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Very well said:) I am still learning how to control my abilities, and this gave me some hope. So thank you:D
Yes they are two very different things. You can have multiple soul mates, but only one twin flame: The reflection of your soul. You are them and they are you.
Hey there amber444, while it is definitely possible to receive signs & messages from the being (s) that are assigned to watch over & guide us, we as humans even if we are spiritual beings by nature know so little that its very easy for us to get caught up in something that may end up being too much for us to handle.

Do you feel comfortable when you communicate with them? Have you ever felt threatened by them in any way?

I am not trying to sway you from anything, but safety comes first especially when dealing with spirituality, also I would like to add that you have probably become more sensitve to the things around you due to these practises as for your "concern" you have already answered that on your own and not much else needs to be added.

I hope this helps a little, if you would like to talk about this or have any questions in the future my email is in my profile.
I also hear voices while meditating/remote viewing /falling asleep (hypnagogic). They always sound kind of distorted or in a weird pitch that I never think in. Sometimes they are whispers (or in other words like breathy) , and sometimes not. Usually they are not saying anything of importance either, except when remote viewing. One time I was doing a practice target and it was a picture of ghandi, and one of the hits I got was a voice saying "no hair". In fact it happened like this: I got an image of a woman with blonde hair that was french braided down the back but she was wearing one of those old timey bowling hats. So I thought was that my target was a woman, but then the voice said "no hair" as if explaining exactly what the image represented.
(when you are learning remote viewing, one of the first things you learn is that full blown images like that are always more of a representation and not to be taken literally. Therefore my target was not a woman wearing a hat, but the round bald top to the bowling hat reprented ghandi's bald head. When I didn't understand the implication, its like the voice stepped in and corrected me.) I also got an image of someone smiling wide showing all their teeth, so I wrote down that my target has something to do with teeth. Turned out he didn't have any teeth at all and wore dentures haha! So like I said it can't be taken literally, but his (lack of) teeth was one of his defining physical traits.

That is too funny about the cougar story. The voices have yet to bleed into my everyday life, but it is something I have wanted to develop in hopes of mediumship. Same with the images.
I agree with the things that the user "thenewtarot" has spoken about in her comment, I am also glad that you have decided to share your experience here on this website were you can find people that will be able to help in one way or another.

I would also advise you not to astrally project as this leaves you open and vulnerable to his attacks or attacks from any other entity, you should also learn about energy protection (shielding) & cleansing.

Furthermore the "ritual" from the childhood may be connected to this in some way, but this is not for certain although in order to completly free yourself from this entity you will need to find out what caused and allowed for that connection to happen in the first place.

I hope that this makes sense and if you would like to talk further about this my email is in my profile.
thenewtarot in Top Hat

I have had MANY experiences with the man in the Top Hat! He is kind of spooky, and I am unsure if he is a benevolent spirit or not, it seems He has no problem preying on the weak, but he will assist you and even protect you if he thinks you're worthy of it or you beat him at his own game.

He stalked me, giving me terrible sleep paralysis and nightmares for a few years until I made him leave my psyche through force of will and sage ceremony, and now he comes back in my dreams occasionally to talk philosophy or give me important messages. I have heard many people refer to him with various titles, but when he speaks with me in dreams he calls himself, "The Hog King"
From a woman intuitive to another, You need to sever the ties and rid yourself of this demonic force FOR GOOD. As soon as possible. You need to excorsize yourself and your body as well as your general surroundings because you are dealing with an extremely powerful entity that has manifested physically and begun to posses you. But you also need to commit your spirit to cleansing itself. I am reading some misgivings on your part, I know how powerful and enticing it is... But you must break it's hold on you, because if it believes it is more powerful than you it will do everything to break you. Having a powerful entity interested in you is a sure sign of spiritual potential but you must MUST MUST face the force and COMMAND IT to leave you alone or else it WILL command you!

It is very possible that you unwillingly opened yourself to this experience with your young friend in Florida. But that ceremony may have been a part of a bigger Karma on your part. Perhaps you knew "Hunter" all too well in another lifetime. It certainly seems that way to me.

A "demon" is just an idea; a conjugation of dark thoughts that manifest themselves as a personality. This personality can exist purely in the ether but it can also be born into a young impressionable mind.

Let me put it to you this way; Hitler is a fine example of a man possessed by a demon. He was born a human, but certain character traits and life events made his mind open to a certain kind of corruption, and so the more he sharpened his will and his mind to atrocities, to more he gave up his will to atrocity. Slowly but surely he killed hitler the man so Hitler the demon could take over. That demon is hiding in each and every one of us. And hunter's demon, WHO IS A PSYCHIC VAMPIRE and your energy patterns, and the ceremony you performed drew him closer to you. He is drawn to you because he wishes to destroy your purity.

A few years back I was in pennsylvania, staying with a producer at his farm/studio. He told me that his ex-wife had been possessed at the house, and that he believed there was something of a spiritual border near the property. I dismissed his claims as the fanciful grudge of an divorcee, until I began having the nightmares.

At first, they were games. Extremely simple, straightforward games, like brick-breaker and collecting things. Everytime I won, the game changed; it got a little more complex, a little more intense, and slowly the force I was playing these games with began to materialize himself. He was darkly silhouetted, but he wore a sort stout 18th century top hat. Slowly the games became invitations, then became commands. He wanted me to hurt my family to achieve some monetary goal when I realized what he was. I turned to him in the dream, and I told him, "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. NOW." instantly the dream burst into searing flames, and from the man's sillouette arose the most demonic body I have ever witnessed. His eyes burned into mine as he let out a monsterous scream, and I awoke shrieking, drenched in sweat and hyper-ventilating from heat exhaustion. I thought that would be the end, but...
It followed me all the way back to New York, and I was infected with nightmares of him manifesting himself in my room while I was paralyzed on my bed, trying desperately to call out to someone. Once, my friend Cody who lived down the street from me, came to me in my dream, and I saw Him lay his eyes on him. I tried to warn Cody, who was consoling me and couldn't see the demon gripping him. When I awoke, it was to a call from Cody, telling me he just had a dream I was lying on my bed calling out to him. Then HE started having the nightmares. THE ONLY THING that cured us was a complete SAGE CLEANSING.

I suggest you get some HOLY WATER, some SAGE for burning, and learn a prayer or holy hymn of your choice. Then you burn the sage, blowing the smoke into every corner of your house, and recite the words, feeling the protection of God and/or your Higher Self envelope every room. Then you need to cleanse yourself in the smoke, starting at the head and working your way down, going around and around your body, still reciting. I find it helps to sing, but whatever makes you feel STRONG, GOOD, and PROTECTED. Sprinkle the holy water around the rooms you've blessed with sage for good measure and repeat as neccessary. The more people you have involved in the excorsism the better. Since you know the entities PHYSICAL name it may help you to find out it's spiritual name. When you know a demon's true name, which involves a sigil, you have absolute control over it. "Hunter" may or may not be his real name, and if you can remember anything about what your friend amber used to call the "vampire princes" that could really help you during the ceremony to be able to call on that dark energy by NAME and command it to LEAVE.

"Hunter" is indeed a man possessed. That being said, he is still just a man. And the entity possessing him is still just a shade. He may seem powerful and frightening, but you must fight through your gut fear. He cannot hurt YOU, (real you!) in this life or any.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to get a restraining order on that guy. Love

Sorry that was long and rambling %.%
Thank you for trying to bring a positive outlook to those struggling with being an empath.
I wrote about this type of astral projection/lucid dreaming scenario on my other website:

That may help.
Like you, I've tried to emotionally and mentally work through this juggernaut. I can't count the 'new age' books, articles and posts about some dimensional shift, 2012, alien intervention (if I were them, I'd take one look and keep flying), and that all will be okay. This is my own website and I'm sure mostly considered 'new age' by many but I don't claim that humans will be saved by some super power and that we have no responsibility for our actions, or lack thereof. I've been told over and over that 'all will be fine' but 2012 has come and gone and I don't know about you, but I feel no differently now than I did 5 years ago. I perceive no shift energetically but I do see a shift in awareness from groups of people here and there, but is it enough? There is a strong reason why the scientist who set the Doomsday Clock have moved it closer to midnight than ever before, and I don't mean 5 years ago, but 3 months ago.

We have evolved in some ways. Women used to not be able to vote or have rights and slavery was common in many countries for most of history. London had horrid work houses and people might get their hand cut off for stealing bread (still practiced in some countries). We can collect herbs and worship who we want without the fear of being burned at the stake. People in developed countries are living better and freer than ever. What has 'de-evolved' is our treatment of the planet. I can't say everything will be hunky dory when there is a trash pile in the ocean the size of Texas, or that the rain forests have been reduced by 90%, or that extinctions are rampant, bee die offs, and the list just goes on and on. I can't understand why humans don't get that their petty dramas and differences are so minor and what good are they if there is not an inhabitable planet? This is like the person who slaves for money and fame, with no care to their personal development, just to realize they are dying and all that chasing of the material and self-aggrandization was so meaningless in the true scheme of things.

Sometimes I think we'll be 'lucky' and some super solar storm will knock us back to the dark ages (which it totally could) but even that brings no solace because I then realize that all those nuclear power plants across the world would melt down and we're dead from that. Recall that famous line, "This is how the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper." It's staggering that we've not all jumped off the highest cliff around from the thought of it all!

Will brilliant leaders, engineers and problem solvers emerge in time? In total honesty, what can we do? I am starting to think that if there is no divine intervention of some type, all is lost and maybe you're right and the world will breathe a sigh of relief, but it will take many hundreds of years for it to recover from the imprint of humans.

The Native Americans prophesized what would happen down the road from the 'invaders', who they considered a greedy, non-sacred bunch, full of self-entitlement, exhibiting lack of respect for nature, and showing disdain for anything different from them that got in their way of so called progress.

You are right, we have not arrived as a species. Though we have consciousness and most want to do the right thing, the word cancer can't help but come to mind.

It's weird for me... All sudden I will think something and it happens? I don't know if I'm doing it or its like a vision that gets to mind before it happens... Either way is anybody else like this?
Sage248 in Real Airbending?
Hey,uhh my name is sophia and when I was 5years old something similar happened to me I thought it was just a dream but I honestly don't know. If you have any questions, ask.

Well, to me it seems you did, in fact, call upon your guardian angel. Did the dreams seem very real to you? Were they lucid? Try researching more about your dreams and see if you can call upon the angel one more time. If you can, try to have a talk/conversation with them. If it works, congrats! Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Nothing is there to harm you except for your imagination
Hello ~!

Hmmm, a possibility might be that she also has psychic abilities like you! But at school, she "puts on her shield" (metaphorically) and maybe you can sense that.
v I guarantee working with crystals do not attract demons. But in matter of fact if you do use crystals, use ones with good energies in them and not bad energy.

I was like you before and I know exactly how you feel. I know you feel lost like you don't belong in anywhere and etc etc. It is hard and I believe maybe you may be an old soul, like me! I used to feel left out and when my "normal" friends had sleepovers and parties, they'd be really fun for THEM. But as for me, I can sense energy automatically around me and all that and sometimes if there's depression or bad energy around that gets me down and I've had one friend ask me what was wrong with me, being suddenly happy, then sad, then angry. I've lost a lot of friends along the way and it's been a pretty rough ride. Same for you. But now I'm in a better place with a high reputation at my school, I have family that's always joking around with me, friends that understand my magic and accept and thinks it's cool, and I discovered I had a spirit attached to me that I've had a long, happy friendship with it ever since I was a kid. A lot of things may happen and it's not your fault. You have your angels and others have their help. Don't worry. Worrying will make it worse and the fear or being struck down again will control you rather than you controlling yourself. Always believe you're in control, always believe that you're good enough for anything, always have faith and hope as your angels will guide you throughout life. In my belief, not all humans on earth have angelic protectors and if you do come across one, you're very lucky as they are powerful and strong.

Hope this helps! Love
Hello ~!

Hmm, maybe you two have some kind of cord. Try researching cord connections and such b / c I've had a similar situation where once I was best best friends with this person and when she called it off with her bf, I did st the same time. When her ex started talking to her again, mine as well, when my ex got involved with someone else, my best friend's boyfriend got involved with that same exact person too.

Hope this helps a bit! Love
I'll probably botch the explanation... Basically you are receiving impressions of an object without knowing what the object is, by meditating and putting your awareness and focus on the object (or target as they call it). The classic example is a picture in an envelope. You can have a friend put a picture in an envelope for you and then you will try to receive images or any other psychic impressions to describe the photo as much as you can without looking at it. Your friend should write a target number on the envelope so that you have something easy and simple to put your awareness on. Apparently it works across time and space too, which is why many people have success with practice targets that you can find online. I believe there are even some on this website.

I have also had someone put trinkets in a box for me. It really is hit or miss with me sometimes, mostly because I still can't focus that easily, but when I get things right it feels really good. That's why I took a break from practicing that so I could teach myself more focus during meditation.

I have searched online and no one will ever say it, but I think remote viewing is also tied to hypnagogic hallucinations, since you do have to be in alpha waves for it to work. I could be wrong though, and would love to be corrected by someone who knows better.

You should also look into "image streaming". It is very interesting and a great way to develop the ability to see images in your minds eye. I try it out every now and then, and have had some success.
I know exactly how you feel:D. I get visions as well and when I concentrate on someone when there are loud noises, its like you can hear them right next to you. It is confusing at times and I am still learning myself. If you want, we could share our stories more over email. If so, just let me know:)
sunshine_taylor in Instant Psychic Visions
Hi thanks for responding. I am still trying to get use to it especially understanding it. Most of this tends to happen out the blue and it's scary.
Hi starsofclay! Reading your comment made me happy thankyou so much for your share.

To answer your questions, I never experienced anything like that before that event, it was my first time. When I closed my eyes It actually took a while until I actually saw the kid but sadly I only had a glimpse because I panicked and opened my eyes as soon as I saw him. If I would have kept my eyes closed then chances are I would see him only for a split second and he'd be gone.

Since then i've had visions of people, numbers, places, objects, and even vehicles. I see them more clear than When I saw the little boy but mostly because I meditate and focus on my third eye now. Most of the visions I get are still in flashes but every once in a while it would last a little longer than that.

Only one time I had a vision of someone I recognized and it was a girl who I knew way back in middle school, I never talked to her so I thought it was weird but when I started talking to her I realized that we had a lot in common and turned out to be a really cool person. Other than that I would get visions of strangers.

As for remote viewing that's something very new to me I don't even know what that is to be honest Laugh

I respect that you're going to compare my experiences to yours I do the same thing. I guess we're both new to this huh?

Goodluck on your journey.

I see faces a lot. Can you tell me if you saw it immediately after you closed your eyes, or had you been laying there a little while trying to go to sleep? Also, was it just a quick flash or did it linger for a while?

When I am hypnagogic, I see the faces clear as day and in full color. When I am pre-hypnagogic, the faces are very murky and monochrome, but I can still guess an age, sex, and some features that stand out, even though they flash by in a second. I have no idea if what I experience is related to psychic abilities, or if they are just random hallucinations sent by my sub-conscious. I never recognize the faces... And I'm really good at doing that in waking life.

I have searched and searched the internet for people that experience the same thing. It does seem to happen to people that try to lucid dream and force themselves into the hypnagognic stage, but there really isn't a whole lot of people that talk about seeing faces. And perhaps the ones that do talk about it have an unknown psychic ability, because they are not pursuing psychic development, but only lucid dreaming.

I see the faces when I'm going to sleep, and also when I wake up suddenly, and am still in alpha waves. One time I woke up from a nightmare, and immediately closed my eyes and there was the image of a very rascally boy with maybe freckles laughing at me. It didn't really scare me that much, but startled me a little. It wasn't in full color, but I could make out his face pretty well.

I never see the same face twice either... So if I really am picking up on spirits, I must be visited by a lot! Or if they are just subconscious hallucinations, then I am able to think up so many different variations of faces that I've never met before, that it still amazes me.

I see other things than faces though... Landscapes, animals, and sometimes an object. I have practiced remote viewing, and that's really when all of this started. I do know that I have some abilities, because of how many things I have gotten right with the remote viewing, but I haven't practiced that in a while, and these faces and things just seem so random.

The reason I asked the questions at the beginning of my comment is because I would like to compare my experiences with what you experienced... And has anything like that happened to you before or since?
What a great experience you had with that little boy, seeing him clearly at the moment you closed your eyes and just about few seconds before falling to sleep. Let me know if there's any update on the gift.
What a great experience you had with that little boy, seeing him clearly at the moment you closed your eyes and just about few seconds before falling to sleep. Let me know if there's any update on the gift.
Well spoken Kyclie!

I agree and have done most of what you said.
Hello ~!

Hmm, maybe you should try simple exercises. Like concentrating and all that. I don't know specific examples but just do plenty and plenty of research. Besides that, practice! Practice does make perfect! If you can't find any info about this, try techniques such as focusing on the object and in your mind, visual and move it to your right side or something like that. You have a very special gift, good luck! The more practice, the more control you'll get.
Thank you Penny

I treat it as a gift the best way I know how, a gift I hope I never loose. Smile
Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this Anne and even putting in your input I appreciate it very much Happy .

Even though i've had experiences my whole life I recently decided to develope my gift so I always appreciate something new to read.

You already know I'm going to make some free time to read all the info on the site you gave me.

Thankyou Happy
Hi Truthtobeknown

Had a similar experience with a friends mom, tho I turned down the offer to wed her daughter and agreed to help her with a relationship she would have in 3 months.

From what I make of your story and my experiences as a clairvoyant medium,

The car seen is laggit.

It often takes 7 months for a dead loved one to move on and rest. My dad after he died wanted my step mom to not cry and I relaid basic messages.

As for the future part, it is pre-written to an extent.

Automatic reactions, like how you react to thing's are certainties in the future, it's your personal stubborn self that makes it branch in different directions.

Congrats on finding a wonderful husband
Wow! I've never encountered things like this but I've seen other people's posted stories about a man with a top hat. They all seem to have something to do with triggering animals. Weird... Surprised
kyclie in Top Hat
Maybe it's a legend or myth in that community. Wow! Exciting story, thanks for sharing this. Surprised
Artismymind in I Feel The Future?
Hi Questioner15.

I've been having the same for the last 25 years.

It somehow falls under clairvoyance to what the net says.

But the more detailed version I've narrowed down is that your very well in tune with your emotions and pick them up from your future self (aka spirit guide)

I can check at will how I'm going to feel at any time up to 2 years ahead with ease.

But it can be confusing to interpret, so I don't place my money on it.

When I got divorced I had a choice to move back to my home town, so I check years of my future moods like a paint brush/ chart for 36 months. Suggested 7 months of lonely pains, a spark of bliss, then 2 years of gold moments.

I knew the only 2 things that would make me feel like that was winning the lotto or finding a soul mate. I was gutted and exited to lose to the lotto on the 1 go... And now I'm engaged living the life I've always wanted

Good luck and ask away
Hiyaaa ~!

I'd love to exchange messages and such talking about this subject but I kind of don't get it. After the merging energy thing happened, Jeremy was fine right? What made him turn south? What made him back down?

Hmm, in my point of view, maybe he got scared? I know that some people look at scary articles (spirits scare me to like even if they're good and don't want to harm you, they freak me the hell out) and then after, people think of negative thoughts/things. So that allows their imagination to create some kind of horrific scene that would never happen. Does your parents know about this? Maybe Jeremy told his parents and they kind of thought it was bad and told him not to talk to you anymore. I know my mom gets really irritated and she tells me to stop talking about these things when I mention supernatural or paranormal beings b / c psychic things happened to her and she's one of those people who didn't know how to control it so she got scared and kind of quit it.

Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were trying to find, I didn't really get what you were trying to say. If you want to talk about any other problems you have that causes you stress or other behavior, feel free to message me! Always here & waiting Happy
I just emailed you AJDoe.

I will leave this piece of information as it might be useful for other empaths, after you shield yourseld and cut cords and ties within your shield, visualize a ball of light at your feet and fill it up with all others emotions that you have or can't let go of. When you are done, send the ball of light into the Earth.

You could also imagine a backpack and fill it up with the emotions, give it to your angels and ask them to do something positive with the energy or to turn it into positive energy and then give that positive energy to someone who needs it.

This is such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this out to the world. Love Crying

I'm an empath and I do quite understand your experiences. A few years back, I had trouble maintaining other people's emotions and a lot of people called me "bipolar." I was like you, I didn't know how to control these types of things but eventually I did. My friend told me I should meditate but it just didn't work for me and I was frustrated to find a solution. I have no idea what I did but I started focusing on my emotions rather than other people's. I focused on my actions, my words, and what I felt. If I wanted to sense other's emotions, I would "open my vault" (metaphorically) and let the emotions come in. When I didn't want to be bothered by the emotions, I'd "close my vault." It took me quite a bit to master this, and to this day I still have a little trouble trying to not be sad then suddenly hyper. My response is you can't let the fear get to you. The fear makes it worse and makes your mind make up imaginary things that aren't here which therefore makes you negative. Remember, there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Don't be scared. You and your son will not lose your minds as long as you control it. Remember that you're the one in control, you're the one in command. More and more practice will guarantee success.
This dream was allowed because it was a lucid dream and was probably astral projection. The loud whistle is also indicative to an etheric anomaly, which is pre-astral projection. Astral projection, lucid dreaming and etheric anomalies are all accepted for publication. Cheers!
The vibrations are quintessential pre-astral projection symptoms. Seeing the little boy is because you were in the etheric. You can read all about it on my sister site, I wouldn't be surprised if that little boy doesn't turn out to be born, with your friend being the mother.

I'm very sorry that your friend made it seem her love for you was of a romantic nature, then only to lead you to feel it was only for friendship. Hopefully you two can stay friends. That's very painful though. I'd have a conversation with her to try and see where the disconnect happened so hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Thank you for sharing.

I'm clairsentient/ Empath

I find the Crown Chakara/ universal energy helps.

It wipes the slate clean, like a default setting.

It's located on the highest point of the head for me and is easiest to find it with your eyes looking level with the shoulders at your side and back straight.

It feels similar to touching a magnet, tree Base or a yellow light.
Wow, that's a good story... What a horrible accident, but of course there was nothing you could have done. Have you had any more premonition type dreams like this? It make you wonder what the point is to show you things that can't be helped...
I'm surprised a dream story was allowed on here... But yes you were experiencing sleep paralysis. Lucid dreaming is a very sought after ability that takes some people many years to learn to do correctly. It seems you developed a natural ability for it. Sleep paralysis can come with hallucinations, visual and audible. That is why you heard the cat meowing even after waking up.

There is nothing paranormal about lucid dreaming, BUT it can be a tool used to access your subconscious which in turn can help you to have psychic experiences. Try asking a question, like show me what is going to happen tomorrow. If you are good enough, your dream should mold and change around you into whatever you asked for. See if you can get it correct!
Normally wild animals do not allow humans to touch them. What a lovely gift.
We share this earth plane with people who no longer have this mortal coil a (body). They are earth bound.
I have seen them and helped those who wish to cross over.
jasmine_glaze in Instant Psychic Visions
Dear sunshine_taylor,

You truly have wonderful gifts. From what you describe you are very connected to your spiritual side. Do you currently do something to develop your skills or at least use them in a way? Did you have experiences in the past with communication with spirits? Being connected to the spirituality opens up a way for everything connected to it and it would be wise to know how to protect yourself from all the unwanted attention.

If you'd like to talk in private, my email is on my profile

Dear Truthtobeknown,

I totally believe your story. At first you may have thought you're going crazy or just imagining things. Your experience didn't have to be an actual talk with the dead person but a vision and a message from God. It's easier to get a vision that has goes well with your knowledge so you would know that it is an important dream.

I hope your life changed for the better

Hey wolfbeast, thank you for the information I found it helpfull. Follow up to the dreams almost every time I go sleep I kind of knew that I will be experience lucid dream but one of them I regret that I kind of cheated my wife in a dream, having my mind wakes up in a dream and fully aware of what's going on one time I was in a classroom and one very pretty girl was looking at me with her pretty eyes and I was fully a ware that I'm in a dream so I decided if its a dream why not just stand up and go straight to her corner and force her into sex! So I walked I towards her and started ripping of her clothes and everyone in the class were looking at me uncomfortabley but I didn't careless knowing that I'm in a dream so it didn't bother me. Now I kind of regret the choice did I cheat or not Crying
gthlvrmx in I Feel The Future?
Hi Questioner15,

Do you get dreams that later happen while awake? Do you get the butterflies in your belly area when those dreams "come true"? Does this butterfly feeling happen when your premonitions come true?

You are having premonitions. They are a gift closely related to precognition which ties into clairvoyance and clairsentience.
These symptoms stem from a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. When you're experiencing sleep paralysis, you become conscious. The idea is that your mind wakes up but your body doesn't. It all has to do with the three or four stages of non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and one specific REM state. It is possible to dream in all stages of sleep, but the dreams experienced in REM sleep appear to be more vivid and real. The brain is extremely active during REM sleep, and people become paralyzed during REM. Although researchers are unsure of the reason, many believe it is so the body does not act out the dream. Most people who wake up suddenly can move easily. However, those who cannot move after waking experience sleep paralysis. It is REM atonia continuing after waking. Most of the time, this experience lasts a few seconds to a minute (I am sure it feels much longer). However, in rare cases, some people need 10 to 15 minutes to regain motion. I hope this info has been helpful, and good luck with this issue!
Wow amazing story! Not really sure how to approach it, I think I'm in awe!
ok, my email is my username [at]

I am still really new to all of this though, even though it has happened many times over the last 5 years or so. I wish I had written them down. I have had many different experiences though and lots of synchronicities.

Sounds like we should all chat, being that we all have some pretty clear similarities.
Your comment is spot on! I would love those links as well.

I randomly experience what you do, with the sudden thoughts before they happen. I think you are showing some claircognizant abilities, so that may be a good first step to study up on. Sometimes it happens for me just as you described, and sometimes I will think an entire phrase or idea immediately before someone else says it out loud. Since is comes as more of a thought (at least for me), I don't think it is clairaudience.

Try doing what has worked very well for me sometimes. Right when you wake up, don't move a muscle. Try to stay in that hypnagognic stage as long as possible. Then ask a question. Something that can be verified very easily that day. For example, ask what your roommate is going to wear that day. Or ask for a particular sign (something that you will see during the day that you don't normally come across). Then clear your mind, and let the first words that pop in your head be your answer. See how many times you can get it correct. Don't try to think the words either, just let them pop in you head and let it surprise you a little. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work at first, the neat thing is, you can try again every single morning.

Although, lately for me, I seem to be waking up fully awake... So I haven't been able to practice it lately. But it is really fun, and I have at least one story or maybe it's in a comment that talks about this.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I would be more than happy to chat. Let me know how and when I can get ahold of you.
gthlvrmx in Seeing Elementals?
Hi annieoaktree,

From what I have learned, there are sylphs (fairies) that are a part of the air section, undines (such as merfolk/mermaids) are a part of the water, salamanders that belong to the fire, and I think gnomes belong to earth. They are all elementals/nature spirits. There are many other named nature spirits, but I think those 4 elements are what the nature spirits are connected to.

Since the being looked more human, maybe it could be a a type of earth/gnome elemental? Or air like a fairy?

Also, what if they were one of your spirit guides showing themselves to you? A harmless thing you can do daily at a set time is to ask your spirit guides to appear in front of you. If it's a part of your life plan to see your guides, you will see them, even if it takes a few weeks.
Most of the examples you've cited don't suggest you've changed things, or caused things to happen. It sounds more like you were made privy to certain knowledge, a short amount of time before it'd be naturally revealed to you.

You commented on my post so I know you've read some of my accounts regarding similar occurrences. What our experiences have in common is that our premonitions are pretty useless to us, at least so far. I mean, given a few seconds and we'd naturally come to learn those things, and our knowledge before-hand didn't really put us at any major advantage.

So, I suppose your goal might be to further develop this kind of intuition into something that could be advantageous to you. I suggest you do that by educating yourself in certain areas, psychology of the unconscious mind being a big one. I found that when I started to educate myself the intensity, and frequency of these events increased dramatically.

You mentioned the possibility of chatting. If you still want to chat let me know and I could recommend some reading to you. I could actually send you some links to some audio books and educational videos that I think would help you.

I will mention briefly that human consciousness has been proven to have an effect on reality. This is recognized by the entire scientific community, though no one can explain it. I'm going to post a link to a youtube video. In case it doesn't come through, you might google "dr quantum double slit experiment" and click "videos" at the top. You'll find a five minute video that explains the double-slit experiment. And I will tell you that what you'll see mentioned is 100% legitimate, and has been a known phenomenon in the scientific community for over 100 years.

It's kind of cool and exciting to recognize these things are happening. That said, and you need to be careful not to let it go to your head, because that will be counter-productive to further developing and understanding it. I think you should proceed scientifically, objectively, and skeptically, and avoid subscribing to the theories of other people, especially those that a lot of people subscribe to.

All the best! And let me know if you want to chat.
If your alone and in a positive place (mentally) there is no harm in speaking with these spirits. If any of them turn out to be negative, DO NOT let them bully you. It is very important that you stay very positive when dealing with these different spirits and energies, when we are negative, depressed or feeling down we are vulnerable to outside influences. In my experiences when they know you can see them they become very attracted to you because they want the attention they got when they were still alive. Everyone that has this gift learns how to deal with it in their own way, learn how to ignore the annoying spirits that haven't figured out that they have died yet and the rest will come to you easier as time goes on. It's more difficult than most of the time because it seems you may be in a area that is described as a "hot bed" of spirit activity. Serious I wish you the best of luck in dealing with this ability!
There's something very special about dogs. Dogs have been a true blessing to humanity, when you consider all the things they bring into our lives. They protect us and give us unconditional love, and remain loyal no matter how horribly they're treated.

Dogs have probably suffered more than any other animal at the hands of humans, largely as a result of their very loving nature. In the same way that nice, kind humans are often mistreated by others, so are dogs, but to a much more severe degree, because dogs don't have many rights.

Still, dogs are deeply emotional animals and feel pain, both physical and emotional, as much or more than any human. And their feelings are as real as those of any human's.

I think that dogs have a sort of "collective consciousness" (a term coined by CG Jung in regard to humans). Which is to say, they have a kind of vague psychic connection to each other. When dogs have certain emotionally-charged experiences, they go into the collective consciousness and become privy to other dogs.

I think that people who have those certain "ways" with dogs have an unusually deep understanding of the plight of the "dog race", above all else. It's because of this understanding that dogs know they can truly trust such a person. Not only can they trust such people, but I think they want to help them too.

This is the impression/feeling I get from my own experiences and observations.
Hello Cayce
I have similar events occurring in my live (but a little different) I see things while dreaming with no real sense of a timeline. By that I mean that tonight I could dream about something that will occur that very day or 15 years down the road. I don't known when the event will take place until seconds before the deja vu moment actually occurres. When it does happen it's like playing a rerun of a movie you have seen 20 times before, where you know what everyone is doing around you and what everyone is saying I have even completely told someone what they were going to say to me before it escaped their lips, freaked her out a little. I have not looked into strengthening this ability but I hope it gives you some comfort knowing your not the only one dealing with this type of thing. Good luck in your daily efforts in dealing with this gift! Happy
ThlsaDune it is awesome to hear from you, I appreciate the support and Thank you for the advice, sometimes it can be a pain not able to discuss this with the people closest to me. My wife knows about the spirits but I don't let her know the frequency that it occurres and she can see the animal attraction daily. Sometimes I joke around with people and tell them I would rather be an animal because human cheat, steal murder and all kinds of unspeakable acts, but you don't see animals doing that to each other! A lot of the time I feel connected to the animals I interact with and I admire the simplicity of their lives. And as for the darker spirits, I have ran into them as well but I deal with them much like a high school bully! Thanks again, and take care of your self! Happy
ThulsaDune in I Feel Very Alien
Hi Greggb,
I feel like you and I are kindred spirits. I believe you and I are on the same wave length in many ways. You will understand what I am about to write.
First off I am glad that you are also out of the matrix and can see what is going on. There are many of us out here and we are like islands unto ourselves where we live. I will state with confidence that you have an above average IQ and have a hard time relating to and conversing with many people. You feel things with much more conviction and angst than the average person. You look at things going on around you and wonder why don't people wake up and change things. You feel and empathize much deeper with people who are wronged or taken advantage of by others.
You have the ability to predict what is coming or will happen to people in the future. Even though you try and warn them, they will ignore you. It is frustrating and you want to say I told you so, but then you come off as a know it all or arrogant.
You and I both know this simply isn't true but that is the way many people will perceive it. Don't lose heart, you are not alone. There are people who understand you and are just like you out here. We are the leaders that will be needed in the future to pick up the pieces and right the wrongs. I am positive that you also have the ability to discern between right and wrong and good and evil in an instant without debating the gray areas for 4 hours.
You may have several gifts or traits that you are improving on every day for a future reason. I think many of us are kind of a distilled or purified versions of ancient DNA. A kind of fail safe reboot for humanity. We are an awakening of a different version of humanity. A version able to step out of the herd and programming. We see things as they really are and are not brain washed by societal programming and indoctrination. Ancient man had a stronger bond with the world around him and was more religious in the way he approached things. Mankind understood that we could affect everything around us and create our own reality for the greater good of everyone. Now some of us look around and constantly ask ourselves, (can't they see what is going on) and why are they doing that? Don't lose faith we all see it as well as you do. Things are going to progress because they have to in order to bring about change. Many of us are are getting visions and messages of what is to come, but we cannot change it at this point in time. We can attempt to warn people or change their mind, but they have to want to listen.
It is hard to tell the truth when no one wants to hear it. Sometimes the truth is inconvenient or scary and who wants to deal with that.
Well I am going to cut this off now for everyone's sake. Just know that you are not alone.
Hi WolfBeast,
You are not alone. I have been the same way all my life. Everything you have stated, I have also experienced. I also have the ability to know what they are thinking at times. I am real good with dogs in peoples homes. Many times I will walk into someones home and their dog will immediately stop barking and walk right up to me and want attention. I form an instant connection with them. The people usually say that they have never seen that before. I have that happen with many animals. I have even had wild predatory animals come with in speaking distance from me and hang out and let me talk to them for awhile before moving on.
Now about the spirits or people. I have been able to see them during the middle of the day and even in big crowds. I have watched them walk right into and through walls even with other people right near them. Some of them I believe still think they are alive and going about their day.
Some of them though are not spirits but evil entities and are following and trying to influence people. Just protect yourself and keep ignoring some of the more pesky ones and they may get bored. You will know in your gut how to handle each event.
Enjoy your life and try to spread positivism and Love.
Form a good relationship with the creator and you will be protected by God.
Snuffedupmess in Watch Your Words
I have had so many of these things happen on a daily basis that I actually went in to a spiritual store and told the man working that I was a jinx. He told me he's never heard of someone being a jinx and recommended a malacite? Stone to be carried. I started telling people not to say things out loud to me because I was a jinx.
A couple more things. The experience I described where I left my computer and came back just as the screen was shutting off happened while I was writing my last response. That is to say, I left the room and without ever once looking at a clock, came back exactly 10 minutes later (down to the fraction of a second).

Also, in regard to the experience with the severely depressed person, I think that was some kind of act of "active empathy". Without going into a lot of details, CG Jung describes a phenomenon where, in order for a psychotherapist to affect their patient, they must be affected as well.

First of all, I'm not claiming to be a psychotherapist, nor was I was trying to be a psychotherapist to the person I mentioned. But while we were talking a moment of deep understanding occurred. My understanding of the pain he was feeling created some of that pain in me. In understanding this person, it relieved some of his pain.

I can't explain exactly how, but it makes sense to me. A true and essential understanding of another sentient being facilitates an exchange of psychic energy, and this isn't optional.
Hey all, thanks for the great replies! I was a little nervous about coming back here and reading what people had written, but I was pleasantly surprised by the responses that were left. It's good to know that other people understand what I'm talking about. And statistically, quite a few more people read and related but weren't up to commenting. So we're not alone, and that's a good thing!

I would be interested in having more personal conversations with those of you who suggested it. I don't know how we might go about exchanging contact information, but I'm sure we can figure something out.

For now I'd like to make a few comments, some in response to the responses I received, and some in general.

Again, I want to say that I appreciate all the responses and felt like I could relate to each person who posted. But I suppose I identified most with AnneV's response, because I think we have similar philosophies about life.

I'm truthfully not very quick to get on board the idea of aliens and starseeds and things like that. My mind is open to the possibility, but I just haven't seen the evidence. Also, at the risk of sounding judgmental, I think often people want to see themselves as being "special", and sometimes wind up subscribing to theories making them special. I'm not saying this is what always happens, but I know it can happen, and as much as anything I want to be sure that my beliefs aren't influenced by my desire to feel special.

I don't have a lot faith in the human race. We don't learn from our mistakes, and we don't think, and we don't act when we know we should. We allow ourselves to be controlled; we almost beg to be controlled. And most of all we just go along with the crowd. The tendency to go along with the crowd is very powerful, and something I struggle with often. Most of the time the only way I can avoid the very powerful effect of the crowd is by avoiding the crowd altogether. I can find peace when I'm by myself, but when I'm around other people, I find myself inevitably sucked into their drama, against my will.

I think this can be explained by the fact that we're very social animals, and even realizing the folly in having this tendency doesn't eliminate it. To understand why we're this way, you need to look back to the days before civilization, when people lived in small tribes among very harsh and dangerous conditions. In those days social hierarchies needed to be structured in a way that there would be clearly defined leaders and followers. I believe this was necessary for survival at the time.

Fast forward to modern times, and our survival doesn't depend upon tyrannical rule. In fact, tyrannical rule threatens our very existence; the case of North Korea being a perfect example. But even though there's no longer a need for it, our basic nature creates the tendency for it to develop. There's a tendency for people to want to rise up and be tyrants, and there's a tendency for many people to want to submit to such tyrants. Again, this is the result of our basic nature, which is the result of our genetic makeup.

You know, 99.9% of all the species that have ever existed have gone extinct. At one point, there was a species of bipedal primates not too unlike us, who were at the top of the food chain. Though we don't know exactly what happened to them, it can be assumed that the emergence of modern man had a large part in their extinction.

We're very foolish to believe that we've "arrived" as a species. There's no logic suggesting that the evolution of life should end with, or be completed by the human race. Evolution has been a long, complicated process. It's been successful in developing a species very capable of thriving, and mastering its environment--the way we have.

I believe the next step in the evolutionary process is in the instillation of a sort of intelligence in a capable species, such as ourselves, allowing us to see the "big picture". The "big picture", I believe, is the "divine effort" (as Emerson called it) --it's what the sort of "force of life" has been aspiring to: beauty, and perfection, which I believe are synonymous with most people's concept of God.

A common belief among philosophers, even scientists, is that we're at the point in the evolutionary process where members of our species must become aware of the purpose of life, and evolution, and begin consciously participating in the process. It's like nature has taken us this far, and now it's up to us to continue. And this is where I start to get nervous, because I don't see this happening at the level it should be.

There are many examples of consciousness developing in individuals throughout the ages. But there are far more examples of unconsciousness, at levels affecting millions, and even billions of people (not to mention animals). And as AnneV mentioned, the level of technology we have now allows us to do devastating, long-lasting damage and threaten our own existence.

In short, I believe the human race is bound for extinction, and must go extinct in order for life to continue evolving. I don't think the kind of consciousness that needs to begin manifesting can manifest, as the result of the genetic makeup of the human race. I think it's possible for it to manifest, in certain cases, but it will always be greatly overpowered by the collective tendency of the human race to be unconscious.

I feel very much like I'm stuck on a train bound for a massive wreck. I believe the human race is headed for disaster, and like AnneV said, even if we can survive the next major disaster, we'll only continue creating disasters, and narrowly surviving them, until at last we create one we can't survive. And then I believe the earth will breathe a big sigh of relief.

So anyway, I just want to be upfront as far as my sentiment for the human race is concerned, and my philosophy and take on the whole situation. To be honest, I have no idea what my part is in all of this. I'm very skeptical, and I don't know what to do. Sometimes I feel like all I can do is watch, and enjoy myself as much as possible, but this is very difficult for me to do, and I feel like I should be doing something.

I'd love to chat with anyone who can relate to what I'm saying, but please expect me to be very skeptical about aliens, starseeds, etc.

Thanks for reading!
Hi Apiori,

To me, you sound like a medium and so does the other family member who sees stuff in the mirrors.

What I do when I am sleeping in a different place other than my home, is that I close all the mirrors and windows and as many reflective surfaces I can find. No, I don't cover them with a blanket but what I do is I wet my fingers with some tap water and air draw the symbol of the cross over the mirror 3 times and say this, "I now command this mirror to close permanently. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ."

You can draw any symbol you feel is protective and you can say in the name of any deity you feel helps, what matters is your intention to close the mirror or window. After that, you won't be seeing ghosts popping up in those specific mirrors and windows.

The helpful thoughts popping up in your mind might be your spirit guides and angels. If you want to hear them better, listen with your heart. Maybe try visualizing connecting lines of energy from your heart to your ears.

If you ever need to clear the energy of your home, white sage works, crystals help, and there is the Michael Invocation you can google search and follow the instructions there. It can help get rid of the ghosts that pop up.

Last comment is that of you ever notice a ghost, to cross them over a simple way is by saying this: "Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost that I saw and TAKE them into healing." You can edit the sentence to fit the situation, but keep the words FIND and TAKE.
Good idea. I'll make sure I document future events. Does anyone else have any possible insight?
Believe me I know how you exactly feel. But if you want details of things that happened to me please check posts on my profile page you may experience some of those too. If you want to talk about anything you can contact me, I won't judge you nut like others did me. I'm not going to let anyone feel that way.
gthlvrmx in I Feel Very Alien
Hello again Greggb,

Also, you can search through Google the label "starseed". You may have had alien past lives and are now are experiencing a Earth human lifetime and feel like you don't quite fit in anymore. I also feel I am a starseed as well, and I have read that moldavite is a good crystal for starseeds. Just be aware that not all the information you find on the internet is true, or completely true. There is misinformation about many subjects so follow and listen to your intuition and heart.
Hello Snowy
I have some experience in this. To confirm these apparitions exist either in your mind or in the real world you need to start by getting a notebook. Start off with the ones you deal with more often (apparitions) and every time you learn something about them write it down as part of that individuals profile. It doesn't hurt to ask questions, just don't hit them with 20 questions all at once (that will frustrate some apparitions, even the nice ones). You are looking for facts about the life they had, and how it came to a end. Write down ALL details no matter how small. If they ask why you are doing that just tell them that you never want to forget about them. After you have gotten a good amount of facts start searching on the internet. A really good source of info is Find out if you know someone with an active account you can log-on to. Or see if you can get a free trail. Now sometimes apparitions have a hard time with numbers so if she tells you that she was born in 1927 it could be 1972. If you have any questions drop me a line, and good luck! Serious
Pennies4U in Taken Over
Starsoclay yes I do clown around with Spiritualist.Lol

I had taken 3 courses with Sarah Tyler-Walters.
She Teaches at College of Psychic Studies, and at other locations. Her courses are:Inspirational and Automatic writing.
And a course in Trance.
What if you aren't really 100% human? What if you are really part something else? What if your soul was originally an alien?
Do you find yourself looking at the stars a lot?

What you describe is a lot like how I feel. I don't exactly feel like an alien but I always felt different, not all human either. I agree with the whole consumerism or just materialism in general. Humans have been too distracted and stuck into all that. They won't grow until they can see the bigger world out there.
I have a friend that I've grown up with who is very "different". I wouldn't even say he's different like me yet he is. I always saw him as an "alien". People have always treated him badly because he was seen as too wierd, too "alien". It turns out there maybe a huge truth to that than people know. He has always been special even to the point he's been looked down upon but he trusts me the most along with one other.
Anyways I eventually find others like me, some from this site.
I'd like to invite you to have a more open chat that would allow me to talk more about personal things else where such as email (my profile) or whatever else methods.
I'm not the same person like I was 11 years back when I first began searching around here and it's sister site. I learned so much and feel I see the bigger picture and the rest of the universe. I'd like to share it with you and others that are interested.
gthlvrmx in I Feel Very Alien
By the way, Greggb and others, sorry about the typos with the "clowns". I see it is happening to others too. I meant to say other words. Maybe it is an April fools joke?
gthlvrmx in I Feel Very Alien
Hi Greggb,

You might be experiencing an awakening.

I suggest you get into the habit of daily psychic protection, so use White Light Shields. Google search them and the instructions will be found on Ama Nazra's page. You can also ask Archangel Michael, "Please put White Light Shields around me now, thank you." It will be done. Doing this will prevent you from taking on other peoples illnesses and negativity including emotions.

Whenever you do absorb someones emotion though, I suggest you imagine a ball of light at your feet and fill it up with all of the other persons emotions that you have with you into the ball of light. Once you are done, simply with your will power and visualization skills, push the ball into the Earth. You are basically grounding the emotion and energy and it will be turned into healing energy by the Earth. I hope that helps, empaths gotta help each other out.
If you want to work on this ability, then try this. If you have someone you can trust make your own physical Zener ESP Test Cards (Star, Square, Circle, Cross and three wavy lines). You will need 5 sets (25 cards in all). There are three ways for someone to correctly guess the card. #1 You see with your minds eye what it is. #2 You read the mind of the person looking at the card. #3 Luck! If with practice you develop this ability and it gets stronger, push your limits and make more cards to shuffle into the test (Heart, Triangle, Diamond and infinity). When doing this keep track of your progress with a score sheet. I wish you the best of luck! Smile
WolfBeast in Bad Spirits
Certain allergies will have a reoccurring nightly fever. Or Systemic Autoinflammatory Disease (S.A.I.D.) can do this. Also some viral infections that are prone more toward younger children. Finally the most common source for young children having nightly fevers is "teething". I am not saying what the problem was, I'm just saying there are many things that could be looked at for the cause. Hope this helps in some way. Serious
I believe that all ladies are more in tune with their sense of Intuition, put that together with your problems sleeping and you get someone that is worried about the time on the wall. Just a thought. I hope all goes well. Serious
I am being told that if you are serious about trying to develop this ability check out "Workbook 1 Exercise Supplement for Power Tools for the 21st Century" and "Power Tools for the 21st Century" by Dr. Richard Alan Miller. Don't judge the cover artwork it's what is on the inside that counts. Good luck! Serious
I would suggest to keep a notebook and write down the date and time one of these events occur, the thought and the out-come of the event. After a period of time review your notes. The same goes for the other odd happenings you described. Very interesting! Serious
WolfBeast in Top Hat
Wow, very interesting! Google the fraise "man with the top hat". That's one I haven't heard of up until now! Thanks for sharing. Serious

You will get various responses because everyone is at different places in their development. Everything you say is "true". The world is careening into utter mayhem, as it has been all along but we now have toxic technology to make it worse (Fukashima, Gulf oil spill, etc.). People don't want to face this so they bury themselves in useless thoughts and activities. We are heading into annihilation. It will be just a matter of time before some epic plague, nuclear war, over population and pollution will do in the human race. You are an empath and suffer through your awareness and sensitivity. You are not alone and anyone who has a functioning cell inside their head should feel alien! But shockingly, few do.

With this said, we still don't know the true role of earth. Is it kindergarten for souls? Do we do all the dumb stuff here until we finally get it and gravitate to a higher realm? If it is for low level souls, then it is a necessary place. If there were no higher souls, including empaths, then there would be no true teachers, leaders and healers. It would be even more hellish than it is.

I vote, donate to earth and animal based causes, recycle, and all that, but like you, see the awful state of the world. Because of my extensive experience (like you, not wanting to sound vain) but I have seen the higher planes beyond the physical. I do believe that the soul evolves. You can believe anything you wish but keep exploring, learning and discovering. Your current synchronicities will develop into more until you too 'know'. Then you will come to realize that the earth will keep going where it is going and even if humans blow it up, they will reincarnate into another kindergarten.

So all you can do is be the best person you can be. Keep those dogs and other special things in your life so you don't drown in the darkness or be like that acquaintance of yours who is debilitated by depression and end up siphoning the energy off other beings - atrophy does exist but never forever. It is hard! I wrote an article under the Articles section about being an Empath and how to better cope with it.

Hope this helps.
I can relate to a lot of what you are saying and feeling, is there any way I can get in touch with you?
A veil is energy around your body which is called an Aura.
The human Aura looks like a oval egg shape encircling around the body.
It serves as a curtain aka veil and keeps elements and spirit people out of most peoples vision.

If any of your children are 9-14years of age you can experience poltergeist activity due to your teen. Which would explain the flattening of the lunch bag when your voice, answer was not the answer your youngster wanted.
Google; Learn about Poltergeists-Psychic Science ( > polt1)

Unborn children have been known to visit their parent before they are conceived. I do agree with AnneV.

It sounds like you are surrounded by a few psychic children present and in present.
The spirits you describe are elemental-fairways.
Which child has an infinity with nature or water?
Who are going through growth.

Oh my you need to have some private time.

I do not see in your story anything to hint a haunting.

But if you are in a new home or near water. You may wish to check leylines around home. As these areas are known to multiply
The inhabitants emotions.

Let us know how you do.
EmeraldRose in Another Premonition
I believe that the number is (or was) an actual phone number from the town I live in in Missouri.
You are seeing life energy. Everything is made up of energy. Congrats your clairvoyance is beginning to open.
[at] shiatzu123
I would really like to find out more about how to control this more because these things seem to happen randomly. I have been able to ground myself and get protection, this helps tremendously.
I have the same ability as you I had it since I was little
Does anybody know what it is
Pennies4U in Seeing Elementals?
I agree with AnneV, to believe advice of medicine man.

I have a friend who is Sioux Lakota and Choctaw a Heyoka 3rd Generation?
The belief is that the lightning is medicine of a Heyoka.
The tradition follows men.

When I shared a few of my dreams. This man replied that he thought woman can also hear and see lightening dreams.

As women we can also get some of their medicine transfered by objects that Holy Man have given us. My friend the Heyoka man had given me some feathers and I saw and felt the Heyoka Spirit which was attached to the fan of feathers it was amazing and arrived when I needed it.
Dreams appeared backward and lightning came with an amazing energy that opened the crown portion of my head.

There can also be a transfer of energy-aka power from teacher to student.
jasmine_glaze in I See Weird Blobs Help
Hey NannyMarmalade,

I read your story and i'd like to know more about your previous experiences.

In the end of the story you've mentioned that you feel this odd feeling where the third eye chakra is located. Have you ever tried to open your chakras or meditate trying to energize them?

When it comes to seeing auras and blobs of energy: focusing more on seeing any of that is a strain on the body, specifically on the eyes as in the begining you try to use them to see the spiritual side. I believe that can cause you these headaches that you have. Also, did you ever experience seeing sparkles when you look at the sky?

All of the information will help in finding out the true reason for why are you experiencing all of this

I recommend you to ask shi tzu123 (sorry for the inconvenience user shi tzu but this site keeps correcting me to shiatzu123). He/she seems to know about these stuff and sounds kind and helpful. And Annea, I experience the same thing like you. However we're kind of different to begin with. I have none of shadows around me when the feelings come. It's more like sudden extreme energy blocks all my senses, almost like attacking me in the core. All feelings become one such as dread, grief, relentlessness, madness and so many more I can't quite describe something like almost all kind of feelings become entirely different thing. Usually my body goes really cold as well and the feeling and urge to scream and escape become too overwhelming to bear. At this state I'm no longer able to think, all my mind quickly begins to fade away, all I can do is just to feel. In extreme case, my breath gets hitched as if oxygens trying to get its way out of my body. Really suffocating if you ask me. I think there's several second where I go blind like when the feeling reaches its peak all of sudden I can't remember my surrounding. Either my hypothesis is right or I just barely concious at the moment I'm not so sure about it myself. And the energy seems to repulsed by me maybe that's why I feel its violent attack on my being (merely a rough guess). Contradiction happens when at the same time I somehow feel some part of the energy wants to get in as well. It first started about two years ago when I was 16. It happened when I was in public, one friend of mine asked me if I feel there's something wrong with my eyes I should tell her right away. I didn't understand what she was trying to say and decided to look into mirror myself. I bit freaked out by the fact that my eyes changed color to bright amber. Few hours before I already felt the 'battlefield' but nothing seemed to happen that time. When I found out about my amber eyes I still felt the raging war but somehow it became more tamed and almost sync with my own energy. Sort of. I still felt the urges to run, escape and break free though. The intensity was same as the very first second of the attack but more manageable you could say. For your information, my body temperature and my breath relatively normal then. I didn't get any metabolism change like I do now. Except my eyes. It was the only thing that changed. I did a little research about the stuff and found out that eyes may change due the fluctuation of emotions. I put my trust in it since it's scientific and seems to have many real evidences behind it although it also stated that the change won't be very dramatic and significant as mine. My other reason to trust it is because I can't deny that when the attack happened I suddenly became completely overwhelmed and taken by the intrusive yet foreign feelings. Obviously it fits with the 'fluctuation' description. I have to say that my first experience is the most powerful and raw attack/battlefield I've ever felt. The feelings were just entirely... I don't have words to describe it. Meditation doesn't help so much I think, because the attack is only occasional so even if there's any improvement I won't notice it. I also have distinct feeling that something particular triggers those attacks. However I can't lay my fingers on it still. Everything remains mystery to me until now. Too many questions gone unanswered. I eventually became too tired and decided to give it a break. But it's not the case anymore since I found your post a couple hours ago. Maybe we can hope, find some light and have a closure after all. Anyway I don't really pay attention to people around me. Few things I'm able to do to them is seeing their auras if I try, connect with their thoughts and feelings and kind of adjust and figure their soul out (hard to explain this one because it's completely abstract feeling). Like when someone doing the most unlikely things and out of character deeds I will not be suprised by those instead I will feel familiar and have feeling of always knowing things. I'm afraid I can't really relate with the animals stuff, as for me it's just subtle connection with animals where I can connect with them as I do humans but a more subtle. The last but not least, the feeling of being watched. It started on September last year I can't tell you the full story it would take too much time. In short suddenly I felt a presence, much bolder than ghost's but very bit less than human's. I even mistaken it for human presence at first. I felt it. It intended to kill me. With a curved knife no less. Since then I always know it when they are watching me or in close range with me. I have no idea what kind creatures/beings they are. They bring remarkable amount of dread, sorrow and cold detachment with them. If you're into Harry Potter then closest thing you'll ever relate is a Dementor. It sucks your happiness dry along with some part of your soul and replace it with something unpleasant and awful.
If you or anyone want to share their experience or just want to contact me because of anything, you can inbox me at hborstze [at]
MyNameIsLukas, I can help you with your ability to make them easier to control so you don't hurt anyone with it or lose yourself. I have done what you have done before and every time I feel as though a little part of myself is lost which is why I recommend you should train this ability before you decide to use it again because with abilities it is always best to take precautions.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
ConnorB, I've had similar experiences that you are having and there is a way to control your visions when you get them so they're not so daunting. If you've ever gotten headaches from them their are ways to prevent that as well. If you want, I can help you train your ability to see the future and give you any advice you want.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
Hi, I think these are very good guidelines for any kind of psychic work. What you said in step 2, about our ego gets in the way, and even after we get that under control, the subconscious steps in and gets in the way... Yes that can be very disheartening. It's like getting past the firewalls (ego) only to find that they've tricked the computer (subconscious) into thinking there's a virus. That's why a lot of my development and meditation focuses on subconscious work. I am also glad that you acknowledge the importance of imagination in seeing results. I wish more emphasis would be put on that, also because I think accessing your imagination is a great way to training the subconscious into relaxing and letting these things happen, which in turn allows your ego to do the same.
It seems you have the ability to put thoughts into people and also manipulate them. You could be putting your energy into them to do so.
Have you ever tried this on animals before?

You should really learn to control this gift and the others you have. I wouldn't want you to lose control and do harm to others either. To do so, you have to first start within your soul where these powers come from. I'll offer whatever advice I can if you are willing to email me (in profile) so we can talk more about this. Atleast try out some of my methods. I'd like to see what are your limits. Too many times of this ability happening isn't coincidental anymore. I know of others with these abilities as well. Have you ever thought there is a great purpose to this and want to find out? Inside I know you feel something special is awakening in you and possibly the world as well.
starsofclay in Seeing Elementals?
AnneV, I really enjoyed your comment. There are so many times that I wish I could turn the clock back and see a particular part of the world before it was changed so much by man, and reading your comment gave me a quick flash of that. It is so easy to forget how this wild but beautiful America has been altered by our hands.

Annieoaktree, if you see this man again, I would ask him for a dream or vision, so you can experience it for yourself. As to why you see figures when storms approach, who knows? Perhaps you are tied to elementals in some way, but also the ions in the air change drastically especially with lightning, and I have heard that spirits can use that energy to manifest.
Yea, you're probably right. I just don't know why it started happening. I mean the Mommy thing I really don't get because I've never had a miscarriage in my life. I don't know what the wing spirts are. It's all so confusing. People make me feel like I'm crazy. My son is the only one who can see it too. Whenever I see them more my kids start having "nightmares" and wake up in the middle of the night. What are thin veils? Can you explain that more... I'm just really confused about all of this.

Thank you so much.
If you're taking lessons from a Lakota man that already shows you have a natural draw and affinity for Native Americans. Long before the white man came with its sprawling destruction, that very river was enjoyed and treasured by the natives. You being open to it and deeply appreciative of its energy and splendor probably resonated with the soul of your visitor. I think it a compliment that he came to visit you. He would not, were you any less of a soul than what you are.
Thanks for sharing.
We all have some psychic ability, if even a hunch or gut feeling because we are all spirit. So what you and your son have is "normal', per se but to top it off, you are an empath (read my article under the Articles section on how to deal with being an empath).

This world does not fit for an empath and it is very difficult to deal with it as such. But there are things you can do to shield yourself from the harsh energies of day-to-day life-- all referenced in the article.

You're obviously pursuing it to some degree or you wouldn't be here. Why ask any of us what to do? You have to pursue what drives you on the inside. We often act as our own guide and sense what we need to see, read and do. Do as you said, and what worked for you, and "focus" on where you would like to go next. We are not the creator of your life, you are.

Just a bit of advice though. The number one obstacle to any growth, in any area of our life, is fear. The creepy feeling you get when picking cards correctly stems from dealing with the unknown-- we all fear that. So continue educating yourself and remove the lack of knowing that keeps you in the dark and afraid.
Thanks for sharing.
Some people have thinner veils between this dimension and the next. You sound like one of them. Thin veil or not, that still leaves to be explained the moving objects. You clearly have energies in your home that are trying to get your attention. I've learned long ago that people with thin veils will be pursued more by energies because they know you can see or sense them. Why waste time on a human who cannot?

The mommy reference may just be an unborn child (have you ever had a miscarriage?). This may just be a reality of your life, but if they truly bother you, ask them to leave.

Thanks for sharing.
princesadelsol in Sparkling Lights
thank you all for your responses! The sparkles were glitter-like...very shiny I can't really tell ya what color they were. I haven't had anything happen to me since. I think it's because whatever it is, a spirit or a fairy knows that I am not ready to face it. I know I shouldn't be, but I am scared
I understand why you would think you were going crazy, but as you already know you are not. These symptoms as far as I know could be a sign of your abilities coming to surface and the sounds in your head as well as the feeling in the middle of your forehead could be a sign of energy being released, if you are interested in finding out more then you can start by researching about spiritual awakening as for those dreams they could have been memories of your past life, but I am not entirely sure.
I hope this helps you out a little, feel free to message me: legit47 [at] should you have anymore questions in the future.
shitzu123 in Who Are You?
Thinkk of it this way, if it was something positive would it really need to make you feel the way it does?

Whatever it may be, it has a purpose in making you want to make a stronger connection to it.

I would advise you to be careful as you have no knowledge of what this "strong" connection is and you don't want to be opening yourself up to something that could harm you in the long run.

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