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Images Flashing Through My Mind


Lately I've been experiencing something that I can only describe as images or short clips of things flashing through my mind. It's been happening a lot more lately but I have been experiencing things like this for a long time and I am just at the point where I want to understand what is happening and embrace it. I will sometimes get images while I'm watching mystery cases or documentaries on tv. They seem symbolic to me. And I'm just not sure how to interpret them. Like a woman with her hand over her face or someone shaking their head back and forth. When I was younger I would get images of cop lights and get pulled over the next day. Sometimes, these images come in a flood and scare me so I try and block them. I'm wondering if I am getting scared for a reason, or if I need to try and let myself see what is coming into my mind? I hope I don't sound crazy. I'm hoping someone can explain to me what is happening when I see these things and maybe point me in the right direction of how to understand it or turn it off. I forgot to mention that a lot of this happens when I'm trying to go to sleep. Another thing I wanted to mention was I have also been feeling a strange energy around me. Sometimes I feel like my brain get so fuzzy I can't read or focus. I feel a pressure on top of my head and I've been getting really dizzy a lot. It feels like the energy is hovering over top of me. (again I'm sorry if I sound crazy). I'm not good at explaining things. I don't know if this has anything to do with anything but I am just looking for answers. Thank you to anyone that can help

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embryo (6 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-06)
Hi everyone, I am an independent researcher exploring the unseen worlds of subatomic particles and the aetheric fluid. If you have an experience seeing a "particle" or orb or "rain" or any other visual phenomenon, please shoot me an email at: beyondsubatomic [at] I'm trying to collect as much anecdotal data and information as possible.
Beachstar83 (5 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-07)
Hi Terah!

I call these flash visions and get these in addition to regular dreams and visions, along with visitation dreams. It is a piece of a longer vision, and just flashes instantaneously. I've had dreams and visions my whole life, but now that I'm older (37) I get flash visions a lot or extremely spot on intuition. God gave me visions as a gift, but I feel that we are on the verge of something great. I've been feeling really fuzzy and dizzy lately as well. My chest also has been hurting a LOT! Maybe this is not just a coincidence and we are feeling something coming?
ufw57 (36 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-19)
Hi terah05. Welcome to psychic experiences.

Let me just say I'm typing very fast so forgive me for repeating words and misspelling others, thank you.

I will jump straight to the point. You have a natural & fully functional 3rd eye. What I would suggest is candle gazing before going to bed. Just light a candle (blue, red, purple or white) and try to focus your attention to it without blinking, when you feel the 1st tear drop coming out your eye, put off the candle flame. After putting off the flame immediately close your eyes and lay back on a flat surface away from all the destructions (light or noise included).

After that take a deep breath and keep that flame alive at the middle of your eyebrows inside your mind. Wait for it to get close without disturbing it. This technique helps in concentrating while reading.

I also have a warning to this... Once you go in, there is no coming back, once you are fully aware of what you are capable of doing with that clairvoyance you can never turn it off... Its like killing yourself from the inside. So choose wisely before indulging in this technique. It's either you DO it or you DON'T. There's no "I will stop when I want to" it's "I will try my best to accept who I am, for better and for worse"

I want also to share my experience to you regarding candle gazing inorder to get good concentration while reading and doing logical work.

I stumbled upon an article at a site I really enjoyed reading things from called https// and put the art to test.

The 1st thing I saw was me in the flame talking to a girl I knew but the location was so real I could not imagine. I had an orange watch on my hand and a voice kept telling me "The time has come". I had a journal early were I was investigating paranormal activities like automatic writting of how my day was but since I forgot almost all of it expect the turmoil I was reaching my vibe to my ancestors and guides to help me remember what to write so I can get it all off my chest that night.

Long story short the same voice told me to try and envision the candle flame and see if I could remember how it was burning on my desk.

What I saw was mind blowing, The candle flame kept coming to my face and I saw this color, I think it was purple which opened up to a green solar panels like the ones used for exploring space, after that I saw numbers 777 with a name written below it "Find the white eagala". Things didn't stop there, there was this flash back like waaay back to how the big bang happened and I saw in a matter of roughly 7seconds what other creatures inhabitants the 777 relm of creation. I saw monsters, dragons, dinosaurs and the most interesting, how aliens when the universe was created, mixed their dna with meteorites to get that pinch of beauty that extends their lifes on the eyes of God... Also the funny thing and most unexpected was that the person communicating to me in fluent English was God... God the mother... Like God is not a male but FEMALE!...She also went ahead of time and told me of how I thought I was Nothing but in the beginning there was notjing... No clouds... No land... No stars... No planets or moons but pure experience of life and that was the thing I was living in at that moment with her. She took me to this place were there were four pyramids making a compass with the middle part being a circle with a word "This is You" write on it. I was excited and asked what the pyramids ment. She said tge four pyramids represent how the dark universe came into existence.

Pyramid A- Nothing
Pyramid B- The nothing was bored and crated Everything.
Pyramid C- The everything that was created by nothing splited into every corner no matter were the eye can't see and became "Something Special"
Pyramid D- This is the part were we all get judged on how we accepted ourselves both planets, humans, suns, ufo, extraterrestrial life, Angels and Demons... Because this fourth pyramid was Her... Our Love Lord and Savior Mother Nature because I can't put words on what to call her but I remember herself introducing me as Shru when I looked at her for the second time... She had this one universal eye which was white and I felt uneasy knowing from deep down... It was God... Our God was and is a mother to all of us... Sorry about the long story... There is still many parts that I recorded in my jornal which I nick named the black book for no reason lol... Also forgive me for spelling some words wrong, I was really typing very fast and auto correcting this will take more time than the time I used writting it.

Don't be scared... We all go through deep things in life... The difference is when you find a similar place you could share with people going through things like you.

Hope this technique helps you with your sleep and concentration.

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