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gthlvrmx in I Feel Very Alien
Hello again Greggb,

Also, you can search through Google the label "starseed". You may have had alien past lives and are now are experiencing a Earth human lifetime and feel like you don't quite fit in anymore. I also feel I am a starseed as well, and I have read that moldavite is a good crystal for starseeds. Just be aware that not all the information you find on the internet is true, or completely true. There is misinformation about many subjects so follow and listen to your intuition and heart.
Hello Snowy
I have some experience in this. To confirm these apparitions exist either in your mind or in the real world you need to start by getting a notebook. Start off with the ones you deal with more often (apparitions) and every time you learn something about them write it down as part of that individuals profile. It doesn't hurt to ask questions, just don't hit them with 20 questions all at once (that will frustrate some apparitions, even the nice ones). You are looking for facts about the life they had, and how it came to a end. Write down ALL details no matter how small. If they ask why you are doing that just tell them that you never want to forget about them. After you have gotten a good amount of facts start searching on the internet. A really good source of info is Find out if you know someone with an active account you can log-on to. Or see if you can get a free trail. Now sometimes apparitions have a hard time with numbers so if she tells you that she was born in 1927 it could be 1972. If you have any questions drop me a line, and good luck! Serious
Pennies4U in Taken Over
Starsoclay yes I do clown around with Spiritualist.Lol

I had taken 3 courses with Sarah Tyler-Walters.
She Teaches at College of Psychic Studies, and at other locations. Her courses are:Inspirational and Automatic writing.
And a course in Trance.
What if you aren't really 100% human? What if you are really part something else? What if your soul was originally an alien?
Do you find yourself looking at the stars a lot?

What you describe is a lot like how I feel. I don't exactly feel like an alien but I always felt different, not all human either. I agree with the whole consumerism or just materialism in general. Humans have been too distracted and stuck into all that. They won't grow until they can see the bigger world out there.
I have a friend that I've grown up with who is very "different". I wouldn't even say he's different like me yet he is. I always saw him as an "alien". People have always treated him badly because he was seen as too wierd, too "alien". It turns out there maybe a huge truth to that than people know. He has always been special even to the point he's been looked down upon but he trusts me the most along with one other.
Anyways I eventually find others like me, some from this site.
I'd like to invite you to have a more open chat that would allow me to talk more about personal things else where such as email (my profile) or whatever else methods.
I'm not the same person like I was 11 years back when I first began searching around here and it's sister site. I learned so much and feel I see the bigger picture and the rest of the universe. I'd like to share it with you and others that are interested.
gthlvrmx in I Feel Very Alien
By the way, Greggb and others, sorry about the typos with the "clowns". I see it is happening to others too. I meant to say other words. Maybe it is an April fools joke?
gthlvrmx in I Feel Very Alien
Hi Greggb,

You might be experiencing an awakening.

I suggest you get into the habit of daily psychic protection, so use White Light Shields. Google search them and the instructions will be found on Ama Nazra's page. You can also ask Archangel Michael, "Please put White Light Shields around me now, thank you." It will be done. Doing this will prevent you from taking on other peoples illnesses and negativity including emotions.

Whenever you do absorb someones emotion though, I suggest you imagine a ball of light at your feet and fill it up with all of the other persons emotions that you have with you into the ball of light. Once you are done, simply with your will power and visualization skills, push the ball into the Earth. You are basically grounding the emotion and energy and it will be turned into healing energy by the Earth. I hope that helps, empaths gotta help each other out.
If you want to work on this ability, then try this. If you have someone you can trust make your own physical Zener ESP Test Cards (Star, Square, Circle, Cross and three wavy lines). You will need 5 sets (25 cards in all). There are three ways for someone to correctly guess the card. #1 You see with your minds eye what it is. #2 You read the mind of the person looking at the card. #3 Luck! If with practice you develop this ability and it gets stronger, push your limits and make more cards to shuffle into the test (Heart, Triangle, Diamond and infinity). When doing this keep track of your progress with a score sheet. I wish you the best of luck! Smile
WolfBeast in Bad Spirits
Certain allergies will have a reoccurring nightly fever. Or Systemic Autoinflammatory Disease (S.A.I.D.) can do this. Also some viral infections that are prone more toward younger children. Finally the most common source for young children having nightly fevers is "teething". I am not saying what the problem was, I'm just saying there are many things that could be looked at for the cause. Hope this helps in some way. Serious
I believe that all ladies are more in tune with their sense of Intuition, put that together with your problems sleeping and you get someone that is worried about the time on the wall. Just a thought. I hope all goes well. Serious
I am being told that if you are serious about trying to develop this ability check out "Workbook 1 Exercise Supplement for Power Tools for the 21st Century" and "Power Tools for the 21st Century" by Dr. Richard Alan Miller. Don't judge the cover artwork it's what is on the inside that counts. Good luck! Serious
I would suggest to keep a notebook and write down the date and time one of these events occur, the thought and the out-come of the event. After a period of time review your notes. The same goes for the other odd happenings you described. Very interesting! Serious
WolfBeast in Top Hat
Wow, very interesting! Google the fraise "man with the top hat". That's one I haven't heard of up until now! Thanks for sharing. Serious

You will get various responses because everyone is at different places in their development. Everything you say is "true". The world is careening into utter mayhem, as it has been all along but we now have toxic technology to make it worse (Fukashima, Gulf oil spill, etc.). People don't want to face this so they bury themselves in useless thoughts and activities. We are heading into annihilation. It will be just a matter of time before some epic plague, nuclear war, over population and pollution will do in the human race. You are an empath and suffer through your awareness and sensitivity. You are not alone and anyone who has a functioning cell inside their head should feel alien! But shockingly, few do.

With this said, we still don't know the true role of earth. Is it kindergarten for souls? Do we do all the dumb stuff here until we finally get it and gravitate to a higher realm? If it is for low level souls, then it is a necessary place. If there were no higher souls, including empaths, then there would be no true teachers, leaders and healers. It would be even more hellish than it is.

I vote, donate to earth and animal based causes, recycle, and all that, but like you, see the awful state of the world. Because of my extensive experience (like you, not wanting to sound vain) but I have seen the higher planes beyond the physical. I do believe that the soul evolves. You can believe anything you wish but keep exploring, learning and discovering. Your current synchronicities will develop into more until you too 'know'. Then you will come to realize that the earth will keep going where it is going and even if humans blow it up, they will reincarnate into another kindergarten.

So all you can do is be the best person you can be. Keep those dogs and other special things in your life so you don't drown in the darkness or be like that acquaintance of yours who is debilitated by depression and end up siphoning the energy off other beings - atrophy does exist but never forever. It is hard! I wrote an article under the Articles section about being an Empath and how to better cope with it.

Hope this helps.
I can relate to a lot of what you are saying and feeling, is there any way I can get in touch with you?
A veil is energy around your body which is called an Aura.
The human Aura looks like a oval egg shape encircling around the body.
It serves as a curtain aka veil and keeps elements and spirit people out of most peoples vision.

If any of your children are 9-14years of age you can experience poltergeist activity due to your teen. Which would explain the flattening of the lunch bag when your voice, answer was not the answer your youngster wanted.
Google; Learn about Poltergeists-Psychic Science ( > polt1)

Unborn children have been known to visit their parent before they are conceived. I do agree with AnneV.

It sounds like you are surrounded by a few psychic children present and in present.
The spirits you describe are elemental-fairways.
Which child has an infinity with nature or water?
Who are going through growth.

Oh my you need to have some private time.

I do not see in your story anything to hint a haunting.

But if you are in a new home or near water. You may wish to check leylines around home. As these areas are known to multiply
The inhabitants emotions.

Let us know how you do.
EmeraldRose in Another Premonition
I believe that the number is (or was) an actual phone number from the town I live in in Missouri.
You are seeing life energy. Everything is made up of energy. Congrats your clairvoyance is beginning to open.
[at] shiatzu123
I would really like to find out more about how to control this more because these things seem to happen randomly. I have been able to ground myself and get protection, this helps tremendously.
I have the same ability as you I had it since I was little
Does anybody know what it is
Pennies4U in Seeing Elementals?
I agree with AnneV, to believe advice of medicine man.

I have a friend who is Sioux Lakota and Choctaw a Heyoka 3rd Generation?
The belief is that the lightning is medicine of a Heyoka.
The tradition follows men.

When I shared a few of my dreams. This man replied that he thought woman can also hear and see lightening dreams.

As women we can also get some of their medicine transfered by objects that Holy Man have given us. My friend the Heyoka man had given me some feathers and I saw and felt the Heyoka Spirit which was attached to the fan of feathers it was amazing and arrived when I needed it.
Dreams appeared backward and lightning came with an amazing energy that opened the crown portion of my head.

There can also be a transfer of energy-aka power from teacher to student.
jasmine_glaze in I See Weird Blobs Help
Hey NannyMarmalade,

I read your story and i'd like to know more about your previous experiences.

In the end of the story you've mentioned that you feel this odd feeling where the third eye chakra is located. Have you ever tried to open your chakras or meditate trying to energize them?

When it comes to seeing auras and blobs of energy: focusing more on seeing any of that is a strain on the body, specifically on the eyes as in the begining you try to use them to see the spiritual side. I believe that can cause you these headaches that you have. Also, did you ever experience seeing sparkles when you look at the sky?

All of the information will help in finding out the true reason for why are you experiencing all of this

I recommend you to ask shi tzu123 (sorry for the inconvenience user shi tzu but this site keeps correcting me to shiatzu123). He/she seems to know about these stuff and sounds kind and helpful. And Annea, I experience the same thing like you. However we're kind of different to begin with. I have none of shadows around me when the feelings come. It's more like sudden extreme energy blocks all my senses, almost like attacking me in the core. All feelings become one such as dread, grief, relentlessness, madness and so many more I can't quite describe something like almost all kind of feelings become entirely different thing. Usually my body goes really cold as well and the feeling and urge to scream and escape become too overwhelming to bear. At this state I'm no longer able to think, all my mind quickly begins to fade away, all I can do is just to feel. In extreme case, my breath gets hitched as if oxygens trying to get its way out of my body. Really suffocating if you ask me. I think there's several second where I go blind like when the feeling reaches its peak all of sudden I can't remember my surrounding. Either my hypothesis is right or I just barely concious at the moment I'm not so sure about it myself. And the energy seems to repulsed by me maybe that's why I feel its violent attack on my being (merely a rough guess). Contradiction happens when at the same time I somehow feel some part of the energy wants to get in as well. It first started about two years ago when I was 16. It happened when I was in public, one friend of mine asked me if I feel there's something wrong with my eyes I should tell her right away. I didn't understand what she was trying to say and decided to look into mirror myself. I bit freaked out by the fact that my eyes changed color to bright amber. Few hours before I already felt the 'battlefield' but nothing seemed to happen that time. When I found out about my amber eyes I still felt the raging war but somehow it became more tamed and almost sync with my own energy. Sort of. I still felt the urges to run, escape and break free though. The intensity was same as the very first second of the attack but more manageable you could say. For your information, my body temperature and my breath relatively normal then. I didn't get any metabolism change like I do now. Except my eyes. It was the only thing that changed. I did a little research about the stuff and found out that eyes may change due the fluctuation of emotions. I put my trust in it since it's scientific and seems to have many real evidences behind it although it also stated that the change won't be very dramatic and significant as mine. My other reason to trust it is because I can't deny that when the attack happened I suddenly became completely overwhelmed and taken by the intrusive yet foreign feelings. Obviously it fits with the 'fluctuation' description. I have to say that my first experience is the most powerful and raw attack/battlefield I've ever felt. The feelings were just entirely... I don't have words to describe it. Meditation doesn't help so much I think, because the attack is only occasional so even if there's any improvement I won't notice it. I also have distinct feeling that something particular triggers those attacks. However I can't lay my fingers on it still. Everything remains mystery to me until now. Too many questions gone unanswered. I eventually became too tired and decided to give it a break. But it's not the case anymore since I found your post a couple hours ago. Maybe we can hope, find some light and have a closure after all. Anyway I don't really pay attention to people around me. Few things I'm able to do to them is seeing their auras if I try, connect with their thoughts and feelings and kind of adjust and figure their soul out (hard to explain this one because it's completely abstract feeling). Like when someone doing the most unlikely things and out of character deeds I will not be suprised by those instead I will feel familiar and have feeling of always knowing things. I'm afraid I can't really relate with the animals stuff, as for me it's just subtle connection with animals where I can connect with them as I do humans but a more subtle. The last but not least, the feeling of being watched. It started on September last year I can't tell you the full story it would take too much time. In short suddenly I felt a presence, much bolder than ghost's but very bit less than human's. I even mistaken it for human presence at first. I felt it. It intended to kill me. With a curved knife no less. Since then I always know it when they are watching me or in close range with me. I have no idea what kind creatures/beings they are. They bring remarkable amount of dread, sorrow and cold detachment with them. If you're into Harry Potter then closest thing you'll ever relate is a Dementor. It sucks your happiness dry along with some part of your soul and replace it with something unpleasant and awful.
If you or anyone want to share their experience or just want to contact me because of anything, you can inbox me at hborstze [at]
MyNameIsLukas, I can help you with your ability to make them easier to control so you don't hurt anyone with it or lose yourself. I have done what you have done before and every time I feel as though a little part of myself is lost which is why I recommend you should train this ability before you decide to use it again because with abilities it is always best to take precautions.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
ConnorB, I've had similar experiences that you are having and there is a way to control your visions when you get them so they're not so daunting. If you've ever gotten headaches from them their are ways to prevent that as well. If you want, I can help you train your ability to see the future and give you any advice you want.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]
Hi, I think these are very good guidelines for any kind of psychic work. What you said in step 2, about our ego gets in the way, and even after we get that under control, the subconscious steps in and gets in the way... Yes that can be very disheartening. It's like getting past the firewalls (ego) only to find that they've tricked the computer (subconscious) into thinking there's a virus. That's why a lot of my development and meditation focuses on subconscious work. I am also glad that you acknowledge the importance of imagination in seeing results. I wish more emphasis would be put on that, also because I think accessing your imagination is a great way to training the subconscious into relaxing and letting these things happen, which in turn allows your ego to do the same.
It seems you have the ability to put thoughts into people and also manipulate them. You could be putting your energy into them to do so.
Have you ever tried this on animals before?

You should really learn to control this gift and the others you have. I wouldn't want you to lose control and do harm to others either. To do so, you have to first start within your soul where these powers come from. I'll offer whatever advice I can if you are willing to email me (in profile) so we can talk more about this. Atleast try out some of my methods. I'd like to see what are your limits. Too many times of this ability happening isn't coincidental anymore. I know of others with these abilities as well. Have you ever thought there is a great purpose to this and want to find out? Inside I know you feel something special is awakening in you and possibly the world as well.
starsofclay in Seeing Elementals?
AnneV, I really enjoyed your comment. There are so many times that I wish I could turn the clock back and see a particular part of the world before it was changed so much by man, and reading your comment gave me a quick flash of that. It is so easy to forget how this wild but beautiful America has been altered by our hands.

Annieoaktree, if you see this man again, I would ask him for a dream or vision, so you can experience it for yourself. As to why you see figures when storms approach, who knows? Perhaps you are tied to elementals in some way, but also the ions in the air change drastically especially with lightning, and I have heard that spirits can use that energy to manifest.
Yea, you're probably right. I just don't know why it started happening. I mean the Mommy thing I really don't get because I've never had a miscarriage in my life. I don't know what the wing spirts are. It's all so confusing. People make me feel like I'm crazy. My son is the only one who can see it too. Whenever I see them more my kids start having "nightmares" and wake up in the middle of the night. What are thin veils? Can you explain that more... I'm just really confused about all of this.

Thank you so much.
If you're taking lessons from a Lakota man that already shows you have a natural draw and affinity for Native Americans. Long before the white man came with its sprawling destruction, that very river was enjoyed and treasured by the natives. You being open to it and deeply appreciative of its energy and splendor probably resonated with the soul of your visitor. I think it a compliment that he came to visit you. He would not, were you any less of a soul than what you are.
Thanks for sharing.
We all have some psychic ability, if even a hunch or gut feeling because we are all spirit. So what you and your son have is "normal', per se but to top it off, you are an empath (read my article under the Articles section on how to deal with being an empath).

This world does not fit for an empath and it is very difficult to deal with it as such. But there are things you can do to shield yourself from the harsh energies of day-to-day life-- all referenced in the article.

You're obviously pursuing it to some degree or you wouldn't be here. Why ask any of us what to do? You have to pursue what drives you on the inside. We often act as our own guide and sense what we need to see, read and do. Do as you said, and what worked for you, and "focus" on where you would like to go next. We are not the creator of your life, you are.

Just a bit of advice though. The number one obstacle to any growth, in any area of our life, is fear. The creepy feeling you get when picking cards correctly stems from dealing with the unknown-- we all fear that. So continue educating yourself and remove the lack of knowing that keeps you in the dark and afraid.
Thanks for sharing.
Some people have thinner veils between this dimension and the next. You sound like one of them. Thin veil or not, that still leaves to be explained the moving objects. You clearly have energies in your home that are trying to get your attention. I've learned long ago that people with thin veils will be pursued more by energies because they know you can see or sense them. Why waste time on a human who cannot?

The mommy reference may just be an unborn child (have you ever had a miscarriage?). This may just be a reality of your life, but if they truly bother you, ask them to leave.

Thanks for sharing.
princesadelsol in Sparkling Lights
thank you all for your responses! The sparkles were glitter-like...very shiny I can't really tell ya what color they were. I haven't had anything happen to me since. I think it's because whatever it is, a spirit or a fairy knows that I am not ready to face it. I know I shouldn't be, but I am scared
I understand why you would think you were going crazy, but as you already know you are not. These symptoms as far as I know could be a sign of your abilities coming to surface and the sounds in your head as well as the feeling in the middle of your forehead could be a sign of energy being released, if you are interested in finding out more then you can start by researching about spiritual awakening as for those dreams they could have been memories of your past life, but I am not entirely sure.
I hope this helps you out a little, feel free to message me: legit47 [at] should you have anymore questions in the future.
shitzu123 in Who Are You?
Thinkk of it this way, if it was something positive would it really need to make you feel the way it does?

Whatever it may be, it has a purpose in making you want to make a stronger connection to it.

I would advise you to be careful as you have no knowledge of what this "strong" connection is and you don't want to be opening yourself up to something that could harm you in the long run.
Hey Annea,
The "battlefield" of emotions as you described it could be different energies that have attached themselves to your own energy, I am not 100% sure if that's the case, but you could try to cleanse your own energy when you meditate to see if that makes a difference also I would advise you
To shield afterwards, imagine a bubble of light surrounding your body and protecting it from anything bad, trust me it works, as for the feeling of being watched what do you feel when it happens? Does it give you any specific feelings?
If you have any questions or want to discuss this further feel free to leave me a message legit47 [at]
This is exacly my life and this is so overwhelming Crying how can I deal with it?
I'm learning that I pick up on people's energy/emotions also. I never knew what it was, I thought it was just anxiety and depression but I'm learning how to separate it all out. I need to learn how to follow my better intuition. That man in the sun could have been God, that's what it sounds like to me. Maybe your one of his little special ones?
Lots of shiat out in the sticks. If you grew up in the city and never been outside the city limit I don't think you would have seen anything remotely close to anything. Theres a completely different world outside those city limites.

I grew up in the the sticks and believe me there's a whole different society out there. Some things are brazen and will come right to your house. Somethimes even inside your home. If youve never been outside the city I don't think you know anything. Take a year or two and move to the woods. You WILL see and hear things you know aint human. What I really want to know is where these things live.

And why is most goverments almost making people move into citys are they aware of this basicly making it impossible to make a decent living out in the sticks.
I agree with starsofclay. My first thought was your Spirit Guide wouldn't come through with an image that would frighten you.

Think about this, if you are ridding yourself of clothes in your closet for spring cleaning. You will have to deal with unwanted clothes. Things that you don't want in anymore. Possibly the same scenario is happening, your meditation is to rid yourself of negative thoughts so the negative thoughts appear and the next step is to be rid of them. So hopefully part of your meditation was to eliminate these areas of your subconscious.

Surround yourself with the white light when you meditate and when you wake up and go to sleep at night and know that your meditation was successful. It surfaced and you got rid of it.
Hi Anon103

That dream about something interesting in a room and that you should look at it definitely means something. What does this mean exactly, I'm not sure. I want to say that there's more information that could be given to you if you choose. I keep thinking about the fact that you pick up on the warnings, which is really great and is very helpful to keep your family safe. I wonder how you feel about trying to connect to Spirit/God and asking for guidance so that you can get more information other than just warnings. I know that may not be something that you want to have in your life, but maybe give it some thought. I think it's a good idea that your husband be careful for the next couple weeks just to be on the safe side. I wish you well with the health of your family and yourself. I hope you find healing and this passes without any problems. Please post an update if you're able to.
Just know that of course I am not a doctor, and doing mental work like that without the proper guidance-- if you actually do have schizophrenia-- can be dangerous to your psyche. It can bring stuff up out of your subconscious that you may not be able to handle with a mental condition. They don't even recommend it for depressed people, so I am just saying be very careful.

That being said, I would start with just being very mindful of where you think the voices are coming from, and at what times they sound different than your own thinking voice. When spirits speak to you, it usually sounds like your own voice, but maybe with a different inflection in words that you would normally use. Sometimes they just put the thought into your mind and it sounds like your normal thinking voice, but after practicing being mindful, you will know that you didn't conjure up that thought by yourself. I don't know what the typical Schizophrenia "voices in head" are supposed to sound like compared to psychic voices, but you say you have done the research, so that's good. Just take notice and make a mental note of when you predicted something, how did that thought or voice sound in your head compared to other times?
Very please that you responded. But you are mistaken. I don't know if the 'voice,' that was emitted from my husband's mouth was a demon.
All I do know is after 34 years of marriage. It was not my husbands voice. And the replies were not coherent but grunts.
My husband is a simple guy. When I mean simple. He is not a believer in the psychic phonemnon or mediumship in general.
But when I warn him of things he will listen because failure to do so has in the past resulted in 'mishaps,' beyond his or my control.
Example: My husband and I were living apart for a while a few years back. Saving for a new house. I lived with my parents and he with his.
I called him up one night and said "Check your car its important." He ignored it and said that he had just put petrol in it and it was running fine.
The next morning at 4.00am he telephoned me and said he had broken down going to work. When he checked the engine the bottom of the car was literally glowing red hot. I don't know how much you know about cars but when a metal pipe gets red hot. It's pretty serious.
That was not law of attraction that was a warning.
On another occasion I travelled with him to his work place in the city and I told him of a dream I had where I was stranded and he had to pick me up not from my usual stop but from another.
When I went into the City Centre the underground station I usually would have used to take me back to my husbands workplace to get a lift home was closed for some reason. I tried alternative methods to get home. And right around the corner I managed to get a bus to the area we used to live in the city. I had to telephone my husband to pick me up from the alternative bus stop.
I could not have known about it prior to my entering the City as the Station only decided to close when I was in the City Centre.
Over the years there has been other incidences such as this one. I have largely tried to do as you suggested and put it down to a logical scientific explanation. But it still has occurred.
So when he spoke in his sleep and it was not his voice. I became really worried. As the last time this happened there was a death in the family.
What I did tell him was to be very careful over the next two weeks or so. Don't get involved with anyone of a dubious nature and be careful as he is a driver.
Only the other day I had a peculiar dream of someone saying that there was something interesting in a room and I should look at it. And something about organ cells spreading in an empty box.
I then had a letter saying my test results had come through and I had a decease that I had not even thought about. In addition to the terminal one I already have.
I don't want this 'gift,' I would prefer not to have it. But I do. I keep quiet because like you said. Its better that way otherwise people keep asking you to 'predict,' all sorts of things. And I know for a fact its an ability that you cannot use on tap. Its random and happens whenever it does.
So you see it's not the demons bit I am worried about. That I can deal with. But it's the possible outcome of this incident that I am scared of.
But thanks again for your advice.
Thank you and I apologize for writing back so late. And no most of my voice have never told me to harm my self. In fact some have actually answered me back. But thank you for answering and ill surely take into account trying to separate the two.
NannyMarmalade in I See Weird Blobs Help
thanks so much for offering to help.
I have only seen the fighting between hooded men once, and when I see the blobs its almost like seeing a aura but it doesn't surround anything it just is. It doesn't happen a lot but when it does it happens mostly when I'm in a dark room or going to bed.
ainslei in Guide Around Me?

I can definitely see how the energy I interacted with as a baby could be someone attached to the location. We lived in the countryside and my parents had already experienced some odd things when fixing up the house before I was born.

I have yet to do any work with pendulums so I'm really looking forward to doing that to converse with my spirit guide!

Thank you very much for your comment Smile
biker4jc2u in Who Are You?
I don't think your desperate

But I have gone through something similar myself I think I can be of a little help then

I know what you mean if you say that connection is strong or if you feel like they're real

All in all in my waiting to I don't have to wait any more found him... But it did give me s learning experience as visions for myself I had not seen come to pass until now so I didn't know how to expect it what it would all look like. But now it has so I'm able to look back and realize where I got over emotional and where were my abilities telling me look for these signs... It did go on for years for me as well (I'll be 30 next month)

But now he's here I know now he's not exactly a psychic so he didn't seem to expect me as I did him he had a tattoo on his back but not what I expected. He moved very very very fast with me as I had seen in dreams and I some how willingly took a chance on him at the time still scared what if I'm supposed to be waiting for some one. (a chance I saw myself take in my dreams and pretty much laugh that would never happen I'm not a risk taker... Well I am now)

But after my risk I took did it then became very clear to me, wait I saw all these signs way before I met him... Well now I've learned appearance don't matter as that was probably his past life image I saw my soul would know that but I wouldn't know Etsy he looked like currently until I met him (honestly think that was just god's way to make sure I kept my trust in him to guide me that he knew the way)

But I realized my ability showed me tiny things to look for like how he's onry how he has a tattoo how he'll never leave my side loyaly... Grandted though he is not psychic we are still very connected, he knew I was his one even before I did and had already made up his mind to be with me even if I didn't choose him (clearly I'm not stupid to pass up some one that amazing)

All in all on the journey when he finally came into my life I realized there was never any reason for me to fret worry or wander if he would ever show up, some things are truly ment to be and will find its way and don't worry about what's a sign and what's just dream you'll know and figure it out when it all comes to pass you'll know who they are what they mean to you... It may take a few months while getting to know them but something will hit you and you'll just know... And when you know you learn from it and realize your not nuts your soul is just very sensitive to the person you know you need and desire to meet one day and I hope your blessed that they be as understanding as my love has been to me... I believe in being completely open with a person you love. I told him all about my experience and oddly he didn't call me crazy but seemed to be very understanding and understood how I might feel confused (and clearly to me he's happy I took a risk to realize I found him and he's the one I was waiting for)

I hope this is a bit of help for you giving my experience... Honestly I've been thinking about posting it here to be of help to other to be honest your not the only one expiencing stuff like this I know of two others that have posted on this sight as well I was a bit to nurvus to post mine. Though now my lovey is with me and I know how it all unfolds and it be more hopeful for others than confusing if I might actually post it now

Well I better be off now bless you on your journey may you find all your answers and what your looking for and even more that your not alone and not crazy. Your on a journey yes but not alone or crazy Love
Hi Neko101. It sounds like you need to work on shielding to protect yourself from negative energy. It also sounds like some kind of negative energy source, whether it be a spirit or a demon, is causing you to have these "evil" wishes. I recommend using sage in the rooms where this is happening to cleanse them. Or, depending on your belief system, you could use holy water. Good luck/God bless.
Turns out, the reason I was feeling a burnt sensation on the tip of my tongue was because my best friend had burned his tongue that night. He was three hundred miles away! Laugh
1020coco in Guide Around Me?
Hi Ainslei

My first thought was the energy that you experienced as a baby was most likely someone that had passed that you didn't know and has something to do with the location that you lived in.
To build a conversation with your spirit guide, you can do pendulum work and ask yes/no/maybe questions. I suggest that you meditate before hand, surround yourself in white light, ask that only the power of love and your angels and guides be present to give you the most accurate information with truth and love. Don't give up, this will require patience. Try to set aside 10 minute every day - same time is better to do this. Good luck!
Hi Anon103

I understand that you are worried. You want the best for your family and to feel safe. He may have been having a dream where he is experiencing being with his mum. Some people do talk in their sleep although for him to channel in his sleep and be able to answer you clearly and accurately is very rare. Edgar Cayce was able to do this and it was under hypnosis so he wasn't in a deep sleep. Often times people that are started to experience psychic abilities will tend to pick up on "negative" events. I hesitate to call them negative because that would imply that they are wrong or incorrect or from a bad energy. Life as you know has highs and lows and these are not attributed to demons. I understand you may believe in these entities but I can assure you that they are extremely rare. If you choose to believe in demons and that they are capable of inflicting calamity in your life then that's the reality that will be. Remember the laws of attraction. I can say this because I was a medium at a young age and very fearful of demons until I realized in my 40's that my focus is should be on the light, God, love - therefore demons are not in my reality. There is no payback unless you believe there is. There is no bad luck unless you believe there is. For someone to be able to make a demon hurt your husband, they would have to be quite experienced and that is extremely rare and improbable. You and your husband are good people, go live your lives in love and happiness, be thankful for all you have and let go of fear.
Yes, you and your son have mediumship abilities. I buried this for 25 years and I regret that. When you're ready, you will choose not to bury it either. Live your life and enjoy every moment. Blessings to you.
Hi Mia123,

What you're describing is being a medium. Being drawn to the paranormal is not unusual and many people that have these abilities find themselves interested in these topics as well. I know this can be a difficult time because the answers aren't there and other people are not able to help if they haven't experienced these things. I'd like you to keep in mind that you don't have to figure it all out right away. This is a slow process and you will only be given what you can handle. Remember you're angels and loved one's will always protect you. It's important that you always stay postive and not worry or have fear. This happened to me and I ended up fearing night time and caused me a lot of anxiety for many years. Now I have peace at night and I am not scared when I see a person that has passed away. I ask them who they are and I direct them to the light with the help of their angels and mine. You'll be able to help others, but keep yourself strong. Get rest and if you can meditate that will be the best way you can increase your abilities. Hope this helps.

I can produce a powerful energy and tingling between my hands but don't know why? It's gets so strong that I can't push my hands together, it literally feels like I'm holding a breeze block. I have been able to summon this energy for as long as I can remember, but I don't feel I know how to control it properly or in fact what it's for.
I have a huge sense that I, or we are meant for a greater purpose but don't know why again? My dreams are filled with being able to fly and immortality.
My emotions are highly charged, and I seem drawn towards thing like meditations and reiki etc. I feel a huge sense of power inside my body and mind but lost at the same time.
I haven't spoken to anyone in detail about these feelings and sensations i.e. Family or friends with the risk of sounding crazy.
Also I feel a huge connection to the Universe and animals of which I can't explain, but I do get the feeling that maybe I'm on a spiritual journey or enlightenment.
I do tend to have a few nightmares too and quite often get the feeling that a force (maybe negative?) is holding me back.
I'm uncertain as to whether other people hold the answers I'm looking for but I would be interested in opinions, guidance etc, also I feel comfortable talking about my experiences here.

Kind regards,
When you say an imprint do you mean like residual energy? Like the deceased are re-living their past and going about like its a normal routine or left over energy from different eras of the past?
I don't claim to know anything about schizophrenia, but just from my basic knowledge of the illness... I wonder if having the voices in your head as part of the illness has created a channel of communication for the spirits as well. Your job would be to try to learn the difference between the two.

I'm curious, when you were first diagnosed, what were your symptoms? Also, do the voices in your head ever tell you to harm yourself or others? If the answer is yes, or at least sometimes, then that is most likely your own illness, whereas the psychic hits could be from spirits.

I also think that your type of illness might open up a verbal communication with your own subconscious, which I believe is also very psychic. (I think everyone's is, if they learn how to communicate with it). If this is the case, then it is very important to be kind to yourself, and yourself will be very kind to you.
This is of course hard to answer, and only your own intuition will be able to truly answer for you. It may take a few more experiences like this for you to come to a conclusion. So I will just tell you a few possibilities...

I don't think it is your spirit guide, as they should be smart enough and sympathetic enough not to show themselves as anything scary.

It is, of course, possible that it is a figment of your imagination... A remnant in your imagination from the nightmare you had when you were 7. Your subconscious could have been silently holding on to this negativity, embedded as one of your fears, and this guided meditation brought it up the surface and/or healed it.

If this is an entity, like you said it is not necessarily bad or evil. Don't mistake your own fear of it as an indication that it is something to be feared. Only people that are in touch with their intuition and trust it, can know if the fear they feel is a part of intuition or just basic human fear. It is important to learn the difference.

Go ahead and do some protections (white light being the most popular) before you meditate anyway, just to be on the safe side.

I would say until you know for sure, don't engage the entity. Just observe it and see how it truly makes you feel when you see it.
starsofclay in Clairvoyant Training
I just want to add that I don't think that learning how to do this will teach someone to be a clairvoyant, but teach them a visual tool to use their clairvoyant abilities. Being in touch with your intuition would of course be the first step.

I did try this twice now, and it does seem to improve and increase the amount of images that get flashed across my closed eyes. This will definitely take a lot of practice. Since nothing appears when I close my eyes, I just start by describing the blackness of having my eyes closed, which usually has a layer of light or dark blue that is fading in and out, and flashing. It seems like the more I describe it, the more intense the visual becomes, until eventually faint impressions of different images do begin to appear.

Last night it ended with a feeling that I was in a balloon store, and this very large giant of a guy reached up and grabbed one of the balloons from the ceiling and handed it to someone much smaller, probably his little brother or something. That really kind of confirmed it for me, since that was only after about 5-8 minutes after trying. (Usually I have to put under pretty deep to see any images or for remote viewing). I stopped there and decided to do regular meditation... (in which no images popped in at all).

My theory is that learning to do this will open up a new visual channel for communication, where you can not only receive messages from your sub-conscious, but your higher self and other spirits.
Fitnesstactic feeling all homes are haunted is close.

When I asked about this I was shown it is a imprint. The activity is very much alive but minus other check lists of a haunting.
annieoaktree in Dark Smokey Shadows
There are many folkways for dealing with such things.

Lucky for us our ancestors also had to deal with such matters

Garlic and onions are helpful
And as an added bonus they reduce germs.

Garlic cloves can be put in the corners of a room and the discarded the next day.

Just slice an onion in half and place it in the space you want to clear.
Salt by far a helpful tool.

Epsom salts in the bath to clear a person from unwanted energies.

For comfort for yourselves you could make some little sachets or pillows. Even just take a little cloth and string an place some herbs in the middle and then wrap and tie like a present:)

I am thinking rosemary, lavender
And rose petals.
Or chamomile and peppermint

Hope your uninvited guest moves on!
I had a feeling I wasn't the only person who has had these odd experiences. I'm trying to get to a place where I can control these odd experiences. I am just beginning to meditate, ground and ask angels/guides for protection & assistance. The more I search within myself the more I am starting to understand. I thought that things like this only happened to people who have had great lives, without any kind of trauma. Thats just how ignorant I was about this spiritual journey. When I started to do some digging I found that this happens to people from all walks of life. There was also a time that I thought that all houses were haunted, but I'm thinking that I may just be sensitive. Has this happened to you also?
If you would like to chat more my email is fitnesstactic [at]
ariahmont in Able To See Energy
I can always see a pink aura or energy. I have not seen any other color just pink. I have a vivid dream which I had always thought to be real. I think I tripped on the stairs and it's sort of stopped it and I remember going down the stairs but I was not walking. It's was almost as if I glided the rest of the way. When I loose focus on whatever I'm doing and focus on what's around me, I often see things that I know aren't really happening such as everyone standing up or looking at me or someone's face changing. Everything goes back to normal relatively quickly and I usually call it my imagination. I find it interesting that you mention the static and aura because I often feel like I see a ripple, or something out of place.
Fitnesstactic, you can contact me.
For I find your experiences are like mine re dreams and seeing the aura web that covers the earth during the day. The web is yellowish and pulsates.

I sweat at night but have slowed down. Using Yoga and trying Tai Chi.

Your in a good place-of lucid dreaming. That area is very important in developing.

As to the ringing of ears, ascuating vibrations.

May you prosper and be blessed.
Happy Happy Love
BennyBoy in Able To See Energy
Hello Ellie, I often read these blogs in search of someone who might be able to relate what I go through quite regularly. This is the first time I've actually signed up in order to comment. I also have the ability to see energy. Sometimes it comes in a humanoid form and other times it will just be movement out of the corner of my eye. But not only that, I can sense it in my gut when it is about to happen because the air in the room changes, the energy gets thicker and the air feels different, especially around my upper body, hot and static like it's ready to pop any second. I consider them my visitors, it only happens at night time when I am getting ready for bed. At first I was scared but after doing some energetic healing work with a local woman I truly have learned that they are here with good intentions. I don't know if they are the souls of my loved ones coming to keep me company, or if they are energetic beings from another dimension who are here to pass a message through me, I plan on practicing my meditation as best as I can because eventualy I would like to communicate with them. It really is quite amazing. One thing that is almost certain, you have a very active third eye. If you aren't familiar with that then you should check it out, the human body is really quite fascinating when you take your eyes off the matrix for two seconds and actually just take a look inside yourself. Anyways I would love to chat more with you about this but time for bed on my side. I hope some of this helps, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, I am not an authority on this subject but I have researched it for years and had lots of experience so maybe I will know the answer
Hello Arabella
Thanks for responding. I do protective exercises now. I'm not sure if the attached is good or bad, but I think it may have been there for a long time. Hopefully I will find out what its intention is soon.
Hello Pennies4u,
I have found some grounding exercises that I do before meditation and this seems helpful. Some symptoms I have had that caught my attention are: seeing multiple sparkles, tingling around my head (crown), I have felt like I've walked into a spider web, but there's nothing there (multiple times), loud tone in my ear than a quietness after wards (like my hearing is adjusting), my bed vibrating, a strong pulling sensation in the middle of my forehead (like a congestion), feeling energy racing towards me or out of me, sometimes I feel unlike myself (like something else has taken over or trying), overwhelming emotions, sudden pains, sudden nausea, answered question that I may ask about someone else, random names, symbols or places will just pop up in my thoughts. One other thing, my dreams are vividly awesome, in my dreams I'm sometimes other people in different eras of time, places on Earth or planets, but I am still aware that I am who I currently am but this is me also. My deceased relatives are there at times or people of relation that I've never met. In these dreams, I sometimes have a hard time coming back. The scariest is when I am asleep within those dreams and I awake to go about my day as if its normal. I am only aware because I notice slight, but very obvious differences in myself or my surroundings. When I do finally awake I'm very sweaty and feel like I've ran a marathon. This incident has happened on 3 occasions.
Im going to post this in another section to see if others have had these experiences also.
Fitnesstactic in Sparkling Lights
I have experienced this on many occasions too, but there were several sparkles at once. I feel the tingling on my scalp or pressure around my crown prior, sometimes not at all before the sparkles appear. I think this may be the start of something spiritual for you, pay attention to what your seeing and keep a journal of it.
Hi Classylife,

An empath is someone who can feel the emotions and very much put oneself in others shoes so to speak,
When it comes to spirits I put on a character and its their emotions, I can feel their personality, their body on mine (as if I where them) but not that they entered my body its just what they display about themselves.

Naturally we are all psychic, but we got blocks in our bodies, most of us do, id say do your homework;) do meditation! A lot can rise up and also remove blockages from within, past lives are one of those for ex!

Dreams are a way of our higher being to communicate to ourselves and ofcourse events that has been taking place recently, its mostly all symbolic to us and when we dream its just all strange, yeah dreams can feel very real and it could mean that you needed to remember it so that you could make sense of the dream and what it means, as I said its all symbolic and riddle like but its the way for our souls to process recent events or something about ourselves.

This gut feeling and the stuff that has happened to your close ones, it could be that in a paralell universe this what happened to you now also happened to you on that side, so just a headsup from yourself that something is going to happen, I'm just speculating atm;) but it could just be!

I hope this can be somewhat helpful:)
I have this same experiences.
In year 2014 I went to study abroad. When I was there I dreams that my grandpa die and I have a new girlfriend then one day (in my dreams) I sneak into my girlfriend house and make love with her. One day (still in my dreams) there is a man try to rape my girlfriend but my girlfriend can escape and tell me so with my anger I find that man and broke his 3 teeth with only 1 punch. Another day (There're many event in my dreams) I have a problem with my family I'm very stress so I decide to end a relationships with my girlfriend. She is very sad after that I try to forgot about her but I can' 2 weeks I return the relationship with her agian. (All of these events happen in my dream in only 1 night) When I wake up I just think that just a weird dreams then it passed 2 weeks I was back home at my country My grandpa was sick and he passed away in next 5 months I realized that I already know this in my dream but I still don't believe my dream then I met a girl that I see in my dream we talk for 2 months then she accept to be my girlfriend then it passed 4 months she invite me to go to her home but I have to sneak in because her parents will me vary mad if they know that she have a boyfriend so I sneak in and make love with her after an orgasm I second time realized that this event already happen in my dream! But I still don't 100% believe it. Next 2 months my girl friend call me and tell me that there was a man try to rape her. With my anger so I try to track him and when I met him I try to calm down and talk with reasons (I am a muaythai fighter if I lose control I going to kill him) So he apologize for that bad thing he do to my girlfriend. He said that he drunk and lose self control. So I much calm down but I say to him "It's good that you tell the truth but you still need a bit punishment" then I punch him down and broke his teeth. Again I realized that this event already happen in my dream. Next 6 months I have many problems that make me very stress and I really decide to end realationship with my girlfriend but I can't forget about her so I try to calm down and solve all the problems before return with my girlfriend.
You going to think this is crazy but it's real. I can just say that this experience is really happen to me.
Hi BorderlineSpaceGirl,

I believe this was a dream with a spiritual message for you but not necessarily a messages of what exactly will happened to you in a kind of deterministic way. I would see this dream more as warning to you. Psychic dreams don't exactly show how the future will play out. Not because they are inaccurate, but because some dreams are warning dreams to show what may happen, even with the slightest likelihood. After all, life consists of events based on probabilities - nothing is for certain.

Also, with your genetic deposition to cancer, I would recommend that you follow any advice given by your doctor like regular checkups etc.


PS. I also have a psychic message for you on this matter but it's rather personal so I don 't want to post it here. Just click on my profile to contact me and I will email that to you.
Ln2245,I believe you have high energy surrounding you that the spirits are attracted to because you are spiritually active. Seeing spirits isn't a bad thing once you learn how to turn your spirit sight on and off as if a light is being turned on and off in your mind. A lot of people believe they are crazy and blame themselves for something that is not crazy at all, but normal for someone that is spiritually active, you may even be seeing spirits that are projecting themselves to you and you see them so accurately that it appears they are actually there. I could help teach you to use your gifts for good and to be able to control them properly if you're interested? I'll leave my e-mail for you if you want to talk or are in need of help.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
Just for a quick comment, sorry for rushing in, but have you tried asking Archangel Michael for help?
Hello Rena. Your experiences are not crazy. About the fighting between the hooded men, has this happened multiple times? Also when you see the blobs, is it after you do anything specific, or do you just see them with no explanation. I'd like to try and help you figure this out so that you can understand what is happening.
Thank you for your insight on my situation. I do try to surround myself with positive energy and my beliefs. When I have these experiences I do pray. I usually pray in my head. When I was young I was told that was so the devil did not hear you. So during one of these experiences I felt something ugly. I began to pray in my head when I heard a voice trying to taunt me it said to me " God isn't going to save you". My whole body felt numb I did not understand how it heard me and hearing say that to me shocked me to my core. I will say after this I did a prayer in a room with my aunt we both felt numb tingling sensations and almost loss of breath as if something did not want us to finish that prayer and for awhile things settled down but as always I still get these feelings.

Since I do feel whatever this is evolving I do feel slightly curious however my fear tends to hold me back from really trying to see what this is. Any ideas or tips would be helpful.
First off hello and welcome to my wheelhouse. Yes I believe you have a gift and I don't believe you are crazy. I believe I can help you with some advice if you want to consider it. Sleep paralysis is more common than people know. It can really confuse and scare people. Your mind enters into a kind of altered state where you are only half awake. You cannot control or move your own body but can feel and sense things going on around you. My wife and my daughter both experience the same thing quite often. They have what is called Chiari Malformation. I am not saying you have this but it could be a possibility for some of your experiences. With them there is a pressure caused disconnect from their brain to their spinal column which causes temporary paralysis from sleeping positions.
This is just one possibility but there are many more.
As far as the images go, I think some are very vivid dreams in your partially awakened state of mind. The rest of them are possibly your gifts evolving.
I want to caution you even more about something you already know. As you stated yourself some entities are not so nice. I want to advise you to seek protection for yourself right away and do not try and contact anything just yet. You need to learn to protect yourself. I am very experienced with this realm you are finding yourself in. I went through the same thing when I was very young. I actually fought off an attack from a Satanist coven when I was very young. I believe you were contacted by both spirits at first and then evil entities or minions later. The dark entities will deceive you at first to gain your trust and then will begin to attack you later.
I believe you are starting to get attacked to cause fear and confusion. You need to build a faith in The Creator and use his love and truth and light to protect yourself. Do not play with or experiment with the dark arts.
I believe You like I, kind of send up a beacon for spirits and entities to become attracted to. I have learned over the years to dim it down or tune it down. It is either a gift or curse depending on the person and the help they get.
Some people on this site may disagree but we all are entitled to our opinion. I can help with the dark scary things. Just know that you don't have to be afraid of them and you are the one that has to deal with your experiences. Things can get worse or better according to the choices WE make. I will have you in my thoughts and wish only the best for you. Seek help from someone in your area to work with and learn to control it.
distantempath in Empathy Troubles
Hi CoffeeBlackSr, I definitely relate deeply to some of the things you've said. I usually feel emotion from people who are close to me physically, at least in the same town. But people who are close to me through a bond, like my family and best friends, I can feel emotion AND physical pain from. This is even though they are hundreds and even thousands of miles away from me. One thing I've noticed in two of the stories you've shared is that you mention connection of color wavelengths and emotions. This makes me believe that you have some form of synesthesia. I recommend you look into that. I also recommend you look in to learning shielding techniques to protect yourself from the negativity that you have been feeling from others. Best of luck and God bless. Love
insaneBYdesign in Able To See Energy
I also see the 'static' in the form of differing colored dots, when I have an epiphany there is always a huge gust of wind

But i'm just as confused as you, sorry Confused
Tripox21 in Sparkling Lights
yeah small sparkles just appearing and disappearing really fast!?

Can be a spirit trying to manifest and show itself to you, any tingeling on your scalp or a feeling like a feather is stroking the head? Pressure on chest? These are common communication types from spirits!

Dont be worried:)
Tripox21 in A Sleepless Night
Hi there!
Seems like a bottom feeder/negative entity,
They need negative emotions and feeds of it, do a test on this
Go into a church and if you got any supressive emotions or violent thoughts that you never or usually don't have go into church and see if the emotions leaves!
Its strange somehow people who has these types of entities feels them stay outside a sacred place!

Anyhow I'm no expert on this type of issue, I have only encountered like small ones, like chattering in the ears and just making remarks on stuff that's wrong with one another and all these just bait type of remarks, strange emotions and on, it's often enough to tell them in a determined way to leave and they just woosh goes.

But if you'r able to and got a church nearby take a peek, red eyes its very commonly described in the demonic field and often takes shapes of a floaty head with red eyes or as you said a animal.

Any questions or input on this?

Yes I got a very sensual and nice spirit Anna, he/she is green in form and in a misty way.

That's a way for a spirit/entity to show itself, it tries to manifest in a bodily shape for you to see, usually just want to let you know they are there.

And also yes some entity whispered in my ear once while I was waking up, it tried to scare me evidently but I kept my cool, but in your case was there any emotion that clicked into your mind when it started to whisper!? Some bottom feeders like to whisper and touch with a emotion from their side to influence you into thinking it's your emotion, which means they wanted you to be afraid and draw energy from that emotional charge.

This entity/spirit could be a pre owner of the place you live at and just want you to know he or she is there:)

Have you felt any touching tingeling on your scalp? Light pressure on your chest? Touching on the feet? Common signs that you got someone close who likes you!

Before I stop writing i'll just give a headsup that sometimes if you got that thought that you know you didn't think or a feeling that comes on on a sudden can be them wanting to communicate, Anna usually talks to me that way and sometimes through sending a picture into the mind.

Hope I have given any good info that can put your mind at ease and don't hesitate to ask anything:)
This is very interesting and made me think that you have a guardian angel or a passed loved one trying to protect you. Has anything like this happened before?
Hello giftedone77,

I have also experienced these dark shadows at various times in my life, at different locations where I have lived. Not really sure why they come. I have a few short comments about these dark shadows. First off, you should get rid of them. The longer they stay, the stronger their presence will be - and they are up to no good. The good news is that they are easily removed compared to any other spiritual entity I have encountered.

Do not get confused- shadows 'always' represent evil. I definitely think there is a connection between the shadow and the symbolism of the crow. Seems like a pretty clear sign to me.

Keep praying for God to remove this evil from your home, as it is not welcome or wanted there. Do not interact with it, just pray.
Hi cep,

In the beginning of my psychic life, I had random visions too. I think it's just a way for the psychic ability to fine-tune itself so you can receive messages with higher accuracy and with that comes higher importance (less random). Then comes the next step for you, which is when you are taking an active part in the receiving. You mentioned that you both receive messages in sleep state and awaken state but mostly in awaken state. For me it's the opposite. I get most of my premonition in dreams (and deep meditation). But I don't think that matter when it comes to receiving random images that you mentioned about. So to take a more active part in receiving, you simply ask questions in your mind. For me since I am more receptive in the dream state, I ask questions before I fall asleep and receive answers in dreams. So try that and see how it goes.

I hope that helps a little.

Hi. I kind of agree with part of what Concerned_Princess and Delta-Lynx both are talking about. I have the same experiences you are talking about and a few differences.
I sense, affect and am affected by electrical fields. I can wave may hand over a compass and spin the needle. I can't wear watches because they just quit working or keeping time. I can't use self check out scanners without screwing them up at the store.
Light bulbs always blow out on me in my home and flicker. It get's frustrating sometimes.
I also have street lights go out overhead when I am driving. I can feel the buzz and pulsation coming off of transformers and motors. Computer controls do odd things when I touch them.
I cannot use biometric security scanners on ipads and phones. They just won't work properly or the way that they are supposed to. We had an IT professional try over 20 times to set up a finger print style biometric security scanner on me before giving up. He was very confused as to why it would not work. We got it to work once and the next time we tried it, it would not work or came up with no match. He tried all my fingers. We got 1 scan that will work on the left edge of my right thumb on bout a 1/4 inch strip. It some times takes me 10 tries to finally get an unlock. They gave up and gave me a 12 character alphanumeric passcode.
I know all about those experiences and you are not alone. I also get tremors, vibrations, fidgity and amped up long before lightning and thunderstorms move into my area. I am a human lightning rod and don't dare go outside in lightning storms. I was struck by lightning when I was 7 years old. It came out of a power outlet in the bathroom in our house traveled three feet bounded across my back traveled another 2 feet and blew a chunk of porcelin off of the cast iron sink hangng on the wall opposite the outlet. My mom said I was unconscious for 2 minutes. She was just walking in to wash her hands when it happened. I was sitting on the tub bent over tying my shoes. She said I just fell forward onto the floor.
So yeah I got that too. I know what you are dealing with. I also am good with animals and they seem to be drawn to me.
Ok now for the scary bits. Yes I agree that you need to become familiar with praying for protection. You need to understand that messing with the dark arts will attract negativity and evil toward you. It is like sending up a signal flare saying here I am come find me. Stay out of the occult. Don't play with ouija boards or cast spells or perform rituals.
Some times evil entities will pull energy from things in the environment around you to manifest. I have been around when this stuff happens and witnessed it firsthand. I believe some of us psychics can sense and attract these things. It does not necessarily mean you are bad or doing bad things, but if you affect energy fields around you it might be possible to attract their attention. You are protected from harm in this realm if you don't break the rules.
When people try to bend the rules and make contact with the other side they weaken their protection and open themselves up to attack.
Whoever wrote the movie constantine got it spot on and must experience things similar to the same way I see and sense them.
There are so far very few people on this site that understand or believe the information I am trying to convey to people. I am not a fear monger or trying to scare people. I just want them to know exactly what they are playing and experimenting with sometimes. I hate to use a movie reference but, it paints such an accurate picture of what is out there if you turn down the wrong path. There is a seen in the movie where he and a psychic woman are walking down the street and all the street lights start to go out around them and all the building lights drop out and kind of herd him and her into 1 area. That scene I witnessed 1 night and it played out just that way for a group I went with on an investigation into a haunted area. A couple of psychics asked me to go with for input. It turned out that it was not ghosts or spirits that needed help moving on, it was something else. Let's just say that burning sage was not going to help.
So what I am trying to say is get right with GOD first. Get balanced in your life. Understand the difference between good and evil. Don't fear things that go bump in the night. That is what they want and feed on. GOD will protect you. Love is powerful and a protection in and of itself. Practicing in the dark arts comes with a cost. Don't fear gifts that GOD gave you but, learn to understand and refine them. Being a prophet is not evil just read the bible.
Negativity attracts more negativity. You make your own reality and future because of free will. Enjoy your family when you can.
The same thing has happened to me lately which I have found it very odd, I have been thinking like the previous post said that is Electrokinesis, but I doubt about it, this things can be highly related to the Spiritual Realm and the Negative beings that inhabit this places. Just for the record: In early January 2017 I did practiced Psychokinesis and I had a bad experience with it, I believe God warned me not to continue with this occult practice. Just to notice after that I was committing an abomination to God by doing PK which is Witch Craft, it says it in the Bible. I strongly believe the light flickering on a room has something to do with Fear, feeling really sorry about something or thinking that your doing something really bad as of your soul or holy spirit is warning you and you don't listen. Based on my previous experiences it happened to me when I concentrate too much on what I am thinking (as of an idea) or an object (as of just staring on a marker) and you barely blink your eyes, but it has also happened to me that even with blinking it can still manifest. Also it happened to me in February of this year that when I feel very sorry for doing something that I know is wrong, but I just do it because I had a rough day and I want to "clear my mind" well... You won't, that very bad thing is Sinning with Knowledge. (Note: that only in January I practiced Psychokinesis (PK) and I ended the practice in late January). I suggest you pray in the name of Jesus Christ if there's any Negative Entity around you or your house like a Jinn it will vanish when you Pray to God by Faith. I am a Full Christian with very high knowledge on the Bible and the Spiritual Realm, not a religious dude.
Pennies4U in Dark Smokey Shadows
As you continue prayer add imagining love and light/peace over the shadow.
I have found lower energies or souls that visit or may be wondering. Are enhanced in their vibrational level. Even entities have been known to metamorphosis like a silk worm bloom into a butterfly.
Pennies4U in Auras And Angels
Keep doing AA-steps are cathartic.
Daily meditation.
Read this book:to see and read the human aura, by Judith Collins.
Interpretating the aura is not just I'd color. Using our psychic senses interpret each color and what area of body or chakra it is hoovering over.

The aura moves like a heatwave appears to have woven pattern.
Hi Jaserusk,

Your premonitions might be called "precognition" which is also a part of clairvoyance (clear seeing, in this case it is clearly seeing the future). I have this gift too, it's normal as are all psychic and medium gifts. Make sure you stay grounded,centered, shielded, and protected as often as possible and cleanse yourself and even your home if neceasary when things feel heavy.

Yes, your precognitive gift might develop to the point you are having visions all the time, which sounds extreme, but I live it every day and I am OK now. I only had the problem of feeling my emotions coming through from the future and the past through the visions and dreams, and the best remedy for that I found was crystal healing, although maybe some other kind of energy work might help but I am not sure if they will help as much as crystals do.

Also, be aware that if you have crystals near you, they might be the reason why your gifts are opening up.
giftedone77 in Dark Smokey Shadows
Thank you ThulsaDune, for your response and suggestions. Please do provide with your experience on this, I am sure it will be beneficial. We all four slept in the other room yesterday, but my daughter said she still wants to sleep in my mother in laws room, now that she is used to sleeping there. She said she was not comfortable sleeping in my room either due to place change. (Sigh) I made her pray last night and will now on make this a routine for her. Thank you for your prayers. In India they say that when you see a dark black crow nearby it indicates evil spirit or death. During the last four months of my mother in law passing there was this 2 pair of dark crows who used to sit on the roof of the building opposite to our's. I had never been superstitious but I looked up the internet and asked an old maid who used to work at our place and she said it means evil or death. Now again once in a while I see these dark crows only a single now... I try to shrug off thinking more on this and divert myself. Don't know if these two are inter-related - seeing the shadow in my house now and the crows...?
giftedone77 in Dark Smokey Shadows
Thank you 1020coco, for your reply and inputs. Yes, I will continue to pray for her happiness and thank her for she watching over us. However, I am feeling hesitant if I should ask her questions since I have never ventured in such communication before. Shall wait and see how things shape up and will be connected to this forum for help and support! Much gratitude and warm regards.
Amazing how intuitive you can be when you decide to listen to it. Thank you for sharing! Love
Hi agapemom-N-love,

Your experience sounds almost exactly like one of my friends experiences with the angels. Maybe like her, you have agreed to work with the angels before incarnating?
ThulsaDune in Dark Smokey Shadows
Hi giftedone77,
I also experience these things. I am lucky and can discern the difference between good and evil entities. I would suggest going with what you feel right now and don't get concerned unless it starts to bother your family. Ultimately you are the one experiencing what is going on and our input could help if you need it. If it becomes a problem ask for guidance. If it is exciting to you, feel free to share it with us. I would advise you not to try and interact with it, but let some time go by and see how things develop. You will know if things are ok if you are true to yourself. If you think it is a shadow person I have had a lot of experience with them and may be able to help you. Again go with what you feel inside.
I would continue to pray it will give you and the children comfort.
I will leave you with a word of warning or caution. Some entities will pretend to be passed loved ones to gain your trust and decieve you. If things don't seem quite right ask for help or guidance.
We appreciate you sharing with us and I wish only the best for you and your family. I lost my Dad 2 years ago and it is still a hole in our family. He still visits my younger sister once in awhile. She took it the hardest.
MaggieQuartz in Am I Having Visions?
I would like to add to my story in response to comments! They often happen when I'm not totally focused, but occasionally when I'm a bit upset. I feel like when I'm not focused on something (either on nothing or a lot of things at once) they happen more. They happen a lot more when I'm under long term stress. I almost always get a headache after, not that intense but they last a very long time. I am always awake and often in the middle of something, which is frustrating. I was 15 when I started having them and I'm almost 17 now.
1020coco in Auras And Angels
Congratulations on your spiritual awakening and becoming sober. You have so much to be proud of and this is a great achievement.
To answer your question, you are meant to heal others. For you know what it's like to be ill and to receive healing and therefore are perfect to help others to become their full potential as well. The amazing thing is that you don't have to worry about what to do and how to do it. The path is already there for you when you do one simple thing. It's so simple that you won't believe it. Just say to yourself everyday that I am on the path of healing and helping others heal and this is so. By affirming that you are there already, it manifests. People will be drawn to you that have illnesses or problems and I suggest you start finding a place where you can learn how to do aura healing. You'll also need to learn to ground yourself and maintain your energy so that you do not become depleted. I hope this helps.
Hi -

As a teenager I saw shadows that I knew were spirits or people or something. It scared me as well. Once I got older and less afraid, I was able to understand what was happening more. It turned out that I was a medium and was picking up on the energy of spirits. I don't believe they were demons. Honestly I don't think mediums/psychics really come across demons. If people think about them, obviously they'll be drawn to them. This is life. If you think about ice cream all the time, chances are you're going to eat ice cream, maybe work in an ice cream store etc. So, basically, remember to meditate, surround yourself in the white light of love and affirm that you are here to bring peace to this planet.
This is what I do when I see a shadow, I ask for love to surround us and I ask the energy who they are and they'll tell me. I don't worry about if it's a demon. That's not in my mind and it's not in my reality. I have had that as my reality and was fearful of the shadows and then I realized that it didn't have to be that way and a whole new wonderful world opened up to me. So please forget all that stuff about demons and lesser demons. Keep your heart full of love and you'll be at peace.

It sounds like you're anxious and looking for answers as to who you are and what you can do. Since you see shapes and hear voices, you may be a medium. The best way to know is to ask. So when you see the shape, ask them who they are, where are they from.
This is quite another world and is very interesting. The other interests you have about witches etc. Fall into this category of other worldly things. I would like to suggest that you follow your intuition to see where it takes you and the doors will open to you to experience more. I myself used to be very interested in the occult and phenomenon such as that, but it really is more of a fantasy world and entertaining. Look into the law of attraction. This is something you are familiar with since you are manifesting things in your life that you are thinking about. The most important thing I can suggest is to be consistent in meditation, surround yourself in white light, ask your guides/angels for assistance. When you use your gifts for positive things, you will feel very happy and fulfilled.
What you're seeing is her energy. It appears as a shadow, but in fact it's energy that you're picking up. The reason why you see her is quite simple, you're family is her family and as you said she is possessive of the things she cares about. Now that she's crossed over, her belongings don't hold the same attachment. So in other words, she is there to let you know that she is still with your family. When you ask if there's something else, I don't get the impression there is. Think about it this way, if you had crossed over, you would want to come back and see your loved ones and it'd be great if they knew you were there still. Send her love as you said you do and talk to her. Ask her questions and let her know that you appreciate her being there to watch over your family.
hello windgod42 can u help me control the weather I want it to be very windy at my place cali
Me. I can't believe I found you. I really thought it was only me. I have the same experience since september last year. Have you ever seen ghosts before? As for me who see ghosts more often than common people ever would I can tell the difference between the two. First let's call this shadowy figure Shad. Shad is certainly different than ghosts. Ghosts have really subtle and windy sense of existence. When Shad, in fact has much bolder existence like human, almost. But it's a bit lighter than ordinary human. Like almost kind of altered. Blurred. I'm not sure how to describe the feelings. But it's only from my experiences. I don't know whether you experience the same thing. I just want to let you know that you're not alone. Because me too, have creepy things happens around me when Shad is around. And it makes me scared because I always feel it's targeting and watching me. I've been wondering the same thing too about schizophrenia, but I don't know. Shads just feel too real to be explained by a simple mental condition.
But to be honest, I can't deny that I begin to question my sanity after so many events unfolded before my eyes.
I don't know. I just am so confused with everything.

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