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Mind Boggling Gift - But I Always Embraced It


I constantly hear about clairkinesis and I am able to control it throughout my entire body, it is like controlling the flow of energy throughout the body. It has been since I child that I manage to control it specially when I am turning another year older. What bothers me always is that when I always dream, there are particular people always looking for me with the same type of ability and from my real life, to be exact I think they are 5 or 6 person but they still appear as silhouette to me, but I always wanted to look forward to it.

What I developed upon channeling this gift is that I can detect and really aware of the surroundings, there is a one case that when we are walking alone at night with my partner, I asked her if "how many?" to her, she seems like confused, but I ask her to how many person behind us (Without myself looking behind) , I said "two" and to her astonishment, she looked back and found out that there are two persons behind us (probably more than 300meters from us). I do not looked back because I know there are two people, so to challenge me, my partner said that if I can point those two persons that were behind us (those two people already walk across us, without me noticing it because they are too far away. I simply point at them consciously without second thought and to her surprise, she literally freaked out, btw, she is also gifted with her third eye.

Some of the common things I always practice is the remote viewing, I always see what people can see on their eyes (like a first person game) if I focus on that person within my radius, somewhat I still try to build up to be as accurate as possible, you know it helps me a lot since I am always on the field doing my work. I also consciously can manipulate it, for example I can see myself looking up in a tall building but I can also see myself looking down on me on that particular area.

Hope some of the readers will appreciate and I know for sure that there are people like me too that is looking forward to see each other.

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muxicianjp (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-18)
[at] the_real_me, remote viewing requires a lot of practice especially if you can analyze the perspective of your perimeter where you are standing at, it also requires awareness in a different level.
the_real_me (1 stories) (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-15)
can you help me with my remote viewing? I can do aerokinesis and telekinesis but what you can do t cool and unique

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