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New Neighbours Etheric Aura


This story happened several years ago when my existing neighbor suddenly moved out below me. I came back home from work to note my neighbor's flat was boarded up he never said he was leaving or gave any signs of any problems apart from his very nervous when he first moved in. The flat stayed empty for several weeks until I noticed the one early evening the boarding had been removed and there was some sort of an attempt to put curtaining up, oh I thought they let that flat really early they are normally empty between three to six months well the one night I was settling my self down getting prepared for bed and sleep in the bedroom I was undressed at the time, when all of sudden there ws loud voice coming from the flat below I could not make out properly what she was shouting at it suddenly went quite for a time, I thought she must be arguing with her husbands I went about my business settling into bed when again there was a shouting noise but this time it came from outside I thought what the hell's going on so I got out of bed but then I thought what's it got to do with me and why should get dressed and see what was the problem I listened again and it stopped I thought oh got a new neighbor from hell here. I was at the bottom of the bed as id been sleeping at the opposite side due to disturbed sleep as I glanced towards the headboard I suddenly saw this white thing streak up the wall it was fairly wide and some part of it had spiky edges some time passed and the episode popped into my head a few times and came to the conclusion the woman was listening on the wall and her etheric aura extended out this made wonder if she was spiritual too like my self most people deny this they think when there dead that's it but this not true it only means they are not awake spiritually well a year had passed and the one day I had received mail for this neighbor that was posted through my letter box by mistake I knocked on her door oh I said the postman delivered this to my address by mistake, oh I said do you mind me asking you a few question I said are you a spiritual person no she said why, I said you did a lot of shouting when you first moved in but it does not matter, when people start to awaken spiritually some don't realize it,

I have had many psychic experiences throughout my life some scary and wonderful and upsetting to other people who do not understand, the spiritual awakening is probably the scariest thing to happen to a person

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