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Lost My Abilities, Will They Come Back?


Until the age of twelve I had great abilities that assisted me in my everyday life.

My intuition was pretty good for a kid and I could control my dreams when I really tried it was like a video game, some of them turned out to be visions as well maybe 20 a year or so that I clearly recognized other times it just felt like Deja vu's. I was also very in touch with feelings/emotions and could tell someone how they felt even a grown up not having experienced what they've been through, hence me claiming I was an empath. It was like second nature I could easily analyze a person's feelings especially if they were intense or off.

This all came in handy especially as a kid, the feelings I could sense kept me out of many potential bad things with people who acted with predatory like actions as well as came to a point where I was never targeted for things like that anymore they wouldn't even look my way but would with other kids and wouldn't pursue me or any kids I was around. My dreams helped me in conflict with my parents, as well as with finding things I would have never found if I hadn't remembered the feeling of that time, place, setting, atmosphere, and even how I felt in that moment in my dreams. I could also see shapes and figures moving under my eyes that I could relate to psychedelic art, I would close my eye for fun sometimes and just watch them move and shift around in to different assemblies and shapes.

When I turned twelve I became a victim of my mom's underlying tendency to emotionally abuse people closest to her. She would also do so physically, but I told my dad and he stopped her from that (he never knew she started to emotionally abuse me until I told him a few ears later) On top of that my dad abandoned our close relationship because my mother decided to put him on child support claiming I betrayed him (what a buffoon I was twelve years old). Seven years of this totally screwed me over to the point where I've lost touch with my abilities, I feel as if they're being over crowded by my anxiety, depression (which I overcame), and now a very strong ego not in the terms of being arrogant, but in terms of building a wall around myself. I've been inconsistently trying to meditate and research on how to heal from this, but even if I do will these abilities come back? I feel like they're still there and functioning on their own, but my mind is so cluttered I cannot tell, the only thing I do know is still there is whatever protected me from potential harm, but it's distorted like I must analyze if I'm overthinking it or if it's a real feeling. Has anyone been through the same of their awareness in their abilities subsiding or something?

No, I wouldn't say they were psychic abilities but just heightened senses, I couldn't ever predict anything.

P.S. I know it wasn't just my imagination because my half-brother from my dad has heightened senses now as well as my dad, that's where my brother and I got it from. My older half-sisters from my dad as well have similar senses and abilities.

My dad's is the strongest of all of us though, he has involuntarily had encounters with spirits and such.

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-28)
Hi daynight, I'm glad you've overcome your troubles and are well on your way to recovering. Wing_Mic has brought up a good point that when you become stronger, more of your abilities might come back. They may or may not return to the same intensity you used to have, but it is what it is. The important thing to remember is that you are still a unique and special individual.

For many years, I suffered from depression because I was overloaded with emotions from everywhere. At the time, I didn't realise I was an empath, nor did I know how to shield or meditate. I went for counselling and was put on medication which deadened my emotions. The effect was like having your head filled with cotton wool or missing a vital limb. But a few years ago, I stopped taking this medication and my empathic ability has been slowly coming back. I'm starting to get affected by negative energy again, so I'm now learning to shield and better protect myself.

BTW, like your dad, I've had some strange encounters with spirits, a shadow man and mimicking voices. It seems to run in my family as well. My grandmother, aunts and a few of my cousins share this ability too. 😨
Wing_Mic (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
Hi kid, I'm sorry to hear what you've been through as a young boy. One thing you need to know, there's no such things as losing your abilities truly.

If you have it, its always within you. Probably you are aware of this. The reason why you don't feel what you used to is because you are being traumatized. You're an empathy, who is very sensitive to other's energy, picking it up as if your own. As well as feeling deeply of your own emotions. Which is too much for you to handle, so your self protection mechanism activated, thus shut down your abilities.

I'm glad that you have been trying to heal yourself, which I hope you're referring to past issues. You need to remove away your fear and includes losing your sense of being able to tell whether a person is nice or bad, will cause harm to you or not. You fear to feel (negative energies), yet you also fear not able to feel.

And then you doubt yourself too. And most of all, there's still too much sadness that you need to get heal from. Well, everything happened for some reasons, and it's something for you to learn. Why not try and find out what positive reason what it is trying to bring you? And then, try to observe a person by their behaviours, body language, and whether their words and actions align.

The main task for you now is to heal yourself. Abilities wise, they will come back when you're healed and became stronger as what you're meant to be.

Love and lights,
Wing Michael

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