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Would You Define This As Psychic?


I've been wanting to share a couple of experiences I've had with my possible psychic abilities. I'm 14 years old and I feel like I just know that I have a special gift.

I remember my first experience was when my mom had just bought a new shotgun to use for grouse hunting and she was afraid to be the first one to shoot it. Inside my head I was trying to think of something to say that would calm her since she hadn't really shot a lot of guns previous to this. So I was going to say "if anything's going to go wrong it would be the second time the gun is shot." That's not actually true but again I was trying to think of something to soothe her. I never ended up saying that but my dad took the first shot and then reloaded the top barrel (it was an over under shotgun) he then handed it to her to shoot and she did but when she shot it both barrels went off at the same time which increased the kick of the firearm. She fell back and her shoulder was bruised for the next week. And the weird thing is something did go wrong on that second shot just like I thought it would.

Now maybe that was just a coincidence or maybe that was the start of psychic abilities yet to come. Anyhow it's not only that there have been other experiences too which include knowing when the phone is going to ring and knowing who is calling, knowing exactly how much time is left on the microwave or oven without actually looking at it.

I can also feel things or presences that aren't actually there. It's like I push from the physical world while they pull from the other world or what I call the "other side". Sometimes I hear noises like a beeping or scratching that no one else can hear.

Anyhow maybe I'm psychic or maybe just plain crazy but what do you think?

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barkingmad (4 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-24)
Yup your a psychic get training. We have all been there. Start now with the excercises on this page and later training courses with proper psychics.

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