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This article features Allison DuBois. You know you're darned good when you have a television series made after you! I personally own Medium and I love it. It's a nice look into the domestic and professional life of a gifted psychic. I also like the fact that they touch on not well documented issues like how a psychic deals with tricky visions like symbology. For example, Allison sees something bad happening in a plane and her husband is on it. They are due to fly soon and she makes the assumption that it's dangerous so they don't fly. Nothing happens on the plane they are scheduled to fly on so where did she go wrong? As it turns out, it was a symbolic event of something affecting their lives and where she saw the plane incident is where it was to be revealed. I can relate to this myself because I'll have symbolic visions myself and it's up to the psychic to figure out how much of it is a literal, and how much is symbolic.

Allison DuBois The show also demonstrates how a psychic can't read too much into a snapshot vision. What we see, when it's only a flash, is just that. Ịn one of the episodes, Alison sees her husband holding a woman from behind, his head close to hers. She of course assumes the reason he's working late is because he's having an affair! As it turns out, he's holding that woman all right, but only because he sees her having difficulties breathing in a restaurant and works the Heimlich maneuver on her.

I also appreciate Allison's viewpoints on some controversial topics. She states that people who take their own lives don't go to "hell" and that they are often with family members when they cross over. And for those that feel animals have no soul, she claims that they too pass over and enjoy an afterlife just as much as we do. I also had a confirmational event happen in my life that is reflected in another belief of hers. During a vision of mine, I saw my not-so-nice step mother in the after-life. She was surrounded in very dark, coarse energy and was alone. Allison states that hell in the afterlife is this very thing. It's the separation of you from your loved ones, a "stewing" as she states, in dark energy and isolation. It is also not forever, which I too believe.

The psychics I admire most are the ones that do more than just reveal something unseen or unknown. I respect the ones that raise awareness to the masses and Allison DuBois is one of those people.

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