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Calling My Name


My brother died on 30-9-87,he was three years older than me, we are the only two children of my still living parents.

I'm now 54 years old. Over the last ten or so years I've heard my name being called perfectly clearly at all different times of the day and night, it's kind of hard to tell who it is, I just hear "Brad!" And it's not overly loud or particularly soft but always very clear. Today I was at a friends house and I heard it so well I walked outside to see who called me, I even told my friend, somebody called me and out I went, but there was no one for miles.

After telling my friend about this happening she said straight away that it's my brother who died on a motorcycle, as she knows how and when he died and also that we were close.

What is going on is my biggest question am I going crazy in me old age or is he trying to connect with me in some way?

Does anyone else have this problem is another question I have...

Also we are not baptised but I believe in God and I always wear a gold cross on a chain around my neck, and I am sure I feel his presence at different times. I'm always wide awake and sober as a judge when I hear the name being called and it's always just the word...Brad, and that's it, I never hear it loud enough to distinguish exactly who it is.

When we were growing up he always had my back, as an older brother usually does, and since his death I have felt that he is around me at so many different times, and I almost died from a heart problem on three separate occasions but seemed to pull through, and on the last occasion I was dead for almost seven minutes in the I.C.U at Gosford hospital,I'm certain he was looking out for me then and felt as though he was at my side then...

Since then I have heard my name on heaps of different occasions, is this common or not real or what?.

Any advice would be nice. Thanks and take care... Brad.

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