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I have seen spirits ever since I was about 19. Before that I knew they were they're but couldn't see anything. In my early days, I had horrible visons of people. Seeing how they died. A hanged women in the corner and just dark spirits. I would do tarot card readings or use a deck of cards. Lots of times I wouldn't need anything and could talk to a stranger about there life and try and help. I knew there was a lot of bad energy and was scared because I had no training or anyone to guide me. I talked with a friend who told me to pray and surround myself with white light. It worked and helped immensely. I have pushed everything away since then because I have small children and do not want any kind of negative energy in my house. Lately I have noticed it seems to have started to return. I was at my same friends house and was in her bathroom. A corner of the room was vibrating? I have never seen that before. I told her as she is gifted and she was amazed because she had seen it too. Is it a portal? My main concern is last night I woke to orbs all over my room. I mean everywhere. A young boy was at my side of the bed. He was fine not grotesque at all. I was so scared I couldn't catch my breath. I felt like they were all around and wouldn't let me sleep. I told my husband who is very scared of the things I see and was upset with me. I don't know what to do. I Want to help them but can't have them in my room at night, near my kids or showing me grotesque things. I'm thinking of finding a local medium to help me figure this out? Any suggestions.

I later dreamt that boy was a baby being looked after by his uncle. He was abused by him. I Remember holding the boy and said I would look after him and be his mother. I just can't stop thinking of him.

Thanks for any advice🌹

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-05-05)
There is a lot of fear here. You probably are not ready to help these souls. When we are fearful (as you said, so scared you couldn't catch your breath - now that's scared) then you vibrate at a lower frequency. You attract those of the same frequency. You wait in fearful anticipation that you might see something "grotesque" and are living on pins and needles. This is, as you know, no way to live nor is it going to attract light beings. You're setting yourself up for the exact opposite.

If I were you I would discontinue all paranormal contact and fill your home with positive thoughts, participate in loving events, do kind things to uplift your spirit and come back to this psychic medium practice when you can control your level of fear. Most top psychic mediums are extremely loving people, have their fear under control, know how to handle negative energy and so on. Right now you're just a bundle of fear and doing more harm for yourself than good, despite having the absolute best intentions.
Your heart is in a great place as you want to do well and help. That is wonderful! Just take a break for now until you develop to the point where you are in control of your thoughts, your gut reaction to things like orbs is positive and not negative, you abandon having worrying thoughts of bad images and what not. You'll get there soon enough. Enjoy your child, husband and those friends that uplift you.

Hope this helps.

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