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Hearing My Own Voice Calling + Feeling This Energy


Alright guys, I am new to this site and hope I am posting my experience in the right place.

It's been a week or two that I am hearing this voice whispering my name. I can say it's my own voice or at least much similar to. I had a similar experience a few months ago when I heared a voice (it could be the same voice, but not whispering) calling my name twice in a kind way, and when I tried to turn back and see where it is coming from I instantly entered sleep paralysis. It didn't happen again since a few days ago when I was sitting totally awake and concious on the sofa, working with my phone at night and I heared it clearly whispering my name (as if it was trying to get my attention). It really freaked me out that night and I couldn't sleep the whole night. Since then it kept happening more and more and now I hear it all the time. I am somehow coping with it at days but the experience gets really scary at nights (although the voice is not scary itself). I don't know what to do. If she has a message for me why would she not tell me what she has and just stop calling my name all the time?! It's really weird. And the most strange part is that the voice is much similar to my own voice or just same as it. It is making me think if it could be my higher self or something contacting me from other dimensions?

I've been also experincing lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and out of body experience (this one, not fully but to some degree) since a few months ago.

+since I was 10-12 I've always felt kind of an energy inside my body. It's an energy that I can conciously controle and run in my body. Whenever I run it makes goosebumps on those parts of my body I feel it in. (Although, it's not about making the goosebumps. Its about the energy and goosebumps are just somewhat of a side effect)

I am sharing these exoeriences bcz I feel like they may be all related to this voice hearing story. Please give me some insight.

Love and light,

Thank you ❤

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seawitch (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-17)
Do not have any fear this is demon are something you don't want in your life. Demons spirits ghost can read your mind and soul and can play you like a games it plays on the part of you having someone dead that your loved in your life. Its to suck you in now the experincing lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and out of body experience that the spirt pulling more into the other world. Ignore protect you self and move on the witch here. Listen to the Witch

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