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A Strange But Scary Dream


It has been so long since I have written another experience to share. The reason behind this is because I haven't experienced anything supernatural recently ever since we moved here to Texas and even to this new house of ours. Although that was the case, I did have a recent strange and somewhat scary dream that happened to me and I am hoping for any insights or opinions you guys can share about this. I have shared some of my numerous experiences in this site and you all have been great on responding to my stories. You all give feedbacks without judgement and even help us in a way with suggestions and opinions.

Ok so I want to share this disturbing dream I recently had. The dream started off as if real, you can't really tell that you are in a dream because everything seems so real. I was in the living room here in our house in Texas with my husband. I was actually having a slow motion dance with him in the living room and the only one thing off in the dream was there was a huge mirror on the wall where our mini fire place was. In real life we don't have a mirror there but in that dream it felt like everything was real so I was believing that I was in real life and that mirror has been there even in real life. I know confusing but that was what I was feeling at that point. I still don't believe that I was on a dream even with the odd mirror there.

As I was dancing slow motion I faced that huge mirror and it showed our reflection. I was hugging my husband so his back is facing the mirror and he couldn't see what I see. I on the other hand was facing the huge mirror. Here is what I saw, I had a pair of sunglasses on that time, I don't know why but I do and I saw my reflection on the mirror without a head. I was scared, like really scared. My hairs on the back of my neck were raising, that's how much scared I was. I took off the pair of sunglasses thinking I might be just seeing things, but when I looked at the mirror again, my head was blurry. At that point I was really scared that it woke me up in the middle of the night and opened the lights in our bedroom. My husband woke up as well and was confused but I think he saw how disturbed I was that immediately he knew I had a nightmare and hugged me. I didn't tell him about the dream until the morning come.

I know there are a lot of superstitions about people seeing others being headless like an omen or something. I just prayed to God that everything is ok and nothing bad will happen to me or my loved ones. Anyone had this experience before or can shed some light on what the meaning of the dream was?

Also I know on this new house of ours, there are no spirits or entities that are dwelling on it as I've never felt anything when we bought it. I have this sensations that I usually feel if there are off on a place and I have never felt it on this house of ours and I'm glad about it. However there are some instance that I get really scared to sleep in our bedroom when I am alone even on daytime like there is someone there even though there isn't anyone but me in the room. It just occurred recently so it's new.

Thank you for reading and hopefully someone can help shed some light on this experience of mine. God bless.

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MSunshine (guest)
3 years ago (2021-02-19)
Strange but true... When I was younger to a mature adult age my dreams, was running away from the brothers, yes am the youngest and only girl.

The same week Mother died, my DNA report shows I was lied to my whole life and those I dated know of the brothers, in a family type way. Only by Mother not the Dad.

As a child I was sexually abused and their Dad provided condoms, to stop me getting pregnant. Period aged 8 and no family around me. To guide and comfort me.

Why am I not able to have nice dreams, why do I struggle to dream, and see those who have died in my dreams, which are extremely true. I struggle to think happy thoughts. Unable to plan life and coping to forget the badness of life.

How can I be helped to understand my pathway and have normal happy dreams. Sometimes I wonder if I was spiked as a small child. Dad always said I saw too much. As a child to adult, I psychically pick up of outside wrongs, except my own pathway?

Happy dreams, I patiently await you, having had no family around me for 35 to 45yrs unless they want help. They would use others for me to help them. Where is my Dad and where is my help.

God Is Awesome, for keeping me alone and strong enough not to be able to see life, the bad and I avoid it passionately...

My Happy Dreams & A Happy Life = Help!

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