soul or a demon messing around. More things should start happening soon.

Make up your mind about the path you are going to choose. It's either that you take action now, find out the cause of these experiences and fix what is wrong or you give up but it also means giving up on your life or free will

Hi Sadie7,

I suggest you to start off by asking yourself "What is the purpose of pursuing this, why do I want these abilities to develop further" once you have a valid reason you can start off by meditating as much as you can and over time this should help you become more sensitive and develop your abilities.

While you meditate imagine your body being covered with a golden light & imagine it coating your whole body with the intent to clean your energy, do this on a regular basis and see if you feel a difference in how you feel overall this is called an 'energy cleanse' and its important to do this especially if you want to work with spirits as there is a lot of bad stuff that can affect you badly if you allow it.

Second thing you should try out is visualising a barrier over your body with the intention of protecting you from anything that may want to affect you negativaley, I always make it into a bubble or a more or less circular shape that cover my whole body.

Lastly you should read up on energy manipulation, energy sensing, etc. If you do this on a regular basis you should notice a difference. Furthermore remember that this is not childsplay don't do anything that doesn't seem right and remember that not every spirit out there is good. If you have any questions or seek advice then my email is in the bio.
I'm glad you found my information interesting, and I hope it will keep on assisting you all the way through your journey.

As I explained on my comment, there has been cases I have come across, in which demonic beings have pretended to be beings who either seek help or who pretended to wish to help me and keep me safe. Their energy felt good and kind but it wasn't until very later in my spiritual progress that I figured out what all these experiences actually were.

Same with that scared child, that snapped you out of your meditation. It is possible that it has no harmful intentions (Maybe it is something random you happened to connect to or witness accidentally) but I'd like to point out that all types of beings are aware of the human weaknesses and way our minds work. Hence, every spirit will present themselves as they wish you to see them, in order to catch your attention, depending on what your weak points are. Discerning what their nature and intentions are, is something that comes with experience and knowledge gained in the process.

Regarding the symbol you saw, due to the fact that there is a huge load of information circulating around the internet, bibliography and TV and movies, a great deal of it, imprints itself on our brain, leading us to create certain expectations as to how things should be or what we should experience and expect. Also, it connects to what I said above, about beings representing themselves in a way a person expects as well as uses ways to approach us, that they know will work.

So, generally, whatever you get involved with, make sure to not allow your naivety, excitement and good intentions, to blind you and end up harming yourself. I was in your position once too, so I'm only sharing what I have come across in hopes to provide you with as much information to keep you as safe as possible, due to what I have personally witnessed, through my path in spirituality.

As for the lights you see, they most likely are manifestations of energy, the way your eyes perceive them. I think it's a very good sign you are able to physically see them, and I suggest you keep working on your meditation and praying and also protection.

Yes, it is normal for your forehead to vibrate during meditation or intense focus.

Always keep your doubts over anything you meet; knowledge, power and wisdom are a double edged sword, depending on how you use them and when. Keep your mind clear and hold a critical way if thinking, for the best protection of yourself, possible.

When it comes to spiritual abilities, there isn't such thing as a label. Asking for names, is a lot like asking in the physical world if being able to use your eyes or being able to use your ears, has a name or makes you special. So just like for the most part everyone is capable of seeing and hearing and speaking, same with spirituality you are capable of anything you wish to try. Everything is already there. You just discover it in the way.

All in all, the path within spirituality, holds a lot more knowledge, wisdom, a lot more responsibility and danger, than what is shown around us. It is indeed part of our being, but it would be wise to make sure it's followed for the right reasons, as well as, be treated with the respect it deserves and requires for our safety.

I am still available if you wish to contact me for a more personal encounter.

Be safe and stay grounded and focused.
Thank you I will definitely look into what you said! I am interested in developing my own abilities and seeing what I can do.
Dear greeneyedmonster

What do you think "negative energies" are or come from? Spirits that are in suffering, they need help as you described about the victims you have sensed.

You have to pray to them, you have to pray for good spirits help them, you must mentally send them to a hospital in space and good spirits will do their job.

The question here is how can you develop yourself and how can you use your habilities? Easy only the hard way works! If you really want to develop yourself you must develop in 2 fronts knowledge and morally.

For knowledge you have to study, not read, real study the books from Allan Kardec, everithing about spirits you will find in his books (actually is not the writer, those books were writing by high rank spirits read them and you will understand the process) you can freely download pdf file at internet.

For moral improvement, do charity, help other, be volunteer in some charitable institution.

Later you will use your mediumship to help spirits (remember we are all spirits with or without flesh)

That is the only formulae I know!

Good study!
Dear Sadie7

You are and ostensive medium, means you have the hability to communicate/sense spirits

How can you develop yourself? Easy only the hard way works! If you really want to develop yourself you must develop in 2 fronts knowledge and morally.

For knowledge you have to study, not read, real study the books from Allan Kardec, everithing about spirits you will find in his books (actually is not the writer, those books were writing by high rank spirits read them and you will understand the process) you can freely download pdf file at internet.

For moral improvement, do charity, help other, be volunteer in some charitable institution.

Later you will use your mediumship to help spirits (remember we are all spirits with or without flesh)

That is the only formulae I know!

Good study!
Dear TheSpiritsAroundMe

How can something phisycal can hep you or spirits like stones? This is just myth.

How can you develop yourself? Easy only the hard way works! If you really want to develop yourself you must develop in 2 fronts knowledge and morally.

For knowledge you have to study, not read, real study the books from Allan Kardec, everithing about spirits you will find in his books (actually is not the writer, those books were writing by high rank spirits read them and you will understand the process) you can freely download pdf file at internet.

For moral improvement, do charity, help other, be volunteer in some charitable institution.

That is the only formulae I know!

Good study!
Dear Lucky28

First of all, such situation you described is not an attack is just a suffering spirit that "chose" you in some way in order to get some help/relief from you.

You can help this spirit in several ways: first pray for him and second pray for good spirits help him. You can try to talk to this spirit giving some confort, being supportive to his needs! Read

If you really want to help your cousins you will need to study in order to evangelize them. They have to learn about God and Jesus (spiritual ruler of our planet).

Spiritism exists since man start to communicate with spirits, like Moses, Joan d'Arc etc. You and your cousins are mediums you have the hability to communicate with spirits, by this reasson you must study all the books from Allan Kardec (you can freely download in the internet pdf files).

At certain point you will need to talk to your family about what is going on and ask for their support, mostly the parents of your cousins!

Also you can try to find an spiritist center near you.

H t t p://

Try them! In case you don't have one near you pse contact me!

Good study
Dear confusedintx

You are a medium, your mediumship so far is not developed but you can develop it!

Why you have Asperger and I don't have it?

If you believe in a God that is merciful, fair, supreme in wisdom etc you must think something like how people is diferent if God is our father/creator woudl He have preferences among us, of course not, so how come those diferences? Merit/debts is the only explanation, but when thodr merits and debts ocurred since it was not from this life. Another life is the only explanation for it! If you believe in reincarnation everything can be explained, otherwise several questions cannot be explained.

You have to understant that your condition is a blessing, something you asked for you in order to help you accomplish one more step in your evolutionary journey! What do you think is a limitation is in reallity something you must learn and you failled into learn in the past and this time you have to learn at any cost...

What helps you face your daylly is faith in the future, in God, in Jesus, you have to pray, you have to thank you your condition and limitations. You are paying a huge mortgage, day by day, be happy since you are able pay this debt!

Why the messy emotions, just the need to accomplish some big mile stone in your life that you are leaving behind and you need to resume. It is a sort of pressure to drive you back to the correct path. I hope you figure out what is it!

If you want to know more about the spiritual world you have The Spirit's Book from Allan Kardec it will explain a lot about. You can freely download at internet a pdf file

Good study!
[at] gabbie and [at] lauterb

Thank you so much for your thoughtful responses. I've done some more searching through myself and online to figure out what is going on, and I'm taking all your suggestions to heart.

I decided to meditate a few times from the initial date of posting and an interesting thing happened- during one particular session I was asking something to send me a sign. And right away I was presented with a symbol that looked like a circle with a two verticle lines, one from the top and one from the bottom center on it. I looked it up later and found that it's an ACTUAL symbol used for magic enhancement and power activation in a practice called "Run Valdr" that uses Norse Ruins in a fashion similar to Japanese Reiki. Should I look into this further?

And another time midway through meditation I was visited to be what looked like a scared child? I only saw his face and part of his hands but he was defiantly fearful. He surprised me but he didn't stay for long and snapped me out of my meditation. What should I do about this?

I'd also like to say is it normal for my forehead to vibrate kind of during meditation?

Furthermore, I will try your way of protection, and possible adapt it to fit my particular case. The presence that follows me seems friendly and protective of me though, as though it wants me to grow and stay safe. I'll try to see more what it is when I'm grounded more.

I've always been told that crystals and such can help promote this development? I really enjoy stones and feeling them, as if they were living. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions there.

Also I'm wondering about some floating lights I can see when I try to- I've always been able to see them and used to play with them as a kid. They are usually even spaced, green and redush colors dots, that come over in waves in my feild of vision? I can see through them, they don't obscure anything, but they are there and I've never gotten a clear answer on this in my entire life but I'm wondering if either of you have insight. They move like a mix of far off twinkling stars and a stream of clear water. When I move my eyes the follow my general direction as well. What am I seeing?

As far as me personally, is there any label these experiences would fall under?

1- You have awaked when you started question your religion, the rest is just consequence.
As a kid is normal to see spirits until around 7 years old, after that can come again at ages of 16 and later.
2- Yes you can develop your mediumship
3- It is jus a spirit, spirits of animals have special and differentiated treatment, they will not harm, hurt or disturb you for sure! Most probably is a imperfect spirit.
4- Nothing material will keep you safe, what keeps you safe is your moral elevation, how good you are and how much good you do for others!
5- Yes you can develop several but it depend on your mission/test

Since you are open for new readings I would like to suggest The Spirit's Book from Allan Kardec, you can freely download in the internet a pdf file.

Good study!
Truth is, that as humans, we already have a spiritual side, from the beginning of our existence. During our life, it might stay forever dormant, it might awaken at some point, or we might be born with that side already awakened.

Many factors can trigger its coming to the surface, and maybe for you, it is a combination and sequence of events, which allowed it to grow more and more active. The more you tapped into it, the more connected you felt, and because where your mind goes, your energy does too, it created different attachments to things you directed your attention towards. Such as animals, your grandma, and maybe the surrounding spirits your parents said you used to be aware of.

Concerning protection, first of one needs to understand how they need to protect themselves, and what from. Everything around us (feelings, thoughts, words, actions), translate into energy. When we walk around, going places, talking to people, touching objects, without any protection on, that leads to us "catching" the energies we come in contact with daily. That can result in physical, and most importantly, mental and emotional fatigue. Now, apart from having energies stuck on us, staying unprotected, can also "invite" different beings to stick with us, and that wouldn't be safe either. One's emotional and mental state, as well as, their lifestyle, can also contribute into allowing energies and beings to approach them and become attached to them, especially if they are negative and harmful to the human soul, as good connects to good and bad connects to bad. This is a broad way to say it, but it pretty much explains why things linger around people. When it comes to dark beings, they feed off negative energies generated by the human mind and heart, which only gives them greater access and power over us. But that is another story. I just wanted to explain protection, is all. Also, since we don't know if that presence around you means good or bad for sure, I say protect anyway:)

What I usually like to do, is to meditate and relax my mind. Connect to the light within me, as in, pray and connect to my deeper self and to this Holy and Pure Light deep in my soul. I pray and pray, and I fill myself with all these positive and happy thoughts and memories. I visualize them, being translated into a white light, and slowly concentrating in the center of my chest, filling it more and more, until I reach a point where I feel it overwhelming me. Then I imagine it being spread all over my body as a wave of light, intending for it to cleanse all foreign and harmful energies off of my body and soul. After I feel calm enough and have visualized all the foreign energies to have gone, I then proceed to extend this light wave a few feet around my physical body, in order to form an energy shield, which will keep everything unwanted away. Just keep adding energy to it, until you feel it's thick enough and intend for it to be strong and to push back anything foreign, anything harmful.

Personal growth, is possible. It all comes down to what you wish to do with it.

I have my email up on my profile. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you feel the need to.

Be safe.
Dear cranberrykitten,

From what you are describing this man has a very strong connection to you. Also, do know this, evil beings can easily manipulate us into believing something we want strongly. Your disappearing abilities that come back so strong are a sign that something is very wrong in your spiritual life. I'd look for the answer as to what is happening and what is the root cause of it.

When it comes to the twinflame/soulmate issue, the question is, does he know of your feelings towards him? Until you confront this man, you won't truly know if all these experiences are true. I advice that you contact him and honestly talk with him.

What you should start doing from now on is to make sure that your mind calms down from all the thoughts and feelings you have in your head. Your story shows the signs that it brings you much worry and unrest as well. I just want you to be safe, that's all.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to the story or email me for a private conversation,

I believe that if a spirit is making you feel such emotions, it may be a spiritual attack. I get them a lot too. If not a spiritual attack, you might be feeling the pain others felt before the death of this person
Hello Jetman43,

It is true, that the human nature, actually goes beyond what we all are used to. Spiritual abilities, are actually part of our existence ever since we step foot on this world. The thing is, this side of ours, might sometimes remain dormant, might at any point in our life awaken and let us go from there, or we might even be born with that side active already.

Lost souls, demons, and other spiritual beings, are always swarming around us; they might make themselves known, or they might just walk around not really being too noticeable.

I believe that whatever was in that place, just wanted to catch your attention. The different forms you see, could be the same spirit changing forms, or different ones that took notice of your sensitivity and decided to tag along.

Now, I suggest you try and protect yourself, as much as you can. A spiritual being doesn't have to be harmful in obvious ways in order to hold danger towards a person. So it's always good to be cautious, regardless.

If you need further help, just feel free to email me. It's up on my profile.

Be safe!

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