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KikiGirl in Dreams Or Obe?
ebay82! You are definitely NOT nuts! A crazy person never ever asks themself/ves, "am I nuts?" They just go on... Being nuts. So, I was so intrigued and fascinated when I read your story! Usually, I have some good advice to share with the Author through personal experience or studies, but, in your case, unfortunately I am not experienced. There are many people who work with the police on these types of issues. In fact, some people on this site were discussing it just a short while ago -
*Do police believe in psychics?
*Will they listen to a psychic?
*Would they actually enlist or ask for the help from a psychic?
*Fraudsters versus real people who do police work with psychics.
*Endangering cases through using psychics?
*Can you just go to the police with information you have?

So, there are definitely people who work with the police on cases much like your experiences. People do not actually "get" a location, but, use what they see in order to determine a location ie. Was it a farmhouse? What did the person look like? What was he/she wearing? Did you see a sign? What does the place look like? Are there any symbols, billboards or slogans that you can see? What type of car did you see? What colour was the car? Did the location have a smell? Did you hear animals? Did you see any other object/s et cetera?

I just thought you should be told that you are not nuts and that there are people who work with mediums on cases and even, cold cases.
KikiGirl in Remote Viewing
starsofclay, it sounds like you are growing a lot right now! I also get "down times", where I struggle to do the things like usual. I've always been a lucky person? So, for example, I can go to the Casino for one or two nights in a row, but, I can't go for 3 days in a row or I will just lose on the third night. It's almost like, I have a specific amount of energy in a glass, when it's empty or finished, I have to wait for it to refill of its own accord before I can do anything more.

Have you tried practising seeing auras? I remember that once I was done with that process, and I could see my aura clearly, my psychic gifts developed more quickly. Not lightening fast, but just one or two good ones over the year. The way I practiced seeing auras, was by holding my hand up or out and spreading my fingers apart. You shouldn't look directly at one finger but try and look "almost" passed your finger. In the beginning, I used to just see a shiny, thin bright light along the edge of my hand and after 6 months, I could see my aura perfectly! Let me say, if you have never seen an aura and you are wondering what it looks like, you will absolutely know when you do see it!

I wish you luck! KikiGirl
Hi Liam39876! I am so super excited to hear back from you. I've checked this post every now and again, but, you hadn't responded or posted since so I thought, maybe something IS going on but he won't post it... And then, I thought you plain forgot about posting again!

Ping me! *Lol when you do post a new article? And, hey!? It's not fair to leave us so long wondering what's going on, if there is.

This same exact thing happens to me! I remember getting Deja Vu since I was about nine or ten, the first thing I ever got Deja Vu from was a giant mural of the Lion King at a this bouncy castle place. Ever since I have started getting it more and more frequently, and I usually have seen the thing I'm getting Deja Vu about in my dreams the previous night.

I never feel lightheaded when I get Deja Vu though, I just feel a bit... Stunned, sometimes, other times like my mind just goes blank.

I aspire to be able to channel this somehow and predict the future. Seems far-fetched, but hey, anything's possible.
Thank you for your advice. I have continued to give this all some thought. It is a evil one I am sure, and I am aware of God's Light as a powerful barrier. I can be rid of it for a while, but it comes back. I feel it has attached itself to a member of my family, and it then leaches off of all of us. It is one the confuses, angers, incites, and depresses. It does this by pulling you into conversations with it whereas you feel you are under threat or needing to defend yourself. It feeds off your pride and vanity. So, I found relief now for several days by saying, "Don't talk to it". That helped me see past the confusion of it not being me, talking to me, but talking to something. In other words, I have named this, and now that I see it, I can attack it.

Yet, I have in the past had several "spirits" attach themselves to me. They too can confuse you because they are very prosistant in trying to get your attention. Some do not know that they are dead and others do. The ones that do tend to leave me alone, after I acknowledge them. Yet the ones that don't know, are much harder to deal with. But for me, the hardest part to all of this is getting to the point of knowing what I am dealing with.

I am still very willing to hear anyone's advice on perhaps quick ways to determine what is attached to you, or draining you? Thank you so much for the awesome reminder that the Lord's Light and Love is the best option we have. If only we could all remember that like we should. Happy
Hi RavenFeeders,

There is simple test you can do in order to determine if a spirit is good or bad. You see, a bad spirit (evil, demonic) cannot stay in the presence of God's Light and cannot stay if it's challenged by the name of Jesus. Such spirit will instantly free and if you still have the spirit around you, then you will know it's of good nature.

Pennies4U in Finding My "gift"
Some say folks inherit abilities.
Another theory we bring over ability from other life time.

Psychic senses are heightened when awoken by meditation and using binaural beats to name a few. These stimulated the dominate chakras you use.

You might get more insight from reading the Tibetan to Yogas of dream and sleep. It speaks about rigpa-the state of awareness and knowing. It speaks about aiming 24. 7 by practicing peace a conscious knowing we are one. That anger/fear are distractions.
Hi KikiGirl

Thanks for showing interest! Honestly so much has developed, and I'm going to write a part two, with what's been going on in the past couple of months.

:D Thanks, mate. Yeah, I'll keep this in mind.:D

Thank you, you just reminded me of something good... Someone told me of the same thing as you said right now. Thanks, I really really do appreciate it.:) God bless to you.:)
Cassie_1008, I have just read your response. Well, if she is a good part of your life then, keep her in it! By doing all of the things that I mentioned below, you should already start fighting off the "baddies".

You should take some rest! I appreciate you giving your insight despite how you are now, please, take some rest. Get some chocolate if you can, it always helps:)
Cassie_1008, I also want to warn you not to allow the things of the past that worried you, burden you or make you feel sad to be in your life at the moment. If you can see the problems, you can change them! You don't see your family any more? A lot of people feel like they don't belong with their family, or feel like "outsiders". So, they don't feel like they deserve, love and happiness! This is NOT true! You deserve to be loved, happy and safe, and live a life where you are happy too! People are just... People! We are all wrong and we are all flawed and make mistakes. You are no different to any body else in that regard, it is just that people use it in such a way as to make you feel bad about yourself.

I am trying to say, recognize the bad thoughts and feelings that you have and push them away-and-out of your life. Away-And-Out! You are a good person. And the person who does receive your love must deserve it! You should make a list of positive thoughts, no matter how small or silly and say them to yourself (out-loud or in-your-head) every morning.
"I am a clear thinking and intelligent person".
"I am healthy and happy".
"My life has purpose".
"I am capable of love and giving love".
"I am a honest, good and caring partner".
I know it seems SO stupid! But, honestly I have tried this and it worked really well after a few months! Like, silly little phrases that you say back to yourself during the day. At least, you are not thinking, "oh, no! So-and-so hates me... I am not good enough..."
Also, when you make a decision about what to do next, first think about whether it makes you happy or sad, and whether it will do good, Sometimes, you make a cup of coffee for your friend because she is sick but then, sometimes you make a cup of coffee for someone who never does the same for you or even thinks about inviting you somewhere when they're having coffee".

Think about what would really make you happy, and keep doing things that will make you end-up-there! If somebody doesn't help you get there or doesn't support you, try and give that as little time as possible. Don't let it take over your life and your happiness - remember? "I am healthy and happy".
OMG, you just don't know how your comment affected me now... That is simply happening, currently. <amused>. I do miss her, most of the time.:)

She does care. One time, she told me that I always in her mind, thinking of what I'm doing, how am I feeling, if I feel off. She's concerned that I might get depressed at some point. So, even if I'm against it, she and her boyfriend tag me along. But yeah, we get out sometimes, but not that often.

When she calls, I go. When I need her, she's there. I understand what you're saying and I see that now. Guess I have more reason to protect her, eh? Hehehe. Yeah, we're both in the same Church, and, yeah, you're probably right, we should do something that both of us are happy.

But, thanks KikiGirl, a minute there I thought I'll have to wait a bit longer for another reply, LOLS!:D
I forgot to say Thank you! Sorry, where are my manners. ( [at] . [at] ) Thank for your insight KikiGirl, I really do appreciate it.
Cassie_1008, thank-you for responding! For a second there, I didn't think you would but you have, and it shows a strong level of sincerity, determination and maturity.

I did not think you described a person who has fully naturalized with the world in any negative light, whatsoever! I am sorry if this comment doesn't have the answer/s you are looking for, I am feeling a bit drained myself and this makes my intuition a bit foggy or dismantles it entirely.

I do understand you want to protect your friend, and you would do anything for her! I am just worried that because she is "sensitive", she may "bring" something into her life and because she is your best friend or you guys are so close, it may cause "something" to happen and you are caught in the crossfire.

People don't know how to always help you in the way that you want. You might want them to just care about you, give you a phone-call once in a while, but, they're too busy running their own life. It's unfair that you want to give so much, and she just receives the benefits, love and happiness. You should both give and both take. You love her laugh and personality so you feel like you owe her, but, she gives her personality and laugh, as she is to any one of her friends or boy friend/s.

I am trying to advize you to find a way to do things together that make both of you happy. If you give her energy, she should do the same back or if she can't because she is a "taker", she should take you out to the movies or make you a smoothie (a drink with a lot of mixed fruit and fruit juice). You mustn't think or feel this in the wrong way - you mustn't ask her to do this for the wrong/selfish reasons. You have to first love yourself and then, she can love you. You must first be happy on your own, and then she can keep you company more often. You must first find out what you like about yourself, instead of, changing yourself for people the way they want you to be, or expecting a boyfriend or girlfriend to give you that answer.

If you are in a healthy and happy space, she will also feel better - just naturally! I am sure she worries that you give too much, so, she will worry that somebody takes advantage of you. If you are in a healthy and happy space, she will also be able to see this and she won't have to feel bad to ask for your energy to use for her problems.

****I wish you all the best! *Hugs
Hi Goldencurls99, it comes down to how long were you in a relationship with her. How often do you see or talk to each other before. Because, one of you might be an Empath or you just had a link/connection with each other. Soulmates doesn't necessary mean you're lovers of sort.

My soulmate is my bestfriend, we're both females so mostl will think otherwise but to those who know what it actually mean, soul mates can be of both genders and such.

Anyways, have you tried searching for articles on Twin Flames? Empaths? Because you may be Twin Flames. Or, have you had any dreams with her? Or did you had same dreams before you meet her? If the answer to these questions are yes', you and her might be twin flames/soulamtes.

To get rid of that connection... I'm not practically sure on how to. But to severe a connection, you've got to also severe the physical connection (talking, seeing those sorts). And maybe to avoid thinking about each other. Sometimes, it helps, like "mind over matter" thing. And once this physical connection has been cut off, you would notice, or both of you, you won't be feeling each others feelings/pain anymore. But it won't be immediate. It can take days, weeks or months. Just be patient.

For more further research, you can look it up in the internet. Try searching Twin Flames and Empaths, Psychic links and such.

I do hope this helps.
Hi Kikigirl. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say anything bad about mundanes. I just don't know how to describe us, discreetly. Sorry. But yes, we may just knew each other for a year, but it felt like forever. I knew from the beginning that I ought to protect her.

But my problem is now is that I could not track her or find her like how she does with me. Whenever we're apart and when she needs my energy, (I don't mind actually, I'm giving it freely because I love her), she would locate me using my scent or persona. I could not do that. I don't know how to. I know about auras. I've seen them, sometimes. But I want to protect her. Protect her from the shadows that follow her.

I want to protect her, Kikigirl, I really do. It's like, I have to. 5 years ago, when I was introduced to the art, I've seen my spirit animal. It's a boar and I was told it means of protecting of sort. I don't know. The reason for my protectiveness. I have been protective of the people I cared for ever since I know how to fight (martial arts).

I don't care what happens to me. I know it's too, what do you call it, martyr? But no... She takes care of me in a way she understood me inside out. I'm proud of my best friend. We may fight, but those fights were just additionals to our bond.

She's the only one who never left me. I mean, I still have my family but it feels like they're not there. So I really want to protect her Kikigirl, I really do.

She has happiness. She already found her Love. Her Love is her smile and laugh and bliss. I've seen her eyes, and the sadness just was no longer glimmering in her eyes.

I want to protect that, I want to protect her whole. It may sound like hero-romantism. I know she would do the same for me. Will it be enough to say that I would die for my best friend? Just so she's safe... It's not weird, is it? To be like this to her?
Dear reader,

I will like to start by asking to contact me if you had similar experiences. My experience goes from paranormal activity to other dimensions and energies that connect each other. I should start by saying that form when I was little I had a six sense and I had connection to both god and angels plus demons. I also had revelation about story in relation to it. I should point out that I practiced kuji-in and if you are interested you should contact me I have some nice books that I paid a lot but I am interested in sharing them for free. Because of this I intend to make long lasting friends with people of the same thinking.
Ok so basically I have the following abilities developed throw kuji-in:
Clairvoyance (auras and color of the soul etc), Clairsentience (felt and seen others emotions and spiritual integrity, also felt other people body as my own, sensing the nerves and the muscle of a person as they interact in the body), Clairaudience (talking to Budda and Myamoto Musahi the single kensai of japan in the medieval person), electrokinesis (heal and send enormous amounts of energy in someone's body.), Remote Viewing (seeing what other people did in different locations)
I have to admit that I was under supervision of military elites such as Navy Seals and MI6 (espionage)
With god I could talk to him giving a lesson such as how to make a difference between angels and demons especially when they look identically the same.
The story is like this: during meditation a strange powerful light came to me and took me by the hand to a place on a seashore. The seashore was make out of gold sand. He then gave me a sword in my hands and ask me " tell me what is the difference between an angel and a demon especially when they look identically the same". I was lkittle not more then age 11 and I try to give my sword to an angel located on my left in from of me. He refused it. After I tried to give to an angel that was on the right side of me and he accepted it immediately and attack my angel with the sword I gave destroying it. Immediately after it change to a dark and scary appearance of a demon with a dark red color.

I have to admit I have not practiced these art for a few years an di lost most of my power because I needed training to activate my power. I have talent in this and people from secret service told me that I have a talent in it and its worth fighting for.
Now I am currently powerless but I will go to reiki to improve my abilities.
Also throw meditation I meet budda and he told me a sentence and he was surrounded with a powerful green aura. I don't remember the sentence but I can say I was completely shocked about its meaning and I realized that I had much to learn. Also other people made some connections about my past life and said I was a guru focusing on healing and spiritual development. That's why my karma has a strong relation with angels and demons and the ability to heal people of different age and gender with my abilities.
I had many dejavu's and I had the power to feel the very essence of nature and for example feel the clouds as if they were of my own. I also could send my emotions to others, even dogs. I also could feel other people body as my own.
I recommend kuji-in and reiki. Or qigong and reiki. I for myself practice just kuji-in and reiki.
At some point in my life I fight demons even satan head on. I won a fight with him and he acknowledge that I defeated him during my meditation. I also fought a dragon tht was a demon and the battle was even. I did not win but he did not win also. I had the ability at some point in my life to levitate. Once when I fought the dragon given the high concentration of energies and once during my meditation. I have to admit that It was just a few centimeters levitation. Not more. And I could not control my ability properly. It was a new experience for me. I also made the light go out during a practice with low frequency energies. I was very angry and I used my dark energies to shut down the light in the house.
Also I managed once in my life to open a door that was closed with a key behind. I felt the part of mechanical object like it was my own.

All this experience happened a few times in my life. I have to admit that my control on it was limited. But my perception was highly advance at those points in my life.
At some point in my life I fought a legion of demons at once. They where swarming in numbers and we fought for an hour. The battle ended in my favor but a Pyrrhic victory.
Also at some point in my life I could see the color of the soul. The more bright the soul the more clean it was. It means with less sins. The dark the more sins that person had. Also I could see the energies that emanated from that person. So if he had dark thought it would be more dark his energies and body.
I also made wings and with them I could do amazing stuff that for the moment I do not want to talk about it.

So basically if you experienced angels and demons, god and energies similar to mine let's talk about it.
I look forward to talk to you guys. All the best
My email address is: halo.viorel.katana [at]

Best regards
Talamba Viorel
I read your story and was struck by the similarities between your experiences and my own. I was also troubled by Deja Vu until realizing they were merely forgotten precognitive dreams. The first undeniable precognitive dream I remembered immediately after the event transpired rattled me. I was more attentive after the first event and also wondered if these types of dreams would ever serve a purpose.

I wish to caution you on your fatalistic approach to the information contained in your precognitive dreams. Sometimes these types of dreams can mean the difference between life and death. I had one such instance when I was 23. To make a very long story short I'll give just the basics. I was in a hospital for minor surgery. I had a bump near my collarbone the doctors thought might be Hodgkins. A 2nd year surgical resident operated and cut too deep into my neck without knowing it. She closed the surgical wound and returned me to my room where I quickly developed a tension pneumothorax. This would have been fatal without treatment. In my dream it was. In my dream I saw myself above my body and understood I died because I'd stopped breathing in my sleep.

When I awoke from this dream the day before surgery I was frantic to understand it. I asked a medical student what it was called when someone stops breathing in their sleep. He told me it was called sleep apnea and was a common side effect of the anesthesia used for surgery. I got a chance to speak with the anesthesiologist that day and told her that I wanted a local anesthetic used for my operation instead of a general anesthetic as previously agreed upon. She agreed and a local was used for the surgery. After the operation I was back in my room and began to experience pain in my side that was quite severe. I got out of bed and walked to the nurse's station and told them. I was immediately sent down to x-ray where they saw the problem on a chest x-ray. I was taken back up to my room where doctors put a chest tube in my side. I remained on a machine called a plerua-vac for six days. During that six day period I went into respiratory distress twice and had a second chest tube put in.

This account is a very abbreviated version of the events. My point here is to tell you that you can never be sure of your interpretation of a precognitive dream. I could only use the thought I'd had as I'd looked down on my corpse. I figured if I died because I'd stopped breathing in my sleep the only thing I could do was to not go to sleep for the operation. I was awake during the operation. More importantly, I was awake afterwards. I was able to summon help when I needed it. Had I not taken the initiative I'd be busy decomposing right now.
kittahkatt, you are very fortunate to have seen this incident coming, and very well done for making the right connection and thinking the right thoughts at the time. You might be going through a phase of transformation where your gifts start revealing themselves to you, and your help/ers start doing so. In your story you said, something took hold of your body mixed in with the thought that you were going to get through the event safely? That is a good place to start for help when you feel worried or anxious about a situation, you can even ask in your mind "please help me? I know you are there, please show me what is the right thing to do and keep me safe". It will work the same way that it did in the car.

Best wishes!
Cassie_1008, this sounds like a wonderful story and I cannot believe the bond that you have with your best friend. I know this is a deeper connection which is far more fluid and rich then a normal friendship and it can almost be addictive because it makes you so happy and free.

I wanted to say to you that it is not a bad thing to be a "mundane". Spiritually, a natural person is far more valuable to any side because their body, spirit, mind and emotion/s are purer then say, somebody who has already-given-to or a part-of-them-belong-with an accord, whether that pact or accord is good or bad. A mundane is clean and new. There is a balance, much like a giver and a taker. But, if you are a taker - it means that your energy at some point was spent on a pact, link or accord somewhere else. Also, it means that "the taker" may have, what some refer to as, holes-in-ones-aura which are made either by traumatic events or by pacts / links which were particularly grim and ferocious. If you want to give, you should be able to do it in other ways, especially if you are a "mundane"; bringing her coffee or helping her through situations are good ways to do it. If you do these "ACTS" first, and then, you decide to supply energy through love, spiritually and mental-use, it will better balance the equation. Why? Because, the taker is human and he/she can pursue "the act of taking out of necessity and not need". If she truly cares about you, she will intuitively know this about herself and must look at how she takes and when she takes and what she takes. If your idea is to give, then you must do "the act of giving out of necessity and not need" or "out of love and not obsession or jealousy" or "out of truth and not lies or betrayal". The balance which holds you two together will only be as strong and vital/essential/crucial when you two understand eachother.

I am not a taker nor a mundane. I like givers. One of my best friends who understood me better then anyone in the world, one night "took my energy without asking my permission or fore-warning", I almost fainted! I lay down in the dirt in the grass right there. She never told me what she did but I absolutely knew it in my heart and soul. When I regained my strength, I told her "If you ever do that to me again, I will never talk to you again, and I will never forgive you". She was a friend to me at one of the worst points in my life and she stood by me when nobody else would. She never ever did it again.

Also, takers are usually people who need others energy because they are unhappy, emotionally exhausted and place tasks on his/herself which take their energy but don't deliver results. She should have been honest with me about where she spent this energy, so, I would know better how to help her. If she was happy, she would also have more energy, but, she refused to find happiness for herself.
Lovesick_Panda, that is a very scary experience and it's also a real experience! People always think that if you can't touch, smell or taste some-thing then, it must be unreal or fake. The truth is that we don't have such a liberty in life. Small thinking, small ideas are a thing of the past. Our only option is to go with the big picture which includes the unseen world.

Ghosts can and do sometimes send out "sense" messages - a feeling, vibe or something we "just know". It's a good thing because it can serve as a message or warning. You can also establish whether it is a good ghost or a naughty one by what it makes clear to you. So, it is definitely possible that there was a ghost, possibly of a cranky and possessive man who was used to living quietly and alone who did not understand what you were doing on his plot. If he chose to communicate this with you, he could have been confused and not realised that it was no longer his house. I say "could have" because there are many reasons why ghosts choose to communicate the way they do.

If you are ever in a new place, give it a good scrub down and clean every item in your room. While you do, think positive and happy thoughts and place the items in a way that reminds you that this is how your life should be. This way, your message will also be clear, when he checks in and finds a newly decorated and beautiful room, he will have to think about why things have changed. Maybe, even realise that it is your room and house now and things are going to change and transform for the better.

Best wishes!
saaaraa99, this sounds like a very interesting and beautiful gift. It probably sometimes seems really scary, though. Do you know how much people could change their life or even other peoples lives if they could do what you do? I advize you to work on it and embrace it, one day you may very well help people in the same situation or in another way.

The strange thing about having such a special gift is that it often isn't a plan that you have. It's not like at school, you can say "well, I'm good at Biology so I will do microbiology as a career." It happens suddenly and you change a lot and you are very fortunate to have a website whereby you can be honest and share the experiences. Most people who you meet and even friends, will not understand if you tell them, "I can see the future!" At least if you have a place or person that you trust who you can share this with, you might feel a little better about it.

Another thing you should know is that you are not that incredibly weird or different from other people. Please see this wiki-link with a list of psychic abilities that people have had over the years:
A lot of people have either had really strange abilities or worked-on and mastered a particular gift. Also, there are many people in the world who might have a gift but they ignore it or put it in a box because they want to focus on real-life issues.

Also, remember to try and do good with your gifts. What ever good you put into your life, will be the result/s in your life. I am not saying your life will be perfect, just that you can try and make it a good and healthy reality & wisdom in your life.

I hope you will keep us posted!
I can now regularly pick the 2 correct star numbers for the Euromillions draw in the UK but can not choose the 5 main numbers. It has several years to get to this stage.

I use the pendulum method to select the numbers written on 50 pieces of paper.

There seems to ne some confusion with double digit numbers and this may be the problem.

Any ideas or suggestions?
I'd say you need some guidance where to channel the gifts you have. Learning to use energy and psychic abilities for good things is more healthy for you than dabbling in the dark arts which can be self destructive. Why don't you contact any meditation groups, reiki groups, spiritual natural healing groups, annimal communication groups, etc., for some reinforcement on how to channel in a good way. It is much more rewarding than what you are currently pursuing. Happy Happy
Thank you! I don't believe anyone else in my family holds these gifts. Penny4U is this something I inherited? If not do you know how one person gets to have a gift while others do not?
Boson in The Rose
Hi Shyla,

You cannot image how many different psychic abilities there are. So I would say: "For sure" to answer your question.

Shyla in The Rose
Hi Boson,

That just reminded me... Sometimes I have an idea of what someone will look like before I meet them. It's a general description...height, weight, hair color and length. I get this just from hearing their voice over the phone. I wonder if other people have that?
im glad I found this site. I feel like I've always considered these things happening to me as a coincidence or just something that happens to everyone. But lately its getting more noticeable and when I ask others they have no idea what I'm experiencing. But lately I've been hearing loud vibrations I feel like its coming through my head. It started one night maybe 3-4 months ago I woke up feeling strange like I wasn't alone, kind of that feeling you get after sleep paralysis, except I didn't have that just a strange dream and I could not get a loud vibration noise out of my head it got so loud I couldn't go back to sleep for 2 hrs, ever since then I find it happening all the time, also right before falling asleep. Sometimes its subtle but most times its pretty loud and noticable. I also see visions of things, people I don't know, shapes or blobs when I close my eyes. The only other person I know that has similar experiences is my brother so I can relate to him at times but I feel like I'm barely beginning to understand what is going on. Reading everyones entries helped me, I hope this can relate to others too
Boson in Who Is This?
Hi Saige,

Don't worry. I will help you. Please check your email.

What AnneV who is the owner of this site pointed you re an empathy feels and goes through is a important.

Martin Brofmans book on chakras says that one of the chakras for an empathy is different. I think it was the crown. Sorry it has been years since I read his book. It is almost as if the chakra is facing outward so we empathy experience all others emotions/thoughts and feelings.

I have found that breath work and chanting with prayer changed things for me.

Reading positive material to harness our chatty mind to replace neg thoughts with pos help. So does being thankful. As you pointed out seeing beauty in nature and feeling it. By this action we humans get a lift of energy and clear plus balance ourselves. So continue merging with creation and creator in nature for that is helping you stay grounded.

A small exercise re headaches or if you go from pos to a bombardment of neg. Just look up and say it is not mine. Say to the energy be blessed and be transformed with the balanced sensations you experienced in nature.

If in big crowd use a shield. Also become acquainted with your protector to ask for protection.

Be patient as some tips work better for one and not for another.
The suggestions are not full proof and a big key to success is our thoughts and what we do with them plus our words.
Saige in Who Is This?

Is there any way to get rid of it? Is it stuck to me? Will it go after my daughter or is it with her too? It's all just has me a mess because I know I'm not spiritually strong enough to take anything on like this. Is there any advice? Feel free to email me, wilesaige [at] Seriously it's got me so freaked, I feel strange writing about it cause I feel like it's watching everything I say.
Boson in Who Is This?
Hi Saige,

I did a reading on this spirit that is around you. I got it's a "dead" spirit, probably meaning without soul in this case. I saw a rather short spirit but felt strong powers from it. I would be cautious about this entity. I don't feel it's of a good kind. I also heard "deceive you". Then I saw the eyes of this entity. There were almost perfectly round and non-human looking.

I have been having similar experiences with precognitive dreams. I am 24 and live in Upstate NY. I made a reddit post (link below) of my recent experiences, because I too am looking for answers and to get an understanding. I had small occurrences of de ja vu, but nothing out of the ordinary until I went on a Road Trip to Dallas Texas (10/31/2016) to watch an American Football game, Eagles vs Cowboys Sunday night. I have never been there before, but somehow I had a dream that I was with my cousin at a certain place. When I arrived to Dallas, the same situations had occurred and the environment was the same. At the time I was smoking marijuana and the whole situation just made me paranoid because the same situations had occurred in my dreams. I honestly don't know how I was able to dream about it, but I did. Game Day was odd too, I am an Eagles fan, so they were winning by 14 points. It was getting close to the end of the game and I had a sudden feeling of sorrow I guess. My cousins were huge cowboys fan, so I felt bad and in my head I kind of wished that hopefully the Cowboys come back and win the game. I wanted to see my cousins happy. That meant more to me than seeing my team win. Lol and what do you know, it was the 4th qtr and the cowboys score two touchdowns to tie the game and then win the game in overtime. I guess they call that Synchronicity. Then after Dallas there were other events that I noticed I had dreams of. I think in the beginning of 2016 I had a dream that my brother was going to have surgery to remove his appendix. Few weeks ago my brother went through surgery to remove his appendix. Situations were exactly the same. It does freak me out, but the anxiety or panic only lasts for a few moments and you just have to live that moment. So far things that I have been reading mention that I could be going through a spiritual awakening or I may be suffering from schizophrenia and to consult a psychiatrist. I don't want to consult a psychiatrist because they will just give you medication, and I just can't see it being schizophrenia. I feel like I am okay just odd stuff that has been occurring and trying to figure out why it happens and what does it all mean. If anybody else can chime in as to what this all means, it would be great.

As far as your situation my friend, just try to think positive you still have a life ahead of you. Just think of it as a tool to help you even though it might be freaky lol. I try to be positive and started to incorporate meditation on some days to clear my mind. Just be true to yourself and sometimes researching this type of stuff online doesn't help either because it may freak you out even more. Let me know of other things that have occurred, I d like to hear about it.

Oh my gosh I am so relived to hear this, because the same exact thing has been happening to me ever since I was little! I used to see them all the time when I was younger but then when I was in second grade they just sort of stopped, but then a couple years later when I was in fifth grade they started gradually coming back. Now I see them all the time, so much I barley notice them anymore.

I can see them the clearest at night, and sometimes they morph into things that I can identify like a animal or a figure of a person but mostly there just blobs

Also I see those type of things when I close my eyes, sometimes instead of lighting bolts there faces and shapes, aniamals a places, but they often come and go so fast I have trouble identifying them.

And I know that this comment is absolutely useless to you because I know nothing about it and have no clue wether it's just my eyes or I can actually see things but I just thought that you should know you aren't alone.
This happens to me a lot, the thing with closing your eyes and seeing faces and things. Sometimes there faces, sometimes there just blobs but there defiantly there
In this time of events in your life - abilities are awakening with your acknowledgement towards them. Being aware of your spiritual experiences and questioneing them will lead you towards uncovering answers but you really have to take the time to validate these anwers in a way if it makes sense to yourself and experiences.

Your dreams seem to play role with your awakening of abilities and can stand as signs to you about your personal life and warnings about your life. One important thing when it comes to dreams is how you interpret them - sometimes it is best to view them in a more general sense as suppose to specific if your having trouble figuring something. Different view points can bring clarity to a picture but this will not always work with everything. I am not sure as to why your boyfriends grandfather passed away when you had a dream about you grandmother but I cann see the confusion and how you have linked your recent dream experiences to this specific dream.

You should definitely take as a sign to keep in contact with your grandmother to make sure this dream is validated through if there are ay siigns of death in some way coming towards her.

I believe you have abilities but just need time to learn how to use them properly and towards what you chooose to use them for.
Hi Carri,

I cannot say that I have the ability to instantly feel visions/messages from holding an object. To me the psychic process is rather slow. I have to go into deep meditation to get messages. So in a sense, to me all psychic readings are the same, including psychometry. It's all a matter of mental focus.

I Have Heard This At Your Ghost Stories Its Called " Ghost In Love With Me - I Need Help " Have A Look! These Seen Really Similar.
YourMirror101 in Losing My Talent?
Learn what fear is. Learn what was happening when it was looking at you. Learn what facing your shadow means. Carl Jung the psychologist talked about it.

It could be that your "relatives" were a trick, and this is to help you not trust it, because it lies. I'm not saying for sure, but I have seen enough trickery to suspect it. You have to be not knowing to transmute fear. This means, do not judge the situation as this or that, ever. No matter how tempted you are to think that you know, you have to humbly admit that you could have been deceived. No "it must have been my relatives!" Simply admit to yourself that you don't know. Otherwise you may end up feeding it, giving it power. This doesn't mean you disbelieve, this means agnostic. No knowledge either way. You don't know truth.

Have you considered nihilism as a possibility? If not, then you will be open to deception. What if it is just multidimensional entities taking some life force energy from you and using it as a mask to pretend they are your relatives, and that's what it was doing the whole time? Masquerade. That is typical of dieties, or daemons. Look up daemon in the original Greek meaning, they are both good and bad, kind of like the daemon Yaweh, the God of the Bible, see Isaiah 45:7.

Being watched by evil eye causes soul loss, which by definition is fear, disease, loss of spiritual power, and eventually death, if you are not delivered. Something was watching you with evil eye. Sucking your power away like you're a battery so it can use it for it's own purposes, then from the looks of it punishing you with more fear if you face the devil and start opening up to your powers again. The evil eye on you is not that it is an evil spirit, deities/daemons are both good and evil. So, it is your trainer. They usually curse before they bless, so it is a curse. The negative energy utilized in cursing you flips around and becomes positive if you are delivered, and you get a blessing.

Not that I know anything, but I would surmise based on my own experience with dieties like this is that it's purpose is to make you stronger psychically, tearing you down to build you up later once you have faced your shadow. You have to face it fearlessly though. This is not done by trying to face it, it is grace, so you really just don't judge it, which means in essence do nothing with it. It will put on a front as some big scary thing vamping your soul away, but then take off it's mask and begin to teach you it's lesson, give your soul back and the light side. Face the daemon, defeat it. It may be a struggle to get the blessing though, a good Biblical reference for this is Genesis 32:22-32. I'm rooting for you, beat the darn thing, get your blessing! Do not judge it as good or evil at all, ever, and you will defeat it. If you judge it as good, it will prove you wrong because it was bad, if you judge it as bad, it will prove you wrong because it is good. It's both, so it's nothing really. Kinda like Zen or Buddha mind. Bring it's power polarity to equilibrium with non judgment and it transmutes into your power, instead of something other than you made from your power. Get your power back. Retrieve your soul. Eat it's soul in other words instead of it eating yours. It's soul is made out of digesting yours anyway, so it is really rightfully yours so to speak.

Despite all that I have said I still will proclaim, I don't know anything and never have.
I Have experience this three times. These three times were deaths along the night, and previously I had seen the relative. Some of theme was in agony, and in the other not.

The first I noticed was that I couldn't sleep at all. As much more, small half asleep. The first time, I had been with my grandmother before. She seemed to be suffering, we knew she was dying. When I was in the bed I was in a state of anxiety and tension, but different to any other (could I be feeling something similar to my grandma?) Arriving to 5 A.M in the night, I suddenly breathed with strength and stood in peace, totally awake and with clarity of thought. I incorporated a bit at bed, I thought that it had happened, but I didn't believe it too much.

I lied again and I slept as a child. After half an hour, my mother woke me up: My grandmother had passed away.
The second time was a death I didn't expected. I saw him, he was ill since time ago, and I noticed he was weak. At bed, hours began to pass, two, three, four, five, six A.M (I have never been awake so many hours)..., and suddenly the same. I breath with strength, and get calmed and clarity of thought. Again, I lie, and fall asleep as a child at the moment. After a time, I listen the phone, my brother in law. I say to him: Your father?, yes, he said.

The third time was more natural, as she died soon, 1 AM.
I Have experience this three times. These three times were deaths along the night, and previously I had seen the relative. Some of theme was in agony, and in the other not.

The first I noticed was that I couldn't sleep at all. As much more, small half asleep. The first time, I had been with my grandmother before. She seemed to be suffering, we knew she was dying. When I was in the bed I was in a state of anxiety and tension, but different to any other (could I be feeling something similar to my grandma?) Arriving to 5 A.M in the night, I suddenly breathed with strength and stood in peace, totally awake and with clarity of thought. I incorporated a bit at bed, I thought that it had happened, but I didn't believe it too much. I lied again and I slept as a child. After half an hour, my mother woke me up: My grandmother had passed away.

The second time was a death I didn't expected. I saw him, he was ill since time ago, and I noticed he was weak. At bed, hours began to pass, two, three, four, five, six A.M (I have never been awake so many hours)..., and suddenly the same. I breath with strength, and get calmed and clarity of thought. Again, I lie, and fall asleep as a child at the moment. After a little time, I listen the phone, he was my brother in law. I say to him: Your father?, yes, he said.

The third time was more natural, as she died soon, 1 AM. Anyway, I could feel the same.
You might be able to relate to an empath article I wrote for this site:
Hi Anne

Sorry I haven't replied. I just logged on and took a look. I do believe these feelings/ gifts get passed on as well.

I am fast approaching my 25th year of service and not a day goes by where I don't rely on my sixth sense as such.

I look at my son and I can tell he is probably more sensitive to these matters than I. He feels what others feel. In time I will explain it to him as he is only 6.

I am still amazed how people react to me. A lot of really bad crimminals get abusive and angry. I just notice it more than others as I am around them a lot. I can be present just as back up not being directly involved and they go crazy towards me.

I had a 15 year old get abusive last night. I can tell he is the worst of the worst. It is only a matter of time before he hurts someone. Sad thing there is nothing I can do about it at this time.

I appreciate your time and kind words


Ramona34 in Psychic Beginner
Hi starsofclay,

Thx for your advice, I will try to relax to see if I am able to get it under control. I will let u know how did end up this experiment. Happy

Regards Ramona
Joslyn_dave in Dark Spirit Dreams
Okay. I've been dreaming about this shadow figure since last year. Always the same, dream started normal then all of a sudden I was back on my bedroom, paralyzed, like there was a pressure on my body mostly on my chest that prohibiting me from standing up; then there he was standing at the side of my bed, looking at me. It would take a while, before I would fight those heavy feeling in my body then when I did, I'll wake up, so terrified and frightened, and turns the light on for the rest of the night.

Now, the reason why I decided to comment in this blog is what happened last night. Again, it started as the above, but what was different is that I really felt someone, hands on me, holding me down, and I was struggling & fighting him. And when I turned where the dark shadows usually stands, he rushed onto my side then turned into black smoke and enter through my mouth. After that, I woke up again, slightly terrified but aside from that, felt actually numb.

Is there any one who experienced what I did last night? Or can someone explain what did just happen? I am afraid that something, I don't know enters me? Like possess me? Thanks in advance!
starsofclay in Psychic Beginner
Relaxation does not come easy for everyone, myself included! Binaural beats and isochronic tones do help, but you still have to be in the right mindset. Look for ones that slow your brainwaves down to alpha at first, and then eventually you can learn theta.

Alot of people will tell you to focus on your breaths, or count them, but if you are like me, it gets boring haha. Well, I think that is the problem and the solution, we get bored too easy! If I could tell you one hint on meditation, the very first thing you should practice is how to be content right where you are, no matter what you are doing, and don't let yourself get bored! Of course it is easier said than done, and even I have problems doing it, but you will need to make a conscious effort to practice that every day until it is second nature. THEN try meditation.

Of course, you can still try meditation before you have mastered being content and not bored. The two may even begin to compliment each other. Hope some of this helps.
Ramona34 in Psychic Beginner
Hey xcsx, thank you for the answer. I have been to a medium healer, he did try to learn me meditate (grounding) but have been not a succes. Was only one lesson. Sad I did try myself as well home, no succes I cannot relax. Is another way to relax? Of meditation is the only escape? Thank u again.
Universeteachings (guest) in Schizophrenia And Entities
I know it is fate.
Ying and yang.
My protector is someone you don't even know he existed.
My guardian.
My guide.
I kill many entities by a simple bow and arrow.
Stay determined,
Hey Ramona34, I feel as if you need to meditate some. During meditation, you should relax, free your mind and concentrate. Concentrate on finding your spirit guide/guides. They will be able to help you channel some of the spiritual traffic you're experiencing. I hope everything works out for you! Best of luck!
Hello cms6084, I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing! I apologize about the sleep paralysis though! That must have been very frightening! As for your abilities, I've heard of some being "shut off" temporarily due to stressful events or situations, but I've also heard the longer you don't use your abilities, the harder it is to maintain them. Memory storage, sort of like muscle memory, helps your body in many aspects. Without using something for a while, your body starts to forget how to do it, same with anything in this regard. I feel that this is what your subconscious mind has done in order to keep your body from experiencing any more stress. But, as with anything, it can be relearned. I feel as if you should surpass your fear and reach out to more spirits, or your spirit guides again however. From the sounds of it, you seem to handle and manage fear quite well. So I would definitely recommend reaching out again. Don't be afraid. Trust in your guides to help you, focus on your instincts, and focus on love and light. Best of luck to you, my friend!
Perfuro in Vibing
Another note-worthy incident that makes me believe maybe there's more to me and what people perceive me as. This follows the same night as the rock paper scissors but after the females reacting to me.

We are still hanging out and waiting to go to the party so as we smoke we listen to music. We've always listened to music and when we do in my state I like to think as myself as a catalyst to the music. As the music flows through me I can manipulate it and resonate it out to the people around me. Some song triggered a certain vibe and as I do, I radiated what's going on within me.

As the night went on a song came on and I was watching a video of a game I recorded that I played (For Honor). Both what I was watching and the music made me feel good so as the song went on I started to do my "catalyst" thing.

As moments went by I looked up from the video on my phone and saw a mutual friend praying and I had the sense it was towards me, as in forgive him for associating with me or protect him from me, I'm not sure but it was definitely a thing involving me. As I noticed, others noticed that I noticed and just tried to carry on and change the whole scene fast.

As I said before I kind of resonate with Lucifer Morningstar from the show Lucifer, and after that incident with the praying I just couldn't stop feeling like the two were connected.
Perfuro in Vibing
here's another moment that happened the same night as the rock paper scissors. This has happened before on other occasions and I try to test it out as often as I can. Since I have seen the show Lucifer I believe I've made this easier to do, I'm not sure though.
I believe I can make a "vibe" in the room to attract a hypnotic trance on me or maybe a sexual desire (lol I sound stupid). I can't describe it, it just makes people "feel some type of way towards me" or at least I think I do. Maybe I plant feelings in them and just magnify it but that doesn't sound right to me.
before the party we had a pre party (smoking only) and some random girls accompanied my friend and his group that we usually hang with and sat in the background of the setting. As the night continued I was vibing and the two girls were talking about me so, of course, I listened. They commented about who I am and how I act but then said something like "I'm one of those people...". Couldn't hear the rest as the music picked up (courtesy of my friend increasing the volume so I can't hear them, or so I think idk) then moments later one girl said to the other she was acting weird all of a sudden tonight, both had that weird female high pitched moaning sex tone in their voice like,"huh? Me?", so I know both were influenced, maybe one more than the other, or maybe I just caught on to them being horny, idk. Is this a thing? Also I've definitely had this occur more than once so I'm on the threshold of believing I'm behind this.
Perfuro in Vibing
that's really interesting! Totally a different view point but I think I get it. I think I sometimes ooze some kind of aura in my state because during New Years party at my house (drinking and smoking again), we were trying to find something to watch and I suddenly put on a Ted Talks about psychopaths that I've seen before and started to get a very deep sensation ("vibing") and as soon as I did everyone almost reacted and began to change the video. This happens in other situations where I feel like my personal feelings can be felt and is also magnified onto them. I honestly find it amusing most times. I think this goes hand in hand with my "ability" to manipulate some things, but is this a thing or is it paranoia? It feels great by the way, almost as if my body then my mind is rushed with goosebumps and I do try to focus on it.
As far as condoning drug use, marijuana has hundreds of cannabinoids in it, many cannabinoids are produced by the endocannabinoid system in the body. Taking marijuana basically just supplements natural body chemistry. Go figure, brains are made of chemicals, many of which are found in marijuana, so it alters brain waves, or mental state. I think of it like an antennae, I pick up on all kinds of stuff from all over, and altering mental states can change the channel so to speak for different reception. Flooding the body with a chemical that it already naturally produces to supplement it does have its side effects though, such as the body not producing it any more because it acclimates to having it ingested. That's probably where addictive withdrawals come it with it. The body has to remember the level of production needed naturally. I stick with safe things that grow from mother nature for the most part. It's likely that many symbiotic relationships exist chemically for humans, simply a piece of fruit teaches that. Don't fall for the anti drug brainwash that throws the baby out with the bath so to speak. Nature intended these things for humans. All medicines. Not everybody needs a certain medicine but that does not mean others don't benefit from it.
TruthSeeker1 in Negative Attachment
Hi Cdjdude, sorry for the late reply, I didn't and don't really feel lonely for the most part during the night, This is my first time I encountered an attachment but I may have encountered other entities before, I think they may have been spirits and not thought form entities. I think I have maybe been calling outwards as you put it, but I maybe wasn't aware of it until now. I've always had an open mind towards these kind of things.

To answer Concerned_Princess's question, I had a similar feeling to what you describe. I felt this love and attachment which I thought was okay at the time in my case. It was only after I started to reject it that those feelings went away and were replaced by anger and neediness from the entity, but in your case I'm sure your experiences come from a positive place. I just happened to attract a bad one. If you don't mind me asking. How long have you been experiencing these feelings? Is it something that happens frequently?

Thank you everybody for your input.
starsofclay in Vibing
I was smoking marijuana one day, and I went out to let my dogs outside, and while standing on my back deck, a plane flew by overhead, and kind of low. I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly had about 5 seconds of pure lucidity, and I somehow thought that if I wanted, I could reach up and break that plane in half. I can't explain how this kind of lucidity felt, except as in the difference between being in a dream and suddenly becoming extremely lucid. I felt like God. Of course, I didn't actually try to snap the plane in half, so we'll never know if it would have worked, HAHA!. And it only lasted about 5 seconds, and I soon slipped back into my normal consciousness, and I have never felt that way again.

However, I do get the feeling sometimes that we are all living in a shared dream, and we trick ourselves into thinking that it is reality. Therefore, with any dream, it can be influenced and changed, if one becomes lucid.

I have never had influence over one's thoughts though, that I know of. My thing is that I often think of an idea or phrase immediately before it is said out loud. So I think I may have some Claircognizance.
What can happen with meditation is the brain waves change.
Between delta -they a. Meditation -sleep. While drifting off to sleep we experience seeing the color whitish.
When we meditate it bring up old stuff.

In Yoga and dream Yoga. All speak about energy waves.

All of this has to do with opening and clearing.

Dream Yoga can help as can breath worth that helps clear emotions and keep thoughts balanced.
nesquee_kee, Not many people are going to understand where you are coming from. Most people only have one, very isolated instance in their life when they could say that they, absolutely, knew that something bad was going to happen and it did. It is usually when he/she lost someone very close to them, a person that they cared for deeply, and/or had a relationship or bond with. There are a lot of instances like that, even, when a Mother and Daughter were no longer close, but, the Daughter predicted her death before it happened.
Some people have a much deeper and more regular gift. You see many, more things before they happen. It's important how you decide to use it.

The best thing that you can do is embrace your gifts. I know its hard and its probably not something that you have ever considered doing but just... Putting aside the baggage and being happy with who you are and what you can do will help you work this all out.

Deja vu is supposed to mean that you are on the right life-path or you are making the right choices at that time. In other words everything is working perfectly together.

Some people say, if you have a premonition that something bad is about to happen, it's because you are supposed to change it or do something about it when you can.
I am experiencing the same for 5+ years. I started noticing this when colleagues in my company started discussing and giggling over what I am thinking and what I fear most. I started wondering how they can know that I am thinking this. The males were giving vulgar comments over my face and started making me vulnerable using the facts I fear most. It became an entertainment for them doing so. It became very difficult for me to communicate any work related stuff with them. My performance discussion with my supervisor was based on how I should not take any leave (even in personal urgencies where you should be present in family) and spend all time in office and office activities. In that case you have a wonderful chance of going onsite. As soon as I resigned, they assigned "Performance Improvement Program" as taking in charge of my performance wherever you go even if you are not working and even asked for money to get relieved from the company even if I completed a couple of years in the company. I left the company a little early without completion of notice period over a discussion overnight. It was difficult for me to join another company. I joined another company for contract based. At the end of the contract when I was about to leave I heard management discussing about me and the things I am thinking over my head.
I joined another company for permanent base. This company is in the same compound as my first company. I met some of my colleagues. It was quiet for a while and I thought my previous experience as a joke. I got shifted to client place for project. My previous company people also came there and also working there for project. They notice me and report to their manager how I am doing there. But as soon as my marriage was fixed, these people started the same, started reading my mind, abuse me, you are thinking all rubbish, laugh at all my decisions, persuade me to consider another person for marriage etc. Etc. Not only through colleagues, through my hostel mates, if I am going for shopping I hear the same from boys as if they are chasing me for long. I decided to move to another company in my native. There they predicted that I will work there only months and return back here. When I joined the new company, I was supposed to meet the very senior project lead handling all projects there and he kind of barked at me for leaving previous company and joining this company. I was stumped. Working there was kind of hell. They (includes HR and every senior leads) will put complaints about each and everything I was doing and I was removed away from one project to another saying silly things. They forced me to accept "Performance Improvement Program" contract in 2 months I was kind of forced to leave company before completing probation period. I had to shift back to the same place for new job. All I receive was offers from the 2 previous companies. I do not want to join either. All other company offers will get blocked some how. The other company interviews I went will get all information about me some how or I will get a hind that they were working for the same person reading my mind. Then I decided to join a small company, I hoped here I won't hear anybody speaking my mind. I started recieving the same kind of tortures. I came to know that people worked in my previous company are working there in management. I refused to go to any parties that is kept for my sake without any particular reason. They asked me to do the work of 4 people by myself. They kept a fresher person as my reportee. Everyday meetings to complain about my work with manager, HR. As similar to all the 3 companies I was forced to accept "Performance Improvement Program Contract" in spite of being the outstanding performer whose presence is key to any project delivery and who is working overnights and Saturdays. I resigned this company also. Now also that mind reader comes and speaks outside where I stay, come early in the morning, forcibly wake me up, comment through building workers, girls who talks through phone. So many girls came to stay with me from the previous company, comment through them, workers who take care of hostel. He know exactly about everything in my personal life, what I am up to, where I go...everything. He wanted me to do everything according to his conscience... Right or wrong, otherwise I will hear abuse through what ever means... I don't know. He can make the power go off and on, control all electronic devices, he tried to scare me a couple of time by making the power go off. Kind of amusement.
I want this to get blocked some how! I tried meditating and praying, still the same! I heard either you work for us or you don't work. They are keeping on following me!
My marriage is also getting delayed for a long time now... For some reason!
Wow we are literally only 4 days apart same year but I'm on the 24th lol

11 is a master number that reduces to 2. Just search "11 master number"

starsofclay, yeah I know exactly how you're feeling, or I can relate. For some odd reason, I feel like I have two. Every time I meditate and try to contact them, I see, what I think is them initially. But then, other things start coming into the picture, and my guides fade away quite fast. And these demons, or malevolent spirits, just start screaming at me, and I see horrible images. I don't understand if I'm deranged or not lol. I've been told that my guides are supposed to help me in terms of that, closing out negative spirits. But so far, nothing. I don't have their names really either. I feel alone as well, it sucks not having guidance.
I figured that marijuana lowers brain states down to theta or at least a low alpha, and yet at the same time holds me in a very lucid state and makes my thoughts go a mile a minute. I think that is why it is good for visualization but not particularly for some types of meditation because my mind won't relax enough. It is perfect for walking meditation though, and to let my mind kind of run away with itself.

I don't want anyone on here thinking that I'm codoning drug use for development of abilities or anything, I just wanted to mention that it is something that helps me. (or hurts me, who knows)
Marijuana lowers brain wave to trance state, kind of like between waking and sleeping, probably theta I would guess. Mastering a trance plant basically is mastering the brain wave state it induces. I am headed to Amsterdam next week for truffles, my favorite. Actually you can grow mushrooms there I have spoken with police and as long as it is small they don't care. Its a much better trip knowing that there is no problem with the law to be paranoid about.

I get numbers coming in a lot at random or seemingly in synchronistic order, but I don't have all their meanings yet. I don't read numerology to try to figure it out though, I have inner teachers that I literally see with my inner eyes ears and other senses that are training me in this stuff. I don't just give away the knowledge they teach either because that ruins it for them training on the inside. They like to hide. Its wise to hide from other psychic lookers. They can screw up your energy balance which basically throws your life out of whack, then you need healing, or rebalance. We have to look to do business though, fair deal. Try looking without being looked at. Psychic spy. Spying drains energy from what is spied on (its bad), but when the spy gets caught, the energy can be returned, and it flips to good, so it balances the good and bad. Usually what I mean by drain energy is cause fear, but also all kinds of sickness and misfortune. The spy gets the other side of that, peace, health, luck. Then the energy has to be returned though. The spy has to get another source to drain, it has to find another victim as a vampire to make up for the account deficit of returning the energy, and the cycle continues. If the energy isn't returned the victim will basically die magically, best not to be a killer, in my opinion, since the justice balance might not rule favorably of your fate in that case. Really its about balancing the powers of life and death itself. In christianity the deficit is covered with the sacrifice of a demi god. They even have a blood drinking ritual (wine). You drink spirit blood when you vamp, or spy. Thats what I learned from my inner college anyway.
Thank you, I know exactly what you are describing, and it will take a lot of practice to get it right. I feel like I have been vamped my whole life... I have had energy level problems for as long as I can remember, and I get so tired of hearing that I'm lazy. It makes more sense if I think of it as I have an energy leak.

I have also had a large problem with feeling lucid even when I should be fully awake, much less when I am meditating or in a trance. It is something that I have come to the conclusion to way before you mentioned it. I have been taking several nootropics to see if they will help. Sometimes it seems they do. Marijuana also helps, although it's very hard not to become addicted to it when using it for that purpose. My visualization is also ramped up like 20x with marijuana, also my energy body, but it is way too distracting for meditation.

I do believe in an equal exchange in energy. I have not yet attempted to read anyone. Right now I am just working on meditation and practicing remote viewing. I have been getting very good results with remote viewing, but it comes and goes. But my confidence is building so that is a good start.

I have to say that I haven't really noticed the number 33 since that day, but other numbers do sometimes pop out at me.
I know this post was years ago but I found it by finally googling these little energy balls. Everyone I have ever mentioned it to have never noticed them.
JupiterEmpath, I see them the way you described in your original post. The only difference is, I can also see them if I relax my eyes on a artificial bright white light (I first noticed this in the hair dressers because they had long white panel lights either side of the mirror). I remember feeling quite disappointed when I noticed them on artificial light, because it trashed my idea that these energy balls were just outside. But now I realise that was daft of me, and I like that they are always around me. I think that they are everywhere but can only be seen in very bright white light.
So great to find someone else that experiences them.
this is interesting I came to this site trying to find something else but this really catches my attention. These "powers", can one train or is it only born with. I do think I have something but I'm trying to cover all bases. Id like to know more and if you don't mind just talk for a bit.
Brain waves are a good thing to master, try to be lucid at different waves, from sleep to trance to alert. You can read people from brain wave states they are not lucid in. Hide behind their lack of lucidity psychically and be the other side of it, lucidity. Don't let people read you, it saps you, find where they hide their psychic trickery by lucidly "waking up" to them from different waves of consciousness on the spectrum. Other minds take your lucidity for themselves, gotta be the other side of that. Don't be vamped be the vamp. Be fair though, you can hurt people if you don't give back their energy, make it an equal exchange.

Real people, not just spirits, send a lot of this psychic stuff, you start meeting them on the outside sometimes. See them inward, have a lesson, so to speak, then meet them on the road. Exchange gifts so to speak, powers, then move on. We all power each other up with more psychic senses. That's really the only reason I'm on this forum, business deals psychically. If I offer something good here something will come back good. Hopefully.

Numbers help you see portals, which is what is happening to you. If you don't notice them they suck you in, you have to see them. They are numbered. Timed too. It's a time warp really, the end of time, then the restart. It's mathematical. Alchemy knowledge. Try to ignore outside suggestions as much as possible and learn from the inner knowledge download is what I suggest. Just passing on some of my inner knowledge, looks like we have similar inner teachers. Classmates, so to speak.
My birthday is 4.20.1985

So if I did it correctly my number is 11? Any insights on that number? The Internet is not always reliable on this stuff
starsofclay in Meditation Malfunction
Xcsx, I know how it feels with not hearing from spirit guide (s). As far as I've come, I do kind of feel alone in this process because my guides have not reached out to me yet either. It's hard to say if I've just blocked them out though. So instead I've been working to establish direct contact with my subconscious, its pretty fun and great practice. There is a great book called,"the genie within"... You should check it out.

I did have one dream a few weeks ago where a woman told me she was my spirit guide, but she was kind of in and out very quickly, and I have no idea right now if it was just my subconscious trying to please me. It was hard to catch her name, even after asking her to repeat it twice, I think it started with an "m". But the rest was kind of gibberish to my dream ears.
What is your birthday? You should figure out your life path number. Mine is 33, I wonder if yours is.
33 is a master number.
seeblue in Am I Gifted?
I'm by no means a master at seeing or sensing auras but I started opening up once I became a certified reiki teacher... The attunement opened up my abilities. I still have lots of learn. Hope this helps.
Hi! I see the blue and purple swirls you're talking about both with my eyes open and closed. I haven't seen eyes yet though... But have seen faces on a couple of occasions. I'm hoping to develop further!
I see, 33,333,111,1111,222,555 all the time. But 33 is what follows me, I'm 31 as well...
starsofclay, reading your response really helped me realize that I can't shut it out, that I can only continue to work on it until it's resolved. I am humbled by your words, but I believe every gift, is special. So I'm sure I'd be very lucky to have your abilities as well! Thank you so much for your perspective and your words. It was very appreciated, and good luck with developing your abilities!
Lol definitely misunderstood! I apologize KikiGirl! I definitely agree though. Good always with the bad. I just don't seem to understand why I'm not getting through to any good spirits. I've tried calling to my spirit guide/protector, but he/she won't answer. I've tried several times now with no such luck. I just feel as if something could potentially be wrong. What do you suggest?
nullify in Am I Gifted?
KiKi Girl,
Thank you for the advice also! I would like to start seeing auras again, and I'm going to echo starsofclay's question on what the best technique for that would be x

Annabella, I'm no expert at all but I would honestly be calling a priest. Perform some kind of cleansing ritual, maybe with a white sage smudge stick? Make some protective charms for you and your daughters also. But definitely seek help from a spiritual leader. I wish you all the best Love
Annabella in Am I Gifted?
Heya its my first time writting on this website but wonder could anyone help me out aswell? Il start of with my mum... I KNOW she can prodict the futer... As iv seen it all myself but now its me... I don't know either it passed on to me or am I just over thinking stuff?
But when my eldest daughter was born strange stuff started hapening... Toys went off my child played peeka boo with blank spaces and when mum seen a black shadow oposite my bed seconds later I was touched by someone or something... I felt smone was there but ofcourse I seen nothing... Then we moved out when she was two and things in new home turned crazy... My 3 dogs always went crazy at my front door even tho there was nothing there they wud bark and growl as they were ready to atack... Things were banging... Falling u name it. My ex then moved in n called me insane until one night he said he belives me bacause there was a knock on dat front door and a second later he opend and there was not a person on a street... We broke up a wile aftr and it was just me and my daughter again... I tryd ignoring the noises... I heard my name being called but never responded... A wile after I started having neightmeres were I was awake but I was sleeping and I was screaming to wake up because I cud see smone in black behind me... And I woke up because picture fell of a wall behind me... Aftr that I was house hunting cuz I had a feeling I needed to move I wasn't wanted there... Any time id walk in I felt depresed n down in dat house... And in a day time my mum even saw a black figure run up stairs... And dats wen she even said... I need to get outa this house... So I met this lovley fella den... We found a house and moved together... But when we moved in... Its as if that thing was now inaide him... I fell pragnant and things kicked off... He chenged... He wud emotionally abuse me and physicaly harm me... When I looked in his eyes... It wasn't him... Its as if it was someone else... Eventialy I moved out and now live with my 2 girls... But I can still feel something is not right and I can't figure out what... Its like I feel the bad and I feel the good energy beside me... Like when I went to hospital to give birth... I thought what if I don't come back? What if things go wrong...? And they did I lost so much blood during birth I had 10% chances of surving... But I pulled through and all is now good... When I got a tempory car for a day it had practicly no disel in it and I thought there better be no emergency as I didn't know was the car disel or petrol and ofcourse my child was rushed to hospital that night... Every time I think this better NOT happen it ends up happening... Is it quincedence or what? And now passed two weeks iv noticed again my dogs stare at blank spaces for ages and toys hav started goin off on their own again... And we have been sick for 2 month straight in this house and no one can get better... What is it? I don't know is someone tryn to reach out to me and tell me somerhing or am I pickng it up wrong? Cuz passed week I been having dreams of the house where ne and babys dady lived... But the house is not clean its all dark n dirty... But in the deam I'm looking for him. And I can sense something not right in dat house but I sont know what it is... Its as if I'm back for something I forgot somethin there but I don't know what myself... If anyone could help or know what could this be or what do I need to do please let me know:)
starsofclay in Meditation Malfunction
That's a good story. Definitely sounds like some medium qualities. If you are afraid of the spirits though, then unfortunately your guides and subconscious will start to filter them out, until you are closed off completely. Instead, just do some protection "prayers" or meditations and also know that the good comes with the bad, and neither can really hurt you. Unless maybe one picks up a rock and throws it at your head... But unless that knocks you out, did it really hurt you? Haha, I know that sounds bad, but it was just something that occurred to me the other day and I think it's pretty fitting.

Don't shut yourself down, a lot of people work very hard and only wish they had abilities like yours, myself included.

So do some research for protection, but also how to transmute the negative energy or spirits that still come through.
starsofclay in Am I Gifted?
Do you have any tips on what is the best way to learn to see auras? I have tried. Sometimes I think I can see my own but I'm not always sure. It is hard for me to find willing human subjects as well, haha, and it seems difficult to do it without them knowing because they move around too much! What are maybe some tips you can share that you learned or invented for yourself?
Lol xcsx! You've misunderstood what I was saying! I was making a point that if you are dealing with one side of an issue, you have to deal with ALL of the sides - for EXAMPLE if you are in a relationship, you have to know your partner, the good and the bad. You can't have one without the other.

I was saying that because you are a positive or happy-go-lucky person, the secrets to unlocking your gifts might include emotion/s, and darkness and negativity will challenge that. There has to be balance.
Oh wow I would definitely say you have psychic abilities

I would also research empaths and aura's if I were you...I'm sure empath will make a lot of sence tp you once you google and research. I remember when I came a crossed it things began to make sence to me

No need to explain I know what you mean Wink

Also the light around your teacher that was an aura I used to see um all the time... Not so much any more but I am very much so into practicing my abilities now as I had not need raised to do Smile

That is pretty much any advice I can give and no I really don't think your crazy, you sound very psychic to me (please research its not like how the movies show it to be...we're very much human and like every normal day stuff any other person dose Wink )

Good luck and God bless on your journey
The embarrassment part is typical of entities that like to cause mischief to sap energy from. They laugh, it makes them feel good to cause tricks.

I see mostly inner third eye stuff but I get outside visions too, the auras I see are mostly just rainbow energy all colors but quite subtle. I can tell it is not my normal eyes looking at it. I can also see with my eyes closed a bit. Remote view kind of but from where I am located. Its transdimensional sight though, I don't see the earth realm with my eyes closed but it is so connected that it's basically the same thing.

All senses can be used for communication in the spirit energy world. Taste and smell even. I get all kinds of flavors. Smell is used to hint.
I can sense or see things attached to people. I don't see lines I can see spirits that attach to people.
KikiGirl in Am I Gifted?
nullify, it must be quite strange growing up in a town where there were once witches living there, as well. I can definitely say that if your senses tell you that you are not comfortable being somewhere, you need to leave or don't have anything to do with this, you are sensing with 100% accuracy and absolute clarity. It varies with people but your intuition can go into overdrive when you are heading for or in danger. Intuition is a natural ability that all people have you might just know how to work very well with it.
It is an amazing gift to be able to see or sense what is about to happen, and sometimes our gifts will come on or out with force, suddenly. This is usually when a person exhibits a strong emotion but it can happen at other times, too.
I can most definitely tell you that I started being much more able to work with and understand my abilities when I first re-practiced to see auras. After that, a stream turned into a waterfall. It took me seven months to see auras properly so don't get discouraged if it takes time to do it again.
You do have the option to try and live a normal life and forget all about these kinds of things.

I wish you all the best in the future!
Pennies4U in Finding My "gift"
It sounds as if the 5th chakra where communication/speech/hearing have opened. It is a vital center which
Is a communication doorway of your guide.

You are following your Souls Path. Sensing all unity of the fabric life which is Unity and oneness. The Peace of the Devine. As it proceeds up the 3rd Eye will stay open. It will not trickle from time to time but a view to see and hear mingled with compass. When all cluster has been removed the 3rd Eye shall see and hold the Devine.
Pennies4U in I Can Sense Auras
Auras are vibrations that eminate thoughts and emotions plus condition of body.

The wheels we call chakras not only
Mirror our past but our future.
It is like an imprint which move up and down, showing the past and future.

How it is read depends on each inate ability based on the Claire's-as clairvoyance-seeing/clairessance=sensing.
Hey quintana_2420, immediately reading your post I definitely got the feel that you were/are an empath. Empaths are very in tuned with others emotions, and it often feeds into your mood as well. I too, am an empath. So that can explain the headaches. My migraines were so bad, I'd doze in and out of consciousness. What you have to learn is a blocking technique. You have to learn to block out other's emotions and feelings, otherwise it can get a little crazy. As for the auras you're seeing, I don't have much advise on that since that hasn't happened to me personally. But I'd do some research on it for sure. You're definitely NOT crazy, and this stuff is quite real. Know you aren't alone! I hope that I have been of some help!
[at] KikiGirl, thank you for your feedback. It's appreciated. I am on this site quite often actually, checking for feedback or any other advice people have to offer. I however don't understand how you got that I was out of shape? I think maybe that you misunderstood one of my experiences. But I appreciate your feedback, nonetheless. Thanks again!
nullify in Am I Gifted?
[at] starsofclay Thank you for responding. I'll take what you've said under consideration, definitely! I'm glad to know it's not just me:) x
Hi xcsx I see that you posted this some time ago. Are you still on the website? You know, often, what we are most happy with and makes the most sense to us will be challenged psychically or spiritually. If your out of shape, you will have to eventually look into gym or health remedies. It is also natural to sometimes encounter it.

It is probably because you can work with the light that you will find a challenge or lesson in the darkness. Although you can choose to stick to your guns and completely throw-out anything to do with the bad or darkness.

This site has a sister-site: - if you are still looking or answers you can post your new stories there or add this one!
Hi draper25,

I have had such dreams for about 50 years, almost every night I get premonitions in my dreams. I can help you with answers to your questions on this subject, but I don't live nearby your location. You can contact me through my Profile link.

Your learning prophecy and numbers. The meaning of the numerology comes in later. Like a satori, more knowledge pending. Just let the education come.
starsofclay in Am I Gifted?
Your experiences sound very close to mine actually. I love it when I grab the exact amount of change out of my pocket or something like that. I have had songs pop in my head right before getting into my car and there it is on the radio. I have had ideas or short sentences pop in my head immediately before they are said aloud by someone else.

Yes, you have a gift because everyone has a gift. You just seem to be opening up to it. If no one has told you before, try meditating, and learn how to do remote viewing. I am learning remote viewing right now and I have had some good results. Play around with it and don't get discouraged if you can't do it right away. Discouragement and fear are powerful psychic killers-- trust me, I know.
After getting back into meditation and trying to develop my clairvoyance, I too have begun to see faces while in the hypnogogic state. I have seen women and men, complete faces and in color. I have never seen any of these faces before in real life, but unfortunately they flash away pretty quickly and I don't get a chance to study their eye color or anything like that. The latest face I have seen was while practicing my remote viewing the other day, I saw a woman with a bowler hat on and a long blonde french braid down the back. The faces are never scary. Most likely it is your subconscious sending you messages, but there is always a chance that it is a non-organic being introducing themselves or whatnot.

I haven't seen a whole lot of info on Google about this kind of thing, besides info on hypnagogic hallucinations and that it is also a sign of narcolepsy. I don't believe that it is really tied to narcolepsy except for the mere fact that that disease more easily puts you in the hypnagogic state. But one can also learn to induce it and hold it, kind of like what you did, albeit unintentionally.

I wouldn't be too bummed out though if it was only your imagination (or in other words, your subconscious), because your subconscious is very psychic and learning to communicate with it could be a great first step to developing any abilities, or in your case, it can be the mediator between you and the angels. If your ego is too strong and the non-organic beings can't get through to you directly, then they can use your subconscious to send you messages, who is always listening.

I hope this helps, and I don't claim to be any great psychic or anything, I am just now starting to open up myself.
Exorcist? Under what power? What name or rune? That is all that matters really when it comes to the dieties that possess people. Who is your protector? How is sacrifice honored? The deity needs to know if it can't sacrifice you as a victim with bad possession or psychosis, what it can vamp. Where do I go for food if I can't eat you? It wonders.

I never act as guru due to it being so often a trick. It tricks the guru or master to an ego inflated position typically, an "I can help you" trick, when in reality, their diety wants to reign over you and vampire you to death, it is a polite way of asking to be your reaper, "can I kill you?" to put it in real terms. No. I won't commit to you to the death, deity. So, then if the deity has no reign, it becomes a false diety and the psychic cord is cut. That is all an exorcism is really. Its soul retrieval. Getting your spiritual independence. Don't be sapped psychically by others. Many psychics offer soul retrieval cleansing services, as long as the power is offered it is perhaps ok. Gurus kind of expect to be worshipped, they don't give up their power. Sorcery is simply a cord shifting, balance adjustment. It shifts the prophecy of your existence, aka your name or rune, but in the big picture I guess that it never really shifts, it's simply fate.
Hey Daysie, I'm pretty new to this myself. (I'm Colton by the way, I'm 21). But from the sounds of what you're describing, I'd say he is probably a spiritual protector, or guardian angel, possibly even a deceased family member. Also, from the sounds of it, it seems that he's been with you awhile and he doesn't seem malevolent whatsoever. Warmth, what you're describing when he's near, could never be bad. In terms of contacting him, most people that I've spoken to about this would probably suggest meditation. During meditation, you call out to him, or try to envision him. If that doesn't work, just try the typically calling out. I know it seems awkward and you'll feel stupid, but don't second guess yourself. There's a reason he's contacting you/been with you for so long. I'm glad you have this "man/being" in your life. I'd take solace in that at least. I hope I sort of helped you, in some way. Best of luck to you, Daysie!
Thanks, that helps a lot. I sense you know exactly what I'm talking about, you get it, and, like me, sometimes I bet it scares you too. We can't ask, it comes all on its own.
I sometimes just KNOW somethings coming and it always is a bad thing. I get frantic, I warn my husband. He's been with me long enough to know I'm getting ready for a hit. I never know beforehand exactly what's coming, all I can say it always does. This is curse, my first experience I was 15. That night for the first time I felt it coming, I was excited. The feeling was so strong it was physcial. And I was excited, I thought something big and exciting was coming, I couldn't wait for it, it felt good. But I was do wrong, it couldn't have been worse. The next day my brother, Stephen, my best brother, my best friend was dead. He was showing me the Marinesalute and dropped the. 22 rifle. He never knew, he was gone. It was horrible. Ever since, when these feelings come I am afraid, I'm driven, like I have to finish weeding my garden, almost like I was preparing myself to get hit, and hit hard. I became so afraid I would not know what was coming, but my fear kept me in a frenzy. I felt cursed. I know I missed out on some good things, but was too afraid to really look, to know, because it was going to hurt, and hurt badly. If I was in an arguement with someone, id call and tell them I loved them, I forgave them. I'd hang up feeling at peace, but the person would be dead in around 2 weeks. My little brother dying like he did, I'd brace myself and sure enough, it hit. I tried to hide, but I couldn't, the feelings wouldn't let me. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out on good things, but I was too afraid to try to look, I feel like an angel of death. I hated myself for being a coward for not trying to get to the truth. I sometimes wonder why me, has anyone felt like this. Have you ever wondered that your fear kept you from knowing something really good. I don't think I can do that. Other times, words come out of my mouth and I'm right, not big things, more like I'd walk in a room during say a football game and announce they are going to lose. Which they did. It didn't make me very popular. Sometimes I feel I'm always crying inside and I don't know why I feel that way. I can't ask m I don't know how, it either comes to he or it doesn't. I have no control. Is that self imposed hiding? Other times, I'm totally way off. But the truth always shows its face and I realize, whatever I was desperately trying to accomplish, blew up in my mind after kidding myself. And I knew it was the truth, and it hurt so bad. I wish I could learn how to deal with the knowing, have it Ve a good thing, but I just can't. I'm no coward, but I knew that what I knew was carved in stone. So I'm kind of a hermit. I have a hard time first meeting people, while at other times I break into conversation with a complete stranger, I felt a bond somehow. And if I kept it short, I'd be ok. I pick up on other people's pain, and I hate it, cause I can't do a thing to help. And I'm still crying inside. Does anyone get this? Has it happened to any of the community here? WHY can't I get last my fears and look for the good. But that's not my role. I'm an announcer, the words are out of my mouth before I know they are there. I know having my baby brother die haunts me still, I need him so. But I never dream, could I gave shut myself down. Please, if any of this makes sense to you, help me
Salvation2012! Your story was beautiful and scary, too!

Most people do not speak about these experiences because they feel far too vulnerable and easily judged when they do. They're expecting someone to say something like, "that is the strangest thing I ever heard. You're a nutcase." All the while, somewhere in the back of their mind is a door they forgot and closed long ago. As folklore goes, when people are babies, we ALL have the gift/s to see spirits, ghosts and are highly equipped to make contact with our sixth-sense. Have a look at Googles List of Psychic Abilities, see how many there actually are in the world:

As we grow and learn, we naturalize with the physical world and forget all about imaginary friends, ghosts and other psychic gifts. You will ask some people, "have you really, NEVER had ANY experience, at all?" And they will reply, "Absolutely not! That is all hocus pocus! Put in your mind by religion, and nutcases. I have absolutely really never had any experience where I have seen a ghost or something like that". And that is OK, tit-for-tat. Your spiritual door and gut-reaction closed long ago! You now work on logical explanation and what you can see-and-touch, only.

For those of us who retain some of our natural ability, such as intuition, premonition or seeing ghosts, it is likely to happen once in a while even when you don't expect or prompt it. You seem like a strong, intuitive, happy, uncritical and more-overly, open-minded person. Those little things about you is what opened you up and protected you when these paranormal events took place.

The bad experience? It is a possibility that you were not in a good space, and something or someone tried to use you because that is what they do. You cast it off and it will stay gone. It's a good thing to recognize that when you are a good person, it extends way beyond your touch, but, when you get upset or feel depressed, this also manifests or shows itself, just, as it did that night.

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