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when at home and have lit my incense sticks, and started to relax my mind. I feel a light breeze behind me, this when I have been thinking about her, then I put my music on the ghost's that we knew. I I look at her photographs and can't. Stop crying uncontrollably. Why does thin happen and I've had a few dreams about her. The few times I feel that I can sense her, but I don't know why.I've felt like this for 17 years and get slight images of her old home and images of her parents. Please can someone help me. Also I have been informed that I share aconnection with her I just want some truthful answers. Also I have Asperger syndrome and Autism. Would this make any difference to this situation, because I always but the same music on, and feel a light breeze on my shoulders and my head. I feel that I have a connection with Jon benet Ramsey. Or is this all in my head, however I have been informed that I have a young blonde girl that is always with me. And have been drawn to her old home, and was going to meet her parents. But felt it wad not appropriate do to so. Why do I keep on playing the same music, and think off her at odd times mostly when I'm by myself, or is it just my imagination. But this has been. Like this for least 17 years. Yet I have been told by my doctor that I'm very sensitive and emotional person and have a high awareness because of my Aspersers' and Autism. Once more please can someone who can help me I would really appreciate it. This is not a hoax o just want a truthful answer

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Richardpalit (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-04)
Thank you for your honesty, that you have shared with me me. But why is Jon Benet Ramsey attachment with me, I never knew her but feel close to her, and how to I let her go. I've prayed to her with light and uncontional love so she will remain in the light and the love of Jesus, so she is safe and sound. ❤
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-01-03)
It's hard for any of us to say what the connection might be, other than empathy for a heart breaking event. The issue though is that when we connect with a being (regardless if we have a karmic past or are just very empathetic), this gets lodged in our energy body and then we relive that "pain" every time we set up the conditions to do so. So while we may not be experiencing the actual soul over and over per se, we are reliving the actual attachment (versus the spirit). At some point you have to decide if this attachment no longer serves you. You are also creating your very own ritual which lends itself to repeatedly invoking the same pain in your energy being.

It's okay to be an empath. That is, until it starts doing damage. None of us can redo the past and we can actually bind spirits here by not lovingly letting them go. They feel the pull and really just want to move on. I can't count the stories I've read of people who have had near death experiences where the person on the other side pleads with them to let them go and that they are okay.

We all have free will. You are free to keep invoking emotional pain associated with someone else's past trauma or to let it all go with love. This energy can then be freed up to bring other wonderful acts into society.

Thanks for sharing.

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