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Met My Spirit Guide For First Time


This is my first post here. I was advised to post this here. I'm looking for some advice about the situation as a whole.

I will start off by saying I've always been interested in the "other things" in the world and beyond we can't see but never figured myself to have any ability. This all changed when I went to see a psychic in July this year. I went for some guidance as to the path I'm on career wise and some comfort hoping to hear from my dad who passed away Dec 2020. The psychic firstly told me I have empathic abilities which shocked me. Amongst other details he knew things about my life and parents. He also predicted things that have since come true at my work. In terms of empathic abilities one thing I will say is there are a LOT of aspects that are me to a tee. Work in progress here.

This journey opened my spirituality and allowed me to see the possibilities inside me. I'm still a bit shy about believing I have some ability. But here I am.

This happened 23.11.22 I did some meditation in a quiet room with some ambient music on and candles with the aim to meet my spirit guide. I hadn't ever considered doing this until I joined an Empath group online and saw others speaking regularly about their guides. After a while of meditating I asked if my spirit guide can come forward. Almost instantly I saw a woman with brown hair, native Indian looking with a red hair band / tie in her mid thirties smiling at me. I felt pure warmth and kindness from this lady. Her face was quite close to me and it filled all my "perspective" the background looked black or grey and slightly smokey. (it was only afterwards I remembered this and find it a bit strange now) I was surprised at seeing someone and asked her name. Immediately I got the name "Chandi". I thanked her and opened my eyes.

Since this event I've spoken to her when walking and have asked for signs of her around me. All I've gotten since is her face smiling at me again but this has been when I'm walking not meditating so the image has been in my minds eye. I turned online for answers and to see if this name is common or who she could be. Looking online there is a Hindu goddess named Chandi. I don't want to be pretentious and assume my spirit guide is a goddess so I'm under the assumption this isn't her. Regardless I feel "different" knowing she is around me and this leads on to some reflection.

I'm finding it hard understanding how this all works and truly believing she is my spirit guide. This is the juxtaposition I'm in. I'm not a religious person but do believe in spirits. I want to believe with all my heart this is the path for me

How can I become closer to her and walk down this road more?

I would love to hear all your advice and comments


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epgambler (1 posts)
2 months ago (2024-05-23)
I would love to know how this turned out, as my wife went through a very similar experience. Her guide worked with her to expand her gift.

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