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You Don't Know What The Future Holds


My parents have been a great source of help and stability well into my adult life.

Back with them again after a failed relationship into my late thirties.

I had a sense of unease about the future. Not particularly just for me, but oddly enough for world order.

Puzzled but patient in anticipation with my weekly routine.

Work days and rest days, jogging along - mostly humdrum.

With a mundane physically demanding job I had plenty of opportunity to think deep -

reaching a sort of meditation whilst on auto pilot for my tasks within a food logistics warehouse.

Suddenly I felt the urge to do something. Go somewhere pleasant and peaceful that I knew would be fun.

I invited my Mother and Father along. Planning a trip to an Otter Sanctuary in Suffolk - I said:-

"Let's do something fun because you don't know what the future holds!"

These words were generated from within instinctively and without thought.

It was a fair drive... Maybe ninety minutes away from our home town.

The otters were not shy and did the things cute creatures do and we were not disappointed.

On our return trip we stopped off at a Post Office General Store with an Eatery attached.

The food was at least hot and the staff tried their best but my pasty was over cooked to the point

Of being hollow and it was drowned in a whole can of baked beans. Apparently my Father's sausage roll

"...belonged in a museum!"

By now we were in a high state of amusement. I was crying with laughter. This was compounded by the site of a bargain bucket of heavily reduced jesters' hats near the pay desk. Such a random sight!

We returned home to my parents house in Essex and everything for the rest of the day was uneventful.

This day was 10 September 2001.

The day before the world changed - 9/11!

As a foot note, a few weeks previous I leapt from the sofa and shouted out. My Father was on hand.

I said "Two planes crashing and thousands of people are dead!" I could not work it out at the time.

A few weeks later it all made sense.

For those that lost their lives that day.

For their Families and Friends.

For the injured and their loved ones.

And for all the good people including the heroic emergency services.

Peace and Love.


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ufw57 (39 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-29)
Nice story, me the only thing I pray for is that in the future the entire known and unknown Universe realize their is a specific type of spices called humans who live on planet earth. Life would be really easy for most of us.

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