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from a young age I have experienced many strange things that would not be classified as normal in 2018 I was doing training in mediumship its not every-bodies cup of tea but it reinforces proof of life after death even though your not a physical being you still exist in another form its probably better in some respects some of my training started a few years ago although id been experiencing things as a young child it got that bad one year my dad wanted me committed to see a psychiatrist but I was very young and saw things they could not on occasions it would be strange lights flying around the bedroom or full on visitations that would say nothing to me just stare the only time I knew this was that the apparition was not touching the floor with there shoes this all happened long before the above date again back in 2017 I started doing training with a Gordon Smith a famous Scottish medium nothing really happened on that workshop although I enjoyed the weekend and accepted that things happen for a reason and did not feel disappointed we then came to 2018 a different year maybe different expectations there was some interesting people Saturday came and we started the training nothing particular happened that day so I enjoyed the day there was a lady claiming to be empathic I was not one hundred percent sure as I learned to control my own empathy to a degree as not to let people harm me but I was aware one person was critical of her comments I suddenly felt this was unfair but did not want to expose myself so I was looking forward to meeting this person again next day to discuss this subject more but she did not turn up I was somewhat disappointed and felt for her. Well the training started again that day Sunday a more deeper meditation I was used too this as id been learning Buddhist meditation for years so it came natural to me. The next exercise was living in the power of pulling spirit closer to us its a 50/50 process we were a large group so that would be no problem, I suddenly had to nip to loo I got back they were waiting for me we each had a partner, we carried on with the exercise my hands were placed on my partner and we focused on spirit nothing seemed to happen apart from the atmosphere of the air seemed heavier then all of a sudden an image of a dog appeared to my right a bit like looking at a negative of a black and white photo it happened suddenly and caught me off guard and I pulled my hands away from my partner at that instant my partner said she suddenly went dizzy for a second or two while this was happening I experienced a whirling motion vision that seemed to appear in my third eye I was not scared but I assumed breaking contact the spirit dog had to return back to its realm as it had no auric protection from our world. We began another exercise were we were blindfolded in different parts of the hall and given unknown people to read for the people we were reading for were not aloud to speak to us only touch us to let us know they were ready within a few seconds of this happening pictures would flood my mind of somebody I have never seen before my case was slightly different as id seen the person before I n the room apart from the young girl that appeared as a school girl ballerina. We were told not to get excited or form our minds opinions and say what we saw but it was difficult as ego tries it utmost too take over, the training period was short but the images were very clear this was telling me my nature was clairvoyant

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