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EyeStorm in My Lifetime Story
Old soul, yes it was the same for me always had the feeling I was the odd at the ball knowing things sometimes and far too often helpless to do anything "not my place to say or not my right to act on it" tho we have impressions, visions, and dreams we must leave it to free will and choices after all. So many people only know the movieland version, not our reality. I want to read about people who do understand, who have a knowing and a knowing is living it not the movie or story. It gives me comfort to read your story I am not alone and perhaps one day we should give ourselves a ball. Best wishes and thank you ever so much for sharing. Smile Wink Laugh
StarsOdClay I believe I have added you to my email.
My email is the same name as my user name on here. Happy
Nightingale in My Lifetime Story
Hello ChiyoSumizome,
That, as you know, is quite possible. It is a gift. I only can do this within a certain distance, normally, or with spirits.
Your being in tune with all around you is similar to the knowing where he is. When you have a deep connection with someone, this increases. You may have known him in a past life.
I am glad that you have found someone so close to you.
Wishing both of you the best,
I don't claim to be a medium or psychic but I have had many expierence hearing my name called 26 years ago the apartment we stayed in we always heard noises in my son tricycle the pedals will move by itself my son was 2 years old at time he told me one day mom there's a little boy in my closet playing with my his toys at the house I am at now I can feel someone here I seen a teenager in my living room leather jacket jeans short brown hair by my cabinet he walked in kitchen disappear I recently. Had my passport in my drawer it disappeared I looked my room over for it no luck but I feel it close by does anyone have the feeling where it would be
Desteny4u4ever in More Than Just A Feeling
Hi I am new to this site I had my passport in my drawer in my room somehow it disappeared I wasn't plan on going anywhere right now but if was there if I needed it I looked high and low in my room haven't found it but I get this feeling it is near by does anyone have any kind of feeling where it is if someone took it or it's just misplaced thank you
MakaylaGrace in The Glowing Green Eyes
I believe I captured a picture of this creature when looking st the moon while studying my abilities. I am the great granddaughter or clairvoyant who was born with a caul on her face. My last name is Uzbek for dream. Please contact me if you've seen this figure with your naked eyes. I didn't see it in person but it's in a picture I took. I would like you to contact me so I can show you and confirm
I believe what you had is what we call premonitions, or warnings. I understand you're a skeptic. So there will be a lot of discussion. LOLS. Anyways, if my memory is correct, such occurrences in a dream can be substantial to your recent memory or experiences or feeling/emotions. Dreams are create by the subconscious mind <obviously you know this, lols>

In the esoteric sense, dreams are in the astral dimension. It's a state where your "sleeping self" <many called it astral body> travel through this dimension. In the Astral Dimension, there are levels and the time difference in that dimension is sort of ahead of reality. You had them as detailed and vivid, it can be that you had a level of seeing what is to come.

With your grandparents, there weren't direct, rather symbolical.

Dreams may be direct and symbolical... It just a matter of research on how to interpret them.

You can, try to check on esoteric science. This might help you out. I'm not even sure if I had explained it well. LOLS.
Pennies4U in Negative Attachment
Attachments leech along the spine, Google:
18 signs and symptoms, Headaches and lethargy plus not feeling like yourself and experiencing excessive thoughts beyond norm.

With Temporal seizures there is a phenomenon of seeing. My thoughts? The body and aura feel like it is experiencing death. With a seizure the aura expands and rips. As the Aura is a shield separting a space occupied by shadow people and other entities opens through stress of seizure.

Every time a person experiences a seizure, the brain is damaged is what I was told by a neurologist consultant who specialized in epilepsy and seizures.

If you seek a healer. Look for an accredited crystal healer who can use a Vogel crystal.
And experienced with epilepsy. Please be sure you communicate any discomfort immediately.

Thank you for sharing.
Me and my mom are both empaths. There is a lot of material out there on google about how to disconnect yourself from other people, which is crucial to surviving life as an empath. Another great tactic is what I am trying to do, which is if you pick up someone's energy, send the energy up and down your chakras, cleansing it and then releasing it through the first chakra or the seventh. Even if you don't believe in chakras, just send the energy up and down your body and imagine your body cleansing it and then either send it up straight through your head or down through your tail bone. Shaking or shivering is supposed to be a great way to expel unwanted energy. Try doing that and whatever energy or feelings are leftover might be your own. They also say that epsom salt baths are good to clear all the energy that you pick up through the day, but having tried that, yes the bath is relaxing and maybe that's all you need.

Hope that helps!
YumeShinigami, too bad they don't have a private messaging system on here, huh? My email is starsofclay [at]
Oh and by the way starsofclay I would like to talk to you if you don't mind.
Hi KikiGirl,

I think you were given the numbers from a dark source from the spiritual realm, controlling the pendulum and also speaking to you. This being already knew what would happened to you about you playing those numbers (which any being knows from the vantage point of that dimension). If the situation were different, meaning you would know without a doubt that your information came from a pure being, then the event would most certainly played out differently in a positive way.

Thank you so much for your input, & yes I will definitely will be picking up some books. Any specifics from the author?
Hello, i'm kind of like you. I have potential to be a medium, but either my abilities aren't fully developed or i'm blocked like i'v been told I am. Hopefully it all gets resolved soon for the both of us. Best of luck.
I am curious about this as well. I want to start seeing things again. The block should dissapate if you set a strong intention that you want it to, albeit very slowly. But this is only information that I have gathered from across the Internet. Unfortunately, I can only see things in my minds eye for now, and only when I am hypnagogic or in mediation. However, I am trying to learn to get to alpha state on the fly, and hopefully at will, so that is something I'm looking forward to.
starsofclay in The Red Man
My first piece of advice is to not let it scare you, especially since you say he has done nothing to scare you. If you wish him away out of something as strong as fear, then he will leave for good (actually, he'll probably still be there, but you will lose the ability to see him, out of fear.) Then, if sometime in the future you become interested in all this stuff, it will be EXTREMELY hard to break down those walls you built. Be glad that you can see a full apparition with your physical eyes. That is a talent that very many people wish they had.

When I was a kid, me and my brother saw a yellow man walk past the window. He was dressed all in yellow, with a yellow hat, and had no facial features. He was just yellow. From head to toe. There was nothing actually scary about the encounter, besides the fact that we were home alone in a house in the middle of the country, and there shouldn't have been anyone walking around. The man never looked in the window or acknowledged that we were even inside. But being children, of course we were scared and something as simple as that makes it harder to see things going forward. A few years ago there was a female presence at the foot of my bed that tickled my feet and then sat down on bed. This one was all black, kind of see through, and was what I assume was a shadow person. Maybe they are all shadow persons, and I'm not sure why they come in different shades of color.

Anyway, I was so scared, and not into this kind of stuff at the time, that I built a wall out of fear and have never seen anything like that again. Even though now I really wish I could see them again and begin communicating.

If it peaks your interest, why don't you try to start asking it questions? You will know very quickly if it is something to fear. If it is already following you around, then at least try and figure out why
thank you for the comments and suggestions. My Girlfriend actually went to a group class this last Saturday Evening and got to know some of the others there and she got some really good insight and information from them and she is going to continue going to the classes.
With that ability, can you track someone? Like far away from you, and you're able to pull them close to you? Say, you've memorized someone's "scent" in an astral level way and you can pull them to your dreams, or rather manipulate their dreams?
Is there a way to be able to attain the ability to track a person in the astral level? Thanks in advance.
I have something similar, but with my thoughts. I get a lot of unwanted thoughts. & it's like someone is invading my space. It's really annoying to deal with.
Try to pray and see if this is from God. Possibly gifts from the Holy Spirit. Ask God if this is from Jesus. Pray about it.
The joker grin spirit is an evil one. Try to pray over the houses you move to. Say the prayers out loud.
You are seeing the donor, or the child you going to bear. I get flashes like images like that. It also can the spirit world images.
carriwill in The Red Man
you are seeing something. Try to pray. If it scares you. Somehow you are able to see this entity.
Hi jamiehughes,

I suggest you do a Google search for the Michael Invocation and have you and your girlfriend use it for yourselves and your new home. Then, search through that same website for the White Light Shields (if you cannot find it, it is on ParanormalQA, google search that too).

Learn to use both and do them daily. The house shields will prevent anymore ghosts from entering your home uninvited.

Also, learn to cross over ghosts and share it to your girlfriend. A quick way is to ask your guardian angel to "FIND" the ghost you saw and then "TAKE" them into healing. Everyone has a guardian angel that is an Archangel Michael angel, you can say "Archangel Michael, find the person with the joker smile and take him into healing." You can adjust the sentence to however fits the situation, just keep the words "FIND" and "TAKE".
I have had the same experience, but I was kind of hesitant because I did not want to publish the story if some thought of it as a ghost story. Shadow people certainly are not ghosts. I encountered a shadow person with a top hat, white holes as eyes and a very long white grin (a grin like the Cheshire cat would have). Also shadow people are not like our shadows. They are entities that are made up of the most vivid essence of darkness to the point that a darkened room would not be dark compared to them. They are definitely 3d and are not 2d much like the shadows objects give off. I wrote this story on another site. I will try to give you as much information as I can.
I like ariesmohindi's idea to be checked medically

I know if I cough to much or somthing Thst makes me feel like the blood has rushed to my head I see s bunch of tiny lights (though I practice being a psychic that is clearly not a psychic moment... Though the doctor I've seen didn't give Mr a clear answer as to what's wrong, the way my head feels is clear to me those lights are not s psychic ability but somthing I believe needs's not s helucinsion it just my eyes being silly)

Though if its s spirit its makes me giggle a little. Sounds like a very silly fairy or angel playfully getting your attension Wink Laugh
Lynxshadow in What We Are Inside
Have you ever known things before they happened? At times I will hear a voice in my head tell me something important, then less than a minute later someone will tell me the same thing I heard in the same tone. Other times I will just have a feeling and it turns out to be true, or I will feel like I need to do or bring something with me and if I don't I will later regret it and think that I should have done it.
Thank you for the advice AriesMohindi I really do appreciated it...

I just want to ask you if by any chance you have a clue who is that man talking to me in my dreams? The man who dictates the date or the age.
I used to see figured that looked like 3d shadows as well when I was just a kid. I remember seeing them walk around my room when I was supposed to be a sleep but of corse being a little kid it scared me. I do remember one stopping and looking at me it was as if I could feel their thoughts it seemed he was surprised and shocked I could see him.

I haven't seen them in s long time though. I saw another at 14 and another at I believe 21 the last I saw one was in the home I live in now they peeked around my fridge

I do believe you when you say you saw them as for if you should see them again or not. You choose what you want, what you want is best for you.

I personally am happy I don't see them any more though I do practice being s medium so I am able to communicate with those past on (it's nothing like the movies though)

I to for the most part know when some one is lieing to me (very handy gift as it makes life so much more peacful avoiding liers... Though a few slip under my rador you could say)

I've heard that is s psychic gift for some, as well as being one of gifts of a a psychic ability known as empath. You might want to studied on it a bit you might find it relatable (if not that is alright may you find what your looking for on your journey... Good luck Wink Smile )
The term death bringer seems to be Dead-Org. So sorry for my spelling.
This a considered energy left behind after healing or counseling.

Which is dense.

Book by Barbara Brennan Hands of light speaks of this.
For a sensitive, they feel unseen energies. Some call them energies of different dimensions.
No worries as this is normal. At times it can seem scary but keep in mind that spirits are nothing to be afraid of as we are also spirits, just with bodies. If they scare you, just do what I do and tell it "If you bother me now, I will come back when it's my turn and kick your [at] $$!". Trust me, it will leave you alone and never bother you again.

I'm sorry to hear about your son as I picked up on his emotions while reading this. Just let him know that with each person he meets, a connection is formed and can transform into many things, even love, as long as he allows himself to feel that, so don't worry about the times that don't work out as there will be plenty more that will. Hopefully things will work out for the best and I wish him well! =]
Hello, this might be a residual type of thing as it kept happening in the same location the same time of day. That's consistent with a spirit which is an inactive one that has left an imprint of an event at a location. Don't worry if at times you feel like you're being followed or watched, just keep in mind that ghosts are nothing to be afraid of as we'll all become one some day and there's nothing to fear about what we will be one day. Hopefully that helps. =]
Hi jamiehughes,

Cleansing the house is a good idea like you did. I have never used sage and salt myself so I cannot comment how effective it is. I use God's power when doing spiritual cleansings. Another thing is, that a house cleansing may not get rid of all spirits because one or many may be attached to your girl friend and not attached to the house. But no matter what type of spirits and how they are attached they can always be removed. It sounds like it's causing both of you distress so I would remove them all.

Just let me know if you have questions.

AriesMohindi, thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I'll be sure to look into Sylvia Browne. Happy
Jalen_93 hello you seem very interesting. I would like to talk to you, if you don't mind.
Hi there Bhavick,

Well I would put a different spin on it, It would be wise to see a General practitioner and have them check your blood pressure. Having been in the medical field for quite some time, it was always a phenomenon (of which no one could understand), heard frequently.

But, if you so choose to believe spiritually, then as the previous individual stated, say a White Light prayer and bless the energy about you. I say Bless because if in fact you see White or even Gold, there is no way it is negative by any means.

There is a message soon to come if not by now you have received it or it could have been a period of time that you needed extra protection.

If you would like specific answers to your query, you should seek them through your Spirit Guides & Angels. Sit quietly with no distractions and for a moment ask that the White Light of God surround and protect you, then ask out loud specifically the question to your Guides/Angels, be specific, don't leave it to them to guess, they won't. They are very much Literal. Relax and know the answer will be given you just have to be open to receive it.

Be Blessed.
AriesMohindi in Thought That Came True
Hi there Selina92,

Empathy goes out to you, because surely it is not needed for your adoptive mother. Her physical body has ended but her spirit is in rare form... Know this!

Without a doubt your adoptive mom chose a life that deals with a lot of learning on her part as well as those who journeyed this life with her. Cancer is never easy but in so many ways she helped to further define the disease here on Earth and that is partly why she chose that life. You also made the decision to be a part of this life with her and her choices so that you could learn as well.

The emotions you are going through is what you asked for to experience in this life. We all have psychic moments and yours is showing itself in certain situations and you could evolve them more if you took time to ask from your Guides and Angels.

There is a process when the soul leaves the body, it could take a bit of time before she would be able to make contact, but you can always ask for help to speed things up, envision the white light all around you and ask that your Guides help you to make contact if that is what you would like.

I would suggest picking up a book any book by Sylvia Browne and start to explore the other side. Let your gut tell you what is right! God Speed.
Hi there Naive_07,

Seems that you have a visionary stance in life... Unfortunately not much you can do on the outcome as all God's creations have a blue print for life and only they can alter that plan.

With that said... Try meditating and asking your Guides and Angels for help in understanding your gift, then be on the watch for them, because once asked forever will you be answered.

Create a White Light prayer for yourself and if you are not willing look online for a White Light prayer and say it whole heartedly each day and night and know that you will be protected from any and all negativity.

Again, remember you cannot prevent another souls outcome, you can help prepare for the outcome, if that means you or another need the preparation for what is to come.

Also know this. No Soul that passes from this life will ever cease to be, they, u and I are all Energy, Energy does not die, when your Father passes only the physical will diminish, then know he will always at a moments notice be right there next to you... Be Blessed.
Hi there JaGsTa,

When I read your story I can't help but say "wow and welcome".
Welcome to the rest of your beautiful life having awoken...

So you want to learn more about your gifts, you want to embellish your gifts, need resources... Well fortunately for you in this day now you have ample available to you. So many of us are waking up and there have been plenty previous to us who have paved the way and put it in writing. Start with Sylvia Browne and don't judge... Absolutely mind blowing information from the other side channeled through her by way of Francine her Spirit Guide. Each one of her books gives living examples of individuals who have never experienced spiritualism until one day! AND THAT ONE DAY CAME! Then it's followed by giving you how to connect for yourself...

Google and let your heart go crazy with the information you can find... Sure it's up to you to decipher what is right and rings true to you, that is why we have "free will".

Lastly: go to this is no place for dating... Its a webpage dedicated to groups of all kinds for those to meet and share the same. Type in "spiritual" groups will pop up and this will be for your area...then, move your energy and seek it out... Be safe in all you do and pray the White Light prayer every day...

Good Luck and God Bless!
Hi there, great post! Sounds to me and all who reads, you are most definitely an Empath. So that means you have to be especially careful when around any individuals as you will pick up their energy. That is not so bad really, gives you a gauge in life on people... Most people would pay dearly to know or feel what the other is, just so they have an idea of what direction to handle them.
I would recommend you take what you have more seriously and fine tune it. Meditation is great... Though it wouldn't require hours, only minutes of quiet time to yourself. Before meditating... Say this to yourself or out loud and envision white light alllll around you.:)

May the White Light of God surround and protect me and mine, any and all negativity being sent will be blocked and returned to sender 10 fold so they will learn of my creators powers, any negativity I create will be cancelled out so it will not hurt me or anyone else and so it must be.

Now...just relax and invite your guides to assist you and help, you are protected by the white light so know that nothing negative will come. Ask that they provide you with a message and be open minded (which is easier said then done most times) either you will get it right then or expect it within days and/or messaging in your dreams.

As to the emotional roller coaster you feel when around people... That same prayer will disburse those energies but in time you will learn to curve them all on your own...

Take care and God Bless
I told them what I saw in my dreams. I also warned them but they did not believe me. They say that i'm crazy.
Hi Tianna

I'm fairly new to this of thing but I think maybe a good start to coping with your ability is recognizing the difference between your emotions and those ones that are foreign to you. A bit of a sidetrack here but I have done a bit a research on energy fields/aura as a pastime and from what I can understand everything, all people, object etc. Have an energy field that on some level interacts with their environment and other things, with objects this interaction in quite mundane, but with livings things like people it becomes interesting.

Energy fields or auras can interact and influence one another, they two or more auras can be in harmony with one another or discord, they can attract and repel one another. This is not some mysterious thing though, it simply the mechanism for all interactions, it is the reason we feel awkward or uncomfortable with someone or something, or comfortable with someone you just met. When two people are fighting for example, their energies are apposed and this causes tension in the air you can literally feel. If you've ever been in a group of people and had felt comfortable and calm, that would most likely mean everyone energies were in harmony with one another. It is the subtle interaction of energies that provide the information which our sixth sense abilities interpret.

Empaths tend to be more sensitive or more "in tune" than others with people and energies around them, but this also can make them more vulnerable to the affects of these influences which applies to both positive and negative. For me personally I often find it difficult to pick up on external influences as they are often subtle and strengthen the more time you spend with an individual or a group, but for you I Imagine it would be more obvious. I think it is important that you become familiar your own emotions and how you feel, as well as consciously recognizing how you react to different people or situations. Once you understand your own emotions feel, you can recognize ones that are foreign to you and mentally distance yourself from them.

I can't give much advice on the presence you've being feeling but I would recommend using exercising caution.

Sorry for the long post and good luck!
This is very interesting although risky to speak of on here.
I don't really believe Enoch became Metatron since my Guardian Angel have told me they both aren't the same. However a similar story that is confirmed true; Elijah became (or returned to) Sandalphon whom is the most gigantic Angel ever.
I don't really believe a lot of Enochian stuff (besides the book of Enoch) comes directly from him.
What really conflicts with me when you say "Maybe they're not angels, per se, but celestial beings that we have come to call angels."
On average when a person knows they are part Angel or had a past life as one, or in general is a Incarnated Angel, they know they are called Angels. It's simply a world translated from Hebrew and whatever else. It's suppose to mean messengers of God. He created them to be his children and to present Him (out of love). I'm pretty sure the word for Angel in heaven is unique (since Heaven doesn't exactly use full on words to always communicate).

I'd like to talk to you more about this, so email when you can. I don't want to say EVERYTHING on here that's private and personal.
I'd say having the wings appear spiritually is a huge indication of you being part Angel. Usuually people who have some active spirit powers is beings they are mixed with something non human in the body and soul.
[at] gthlvrmx: That's how I got started with crystals, too.

[at] RockShan: Thank you! I do have other gifts. I see spirits and angels, and I sometimes get premonitions. This one is the most easily definable, though, and the only one I have a degree of control over.
Thank you all for your imput.

[at] gthlvrmx: My sister always says Gabriel is following me! Also, you're absolutely right. They're older than us. We didn't create them, we just named them.

[at] cayce17: I'll consider that, thank you.

[at] starsofclay: That's the impression I'm getting. It's not something I'm hearing or seeing so much as something I'm feeling. It's like some instinct that I can't translate into words.
The location where you were standing research that location to see if you have some kind of connection. And also research the internet. You must be getting a connection to this murdered child. You have research online where it may be by clues that the spirit world is revealing to you.
I get dreams like that. You email me at
I am on facebook also unofficalpsychicdective if you need help. Try to watch the news. Type that profile on the internet see who it plugs in. I get clues like that and have watch the news. You are seeing killer and his hunting ground. I get terrifying dreams like that.
Ive only seen one shadow person in my life, but I actually have been wanting it to happen again. My experience was not scary, but my fight or flight kicked in and afterwards I convinced myself that it was scary and I think this is why I haven't seen anymore. It's an unfortunate truth that the walls are much easier to build than to tear down, no matter how hard I've been trying.

What happened to me was I had just laid down to sleep, and felt someone tickling my feet. I looked up and there was someone at the end of my bed, but it was dark enough that I thought it was a family member messing with me. The person then moved and sat on my bed, and had a very feminine quality to it. I reached up to flick on the light and there was no one there. That's when I got scared haha.
I can't say for sure, and my abilities are just reemerging and still unreliable, but the other day I had the sudden idea that there are angels all around us in human form, not aware that they are angels, and their main purpose is to recharge us humans if you know what I mean. It could be from coming in contact with them or as simple as taking a walk in the neighborhood and one may drive by in a car and refresh your spiritual energy, considering that psychic abilities use up a lot of energy, especially for beginners. Perhaps you angels even need to recharge each other, especially if you are subject to all the same draining situations that the rest of us are. My pendulum did its best to confirm these suspicions, but like I said, my abilities are only reemerging, and they had never been that strong to begin with, only several clairvoyant experiences as a child. If you have any thoughts on this I would be interested to hear
I can also contol the pendulum by looking at it. I can basically will it to go in any direction I want, but I don't think it is telekinesis. All pendulum work is done by contacting your subconscious, which sends electrical pulses down your fingers into the pendulum. If you are in contact with any spirits or guides, they may be answering your questions, but only through your subconscious, so either way it is happening from the same place. By willing it to go in a certain direction, you are consciously sending those electric pulses instead of subconsciously sending them. This of course going to mess up the accuracy. It's a fun trick, and in a way it trains your hand-eye coordination, but if you want to improve accuracy, I have found that if I hold the pendulum over my other hand, palm up, I need to focus my intenton on the question while staring at my palm and not the pendulum. That way I'm not accidentally influencing the answer. Hope this helps.
Hi I have same experiences since I was 13 and I think I must talk whit you asap, my email is dellmarker [at] I have lot of questions to ask have a nice day!
Thank you guys very much for replying and providing me with your email addresses and guidance.

Carriwill, my email did not get through to you. Is your email meant to be rcarriwill[at]
rikiorikio, If yo want, I think I can help you figure out your purpose, I have a group that helps people train others with abilities, and if you really are willing to help people, you'd make a wonderful asset to the team.

Here's my e-mail, and I hope I hear from you: rainashea16 [at]
Jalen_93, I'd like to talk to you more about angels if you don't mind. I have a group that helps people with abilities and what not if you're interested, and I think you could benefit a lot by joining.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
JaGsTa, I know what it's like to be alone when something like this happens, and it sucks, it sucks to not know what is happening or if they're really are abilities you possess or if it's just in your head. I have helped people with abilities in their past and I'm willing to help now, I have a group that helps people control abilities if you're interested.

My e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
This just came to me:
Meditation would probably help with your empathic powers. Calming your mind, asking the spirits or angels (if you believe in them) for help, etc. You need to put up a barrier in your mind between which feelings are yours and which feelings aren't.
1: It could be a friendly spirit trying to reach you to help or guide you. I had a similar experience for many years, but the spirit and I became friends and later lovers. Try burning some sage. That'll drive away most spirits, but the benign ones will come back. The bad ones shouldn't. See what happens.

2: I don't know about the telling time thing (which I think is way cool, BTW), but the rest... It sounds to me like you're an empath. Empaths can sense emotions around them, and sometimes mimic them unconsciously. You most likely have an issue with crowds because you copy the feelings of everyone around you. I'm psychometric, and I get that way in museums and thrift shops. Your friend is right, this is a powerful gift, but it's not without its difficulties. There must be a way to supress it, or at least turn it down a notch, so it doesn't interfere with your daily life. Unfortunately, I wouldn't even know where to begin with that. Sad
Best of luck!
Hi Iris,

It's nothing wrong having psychic abilities but you should be mindful when you practice. You don't want to open the gateway to other realms or beings (which is possible being psychic) without first have a sound foundation and understanding. There is a balance in non-physical realms between good and evil and you don't want to be entangled with dark forces. So please practice and learn at a slow pace. Ask anything you want.

Hi Jalen93,

Most of my knowledge of angels and earth angels (Children of Light I think is the correct term) are from Ama Nazra's webpages so give them a shot. I went there looking for help in crossing over a ghost, but the additional information on angels is nice and helpful.:)

Archangel Michael, who is your guardian angel, stands behind your right shoulder and Archangel Gabriel stands behind your left shoulder, just to let you know.

Please know that angels are not religious beings, they have been spoken about in many different cultures and religions and by different people in different times, which is the same about ghosts. Angels have existed before humans invented religion.
carriwill in The Screaming Girl
Spirit was tying to tell you something I think. Be careful. Pray if you become afraid. You can email me at unofficalpsychicdetective [at]
Yes I get those same type of dreams. It is a gift. You have to warn people. It is in the bible. You are a prophet or watchman. God gave you this gift of prophecy. You have a gift. You can email me at unofficialpsychicdetective [at]
I get dreams for the spirit world just like that, messages. I have interpret the messages. You have a divine gift. The message can be scary. If you want to email me. At unofficalpyschicdetective [at] or unoffical psychic detective on facebook.
carriwill in Felt Possessed
Yes it sounds like a spirit tying to get into you. Pray out loud and try to buy a cross and watch at night. If it happens at 2 am or 3 am it is evil. Try to say prayers for help. Your son break up may have caused an unclean spirit to get into the house. You pray so it attacking you. Try to pray it away. If you need help email at rcarriwill [at] or on facebook. The unoffical psychic dectective.
carriwill in Last Night's Events
Haunted house. You are reading what happened in that house. Try to pray out loud.
carriwill in Did I See An Angel?
My daughter saw the angel of death he was in a black cape with a sickle.
you can talk to me. I am able to read people real fast. When I first meet them face to face. I can read them usually. You can talk to me at rcarrwill [at] I am also on facebook as unoffical psychic detective
Yes it is psychic abilities. That meditation is kind of dangerous. So be careful.
Some spirit is flying around you for some reason. Try to pray it away. Possibly house haunted.
Pennies4U, I'm two months late but I wanted to thank you for your reply. We seem to think alike.
Hey rikiorikio,

In my opinion after reading your story, I think that you should not try to suppress your feelings and memories. I think they could hold a purpose in helping you to come towards your purpose. One thing I recommend doing is writing out on paper these memories, and if they don't make sense to you now that's okay, I feel like later on if you go back some will start to make sense. Another piece of advice that i've been given a lot is to follow your heart of hearts, do what you feel is right because you have to find your life, and your purpose. Others can help guide you on the right track but its up to you to make the decisions. Good luck on finding your correct path.

Liam39876 in Did I See An Angel?
Hey AriLuna,

I believe in angels, simply because i've been experiencing a lot of weird phenomenons like what you have been describing although a bit different. I have a room mate who talks to me about a lot of this stuff, and whenever I am talking to him about this I always get signs from angels. Each time we have talked i'll see the numbers 1111,222,333,4444,etc... As soon as we are finished talking. Another experience that i've is a white flash of light, which was like a camera flash, but the thing was there was nothing that could have made that flash, yet it illuminated half a room which upon research via google, told me it was the result of an angel being in the room. I also have been getting into the habit of daily mediation in which I try to communicate with angels and spirits, and in doing so I often see white shimmering orbs of light flying around my room. Most of the time when ever I experience things from angels, (when I'm not trying to contact them) I usually get messages telling me I forgot to do something. So on a couple of notes I can relate to you, I hope as well that your question has been answered by some of the other posts including mine.

Thanks also KikiGirl, all this stuff I have experienced has been through out my life time and having support from other people like you really helps to make me believe way more in this and want to continue developing these talents. As for astral projection, I will listen to your advice as it doesn't feel right going into that portal. Thanks again for the advice, I will stay smart and use my brains to work out these situations.
Thank you Boson for your reply. Honestly it helps a ton, I never thought that with precognitive dreams that it could be the most probable scenario, that's really helpful! As for the portal i'll see if I can find somone to check it out for me as there as some people who I know who are good with that stuff.
Hey Liam,
I'm glad you are taking baby steps towards discovering the gifts that may be at your fingertips. I relate a lot to you in the way of;
Having made a point to forget my gifts or sixth-sense because of an event, only for it to resurface anyway. And, eventually finding my way back to the path to discover what I am actually experiencing or doing with my para-sight.

I also want to say that you most definitely have much stronger gifts or clarity then I have ever had. I admire and revere what you can do.

Two things stood out for me;
1. The feeling with the tarot cards. Although I am not a trained medium, I have also done tarot readings, guide reading and angel card readings. In the beginning, I would mix the deck as I felt it would give me a more comprehensive reading. But, I got the same feeling that you got when you say, you feel uneasy when dealing with a tarot deck. Looking closely at my readings, I feel that tarot cards have a way of putting... A swing on things? A... Suspicion or covert the complete truth about a situation. I leave them out of my readings now.

2. I really don't think that astral projection into your closet is a good idea. Some sort of residual or para-energy is manifesting or growing, taking energy and using it in some way to create its own life-force within that area for whichever reason. Pivoting yourself and your mental image or even astral body into such a space without any idea of what's going on, leaves more questions then answers and can be dangerous. I know of a spiritual plane whereby if your mental image or astral body is cast into it, you lose something within you. It's not something you see immediately, but it is something you definitely feel immediately and there is no way of getting that part/energy of yourself back.

I hope that on this venture into the spiritual, you hold onto your instincts and remember that good begets good and bad/evil begets the same. Bad things do happen to good people but you have to protect yourself and use your brains.

No matter what is happening, no matter what may influence or manipulate the things around you, you will always feel in your heart or in-and-of yourself, if what you are doing is good or bad.
KikiGirl in Panic Attack?
Hi Bacicam,
I'd like to give my condolences to you and your loved one.
I am so sorry for being impersonal, as I've posted similar to this post, but I wanted you to read this:
The 99 monkeys theory -
Apparently, scientists put 100 monkeys on one island and 99 monkeys on a different nearby island. On the island with 99 monkeys, the scientists taught a monkey how to peel a banana. The monkey progressively began teaching the other monkeys one-by-one how to peel a banana, until all of the monkeys could perform the task. However, on the other island, they did not teach the 100 monkeys this task.
One day, about 3 months later, a monkey on the 100M-island began to peel bananas and eventually, all if not most, of the monkeys began to perform the task of peeling a banana without having contact with the monkeys on the other island. The idea behind this is that we are all linked in someway and that information can be processed metaphysically and in many different ways. Ie) you think of someone you haven't seen in years and suddenly, they contact you. You might have a bad feeling about driving and there is a car accident. You see a number and it appears elsewhere.

I especially believe that if and when you are connected with someone, that you can sometimes get a warning of sorts, (with a bit of luck).

I hope that you can find it in yourself to be honest with yourself about the metaphysical world, if-and-when, it calls for you to do so.

Keep yourself open to the good that you can do if you guard your heart.

Note: I am not comparing us to monkeys, it was a study.
The numbers 7:16 and 7:15 have been following me for a while now. It's started in late 2013 or early 2014 with just 7:16 when I was walking to class with a friend and he asked what time it was. It was 7:16am and ever since then, the number has been everywhere. Every time I look at a clock, it's there. Sometimes I'll randomly look at a clock when it's on 7:16, even if my intention wasn't to check the time, I just look up and see it. 7:15 didn't start until a year or a little over a year ago, but the same things happen with that number too. I've looked into it before and everyone always says angel numbers but those only go to 100. This is the first thing I've read that's stood out because it's not just "oh 22 is following me" it was a time. Does anyone have any ideas at all? They don't give me bad vibes, so I'm pretty sure they're not a warning of something evil. I sometimes see them as dates too.
Hi there,
Your story is incredible and actually makes a lot of sense. Have you heard of the 99 monkeys theory?
Apparently, scientists put 100 monkeys on one island and 99 monkeys on a different nearby island. On the island with 99 monkeys, the scientists taught a monkey how to peel a banana. The monkey progressively began teaching the other monkeys one-by-one how to peel a banana, until all of the monkeys could perform the task. However, on the other island, they did not teach the 100 monkeys this task.
One day, about 3 months later, a monkey on the 100M-island began to peel bananas and eventually, all if not most, of the monkeys began to perform the task of peeling a banana without having contact with the monkeys on the other island. The idea behind this is that we are all linked in someway and that information can be processed metaphysically and in many different ways. Ie) you think of someone you haven't seen in years and suddenly, they contact you. You might have a bad feeling about driving and there is a car accident. You see a number and it appears elsewhere.

I especially believe that if and when you care about someone, that you feel so deeply for that person that you can sometimes (with a bit of luck) get some help.

I hope that your life is full of blessings and that you keep yourself open to the good that you can do if you guard your heart.

Note: I am not comparing us to monkeys, it was a study.
Hi Foxy,
From one Pisces woman to another, about your age too but halfway across the world, I feel and experience the same as you.

I wanted to ask you though, if your gifts bother you or some times bother you? Did you write the article because you feel overwhelmed or unhappy or did you write it because you'd like to know more about it, ie) do other people experience the same thing? Can you control it? Is there a way you can work with it positively?

I'm asking because I see myself in you, (and, I don't have all the answers too). So, I know how it feels to feel lost and worried about something in/out of your control.

I really hope things work out for you and that you find all the answers you are looking for. NB! You can always trust your heart when performing a task to tell you if this is something good or otherwise.
You're welcome. Thanks Boson. I agree with what you said. In this particular case they aren't trapped or stuck. They come and go of their own will, so spirit beings, my apologies for using 'ghosts' loosely. My psychic-medium friend, who works with police and is legit, even stated that in this case they 'visit'. It's really kind of endearing. They watch over the house in a positive way. Another friend who checks on the house when we are away, (she grew up in a house with ghosts/spirits, and is not timid to them), was checking on the house for days in a row. All was well. One night she got there, our dog who loves her, was frozen still sitting, wouldn't get up and barking. When she walked in she felt like she had interrupted something. She stated, "I felt like I walked into an occupied home of where you don't know the people and you weren't expected." She said the next night and the night after, all was back to normal. There are more interesting experiences that I have had with them over the years. I'll submit more soon.
First you are fortunate to never have had a migraine, matter of fact I had a big one all day into about 30 minutes ago, I sure do wish I and a friend were like you in the fact of not suffering any migraines, geez that would be such a good thing.
The no diet, stress reflection that you made is interesting because most spiritual teachings say diet/stress levels are impt. So perhaps your eating/diet is already sufficient for what you need to be. Perhaps your cones/etc in your eyes are really developed well enuf to see such things, I know your post is from 2007 but still it is significantly good of a reading, thank you for posting.
I guess we can never say for sure... It could be a guide or just your subconscious, but either way, yes it happened to you because of psychic abilities. You need at least a small amount of psychic abilities to even talk to your subconscious or higher beieng that is inside you, I believe.

I have had experiences like this all my life, and they are always pretty cool when it happens. Sometimes I can hear my dog screaming at me when I'm just waking up, to find out she is laying at the end of the bed waiting to go outside. But the scream (shes a husky) is unmistakably in my head and not out loud.
wacopoetgirl in Visions And Dreams
I hate having visions in general I never know when they are going to happen I just know it going to happen. If I dream something vivily it all way come true no matter what I do to try to change it. Is there anyway get this ability to go away
Hello Henna,

It saddens me to hear about your story and all the negativity that you have experience from the darker side of the spiritual realm, because all this could have been avoided with proper protection. You just cannot trust any spirits blindly, for instance by listening to them. There are spirits of the Light and you can always trust them, but here are also spirits of the Darkness and they can lie anyway they want. So how can you distinguish between a good and bad spirit? By protection because spirits of darkness cannot enter your spaces if you are spiritual protected.

I would suggest that you read about spiritual protection. Just let me know if you have questions.

Hello, and I hope the original poster reads this, even though I am two years late in posting. I do hope she is doing better now and that she did not follow through with any drastic actions.
I too am experiencing something similar. Three years ago I was doing affirmations to win the lottery after reading the Joseph Murphy 'feel good' material, and asked for my guardian angel/higher self to appear and help me. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I didn't expect this:
For three years I have been bullied and tormented by spirit (s) - I am never quite sure how many of them there are. In 2014, the first year, I could hardly sleep due to crazy, crazy non stop dreams and visuals and spirits shouting at me at night. I also heard whispers in my ear and got visuals in my eyes during the day. Turns out they did not want me to win the lottery (which I no longer want anyway, I just want my life and mental health back), and by mid 2015 they finally told me that I need to improve my karma and that they will be 'supervising me' as I do this.
They were never particularly nice, but I tried to like them and respect them. So, then I tried to make a real effort to impress them: saying prayers of gratitude and engaging in lots of charity work that I otherwise would not have done. I also made a massive effort to be a better mother, wife, daughter etc. So I thought they would be pleased. The dreams were still going like crazy (usually with the message that I needed to be a better person) and regularly these spirits would wake me up at night and try to talk to me for hours. My husband would also wake up as I would talk to them in whispers, because I did not know that I could communicate with them telepathically. During the day I also noticed, by mid 2015, that ''a presence' was responding to my thoughts via swipes and lights in my eyes and that it was becoming oppressive, as it was all so negative (like, I would have a loving thought and it would seem to tell me off). I began to get paranoid and left my church group as it felt demonic and the spirits seemed to disapprove of whatever I did. In September 2015 I asked them if they were pleased with my progress and they responded that they were not. This confused me as I had made a real effort, but when I asked them why they did not tell me why. Then the REAL trouble started:
I noticed around that time that they started to not only respond to my thoughts with these swipes in my eyes but also with voices behind my head, just behind my eyes. When it first started I just sank, and said "no, please don't, I am not strong enough for this' and they pulled back slightly for a couple of weeks, but then went for it in a really full on way even though it was obvious that I could not cope with it. The voices and swipes were also working against me, it seemed, like whatever thought I had, even if it was good, I heard 'No' in a really horrid voice (which I still completely hate). At the time I was starting a university masters course and during lectures the presence would just bully me and I would often leave the class for the bathroom in tears. The presence just would not stop, day and night and I fell into serious depression.
By January 2016 I was seriously ill, terrorised day and night by these creatures with voices and swipes throughout the day and horrible dreams and voices during the night. Quite often (and it still happens) the spirits would keep me awake all night and I was told that I ma being 'punished' for having bad thoughts and not being respectful enough. I would beg them, apologising, saying, 'please, I have two young children, I need to sleep, I have lectures tomorrow' and they would still not stop. My husband noticed and I told him everything, and by February 2016 I had been admitted as an outpatient to mental health services, with daily doses of anti depressants and anti psychotic medicines. These spirits did not take kindly to this, and literally began to beat me up at night: violently shaking me with very frightening "whooshes" over my body and expressing their hatred for me at night. I would say, please tell me what you want, and they would only say, 'respect'. I did not know how to do that, as it seemed that they were not worthy of any respect. They seemed like a bunch of deranged imbeciles.
So I turned against them in March 2016, which was a big thing for me as they had completely got me in their talons. Then they started to repeatedly touch me all over my body but especially my face as well as constantly hearing voices and having multiple visuals and flashes in my eyes ever minute of the day as well as keeping upme up all night. I was so ill I had to quit my university course, my mum came to live with us as I was regularly suicidal plus I could not look after my kids as I was so ill. HORRIFIC. I would ask, what do you want? But got no real response. I was so ill that I would go to bed on my medications at 10am once the kids were at school as I did not want to exist, and these spirits got so close to me that I could hear their nasty creepy voices and see them right up close in my mind, with one if them coming at me with a knife. I asked why that was necessary and got told, because I want to punish you. I asked, why are you punishing me? And I got, I want you to obey me. And I asked, what do you want me to do then? And he said, "be sweet and respect me" and I said, but you're completely deranged and ruining my life. Then he said he would stay and just to punish me as he knew he was hurting me. My whole life was hanging in the balance: my marriage, my job, my family, my mental health. It was hell.
Now we are January 2016 and he is still trying to beat me up at night but the voices have largely stopped, thank goodness. Words cannot express how I hate this spirit. He has ruined my life. He now says he wants me to pray to him and worship him. I told him I would never do that as he is the devil and a lunatic, and deserves no worship. The presence is still here 24/7 and it is slowly driving me insane, and I reckon the stress and heavy medications, which I am still on, will send me to an early grave (I am 43). My husband has stuck by me, my kids are aware of it (my youngest says, mummy are you talking to your tiger man again? - as he often appears as a tiger) and I have returned to my course but I am seriously traumatised. Message to all out there: DO NOT, EVER, REQUEST HELP FROM SPIRIT GUIDES. They are evil. They are not godly. They could be demons. I have post traumatic stress disorder from this, and will never get over it. I intend to write a (free) book about it.
Take care all.
Well it's possible that she got the message wrong, and you aren't supposed to meet certain people, but one particular person.

Also, I wouldn't suppress those memories. There can be multiple reasons they are appearing:

1. It is your subconscious, being tricked that it is supposed to review those memories in order to find your life purpose. (consider every possibility. The subconscious is extremely gullible, and reminds me of a kid who needs strict parenting from you, the ego.)

2. The memories truly are meant to help you find your life purpose. They are sent by either your subconscious (in this case, he is not tricked, but knows the truth), your spirit guide, or whoever else helps you out (some people like to say angels). These memories /messeages could be popping in when you need them most, and instead of suppressing them, you should be meticulously reviewing every detail, and ask for a spirit helper to help interpret if you can't grasp the meaning.
3. The memories are not meant for you, but are using your imagination to amplify a calling to other spirit helpers to come near you. Perhaps if you are thinking of a certain teacher, and it is important for you to meet him/her again, then your spirit helper is using your memory/imagination to reach out to that person's spirit helper and direct that person to you. In fact, maybe this is all practice for you in order to achieve your life's purpose, which is to learn how to call people by will, using the method I just mentioned. Or perhaps you are meant to call only one person, and all practice leads to that.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and it is important to consider each one. Then you will have to use your psychic abilities to figure out how to know which possibility is the correct path to follow.
starsofclay in My Guardian Angels
Ethralheart, are you still active on here? I think my angel's name is Samantha and would like to share experiences. I had a similar life with no friends, until I was blessed with a few in college. I have had psychic experiences throughout my life, but my dogmatic Christian faith told me that it was either my imagination, or a God that you can't have a conversation with. I am just starting out on this awakening, and have made a few connections with either Samantha or my spirit guide, James. I still don't even know how to tell the difference yet, except with the help of a pendulum, so I really am a baby at all of this. Anyway, hope to hear from you.
DauntingSoul in Last Night's Events
It hasn't bothered me again, but one day a few days ago my mom and I both heard humming and we couldn't figure out why.
Hello bleach, well spirits use telepathy to communicate with us, it sounds like our own inner voice but you can tell the difference if youre not thinking and suddenly a picture and a voice from you appears, seems however like you are having a premonition's either you have done just that in another reality and follow your own footsteps just like in the other one and your two lives are enough close enough to know what will happen next since your other one already experienced this scenario... Or your just deeply intouch with the surroundings, I had one just like you! Deja vu's are like when you do something youve done exactly like your other self has done before and that's why you can pinpoint that you have done this another time! Anyy questions or something to enlighten you!?:)
macbookpro321 in Aerokinesis?
omg I can do that too i'm 13 (just) and I can summon strong winds, however I thought we're all ment to have one element however I can move candles and change the temperature, really I can I was wondering what element is this linked to?! Confused Confused
Hi Liam39876,

That's a lot going on for you spiritually in your life on so many levels. I just want to comment on a a few of your experiences based on my experiences. You mentioned portals, yes they are certainly real. I have never come across a portal that doesn't assist dark entities. So I would recommend that you find someone to close that portal, which is not really that complicated.

Then you talked about precognitive dreams. That's one of my favorite topics. I have had them all my life. Well, what you see in those dreams is not always what happens because the dreams (or any psychic vision of future for that matter) show you the most probable scenario. So this means that if you see a certain event in your dream it will occur but only with some likelihood. It's a warning that it might happen if you don't act. So even if you didn't take action on what you saw in a dream it may not occur after all. Sadly, some events cannot be completely removed because that particular experience is planned. So if you were to circumvent that event, it would still happen as a similar event at another time to give the same experience.

I hope it helps a little.

I saw shadow people when I was young also as a teenager now I can feel presences and sense Auras I am unaware of what seeing theses things means but just felt I need to let you know your not alone.
Snowflower, there are many types of energy. The key is to observe were we are?
See what we are asking at that moment or pondering.

There are many types of seeing. But the importance of understanding is seeing and feeling by walking the Red road or the Blue road. Digging into myths and prayer.

Blue can be nature.

Gold if it moves like a web is the sacred pulse of mother earth.

Black can be fragment, or carbon etc.

White microscopic-grey or white are floaters that, accompany aging eyes. Depending on how it moves or shines can be energy.

Slabes: greyish-floating can accompany Earth changes.

There is no way to coordinate. Your email is closed. Therefore I encourage you to post each question with one scenario.
Hi allijewel49,

Shadow people are usually flat 2 dimensional beings. They usually don't harm anyone and seem to be curious about humanity. If your being was not a flat shadow against any wall or door or object, then I doubt it was a shadow person and I suggest you ask Archangel Michael to "FIND" the hooded being with yellow eyes and "TAKE" it into healing. If that doesn't work, try asking Archangel Michael to "find the being with the yellow eyes and return it to the atoms from which it was created."

Also, google search the Michael Invocations and White Light Shields (they are linked together through webpages that Ama Nazra owns) and use them daily.

If after doing all of that energy clearing that I have stated, (and it's all ways to clear your energy and protect it), and your yellow eyed being is still around, angelic help with shields or not, he might be nothing to be scared of. He might be a nature spirit.

By the way, if you'd like some more loving beings to talk to that give helpful advice sometimea when you ask, you can talk to your angels at any time. Your guardian angel, Archangel Michael, stands behind your right shoulder. He is with you from birth until you cross over into Heaven.

You also have other angels and guides with you.
I'm sorry to hear that has happened to you! I understand the feeling of having an imaginary relationship with the other person. I've always felt a connection with him even though it's been a little over half a decade since I last saw him. Sad
Pretty interesting, of course anyone can develop (almost) every ability, just some a rare few are born with a natural ability for it. I have a strong "Reading/Scanning" ability especially in terms of physical abnormalities due to my own training regime I came up with.

(If you need help with anything, or would like advise on training, etc. Just shoot me a message at shanon.beck1 [at] If you naturally have this ability, you probably have more "natural abilities" that can easily be sharpened. I can give you a "scan" to try to identify them.
I recommend Brett Bevell's Reiki books. In particular: New Reiki Software, book. You can find them on Amazon.
solacenomore if you want email me at rcarriwill [at] We can go together to the Tammy Tracy site. If you want. It pretty scary. I saw spirit at the park when I went there at night. Or we can try to solve who killed Tammy tracy. I picked up 2 men in the spirit world who abducted her.
darkassassin92 in Shadow People Encounter
I'm interested in paranormal but I'm not religious so I don't really believe in supernatural.
I'm not really religious believe in more of past lives Buddahist.

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