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Saw Myself As A Spirit?


I'm looking for advice on a vision or dream I had last night. I say dream cause whenever I have seen spirits in the past I am not really sleeping or awake. Its in between space. I always wake up and see or talk with a spirit right before I actually wake up. Anyways. Last night I had a really bad sleep. Tossing and turning. I just couldn't fall asleep and when I did would keep waking. Finally I fell asleep for a good amount of time. Suddenly, I felt someone watching me and open my eyes to see myself standing at my bedside looking at me. My spirits hand reached out, turned her hand over and dropped a pin? I'm pretty sure it was a silver pin. Before that pin dropped I immediately shot up awake heart pounding and shaky as I always am after seeing a spirit.

Has anyone else seen themselves before? Was that really me? I didn't have a bad or good feeling but did notice my spirit didn't have a lot of color. Bright whites and greys and blacks. Any insight would be very much appreciated.

Also that same night before bed I kept hearing so many bangs and noises downstairs. Eventually I had to go check it out cause if it was a robber I wouldn't want to tell the police I assumed it was just the spirits trying to get my attention lol. So I had to go downstairs to investigate with 911 predialled on my phone just in case it was a burgular. Of course no one was there.

If anyone has any similar experience or knows what this could mean? Even if it's nothing I'd appreciate some advice.

Thanks for your time,


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