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I have lived in my property since 2005 and have never had anything happen out of the ordinary. A few weeks ago just before going to bed I heard a string on the mandolin ring out from across the room. Looking at the instrument which was on the floor, I witnessed and heard the strings play by themselves. There was nothing near the instrument, no doors open etc. I have since turned the mandolin upside down to prevent the strings from being played. There is also a guitar in the same room but no sound from that. I feel a strange pressure in the bedroom when going to bed. Something I have never felt before. I'm finding it difficult to sleep. At 3.30am I felt something touch the bottom of my heal. The best way to explain it is as if someone had run their thumb nail from the base of my heal towards my toes. It didn't tickle or hurt but it was firm enough to make me jump out of bed. I now have to sleep with a light on. This week the pressure in the room is back preventing sleep, the room seems really warm and when I do finally fall asleep I have to dry the pillow as its soaked with sweat. My partner says the temperature is normal. I have to sleep on the sofa just to get some sleep even though this is the same room where the mandolin made the noise. I share a bedroom with my partner but they have not experienced any of the things I have. It would very very useful to know if anyone else has experienced something similar. In recent months I have brought various antiques into the house and wondered whether this may have had something to do with it. I have collected all the items like clocks, trinkets and jewelry just incase they have anything attached to them and removed them from the house. This has not helped.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-22)
I had purchased a ring which looked, Victorian/Art Deco.
Upon returning home I placed it in the kitchen. My neighbour arrived
At my door. After taking to him, I sought his opinion about the ring as he is a vender who has been selling Antiques and vintage items.

Upon approaching the ring which which sat on the kitchen counter, I viewed a large mist which stood as a oval shape in front of the ring, and sensed a presence.

After talking to my neighbour.

I sat down and meditated, and spoke to the female presence. I explained I would help her. I was to learn she was the 2nd owner of this ring which was passed down to her. She was in a auto accident.

I asked this presence to relax and make her self at home after I ran my errands.

When I returned home I saw a window opened in the sitting room.

I was able to support this deceased soul to cross over later that day and cleared the ring. I did not experience any other physical manifestations.

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