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I'm Flynn and I'm a 16 year old (year 11) student

So, I was in a normal math's lesson on Friday around 20 minutes into the lesson, I wasn't doing anything in particular. I was just sat there spacing out from everything scribbling in my book, I don't really remember much about exactly what I was doing before or after I had this 'psychic experience' everything before and after that moment I don't really remember much about it.

This strange feeling, not even a feeling, but whatever it was it lasted for a split-second but everything within that was so vivid and real.

A bit of context and background information that may be useful to understanding what happened; recently, only just under a month ago now I was dumped by this girl, whose name is undisclosed for privacy reasons, and she was my everything, we had been dating for around half a year which is understandably not too long however this was different to any other long lasting relationship I had been in, I really gained attachment and connection to her and we fell in love with each other as cringe as that may be. She made me feel different and happier than anyone else ever could, long story short she was different to anyone else and fact of the matter is I still love her and won't ever be able to move on.

I've been stuck up over this girl for the past month and I have been wishing everything to have chance bring her back to me, she really meant this much to me and there hasn't been a day where I haven't thought about her and only a couple of days where I haven't cried about her.

But this one math's lesson everything was almost as if it stopped for that split-second that I felt this thing, it wasn't a physical touch it wasn't emotional feeling, well, it wasn't MY emotional feelings. In this moment I felt her I felt how she felt. This strange connection, she wasn't upset, nor thrilled but content sitting on her desk, not her chair, enjoying her lesson, she was there in her school uniform and today, well she had her curly hair, I always loved her curly hair, I felt how she felt and I could see her as if I was there standing in front of her seeing what she was doing and feeling in that moment. Bare in mind I go to a different school to her, around 10km away, I walked home and texted her asking her what her hair was like today and she said it was curly, she said it was curly. Just the way I saw it whether it was chance or not but all of these events couldn't have been by chance, I felt really strongly connected to her at that moment in time.

After that experience I nearly had a panic attack because it made me think about her and I don't know what I had just felt and gone through, I asked my friends, they had no clue, maybe it had a meaning behind it? Maybe it was a sign? Maybe it had a hidden meaning but I don't know what caused this and I don't know why. I want to know how and why this happened and what this means because I'm genuinely confused as I have never felt anything like this in my life before.

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Illumin (guest)
3 years ago (2021-05-05)
Hello flynn,

I wouldn't take it as a sign. If she dumped you and has no interest in getting back together, you will not get back together. It may not be what you want to hear but it is much better outcome than some relationship endings. I suggest taking this opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you like to do. I would also look into the things you liked about her and the things you didn't. Then find a girl that has those features that you liked about her.

One last thing, if you pursue your passions and what you like to do eventually to will run into a girl that likes the same things as you and has every characteristic that you liked of this girl. In fact, it could even be this girl but it just as well could be a girl that matches you even better than her.


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