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Don't Know What's Happening Or If I'm A Psychic


I don't know how it happens but I think I do read minds, when someone is talking, a minute or two I already know what the person is about to say next, and also sometimes I see things before they happen, I remembered when I was 14 my elder sister and my cousin wanted to go out, they ask me to follow them I first said yes, then when I left her room I saw something that if I followed them we'll have accident, so I went back to her room and told her I'm not going, she became angry, but she went with my cousin, later that day they had accident.

recently my aunt gave birth, that same day I was told, something just came to my mind that child will die, so throughout that day I was moody, after a week my mom told me that my aunt has lost her child.

If I'm been told something that happened or occurred when I was not there, I get a clear imagination of it, same exact way you're explaining it and sometimes I calculate really fast, which helps me solve problems easily.

Sometimes I feel like I control people's mind, because I make them agree to my decision even when I know that's not what they want, without forcing them. When someone wants to send me on an errand I don't want to go, I will tell the person I will go, then when I get into the house like I want to get ready, I close my eyes and say in my mind that I don't want to go, either the person should forget or go alone and that's what's truly happen.

If I close my eyes and say this is what I want, that's what will happen.

I feel I'm connected to water because the only outing I like going to is swimming, and when I'm at the pool, I don't feel like living, same way I don't feel like living the shower when I'm bathing.

I don't like being around people, I like staying indoor. I feel people's pain a lot which I don't know why, sometimes if I walk pass someone I know how the person is feeling so I do try to help when I can. I can't tell this to anyone because the few people I did tell it to, some doubted and the one friend I proved it to is now scared of me, please if anyone is also feeling this way, I would love to talk to you so I can understand more of what I have. I have done a lot of research, and don't really know how am doing all this because it doesn't work all the time but still need someone to prove to me that I'm not alone


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emmy007 (23 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-27)
Hello Clinton, I think you have a gift which you have not embraced fully. I suggest you accept it with joy. I have gifts too and I seem to be attracted to water just like you. You can private message me for more info about your gift through my email - emmarexx3 [at]

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