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New Friend Starts Off Sweet, Now It Just Feels Weird!


To start off, I experienced a real nasty breakup a few months prior to writing this story, and healing definitely took a long time. Once I was finally able to overcome all that and heal myself enough to start interacting with others in a healthier way, I decided to get on a dating website and met this wonderful guy, we'll call him "R".

He's super sweet, intelligent and doesn't mind my spiritual side although its not his cup of tea. I haven't met him in person just yet, but we've spent tons of time on video call with each other. It's all felt great until recently, and he's given me zero reason to feel the thing I have been feeling so it's quite odd to me.

Usually I can pick up on any and everyone's energy if I wanted to, but it's always been an in person kind of thing. I can pick up on other things through text or calling someone, but its usually just little things about said person I'm speaking with, not necessarily their energy field though.

But with R, I've been feeling a very sickening feeling when we speak to each other (horrible nausea and cramps in my abdomen), and it's not really a "fight or flight" response most people have but it almost FEELS like the fight or flight response (if that makes sense to anyone). I have no bad feelings about R, we always laugh and joke about everything and it's wonderful, I trust that the things we've talked about are true, I trust he isn't a bad person.

Why do I feel so yucky and sick when we talk now? Am I expanding my gifts and I'm picking up on something that hasn't been put on the table by him yet?

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craycraybutnotreally (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-24)

From any experiences I have from having either awful or great feelings from someone, I usually listen to them. It's because one time when my feeling was screaming at me not to listen to this person and not follow them into a room, I would've been saved from a family member taking advantage of me. I felt sick, too before I followed them and as soon I as saw them that day.

Any guy my sisters try to date, I get a feeling and purposely drive them away. I sometimes even visually, whether asleep or awake, see something they actually do wrong in the future.

I don't want you to make the same mistake I did. Please listen to these feelings. There is a reason they are there. If you don't believe me, I am living proof it works. Someone or something is looking out for you. You (your intuition) could be looking out for you.

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