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The Time I Saw A Hellhound


A few years back I was going through the woods in a 4 wheeler with my dad and brother, but all of the sudden I saw this creature and, looked like it was made of shadows and it had skinny legs with glowing red eyes ever, since then I have not been able to forget about the thing but, recently I have been researching and, I think that day I saw a mythical creature known as a hellhound and, ever since then for some odd reason thinking about the creature brings fear to me, and whenever I had an old time radio on it had a red light, and the light shined on my window looking like two lights and, it was night time and when I saw my window I froze with fear just because of the time I saw the hellhound it reminded me of the hellhound and it struck fear into the my soul I think the hellhound is protecting something near me bc when I saw it it was day time and it had looked at me as if it was staring into my very soul I don't know why but I want to see the creature again but up close but if that happened I would most likely be killed from it but yet I feel like if I see the beast again I will know that I wasn't insane but I don't understand why it would be so close to my home and why it would be walking around in daylight because form what I understand they are creatures that only come out at night but since then I have loved the color red and have reacted super quickly for example one time I was in a dream and this pair of hand touched mine and, I quickly punched into the air and accidentally slapped my dog and yet when I did that I wasn't awake my eyes were just open and I saw him in my vision and hit him without thinking.

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ufw57 (39 posts)
1 year ago (2023-03-10)
This was a dream, if it was what you said you saw, you would have died in an accident. That car speed suggest it was you looking at yourself. It's normal to have a vivid dream and still re~live it. And don't worry, the person you saw won't hurt you. You can see him & he will never have a chance to see you because it's a behavior, this behavior is dormant and acceptable by all. It brings fear because of blood. The same Atoms close to each other. Like Rastas in Jamaica. I had this experience once! (whaaat...) Imagine this is the time it's hitting my brain! (don't block me😂)

But this is what I think it is. Those things don't exist in dreams either ha ha ha. Creepy, this Universe is f*vking creepy I sewar🙄🗾

[at] dylanuno

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