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Feeling Spirits But Cannot See


I am writing to see if someone can help, or have the same "gifts" I have. I can feel (or sense) spirits, mostly people I know. For example, my grandmother who passed two years ago, is still somehow around me. I feel her around in my mothers home. My two year old son for no reason, will go up to her picture and kiss it, even though he was a baby when she died. When I feel I can "sense" a spirit, I go from being calm and relaxed to being very alert. I feel like someone is watching or hovering over me. The next experience I want to discuss is my next door neighbor (Mr. M), he just passed about 7/8 months ago. Ever since he died, for some reason I couldn't go near his house. I couldn't explain the feeling I had, but I just didn't feel right going near. I realized it's because he is still in his home. I sense him so I know he is still there. Even though the house is dark and empty, through my "sensing", it's like he is still occupying his home. He has a chair he used to sit in almost everyday at his home. Every time I come home I find myself fixated on that chair, and my eyes won't let up, that let's me know he still sits in the chair. I'm very aware that he isn't leaving his home anytime soon.

Another experience I want to talk to about is what happened to me at school. I go to night classes, and one time I went into the bathroom and it felt like someone had their eyes on me. I was very scared, then all of a sudden a cold air brushed by me, as if I was standing by an air conditioner. Without me even noticing, my chest became heavy and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Anxiety came all over my body, and I couldn't calm down until I got home.

Also, I want to talk about what I experience in open fields. I"m from the south, so anyone from the south knows they are a lot of open fields and farm houses here. The farmhouses outside my city are very "unsettling". I can have music blasting really loud, and singing very happily, but then, out of nowhere I will feel sadness and fear take over my body. It feels like maybe slaves our native american have restless spirits due to tragedy. Whatever it is, it is very sad and depressing, but once I'm away from that area, I'm happy again.

Lastly, (sorry it's long) I want to talk about how dead people will come into my dreams and leave messages for their love ones. It feels as if I'm talking to the person in real life, but I eventually wake up. I normally always pass the message on. (not everyone is open to it) Also, I can see babies before they are born. Everyone of my sisters and all their children, I'll have dreams about the baby. Like I will literally know what the baby looks like, and the personality the baby will have, before my sisters ever knew they would have a child.

Asking for help because some people treat me like a voodoo priestess and throw bible scriptures in my face. I reaching out for help, because I've been treated terribly trying to explain this to people who just don't get it.

Thank you

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lkat3513 (3 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-31)
I have always had this gut feeling as I call it or feeling of a presence in a room but not being able to see it. There are times where I will talk or address the person to see what it is they want. I cannot see them but definitely feel a presence. You might notice it more in a place where someone has passed away even if you are not familiar with them.

About 15 years ago I was living in an apartment and a male presence was in the apartment, normally I do not see them but feel it. I felt someone was staring at me while I was sleeping and woke up. It was dark and a male was standing in the doorway of the bedroom. I freaked out and screamed - then he was gone. A few weeks later he was back. I told him he was not allowed in my room but asked what he wanted. I found out later there was a man who committed suicide in the building, I kind of put 2 and 2 together as it is a small town and small apartment complex. Creeped me out but after understanding why he was there, things were fine. I talked to him all the time.

I think what you are feeling is "pretty normal" in ever aspect. Nothing to be scared of but definately feels weird the first few times you speak to them when you feel them around.
LadyA (1 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-19)
I'm actually a religious person myself so I deny some of my experiences as being legitimate--think it might be evil spirits trying to con me. However, I do sense odd things more than I've seen or heard them, so I can see where you might be coming from on that end. If it's a good experience, maybe you've been given the ability to discern between spirits by the creator.
1020coco (24 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-15)
Hi BunnyPink,

That alert feeling you have is very normal and is something that I experience too when there's an energy nearby. You may also feel chills, but it's not a cold feeling. That is another indication of energy being nearby or your senses of the unseen are picking something up - kind of like a radar.
For your neighbor, you can tell him that the white light is there to bring him peace. He was very attached to that house and it may be that he is not ready to go to the other side. Sometimes that happens and perhaps if you visualize a white light around that chair that could help him transition.
Well there's definitely a reason for your son to kiss your grandma's photo. He may not remember as he gets older, but she is around him and she loves him. He knows this and he loves her too which is why he kisses her. She is close to you and will always be there for you so just talk to her like you would as if she was right there in front of you and you will hear her answers. It may be subtle, but you'll get a "knowing" about what she would say.
You also experience energies that are not necessarily something you want. It's okay, just surround yourself in the white light and know that you are protected. If you have trouble shaking that negative feeling, take a bath with epsom salt.
My best advice to you is to meditate even if it's for 10 minutes a day. Just put on a song that helps you relax and listen to it quietly. Also keep in mind there's nothing you can do to change people's minds. They fear what they don't understand. That's okay - that's their experience. Try not to take it personally. If you give someone a message and they react that way then end the conversation politely and move on. You tried and you never know, they may remember your words years later and it will give them comfort.

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