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Always Known But Would Like Helpful Info


I'm very new to this page so please forgive me if I'm a little shy but I do need some help or info even!

So since I was little I've been able to sense other people's emotions not really knowing its name for quite some time, it wasn't until I was an adult and I started getting more curious about it, some people I have to touch by a hand shake to understand them others I can feed off of their energy, anyway as I've gotten older its gotten a lot stronger to where I am now even seeing spirits.

I don't mind as non have invaded my room or my dreams (touch wood) yet, and I recently joined a ghost hunting group to help me develop it a bit more and learn to control it a little better as controlling it is extremely difficult for me, I know about using white light to protect myself and forming a giant bubble of white light around myself but I still find this extremely difficult as part of me feels safe knowing what others are feeling, I like knowing, not knowing makes it hard for me, my mother thinks I inherited that from her.

Anyway I recently went with my ghost hunting group and the worst ever experience fell over me, like a weight was being shoved through the top of my head and trying to get in, it made me feel dizzy and sick all at once and I know my guardians stepped I could feel their loving warmth surround me and fight off what ever the hell that energy was, I never go out without my great grans little bible (i'm not a huge believer in it but I feel protected by having something of hers as she was very psychic) I take a bunch of stones with me and a rosary mum gave me she had blessed by a priest when she was in hospital. Later on when we finally left and my guardians cut off any contact or feelings I could read I was told once safe at home if I'd left the building something worse would of happen to me and I'm wondering is it normal to receive messages after once a guardian spirit talks with you once your energy is back?

Just thing was awful I actually don't think it was ever a living thing as where we were people had actually done devil worship many years ago they had an aulta and upside down crosses on the walls and other things normally related to it, which the government came in and cleaned up as its also old world war buildings spread out over a huge field.

I just need to know if receiving a delayed message is normal? I mean I have received messages about my friends house when all I was doing was thinking about it when she mentioned her hall way.

I've also received messages from just holding an item of a beloved family member who wasn't mine.

I just would like some help with this as I have found as I get older it gets stronger or when I'm under serious amounts of stress it also seems to attract spirits to me like a beacon in the dark or something.

Any advice would be most loved and helpful.

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Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-19)
Hello Microinfo seems like you were close to your nan I'm sorry for your lost. Also yes it is known that if a family member was spiritually active then normally the generation after there own (grandchildren) are as well do to the fact they are around you and so on. If her soul was not as peace when She left for whatever reason she may try and make communication with somone dear to her. Being the fact that you are spiritually well active could be a reason for you to feel her presence.

When your mom told you she thinks the gifts were passed down to you. It's a bit different then that we are not passed down gifts. We as humas have the capacity of having all abilities just some are nor developed than others or you simply are not in need of them. Again if you would like to talk more in depth about this you can email me my email is in my profile ☺

Hope love and faith
~Luna star ☆
Microinfo (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-19)
Thank you to both Luna Star and areNdee! As I honestly find it very hard to tell anyone of my friends what I can do, thankfully I have a very supportive mother! She is also a believer in spirits and other spiritual things and she herself does meditation to help her body relax as she has a lot of back pain issues from old operations.
I'm so glad that here I can feel safe and share what has happened to me!
My first ever encounter was when I was very young, my favourite nan (who was very much my only nan really) passed away, hardest thing losing her, but my sister and I were allowed to be part of her funeral as we were old enough and she was our loving nan.
Anyway it was after the funeral and a dinner at the wake (people saying "aww those pore children" all day sucked but what do you say to the grandchildren or any child) so we were laying in her living room where the only heater was as it was winter where she lived but no snow a bit of rain though on her funeral day which I thought was appropriate as she'd been so loving to my sister and myself. Anyway my sister was curled up on the mattress my cousin was staying on so I curled up right at the foot of her chair, you never sat in her chair! Anyway as I started falling in and out of sleep from the mix of warmth and cold I felt someone stroke the side of my head, it was gentle and loving and warm and kind, I looked around then but their wasn't time for a human to stroke my hair and leave that and the floor boards after the fluffy carpet would have creaked from their weight but their was no sound and it felt so still like someone trying to calm a child back to sleep that sort of calm.
I think ever since then its gotten stronger as I don't recall my mum ever telling me I talked to an imaginary friend or anything, mum thinks it may have gotten stronger because of all the hormones as puberty wasn't very kind to me lots of pain all the time, and as a child I was in and out of hospital and the Dr's didn't expect me to wake up after my parents took me home so I don't know if all that built up into adult hood over time has been why I've become even more in touch with spirits. I don't mind seeing them and being different, I've been use to being different since high school so its nothing new to me really... Well minus seeing someone who vanishes, but its not all the time, its mostly when I'm under stress and I've forgotten to protect myself. Mum couldn't even keep who was baking my cake a secret this year, or my friend returning home because I instantly guessed it so her keeping something from me she finds extremely difficult, part of me feels guilty but part of me loves it feeling so special, she is constantly shocked by how strong I am but I feel its getting stronger as I get older and I don't know what that means. My great gran use to know who was calling her on the phone (this was before the days of caller ID or apple except the computer) she always knew and mum didn't call her often because great gran had dementia so she had good and bad days so the home advised her not to call all the time, but every time mum did she knew it was her as the nurses allowed her to have a phone for some time before it became too dangerous for her to have one. Then on her 100th birthday we all flew down to see her and she said "when did ivy (my nan) die" mum was angry and thought my uncle (who was living close by to her) had told her and dragged him off and he pleaded he hadn't, we then asked the nurses and no, no one had told her, we never published it in the paper as my nan was really loved by close by people who all attended her funeral. So mum thinks it may have passed on to me but sadly I can't ask her anything, I may be able to visit her grave soon as we are moving down to where she is buried and go once we are settled maybe ask her while at her grave, but my dads side has gypsy in it too but we barley know anything about that side as his brother and his family are seriously unpleasant people, all they think of is money, it was awful cleaning my nans house out with them!
I have a few more occurrences before I started seeing spirits too, one was at an old jail and another I was stuck in a room that was awful! I know it wasn't the cold expanding the wood as I got it open a bit and it slammed shut again!
Thank you again to you both and anyone else who offers up a kind word or even assistance of any kind!
Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-17)
Hello Microinfo seems like your spiritual gift/ability (empath) is very awaken. When it comes to being empath I know from expirence myself that it can be overwhelming. When it comes to having awaken spiritual gift it is different for everyone.

We are brough to this universe as being of lights. That is why as kids people tend to be more spiritually awakened, then their gifts tend to fade away with time as people get more involved in corruption of the soul. But in some cases gifts actually increase and become stronger.

We must learn to use them correctly and as well make sure to keep ourselves safe and protected. I am very glad you know a out creating a barrier with light energy. That is a huge part of keeping negativity and manipulation away. There are also other methods to control your gifts and protect yourself.

When it comes to getting messages (reading energy) it can always be different depending on how easy it is for you to sense the energy and the meaning that brings us to discernment. As well when talking to your guardian you must make sure your discernment is accurate.

I'd like to hear more about your situation and help you out, feel free to Email me 😊 lunastar1016 [at] or go to my profile my email is also there. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hope, love and faith
~Luna star ☆
areNdee (3 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-16)
Hi Micro!

I just wanted to say that you are not alone. I myself do not have experiences with the things you are describing. My experiences are more related to time.

However I know for a fact that there are individuals like yourself who experience what you are describing. So even if none of them comment here. Do not feel alone. Because you're not.

Probably not the kind of advice you were looking for. But it's the best I've got.

Best of luck to you!

- areNdee

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