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My other psychic friend Angela saw her in water. Not me. She was put in water. River or lake.
Everything needs an energy source to run so take the battery out of the car and unplug the tv. It should reset whatever is amuck with it.
funny thing about this dream was the silence. Emily did not make a sound. When She was abducted. Not sure why. Possibly this was someone she knew. Or she was taken by surprise.
AutismRobotrix in I Belong To The Night
That sounds like you're an introverted witch. I mean a literal witch, not a metaphor for what rhymes with it. Think about it. Witches love cats and the night. But maybe your powers have been barred 'til you're a certain age.
I am 14 and the same has happened to me, not the same intesity as you have experienced it. People ask question and I just some how know the answer. I always attributed it to me just being smart but I'm starting to think there is more to it. I hope you find out what it is soon. Good luck
Hello I am glad that you got a chance to read my post. I hope anything I had written could help you. I first would like to say that this site has a lot of good information that could help you. If you click on peoples profile pages you can find older posts and email addresses for contacting people directly if you wish to. Go ahead and email me if you really need to and I will try to help. I prefer to keep things open for everybody if possible but, some things need a little more personal contact.

I have stated that I am a Christian and I gain a lot of help that way myself but, I have studied all religions through time and used correlations from many. I am now 50 years old and have studied a life time. My knowledge is gained from many sources and experiences and not just 1 book. I do refer to the bible quite frequently but, it is not my only source. I suggest you delve back into Christianity first for comfort and strength. I also suggest you pick up a couple of the top selling life after death experience books listed and read those. It will help with some of your questions. I would also study some of the meditation books listed on this site. They are very helpful to some people.

I myself was struck by lightning as a kid and later as an adult. I have learned truths on my own and will not debate what I know with other people. I don't need to. I had to teach myself things on my own and use my own methods to navigate with. I could possibly help with meditation if you needed it. Everyone is different and sees things differently.
Believe me when I tell you there is a God. He is loving but also just. Sometimes he treats us as we would treat our children. He doesn't give us everything we demand but, gives us what we need. Some times people are taken to protect them from something worse or more painful than they can handle. It isn't that he is unfair it is just that we can't understand at that point what is going on.

I lost my Dad to terminal brain cancer 2 years ago. He was 70 years old and still in perfect health until it showed up. It progressed very rapidly and took him in a matter of months. He did get to see all of his family and make his decisions and prepare himself somewhat. I believe he was spared from years of pain and agony and withering away. I and my siblings assured him that we would take care of my mom and 2 weeks later he made his peace and was gone.
I prayed for him to go quick with little pain, more for my moms sake than ours. At the time everyone in our family felt it was unfair. My 97 year old grandma had to bury a second son and she is still here. We don't always know why things happen but, there is a reason for everything.

I can't tell you what to believe and it is not my place. I can tell you what I know is true to me. You have to take care of you and find out what makes things better for you.
I can tell you that I know and believe that we need God to protect us from Evil and ourselves.
I have looked evil right in the face and it is a force to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to destroy and feed off of us.

You need to first gain balance and protection in your life and the rest will fall in line and move you where you need to go.
I can list a ton of good books but, they might not speak to you the same way they did to me. 😊
Thank you for your words of wisdom! I am feeling so lost right now. I need to understand more. Any recommendations on where to start? Anything that helped you to start to understand. Reading materials?
Dear moniv11,

What you have been experiencing is some being messing with you in your sleep. They are interested in you because you do have spiritual abilities and hold the fear deep inside of you, the fear of using them and them developing. This can turn into one of two directions: you can either develop your abilities, use prayer and shielding/protecton techniques or you can lose yourself to whatever has targeted you (and your story proves you already have been targeted).

I don't say any of this to frighten you, right now you're standing at a point where you need to choose one and accept the consequences. If you're interested in pursuing spiritual development feel freem to email me or leave a comment,

I am truly sorry for what you have been through already in your life. All of us have our own path to follow and things to experience. We all have lessons in life that we learn and it helps us to grow into a different person. You are still here because you are still needed on this plane. People would be amazed if they could only see the connections and effects one life has on everyone that they come in contact with. You are noticing and looking for more information and reasons around you. Your eyes are starting to open to a different kind of existence. As you have already discovered substance abuse leads directly to destruction. Imagine how many peoples lives you could change and affect by being here now.
You have got to know that your children still need you around. There is still a lot of positive things to do and experience yet. Trust me when I say that God or creator or a Higher being does exist. There is positive and negative energy and frequencies. There is light and dark and good and evil. You have been in darkness and light in your life and everybody in this life has their own struggle to go through and everyone is different.
I am a Christian but also a psychic. I have had to balance a very fine line in my own path. I have experienced and learned a lot through time about the paranormal. I have been through experiences with many people. I can explain some of what you felt.
There are sometimes residual energies left in places that are kind of like a permanent loop. Once in awhile we in this realm kind of clash collide or overlap for a brief moment with that loop. Some areas collect intensify and store these energies many of these energies are not intelligent but are just there stuck in an unchanging loop. Some areas contain a kind of portal or passage that comes and goes and sometimes we feel that under certain conditions. Some people are more in tune to it than others. I believe that some of your past experiences were under these conditions and you felt some of these things.
Now to help with some of your questions. I don't often do this in a post and I hope some of the information I give you will help and you will understand what I am getting at and keep it to yourself. It will set on your heart awhile and you will be able to work through it and know what is true for you. Your sons father has moved on and wants you to move down a different path. The praying mantis is a symbol of peace and balance for you in what is to come. You will need to find a place of strength and calm to prepare you for the future. You need to revisit your past spirituality with new eyes. You need to protect yourself from dark energies and forces to come in the future and no backsliding. There is a brighter future coming for you but a storm will challenge you. You are going to experience a whole different kind of relationship and it will be wonderful and your kids will be ok with it. Your son needs some space but don't go to far.
You will be asked to become the mediator in a family issue, be careful. The glass pane breaking is nothing to worry about, just snapping you out of a destructive train of thought, call it a cosmic nudge. Just know that things will improve for you. Your next step is still waiting to be "met".
I hope any part of this helps and that I have not stepped out of the guidelines of this site. I honestly do want to help and want no compensation for it. I don't believe I have done this in any past posts but, I was compelled to come on here today and post this.
Sometimes I gain information that is supposed to be directed at a certain person but am told will help others also. That is why I did this today.
Best wishes to you and your family. You are in my thoughts.
WOW! You have powerful words... Thank you so much for sharing.
No one I have spoken to has had this happen to them, I wonder why me.
[at] Xarath
I have to agree with you on some point you've made, especially when it comes to the part about Hollywood "view" on spirits and supernatural things. Although, from what I understoon, wife's brother did die a long time ago, but these who died by suicide have no right to dwell on Earth anymore.

[at] Pekka
Whatever it was, I doubt it was anything good, the purple color does hint it wasn't positive spirit. I hope you can give us more details on your experience
Dear OpaqueWren,

The information from the spirits you came in contact with (about you being a medium) is true. There are many stories on this site about people's experiences with ouija board, most of them aren't positive, just like yours. I suggest that you don't use it again. It only draws unnecessary attention from beings you don't want to keep in touch with. The heavy feeling is the warning of the beings that will try to confuse you and use your mediumship gift. They told you that information on PURPOSE, so that you would pursue contacting them or other beings.

You're not getting crazy, but these beings achieved what they wanted - they drew your attention and inspired emotions/thoughts of further spiritual study. If you want to have a nice sleep again, it is vital that you learn how to protect yourself from any outside energies and beings that will try to influence your actions further.

If you are interested, I can help you with learning more about protection. I just hope nothing bad happens to you.

It definitely sounds like it could have been your spirit guide. About 2 months ago I asked mine to identify itself, and it did. By calling my name as clear as day in a female voice that I also didn't recognize, a figure of a woman appeared another day, and on another occasion a name continued to pop up in my head. Due to you being clairvoyant as it seems from your text you'll know by the vibrations on whether or not it's a negative entity.
I've had similar experience. But the man was black. Roughly the same time although I didn't check the clock. I was too scared as I thought it was a burglar.
Meditation really helps. I have your ability too but mine is like a photographic memory/synesthesia mixed with empathy. The people I connect with mostly are friends/my crushes/ex gfs etc.
It's like being in two places at the same time, sometimes you'll feel good, sometimes you'll feel bad & sometimes it's just disgusting. I also connect with beigns from different dimensions, mostly my angel guides (both good & evil). They told me that this it only the begining. Next you'll have the power to boi-locate with just the power of focusing your mind to enyone you want in the universe, enywere, enytime. Thats why you're feeling her emotions that deep, your the one responsible for what youre feeling. Try it on someone els or find a new crush & see how your powers work because something like this you can't force it but let the flow speak with you so you can understand your gift better. You're going from feeling someone's feelings to living someone's feelings by just thinking of that someone with your feelings.
You have an amaizing gift. My advice to you is practice, meditate & don't to be afraid.
Also it would not hurt trying to speak to her the next time you're feeling her emotions. You never know. She could reply. I mean you're using the universe like the internet the only defferance is it's real!
Untill next time, Bye!
rhondakaykay in Finding Missing Objects
I recently was in a hotel in Austin, TX after relocating from Hurricane Harvey. One of my bags was lost with my Auntie's Eastern Star ring that is precious to me. Any takes on where it might be?
bible helping you. The bible helps you get the gift of prophecy. That where you are getting predictions from. You have
Discernment, you are picking up spiritual activities. By reading bible scripture out loud. It unlocks gifts of the supernatural. The holy spirit.
it was a prediction of the their passing. That the way the spirit world warns you.
First of all a "Spirit" literally cannot get trapped in a area, that is a myth pushed forward by Hollywood Movies, same goes for needing to ask permmission to enter a home, and leaving by yelling names at it.

Secondly it was probably not her "brother" as almost every dead human will reincarnate instantly, unless they choose to roam the dimensions.
Now concerning you seeing something, it could be anything. It could simply be you seeing energy, or a spirit. Or it could just be you're imagination, as normally no entities appear a a purple man, but I'd have to investigate in order to determine that. But more importantly, are you sure you're wife seen it? As you mentioning it would of let's say "frontloaded" her into seeing a similar things, or simply believing she did.
I can tell you right now, (no offense), that there wasn't a spirit "possessing" you. Most spirits would not do that, they have lives as well, they don't normally care enough to "play with" humans. Unless it was a Parasite, which is essentially the energetic version of a *cough* a Parasite *cough*.

The reason you could "Move your hands" is because you were moving the hands of you're energetic body, not you're physical body. Finally I should note, no disrespect to you're religion, but praying away entities/spirits does not work, that would be ridiculous, it simply makes them hate you. Because you are mocking them, and disrespecting them.
Like you said, it could also be ex military personnel. But as humans, we can also have a "knowing". What I mean by this is, we can sometimes just know something beyond a doubt and it be correct; a form of ESP if you will. Your wife may feel this way about it being her brother. One time I was awoken from sleep by this white light in my dream. When I woke up, I "knew" without any doubt my step mother had died. I got a call an hour or so later telling me she had passed.

Outside of talking to the apparition, it's hard to know from the perspective of an outsider who exactly it was but like you said, what an interesting experience and now you know we survive death.

Your English is great!
Thanks for sharing.
Trust your senses.
Take a look at what you wrote,
Read it back to yourself, outloud.
Everyone who can help me or have any advice or answers for me, please text me on my email - mariamigabelaia [at]
Your support is important to me.
My mum was very poorly for the past 2 years. She had onset dementia. Her last few weeks were in and out of consciousness as she was in a hyperosomol hyperglycaemic state. Me and my father had no contact for 5 years. But I had learnt he had full set on dementia when he passed where he didn't know or recognise anyone. Maybe it's a coincidence that my parents passed away weeks after. But I have no other explanation as to why else they came.
themanthemyththelegend in Getting Help From A Spirit
Im sorry for not responding KikiGirl but he didn't want me on this. I was 16 at the time when I met him. In an update... I have separated from the girl after my spirit told me she was telling people my secret with a bad connotation. He continues to help me to this day! Thank you for reading
themanthemyththelegend in Weird Things In My Life
i am only 17 but last year my friend started acting weird. And I have always loved the paranormal, so one day at my house I put on the show the exorcist and the minute it started he left in hurry. I thought maybe he was scared but no one day he told me that he had been seeing people that weren't really there. To wrap this all up, one day we were walking home from school when he said " I don't belong here he says", said it about 3 times loudly. I honestly don't know what happened but I woke up in his house and he said thank you for helping me get better. I haven't been on this in almost a year but something drew me towards it. Whatever it was that helped my friend wants me to help you. How would you like to communicate, if interested?
Daveya7 - Can you help me and tell me the answers you know? Thanks for your attention and comments
Sorry I can't spell well I'm lucky I can spell at all but you are not crazy man and just chill out man relax its them that are crazy they just don't under stand
I am one that can do some of that to but I'm on the next lvl and I call it a gife so no you are not crazy and its pepole that make you feel crazy but you are not and the trick is to seek ansers and only talk to pepole that say something first to you about what you are looking for seek and you will find is the best tip I can give. Message me back I have got a lot of answers for you and more if you are keen
pray a lot. Be careful. Sleep paralysis my spirt posession. I had it.
This is such a great post. I have been thinking since I posted my first response, about how this exact thing has effected me throughout life so much. I wanted to reiterate how important it is to be able to separate your energy from others. My life has been a struggle with depression and anxiety, and I realized within the last couple of years much of that came from taking on the energy and emotions of others. You have to look after yourself so you can still help others, so maybe what some of those people meant when they said 'block it out' is more like filter the energies around you. This is the only way I overcame the depression associated with the negative hurt in the world, by filtering and releasing/cleansing.
Thank you Carriwill for teaching your children about these kinds of things, that's a big ripple!
First, I am so sorry for your unspeakable loss.

When we open ourselves to communication from the other side, it is not always a one "station" communication. The events surrounding your son's death may have attracted lower entities due to the addiction issue (for example alcoholics will often have entities around them that were previous alcoholics when they were alive and they try and feed off of them during their intoxication). To top it off, you're in a horrendous state of suffering, even to the point of wanting to end your own life so your state of frequencies is lowered as well. The overall energetic environment is conducive to attracting lower form energies. So when you opened up, not only did your son come through, but so did other things.

I think to get away from this point/state in your life, you're going to have to consider changing your frequency to a level where low level entities simply cannot tune into or resonate with you. Your son loves you. You love your son. Starting there immediately brings light. Ask for protection from whatever resonates with you whether a guide, angel, etc., so you're not left open to all.

Your son does not want you suffering. He has moved past his pain and is continuing to live and learn from his life on earth. You still have your own life, daughter and grandchildren. There is still more to live for and your son would want you to. Where we put our mental attention is still a choice.

Tell any non loving entity to leave your presence immediately. Before trying to ask for a sign again from your son, ask for protection and state out loud that only loving beings are allowed to make contact.

There are many ways to raise your vibrations to elevate any contact you have with those that have departed. Remember the good times. Think of those still with you. Know you'll see him soon. All things to help.

I hope this helps in some way.
Hello there! Listen I had experienced the exact same thing than you and I wonder if you get any extra info... In any case its interesting to know that I<m not the only one (and my girlfriend) to see these stranges red lazer light! I can tell you my story if you want to exchange! (Sorry for my english I come from Quebec and I usually speak french)
i saw a cat spirit when cat died. It was here and feel bad now. The animals have spirits. I trying teach my kids to go more vegan.
i trying to more vegan. I can animal that suffer so feel bad trying to cut on meat. And eventually vegan and fruit my goal.
I also would like to share that I am starting to believe that maybe a soul is a soul, period. I am wondering if we also have our turn of being in animal vessels not just human ones...? Those feelings that I receive from animals are universal just like people feelings... I feel no difference.
Thank you for sharing dawnoftime. I am so glad to know I am not alone in feeling this. This is not something that you can just 'block out', since you are obviously an empath there are traits that come along with that, like genuinely anguishing about the fact there is suffering... Which I do lots. Much of the time it feels overwhelming with despair because you are just one person and it never feels like you can help enough. Don't forget what you do does make a difference though! I just try to remember that when my judgment day comes I can say I tried my best. Picture a stone being thrown in water, each postive action you take toward a better life for all is a stone, there is a ripple effect always... Some ripples are big some are small but they are there. I am in the same boat, it effects me in my daily life a lot. Meditation or something mindful is best for me to release those feelings I have absorbed from others... Including all those poor animals. If you are feeling these feelings you are absorbing them, you need to make sure you cleanse yourself (energy wise) often. Otherwise you could be holding onto that negative energy.
That's really interesting. You'd think though that if they were for the parents, they would have had the visitation. Or maybe they did, and they were just not conscious for it.
Thanks for sharing!
Thank you AnneV. I know we can all only do so much. I would add to your list that we could stop supporting factory farming as well as recycling and volunteering, since it is the number one contributor to pollution and suffering. I think more people are moving that way.

I am a Buddhist monk, so I don't watch the news... The only time I occasionally do research in that area is when I have a vision that is such that I may be able to help someone, and then I limit my exposure.

And it isn't that I don't feel joy. I'm not clinically depressed. I meditate regularly, do martial arts, go to my Sangha, and have good times with friends. I have many keen interests that are exciting to me. Over many years of practice and discipline, I live a pretty balanced life. It's just that the images come strong and unbidden -- like any powerful psychic experience -- and it mentally, physically and emotionally wears me down sometimes. At certain times I feel I have reached my limit. I brought it up here because I felt like many people could probably relate, and I'm interested to know what they themselves do to navigate.

If I am part of the problem, I would genuinely be very upset about that, as I certainly don't want to be the last thing the earth needs. I will reflect on what you said, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my piece and respond. Thank you for what you do.
sunshine_taylor in Psychic Daydream Seizures
Its called Psychic trances... Learn something new everyday
sunshine_taylor in Scary Trance And Visions
Thanks for writing this. I fall into trances out the blue and react as if the event is actually happening. The actual occurrence always happens the next day. The exact same body movement of the person, clothes and words they say occurs the very next day. Once I fall into that trance I see everything like a movie and the next day it happens. I really hate to daydream as well. I understand your fear with your experiences
sunshine_taylor in Psychic Daydream Seizures
Its not called psychic seizures. I later learned what this intuitive experience is called. Mediums often experience this
Hi... I am a skilled Empath, a clairvoyant and have other psychic or spiritual abilities too, i'll tell you later about them... The art of seeing future is generally considered as clairvoyant... The ability in which you can see future in your dreams.
As you have said in your article, I can read minds... I have explanation for this... See you have one ability to see future... And in mostly cases these powers comes with some other powers too... I feel like you have something much more to discover...

What you can do is... Start noticing the patterns... As I have said earlier that these powers won't come alone... There must be more in you yet to be discovered in future... What will help you to discover them is the patterns... And for the patterns you have to calm your soul, MEDITATION IS THE KEY, and after doing meditation for some days patterns will start showing you and you have to understand them... Becz it takes months to understand them... Atart slowly... Take your time

Meditation will also help you in increasing your powers, it will give you control over them so that your powers won't control you.
This is enough for you until now practise meditation in early mourning hours starting from 15-20 minutes to 1 hr... You can increase it later.

This is my instagram account
[at] neha0879
If you need any help messgage me there. 😊 Stay happy beautiful soul, and don't worry you will soon know everything about you 😊
Hi... I am an Empath and have other abilities too..., as per your article you feel the sensation on your third chakra... It is advised to mediate daily and make it your routine it will help you, you don't need to worry about these abilities becz it seems like you have some empathetic abilities too... Go ahead with meditation and empathetic prayers, eat food good for your third chakra, keep it clean, it will help. Stay happy. 😊
I wrote an article on this site about being an empath because it is indeed very difficult. Sometimes "coping" starts by shutting things like the news off. Since our empathy results in near physical pain, it serves us not to get caught up in the trappings of news that is horrid on purpose-- meant to shock and sell.

We KNOW the world is going to hell. We KNOW extremely bad things are happening to animals and nature. Outside of donating our time, voting for the right people, and recycling, there is little we can do. However, one other thing we can do is be a positive energy point. Each one of us does matter. We don't need more unhappy people adding to the crushing weight of bad energy on earth. Celebrate what is left that is beautiful. Let's be grateful for the places, people and wild life that is good and pure. What we think and feel truly does emanate outward and cause small ripples of change and goodness.
Thanks for sharing your lovely spirit.
I have witnessed in the past, and I have experienced this plenty of times. I don't experience it nearly as much as you do, but I have always known factual information before learning it. I haven't put it to the test, but it's normally limited to Biology, History, Geography, etc. I also have a extremely weird ability to know how to do something in the occult immediently, but that may just be due to my state of development.

If you want to contact me at shanon. Beck19 on skype, or shanon.beck [at] I can further communicate with you about this, and give you a "Scan" about your ability. As ESP-related abilities are my main point.
Hi Greg
You sound a lot like me, I'm interested in talking to you.
follow your intuition. You are being pulled that direction so just try it right?
It is not about that you are shifting continuously your home or someone haven't died in your family in past 30 years.

Sometimes the evil travel with us, or you can say the evil gets connected with us, then no matter what where ever you go you would feel his presence.
I am a medium (people who can feel spirits and energies) and can feel spirits too, and as a medium I am advising you that... That evil whose presence you feel is willing to have control over you. See we are humans, not a paranoid we can easily feel spirits, but feelings them and experiencing a feeling of someone lying beside you are 2 different things. As you say that you would feel it the same way everytime when it happens, so there are chances that there is only 1 evil continuously trying to have control over you.
There is must be something by which he is connected to you, otherwise there are no chances for feeling his presence too close to your body, something you have, some kind thing you have, it would be anything, maybe something you purchased from an auction, or something you found in this house or in any other house from where you used to live, it can be a stone, it can be an amulet, it can be anything but it must be your thing an *old one* not new. Try to think and figure out when all this started, in which home or after wearing or buying which thing. There must be something, which has a strong connection with him (evil) and you are having it as your thing now, that's how the connection would made between you and him.

Now I am mentioning Some things or tips you can do... Before going to slip 1.sprinkle holy water in your room, most importantly in that area where you feel him standing as you say near the door,
2. You can also take help from father (of church) and ask him to bless your room with effective prayers.
3. Before going to sleep sprinkle holi water on your bed too, it would help.
4. Sometimes the evil isn't has any blood relations with us, still gets connected with us in by means of something, try to figure out that thing, this is most important because if you figure out you can stop this.
5. When you figured it out, take that thing to the priest or father they will tell you more.
6. Those things can be anything, a stone or an amulet, or a cupboard left by the people residing before you in your previous homes, or a sofa, a couch or even your bed.
7. Ask your parents from where they purchased you bed, investigate about it, and then go to that shop form they have purchesed it, that shop can also tell you many thing, keep you bed details with you including it's size, an image, the year in which you buy it, etc just try to get as much details as much you can get about the bed.
You will ask him (the shopkeeper) about any family which try to puruchase that bed before you but can't afford it, or any family having a strong affection with that bed before you purchase it, or the person who made it, is he is having any affection with this bed or not?, try to find his address's, it would help you.
It can be chances that if he can make you feel his presence physically he will try to posses you., or maybe he has some kind of affection with you bed. Try to clean your bed deeply and search, maybe there is something hidden in your bed which is connecting him to you.

At last all I want to say try to get as much info as much you can get, that's how you can stop this. Because the more you know that more it will help you.

Stay safe and try to get all info as fast as you can get. 😊
lol first of all, I find you to be hilarious as you tell your stories. Especially when you left your clothes and got out of the house. I could feel you on that. I have a lot of respect for spirit and the dead as well. I also wish to be able to see and communicate more with them as I am awakening to my spiritual gifts. I believe I am developing mediumship abilities because I feel peoples emotions very strongly and I'm just learning that my anxiety is caused by spirit raising my vibration to get a message through. I practice spiritual advising and healing and often feel that jittery coffee caffeine feeling right before the call then it goes away once we exchange a few words. I love hearing about your experience because it validates some things for me on my spiritual quest. Blogging like this will attract the people who need to see it and appreciates it in divine timing. ~Blessed 😊
I saw in another reply you made that you are into martial arts. I am looking up people who are martial arts on this site and there are a LOT of them. I didn't originally come to the site to talk about martial arts, but now I feel like it's important. I am a lifelong martial arts practitioner. It took me a long time of researching and learning, chasing ideas through translating Chinese, etc. To figure out that martial arts is dangerous when the "chi" or energy component is ignored. Unfortunately, in the West, we learn a spiritually empty, bastardized form of martial arts that is heavy on the physical (and sometimes the violent/competitive). It used to be a given that people learned chi/energy cultivation and control as an integral part of the arts and couldn't even advance, let alone teach, until they had mastered these abilities. I am really interested in talking to other psychic or "in tune" martial artists to discuss these things. If you get this and are so inclined, please email me at dawnprince1964 [at] Thanks and hope to hear from you.
DawnofTime in Power, Energy
I know this is an old post, but I am suddenly finding so many martial arts posts on here and just feel compelled to reach out. I am a martial artist as well. It took me a long time of researching and learning, chasing ideas through translating Chinese, etc. To figure out that martial arts is dangerous when the "chi" or energy component is ignored. Unfortunately, in the West, we learn a spiritually empty, bastardized form of martial arts that is heavy on the physical (and sometimes the violent/competitive). It used to be a given that people learned chi/energy cultivation and control as an integral part of the arts and couldn't even advance, let alone teach, until they had mastered these abilities. I am really interested in talking to other psychic or "in tune" martial artists to discuss these things. If you get this and are so inclined, please email me at dawnprince1964 [at] Thanks and hope to hear from you.
I am a martial artist as well. It took me a long time of researching and learning, chasing ideas through translating Chinese, etc. To figure out that martial arts is dangerous when the "chi" or energy component is ignored. Unfortunately, in the West, we learn a spiritually empty, bastardized form of martial arts that is heavy on the physical (and sometimes the violent/competitive). It used to be a given that people learned chi/energy cultivation and control as an integral part of the arts and couldn't even advance, let alone teach, until they had mastered these abilities. I am really interested in talking to other psychic or "in tune" martial artists to discuss these things. If you get this and are so inclined, please email me at dawnprince1964 [at] Thanks and hope to hear from you.
I am a martial artist as well. It took me a long time of researching and learning, chasing ideas through translating Chinese, etc. To figure out that martial arts is dangerous when the "chi" or energy component is ignored. Unfortunately, in the West, we learn a spiritually empty, bastardized form of martial arts that is heavy on the physical (and sometimes the violent/competitive). It used to be a given that people learned chi/energy cultivation and control as an integral part of the arts and couldn't even advance, let alone teach, until they had mastered these abilities. I am really interested in talking to other psychic or "in tune" martial artists to discuss these things. If you get this and are so inclined, please email me at dawnprince1964 [at] Thanks and hope to hear from you.
I know this is an old post, but I am new and had to reply. I am a martial artist as well. It took me a long time of researching and learning, chasing ideas through translating Chinese, etc. To figure out that martial arts is dangerous when the "chi" or energy component is ignored. Unfortunately, in the West, we learn a spiritually empty, bastardized form of martial arts that is heavy on the physical (and sometimes the violent/competitive). It used to be a given that people learned chi/energy cultivation and control as an integral part of the arts and couldn't even advance, let alone teach, until they had mastered these abilities. I am really interested in talking to other psychic or "in tune" martial artists to discuss these things. If you get this and are so inclined, please email me at dawnprince1964 [at] Thanks and hope to hear from you.
I know your post is older, but I just joined. First, I saw on one of your comments to another post that you practice kung fu, as do I. I would really, really love to connect with other martial artists from this site to talk about using the arts in developing and controlling our abilities. Email me at dawnprince1964 [at] if you are so moved.

Also, I have a huge connection with ravens, and they seem to literally and symbolically act as conduits of communication between my sister, mother and myself. I found your story really fascinating.
Thanks for sharing. I have been feeling like a kid in a candy store on thi site. I would really, really love to connect with other martial artists from this site to talk about using the arts in developing and controlling our abilities. I know you posted a long time ago, but if you get this please email me at dawnprince1964 [at] if you are so moved.


DawnofTime in Finally Free
I, too, am a dedicated martial artist. What you are describing is very real and powerful in the arts. These powers of "chi" used to be foundational to the arts and their mastery was an absolute given before people could advance in practice and certainly before teaching.

Unfortunately, we students in the modern West are taught an anemic and bastardized version of the movement arts, and often this leads to the kinds of violent accidents that you described. I am proud of you for growing and learning and harnessing the true power of peace and integrity in your art now. So good to know there are more people like me out there who are oracticing the arts with real chi.
Hi, I have never done a photo reading the way you have described, but I find yours interesting. I don't normally look at the photos, but have had people show me multiples and I can feel the imprint of energy coming off of the photo of the person. You can test this by putting three photos of one person in with many others and sorting them out based on feel instead of sight to try to hone your abilities, but I think you should talk to people who do face to face readings about the eyes.
You could try looking up OLD pictures, things you for sure couldn't have heard about and try a reading of those. I know there are websites with tests like that. Sorry I don't have more info.
Um hey, so I'm a bit late on this, sorry. I have no idea what this is called and why it's happening, but I want to mention that I have had the same experiences.
When I was in second grade they gave us a sheet about Egyptian hieroglyphs and I could read them. All of it, I never even needed to check the key, and for a tiny kid with barely any control over her fingers I was really good at drawing them too. I was once in a restaurant just eating food when some people started speaking in Chinese, and I understood most of it even though I don't even know anyone that's Chinese. I'm of Belorussian decent so I thought it would be cool to learn to speak some Russian to communicate with my great grandparents better. After two Duo lingo lessons I realize I can already read Russian. Sometimes I'll mention to someone else that a person is going to do something, and when they ask me who said it would happen, I suddenly don't know where I got the information and why I'm so sure of it. Sorry that I don't have any answers, but you're not the only one.
Thank you thank you thank you! I am so so happy I found this blog. I had a dream last night that there was a tarantula looking spider attached to my third eye and in the dream I was terrified and scared, but as soon as I let love into my heart the spider died and fell off. You have to understand that for TWO years now I have had such itchy eyes at night that I have been rubbing my eyes black and blue in my sleep. I have been to numerous doctors, put steroids and allergy drops in my eyes but nothing ever worked and my eyes are never itchy during the day.

After this dream and now you guys confirming it, I am going to send these little buggers lots of love and hope it dies and falls off. In my dream, when I loved and cuddled on the spider it died and I got my "powers" back. Also, I have seen these spidery guys on my ceiling and coming down towards me when I am half asleep for years. I never thought anything of this until now. Thank you so much. If they feed off of negative energy, I am going to "kill them with kindness." Even named my guy "cuddles." It will be a shame to see him go. 😘

Just wanted to share in case it helps someone else like your posts have helped me. Keep carrying the light my homies, keep carrying the light.
This is happening to me too. I was 13 almost 14 when it first happened. I had a dream that I was looking way up to my mom. We were in a line up. And then people in superhero costumes fell from the rafters of this convention centre or something. They were obviously on wires. But it was really weird. Then, a few months later it happened. My legs were tired from standing in line with my mom and brother to see William Shatner at a FanCon thing (Canadian ComicCon), so I knelt down. I was looking up at my mom, and then people came down from the rafters just like in my dream. I am now 15 and the dreams haven't stopped. Somehow a dream about my brother being in front of a glow-in-the-dark dragon happened. A little while ago I had a dream that I was hanging out with my friends in my room, when my mom got a call and told me that my grandpa died. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm really scared. Both of my grandfathers are in bad shape. There have been other dreams that were completely pointless. They all took 3 months or so to come true. It's been 2 since I had that dream. I'd really like it if people could tell me that I'm not crazy
jasmine_glaze in Obe- And A Little Fearful
Dear Nightmist,

What you have experienced is a demon messing with you while asleep. The sleep paralysis is caused by energy that was released all over your body and they entered your dream as well. From your explnation it looks like they want to weaken you physically so your mental state would also be affected and then they'll strike again and do something really bad.

I don't know details about your lifestyle, but if you're drinking alcohol or take drugs, it'll be easier for them to do that again. Going through some life troubles also gives them more power and field to do things you wouldn't like them to do.

I suggest that you learn how to protect yourself from spiritual attacks. I can help you with that. If you're interested leave a comment or email me,

I feel like I have remnate feelings of a past life. I know it may sound cliche but I don't feel like I identify as a human being and not because I wish to be something else but because of constantly observing my emotions and observing people around me and how social settings and society seems to work as I have grown up. Its hard for me to comprehend how the flow of society works. I feel like an old soul sometimes. I beileve my dreams speak to me of my past lives and because of my dreams I feel as though I used to be a wild beast roaming the woods and forests. When I have those dreams it feels natrual to me and ill have times where I long to go back to that feeling of freedom of running wild and being strong and being truly free and alive. Ill dream sometimes of hunting and the feel of tearing through flesh and bone with my teeth and shredding flesh with my claws and it feels amazing. I dream of running through bare trees chasing the moon and feeling the ground and my stride and the cool calm night air...

I never felt as though I had a place in society. I don't like the cities and would rather live closer to the country side closer to the wild. I would like to learn to hunt and not with a traditional gun but archery and traping something more rustic I want to learn to skin and prepare my own meats to use the fur for clothing or blankets. I enjoy to cook using bones for broth I would use as much of the animal as I could. Its the closest I can get to those feelings.
carriwill in I Can Read People
you have gift to read people. You do can do this through their eyes. I can do it also. I can see thing or get thought or images when look into someones eyes.
Your experience is just as same as mine which I put up here under the title 'Thoughts Striking My Mind Before Things Happen'. I was told that I might be an empath and I get precognitions.

Just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone and if you want, you could check out the comments I got as replies on my experience if you want a deep info because they helped.:)
Hi! From your story, it feels you are an empath. Clairsentients and Empaths are almost same except Empaths are feelers who have very less control on their clairsentience. Whereas clairsentience is a channel via which we feel things. We all are mediumistic I believe. It is one or the other channels via which spirit might communicate with us. Like seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling etc. There are many groups on Facebook where you can safely practice your gifts. Like one is Pamela Aaralyn - Spiritual Alchemist. In her group we all talk about all such things and practice on each other. ❤
EtherBawny in Unusual Reaccurances
I had a seventh one the following day of my posting but it was very brief vision of the documents. The yellowish cloudiness faded but remained a glow over the documents then faded from view and then in near center of the cloudiness a hole formed like a lil portal I could see what appeared a room wth rich colored egg yellow walls. I felt I was looking through some kind of of moving scope that went around the room rather quickly and never allowing me to define objects on the walls or pieces of furniture. The hole I'm viewing through isn't moving. My eyes are moving but I didn't feel I needed to because the vision seemed to move around inside the portal on its on. I say portal because I really can't think of another way of describing this opening which I was looking in. However I saw enough to clearly know I was looking inside a furnished room. A room I have no familiarity with from my memories. This too had a short span of clarity until it all faded out and would not return. I was in the day light about to take a short nap. The sensation of needing a nap was gone as well. Though id never dozed off.

The clarity is amazing yet I feel if I attempt to focus on a specific point the vision counters it by moving around almost as if its evasive. I have pondered different things to see if I can control the things I see so I can actually say "i read this" or "i saw that object made of this or that" but I cant. I did make out there were items on the wall. Some decor. Id say the room would've likely been in a nice consciously decorated home of moderate taste. I saw quickly what looked like it might've been a wooden curio. The problem I have is the short span of time I see these things and very little time to experiment with controlling the view. Rather than loose it quickly I am most likely to just observe and see what comes as it comes with no effort to control. That seems to make it last longer. Id calculate that none of them last more than around thirty seconds to a minute maximum.
Hey, you guys its so unbelievably relieving to have someone out there that can understand.

All of it is so all over the place, little bits of different clairs and some what chaotic but in a slow progression.


I do, or atleast think I do, accept this part of myself and have tried researching but apart from meditating, there has been pretty much no advancement and I feel like I am just picking up signs and not knowing how to break them down to understand its meaning.


I can not even begin to describe how parallel our lives are in terms of similarities. My family, although spiritually open minded seem to have doubts or disbelieve over everything I am/ have experienced. I do remember seeings some shadows as a child too, but I don't remember fearing them and they just stopped.

I am hands down with the third eye images. Some of them connect enough to come up with something general. My latest one is a cobblestones arch with a hanging black light on the side with red flowers underneath in a half barrel. Connected to the image is either a spindle wheel or an rotary. - still can't figure this one out.

The sleep paralysis also is terrifying. The first time I felt something digging into my back and found I was sleeping on the feather, then I was psychically jolted like someone pulled my hand out of the dream and I was frozen. The rest of my dreams that night I felt woken but nicks or scratches felt on my back.

The one that scared me most was I thought I had woken up and heard a noise in my apartment. I remember thinking it ridiculous and rolled over. Then all of a sudden there was a shadow over me with its hand on my mouth or nose and I couldn't breathe and I remember struggling to wake up and then I did and again I was frozen.

Smudging doesn't seem to help all that much and I reeeeeally hope this is NOT the energy that has been following me around too. I don't know what it is in general so I really don't know what to do about it. I too started mixing lavender and rosemary oil and wearing it as much as possible.

I also try to speak to my guides through the pendulum and its not as informative as I like. I really want guidance on how to better myself so I can then help others but I can't make heads or tails of the answers.
Dear ShaninHeerkes,

What you've experienced, especially after the nightmare you had, seems like an angel protected you in your sleep. Angels often come in non-angelic forms to protect us in the times of need. Quite possibly that nightmare was a form of spiritual attack. I suggest you put up protection before sleep.

While smoking marijuana I've noticed on many occasions that my abilities became heightened, however once I started smoking cigarettes I noticed that my abilities have all but vanished, so there is a definite connection to drugs and other substances on your esp from my experience
Your story sounds like a lot like mine. I've posted here five or six times, and each time I've talked about the feeling of alienation... Of being so different that I can't relate to normal people. In one of my posts I talked about a feeling of kinship to early 1900s Europe, hitting me hard when I read the literature of that era. I sense a spirit at work then in Europe then. Something was in the air. I think Carl Jung was very tuned into it.

Carl Jung described an experience like yours, of having a sort of spirit there with him. I heard it in an audiobook of Jung works. I haven't run into any other mentions of it since then, though Jung wrote volumes and volumes. But anyway, he describes whatever it is he's talking about similarly to the way you describe yours.

Getting back to the spirit I mentioned... I sense it in Thomas Troward too, who was a late 1800s/early 1900s Brit. And there were a few others.

It's a spiritual feeling I get when I read the writing of certain people. It has a strong effect on me. It really resonates with me, in an extramundane way.

I think World War 1 and the accompanying modernization of the world kind of squashed whatever was happening there in Europe, in the early 1900s. I mean, the spirit I was talking about. And I think it's starting to be revived now. I think a Psychology Professor by the name of Jordan Peterson has had a lot to do with it, with his mentions of Carl Jung.

Jung has a way of touching certain people. Again, I think in an extramundane way. In a way that really rings a bell and hits you at a soul-deep level.

It's hard to explain, but I would suggest you look into some Jung material, to see if it speaks to you. I suspect it will.

Then, as to the cannabis thing. Well, I live in Oregon where it's legal. And yeah, cannabis has gotten a bad rap with the stereotypes of stoners and potheads and what not. But I believe cannabis can have a very spiritual application. And you know, the idea of using mind-altering drugs for the purpose of spirituality has been around for thousands of years. I'd guess it might even be part of your culture, being Native American.

I don't have any issues with physical pain, but man am I wound tight! Cannabis helps me come down, and puts me in a very spiritual state. I used to do frivolous things when I'd get high, mostly just indulging myself with mindless entertainment. But anymore I philosophize, and I get things figured out. I go at it very seriously. I write essays, which is very therapeutic, and very enlightening for me.

And what's funny is that I see the number 420 all the time. I don't look at clocks all that often, but when I do, a good portion of the time they say 4:20. I wrote an essay and recorded with a text-reader, so I could put it on youtube. It wound up being 4 minutes and 20 seconds. And even more hilarious, here lately the number 4:20 is coming up in the lives of many anti-weed people I know. My Dad, who thinks weed is the Devil, told me that he's been waking up repeatedly at 4:20 in the morning. I live in a very rural, conservative area, and I went out to eat with a very conservative sort of "elder", and he talked a lot about something that happened on April 20th.

So anyway, I've seen this continual appearance of the number 4:20 as the Universe's way of endorsing cannabis use. And it's not hard to see why. It's impossible to OD on cannabis, unlike heroine, alcohol, and just about every other drug. It has many medicinal benefits, including pain relief, prevention of seizures, and so on...

Anyway, this is getting long so I'll leave you with that. Here's my email address, in case you or anyone else wants to chat further about this.

Whiskeydango at gmail.

Take care.
You are both highly intelligent and tapped into the universal mind. I believe there are many just like you out there. I myself find I just know things sometimes and do not know where it came from. It is just like the ether out there all around us is full of data. We just need to access it. I have a photographic mind and am able to recall anything I have seen, but this knowledge just pops into my mind from nowhere. I have never read or heard it before but there it is for me to access. 😉
Gabbie in Finally Free
This was beautiful.

I wish God guides you all the way, and the light in your soul to shine bright and strong.

I rest assured knowing that some people realize their potential and use it to bring light into this world and help souls find peace.

Be strong!
Good thing you had warning. The dream or vision warned you of thing to come. Precognition is what you had.
it sound had vision it good you left. The spiders are dangerous ad trap to poison. I would get out of there with deadly creatures.
You can view me at Unofficial Psychic Detective, on Facebook.
Brilliant writing thanks for sharing this story. Your a great writer. Amazing
Also claircognizance is one of the primary forms of communication between me and the higher self/guides. Informational download of things I can't really know.
That is very odd, especially because my life appears to have followed the same kind of pattern.

My family was very religious growing up, so they always believed in the spiritual world, but being pentecostal, they are very close-minded when it comes to other aspects of spirituality.

I would be very drawn to family members for some reason, would be fascinated by them, particularly my older family members, only to have a dream of them and they would pass away from cancer a few months or even years later. But I never grieved and I never paid this any attention.

I believe I have blocked out a lot of what I experienced when I was a child, mostly due to fear, but I recall seeing black shadows always around my childhood home, but I would be afraid and ignore them, I never bothered to look into anything.

Around 15 or 16 I began having repeated episodes of sleep paralysis, but never knew what was going on. And now more recently it has begun again except I'm having dreams and noticing the synchronicities and trying to figure out what all these signs mean.

I also like to call them guides. But also suffering with "bipolar disorder", whatever that is energetically, and I have been feeling like there is something HUGELY negative following me around for quite some time now, but I don't really know what to do or where to go from there.

I mostly just have dreams or see flashes of images across my minds eye. Sometimes they communicate by sending my angelic healing symbols or dreaming of 11:11 or astral projecting to my future apartment BEFORE I actually moved there... Dreaming that someone would be shot RIGHT outside my apartment that I hadn't even moved into yet, and then it happens almost 2 YEARS later...

Had an experience where I was in the inbetween state of sleep and hearing a crowd of voices, but only one is calling my name repeatedly trying to get my attention. I open my eyes only to realize I am awake in my spiritual body, which I had been trying to do for quite some time. I wimped out and went back to sleep regrettably...

I use essential oils for their protective & healing properties. And my boyfriend and I recently had the same experience with sleep paralysis but back-to-back instead of the same night... Someone banging on our door but we are unable to move. Although in my episode, there were VERY negative entities standing next to my bed with deeper voices and I was almost repulsed and terrified by them. Haven't had sleep paralysis like that in a while...

Please contact me if you find out anything else or would just like to talk in general I guess.
To PsychicJR. Demons have a human voice. Usually talk like a man. They can women. They talk like us. But real bad haunting. It be in Latin.
With the Tammy Tracy murder. I read the boyfriend brother was in the grounds. At Searles park when discovered her body. Possibly he may be involved somehow.
Dear Mysterion4239,

The exprience with knowing the child's gender before anyone else is quite an extraordinary one, especially that you mention it runs in the family. Truth is, every generation gets stronger and has different opportunities waiting for them. In some families none of the spiritual experiences are taken seriously and people find out way later that their closest relatives lived through some strange events. In some families it's even in a way where most members have strong intuition but they don't see it as anything unual and claim they're just good at logical thinking or they're observant.

It makes me happy to know that your family doesn't see you as a strange person and one of the closest relatives is someone you can relate to and vice versa.

You are young but since you've already experienced some extraordinary things, you need to make a choice if you want to develop your abilties or let it all go away and lose a chance to find your hidden potential.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


What have you been doing so far to stop your neighbour from reading your mind? Are you spiritually active person? Have you been trying any protection/cleansing or prayers or some incense?

I could help you fight it off but without any details I won't know how long you'll be dealing with it before it's solved and what techniques you should use to protect yourself from mind reading.

I hope to hear from you soon,

I am experiencing mind reading from my neighbour that mother sucker causing many problems I can't lead a good life how I can prevent his mind reading please help me
Dear ThulsaDune,

Your experience is a very strange one, but I know what you've experienced was true. I've been noticing similar strong energy fields in the city I live in. There are certain areas that feel like they are covered in energy bubble and I can feel the difference whenever I go through the bubble's wall. I never had the same experience as you, but i've never been to such crazy and haunted places either.

I'm looking forward to hearing about more of your stories,

ThulsaDune in Poltergiest
Change the locks on your home first. Then tie a piece of light weight mono filament fishing line across your bedroom door before you go to bed.
You need to rule out someone sneaking about and playing tricks on you. You need to also rule out someone sleepwalking. You need to figure out if it is truly paranormal. Maybe you have a playful spirit or person having fun with you and maybe not.
My sister once had a creepy stalker breaking into her apt. When she was gone at work. It turned out to be an ex boyfriend that kept a spare key he got from one of her girlfriends. He kept moving things and taking and replacing them. Nearly drove her mad. She thought she was losing her mind or becoming very forgetful.
She asked me to investigate for her. I did not find a ghost or poltergeist. I did find evidence of things accidentally left behind by him. We changed the locks and when he came back he figured out we were on to him. He never came back again.
Now on the flip side I have dealt with very nasty poltergeists, and if you had one you would know it.
Try my advice and see what happens. If you or someone in your home sleep walks they will break the fishing line and not notice. If someone gets up in the middle of the night and walks through it they will remember. Use the weakest cheapest fishing line you can find.
I had a cousin that would sleep walk. When he visited as a kid we had to be extra vigilant. He would move things around the house and never know he did it. He did lots of weird things when he sleep walked. It could even happen when he laid done for a nap in the middle of the day.
I am not saying that this is the answer, but only it could be a possibility.
krmujn in Poltergiest
Well, it's happened again! About a week ago, I lost an ice pack. I sleep with it on my eyes because they burn. One morning, while I was dressing, my husband said, "where's your ice pack?" He always puts it away. We looked all over. "It'll turn up." I said, figuring it had fallen into an awkward crevice somewhere. The next night, I used a second one. That one disappeared, too. Remembering how my button box had disappeared, I thought maybe we should tear the room apart. Not a sign of either of them. My husband took everything out of the freezer. I used a back-up pack that night. In the morning, my husband came out of the bedroom & said "Where did you find the icebags?" WHAT?! I went to look. They were both on the bed! And they were cold.
Unique-unicorn in Lost And Confused Medium
I'm much older now but if anyone could find the time to email me I could really use some help and advice still I'm on the verge of giving up... Email is damienphy2 [at]
you can go to Unofficial Psychic Detective on Facebook. That me.
Go to Unofficial Psychic Dective on facebook. If need help with cases.
carriwill in I Can See Evil
KikiGirl. Basically look into people eyes and read them fast. The gut instinct. It always right. I alway been like this gifted. Can read people fast. Yes I help ohthers. I read police cases and help online. On Unoffical Psychic dective on facebook. You can all contact me there.
The surge you are feeling is energy. Your life force called Chi. Are you familiar with Dragon ball Z? Like that but without the insane power levels. Anyways you tapped into your life energy. The source originates in the core. Your stomach. The beauty of this is that intentions are key and you can make your energy do what you want. Next time you meditate. Try envisioning your energy slowly flowing through you. As a calming wave. Anyways there is far more information out there about this and it could help you understand better.
You arent the only one here who can sense and see energy. Lol I am actually quite struck that you are well adjusted with this part of yourself. You and I have a lot in common. I feel out everything including intentions and energy. Everywhere. From the sun. The earth. And the air. I can do all kinds of amazing things with my energy. I'm happy to say I found peace and acceptance within myself and unlocked my true potential. This is who I am and proud to be. No I have no ego. I'm humble. Completely. I can only hope everyone can find peace and fulfillment in themselves.
if you need help on the case go to unoffical pshchic detective
On facebook
DragonHeart in Able To See Energy
I too can see energy but I can do more than just that too. Listen, we are here to support one another. I will share a bit about myself. I'm not sure if anyone is like me actually in the way I use energy. I have a list of abilities all energy related.
Transfer, absorb, feel, manipulation, amplification of my natural abilities such as strength, speed, endurances, reflexes, and senses. I can heal, see auras, charge parts of my body with energy. So how do I put things into perspective that makes sense? I can't really. Its hard to explain into a series of steps. Its a process. Your abilities are a part of who you are. I won't tell you how to do it. But I will tell how I did it. I saw the big picture of my destiny unfold from my childhood years and onward into my adult years and the cultivation of my powers come to bear fruit. I had to suffer and experience everything I had to be where I am today. Coming to terms and accepting this was who I was and being at peace with it unlocked my potential. Not to mention years of practice and determination forged in me something permanent and everlasting. My spirit. That is my key to it. Its not something I can explain in words. It has everything to do with how it works. I can amplify my energy four times over in mere seconds because of it.
Listen. I am here to help you. I too can sense energy. What you are going through I am not sure what's causing it. I'm being honest. But maybe you could shed some light on yourself? What is your state of mind? What is your knowledge of energy? Have you made any effort to control it? I promise you learning to master it. It will help you keep your energy under control and you can shield it from coming outward.
Hello. I'm quite interested in your experiences. And I'm sorry you went through some bad circumstances. I understand you experienced some negative energy? Are you ok now? You arent alone. I'm very sensitive to energy. You arent crazy. I used to self doubt myself too. But what I can is very real much like your gifts. Its part of who we are. It took me a long time to accept it. I want you to know I been practicing and training. It feels liberating to be fully unlocked. You know?
Have you found any solutions? If so please contact me. I am going through the same thing you are going through it's called the void. I've been under psychic attack for about three years and I've come to analyze everything down unfortunately for me three years is a long time and takes a toll on your consciousness your... Imagination to be able to put up a shield. I literally have no imagination no creativity no thoughts. I have a theory that maybe the void is a mechanism defense for the psychic attacks. It's not that you have an attachment to them but them telepathically experiencing everything you do has a mental effect on the attackers as well. You wonder and tell them why can't you just focus in your world and let me focus on mine that way you can leave but like I said has a mental toll on them as well where they can't take the focus off of your world too because it's like they're experiencing it as. I believe they are the ones attached to you. And we get attached to the ones that help else out because we like to fill defended. It's all humanity thing with them feeling anger towards us and even unconsciously feeling sorrow... It's all an attachment. My problem right now is me thinking about them as well... I am holding over 32 people as crazy as that sounds and my sleeping schedule has an effect on their life as well mentally and physically. Basically when I wake up they wake up if I'm up they cannot sleep. And that causes them to feel anger towards me because they still have their life their jobs and their own stress. How do I know I am holding over 32 people you may ask because some are family and friends neighbors and even people I have walked by. Like I said I am void and they would telepathically communicate with me and give me memories of experiences that we have shared. But at this time three years of being psychically attacked loss of consciousness loss of creativity loss of motivation and trying to defend myself against 32 people... Well you can say I'm at my giving point. The sad part is it's a rational and emotional giving a point where this is just not a way of living. I am not afraid of death I'm afraid of living without being aware of being alive

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