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Weird Feelings And Flash Images?


My whole life I've always felt like there was someone or something there. I just feel it and I can't explain how I just do...

I've recently have been having stronger feelings and can randomly get flash images of things I really don't understand. Overall I feel energies around me that feel foreign and just not quite right. And I think I may have a spiritual attachment of sorts because there's always and energy here. Sometimes there's more but there's always at least one or two. I may just be really paranoid but what if I'm not?

That's kind of when the flash images started. I've only seen like a couple not a lot. It started just recently like a couple weeks ago. They appear in my brain for like a second and then they're gone. Normally if I can close my eyes and concentrate, they'll appear again and I can look at it for a while. They all consist of me and shadow figures. I only really remember two of them.

1) It was just me standing, doing something like everyday life stuff not really special. And then there was this shadow person or creature on my back. Kind of like a piggyback kind of thing. Like it's kind of disturbing but it didn't freak me out too much. I've always had this pain on my back near my shoulders and this would explain that. And why I always feel like there's an energy around me.

2) It's just me in the light and a bunch of shadow people all around me like a crowd. Not much else to explain there.

I'm under the age of 18 so I haven't told any adults about this since they'll think I'm crazy. I just really want help and advice from someone who has the same experiences as me

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