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Famous Psychics and Mediums

Our Famous Psychics and Mediums link is more than just that. I do want to talk about famous psychics, but I also want to cover special aspects of each. That may range from techniques, accuracy, honorable mention for their contribution to society or achieving something remarkable like TV series based on their life and so on. Eventually, the Famous Psychics link will span all centuries and all skill types. Written by Anne V. No reproduction of any part without permission.

Lydia Clar

I wanted to make my first article on famous psychics about one that impressed me in terms of her ability to inspire.

Micki Dahne

Micki Dahne is a famous psychic who has the enviable position to be good enough to do actual cases on Court TV!


Allison DuBois

This article features Allison DuBois. You know you're darned good when you have a television series made after you! I personally own this series and I love it.

Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann is probably one of my favorite famous psychics, but he's also a lot more than that. He's an artist, the founding father of remote viewing, and an author.


Derek Acorah

Like most psychics and mediums, Derek was introduced to his potential as a child when he was visited by his deceased grandfather who had a message for his grandmother.

Sylvia Browne

There is an interesting commonality with psychics. They are typically exposed to their psychic ability at an early age (Sylvia was three) and have relatives that are known to be psychic.


Edgar Cayce

Who was Edgar Cayce? In my opinion, among many things, he was a very good remove viewer and of course, an evolved soul.


There are few scholars who will unite and agree on any one meaning provided by Nostradamus. It's up to us to read the various opinions and quatrains and come to our own conclusions.


Pam Coronado

Pamela Coronado is a personal favorite of mine in terms of a psychic / medium figure featured in the public.

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