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Hi ShizNizLiz40,

Black shadowy figures is something you want to say away from. They are from the dark side. You may wonder why you and your daughters see these beings. They always try to cause havoc in any way they can, both spiritually and physically. Even for the most evolved human being, they can come around. I can understand if you are scared seeing those dark shadows. I don't see them very often myself, perhaps once a year. What you should keep in mind is that you can learn how to develop a defense against these beings of darkness and with that you will not only be able to control these situation, but even more (with proper practice) you can ward them off. The Divine Light is stronger than any dark force in the universe. You just need to learn how to harness that Divine power.

I hope that helps a little.

Fear can control you. I don't think your crazy. You fear that others see you as a monster. You are not a monster! You are a human being with a special gift. Here is something that can help you control your abilities: Have you ever tried meditation? It can help you relax and control you abilities. 😊
Thankfully I discovered this post through Google.
Just registered so that I could write this.

I've related to almost everyone in the comments it's scary. I've never been able to put that feeling into words (I'm terrible when it comes to feelings, emotions & writing) but everybody here did a great job.

I hope anyone relates to how I feel.

I'm 16 almost 17.I'm an INTJ-A.
I've been feeling this way for about 3-2 years now. Never really expected anyone to understand me so I've never tried letting it out. I think my family would've thought I'm mentally unstable or something, we also don't usually discuss our feelings & such.

So here's how it is for me:

1-I often get that feeling that I have no idea how to describe, it's like a mix of slight Nostalgia ((but it isn't,I don't know what I'm nostlagic for?)), bitter-sweet sadness, insatisfaction & belonging.
It's usually when I see or hear certain things, or when I'm around old people. & also when I look at stars or landscapes of nature.

2-I'm generally great with animals (a cat person). I love them endlessly & I feel like they feel the same way.

3-I think I'm mature for my age (I hate sounding so arrogant but comapared to people my age, It seems true enough) I think I've also went through this "I hate my family/Nobody understands me" phase pretty early, when I was 11-12 y.o.

4-I've felt like I belong to earlier times, such as the Renaissance. But now that I think about it, I feel like I don't even belong here at all, it's like I belong somewhere in a past life or in a whole other universe.

5- I feel like I need to master every and each Subject there is, from Rocket science to baking biscuits. I'm also a chronoic procrastinator who is a complete perfectionist that suffers from Anxiety, which doesn't really help.

6-I like everything and anything old-fashioned, be it a Saxophone or a typewriter. Also anything made of wood.

7-I'm a big fan of classical music, even though I listen to a lot of upbeat EDM, which is just a strange mix.

8-I really like looking at people's faces & studying their reactions to eachother's talk while mentally analyzing what they must be feeling at the moment. I actually do this so much that my mum's friend once told me that I "need to talk more".
I think this's all but just for the sake of it; I'm going to include extra info with the hope that someone shares some of the traits I have (I'd just love to know if there's anything in common between people who share the exact same thought):

-My favorite season is winter.

-I'm a morning person.

-I get kind of sad when it's Nighttime/when the sun sets.

-I hate almost everything posted by everyone on social media except Animals, recipes & Chess puzzles.

-I feel like I think like men; maybe it has to do with the fact that I've only got brothers.

-I like participating in debates, no matter the subject.

-I only attract younger people, I bet it's because I look 12.

-I'm child-like most of the time even though I hate admitting it. I adore Disney comics & "Fairy Odd Parents" Cartoon-series.

-My resting face looks kind of Angry/disgusted (R.B.F?). Even though I may be totally content on the inside, people will still often comment on how I need to smile a bit. I also have this kind odf Death-stare whenever I'm thinking about something.

-I hate small-talks, or talking about other people in general.

-Travelling to new places/countries makes me anxious.

-I dislike feminists,Boxers,Politicians & Negative people.

-I'm terribly afraid of failure/being ordinary.

-I get straight A's at school.

-I play videogames.

Sorry for the long comment. I Hope someone studies/does some research about these sort of feelings people in this post share & present us a proper scientific explanation or something. 😁
I don't think this spirit is a good spirit. Most likely, it's the same man who simply refuses to enter the Afterlife and go to hell... Or heaven in any case? If he WAS a good man. I suggest you obtaining holy water and perform a certain ritual which will block any unwanted spirits in your home. You may also have to contact a priest to throw them out of your home. I think it's curious on the way he died though. Perhaps you should further research this?
Hi! In regards to the events you see will take place, I have quite a bit of informaiton about it as I had a vision for what is too come, along with dozens of contacts of energy users having the same vision, or nearly the same.

I can give you the informaiton if you email me at shann.beck [at] anyone else that wishes to hear It can contact me there as well.
Hi mightymanthemagnificant,

I have a similar gift. I may have blocked it a little out of fear and being overwhelmed a bit. About an hour ago, I was working on unblocking my gifts and I began having a "daydream" (my visions of the future are usually as daydreams or imaginary scenarios) about a former classmate/bandmember named Paul and I saw men attack with guns and other band members didn't want to believe the men attacking were real (because they were Grey aliens).

Then I log on here and see this story about you Paul and it makes sense why I saw that all. It was a vision of my own future of what I would read online:)

I hope that wasn't confusing or off topic, but you're not alone! Keep a dream journal to write down in detail your dreams every time you wake up. It might be helpful and write the date on it.

Look into how to become slightly more lucid in your dreams and sleep, that way you are more conscious of your precognitive messages and be able to remember things better instead of having a blur.
Only very few of my premonitions are about terrorist attacks.
I probably have about 150 premonitions a year for the Last 4 years. Nearly all of them to do with my own life.
This is going to sound very creepy. I also have had premonitions about my death and being at my funeral. Fortunately its not for many years yet.
According to my premonitions some very strange and unlikely things are going to happen to me with in next 2 years.
I told a colleague at work about my premonitions. I tokd him 3 men will attack London Bridge before the end of 2017. He said he didn't believe in premonitions. I met him again a few days after The LB attack. He said to me. Wow Paul (my real name isn't mightyman the magnificent lol) I didn't think that was possible.
Hi can any of you guys, communicate with a past timeline of another, that would be me. For example going back say 4 months to change a desperate situation.

Thanks in anticipation
MoonInsideMe in A Burning Desire
And i've kind of reaserched and I found out about "Starchild". I think we may be one of these. Here's the link if you want to check it out (I recommend you to)
Yes, this happened to me with an ex I had during HS days. We used to finish each other's sentences, and I knew what he would say before he would speak. I've grown so much and developed my gifts.

Yes, you two have a strong spiritual connection. I didn't really like him that much at the time, and broke up with him soon after. First time I experienced telepathy... It was crazy. I thought I had gone mad.

I can relate to your story:)
hey, I know I'm 4 years late haha but I feel the same way, there are days that I explode emotionally (like today) and think that I'm just going mad because i've never had a signal or anything that proves me that all of this exists and I know that there is so much more. The earth is my obsession, I mean i'm obsessed with nature and plants and the sky just hypnotizes me. But I need to know if this is real or i'm just going crazy
MoonInsideMe in A Burning Desire
Hey, wow, I mean you just left me speechless. I've felt that way as long as I can remember but lately i've felt it stronger than ever before, Its like your telling my story. The thing is that I have these days that I just want to shut down my mind because the feeling is unbearable, I feel like there is so much more yet here I am doing nothing, and I just can't stop the desire of wanting to learn to fight and magic and stuff. I went with this spiritual-believing-hi-level person and she told me that I was special because spiritually talking I'm in some kind of higher level but I have looked EVERYWHERE and nothing ever appears.
Im starting to think that maybe I'm insane o loosing my mind or god is testing me, idk, but I just need to know there is something else, cause like you; I feel it very deeply in my bone and every inch of my body. If you see this message please contact me at my email, id love to see how did you get out of it o what happened
I had to make an account so that I could reply to this once I saw it! I have experienced very similar things before, though it only started happening to me after I remembered a few past life memories. I remembered someone, and after that, one time I went to bed and I felt like there was someone next to me in bed, then I would experience like you described, the feeling of someone touching me, sometimes kissing me. I've also experienced it where I'll feel them follow me throughout the day (although more rarely). If I try and get up quickly when it's happening I experience the same kind of heavy swimming feeling you mentioned. It always feels very comforting. Have you tried talking to him?
[at] holdyourbreath

Sorry that I did not respond in a couple of days, allow me to explain something, White Light or rather Light Energy, (Produced by the Sun, Stars, and other Light Sources), is simply the opposite of Dark Energy, It does not block out all energies, infact Darkness could overpower It if the user is inexperienced, or lacking proper knowledge.

While... Any energy... Can be used to make a shield and block energies out, through programming them to be essentially a "Mirror / Reflection" Shield, or Absorption, etc. They can always been overpowered by someone else if they are not properly made or strong enough, or if the attacker is simply more skilled / experienced.

I should also note that Energies are not based on their "Color", there is infinite forms of Energy, both Physical and Spiritual, To describe a few that... Almost everyone... Knows about Dark Energy, Light Energy, Fire Energy, Water Energy, while these are base energies, there is infinite varients of them, in which one attribute could be off, or a "Double Sided" Energy so-to-speak which is both cold, and hot.

(Hard to explain, unless you have experienced it yourself.).

Lastly I would like to say, that yes... Energy can be moved outside of your body, infact it can be moved almost anywhere unless something is preventing it, both through the physical and to other planes. Energy is not limited by the laws of Motion, or anything really.

-- Shanon Beck -- Contact at shanon.beck [at]

(Experienced Psionic for about 7 years).

^ Just posting this infrmation incase anyone wants to contact me that needs help, or just knowledge. Ill be posting this on all my future replys.:)
Pinkpanther in Lost Souls
You are being asked for help. You have the ability to help them. Seek out an expert who can train you, then go help those who need you.
Notyourmama4 in Visions
I see. Yes, I have all different types of visions. This one vision I had was of this man in a wheelchair. I am pushing him out of the hospital since he just had knee surgery and its a beautiful summer day with beautiful flowers all around.
I had this vision in 2009. I was not married or even dating anyone. I met my husband in March 2010. I asked him if he has ever had issues with his knees. I told him of my visions. Now is July 7 and my husband is having knee surgery scheduled July 21st 2017. I will let you know if I see beautiful flowers as I wheel him out of the hospital.
I'm wondering if you had a previous life with these people and you are reconnecting with them in some way. You are in this life now with lessons you need to give and receive. It's wonderful you had such a great family before and they seem to be able to stay together in some way. Maybe you will see them again but it will be when your lifetime has come to its appropriate end not when they feel like it. If they are telling you to go with them insist you stay where you are and avoid connecting with them in future. You are away from them now so you can stand on your own two feet without them breathing down your neck.
This is my first time on this site.
[at] destinygirl our family is also from Hungary. I have 3 biological daughters, 2 daughters have the visions as I do. I know for a fact my biological grandmother had the same visions. I just thought we were all crazy. I know for a fact we are not crazy. Thank you for putting all your stories on here.
One of my favorite stories is my grandmother telling me she dreamed of a fire in our apartment after she had that vision she purchased us a fire ladder. Two months later we had an apartment fire in our second building. I was not there at the time but my current husband and my two youngest daughters were. They didn't need to use the ladder. My current husband remembered what my grandmother said about the fire. He got my daughters out in time and then put the fire out himself. Then he called the fire department. That is just on of my stories.
namella in Secret Love
[at] paristata I'm not really sure how to send you a private message here lmao I can't use this website well hahaha... You could email me tho! I put my email address on my profile. I believe you could see it haha... Feel free to tell your story anytime! 😁
Physicalsourceenergy in Am I Seeing Energy?
I briefly experienced this exact same energy trails last night. It was late and I was tired and not really focusing my eyes on anything at all, but every time I moved my arm or any object I saw like this outline of energy. And when I focused my eyes on the energy Trails I could still see them. But it was only for about 20 minutes right before I fell asleep. That was the first time anything like that had happened to me.
I first started on weed when I was 18 I didn't think much of it then because I smoked once every blue moon If someone offered it to me but I'm 24 now and I smoke it almost everyday one day I was live streaming on YouTube and I felt my Abilites for the first time I had a robot tellin me what the comments are saying and they troll was spamming D's in the comments he thought he was so funny until my powers kicked in I was so frustrated hear the D's in my mind I yelled just skip all that shiat and the Robot said my thoughts live on Stream she said "Skipping the Rest"
My comment was going crazy and people said yo how you do that I didn't know it can say that I just froze because I was shocked and was reading the comments in disbelief that it even happened I was still high but I came down quickly after that that was only
The beginning...
Xarath, you have a very good point about other energies not needing permission to interact, which I believe is mostly true. However if a person uses light protection, as Keyofallsouls mentioned, low energies cannot enter or interact if done correctly. I am able to filter what I want using light protection, if I use white light that keeps everything out, if I use light purple light it allows high vibrational energies only in. I just worry if there is an energy strong enough it could overcome my practices. The grounding can be used for protection as it keeps your energy secured and bound to a persons core soul energy. Without doing this I believe a persons energy could be transferred outside of their body or outside of the 'core soul' as I am phrasing it. Like how energy impressions are left behind from events, that is pieces of someone's energy left behind. I relate this thought to the likeness of how peoples auras can become damaged and full of holes. Another thought for me is that if you don't ground another energy could "steal" energy from you if you are not protected. Thanks for the advise I would like to develop an offense as well like you touched on.

Gthlvrmx - I like your light switch idea, I use a flower opening and closing image for this. I can tell the difference between a ghost and spirit. For semantics sake I refer to every worldly energy (ghosts) as spirits and the ones you call spirits I refer to as higher powers. Any alien type or non human energy I refer to as entity. I appreciate your input and will do some reading on this archangel Michael you mention. I have not done this in the past as I am lead to believe by my higher powers that I have a purpose to help those stuck or confused and sometimes it involves more than asking for help from higher powers. I believe spirits still need to be healed from emotionally damaging events in the life they lived and that it should be done by the spirit itself but some need some guidance and part of our job through our lives is to learn to teach others this, so it is our responsibility sometimes instead of always asking for help. This may not be the case for everyone, as everyone has different knowledge, abilities and progress throughout their spiritual journey and lives. I believe the higher power is there to help if necessary but just because you ask doesn't mean you will always get what you want. So long story short I feel obligated and like I am supposed to help because I can.

Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions and offering your advice:)
paristata in Secret Love
Love your story! I'm in a similar relationship. If you want you can send me a private message and I can tell you all about it,
gthlvrmx in Vision Update
Hi ebay82,

What you can do is ask Spirit, your angels, your spirit guides, God, whichever deity or being you trust in to help present the opportunity for you to share the information that you have been given, and end that sentence by saying that you ask this to be for the highest good of all concerned.
ebay82 in Vision Update
Thanks for the advice. I will use this for sure. I need confidence in making that call as well. I do not want to sound crazy.
I have no advice but I am so relieved there are others who feel the same- at least I hope. I'm just disgusted with humans so much, with how ignorant some of them are- choosing death and destruction over the life of their planet, with how slow their progress is because of their greed, how they're scared of people who are different than themselves. I feel superior to them for whatever reason. (Yet I do indeed understand not all humans are dishonorable, I have quite a few friends on this planet who are very open minded and I love them with all of my soul.)
I understand -- look at image...


:) πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
Let me just add:
The dreams I have as him are very vivid and organized.
Like I'm living someone's memories. The dreams take place in total blackness. Characterized only by gold and negative space. In the first dream I had behind this thing's eyes I am floating through space trying to recover my severed right arm and left leg. In another I am on top of some kind of super massive celestial being trying to subdue it.

I started having visits from entities after a relationship with an unwillingly spiritually tuned-in girl. But weird stuff has always happened to me on lesser degrees.
It began with "sleep paralysis" while I was awake. And shadow people came shortly after that.

Surfer first appeared in a meditation in which I confronted the presence this girl passed on to me (Which I don't know what to call other than a demon.)

I have never made physical contact with him. If I see him while I am conscious it is because I'm experiencing sleep paralysis symptoms so I couldn't move to him if I tried.

Whenever he is with me there is this phrase that enters my head and becomes known to me. "I am a sword made of stars. I can not be held."

I don't know how much of this is due to my childlike imagination, myself. This thing showed up when I was desperately defending myself from spiritual attack and in the form of violent sleep paralysis involving involuntary contortions and convulsions.

I don't know what his intentions are but they seem pure if not divine. I am hesitant to indulge in thinking about it too much without knowing if I can trust it fully or if it is deceptive in nature. It feels like a good entity though.
Silver surfer. I see a silver surfer guy who is black. My body type and height. He has two vertically stacked horizontal slits for eyes. A third slit where his mouth would be. These slits are more like tears in space. A gold aura or a cloud of gold particles is constantly streaming out of the slits.

I think it is a part of my soul from a heightened level of existence. My same consciousness but from a different reality. Somehow we are connected. But I have had a hard time finding any info on this...

I thought he was a shadow person but he's 3 dimensional and I have had dreams AS HIM.
So I'm trying to figure out the gold symbolism of shadow people encounters.

I see a black figure in my dreams, before bed sometimes and meditation.

There are a lot of accounts of shadow people with glowing yellow eyes who seem to be depicted like scavengers/ vultures in behavior.

I have seen other shadow people before and after learning from a friend how to overcome the dread-lock that would wash over me I can literally delete them from my reality.

This figure I see is a shadow person but not in a cloak. He is my size and height and has two horizontal slits stacked vertically for its eyes. With a third slit slightly lower representing a mouth.

This entity appeared after a couple years after my sleep paralysis began, and only after I learned to deal with the lesser shadow people.

His eyes and his mouth are glowing gold. Furiously. Almost like solar wind.

It's never a negative experience that I feel when he's with me but there is still an incredible sense of gravity when he is around.

I've had dreams where I am him. I am floating in a void and I am missing my right arm and right leg.

In other dreams I am him conquering a leviathan. Staking a banner in its hide.

I was wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this. They sound extreme. I don't know if this is a part of me breaking through from another plane, a foreign entity, or maybe I just have a killer imagination.
Idea2033, wrap yourself with white light shields and clear your energy in whatever way you feel comfortable. Then, visualize a ball of light at your feet and dump the sadness you feel that won't leave you into it. When you are finished and got rid of all of it, send the ball of light into the Earth.
Hello SarahMasters28,

I will not advocate Drug use, but I do admit that Marijuana, and few other drugs do have a short-term side-effect of boostings ones energetic abilities, but will not affect you any other way, negative, or positive.

Finally to the "juicy" information, a Spirit Guide can be any entity, Human, Demon, Angel, Ghaul, Trickster, anything. Some people do not have spirits guides, either because they were not chosen by one, or there guide or guides died.

It's very possible that the spirits could be your guides, as spirit guides do try to reach out to the one there guarding through any method required. While this has a high chance of being true, there are another two posibilities I would like to discuss, It could very well be a strong premonition ability, or a negative spirit. (Not evil, as that is a abstract or rather flexible term that changes depending on who you are.).

If you need help you can contact me at shanon.beck [at]
Hello SarahMasters28!

First of all, drugs are not good to be on while dealing intentionally either intentionally or not, because you will at some point draw in negative spirits/entities that you would not want there, but that's if you are a regular user of the drug, it's the same with alcohol.

Now spirits are around, even when we don't know it or can feel it, it seems these spirits want to communicate and get your attention, getting touched around your scalp? Usually feels like a feather going through the hair:) touched on your feet, pressure on chest? These are their way of communicating or they can just use our inner voice to talk to us which you got first hand experience with, its not the drugs that makes you hear so don't worry, they can also use emotions that come out of nowhere and it will hit you and you will feel their feelings.

A spirit guide can be an angel, or a regular like us that comes and goes here on earth, you can see and feel the difference between them, when your angel want to tell you something you will hear like a loud sound in one of your ears, its similar to tinitus but its not tinitus, its their way of downloading info to you that you will understand in time.
If you see a flashy orb (its small like a pinhead) with colors such as white blue yellow red its a way of telling you something like ex a blue orb means "be strong, don't give in"
You can be hugged sometimes too;) have happened to me a couple of times, a spirit like us on the other side will talk to you by what I stated before, inner voice and touching on head or feet, chest, they can be felt aswell, temperature can drop in a certain spot and maybe with a colored smoky shape that can be seen.

I hope this helps:)
Same here. I have experienced those dreams all my life. I've learned to interprete my dreams and associate them to common events. It even helps me to save money cause they go from having an overdraft, traffic ticket or just getting sick. They can predict major events too like the time I dreamed about a coworkers death two weeks before it happened, my friend's secret wedding, and most recent a person close to me being murdered. I've started seing death people in my dreams and I plead them no to scare me. I had recently adopted listening to relaxation music before going to sleep that helps me to be mindful during my dreams.
I had predicted some events throughout my dreams. Last Sunday I dreamed I being shot twice while walking with another person. I started running trying to scape and hidded behind houses. Them they took me to the hospital and doctors were trying to resuscitate me. But my soul was sitting in a corner begging them no to let me died. I was seing my body and doctors in the room. Monday, I was so tired and I had this weird feeling that I wanted to die. I went to work late. When I heard my messages, the mother of someone I worked very close to, had called to tell me the night before, her son was shot twice while walking with a friend. He ran to hide by a court yard. They took him to the hospital and died when doctors were trying to resuscitate him. I started crying and the feeling of sadness has not gone away.
Pennies4U in Vision Update
The above poster gave excellent advice.

I can only add if she does not wish to cross over yet.

You can still send love/peace and healing energy.
Pennies4U in My Past Experiences
Your in the right place.
Many people have the same feelings and experiences. There is nothing wrong with you.

Re twin flame, take caution.
Many times the euphoria is replaced by hurt.
I found it important to allow time to prove trust and a path.

These are just my thoughts.
Hi Jhudson, I would normally say that you have a gift for premonitions, but the fact that it sounds like you are only having events of thinking about someone before they die.

It sounds like your Spirit (The Core of your existence, uncreated, undestroyable, which is the subconcious, personality, etc). At this It sounds like you are a Banshee, or a similar Spirit that warns of approaching death.

Of course I cannot confirm this without delving into your energy, and scanning It. I might do it later but it's early here.:)
Hi! I can help teach you about spiritual abilities, but Ill have to warn you that my teachings do not always make sense to those that are just starting out.

Anyway's, about the premonition, It's very possible that something is soon to happen, but there is a few more possibilities,

If you want my input further I can give it here, but I prefer to talk through chat over email, or skype.

Shanon.beck [at]


Shanon.beck19 (Skype).
Friday coming home from work there were a group of crows in my driveway and a few more in the surrounding trees, when I got out of the car they all started cawing at me.

Earlier I told my son "daddy is calling for you" while my husband was sound asleep, downstairs. My son reports that hearing dad call for him when he's not is common.
The odd thing is, every night when I lay in bed with no lights, no tv, no anything on I always see these two green eyes just staring at me for some reason. It's quite creepy I don't know if I'm the only one who can see them.
[at] keyofallsouls,

I know what you meant, I compare it this way as It's generally impossible to cut off communication with other energies or spirits, they don't need your permission to enter your energy system or to interact with it.

Furthermore I compare it as this because prevention of communcation with other energies, spirits, people, etc. Would result in numbing down your ability to sense, and feel energy. Which is what results in many people being unable to use energy, as they tried to supress it unknowingly. It essentially destroys your ability to interact with anything outside of your own energy. If done for an extended time, a short period won't do much though.
Hi holdyourbreath,

Have you tried telling the difference between a ghost and a spirit? I usually feel safer by just asking Archangel Michael to clear my energy or to find all the ghosts around me and take them into healing. That way, I know I only have helpful spirits from Heaven around me instead of confused ghosts.

Remember to keep things simple. That's how the angels work as well. You can create a sacred space in your mind where you can go to to relax and be yourself and no one else can enter and you can also place a light switch where the up position means "MEDIUMSHIP GIFTS: ON" and the down position means "MEDIUMSHIP GIFTS: OFF". With practice, you can switch your gifts on and off at will.
gthlvrmx in Vision Update
Hi ebay82,

I just checked back on your other story to see when you first mentioned this person. It does sound like you have a ghost or a spirit with you. To me, it sounds more like a ghost since those who have crossed over to the other side usually let go of their earthly pasts and are at peace. Ghosts sometimes have unfinished business.

Maybe you could help the police and report the news about her that you have gotten? Maybe get some more information directly from her? The only thing is that it's not healthy to be keeping ghosts around and eventually you're going to want to cross her over if she doesn't go on her own. I am not super experienced with situations like these that you have, but there's a woman named Mary Ann Winkowski who wrote a book called "When Ghosts Speak" and she talks about her experiences with ghosts that wanted to get help through the police to seek justice in some way or closure. Also, my friend Ama Nazra is experienced with ghosts and might have some information for you if you ask her about your situation. Maybe ask both of those people out?

Personally, I would cross over the girl (by asking Archangel Michael: Archangel Michael, please FIND the girl that was in my dreams and TAKE her into healing.) and then after she is feeling better, see if she still wants to get help. She will be way more helpful after she gets a clear healed mind when she crosses over.

You can be more specific in your request to Archangel Michael with literally saying the girls name if you know a part of it or all of it.
Yume, Oh, I must of accidently as I purged my skype contacts a week or two ago due to too many at that point. Just re-add me shanon.beck19
holdyourbreath, No problem! Glad to be able to help 😁 Another suggestion that I find that works is to imagine a huge light/white barrier surrounding you that will only let positive/high vibrational energies phase through it to communicate with you. I tend to do this every time I meditate.

Xarath, I'm unsure of how you interpreted opening/closing energy to be the equivalent of starting/stopping your heartbeat. I meant opening as in making one's energy available to the beings trying to communicate to them and closing as in making one's energy unavailable to beings trying to communicate to them.
Hello Xarath I remember talking to you on Skype, but I think you deleted me or something I would like to talk to you again.:)
Hi Yume, I'm fairly sure I talked to you before, but I forget (Just got done moving to a new house.).

I projected into your "Soul Plain" so-to-speak at about 11:15 PM Friday, The White Mist is not a "Block", It does not even seem to be directly around you, but It may appear that way to many that only try to read you with cards. It is due to a past-life memory emerging, in which you may of noticed. I observed this memory when I was projecting in your Soul Plain/Realm, It was a Marriage, in a overly white Church, in which It was between a blonde (fairly tall) girl, and a black-haired man. I don't think anymore details about It are important, but I believe one of them one of them are you, but I'd have to delve deeper to figure that out.
There is many things you can do to protect yourself, grounding is not meant to protect you though, It is simply a method of cleaning your energy of taint. (In which I can do for anyone anytime, as I can control Taint energy.).

"Closing/Opening" your energy is literally impossible, this would be the equivalent of stopping/starting your heart beat, they only true way to protect yourself is to learn energetic defense, and offense. Oh along with "Support", just to use general terms that can be understood by most people. Defense=Sheids Offense=Weapons Support=Healing.

You must ultimately become a "Double Edged Sword" if you want to protect yourself.

(Anyone that want's to contact me message me at shanon.beck [at] <-- This is the email I will be using for energetic help for others.
Simple Answer, you can't "Awaken" any Chakra's, as they are never asleep, the only thing that oculd affect them would be if their under or overly developed, the overly developed isn't really a problem though.

No, It won't attract spirits, you will in most cases just be more aware of spirits already there, (and there is no way to reverse-develop your chakras.).
Lauterb thanks for the info! I will be reading up repeatedly;)
Thank you for you insight keyofallsouls. That makes sense to me. I will use the locked door technique! I don't open and close often, consciously... I think I may be doing it without realizing sometimes.
A lot of the incoming is hostile, but I'll try. Good advice, thanks
ebay82 in Dreams Or Obe?
Update since this 'dream'...
I decided to ask for more information since I couldn't get this out of my head. Every day I would think and wonder who she was, where she was... So I sat down by myself and said to myself or whoever is listening that if I am going to help, I would need to know a name.
The name 'Tracy' popped into my head. I was surprised... So I asked for a last name... This part was not so clear... At first I got 'M' and then 'K'. So I tried to put it together like 'McKay' but instantly I got 'no' pop into my head... After several guesses, I kept getting 'no' I left with that.
I took to the internet and started searching for missing person's by the name of Tracy...
It took very little searching and there she was... Tracy Marie Kroh. She's been missing since the 80's. Except she was a senior in high school, not in college. The girl I saw in my dreams looked like the aged computer picture of her and not of what she looked like when she went missing. What to do now?
Additionally, as a side note I have been scratching myself in my sleep since some time after this... I don't know if it's related or not... I have never done this to myself in my life... Advice please!
nikki39101 in Seeing Letters
This has happened to me too! I saw red digital letters counting, one morning when I woke up. Try these websites, Also look up hypnagogic hallucinations
Dear holdyourbreath

You have to study, repeat study all books from Allan Kardec, you can free download in the internet pdf books.

You can find more guindance check the nearest spiritist center by you in below site:


Good study!
Dear un_average

You need help, pse check possibilty to visit below place:
If you ar enot close to them, contact them and tell your story they will help you. In case they don't comeback here and I will try to help you.

Contact: Rodolfo de Oliveira
Phone: (541) 953-1079
Email: oregonspiritist [at] /
torodolfo [at]
Dear Abu_1998

You need help/treatment and guidance.
Check your nearest Spiritist Center in below list.

(786) 519-3529
E-mail: info [at]
23122-B Sandalfoot Plaza Dr
Boca Raton, FL 33428
Contact: Mauricio Cisneiros Filho
(561) 704-7644 / (561) 299-0570
E-mail: info [at]

23158 & 23142-A Sandalfoot Plaza Dr
Boca Raton, FL 33428
Contact: Elisabeth Teixeira
(561) 929-5419
E-mail: info [at]
254 SW 12th Avenue
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-3104
Contact: Marisa Liborio
(954) 825-5578
E-mail: info [at]
marisakssf [at]
11220 Metro Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33966
Contact: Alberto Pimpignano / Janaina Machado
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E-mail: seedsoflightftm [at]

4241 Beameadows Rd, Suite 7
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Contact: Marlene Cunha Andrade
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E-mail: sol4241 [at]
akstudygroupjax [at]
6450 NW 77th Ct. 2nd floor
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Contact: Maggie Rodriguez
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Contacts: Marcia Rigonati / Teresa Ayres
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E-mail: cefamiami [at]
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126 SW 57th Avenue
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E-mail: SpiritistUnion [at]
McLeod Commerce Center
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Mailing Address:
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Dear SarahMasters28

For sure they are not your spirit guide!
Why simple, imagine that your spirt guide is a high rank spirit, he volunteer to be at your side and guide you trough this life in order you to reach your full potential in term of moral and kindness!
Do you believe he will say comments on your make up? For sure no!
Both spirits are frivolous spirits that want to play games with you just to have fun! You have to develop your mediunship into something more helpfull for other (incarnated or not). Marijuana definitely is not the way and will not help you develop your mediumship!
I recomend you to study all 5 books from Allan Kardec! Repeat study! You can free download in the internet.
You can also find a Spiritist Center near you pse check the nearest from you:

1648 West Broadway Street
Anaheim, CA 92802
Contact: Mariza Basabilbaso
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Mailing Address:
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E-mail: cintxa [at]
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Contact: Marivone Souza
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E-mail: info [at]
lauterb in Mediumship
Dear Dany10

1- Yes you are a medium
2- Just rubish, forget about them! You need to develop your hability to transmit intelegent messages/communications oral or writing messages.
3- They are Frivolous Spirits who want to play silly games and be amused by interaction with incarnated spirits like you.
4 YOu will know some day by not today since they are frivolous spirits and they are just palying games with you.

You are wrong! You don't need to develop sence of trusting at this point due to above comments.

You do need to study and understand how things work.

I recomend you study (not just read) all 5 books from Allan Kardec! You can free download in the internet.

Good Study!
Lately I feel like I can sort of speak things into existence, but maybe they are actually premonitions. I've been meaning to do some reading on that type of thing!

I have had several dreams that have come true over the course of my life, but they are rarely about me personally, and if they are, they are very minor. Ie, one time when I was younger I had a very vivid dream about driving under a bright red bridge (with some distinct architecture) with my parents. That summer we took a vacation (which was rare), and we drove under that exact same, bright red bridge. Of course no one believed me when I mentioned the dream.

I wonder why your premonitions seem to focus on terrorist acts, or if they have been triggered by the increase in attacks around the world. I am such a novice at these topics I'm sort of wondering out loud. Please excuse me!
Thank you for your reply Anne.

What I don't understand is why it should happen at all. If it's purpose is to inform of a future event to, for example, keep you or a loved one out of harm's way, why make a prediction so difficult to act upon. I still fail to see the purpose. If precognition has no purpose it is pointless surely.
Sleep paralysis is a real thing but who you ask will result in different explanations. The body is asleep but the mind awake. I find we are like radios in that state and can pick up different and broader frequencies. I've heard songs, the radio giving the correct time (I didn't even have a radio), voices, you name it. It's also very scary because you're fully alert and can hear unpleasant noises or even feel touching. As for whether someone or something is really there, we can't know for sure but telling "it" to go away is probably a good move. I know you don't believe in paranormal stuff, but next time you're sleep walking and are not sure you're in a dream, try spinning around. If you're sleep waking, you'll just spin, but if you've actually left your body then you'll feel the massive vibrations associated with astral projection. Then your reality will forever be altered:-)

I spent 17 years in technology as a sql server database administrator. You can be in technology AND not be insane.
Oujia boards are just another tool that can be used to connect with entities on the other side or different plains of existence, etc. For whatever reason, oujia boards are much easier for negative entites to use and get a grasp of. Depending on the entity trying to communicate through the oujia board, the amount of people needed varies.

Because oujia boards are a favored method to communicate by negative entities and because you allowed them to speak into your head, I'm thinking that you may have unintentionally opened up your energy towards entities dwelling on a lower vibrational level than you.

That's not necessarily bad but it's not necessary great either. Being both a Clairesentient and empath tends to amplify what you feel from energies surrounding you. As in, not only do you feel the emotions of a person or entity but you also are feeling the reasons why they are feeling that way, etc.

As for blocking negative energy out, you have to close your energy off from them. Think of closing/opening your energy like a door; you can shut a door just as easily as you can swing it open. You got to lock your door and only give the key to opening it to positive beings you see fit. In other words; close off your energy, only allowing for positive, higher vibrational energies to get you to open your energy up to them.
What first came to my mind is that you are seeing the aura of different objects. My second initial thought is that your eyes are extra sensitive to energy/aura shifts and changes in a room.

Anyways, this is normal and many people are able to see auras of objects and are sensitive to the energy changing/shifting around them.

You seem to be intune with what goes on around you so it make sense that you'd pick up on any changes around you that most people either choose to ignore or are just completely unaware of the energy changes happening around them.

Here is a link about aura colors in case you're interested in learning more about them if you aren't already familiar with them:
Bring up your positive vibration. You can google how to do this. I think you will get more clarity.
This one is a very easy one for me to advise on. If you are clairvoyant you will always attract Spirit, some will come across as what you may think as good some as what you think as bad. There will always be a line at your door now that they know you can hear them wanting help. Now that you have opened the door so to speak, it's time to do the work to assist or close the door again forever. You have to keep a high positive vibration at all times when you have Spirit around or you will attract the lower level Spirits. Listening to music, lighting candles, engaging in artistic things, being in nature are great ways of keeping your positive vibrations high as well as exercise and a healthy diet. Daily Meditation is a must, you can go on YouTube and find a great meditation that is done by some instructors at Cassadaga spiritual Camp in Florida, USA that show you how to channel the white light and connect that with your crown chakra. Always pray for protection from God and call upon your Angel Guides and Spirit Guides to help you close the door to the bad Spirits. Make sure to establish verbal boundaries with the Spirits that come and go in your house. There is a time for assistance and then the portal closes, everyone has to leave when the work session is over. Always thank your spirit helpers for their protection and assistance on a continued basis as well as God and Jesus. I guarantee you will have a fulfilling experience working with Spirit if you do these things. It seems like a lot to do, but I have been crossing Spirit over into Heaven for several years now and it is very rewarding when a lost soul thanks me for helping them find the way out of despair.
Hello, thank you for this amazing story. It has given me some insight about astral traveling, which I think is occurring with my 11 year old twin boy. I just joined this webpage in hopes of gaining some knowledge and possibly help in guiding him in his travels if this is what he is indeed doing. Briefly speaking about him, he comes from a generation of clairvoyant females. My Grandmother was a practicing Spiritualist from the early 1960's when it wasn't considered a "New Age Religion" she was in a circle of true Mediums, Reverends, and valid Spiritualists that lived and practiced the core values of true Spirituality. She was an automatic writer and a hands on healer until she was elderly and not able to channel and focus, but stayed in medicine for many years. My Mother also had the gift, never could you get anything past her 3rd watchful eye. Since the birth of my 11 year old son, our house, no matter where we have lived has been inhabited by Spirit. Generally focused around him. He suffers from night terrors and has had sleeping problems since birth. He has reported seeing ghosts in the house when he was younger but described them as being a person here last night standing over my bedside and then walking out of my room past him and he felt non threatened. For the last 6 years at least he sleep talks, sleep walks, and is in hysterics for periods of at least 20 minutes until you can get him back to himself. But recently he has been having the same dream over and over which has caused me to think he is astral traveling in his sleep. I do not know where he is going, I'm not sure if he is going through a time space continuum or if he is going to another dimension. I need help trying to figure this out and what I can do to help him be in the drivers seat in his traveling. I just cleansed my stones and he felt compelled to pick up the amethyst, so I put it under his pillow last night, but he stayed awake all night. So he is napping now at 7 am and started crying an hour into his sleep cycle. Before he went to sleep we recited a protection prayer, asking for God, Jesus, Angels, the protection of the Heavenly White Light, and my grandmother who is now crossed to aid him, then reinforced his promise he made when he took his oath upon his Babtism to follow and love Jesus all the days of his life. I also told him if he travels and is afraid to call on Jesus, Angels, or Grandmother and ask them to bring him back to his bed. I'm very unfamiliar with astral traveling as I have never been a traveler. I only do Spirit work, crossing Souls and Spirits over to the white light that are Earth Bound. I would Appreciate ANY HELP, INSIGHT, that could put me on track with my son. First, do you think he is a traveler? He reported his body being locked or fixed and not being able to move it and coming out of it in his dreams, and going to another place that he has no idea where he is, that he is being tasked with a job to basically help humanity in some way, and it is a scary experience for him but the other people in his dreams are not visible, just the task at hand. I'm guessing because he is inexperienced. Email address is Hstacy90 [at]
Thank you in advance for any help.
Blessings to all.
gthlvrmx in Hearing Spirits
Hi Ithilden,

You can start feeling safer by asking your guardian angel (who is Archangel Michael) for help. Everytime you sense a ghost, if they are ghosts and not spirits from heaven or a nature spirit, you can say: Archangel Michael, please find the ghost I sense over there and take them into healing." You can adjust the sentence however you want to fit the situation or to find a specific person and have them escorted to the other side (like the jazz player), but keep the words "find" and "take".

Start clearing your energy and wearing white light shields more often to protect your energy. I do this every day simply by asking Archangel Michael to place White Light Shields around me as well as my home and then I ask him to clear within the shields and to take any ghosts inside into healing. It works for me.

And no, this is not really a religious thing and I don't have a religion.
Do you open/close your energy often? From my experience if you keep closing and opening your energy frequently some entities will pick up on that and pester you until you open your energy to them again. Others might just leave you be. You might also just be picking up on what their energy is projecting.

Regardless, I think of opening/closing my energy towards other beings kind of like a door. You may have shut the door (closed your energy off) but you can swing it open (open up your energy) just as easily. If anything, you have to lock your door and give a key to unlocking it to only entities you see fit. In other words, have your energy closed off to all except only let higher vibration/positive beings be able to get you to open your energy up to them.

Let me know if you need clarification, etc.

Hope I was able to help you out! 😁
Did something happen after you completed the meditation? Or are you only afraid that something will happen?

Either way, opening the third eye shouldn't be a scary thing, as long as you do your protections first and make sure that only spirits of light and high vibrations are welcome. Also, have you been working on your other chakras or did you go straight for the third eye?
I_Am_Growing_Spiritually in Water Falling from Nowhere
On Sunday I was at work, I'm a waitress, and at 11:30 am my apron started feeling like it was dripping cold water on my upper thigh. I tried to feel the wetness but it stayed dry. If I bent my leg a certain way it felt wetter. Does anyone know what this means? I know I have gifts and I've had other experiences not related to this water topic.
I_Am_Growing_Spiritually in Mediumship
Sorry I didn't mean to post this story here. I'm new to this...I'm trying to move it...
I_Am_Growing_Spiritually in Mediumship
I have a question about my developing senses. I was at work the sunday and I'm a waitress / cashier, and at 11:30am I experienced a cold water sensation. It was as if there was a sponge that had been emersed in water and than placed inside my apron. Because it felt like my apron was dripping cold water onto my upper thigh. What does this mean? Then on another occasion I'm not sure if it's the lighting in my home but when I left my bedroom to use the bathroom I was looking in the mirror and saw my face was purple. It quickly disappeared. I know I have gifts I've heard spirit sing in my ear as if it were coming from a radio frequency, I've also witnessed seeing spirit child leave my bedroom I mistakenly thought she was my daughter. My children have the same experience at that time which confirmed I'm not crazy😊. Can you please give me some insight...
lizk82, if you and your son have been seeing shadow figures, especially your son, it means that you have spiritual abilities, your son is more sensitive to it being that he's younger than you. If you want, I could help you and your son learn about training to make sure that the shadowy figure doesn't hurt you both and to find out if you do have active spiritual abilities.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
Angyos, I do believe that this happened to you. But I do want to talk to you more about your experience and help you with what happened to help you gain more control.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
cayce17 in Fire And Flames
Phoenix123, if you have a gift, even fire, it is most definitely a blessing, I have been able to control fire before and I'd love to help you train the ability to where you can ebtter control it and use it for good.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
mmobile, hi, I totally understand your story and I went through the same thing a few years ago.I'm hardly on here so if you would like to talk and need help with controlling your visions or just want to talk you can e-mail me.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
Good luck to you YumeShinigami:) :) :), sorry I couldn't help.
These types of dreams seem to happen to a lot of people but people usually think of them as coincidences.
Thanks Destinygirl. I didn't actually go to the police but I notified them on a police anti terrorism web site. If I have clear premonitions I will go and talk to them. I think they will be. Surprised by the accuracy of my London Bridge premonition so they may listen to me. I have had 2 other premonitions regarding attacks. 1 in Dundee and 1 at Westminster tube station but I have only had the dreams once. The more I have the same premonition the more detailed and accurate it turns out to be. I had the LB premonition about 10 times.
I many premonitions every month for the last three years but most of them are to do with my own life
Any chanting or a type of meditation can open us open to the psychic veil.

Some of the reasons can be: we are at a low vibration. The low vibration can be fear or anxiety,

If you describe what is occurring. The group can answer.
Not a problem, I might of found someone on another sight. I understand.:) No worries.
It's good to know I'm not the only one. I started seeing those lights about 2 years ago, and now that I'm writing about this I notice that it was around that time that I started meditating and doing an inverted Asana, which is a yoga position. Before I only used to see points of light, blue and white. But then in 2016 I began to work as a teacher, and maybe because of the constant contact with people I developed some telephatic abilities, seing lights coming out from people or feeling what others were emanating, like sadness or happiness. The most amazing thing was to see higher columns of light descending from the sky. All of that was ok, except for being drive by other people's emotions, which was very tiring emotionally. And one of the things that could disturb me was that sometimes while in a class full of students, some of them, after looking to their eyes, I would hear an incredibly loud sound. I don't know if they could notice I was hearing that by my reaction. Now I'm not giving classes, but the lights, oh boy, always increasing. One day in about 2 hours I must have seen more than 300 hundred dots of light.
But anyway, I think everyone has this ability, I am just curious about what's next?
Hi I am sorry I am not in a position to download either at the moment.
I understand about people being skeptical and not believing what you say. A few years ago I had a dream that I had to run for my life from a plane that was falling from the sky directly above me during an air show. Two days later I woke up and read in the paper that a plane crashed at an air show not far from me. When I told people about my dream, they said I must have seen something on the news, etc. NO, I didn't! How would I see something on the news when it hadn't happened yet?

I think it's brave of you to even go to authorities when the potential to be dismissed and/or mocked is so great.
Pennies4U in Stoke Of Light
Orbs that pass through you are imparting strength and energy.

I have had that happen to me.
I was 21 when I posted this. Things were terrible for awhile. I couldn't sleep or even shower with the door open because I was afraid of being trapped with it. One day I realized I really did have the power over it and I told it to go away and it went away.:) been awhile but things have been great now. I still feel things around me but I can handle it now. Knowing we are strong and if we don't want something around, we can tell it to go has been one of the best lessons for me. Xoxo
[at] TheSage I am going to try my best to describe this. It's like the lines are glowing. They don't stay in one place, they glide very very slowly. They're the same exact shape and it has the features, for example: I'm looking at a painting I made in 7th grade that's hanging on the wall. The lights start off on the subject, but it glides off of it very slowly. In the offset, I can see not just the outline of the canvas, I see the shapes inside.
I hope that helped.
Hi jibjighop, you are in the unfortunate situation of being shadowed. People who are shadowed by psychic energy masters who are usually criminals workinging for the system. If you'v been placed in the system you will be declared mentally ill and placed on medications. The energy masters will do there best to pervert you placing thoughts and desires in your mind and then stimulating various parts of your brain and root chakra (genital area) with chi (energy) they can make you feel any emotion they desire can cause you physical pain by channelling energy to an organ or body part. They can put you in a hypnotic trance, control your dreams talk to you so the sounds in your mind they can make you hear or see anything they desire externally and unfortunately they can if they desire kill you through organ failure, heat attack, choking and probably some other ways. It important you know who you as a person so your not led astray. Something to beaware of is psychic ability is spiritual and is developed through meditation an training. If you want to be able to defend yourself you need to find a teacher who can support you in developing you own skills. There are Sufi schools and even online classes you can take avatar energy institute by Micheal monk is a great one. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER. THIS IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE YOUR FIGHTING. TURN TO GOD BE GOOD AND DONT LOOSE YOUR INTEGRITY
if how you typed this is accurate, then, I would say that the woman is actually on your side. Typically if something bad is trying to harm you, or feed off of your energy, they don't want to be discovered. A typical "haunting" is hardly ever just that. If there is something making its presence known and being negative in ways which seem to directly have a negative impact on you, then I would assume there is much more to the story. You've perhaps offended it somehow. The more you believe it has control over you, the more it will. They must defeat you mentally first. Let's say you're highly attuned and perceptive based on you, and how you are, for whatever reason. But your mind is weak, and feel as if you are overwhelmed/vulnerable and incapable of protecting yourself. You have just become any parasitic type of energy creatures target. As you recall your sleep paralysis, the woman was across the room. That immediately tells me that she is not the culprit, she may have been under attack just as you. You said she was trying speak but couldnt. I've had sleep paralysis in multiple occassions. It's not a comfortable feeling at all. It can be terrifying. So I feel for you there. But, it's important that you're honest with yourself. Don't over-hype things, under play other things. Perhaps when your dog left the first few times you were thinking "i hope he doesn't leave, and that he stays to protect me". But keep in mind that you're saying this with an assumed high probability that he will, which the dog could interpret as you wanting him to, or not wanting him there. I'm not saying there wasn't anything opening your door and saying there wasn't something which made the dog uncomfortable. But if your train of thought had anything to do with the dog leaving you to the wolves, I would say that's why that happened. Since you are potentially capable of such influence, I would start testing this and keep an open mind on your intention no matter what you're thinking. No you didn't intend the dog to leave, but you had already believe and assumed it was just going to happen. Once it became a common thing, it was that much more believable making it inevitable without immediate influence. I don't want you to do anything you don't want, but there is no harm in building mental strength. Some people have great influence and that influence is sometimes shown immediately. Others, it takes a while. Nonetheless I believe this is a skill which can be learned. The saying, "you get what you give" speaks of this directly. Every cliche of how important belief is, it's in like every movie. It's almost patronizing at this point, lol.

Looking back at your instances, would you say the more you wanted her gone, the worse things got, sometimes? If yes, then I could see how that might make you think she's the culprit. But again, you refusing her is pushing her help away, maybe. Giving her less strenght to defend you, while giving whatever it is that seems to dislike you, more strength because you want her gone because you're afraid of and tired of feeling like your spirit is under attack. This is also why being honest with yourself, and truthful, is so important. If youre not exactly sure what is doing what, don't point fingers, don't jump to conclusions, and don't give up on yourself. Don't just assume you're unlucky and bumped into the wrong ghoul. Build your mind, see the influence you have, whole heartedly ask for help, from righteous source, and accept it. Be sure youre clear about the source of help youre trying to acquire. Based on some things I have heard, you don't want to be in debt to the wrong being. That's what I would do. Just know that its been this long, and it seems to only get worse as you become more and more uneasy about the events and your tolerance dwindles. This strongly suggests, in my opinion, that you are providing them access by believing you are vulnerable to everything so easily. But I assure you, if your mind is strong enough you see that which most cant, you are in fact one of the least vulnerable, and most capable. Without understanding that you are desirable you become a ripe orange all juicy and plump. Ill try to follow your thread/responses the best I can.
Hi there,

I had a similar experience and I'm so glad you shared your story! Years ago, I was engaged but we would argue all the time. When we broke up, he would prank call my house, tried to sue me, show up at my house at odd hours, etc. I was just starting a new job and was really stressed out about everything. I was at the end of my wits. I prayed a lot for the madness to stop.

Suddenly one day, a giant snake appeared. It was staring at me in the high up stance. At first I didn't see it because I sat with my back facing it and was on the phone. I looked back and it just stared at me. I remembered slowly walking away. As I looked back the snake was gone.

From that day on and for about 6 months, random animals would come up to me. Birds would just be a few inches from me, one even tried to drag a piece of bread laying next to me. After the ex stopped bothering me, the animals, including the snakes, stopped coming toward me. I thought I was seeing things but my friends and family confirmed it too.

It's weird though. The snakes I encountered are the big ones that attack but for some reason they never attacked but just stayed there long enough for me to see them and then disappeared.
[at] AnneV: Thank you for your insight. I am still trying to cope with it. I'm just wondering what needs to be done to prevent further damage to my life.
[at] Xarath: Does the spirit belong to him and got passed onto me? What needs to be done?
[at] Mystique33: I finally had a chance to read The 48 Laws of Power:Law 10. I understand it now. But is it too late to turn the situation around?
[at] Pennies4U: What do you mean visual a healing for him? Do I also google the prayer and do I need to use anything else while I'm saying the prayer?
I have a rough description of what you say you are experience, I have an idea of what you're trying to describe but, I couldn't say for certain I am picturing what you're describing. With that said, I see odd colors / shapes and have noticed light shifts, not just light, all my senses seem to have suddenly immediately changed. Like sometimes it seems that no noise is loud enough, tv, music, etc, others too loud is easily achieved. This is exampled by my TV and computer and phone volume level, and how well my baby stays asleep! I've had all my senses change their, what I can only depict as their (their referring my senses) perception even when just sitting still. But I have also had it while driving and moving like I just went to another dimension. But I also do see lights and etc... Can you describe those better?
Yes, this is something I've been experiencing too. There are many different variations to these seemingly "invisible" anomoly. Sometimes I can see what I can only describe as like cloaking from the movie "predator" but way less blatant and many shapes and sizes. It also seems as if I can see this through things. As if its piercing all physical/material depending on viewer perspective. I see this move. I have seen this crawl on my bed, approach me, etc. Many many different experiences. Some terrifying, some comforting. State of mind seemed to play how I perceived it. Perhaps state of mind influences every aspect, I am still working out why when where how what. There is a weird energy that you can feel and can almost move it, especially around your own body. Sometimes I am able to make it feel like this energy is crawling on me, giving me goosebumps to the specific spot of my body I'm directing through thought. It's not like all my hairs stand up. It's more like a wave in which I steer. I have had more than one going at once.

For those trying to see or even start to study what is mentioned by the OP and myself, try to look at everything you see as a whole. Like a page on a piece of paper, and then focus to off focus them the same way you look at those optical illusions you can only see when you go "cross eyes but really, you don't need to go cross eyed. You do this. You will see an entirely different world and this energy you will see pop up just like those illusions... Literally everything can and will pop out.
you may be clairaudient. I have had very similar experiences to yours
I have this and then some. It is literally everywhere I look. It's even on my TV on any paused channel. I can take a picture of a white wall, and find this. Amongst alien faces, I see dragons, hellish looking things, and many other creatures I shouldn't even list. The most common ones are very distinguishable. I have noticed there seem to be about 4 different types of dragons. And about 10 different faces of each. It's so easy to depict and their traits are so consistent amongst each other I could name them. It's ridiculous. I will rarely see the same face in the same spot tomorrow as seen today. But I may see that same face somewhere else. Maybe many places in one day. It's almost like they are calling out to me as if there is something I am supposed to understand. It seems as if the alien faces at least, are multi-dimensional. Not extra. Extra suggest travel between. Multi is being in both simultaneously and perhaps at more than one spot, like a room full of mirrors. This goes for a few of those hellish creatures as well. It's fascinating, and I know it's not just something I've never noticed. I have always always had an open mind. It is most definitely becoming more frequent. I see it in the trashcan, food, clothing, furniture, nature and even in my iris, and any other iris. They are not manipulating these things physically, they are manipulating wavelength to be reimagined and pop-out. There is much I could discuss on this topic alone.
It's definately possible to influence the weather, although I am not certain that you are personally in control.

It is possible that your thoughts are being read or your actions are being monitored by a black market corporation or foreign government or your own government and the actual manipulation of the weather is affected by the entity that has the actual ability to influence the weather.

It's easy to assume that there is no middleman and that you are affecting the weather yourself through some kind of magic ability. I'm not saying that magic is impossible, but it's also possible that there is some larger organization involved.

I have also affected the weather. For example, by getting angry and saying something insultory which caused an immediate gust storm, or recollecting a child in the news that was killed accidently, immediately causing the sky to open with a flash downpour, or by saying the name of God and causing the clouds to immediately part blanketing the desert with a flood of brilliant sunshine on a dark day.

Also, I spoke the words aloud while driving through New Mexico after about an hour of silence, saying, "she's a devout convert to Protestantism", referring to America, and in less than 1 second, my radio blared an alarm sound and the announcer said: "this is a message from the emergency broadcast system, this is not a test. A severe thunderstorm alert has just been issued for Randall County, Texas by the National Weather Service. Expect flooding and hail the size of quarters".

So again, it's definately possible to affect the weather, but I think it is probably an illusion if you think that you are actually affecting the weather on a large scale by yourself.

The only explanation other than a secret corporation or government agency is some kind of magical power or an act of God. I guess you can decide what you think is most probable.

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