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ChristianBeliever in The Demon Who Won't Leave
Hi Sweetheart. I know Christ did not make you happy the first time but give him another try and this time go for deliverance. There is evil out there and they will work in the area of the beliver to turn us away from God and his grace. Perhaps this was the reason for why you where unhappy. We come to Christ because of what he has already done for us not what he can do although he can do a lot. He died for our sins to wash us clean so we can have a relationship with the Heavenly Father. This relationship is eternal life. You can always come home. Seek deliverance. Look up deliverance ministers and get the demon casted out. In Jesus name is the only way. His name will not fail you. You will be set free. It may take a while but you will be set free from the demon in your house
Wow that's me too a tee...:) how are you handling it now do you have skype?
I have had a similar experience as yours except I have yet to meet the guy I keep seeing flashes of the future with.
[at] Berellic, thanks for replying! Answering your first question, yes I have an 'orgonite' placed in my room (almost wherever I go). Whenever I feel threatened I tend to commend myself to higher/divine energies, so that the negative energies dissipate.
Regarding the paranormal experience, I was 15 at the time, and on a regular school night, around 4 AM, the door simply slammed open with no known (by us two) force pushing it. As I said, the house is very old and there's some odd energy to it. It had been blessed by a priest, some time before. When we spoke about it the next day, the occurrence didn't seem to make much of an impression on the rest.
thank you for your help. I have since taken my cousins out for a day and sat them down and explained to them that I believe them and it happens to me too sometimes. I told them that they can speak to me about anything they don't want to tell their parents and I'll never get mad at them. I fell like they are more relaxed and happier now that someone believes them and that makes me stop worrying about them a little bit less.
Also your advice is great I will be studying this a lot more now. I wasn't sure exactly what I was or even if it was normal for this to happen on investigations but I have told my team I will no longer be going on investigations for a while until I can get help as I have been trying to manage and figure this out on my own for a while. I'm glad I can speak to like minded people.
I would like to give you some advice about your cousins first because, that is the most important issue in your story right now. The fact that they came to confide in you even at this young age speaks volumes. They feel that they can trust you and you need to be there for them now and in the future. Kids have active imaginations and parents always take that route of explaining things to reassure them. To a kid sometimes they equate this to not listening or believing them. If a child is truly psychic it can be really and extremely confusing and frightening to them.
You need to listen to them, tell them you believe them and thank them for trusting you enough to tell you. Then assure them that they can tell you anything and you won't tell anyone else unless they say it's ok. This gives them a safe outlet for their concerns and fears. They may really need you in the future. Not everyone is comfortable talking about paranormal or supernatural things. Don't discuss it with their parents right now. Their parents might restrict your time with your cousins when they need you the most and it will be much harder for the kids. Keep an open dialogue with them and reassure them that you would do anything you could to protect them from harm.
Now on to you. I believe that you are a strong empath and you need to study more on how to protect yourself and shut down or control your gift. You need to learn how to dial up and close down your sensitivities. This will take practice and guidance. You need to seek out another empath in our area to work with. Do not jump into this head first without help. Do not keep doing paranormal investigations at this time. You are vulnerable to being fed on or manipulated at this time and are putting yourself in harms way. You need more training before attempting this further. Click on my name and read some of the older posts I have done.
I myself have taken or gone with other psychics on investigations with paranormal investigators. I have acted both as a guide and a protector on these outings. I am 50 years old and have been experiencing the paranormal for 46 of those years. I have tried to warn people of the dangers they put themselves into sometimes.
I have been able to show other psychics shadow people (minions) and dark entities. After that they changed their mind about going out and actively trying to communicate with these things. Many of these evil entities cannot be recorded because on manifesting they draw all the energy out of the environment around them. Brand new batteries in cameras and recording devices even cars go dead. Lights go out and electronics go haywire. I have experienced all of this. That's why it is extremely dangerous for an empath. An empath can absorb energy but, can also have it drained away very quickly. Positive energy can be taken and negative can be forced in or influenced on by these entities. So be very careful and don't invite or play with this stuff.
I have many different gifts I have been given but, my strongest is the ability to sense and manipulate electrical and magnetic fields and sense good and evil in an instant. I can see through the veneer that evil puts up in an instant. I see shadow people and Demons night or day if they are near me even when shape shifted to look like someone or something else.
I can lock in on them like radar and follow their movements. I can feel the changes in the static electrical fields around me when they are about to manifest and can hold them in place for a brief moment before they disappear and escape. I am not an empath in the typical sense of the definition but, I have worked with them. When I was able to show an investigator a fully formed shadow entity for 2 seconds it freaked her out. It manifested right where I pointed 10 feet from her and caused her to scream in terror. It then disappeared. No one could record it because 4 sets of brand new fully charged batteries went dead. The psychic empath that was with us also felt ill and drained right before it appeared. It was feeding off of her. This is why I am telling you of the danger you could be inviting.
Hello I'm 16 and I've noticed for the last month light start flickering around me and electrical sockets start buzzing it never happened before so walking home today I decided to focus on a street light before I did this 3 of them was flickering. But the bizarre thing is what happened when I focused on the light it actually turned off I got a little worried by this because it turned off and there was like a wall like on a shop the started going crazy so u walked away but when I got to a distance the light came back on and stopped flickering. So basically I am looking for answers of why this is happening is it like an ability like electrokonusis or something
Thank you if you can respond asap please and I keep seeing white flashespecially
Hello jennifergarretson190,
There is a lot of information on this site that may help you. I don't know if you realize this but you can click on a posters name and it will go to a page with their past posts.
I have a lot of experience with this issue but, I won't go into a long post here. If you want click on my name or posting ID and you can read several posts from the past giving information on this subject. There are many people on here with a lot of good advice and it might help you feel better and not so overwhelmed.
I will tell you that you can take control of the situation but, fear is your greatest enemy. Do not seek the help of mediums with spirit guides from the other side. They will be deceived and fall right into the traps set by malevolent entities.
You need to distance yourself from all of this sort of thing. Remove anything like a Ouija board ritual book or any such contrivance from your home or safe space. Read through information on this site and let us know what is going on with you and we will try and help you. I myself am a Christian and find strength and protection from my beliefs and prayers. I am not trying to preach to you but, telling you to find balance in your life somehow.
I have battled evil in the past many times and in many different situations. Each time I have come away stronger and with greater knowledge. I wish that there had been a site like this when I was younger to look for information.
Just know that you are not alone and you are not crazy. Many people have been in your exact situation and society as a whole is not ready to hear it but we are.
Hello, I would like to contribute a little bit, and hopefully I can help some. First of all, when you mentioned in an additional post about the dark nature of the energy and psychic attacks, I believe that this could have been a manifestation of his own repressed feelings regarding the connection. When you have a soul connection with someone, it does not matter if the physical body follows through, one way or another this connection finds a way to be honored. And so my feeling is that due to the repression, the feelings were warped and arrived to you in a way that was not right. Maybe now that he is in a better place it could be a better time to be near him, but I would just be careful and possibly do some shielding meditation if you experience more attacks from him.

Also, with regards to feeling that you are linked to this man, I have had a handful of experiences like this in my life. Many times, I did not fully understand the path they traveled because the relationship, romantic or platonic did not last irregardless of how strong the connection was. After much searching, I came to some conclusions about these encounters. First, I think these are ones we meet over and over throughout lifetimes and our souls continue to find each other again and again. Each time we re-encounter each other, it is like something clicks into place- it's like a remembering because our soul remembers. Secondly, it has had to do for me with a soul contract. I'm not sure if you are familiar with this idea, but essentially it is the idea that before we come to Earth we make agreements with other souls about their role in our life. It is purely to teach and help us progress on our journey and never to intentionally damage us. So, I might ask- what is he here to teach you?

Hope it helps!
Hello there Jennifer,

May I ask why you used an Ouija Board In the first place? I'm asking because the reason why you begun to fall into such practices, indicates your emotional and mental state at that specific time it all begun. And the thing about these two, is how they "feed" and encourage experiences of that sort. Though, good, bad and even neutral beings exist within the spiritual realm, most of the times, it's the bad ones that answer calls like this, because of the chance given to them to mess with people's minds. The person's mental and emotional state, way of life, belief system, create opportunities and also influence in a great scale the way a person handles the happenings of this kind. Because, all these create a certain energy which allows dark beings to connect theirs to it.

So, no, you are not crazy. The combination of your own instability in your life, the fact that you've been experiencing all these things for the first time, and didn't know what to do, having no one to help you, people thinking you're crazy, and these creatures using all the tools they had access to, to hurt you any way they could, is what would lead anyone to feeling like this. I'm sorry you had to experience this feeling of loneliness and of nobody understanding you, because I have been there too and I know how bad it can get.

You mention on your story, that after you met these "people", you noticed yourself becoming obsessed with using the board. What caused that? Was it a need of yours to explore it all more? Or you felt it was something imposed on you from an external foreign power, which made you feel like losing control of your own mind and actions?

Because of the dark nature of these beings, I suggest you begin working on yourself, your energy, your mind in order to slowly make it harder and harder for these beings to be able to connect to it and use it to harm you. Now, I'm talking about energy here. Everything you do and feel, generates a certain energy, good or bad, and which affects you a specific way. For that reason, I believe you should start working on slowly cleansing your own energy, as well as, using energy as a way to protect and defend yourself, as a way to create boundaries between you and them. I know this mind sound a bit crazy, but we are indeed talking about spiritual beings, and their spiritual effect they have on you.

Judging by your mental state you are describing, I can assume it must be very scary and uncomfortable within your own mind, however I'd like to suggest some meditation or some praying, anything that can help you connect to your inner self, calm you down,and, allow you to feel your own energy. Think about happy memories and moments of your life and allow these positive emotions to overwhelm you. Once you have reached this state, spread all this feeling, all this energy all over you body and visualize it cleansing away all the dark and negative energy lingering within you. Visualize a white light spreading and cleansing away all this black mist-like energy. The thing about prayer and meditation, is that apart from the fact that they allow you to relax and tap into your own self and energy, they allow you to connect, if done properly, with hope and faith:) , to Light, regardless of your religion and belief system.

Use your energy with the intention to cleanse you and to create a bubble like shield around you, work on your mindset and mental and emotional state, and slowly you will begin creating boundaries between you and them.

My email is up on my profile, so make sure to contact me if you need further guidance or to just talk.
❤ Thank you so very much for your insight. This has given me a lot of useful information. I am so greatful.
Most of the time people don't know what's on the other side communicating through the board and I feel that if most people did, not many would be doing this anymore because it would bring fear knowing the appearance of the spiritual beings on the other side. There are a lot of beings on the other side that aren't just good or bad but try to stay neutral within their own agenda. There are demonic beings that do take advantage of this style of spiritual communication as an opportunity to get closer to humans with a wrongful agenda. Everyone who make the choice to use a Ouija board become at risk of spiritual danger. These dangers can manifest into forms of mental stress and disease, internal body sickness, nightmares, curses, negative energy environment in homes, demonic being attachments, and more. It seems you opened a door you can't close and your at a climatic point in your life. You have to disconnect from everything that it brought to you and seek divine help from within your soul. You need to seek the Holy Light within your soul to cleanse you of energies that linger on your person from day to day. You need to be anew and bold. 😁
Hello there Melissa,

I'm curious to know, what it was that triggered these experiences, in the first place. What you have been experiencing, is something that can prove to be heppening due to a variety of reasons. Some of them lay within us and some of them lay around us, in our surrounding enviroment.Spirit, is a word, which describes a spiritual being, namely a being with no physical body, so it could be anything, from good to bad, though from the indications you're describing I assume it is something not so good. I have my email up on my profile, so feel free to email me so we can work on this together.
[at] airedevida, its nice to see others find comfort with those having similar experiences and mindset. Seems like you were very empathic as a kid an it still carries on today, though as you began acknowledging the ability - you were able to develop it to where you understand what it means as when you would sense people and know who they are. Thats pretty impressive. I myself had a very similar experience with seeing the energy of the earth, when I stare at the clear blue sky long enough and focused enough I start to see like hundreds of small orbs that move around within my vision of the environment I am in. I would turn my head and see it in every direction I would look.

I'm not sure if both events; the church and car accident are related with intuition directly. I see where you are coming from but I also see your not too sure either. I do believe something made contact with you at the church and likely could have warned you of possible danger but through understanding of the spiritual realms. I feel as though this contact had been aware of something dark that has its eyes on you - as you were protected and safe from the accident.

Since your energy is very active I wonder if you routinely place spiritual protection because that helps against unwanted energies. Seems like this energy had become very curious of you but may be something that lurks in your home so keep an eye out for that. Aggressive energies and slamming doors huh? Can you tell me more about these experiences?

It was nice reading your story! 😁 😁
I've had these similar experiences throughout my life even until this day. Sometimes I'd be with company in a room for a while, my company would leave the room momentarily and my back would be facing the doorway. I would the presence of someone walking into the room and as I turn my head expecting who it is - I see no one physically there. There are times where I would use my spiritual vision to see what's really there. I've seen lost souls wonder hopelessly in my home and I would pray for their souls to be taken to a better place in gods hands. Prayer is a great way to handle these situations.

Knowing that you sensed something uncomfortable around you, I would advise you keep your prayers strongly focused on spiritual protection from unwanted energies that may try coming near you. Message me if you have any questions. 😁
These types of dreams you are having that come true after, seems to me that these events are being shown to you for a purpose that leads to a greater understanding about yourself on a personal level and the support of people around you. Make sure of the people you care about around you have your back and are willing to listen and help when you go through things. It always helps to talk with people about what's on your mind but take it slow. How are these dreams going to change the type of person you are today? With all the impacts these dreams have had so far in your life, you are being guided through and god is with you. 😁
Hi LadyB13,
I believe what you were witnessing was a demon in the middle of shape shifting or possessing a person. You might be starting to get an ability that I have. For a very long time I have been able to see Demons during the middle of the day especially in large crowds. They sometimes hang very near people when they are trying to influence them. It probably did not realize that you were able to partially see through it's image. Some Demons are devoid of a mouth or eyes but, just have depressions in their face where those things should be. A Demon or it's minions have the ability to shape shift to look like a person or something else. I have many abilities but, they run more toward the darker spectrum of paranormal abilities. I am not on this site very often until I am driven or compelled to be. It does not seem that very many psychics experience these things but, I am sure that I am not the only one. I think that you might accidentally be tuning into their frequencies and if so you need to be careful and protect your self.
These entities are all around us all of the time and are constantly trying to influence and corrupt mankind. Fortunately there is a barrier to help protect us from them. Usually they need an opportunity or opening to gain access to our lives. They are constantly just waiting for people to slip up and invite them. That is why I always warn people on this site bout Ouija boards and like things.
If you are starting to open up to this ability and would like to hone it to help others you must do some work on your self first. First off you must learn to control your fears. You need to cultivate protection for your self first. People may not want to hear or read this, but only God, the Creator, the Great spirit, or whatever term you wish to use can keep you truly safe. I have dealt with this realm and have many stories. You need to cleanse your self, soul, id, spirit, higher self first and gain control of your own will and strengthen it. This will help you resist influences. You need to become a believer. You need to learn to pray and meditate.
If you think I'm joking I can tell a story about a Pastor I tried to warn about what I seen coming after him and the downward spiral is life took. Luckily he is still with us but even he went to very dark place and almost became a statistic. In fact I just talked to him 3 weeks ago. He no longer has a church but is doing much better and turned his life back around.
Now once you get your ducks in a row and want to practice, all it takes is people watching. Take some evening in a large venue or crowd and find a good vantage point to watch from. Sit down, relax and calm your self down. Close your eyes for a minute try and listen to your own heartbeat and tune out the noise and crowd. When the sound of your heart gets louder and slows down open your eyes and focus on the whole crowd not just one person. You should be able to pick out the people or objects that just don't seem to fit in. After you do this a few times you should be able to catch a glimpse of something or someone moving in and around the crowd. If you truly have the gift, the first time you actually catch a demon shape shifting it will freak you out. The first time you see one in it's natural form it will scare the c__p out of you until you get your wits about you. The best movie example of this I could give you is a movie called Odd Thomas. Though what I see does not look like what he seen the effect is similar. They know I can see them and can't seem to leave until I blink and then they are gone.
Now I want to stress to not try this until you can protect your self.
Hello nikolamariex,
First, I want to express my deepest condolences for the loss that you have faced.
Second, please know that you are not alone. I have experienced similar things on many occasions. These are certainly premonitions, and some people get them before or while the event is taking place. Guilt can eat through us with such realizations, but keep in mind that this gift is not something easily controlled. None of what you sense is your fault, and oftentimes there is little or nothing to prevent the event.
That being said, these things can become easier, and I believe potentially useful, with acceptence and determination. Meditation done regularly helped me, but it did increase my experiences for a long time before helping me to gain some control. If you have accepted this as a part of you, it is easier. My gifts, though they had always been present manifested most strongly over the course of several years, and I was lucky enough to have an excellent support network. I hope that this aite will contribute to yours, as it did mine.
I wish you courage and peace.
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your advice. I know this is very soon after, but I did the spiritual cuts of the cords and it actually worked for me almost immediately. It must be that I was wrong about the connection I thought I had with this person. Whatever feelings I had, it was one sided and only coming from me to him. Since the spiritual cuts worked so well, I can only conclude this was actually the case. I also found out (not through any person) That he is already in a relationship and is actually leaving the state very soon. I'm a bit saddened but glad to be able to avoid any further emotional attachment to this person. I hope your situation resolves soon as well. Be blessed.
Hi! I noticed you haven't received any responses. I will try to help. I am an empath and I can sense things from people even through a computer screen. Lately though, my abilities have been diminishing. Many years ago I had a family member whom I loved dearly, pass away suddenly. No one knew she was deadly ill and the doctors kept saying that they couldn't find anything wrong (She hadn't been feeling too well). However, before she actually passed away, I had a dream during which I was standing outside the window of her apartment trying to look inside, but the windows were closed and all I could see was shadows of her furniture. I mean, what really got me was the horrible feelings I felt. It was a combination of deep sadness, loneliness, loss and absence, all rolled into one very, very dark feeling. Now, I have come to decipher that dream as a premonition of her death. But, it wasn't exactly a dream telling me that she would die, but a dream showing me her absence and her departing. Dreams about someone's dying might not always mean the actual death of a person. Besides, your grandma has been ill, so maybe your feelings are just normal worrying/concern? It sounds like something more than that, but I am not sure. Please keep us posted.
confusedintx in So Confused. What Am I?

Thanks so much for your input. It gives me some things to certainly think about. I still am caught up in the "mirror" thing she told me. And I still don't quite get what all this means. It seems like I am more "vulnerable" to whatever this is when I am in sensory overload or in a sensory seeking fit (yes...I experience both with my with the aspergers). Today for instance, I was out taking care of some business which required me to drive all over the city. I was in my car for 7 hours and made 11 quick stops along the way. I listened to the same song...over...and...over...and...over...and...over. My aspie brain did the math and I listened to the durn thing 58 times. And I just got home and am about to put my earbuds back in. I understand now why the music is so...enchanting...for lack of a better word. I always just thought people "felt" the music like I do. I thought everyone was "looking" at the music when they closed their eyes and went away with the music like I do. I have learned they don't.

So today was a sensory seeking "event". Its kind of strange... My friend just stays in my head...can't get rid of her... Not that I want to. But I would like to be able to go a couple of hours without just thinking about her. Anyhow, I just felt she needed to be told to "stay true" to herself. So I sent her a little graphic basically telling her to stay authentic. She actually needed it at that moment.

I dunno, I am not sexually attracted to her in that sense. Just seems like there is something I am just not getting. Really don't even know why I am rambling about her. And even if it WERE sexual, she is VERY heterosexual and VERY married (I am VERY "married" as well). And me... I really don't consider myself anything. Never really have. Love is Love. So my partner/wife of the last 28 years is a female just as I am. But to me...seriously...biology is biology and needed for procreation. Love is Love... And every being needs it. I have been in love with both sexes and enjoyed both sexes. Just always been like this. Even before I understood the "birds and the bees" I would ask why people couldn't just love everybody the same way and marry whomever they wanted. Again...rambling.

Like right this very moment... And it happens SO frigging often... I will be thinking of her. Not intensely, but with focus. What happens... She calls. I melt. Its not like I become aroused... But I melt.

I dunno. I still question wtf I am. I understand more. I understand what the aspergers has contributed, both in a positive and negative manner, to my life. I kind of understand the vibrations now. I just don't know how to move forward. As much as I despise labels, it may be nice to have one right about now. One of the worst things about my aspergers is I "loop" over contradictions over and It can be very destructive because I go into what I have always called a "glitch". Candidly, it is taking almost everything within me to just "go with the flow" on this, as has been suggested outside this forum. BUT... If I had a path towards a resolution my life would be oh so much easier. My last bad "glitch" was a little over 41 hours. And that's a LONG F'ing time to stay in a state of semi-detachment and semi-meltdown.

So thoughts...?
There's a couple ways to strengthen abilities, that I know of. You should focus on meditation/grounding. As you absorb energy and expel any negative energy, it can help boost your abilities. Sometimes power spells can help temporarily (by charging them first). Watching what you eat helps, and trying to practice definitely does too. However, I haven't quite mastered how to boost my abilities, either.
Also, I know some people claimed to build a tolerance to caffeine to where it doesn't dampen their abilities. Everyone's different.
Sorry I can't tell you how to boost your abilities though! I also know that an illness will dampen your abilities, such as having the flu. I've also have had a chronic illness for seven years, but for the past two or three years my abilities stopped working at once (except for one ability that is very dull). I'm trying to figure out what is wrong so when I find a treatment plan that works, I can also get my abilities back...hopefully. I feel foreign without them!
Anyway, good luck!
Toxxicwishes71, Thank you for your response. A lot of what you said makes sense to me. Do you know if there is a way to strengthen these abilities? Also, I didn't know that caffeine would dampen my abilities. I will have to cut that out of my diet. Again, thank you for the advice on how to help/save people. I have been keeping a close eye on my friend for the past year as well. It can be exhausting sometimes.
ToxxicWishes71 in So Confused. What Am I?
I'm glad you started to look into what is going on with you! These things could be scary, but it truly can be a gift and not a curse.
I am also able to sense when people are going to die, however not the same way as you. You seemed a little more in-tune with your abilities (in fact, I'm kind of jealous). For me, I know when someone has a week to live. (Technically, five days and about 22-23 hours to live starting from when I get the feeling).

Starting with your friend who told you that you are probably an Empath: it could be many things. I have several friends who share similar abilities or even practically opposite abilities of me (besides sensing death), and because I have been lucky enough to have so much people around me that are similar, I've picked up on a few things.

We all have energy, and I'm sure you know that. But the energy of psychics, like us, are a little different than average people. For most people, the natural energy (I wouldn't say their Aura...that's a little different) surrounds them and stands off their body about an inch to two-inches. For psychics, it is very common for our energy to "stand off" of our body more than three-inches, often surrounding our body in a big ball that is a foot wide, and can even fill a room (which sucks sometimes when you can SEE energy because the room is so damn "thick").

But, that's not the only thing that is different about our energy. Depending on the abilities we possess (sensing death, general precognition, telekinesis, mind reading), we also have energy "types."
From what I gather from a couple years of observation and experimenting a little with my friends who are similar to me, there is most likely three (maybe four) types of energy.
There's dark energy (which I have). Dark energy doesn't mean evil energy, but it just means that our energy tends to look really dark. Now, I also have the ability to heal, so like I said dark doesn't mean bad.
There's also light energy, which tends to be clear/bright energy surrounding them. It also doesn't automatically mean their "good", because I have met plenty with light energy that has abilities that often cause more harm then good.
Then, there's Light/Dark energy. This one is weird. I've seen people have a light "background" with black dots in their energy, and vice versa.
Finally, there's the possibility of a fourth energy type, that's called a "Chameleon" or even "Type O". This energy type changes from Light, Dark, and possibly Light/Dark on a constant basis, and tends to have a "sheild" that prevents people like me from seeing what their energy looks like (physically see, or see in my minds eye). But, this fourth type is just a theory.

All this energy effects us. I have dark energy, and one of my best friends has light energy. When she used to be in-tuned with her abilities, her energy and my energy always "fought" or "mixed" if we were in the same room. As a consequence, we both (or one of us) would experience headaches, and rarely dizziness, loss of balance, and maybe even nausea. It does not hurt us permanently, and I'm sure if we focused on "shielding" our energy when we are around it would be better - but I don't know.

But, back to your friend. It's very possible her reaction is to your energy. The ability you have is most commonly with Dark energy. If she has light energy (or even Light/Dark energy), she may feel a need to separate herself from you (even before experiencing side effects like a headache).
Though, it may also be because your ability scares her. I've had multiple people avoid me, and when confronted they told me they think my ability is scary.
It could even be something she feels as a psychic from you.

Honestly, I have no idea. But, I hope that helps at least a little!

As for that warm feeling you were experiencing, that sounds like energy as well. In fact, that sounds like grounding.
Grounding is basically expelling any negative energy and absorbing good energy so you can be charged. As psychics, we are basically a walking battery.

And, finally, you said you keep thinking of the words "absorption" and "transference". Psychics tend to be more in-tune with energy in general, and as a result, MANY psychics have the ability to absorb and transfer specific energies. There's multiple types - energy of people's aura (mostly emotional energy, kind of), psychic energy, other natural energy from the universe and nature, life force energy, heat energy, sound energy, and I'm sure there is even more. On multiple occasions, I have met psychics that can absorb heat and often transfer that heat somewhere else. In fact, I have that ability, but it's difficult to do it on items. Sadly, I didn't know I had this ability, and when I was working on my healing, I ended up stealing a LOT of heat from one of my closest friends, and only two minutes later she felt like she just came out of the freezer.

The words you keep thinking may be a feeling that you need to absorb and transfer energy. It may simply be the need to ground, but it could also be something else. Just... Be careful! Energy absorption and transference can be dangerous, but usually it doesn't get to that.

Hope I helped. If you need anything, just message me!
Hi, SusanLM!
I know exactly what you are growing through.
Ever sense I was a kid, I have been able to sense pretty much anything negative. I can tell when someone is just "bad", when someone is going to get hurt, when something bad is going to happen, and I can even tell if It will be the last time I see someone (ever, or in a long time). But, most of all, I have the ability to know when someone is going to die - and often how. However, unlike you, I am given about 5 days and 23 hours in advance (estimated time for most of the ones I predicted).
There are multiple types of "Shadow people", and given what you are telling me it seems you may be experiencing two types.
For me, when I know when someone is going to die, I get a strong feeling, sometimes hear a voice, and often see a shadow person lurking by the person who has a week to live. When I was seven, I was leaving my dad's house when a shadow person leaned into me from behind, and whispered in my ear and said, "Tell your dad you love him. It's the last time you will see him." What was weird was, I actually FELT hot air, as if it was actually someone's breath. I even pictured how this woman looked like (sometimes It seemed like she was pale and grey, but she looked beautiful nonetheless). Every time, I automatically thought of her as "death". To other people, this spiritual being would make people afraid and get a bad feeling. For me, It was as if I knew who she was, and I even chose a name "Kelly".
I told my dad I loved him, and a week later he died of a heart attack. Ever sense then, I still would get similar experiences, even if they weren't as strong.

But, there is a different type of shadow person, too. What most people would refer to as "demons", these spiritual beings are able to make themselves look like someone else, dress somehow else, and often it seems they TRY to look as terrifying as possible. In my case, this shadow person visiting me by looking like Kelly.
But, she wasn't Kelly. At least, I'm pretty certain she wasn't.
It's important to know, though, that these "demons" are able to induce fear and thoughts of suicide. No, not by "looking terrifying", but actually INDUCE fear - almost like their energy pierces your energy field and manipulates it.
Praying a demon away never worked (at least, not in my case or anyone that I know of), but how to make them go away is fairly simple.
You just have to stand your ground. You have to tell yourself you are NOT scared, and you have to ORDER them to leave your home and to never see YOU again. Don't half-a** it either. Actually BELIEVE.

I have also noticed that these "demonic beings" or evil shadow people follow people with abilities of any kinds, and the theory is that they somehow feed off of our energy. I don't know if that's true, because they can induce fear and depression. Depression/thoughts of suicide dampens your psychic abilities, (often along with caffeine, drugs, fear, and certain other stuff). Fear fuels these beings, but I'm not sure if our energy does. -shrugs- I just know they follow psychics, mediums, and so on all the time.

Anyway, I hope this helped. I am glad you were able to save your friend! Because I am given a week-notice on someone's death, it makes it a little difficult to find out the exact 'When', and sometimes the 'how' gets lost in translation or even changes. But, it is important to know that HOW you save someone is important. I once saved a family member from dying, and kept it up for a year. She ended up having a more painful death then she would have originally. This case might be different though - she was old and had cancer, and it wasn't until I had a period where my abilities stopped working (due to depression I think) did she pass away.
But, I believe if you save someone from death physically (say, making sure they didn't get in a car when they were supposed to die in a car crash), things might be different. I still am learning all the "rules", I guess.

I hope I helped. Sorry this was terribly long! If you ever have any other questions or want to share experiences, feel free to message me!
Sometimes we can spend too much time analyzing the experience rather than enjoying the connection and taking from it the lessons learned, or the messages we are supposed to hear. Since I posted my own psychic connection experience, time and reading others post have at least brought to me the realization that I'm not crazy, delusional, or alone in this. But, all my obsession over this has taken me away from my own spiritual journey. I'm back to healing and strengthening the self love my soul needs to grow and eliminating thoughts of him. I may never know what this connectiion was all about, but I know I must move on for my own sanity. I hope you find peace...
nine years old.

Mm, well Kate, you're not crazy, but it sure feels like it doesn't it? I once had near continuous Deja Vu for a full hour, often say things for no reason I can explain only to watch near strangers accuse me of spying on them, I've been in houses where all the light switches turned themselves off and I lucid dream almost exclusively much of the time this gives way to the so called out of body experience. I imagine you;re probably long gone from the forum by now, but maybe someone else will find this helpful. It can get pretty weird.
Hi there,

Interesting read. Can I ask are any of you able to send info to someones past timeline.

I hadn't yet. But now that you suggest I will try. Thank you for suggesting it. He might be able to tell me about himself and what he wants. 😁
The New Mexico desert was pretty interesting too, almost like a Disney cartoon with the colors. I got some feedback from intel while in the dessert, what they said was "I can't get that information". I also got some information from a bm radio announcer who said, "you're going to be surprised about the British Government's role in all this, it will all be over on 7/7".
Also, I'd like to share that a lot of the dream activity is location based, some places are much nicer to sleep than others.

I recently visited Malaysia again, and although there are many nice people and museums there, I had some occult experiences while there, including a severe lucid dream in which I was impaled by large metal hook, which was scraped back and forth against my back for 3 or 4 minutes while a group of europeans ravenously watched and enjoyed the severe excrutiating torture.

It was the worst torture dream I had since spending a night in New Mexico.

I was in Missouri, which was pretty nasty, not sure where to go, and had a dream of a car with a New Mexico driver's licence on it going to New Mexico and there seemed to be a suggestion that I would find girls there. The next night, as I was falling asleep, I was experiencing some disturbances related to a cyberattack on my cell phone which were pretty severe, when I recieved a message, which I perceived to come from the Chinese Government which said "Leave now." It's seemed to make good sense, the only good advice I had received in a long time, so I immediately left for Albequerque. I drove through the city limits of Wicheta, Kansas at precisely 3AM (which may be connected to some Christian occultism). Perhaps the speed of my vehicle was being controlled through neurological control by a local paramilitary or corporation).

I crossed the state border of Oklahoma, and I was immediately bombarded with the voice "I like" and seperately, "Atrocity". As I was driving, I keep hearing the chant, "Oklahoma is our home, we love Oklahoma, Oklahoma is our home, we love Oklahona,..." in the wind. The highway signs were not in English, they appeared to be hieroglyphics which I understood to read "Department of Defense identification required beyond this point".

I spent a night in Oklahoma City, and was really well restored there, but I didn't want to stay, so I kept going. I crossed into Texas, and was bombarded with the voice "No one fears the judgement".

The field was really nice, but kind oppressive, like it was an effort to remain erect while driving.

I pretended to convert to Christianity for about 20 minutes in the desert, and was able to enjoy the sunshine and desert vista and totally forget all the wars and problems in the world briefly.

I spent a few nights in New Mexico and was only briefly pestered by a few professional agitators, kids mostly, and a few spirit vampires or whatever.

Then one night I had a severe torture dream, in which I was driving through the desert again and singing Amazon Grace (forged first person speech in dreams which I can detect). After the song and re-enjoying the desert vista, I turned around and saw a small child in black and white, probably my brother from 30 years ago, behind me on a desolate desert path. He said "I have a disgusting sword". Which he then weilded. It wasn't a sword, but almost like a taser that flew through the air in a ball of light and struck me in back. The electrical shock then raised up to the base of the back of my brain and did a kind of scrambling/shaking/eletrecution effect that was excrutiatingly painful for about 10 seconds before waking up.

It was so bad that I immediately resolved to leave the country, and left immediately for a 30 or 40 hour nonstop drive to the northeast to get my birth cerficate so I could get another passport. I crossed into Texas again (a few hours before the mass shooting in Dallas, which I learned about after returning to the Northeast), and saw the entire sky shimmer, as if the entire sky was not real. I remember specifically thinking that I'd like to drive through Louisiana but got a feeling that it would be too dangerous there so drove directly back to the Northeast.
Thanks for sharing, it sounds like you have powerful gifts. It is hard to articulate experiences from the other side, much of it is feelings a lot of the time.
Inter-dimensional stuff scares me since I received a warning in a lucid dream. A girl I was talking to in a mall type of place told me 'shhh 5D, shhhhh...' and I said (being a total camera nerd) what's that? Like a Canon 5d? She said 'no 5D, like aliens, shhh they will hear us'. I never even knew at the time a 5th dimension existed. That dream still terrifies me because ever since I was a kid I felt a persons thoughts can be projected out into the universe for other beings to know or hear.
I'm dealing with the same thing... Oh my god it's nuts. I have a same connection with someone I can't tell if it's a twin flame or a connection but I believe twin flame he got sent off too the military... We still mind chat its insane
I also have a seal, but I can't remove it myself... Any help will be much appreciated...
lauterb in A Burning Desire
Dear All

I will give a simple example from what is happening!

The Earth spiritual governor had to pay a visit (in flesh) and for that due to its spiritual body configuration, he need 1000 years to be able to reincarnate. During this preparation time the news about his coming was spread out and some incarnated spirits during it interchange become also aware about this news. The last ones were prophets the first one was Jesus!

Our case now, our planet Earth is about to rise it level, from planet of tests and trials will become to be a regeneration planet. Huge spiritual level difference. That change already started, the last forty and something years they are occurring. Big events are increasingly frequent, earthquakes, tsunamis, big disasters, wars etc.

This all is happening announce this big change, pse don't mystake this assuming the end is coming, far from that! High level spirits are reincarnated in big waves to help this final step and speed up things.

Since you, before "arriving" here, was informed about these changes you have the strong feeling about this "big thing coming". I include myself on this, because I was born in 1963 and I have this same felling since I was a kid!
First we have to understand that Jesus is the earth spiritual ruler and everything is happening according to his terms under God's will.
Second this transition will have a lot of "noise", we see this in the news every day because those who are not at the minimum spiritual level will be deported to an inferior planet (like us at 4000 years bc) Those spirits are desperate to win the "war", but they will not and they will be washed out from here.

What we have to do, prepare to help this transition, help your community, help poor people, do voluntary work, do charity and be useful in the well.

This the very basic, follow what Jesus told us to do for our next, this is more than enough to give your contribution for the change happens.

In case you wold like to study more about you can read the books from Allan Kardec, you can freely download at internet pdf files.

I would start with the book Gospel with CHAPTER 3 IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE ARE MANY MANSIONS.

Good study
Dear Greggb
Thanks a lot for your comment and the time you spent on my question. I must admit I'm at a loss as to what I should do when I see these numbers. But as you said maybe 323 has a significance.
About the images that you told me about, I'm afraid they are all wrong (if you were viewing me) but I've done remote viewing and still do, and I know that you perceive various images and color and emotions before tuning in to what you target is, so it might become more clear after a few sessions. All the same thank you again.
I'd really appreciate it if you could look at my essence, what my soul is knot what form it has taken in this current lifetime.
Looking forward to your answer 😁
I fully agree with the others here that have posted on this site. We all are in very firm agreement. Do not play with Ouija boards or any like contrivance. Do not perform summoning spells or rituals. You are young and do not realize the consequences of what you are doing. Unfortunately Hollywood and the movies have glorified and made fun of these type of things and targeted young people that don't know any better. They want you to believe it is only innocent fun. There is a consequence for everything you do and the bill must be paid eventually. Just stay away from that type of stuff and enjoy your youth while you have it. Don't trust the so called spirits that are speaking to you, but ignore them.
Hello Zoxfordr,
I am not on this site very often. I usually only come and post on here when I am compelled to. I have a lot of knowledge and experience in this realm you are experiencing. I have been told in the past that my writing is to blunt and matter of fact but, I need people to know that I am serious when I give advice. I try not to scare people or be a fear monger but, I want people to know the seriousness of the situation that they are creating. I want people to have truth and knowledge to be able to protect themselves if necessary. I have been forced to move in and deal with the darker side of the paranormal realms. I am 50 years old now and have dealt with it from child hood. I also have never quite fit into society around us. I see things for what they really are and can see right through the false veneer. All my life I could see good and evil manifestations in an instant, like reading black letters and numbers on a white back ground.
I know what you are seeing and sensing and I know how troubling it can get. I know how confused you are feeling at times.
I myself have watched and looked at crowds of people in the middle of the day and seen entities moving around and among them. Meanwhile those people see nothing. If you have read any of my posts you would find a commonality among some of the situations. I hope that it might give you additional incite.
Now getting onto business.
You are in control of your space and boundaries and remember that. Learn that not all in the realm beyond the veil is unicorns, moonbeams and pretty swirly colours and lights. There is true evil out there just hoping and waiting for a chance to slip in. It and they will do everything in their power to lie, deceive and confuse you. Possession is a real thing often watered down to influencing a person place or object. People and things can be cleansed and purified but, only Love and God have true permanent power over them. When you read about people using white light to cleanse and protect against evil this is what they are talking about.
You can cast out Evil in God's or Jesus's name but only if you are a true believer. If not the thing will just laugh at you. I have seen it more than once. Love is abhorrent and repulsive to Evil. It will cower in it's presence. The Love of a mother for her child or a Christian toward God or another person is a very powerful force. The empathy of a person toward the plight of another can be a potent power and force against evil.
On to your situation,
No, under no circumstances do you communicate with it. The Devil is the father of lies and his children are gifted with deceit. Yes you are dealing with a Demon. You don't have to fear it if you don't want to. Let me explain. Demons, minions and malevolent entities feed on fear, hatred and anger. They attempt to affect or influence you to create more of that which gives them power over you and others around you. I can tell you that they don't like me much. You having knowledge of this helps give you power over them. A Christian psychic is a 1... 2 punch for evil entities and they know it and it infuriates them.
Getting back on task here, you need to do some house cleaning on your self first. Get rid of any anger or grudges you hold toward other people. Apologize or make amends with people you have hurt in the recent past (we all have done it sometime) and let go of destructive behavior. Every step toward this is a step away from your tormentors control. You preformed rituals in the past not thinking about the consequences and called forth this Demon. DO NOT USE HIS NAME FROM NOW! Of course he wants you to use and refer to his name. That is preforming a summoning request and ritual over and over again giving him more form and substance. Stop, cease, desist, do not do it 1 more time. If you must, refer to it as your little irritation or small inconvenience. This demeans it and empowers you. It lessens your fear one baby step at a time but, it's safer just to put it out of your mind and try to ignore it's tantrums. Oh it will get worse before it gets better or until you gain control of your own space.
Now for the very important stuff and I mean listen up. Do not dabble in the dark arts or any form of it, do not fall to temptation. Do not attempt to contact or gain help from past dead or spirit guides or mediums or use Ouija boards or perform incantations or rituals of any kind. When battling a Demon all of these things are openings or cracks in your armor to allow an entry point for it to get a foot hold and control of your life again. It will be pissed and will come back with everything it's got to make you pay for what you have done to it.
God forgives Demons and the Devil don't.
I am not trying to preach to you but, I will leave you with a famous quote and line.
In the end there are only 2 paths you can go on, but there is still time to change the road your on.
I think I lost my abilities because nothing has happened in awhile. I feel like there is a powerful energy inside of me.

Something traumatic has happened in my life. But that was ten years ago. My life changed after that. My life right now is full of negativity. But I don't know if that is the cause.

You mentioned something about practicing spiritually. What do you mean?
jasmine_glaze in Psychic Or Coincidences?

Why do you think you've lost your abilties, how does it feel? Has something traumatic happened in your life? Were you not practicing anything spiritual? In one of my comments I mentioned how my abilities got sealed away, you can look that up.

I can help you develop further, but at it's important to find the cause of you losing your abilities. Once it's figured out and solved, then you can move on

PS. I emailed you

Dear Jasmine,

Thank you. I do want to learn more about my abilities. I also want to learn how to fully develope all of my abilities. Can you help me?

One more thing though, I haven't had any experiences for awhile, and I fear that I might have lost my abilities.

jasmine_glaze in Psychic Or Coincidences?
Dear Unicron1000,

The experiences with knowing what will happen within minutes up to a day is one of the most common abilitie psychic people have. I'm pretty sure these aren't the only experiences you had (many might seem no too psychic or we usually forget them). Depending how much you want to learn, there are many possibilities for your growth. If you keep on being spiritually active it will develop further.
If you are interested in getting to know more, feel free to hit me up or leave a commnent.

Do you want to know something interesting? I actually very recently submitted a post here where I mentioned seeing the number 3:23. I noticed that you mentioned being 32 and having your experiences for 3 years. If you take the first three numbers in your post it works out to 323.

Why? I have no idea. It could be coincidence. But strange things like this happen.

Also right now I'm getting a picture of something and I can't make it out completely, although I believe it contains either squares or cubes, and a brownish-red, maybe rust color. And perhaps the character of a fairly old lady wearing a wig, though that might just be my imagination. Though I do see a house in a draw, in an area with very little vegetation... Mostly dark-brown dirt, and an elderly lady standing outside the house, shaking her fists in agitation.

For whatever that's worth to you...
Greggb, thank you for your comment. Please clarify "one of your own kind" since you refer to this as a possible explanation for my experience.
Chomba, thank you for your response. I googled cord cutting on the internet. I tried different metods, but none of them worked. From the Internet and youtube videos, I've gained my information on soul and twin flame bonds. The man I am bonded to is a foreigner who I had no romantic interest in the beginning. There is also information out there on the Internet regarding the false twin or catalyst that is the preparatory experience for the true twin flame. While the cord cutting didn't work I tried protection visualization and even prayer. I didn't mention this in my original post, but this whole experience has a dark supernatural feel that led me to use protecton when around him. I am a Christian, and so I called on the archangels, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and my deceased relatives to stand around me while I hold or wear crystals. I started this after experiencing psychic attacks for almost the entire month of October, 2016 before he and I began working on a project together. At the end of October, through dreams it was revealed that the psychic attacks were coming from him. They were sexual in nature but I don't believe he is aware that he projects his emotions so strongly or that he purposely means harm. These religious symbols and visualization I use have, I believe, caused the disconnection between he and I. Divine intervention will step in when you ask. I am still confused. I hope you find peace in your situation.
It sounds like you are very sensitive. I have had some of the experiences that you mentioned. Last night I had that feeling that someone was outside my house watching me and was after me. I randomly burned my house out with Sage yesterday and maybe something had been pushed out and wanted in. I let my dog sit near me and then I focused on drawing positive energy and angels towards me and asked for them to protect and surround me. I would like for you to do the same and try to visual light filling you and your home. Keep a hallway light on if it helps. You can go on youtube and find a Bible playlist and play it on low as you sleep. Put a night light in your room if needed. If you find a nice soothing scented lotion, rub some on you before you go to bed to help you relax. Pray if you are religious. Smudge your house, google it.
Hi dear,
Do not mess around with oujia boards. Get it out of your house. Negative spirits can disguise themselves as friendly spirits. They use this device as a tool to help them locate people they can manipulate. They will do things for you and later down the road you will owe them.
Any updates Kaj? It has been a good while. I have nothing else to say, I'm just reaching the 50 character threshold now. However, hearing your progress or decline would be interesting and good to know,
Yeah, there's a certain part of the brain that actually paralyzes our bodies when we fall asleep. It's meant to prevent us from acting out our dreams. Scientists have either removed or disabled these parts in lab animals, and they've gotten up and move around in pretty lucid states. The fact that you sleepwalk probably means there's something not quite right with this part of your brain.

That panicky feeling you're talking about isn't just the result of sleep paralysis. It's the result of being in a semi-conscious state when sleep paralysis is still occurring.

That lucid state you're talking about is a state of semi-consciousness. I think this is when most people lucid dream. I know that's when I lucid dream.

I haven't heard many people describe an experience like yours. I actually have one very similar, though I am aware of the fact that I'm dreaming. I know that it's not being caused by an entity. But it's pretty scary all the same. It's most scary for me because I actually can't breathe for what seems like a long time (it may not actually be that long, but it feels like it is).

There have been myths where this experience is believed to be the visitation of a demon. So evidently it's common to get the sensation of evil. It seems like someone said this is caused by the feeling of vulnerability this brings about. For what it's worth.
I've felt that something big is coming, too. I've felt that way most of my adult life. I've had an intuition since my twenties that a major change would be coming about in the world, before I reached retirement age. I've been unable to live my life like a normal person, looking to the future, believing things will be great. I haven't known what to do.

I'm 40 now, and about September or October of last year the feeling that something big was coming became really strong in me. I was compelled to say that the change I'd been expecting would start occurring within one year. If my intuition is correct, we should be seeing the beginning of it in less than three months.

Anyway, I don't think you're crazy.

It seems to me there are two definite issues, or sides to your situation. One is the psychic connection you've described, and the other is normal human romance, and all the fun stuff that goes with that. I think you feel a strong connection to this person and are also romantically attracted to them.

I'd suggest sitting down and really trying to figure out which is which... How much of your attraction to this person is romantic, and how much of it is spiritual, or more at the level of the soul?

I've only ever experienced what you might call a "psychic connection" with one other person for sure... Possibly two. That was with a woman I met in a dive bar. She was able to discern things about me that should have been impossible. That's how I knew there was something to it.

I felt a very deep psychic connection to her, and it was the first time anything like that had ever happened to me. It almost felt like there was an invisible wire connecting our brains. I felt like I wasn't alone for the first time in pretty much all my adult life. At the same time, though, I wasn't very romantically attracted to her, or attracted to her at the level of the soul. I should clarify that for me, romantic attraction is at the level of the soul.

I think the situation I've described is a little different than yours, where mine was more a kind of meeting of one of my "own kind". One of the same species, where I've felt like I was of a different species most of my adult life.

Would you also describe your situation as a meeting of one of your "own kind"?

I know I haven't answered many of your questions. I'm mostly trying to get a better feeling for the situation and maybe, perhaps, help you assess your situation.

Hopefully that helps.
Sorry, I accidentally repeated a couple of sentences after doing a spell check.
Hi, I am new here and just came across your post. I decided to respond because I have a similar situation developing in my life right now, although not the same scenario. Several years back, I had a dream in which I saw myself walking along a stretch of a street mall in the city I now live in. In this dream, I was holding hands with a man I was madly in love with and we were incredibly happy together. Anyways, I could not see his face, but he was taller than I am and had fair skin with dark hair. I've always thought of this dream as a very vivid one and as a premonition of the future (I am also an empath and before I've actually had other dreams, psychic impressions or feelings, come true). A couple years ago, I met someone in a virtual college class whom I felt very attracted to. However, the class eventually ended and while I was sad about this, I mostly forgot all about it. Anyway, now this same man is teaching a current class that I am taking and those feelings not only have returned but they did with a vengeance. I don't know if he is the man in my dream (described above) but all I can say is that I can't stop thinking of him. He also physically resembles some of the aforementioned physical characteristics. What seems to have triggered all of this, is that he told me a few days ago that he was watching a football game and that the US was playing against my native country and that there was a tie (Yes, I am foreign). But, then he said that he was thinking about me. I did not know what to respond except an awkward statement: "Oh! Well, I'm glad." It must also be taken into consideration that he has to be careful about how he addresses his students, as the university I go to, has recently started to crack down on teacher-student inappropriate relationships. What can I make of all this? I actually would like to forget this whole thing. Since you stated that you made cord cutting to severe these emotional ties, I think that maybe the best thing for me to do too. Would you mind telling me how you did this? But, like you I feel that I have a strange connection to this man. I don't know what to do and I wouldn't dream of telling him anything about this. I fear rejection or worse. Since you stated that you made cord cutting to severe these emotional ties, I think that maybe the best thing for me to do too. Would you mind telling me how you did this?
wow that's was a very intense read. I wonder if all the spirits looked burnt that the psychics said were there. Did the psychics do anything to release the other spirits that were around? I think this thing is a soul collector maybe... Not a legit one that guides spirits to their next destiny, but something that just holds spirits captive to use their energy.
I was also told I don't have an aura. It bugged me for awhile but I am a very spiritual person. I am also an empath and very intuitive 😊
Police have a long history of working with psychics so they are usually not oblivious to it. It can never be recorded that any police ever worked with a psychic, but it still happens all the time.

Chance of being arrested for a psychic prediction? Highly unlikley. The officer you told the prediction to is probably far more interested in how psychics can help, if they wern't interested already. Plus, its always more embarrassing for the police to admit they had a lead they didn't act on. No offence, to police. I also wouldn't think they would start arresting people for trying to help, cause that would create bad PR.
Maybe I am a boring psychic, but I have never had anything "evil" happen in my years of being psychic and I do like to meditate and relax to binaural audio.
Dear Tori

Pse note that you protector spirit will not communicate through Ouijia board for simple reason he does not have to spent his precious time with frivolous communication he has more important work to do instead! Also he will not help you "cheat" any test you are facing (as harder this test could be) it is your test, he will be there for you giving support, cheering for you, but you will have to face and surpass this test alone.

Those spirits are low rank and I believe they didn't show the real truth about them yet.

So take all precautions.

I would like to recommend you to study, not only read, the books from Allan Kardec you can freely download in the internet.

Good study!
Southernlady in The Burning Man
Well, I don't think what I deal with has anything to do with empathy, but it might. I think and feel that I am some sort of living portal to these visions. Your experiences are very real and I am interested in finding out what October has to offer hoping it's not to horrific and tragic. At my age, I have learned not to doubt other people's experiences and visions for they are very real if not only unto themselves and should not be taken lightly. Thank you for your response.
I just had to use an arrow and bow for this, you clearly are in danger.
Please contact me at universeteachings [at]
Tell your mother that I can handle it because those spells can bring anger and terror into that place.
Well. I believe you can find anything through medidation.
Your gift seems large enough it can be stolen.
If you see anymore hands or faces please contact me immediately at universeteachings [at]
As I speak there are a bunch in your room that I can see.
Hello there Dreamer-29,
I can explain to you everything in private using this email.
I believe he came from the world of darkness, not to steal your energy but to take attraction.
The ringing and the throbbings in your head are an indication of a bell in order to hear and see things clearer. Sooner or later you will adjust to it and you will be at the dimension where he is at.
It is sign that you have to do something for him.
Contact me at universeteachings [at] for more inisght
I can teach anyone anything.

You've probably heard it said that we're often our own worst enemies. I believe the experience you've described here illustrates this maxim.

There are parts in all of us that seem to serve no good purpose. Parts of us want to see us fail, and lack, and sabotage good things we have. This is exemplified in your typical story of a hero, on a quest. The hero must overcome some inner struggle; exorcise some inner demon preventing them from achieving their aim.

The red-eyed man is your inner demon. Your psyche, it seems to me, has created a tangible symbol for this part of you, to help you recognize it and ultimately deal with it. In many ways I believe you're lucky, because most people never become aware of their demons, and are thus always subject to their powers.

My interpretation of your experience is that, once again, it's your mind's way of drawing attention to something that needs to be dealt with.

This is actually something Carl Jung talks about from time to time. In "The Red Book" Jung describes his experience confronting, taming, and integrating his inner demons, though he went to great trouble to conjure his demons, so that he might deal with them. Yours has already been conjured, it seems, so now you just need to deal with it.

I should add that it's not as simple as merely "defeating" the demon, or exorcising it. It's a matter of really coming to know yourself. Book after book has been written on this topic. Ancient philosophers were talking about it, and more modern philosophers and psychologists talk about it as well. Today's psychology doesn't get into it much, and I think it's very unfortunate that it doesn't.

My suggestion for you is to begin the process of discovering yourself, and coming to truly know yourself. Through this process you'll come to know what your demons are, in reality, and you'll understand how you can deal with them.

The best way to do this is through reading, or listening, or watching. I suggest googling "jung shadow self", and looking for literature or videos, and seeing if it rings any bells for you. Jung isn't everyone's cup of tea. I honestly wasn't ready for Jung until about a year ago (when I was 39).

Jung may not speak to you now, or ever, and it's fine if that's the case. But, in order to progress in mental and psychological development, you need to be learning, and the best way of learning is by reading/watching/listening.

I hope that helps.
Greggb in The Burning Man

I've personally never observed apparitions as you describe, though I do often "see" things in my head. At certain times I'm capable of letting go and allowing random scenes to play in my imagination. Usually when I'm relaxed, often tired, or sleepy. I've gotten much better at allowing this to happen.

I also have periods of extremely vivid dreaming. Some of my dreams feature people I know, in incredible detail, who act exactly the way they do in real life. Sometimes they even irritate me the way they do in real life. And sometimes there are people who are complete creations of fiction, as near as I can tell. They're people I've never met, but they seem to be very complete, as far as both physical and psychological characteristics are concerned.

The very vivid dreams I've described occur during unusual parts of my sleep cycle. I'm not an expert on sleep cycles, but from what I understand, the most vivid dreams usually occur during REM sleep, and I don't think I'm in REM sleep when these dreams are occurring. I actually think I'm in more of a trance state.

Like this morning, I woke up very early, and laid in bed thinking. It seemed like there was literally no gap in consciousness between my waking state and the very vivid dream I was having. It really felt like I never even went to sleep. And then, when I was having the dream, I began to almost get the feeling that I was dreaming.

I've had many lucid dreams before, where I've become aware that I was dreaming, but this was different. I think it was different because, to be honest, I wasn't really dreaming, because I wasn't really asleep. It was more like I was experiencing a sort of work of fiction (though a very real one) by my own choice. And I kind of knew that I could end this experience anytime, and I finally decided to end it. But unlike waking up from a dream, where there's a transition period from sleeping to waking consciousness, I was instantly in a state of waking consciousness, as quickly as a light would come on if I were to flip a switch.

In attempting to understand what's happening to you, I suggest you analyze the state you're in when you see these things, and compare it to your normal dreaming state. My suspicion is that you're in somewhat of a trance state--that you're actually awake, but in an altered state of consciousness. Which, I should add, doesn't invalidate the experiences you're having. Though, it might help you to better understand what's happening.

Though I understand your real concern is about the recent apparition you described, which is understandably very disturbing. I honestly don't have any ideas as to what the figure you described might symbolize. I think the better question is, why after all this time has something suddenly disturbed you so much?

To venture an answer, I think there's something going on right now in the world. I don't think there's ever been more tension throughout the world as there is now. There's a tremendous amount of negative emotion. And I personally think we're headed for major disaster. In terms of history, we're due. And there are a lot of other reasons to conclude that logically, something bad is on its way.

A little less than a year ago the feeling that was something bad was coming really hit me. I told a number of people that I believed within a year, that disaster would hit. That was about October.

Then, after that, the feeling dissipated in me. I remembered the strong feeling I'd felt, that something bad was coming, but I didn't feel it as much, for quite a while.

But now that feeling is returning to me. I mean the feeling that something bad is on its way. I'm not sure that will be here by this coming October, as I initially predicted. But I don't think it's far off.

How would you describe yourself in terms of empathy? Are you a highly empathic person? If so, I'd guess that the apparitions you see are resultant of things you sense about the world, and that the "burning man" resulted from your sensing that right now things really aren't right in the world.

Just my thoughts... Hope that helps.
Xarath thanks for your reply! I completely understand and agree with what you say. I also use a mirror shield as you put it to reflect energy elsewhere! What you say about using light energy as protection is exactly how I have felt. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the contact email.
I feel the same thing too. Not sure what it is. People freakout and cough non-stop. And once I'm out of the room/sight everything turns back to normal. Even animals are scared of me just by looking at them. Also, people cannot stop staring at my hands as well. My hands are cute and have nothing wrong with them. Probably its the aura that we cannot control. At times, peoples cough is so annoying that I start thinking are people crazy. 😜
I myself have always as far back as I can remember have had special gifts. I'm native american. When you truely mefitate you definitely open parts of the mind that's asleep for a lack of better woords. When you open your 3rd eye. Its not really closed just resting waiting on you to give permission to be used. Some folks say that your playing on the devils ground but my beliefs are. If all are born with it than it can't be a bad deal rite. Set back relax and enjoy the show. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you know something and if you say something to someone they could think you crazy. Just remember your not crazy they are for not listening to you. You will not get possessed by evil enities or demons because you oped your 3rd eye. Did something happen after you opened your 3rd eye that you think maybe related some how? Remember if you are sensitive you will always notice paranormal things around you and probably in most places you may go. Hope this helps you. You email me if you like at [at]
Dear Yixy,

Your experience sounds so much like mine. I also had a seal on me, I got rid of it few years back. It all started with opening myself up to spirits (opening my chakras and learning how to feel energies and spirits). I need to give a little more detail. I was 15 at the time and going out with a guy who knew much more about spirituality than I did. He had a spirit (in reality a demon) who would follow me around for whatever purpose. After I broke up with him the demon wouldn't stop following. He was making me feel uneasy and I didn't know how to protect myself at all. I tried to get rid of that feeling, I prayed to God but it wasn't enough (as my faith wasn't as strong as it is now). Over a course of a year i've developed chest pains, especially when I was feeling strong emotions. Some time later I started noticing it as a yellow ball attached to my chest and my abilties started fading away. I could perceive spirits only once in a while since that time. However, I was looking for help in some forums and I under the help and guidance I was able to get rid of that seal. The abilities started coming back slowly and I needed to reconnected to the everything again. It felt way different than the first time I was introduced to spirituality.

I look forward to talking with you more. You can see my email in the profile

Ouijia boards typically are easier for negative entities to communicate through. This is why most people advice against using ouijia boards.

Anyways, in regards to those entites, I'd advice against trusting them. I say this because they originally communicated to you through the oujia board first and as I said above, ouijia boards are an easy access to negative entities.

To see if they are harmful, visualize a pure white/light energy surrounding you like a sphere and visualize it expanding outward to the size of whatever room you are in. While visualizing the sphere, also visualize it pushing away all negative and harmful energies and entities far away. If any of the entities remain, they are good. If any resist or leave, they are bad.

One more thing, the fact that you are feeling anxious about this is a red flag about them. In my experience, negative entities make people anxious, feel angry, and/or experience negative emotions.
I have had one encounter with a man in a black suit. I could not see his face because it was like a black void. I saw him one night in my room when I woke up to go to the bathroom and couldn't get out of the bed because I was paralyzed. All I could do was turn my head from side to side. I didn't speak, but I could tell he wanted me to go with him. I have often described him as not really scary, but definitely creepy. I see you did too.

Every time I tried to get up I was pushed back into my body by three monks at the foot of my bed. I could feel myself trying to sort of get out of my body, but I kept getting sucked back in by the monks who were mentally pushing me. My body never physically moved. This went on for a couple of hours. Finally I stopped looking at the man and a while later turned to check the clock and he was gone as well as the monks.

A couple of years after this happened, I had a NDE. I don't know if these two events are related, but I am interested in hearing what others have to say.
I myself am blocked off. I could use some guidance on a situation i'm in. I think I came across you on some other sight. I would love to talk to you on Skype. My Skype is the same as my username.:)
This is literally the only reason I have made this account despite the fact that this conversation was last added to two years ago but I felt like I needed to mention this because I have never heard anything like this before. I wouldn't say this is exactly psychic but basically a 4 years ago almost exactly I had a dream about dying on a random field with a football goal near a school in a town I had never seen before, but in the dream this town was the town I had lived in for a couple of months. I wanted to give you a couple details about this dream just to explain why I was so creeped out: in the dream it was around 9pm and I was with my friends when we started getting chased by a figure in black, my house was right next to the field so I had managed to get in and shut the door until I heard my friend screaming but when I looked outside the window it wasn't anyone else dying but I was watching myself get stabbed to death. This I found particularly weird because it was almost as if even in the dream I had an outside view watching in and then of course watching myself be killed when I thought I was safe in my house. This was the first dream I had ever had about dying obviously I'm still here so this wasn't the part that creeped me out but I still wrote down the dream because it was odd to me. Then a couple of months after that we were actually moving house (disclaimer: I was not the one who chose the house to visit because I was living with my parents at the time) and we visited the house that we were potentially going to buy and I received an awfully familiar feel to this house like I knew who had lived there before: there was certain furniture and possessions the previous owners had that seemed like they were very close to heart for me, but I decided to not think about the situation and give the house a chance.
Then I actually wanted to take a walk around the neighbourhood to see what it was like and it actually didn't take me very long because what I was about to witness was right next to the house.
The field right next to the school with the football goal was right next to the house, the same one from the one in my dream. I got to stand in the exact spot where I had died so I'm not particularly sure why but I decided to lay in the exact spot I had died and I felt a jolt of almost pain go up my spine and I started to cry out of completely nowhere. I'm not sure if you can call this deja vu but I certainly want to know whether anyone else has experienced this. Because for some reason I feel I got to save myself from my death? If that doesn't sound too crazy.
But that is not where the story ends 2 years after that I fell down a rabbit hole of researching deja vu ect and I thought back to the moment near that house where I felt something so dark so I wanted to see if I could find the house despite the fact that I had never seen the houses address before and in about half an hour with just knowing which city it was in, I found the house that we had almost bought.
Ever since then I've had a few similar experiences but not quite so dark so I just want to know if there is anyone else out there who this has happened to.
Alumetta in I Feel Very Alien
Our souls reincarnate many times. You likely had your first incarnations on another planet and chose to come to earth for some hard lessons. There are many like you:)
It seems you've met your Spirit Guide! No wonder it felt so familiar. I'd read Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton to gain even more understanding.
Hi ShizNizLiz40,

Black shadowy figures is something you want to say away from. They are from the dark side. You may wonder why you and your daughters see these beings. They always try to cause havoc in any way they can, both spiritually and physically. Even for the most evolved human being, they can come around. I can understand if you are scared seeing those dark shadows. I don't see them very often myself, perhaps once a year. What you should keep in mind is that you can learn how to develop a defense against these beings of darkness and with that you will not only be able to control these situation, but even more (with proper practice) you can ward them off. The Divine Light is stronger than any dark force in the universe. You just need to learn how to harness that Divine power.

I hope that helps a little.

Fear can control you. I don't think your crazy. You fear that others see you as a monster. You are not a monster! You are a human being with a special gift. Here is something that can help you control your abilities: Have you ever tried meditation? It can help you relax and control you abilities. 😊
Thankfully I discovered this post through Google.
Just registered so that I could write this.

I've related to almost everyone in the comments it's scary. I've never been able to put that feeling into words (I'm terrible when it comes to feelings, emotions & writing) but everybody here did a great job.

I hope anyone relates to how I feel.

I'm 16 almost 17.I'm an INTJ-A.
I've been feeling this way for about 3-2 years now. Never really expected anyone to understand me so I've never tried letting it out. I think my family would've thought I'm mentally unstable or something, we also don't usually discuss our feelings & such.

So here's how it is for me:

1-I often get that feeling that I have no idea how to describe, it's like a mix of slight Nostalgia ((but it isn't,I don't know what I'm nostlagic for?)), bitter-sweet sadness, insatisfaction & belonging.
It's usually when I see or hear certain things, or when I'm around old people. & also when I look at stars or landscapes of nature.

2-I'm generally great with animals (a cat person). I love them endlessly & I feel like they feel the same way.

3-I think I'm mature for my age (I hate sounding so arrogant but comapared to people my age, It seems true enough) I think I've also went through this "I hate my family/Nobody understands me" phase pretty early, when I was 11-12 y.o.

4-I've felt like I belong to earlier times, such as the Renaissance. But now that I think about it, I feel like I don't even belong here at all, it's like I belong somewhere in a past life or in a whole other universe.

5- I feel like I need to master every and each Subject there is, from Rocket science to baking biscuits. I'm also a chronoic procrastinator who is a complete perfectionist that suffers from Anxiety, which doesn't really help.

6-I like everything and anything old-fashioned, be it a Saxophone or a typewriter. Also anything made of wood.

7-I'm a big fan of classical music, even though I listen to a lot of upbeat EDM, which is just a strange mix.

8-I really like looking at people's faces & studying their reactions to eachother's talk while mentally analyzing what they must be feeling at the moment. I actually do this so much that my mum's friend once told me that I "need to talk more".
I think this's all but just for the sake of it; I'm going to include extra info with the hope that someone shares some of the traits I have (I'd just love to know if there's anything in common between people who share the exact same thought):

-My favorite season is winter.

-I'm a morning person.

-I get kind of sad when it's Nighttime/when the sun sets.

-I hate almost everything posted by everyone on social media except Animals, recipes & Chess puzzles.

-I feel like I think like men; maybe it has to do with the fact that I've only got brothers.

-I like participating in debates, no matter the subject.

-I only attract younger people, I bet it's because I look 12.

-I'm child-like most of the time even though I hate admitting it. I adore Disney comics & "Fairy Odd Parents" Cartoon-series.

-My resting face looks kind of Angry/disgusted (R.B.F?). Even though I may be totally content on the inside, people will still often comment on how I need to smile a bit. I also have this kind odf Death-stare whenever I'm thinking about something.

-I hate small-talks, or talking about other people in general.

-Travelling to new places/countries makes me anxious.

-I dislike feminists,Boxers,Politicians & Negative people.

-I'm terribly afraid of failure/being ordinary.

-I get straight A's at school.

-I play videogames.

Sorry for the long comment. I Hope someone studies/does some research about these sort of feelings people in this post share & present us a proper scientific explanation or something. 😁
I don't think this spirit is a good spirit. Most likely, it's the same man who simply refuses to enter the Afterlife and go to hell... Or heaven in any case? If he WAS a good man. I suggest you obtaining holy water and perform a certain ritual which will block any unwanted spirits in your home. You may also have to contact a priest to throw them out of your home. I think it's curious on the way he died though. Perhaps you should further research this?
Hi! In regards to the events you see will take place, I have quite a bit of informaiton about it as I had a vision for what is too come, along with dozens of contacts of energy users having the same vision, or nearly the same.

I can give you the informaiton if you email me at shann.beck [at] anyone else that wishes to hear It can contact me there as well.
Hi mightymanthemagnificant,

I have a similar gift. I may have blocked it a little out of fear and being overwhelmed a bit. About an hour ago, I was working on unblocking my gifts and I began having a "daydream" (my visions of the future are usually as daydreams or imaginary scenarios) about a former classmate/bandmember named Paul and I saw men attack with guns and other band members didn't want to believe the men attacking were real (because they were Grey aliens).

Then I log on here and see this story about you Paul and it makes sense why I saw that all. It was a vision of my own future of what I would read online:)

I hope that wasn't confusing or off topic, but you're not alone! Keep a dream journal to write down in detail your dreams every time you wake up. It might be helpful and write the date on it.

Look into how to become slightly more lucid in your dreams and sleep, that way you are more conscious of your precognitive messages and be able to remember things better instead of having a blur.
Only very few of my premonitions are about terrorist attacks.
I probably have about 150 premonitions a year for the Last 4 years. Nearly all of them to do with my own life.
This is going to sound very creepy. I also have had premonitions about my death and being at my funeral. Fortunately its not for many years yet.
According to my premonitions some very strange and unlikely things are going to happen to me with in next 2 years.
I told a colleague at work about my premonitions. I tokd him 3 men will attack London Bridge before the end of 2017. He said he didn't believe in premonitions. I met him again a few days after The LB attack. He said to me. Wow Paul (my real name isn't mightyman the magnificent lol) I didn't think that was possible.
Hi can any of you guys, communicate with a past timeline of another, that would be me. For example going back say 4 months to change a desperate situation.

Thanks in anticipation
MoonInsideMe in A Burning Desire
And i've kind of reaserched and I found out about "Starchild". I think we may be one of these. Here's the link if you want to check it out (I recommend you to)
Yes, this happened to me with an ex I had during HS days. We used to finish each other's sentences, and I knew what he would say before he would speak. I've grown so much and developed my gifts.

Yes, you two have a strong spiritual connection. I didn't really like him that much at the time, and broke up with him soon after. First time I experienced telepathy... It was crazy. I thought I had gone mad.

I can relate to your story:)
hey, I know I'm 4 years late haha but I feel the same way, there are days that I explode emotionally (like today) and think that I'm just going mad because i've never had a signal or anything that proves me that all of this exists and I know that there is so much more. The earth is my obsession, I mean i'm obsessed with nature and plants and the sky just hypnotizes me. But I need to know if this is real or i'm just going crazy
MoonInsideMe in A Burning Desire
Hey, wow, I mean you just left me speechless. I've felt that way as long as I can remember but lately i've felt it stronger than ever before, Its like your telling my story. The thing is that I have these days that I just want to shut down my mind because the feeling is unbearable, I feel like there is so much more yet here I am doing nothing, and I just can't stop the desire of wanting to learn to fight and magic and stuff. I went with this spiritual-believing-hi-level person and she told me that I was special because spiritually talking I'm in some kind of higher level but I have looked EVERYWHERE and nothing ever appears.
Im starting to think that maybe I'm insane o loosing my mind or god is testing me, idk, but I just need to know there is something else, cause like you; I feel it very deeply in my bone and every inch of my body. If you see this message please contact me at my email, id love to see how did you get out of it o what happened
I had to make an account so that I could reply to this once I saw it! I have experienced very similar things before, though it only started happening to me after I remembered a few past life memories. I remembered someone, and after that, one time I went to bed and I felt like there was someone next to me in bed, then I would experience like you described, the feeling of someone touching me, sometimes kissing me. I've also experienced it where I'll feel them follow me throughout the day (although more rarely). If I try and get up quickly when it's happening I experience the same kind of heavy swimming feeling you mentioned. It always feels very comforting. Have you tried talking to him?
[at] holdyourbreath

Sorry that I did not respond in a couple of days, allow me to explain something, White Light or rather Light Energy, (Produced by the Sun, Stars, and other Light Sources), is simply the opposite of Dark Energy, It does not block out all energies, infact Darkness could overpower It if the user is inexperienced, or lacking proper knowledge.

While... Any energy... Can be used to make a shield and block energies out, through programming them to be essentially a "Mirror / Reflection" Shield, or Absorption, etc. They can always been overpowered by someone else if they are not properly made or strong enough, or if the attacker is simply more skilled / experienced.

I should also note that Energies are not based on their "Color", there is infinite forms of Energy, both Physical and Spiritual, To describe a few that... Almost everyone... Knows about Dark Energy, Light Energy, Fire Energy, Water Energy, while these are base energies, there is infinite varients of them, in which one attribute could be off, or a "Double Sided" Energy so-to-speak which is both cold, and hot.

(Hard to explain, unless you have experienced it yourself.).

Lastly I would like to say, that yes... Energy can be moved outside of your body, infact it can be moved almost anywhere unless something is preventing it, both through the physical and to other planes. Energy is not limited by the laws of Motion, or anything really.

-- Shanon Beck -- Contact at shanon.beck [at]

(Experienced Psionic for about 7 years).

^ Just posting this infrmation incase anyone wants to contact me that needs help, or just knowledge. Ill be posting this on all my future replys.:)
Pinkpanther in Lost Souls
You are being asked for help. You have the ability to help them. Seek out an expert who can train you, then go help those who need you.
Notyourmama4 in Visions
I see. Yes, I have all different types of visions. This one vision I had was of this man in a wheelchair. I am pushing him out of the hospital since he just had knee surgery and its a beautiful summer day with beautiful flowers all around.
I had this vision in 2009. I was not married or even dating anyone. I met my husband in March 2010. I asked him if he has ever had issues with his knees. I told him of my visions. Now is July 7 and my husband is having knee surgery scheduled July 21st 2017. I will let you know if I see beautiful flowers as I wheel him out of the hospital.
I'm wondering if you had a previous life with these people and you are reconnecting with them in some way. You are in this life now with lessons you need to give and receive. It's wonderful you had such a great family before and they seem to be able to stay together in some way. Maybe you will see them again but it will be when your lifetime has come to its appropriate end not when they feel like it. If they are telling you to go with them insist you stay where you are and avoid connecting with them in future. You are away from them now so you can stand on your own two feet without them breathing down your neck.
This is my first time on this site.
[at] destinygirl our family is also from Hungary. I have 3 biological daughters, 2 daughters have the visions as I do. I know for a fact my biological grandmother had the same visions. I just thought we were all crazy. I know for a fact we are not crazy. Thank you for putting all your stories on here.
One of my favorite stories is my grandmother telling me she dreamed of a fire in our apartment after she had that vision she purchased us a fire ladder. Two months later we had an apartment fire in our second building. I was not there at the time but my current husband and my two youngest daughters were. They didn't need to use the ladder. My current husband remembered what my grandmother said about the fire. He got my daughters out in time and then put the fire out himself. Then he called the fire department. That is just on of my stories.
namella in Secret Love
[at] paristata I'm not really sure how to send you a private message here lmao I can't use this website well hahaha... You could email me tho! I put my email address on my profile. I believe you could see it haha... Feel free to tell your story anytime! 😁
Physicalsourceenergy in Am I Seeing Energy?
I briefly experienced this exact same energy trails last night. It was late and I was tired and not really focusing my eyes on anything at all, but every time I moved my arm or any object I saw like this outline of energy. And when I focused my eyes on the energy Trails I could still see them. But it was only for about 20 minutes right before I fell asleep. That was the first time anything like that had happened to me.
I first started on weed when I was 18 I didn't think much of it then because I smoked once every blue moon If someone offered it to me but I'm 24 now and I smoke it almost everyday one day I was live streaming on YouTube and I felt my Abilites for the first time I had a robot tellin me what the comments are saying and they troll was spamming D's in the comments he thought he was so funny until my powers kicked in I was so frustrated hear the D's in my mind I yelled just skip all that shiat and the Robot said my thoughts live on Stream she said "Skipping the Rest"
My comment was going crazy and people said yo how you do that I didn't know it can say that I just froze because I was shocked and was reading the comments in disbelief that it even happened I was still high but I came down quickly after that that was only
The beginning...
Xarath, you have a very good point about other energies not needing permission to interact, which I believe is mostly true. However if a person uses light protection, as Keyofallsouls mentioned, low energies cannot enter or interact if done correctly. I am able to filter what I want using light protection, if I use white light that keeps everything out, if I use light purple light it allows high vibrational energies only in. I just worry if there is an energy strong enough it could overcome my practices. The grounding can be used for protection as it keeps your energy secured and bound to a persons core soul energy. Without doing this I believe a persons energy could be transferred outside of their body or outside of the 'core soul' as I am phrasing it. Like how energy impressions are left behind from events, that is pieces of someone's energy left behind. I relate this thought to the likeness of how peoples auras can become damaged and full of holes. Another thought for me is that if you don't ground another energy could "steal" energy from you if you are not protected. Thanks for the advise I would like to develop an offense as well like you touched on.

Gthlvrmx - I like your light switch idea, I use a flower opening and closing image for this. I can tell the difference between a ghost and spirit. For semantics sake I refer to every worldly energy (ghosts) as spirits and the ones you call spirits I refer to as higher powers. Any alien type or non human energy I refer to as entity. I appreciate your input and will do some reading on this archangel Michael you mention. I have not done this in the past as I am lead to believe by my higher powers that I have a purpose to help those stuck or confused and sometimes it involves more than asking for help from higher powers. I believe spirits still need to be healed from emotionally damaging events in the life they lived and that it should be done by the spirit itself but some need some guidance and part of our job through our lives is to learn to teach others this, so it is our responsibility sometimes instead of always asking for help. This may not be the case for everyone, as everyone has different knowledge, abilities and progress throughout their spiritual journey and lives. I believe the higher power is there to help if necessary but just because you ask doesn't mean you will always get what you want. So long story short I feel obligated and like I am supposed to help because I can.

Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions and offering your advice:)
paristata in Secret Love
Love your story! I'm in a similar relationship. If you want you can send me a private message and I can tell you all about it,
gthlvrmx in Vision Update
Hi ebay82,

What you can do is ask Spirit, your angels, your spirit guides, God, whichever deity or being you trust in to help present the opportunity for you to share the information that you have been given, and end that sentence by saying that you ask this to be for the highest good of all concerned.
ebay82 in Vision Update
Thanks for the advice. I will use this for sure. I need confidence in making that call as well. I do not want to sound crazy.
I have no advice but I am so relieved there are others who feel the same- at least I hope. I'm just disgusted with humans so much, with how ignorant some of them are- choosing death and destruction over the life of their planet, with how slow their progress is because of their greed, how they're scared of people who are different than themselves. I feel superior to them for whatever reason. (Yet I do indeed understand not all humans are dishonorable, I have quite a few friends on this planet who are very open minded and I love them with all of my soul.)