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4 Out Of Dozens Of Dreams That Have Come True


1) When I was in college, I took a nap and had a dream that I was taking a black cab somewhere. When we crossed a bridge, he turned around and pointed a gun at me. I woke up and, for some reason, immediately went to check my email. I got an an email from my University saying that there's a man in a black car posing as a cab driver. He's picking students up to eventually rob them at gunpoint.

2) I had a dream that my 16 year old niece was buying drugs from this man dressed in all black. He was a bad man. In my dream, my niece was only a small child. I got in-between them and was furious at the man for selling drugs to my young niece. That day, I went to pick my mom up from work, when she got into the car, she told me that my niece had just been expelled from school for doing drugs in class.

3) I had dreams for about 3-4 months of living in a huge empty spacious house (the locations varied each time). A big house with lots of space but was old and needed a lot of work. I knew it couldn't be possible to move because of financial reasons, so I didn't consider the possibility. But I (very unexpectedly) won an auction on a foreclosed house that was huge and old and needed a ton of work. But it was really cheap and had a huge lot attached to it so I accepted the offer. And within one week of inquiring, I attained a house.

4) I had a dream I was living with my parents. This, I KNEW to be a complete impossibility because my parents were long divorced and hated each other. But COVID happened, my mom got really sick and had to move in with me. My dad got laid off and was financially in a really bad place so I offered my house for him to live. And just like that, I'm back living with my parents.

This is just some of MANY dreams that have come true... Virgo people (sun moon or rising) tend to be dream trackers and are very tied with the moon. So I (Virgo Moon) have so many prophetic dreams that also correlate with sidereal astrology and which star or constellation the moon is under. The technique is actually quite easy and dream symbols correspond to the mythology of the specific star the moon may fall under when you dream.

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